Kaepernick and Curry Pop the Sports Bubble

Who would have thought that Colin Kaepernick would actually do the nation a great service?

He’s been a change agent alright, but not in the way he hoped. His well-documented inadequacies on the field got him benched by the San Francisco 49ers, which led him to pursue a career as a free agent. But it was Kaepernick’s political theatrics that made him toxic to many fans and thus to potential employers. Still, those of us who love America owe him a debt of gratitude.

It took Colin Kaepernick to pop the sports bubble.

We’ve all watched the bubble inflate for years. Palatial new stadiums were built (often with tax dollars), multi-billion dollar television deals were signed, and multi-platinum player contracts shocked our sensibilities. Combined with sky-high ticket prices that put a night at the game out of reach for many families, these were all signs that things had gone too far.

But how and when a bubble will deflate is anyone’s guess. Usually—maybe always—it’s done in by the excesses of its biggest beneficiaries. Exhibit A is the housing crisis of last decade.

As the Book of Proverbs tells us, pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Now NBA sensation Stephen Curry has stepped into the fray. Curry, who was once the star of the two-time NBA Champion Golden State Warriors but was overshadowed this season by Kevin Durant, said he didn’t want the team to meet with President Trump at the White House to celebrate their championship. Citing both Kaepernick and Michael Bennett in his reasoning Curry said, “I don’t want to go . . . By acting and not going, hopefully that will inspire some change when it comes to what we tolerate in this country and what is accepted and what we turn a blind eye to.”

President Trump said what many of us have been thinking for years:

The NBA and UnderArmour—the athletic clothing manufacturer that made Curry the highly paid face of the brand in a 2015 deal that will earn the player well over $100 million—should worry that Curry will do for basketball what Colin Kaepernick and his comrades have done for football.

As a result of similarly ill-conceived public protests, the bloom seems to be coming off the NFL’s rose as football ratings continue the downward slide that began last season. According to CNN, “NBC’s ‘Sunday Night Football’ in the first two weeks of the regular season is down 7% in viewership compared to last year; ESPN’s ‘Monday Night Football,’ is down 5%; and the averages of Sunday afternoon games on Fox and CBS are down 11% and 19% respectively, according to Nielsen data.”

To underscore the point, when 49ers hosted the Los Angeles Rams Thursday night, half the seats were empty.

Several new studies prove what we already suspected: Fans are leaving the NFL because of the players’ political activism that disrespects our country, its heritage, and its people. Sports executives such as CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus get it, too, but they’re caught in a crossfire that is only partly of their own making.

If they take a public stand against the anthem protesters, the backlash from the Left would be swift and vicious. If they do nothing and allow the protests to run roughshod over the sensibilities of their customers the verdict of fans will be slower but more costly. Wall Street analysts are worried, forecasting losses of $200 million from just a 10 percent shortfall in expectations this year.

Pro-sports cheerleaders in the sports media complex (not the scantily clad, heteronormative hotties shaking their moneymakers on the sidelines) assure us that there is nothing to worry about. A few weeks ago it was the weather. Then it was because CBS hadn’t scheduled a late afternoon game yet this season though this is traditionally the highest rated game on Sunday afternoons. Now they say that the marquee matchups haven’t happened yet and ratings will rebound for big games later in this season.

It’s the same rhetoric at the end of every bubble—the bad news is just a chance, one-time event but “the fundamentals” mean the good times will keep on rolling. Tomorrow.

But coddled superstars have been playing with other people’s money for so long they don’t realize they have customers who make their fantasies come true. As much of the country turned its back on Hollywood’s self-referential Leftism many turned to sports as a safe haven. Sports present a reassuring combination of fairness and competition. The rules are known, referees enact mostly fair on the spot justice, and the best players and teams usually win in the long run.

