Articles by David Randall

Kick the ‘1619 Project’ Out of Schools

merica needs to get the “1619 Project” curriculum out of its schools. Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) has introduced a new bill that would go a long way toward that goal—the Saving American History Act of 2020 (SAHA 2020). The New York Times introduced The “1619 Project” last August. The “1619 Project” mainstreamed the anti-American ideology […]

Disappearing Liberals

nyone who writes about higher education and criticizes the pernicious effects of the Left is likely to receive an anguished letter. Usually, the writer proclaims himself to be a proud member of the Left who agrees with the criticisms of the academy, but he believes that one shouldn’t use words like Left or progressives to […]

Are American Universities Becoming Multinational Institutions?

conoclast historian Henry Kamen argued in Empire that there wasn’t really a Spanish empire. Spain was a convenient vessel for Italian bankers, Portuguese shipwrights, and German soldiers. Christopher Columbus was Genoese; Hernán Cortés served the interests of his Tlaxcalan allies as he conquered Aztec Mexico. Higher education administrators are turning “American higher education” into a […]

It’s Time to Afflict the Comfortable in Higher Ed

ead Jack Stripling’s “How Far Will Higher Ed’s Culture Wars Go? South Dakota Is Running Previews” in The Chronicle of Higher Education to see how to disguise polemic as journalism. (Be advised, however: it’s behind a paywall.) Stripling—who identifies himself on Twitter as a “reporter,” as opposed to an editorialist—discusses the renaming of a Hawaii […]

How the Times’ 1619 Project Misses the Point

It was an ordinary event when the first black slaves arrived in the Virginia colony in 1619. Subjection and force were the way of the world. It wasn’t just that nigh all mankind practiced slavery—that the African enslaved and sold his brothers to the European, that the Arab, the Comanche, and the Melanesian all slaved, […]

Take a Knee to PC

It’s time to stop listening in silence to the social justice catechism—the propagandists take silence as consent, and so do your fellow Americans. It’s time to let everyone know that we do not consent to nonstop progressive hectoring and that we do not regard it as simple virtue. Colin Kaepernick shows us what we need […]

The Map of Academic Freedom

Once upon a time, in the golden age of yore, colleges and universities sprang up in our great republic. There was discussion about how best to conduct matters in these institutions, and serried solons, professorial and presidential, said, Let there be academic freedom, as principle and institution, so that all may study, all may speak […]

Americans Should Fight “Global Civics”

It should  come as no surprise that America’s colleges and universities teach their students to disdain America. It may be startling, however, to learn they actively inculcate this disdain in the name of “civics”—and that one branch of this New Civics is designed explicitly for the purpose of  disaffecting American students from loyalty to the […]