What’s more there is a time-honored tradition of sportsmanship that lauds discipline, teamwork, fair play, and both winning and losing with good humor and dignity. Sports have traditionally been a refuge from cultural and political controversy where Americans could come together and enjoy time with family, friends, and even complete strangers. Entering the stadium, they could check the cares of the world at the turnstile. That’s changed recently.

Intoxicated with their own sense of self-righteousness today’s athlete-protesters look more like rich drunks spouting nonsense than responsible citizens seeking redress. And in doing so they have popped the sports bubble and reminded us that we should stop idolizing overprivileged millionaire Millennials who disrespect this country, her people, and her history. Millions of Americans have recoiled at the divisiveness brought into sports by people like Kaepernick and Curry. And for this we can thank them.

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297 responses to “Kaepernick and Curry Pop the Sports Bubble”

  1. More, no cultured human should support the ghetto culture which oozes from the degenerate fornicators of modern sports idolatry.

    Death to the NFL and pro sports.

    • Hear hear! Time to end this silly and expendive fascination with little boy games.

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    • says a man who prefers to watch porn on the internet

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      • SB you possess the stupidity of K-nick and Curry without their talent and money

      • Hey alainny, how does Hillary Clinton’s a S s juice taste? mmmm good i bet

      • how does a man with the name Itche-Meir even come to say things like that?

      • A little presumptuous don’t you think? I had assumed the poster was a child and not a “man”. ;)

      • well, me too. I will prefer porn over the NFL and NBA. Until I get lefty bs from naked girls.

      • This current NFL is exactly like porn. You need a shower after you watch.

    • For any active duty or retired military man of any color, faith or political persuasion to spend a nickle on NBA & NFL game is a pure waste of time and money. Until these almighty pros, with their GEDs like Labron think they are more important and intelligent than the POTUS, are re-educated let’s watch bowling and cricket instead. Labron and Kyrie compared to TRump and Tiny, fat MISSLE MAN

      • With you in your comment. For the last two years I have not subscribe to the NFL pkg. The reason is obvious. First it was the politics on ESPN, then in the nat. nets it became who is the team they were routing for and disregard the other team. Well I had enough of all of them, I watch college football all day saturday and if the talking head goes one sided I change the channel. Thank You.

    • The Goose is about to never lay another golden egg again.

  2. To all protesting sports players. No one cares about your feelings!
    STFU and get back to work or face unemploymemt!

  3. Now it looks like Andrew Maxwell wants to do for baseball what Kaepernick has done for the NFL.

  4. Well said, Mr. Buskirk! I hadn’t thought of pro sports as a bubble, but of course it is … endlessly sucking in more meaningless attention and money just because it can.

    Sport has a place, maybe even an important place. But we ought to be able to do it at a more realistic price.

  5. Screw them! Thank you Trump for saying what we all feel. A few boycotts of games and this all goes away. All these douche bags care about is money.

      • That long. Good to know you can judge me from two facebook postings. Carefu, don’t let the virus get ya!

      • Ever since you started beating your wife there, Einstein.

      • Be careful John the loonies on this site are going to give you hell. Good on ya.

    • What are you afraid of when young men simply exercise first amendment rights! Surely the country is strong enough to survive.

      • We are afraid of nothing! We are simply sick of you, your buddies and their tactics!

      • I’ve tangled with you before! I’ve got to stop reading American Greatness and debating deluded Trump zombies

      • Awwww, we’re gonna miss your snarky stupidity…..NOT

      • Please , feel free to take your nonsense elsewhere.

      • They’re free to display their ignorance just as folks who understand their ignorance are to show their disgust.

      • Yes they are and that’s the point. Why does The Great Yam want to silence them?

      • Men don’t forfeit their constitutional rights when they take tho oath of office . . duh!

      • So true And Trump exercises his to the embarrassment of all faitr minded Americans. Plus no President has ever used his position to attack and persecute private citizens. Completely loathsome behavior by any standard.

      • Again, free speech is not persecution and is a right endowed by your creator. Using the trappings of government as 0bama did with the IRS and our surveillance assets to hound and persecute citizens is not protected, however. Nice try.

      • So, when Obama said Trayvon could be my son thus whipping up hatred toward Zimmerman before his trial, he wasn’t using his position to attack and persecute private citizens? You are right about something though, Obama’s behavior was completely loathsome.

      • Lets not forget Obama also authorized the military to target and execute an American citizen abroad via drone strike. That was unprecedented and qualified as an “attack” on a private citizen without any due process. Sure, the guy was terrorist douche-bag, but he still had rights under our Constitution.

      • what world do you live in???
        bitter clingers—tea baggers
        all by I would assume to be your hero– obama

      • The Great Yam. Wow, that’s some comedy gold there. Rapier wit. Seriously, man.

      • Fair enough! Let’s go for accuracy instead – We ‘ll call him the incompetent, mean- spirited, lazy pussygraber who is also a dupe of the Russian intelligence agencies. Does that work better for you?

      • Not in the workplace.
        You try spouting that crap at your workplace and see how long it takes them to have you escorted off the property…..with no severance.

      • Wrong. Owners and employers are still free to hire at their pleasure. But again, it’s an American thing that many don’t comprehend.

      • Exactly what crap is it. That people of color have targets on their backs?

      • Exactly.
        “People of color”…..which color?
        You mean the one where they shoot each other for chits and giggles?…like in Chitcago?

      • It’s rare to see pathetic overt racism displayed so openly. I will pray for you.

      • Do you doubt the fact that most young black males that are shot are shot by other young black males. Check the new FBI stats. It is a sad fact. How do you blame that on white people or the police?

      • But it is their fellow ‘people of color’ that are shooting at the targets.

      • Yes, I agree. If you are at work, you are generally not allowed to do anything that reflects badly on your company. This isn’t a free speech issue. It’s an issue of respect for the country in which you reside. You don’t have to sing the anthem, you don’t have to put your hand over your heart……but you should at least stand. To do this in a country where everyone has equal rights makes no point other than how ignorant you are.

        That which you tolerate will get worse.

      • The NFL teams Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars that played in London stood in respect for the British national anthem God Save The Queen, but took a knee for the national anthem of the United States, the Star Spangled Banner…

        It’s bad enough to take a knee to the anthem in the USA, but to do that in a foreign country?

        The Ravens and the Jags can keep their asses in London…

      • Funny, given that slavery was firmly established in North America under the British colonies and was abolished in one life-span after adoption of the US Constitution. Nobody ever accused these guys of being intellectual giants, though.

      • Your First Amendment free speech rights are limited in the place you work; or in this case, where you “play” football.

      • A good point, but negated By the fact that the work place is in fact a Public facility. Also Curry did nothing in the workplace. What are you so afraid of ?Trump in his usual idiot way has given these guys far more attention than they deserve. Ignore them !

      • Other than the four minutes it takes to play the National Anthem, these players have 24/7 to protest. A large percentage of their actual fan base would like to see them cool it …for four minutes…and they can’t do it….
        but I’m supposed to be the patient one…..

      • Yes you are. Just ignore them. Who are they harming? They may be disrespecting some, but let’s not be snowflakes here

      • Just ignore them? People should boycott them if they want. These idiots never figured out that what Americans lost liked about sports, especially team sports, was that it was apolitical UNIFIED otherwise disparate people. That’s the point of the “home team.” Or supporting the US Olympic team. It wasn’t about only about them as individuals.

      • We are ignoring them. That is the idea of shutting off all NFL games. Ignore them.

      • who are they hurting? Children watch them…all their show off antics…all their tattoos…

      • Ahh but the contracts could be written as such to project the image the team wants which is not abridging the 1st amendment but a condition of employment. That is the fix.

      • You are absolutely right, but the image of the team would be much worse to everyone except the authoritarian clowns on the site who would like to see these kids boiled in oil!

      • No evidence for that. A boycott is not “boiling in oil.”

      • we’re tired of the race card…we want accountability…what has the black race done for the world? You got a phone? a car? electricity? Running water? a computer? lots of clothes? can you go into a supermarket and get anything you want to eat? Courtesy of this and all your comforts comes from the WHITE MAN. You people OWE us but instead its a constant refrain of hate. You would wiping your rear end with leaves if it wasn’t for us. True or not? Its not color its CHARACTER…your kids HATE teachers…how despicable is that? A black man who shows initiative and righteousness will never be shunned by white America. The race card is a SCAM being used by people who refuse to do judgment.

      • I’ll admit I’m probably over sensitive, but my Father was killed in WWII in Leyte Philippines when I was 3 1/2 years old. Nobody remembers the “good war”, but it wasn’t good for me.

      • Nothing but respect and agreement here your family’s sacrifice gives you a wide berth. My father was a combat vet of the good war as well but was lucky enough to come home. The greatness of America is that we can disagree and respect each other. This is a quality which eludes many on this site

      • no no no No! is is a bald face lie that the right is against free speech…your side is shutting down free speech…look what happened at Google when a worker was FIRED for expressing an alternative opinion…

      • Trump an idiot? He won the election because he has the ability to put his finger on the pulse of the oppressed American who is footing the health care bills, higher rents and lower wages brought on by a wave of illegals. He also wants to protect us from the slaughters that Europe is undergoing by the extremists…stupid? I say the other side, in trying build a base to hold on to their power, is not only stupid by treasonous. Black people voted for Obama ( who made president and we were still called racist) over God.

      • Irritated not afraid. Keep politics out of sports. Air their grievances on their own time and venue…..not one that millions of us pay NOT TO SEE POLITICS!

      • They can exercise their right and I can exercise my first amendment rights to criticize them. They speak, I speak. Everyone is happy.

        They are free to speak, but they cannot insult what I believe in and demand I patronize them. The left boycotts products, states, and businesses they don’t like. They are free to do so.

        But so am I. They started it.

      • Thank you. You don’t have to agree with me. You can agree with them, and we can disagree. The players, you, and I all have the right to say what we want.

        The fact that you don’t agree with me proves there is a difference of opinion and you can do what you want, as can I. THe fact that we can disagree and do what we what proves what I am saying.

      • Good on ya mate! Civil disagreement is what makes America great ! Have a good day.

      • I read an article that said the black athletes give no money of theirs to their communities…

      • I never said that black athletes don’t give money to their communities. I don’t know how much they do or don’t give. I said nothing about that so I don’t know why you are disagreeing with me. (FInd the sentence where I said they don’t give anything.)

        I said the left engages in boycotts, which everyone knows.

      • we disagree but your side tries to silence us by sending people in masks to give beat downs…also they then call us racist pigs…cop and baby killers but spare the murderer

      • We’re not afraid, we are angry. The NFL wants us to give them our money so they can spit in our face. I’m a veteran and I say, no thanks!

      • Let’s call it “capitalist self-immolation”. They protest, and their fans take their dollars and leave.

      • Just b/c they have the right to say something doesn’t mean what they’re saying is right. It’s not *right* to show disrespect for the flag and national anthem. It’s not *right* to bring social protests into professional sports. The issue is not whether they *can*, but whether they *should*.

      • Not afraid of anything. But it also means that I can exercise my first Amendment right and turn off the idiots who disrespect me(USAF vet) my family (several active duty members in army, coast guard, and air Force). and ALL who served and or died for this country.

      • I can’t argue with your position. I’m a vet too and these fellows do what I wouldnt think of, but they have the right. As you do to not watch. We may feel differently about this but we share more than you might think. Have a good day

      • taking the high road…cool…to bad your side fails on this accord

  6. The media could end this tomorrow by not pointing there cameras at the spoiled brats who play games for a living.

    As ticket sales fall, and TV revenues decline, so will their paychecks and they can go back to the lawless ghettos from where they came.

    These clowns are not paid to get in my face in my living room.

    • Actually, I think you’re wrong.

      Even if the revenue fell through the floor and the 100 million dollar contracts to play a game for money went to only one million……Think about that for just a moment, a million a year to play some games…..what else can these illiterate and inarticulate athletes do otherwise. Still getting rich at a milion or working for a living….city is hiring garbage truck workers, and they make a very decent living, and move back to South Chicago…….get some life insurance.

      • 76%of them go broke after retirement. 16% go bankrupt. They are not merely uneducated; they are stupid.

      • Most are not stupid, they are lazy in everything that does not have to do with their sport: That’s whay a guy like Peyton Manning will eventually become a billionaire, because is is NOT lazy about things outside of sports.

      • 76% go broke. 16% go bankrupt. Base salary while on a team is in the stratosphere. Sounds tome that at the very least 76% of them are stupid.

      • 76% go broke. 16% go bankrupt. With an average salary of $1.9 million, that sounds to me like at least 76% of them define the word “stupid”

      • Sorry , but the best hypothesis is still stupidity , when it come to your financial well being.

      • I like those statistics and can only wish the percentages get bigger.

      • I think you may be overstating their club profits. They have a much smaller margin of profit than you think, and declining ticket sales alongside declining merchandise sales will eat up that profit margin more quickly than you think. In the end, they will have no choice but to force these players to show respect in an effort to get their fans back. Either that, or the league dwindles. Either way, though, Trump wins. If they force compliance, he gets his way; if he doesn’t, the NFL fades, and Trump wins. And … he’s got his base and military families fired back up before the midterms next year.

  7. As for me the NHL season begins October 4.
    Ta Ta NFL.
    Go Hurricanes!

  8. Doesn’t bother me what they do. I’d rather know who they are.

  9. Pro sports have joined the politically correct movement. The vanguard of this foolishness is, perhaps, Starbucks. Golly, even a cup of coffee is political. Further, so many athletes are functionally illiterate. Would any good parent want kids to follow today’s sport celebrities? Why? This culture is in a mess-money driven greed oozing from every pore. To hell with all of them. Let’s all find something better to do on Sundays. How about going for a walk?

    • Hey, my lawn has never looked better. Monday, Thursday and Sunday outside working.

  10. ESPN has done it’s fair share to turn half of the country against sports as well…

  11. The Left debases everything it touches. The Left never builds anything but mountains of rubbish.

    • I recently saw a term here or somewhere like here; “Perviate’, perfectly describes what the Statists do to our culture.

    • “The Left never builds anything but mountains of rubbish.”

      …and then calls it art.

  12. Oh please, YES there was crazy sports bubble that needed to be popped. I was BEYOND OUTRAGED at what Disney/ESPN paid for the last NBA contract that was signed in 2014: at least 1 year before Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling. I said then that Disney/ESPN massively overpaid for that. It was obvious WAY before Colin Kaepernick.

  13. I hope the prognostications of this article come to pass. There is nothing more worldly (except perhaps Las Vegas) than the NFL. Its political correctness and highly publicized but cheap do-gooder stunts are nauseating. That these billionaire owners gets enriched on the scale of Croesus every year for putting mediocrity on the field is a travesty. Let’s hope the NFL gets humbled in a gargantuan way, and both the NFL and the media that supports and broadcasts these unclassy events lose money in a big way. MAGA !!

    • At least Vegas stays out of your face on political issues when you are there for fun.

  14. They are on the job…they have a dress code….they have a code of conduct…they get tax exempt status…their stadiums are funded with tax payer dollars….the prices are out of reach of many consumers…they can protest and exercise their freedom of speech all they want when they are not on the job….Curry and any other athlete can stay home and politely decline any invitation they like…but when they are on that field, their job is to play a game, entertain…that’s it. No politics. All the SJW’s love to loudly proclaim how offensive everything outside their little bubble is…these players are committing the ultimate offense…smacking their fans in the face with their “protests”.

  15. Stopped watching ESPN a few years ago because of their liberal bias. Sad to see libs contaminate yet another aspect of our society.

  16. The “millennials” involved in breaking the bubble believe that virtue signaling in the press or “taking a knee” address a problem that exists. Nothing is done to identify the actual cultural issues in the black community that contribute to social inequality and personal destruction.

    What is clearly demonstrated is the disproportionate economic might sacrificed by the many to buy into a fantasy that no longer exists.

  17. Amazing to see the open racism of Trump supporters. Well now we know exactly what you are…

    • Racism is real always has been always will be. It is human nature and no tear stained leftist cuck will ever change that. Just shut up and accept it.

      • You know Scott, people like you are what shows America who we need to get past. People like you.

    • The vast majority of NFL and NBA players are Black. That sounds like discrimination against whites.

      • Nah they just can’t play. Sports is the true free market.

    • We have national cemeteries filled with dead patriots who died for the American flag. Objecting to those who dis respect that flag isn’t racist. All we want is for them to find a better or different way to do it.

      • So do you object to a President standing in front of the same flag and the Presidential Seal calling American citizens SOB’s?

    • Happy to see Leftists still have no rational argument and have to resort to racist, or bigot, or misogynist, or islamaphobe or whatever you think the label of the day is to make us feel bad. It’s all gotten so old that it has lost any sting.

      • Nah the argument is that Trump won because of a bunch of scared bigoted white folk. You only have to read the responses here to know that is true.

  18. Leftists destroy EVERYTHING they touch.
    Americans are turning their back on The Emmy’s and other Leftists Award Shows due to their Political Preaching.
    Americans are turning their back on NFL and NBA, because whiney, rich players have made it Political.

  19. Just remember the goal is to Destroy America, while the endeavor started with the Clinton president years with NAFTA it had severe setbacks from 9/11. By 2006 the Anti-Americans were back in full lockstep that went into hyper drive in the Obama years to eviscerate everything American from Morals, Christianity, Citizenship, American History via the Civil War, vilifying our founding fathers, and direct frontal assault on the Constitution. The actions are designed to continue the march into Hell at an ever increasing pace if there are none who will stand in the face of the onslaught. For the snowflakes eviscerate – a :to take out the entrails of :disembowel b :to deprive of vital content or force!

  20. I have enjoyed football my whole life though I’m far from being a fanatic like some! I have no problem washing my hands of the NFL or any sport that is going to coddle over-privileged over-paid athletes who want to disrespect our country over racist identity politics!

  21. All true. I loathe entertainers now, especially late night comedians. Their writers must all frequent the same social circles since they are now unable to summon their creativity and instead it’s Trump all the time. Instead of doing what they’re supposed to do, they think because they have fans and an audience, they are suddenly rational, thoughtful, and intelligent people who know better than their customers. The bias oozing out of so called journalism is such nonsense that it has gone beyond insulting my intelligence. There is no respite from the leftists because they never want to give up their power.

    • Late night isn’t entertaining, its Political. Comedians turned Activist.
      I don’t watch any of them anymore

  22. Your a rasist bigget llamaphobe! In 2020 Trump will LOOSE and Clinton will win by a lanslide! PERSIST & RESIST!

      • geez guys, I’m pretty sure it was meant to be an example of how stupid the left is.

    • Rasist ????Loose ???????????????? lanslide???????????????????????????????? this is what free gubmint socialist education produced

      • You missed some: “you’re”, “bigot”!

    • If that comment was designed to prove if brains were dynamite, you’d be hard pressed to blow your nose – it’s succeeding beyond your wildest dreams.

  23. There is no where for traditional Americans to turn anymore, the Democrats are communist, the Republicans globalists, and the elite set all the social and cultural standers for the rest of us. The average working class American is screwed.

    • Well said 63. About all we can hope for is that enough of DJT’s agenda gets passed and his approval ratings get up (already starting to happen) to where the RINO’s get on board and bury the lefties. Meanwhile, I am enjoying the ride.

  24. The same as holds for us “regular” people should hold for these self entitled rich jerks. WE aren’t allowed to say whatever we want AT WORK, neither should they. You can’t go to work and start spouting off about whatever you want under the guise of “freedom of speech”. When these pussified, overly muscled, unintelligent little cry babies start claiming how they are “oppressed”, I always wonder how they can stand themselves, living in multi-million dollar homes and driving expensive cars. I mean, if it’s THAT DAMN OPPRESSIVE, why haven’t they moved? Or done what seems to be the Hollywood thing and overdosed on something?

  25. Can we repeal tax deductions for pro sports? No one should deduct ticket prices as a business expense!

  26. So…Trump now has the Left opposing the anthem and flag because of free speech…but denying free speech to conservative speakers at Berkeley. Beginning to think Trump’s brilliant.

  27. Yes, indeed. With a MLB baseball player on the local franchise decided to protest the existence of the United States of America, I am forced here to say, “Done.” I’m done with baseball. I’ve spent more money on baseball tickets in my life than any other sport, but now I’m done. I once had a personal protest of the local franchise’s annual failure to advance into the playoffs. Having actually advanced as far as the World Series, the local franchise satisfied my demands and I bought more tickets. This time, it’s nothing the GM and front office can do. If the players who are the featured product are going to protest the paying customers, DONE.

    • I think it is less likely in MLB or the NHL because many of the players are not from the US or Canada for the NHL. Look at the roster of both leagues and many of the marquee players are from other countries. They seem to have the manners and decency to respect the country they are working in and the local fans. The old Local Anxiety song “Hockey Night in Canada” commented about the stars being “Russians, Finns, and Swedes” in the NHL.

      • NBA and NFL have a majority black teams and a majority white audience so this culture clash was a long time coming.

      • My other sport is chess, and indeed our Russians are quite good Americans.

  28. One place where the right and the left can come together. The right for the idiocy of polluting a fine game with politics and the left because they hate football and think it barbaric.
    The NFL will never satisfy the left but they can easily keep their fans on the right happy. Kick out the protesters! If they want to sit during the national anthem they are free to do so in the stands.

  29. sports is supposed to be a training ground for civic virtue. We learned that it is how you play the game, not whether you win or lose. We learned fair play and sportsmanship. But the left, and the idiot savants who know how to throw a ball, have tried to hijack this crucible of American virtue.. We shall not stand for this . We will boycott these fool s(including the idiot management.) Sports will continue to be a training ground for civic virtue, even if only on an unorganized amatuer level, and new leagues that only allow patriots to play will be founded and they will prosper. Eat my dust NFL.

    • Civic virtue is no longer taught in public schools. Only collectivism and obedience to the state.

      • sad but true. We must fight to bring back integrity and virtue into our sports, entertainment and everything else we do.

  30. isn’t it the athletes who started politicizing things by protesting the National Anthem? And isn’t it hypocritical to say you wont go to the White House because you personally dislike the President, but that he should invite you because the White House invite is institutional and impersonal? Critics should remember that, while they dislike Trump’s tone and statements, even a flawed messenger can deliver a true message.

  31. When will the entertainment industry understand when politicize something, ratings nose dive. This isn’t 1968 and Muhammad Ali using his sport as the only way to make a political statement. This is 2017 and Kaeparnick can go on Social Media, CNN, MSNBC or FoxNews ANYTIME during the day to make his political case. Entertainment is a way to get away from the political world that pervades us 24/7 because of Cable News, Talk Radio and Social Media. The Emmy ratings were down, ESPN ratings are down, NFL ratings are down. Is it all because they have gotten political? Probably not, but it’s no coincidence.

  32. I cannot speak to the NBA, having never been a roundball fan. But the NFL has been dead for a double decade now or more; ever since they decided they wanted to be an advertising venue as opposed to a sports league. And I say hurry the day. It’s a mercy killing. Maybe they’ll finally get smart enough to realize they’re dead and lay down and stop whining about things.

  33. I haven’t watched an NBA game since Michael Jordan retired, the 2nd time; or an NFL play since Peyton Manning’s last game. I only watch ESPN when they are showing a baseball game that the Chicago Cubs are in. Then, I generally turn down the sound. I still watch NHL games and am greatly impressed that when the National Anthem is played in the hockey arena; all the players stand at attention. As most of you know, the great majority of hockey players were not born here and are not naturalized citizens; yet they stand at attention. The collection of crybullies who perform for the NBA/NFL could learn a great deal from the authentic tough guys in the sporting world, respect goes a long way. I have no time nor any inclination to support a collection of reprobates lecture me on what they are owed by a society that has rewarded them for the ability to play a child’s game. No sir, I will not.

    • Excellent post, Mr. Bottens. I share the same experience and sentiments. The NHL has had a few “issues” of players getting in trouble; but not of the magnitude of the NFL or NBA.
      As for the national anthems I always look forward to hearing “O Canada” in both English and French. NHL players work very hard to get where they are and are very grateful.
      NHL season starts Oct 4. Can’t wait. Go Hurricanes!

      • Getting up at 5 a.m. in the morning. Drivng to the rink in the dead of winter. Thes guys love the game and would probably play for free–as all of us who have played hockey would do in a heartbeat. Gotta love hockey.

    • Anyone who has never seen live professional hockey is really missing something. It is incredible how fast, and how brutal, the players really are. It’s a shame that the sport doesn’t televise well.

  34. If you want to solve the leftist politic as l invasio n in media. Cut thee cable. Stop subsidizing those that despise and belittle you at every turn. You pay $7/month for ESPN in your cable bill. Whether you watch it or not. Whether you want it or not. Another $2.50 to CNN. $1.50 to msnbc. Stop paying them. Cut the cord or contact your congressman and the doc and dem and full fair als carte pricing from the monopoly cable industries. Stop paying for someone else’s is that are hostile to your interests.

    • Now if taxpayers could just recoup their out-of-pocket expenses for the 70 years the NFL paid no taxes…

    • Also, no more Papa John’s pizza. As the official sponsor of the NFL, this corporation condones the action of these punks, otherwise, it would have pulled it’s sponsorship.

  35. I have only ever watched the Dallas Cowboys games so there’s no boycotting other games or I would.
    If Cowboys players ever start kneeling in protest, I’ll NEVER go to another game the rest of my life, much less buy their game gear.

  36. “Several new studies prove what we already suspected: Fans are leaving the NFL because of the players’ political activism …”

    And those studies are?

    An author who wishes to be regarded as authoritative would provide links.

    • The economic reports and shots of half-empty stadiums pretty much provide all the substantiation required.

      • Correlation without causation proves nothing. It’s like saying that if violence and the consumption of ice cream increase, the violence must be caused by ice cream sales. Show me evidence of a link between attendance and activism and I’ll consider the argument. Until then, you have demonstrated nothing more than the fact that two things which may or may not be related exist side by side.

      • And you’ve disputed…absolutely *nothing* stated. Revenue is down. Viewers are down. Game attendance is down. We’ll stop short of guessing where your IQ is headed.

        But hey…you might be right – maybe it’s all because they’re showing re-runs of Pee Wee’s Playhouse at the same time on cable…

      • If you wish to insult me that’s your prerogative. But it doesn’t change the fact that the decline of the NFL could be due to any number of causes having nothing to do with a few players on one knee. If you choose to believe it, that’s also your prerogative, but without proof it’s just that, a belief. Have a nice day.

      • You’ll pardon me if I chuckle at an imbecile apparently unable to spell ‘Google’. You keep demanding ‘proof of correlation’ – which took all of 11 seconds to locate from CBS Sports.

        Poll: Anthem protests biggest reason NFL viewers stopped watching

        You have a nice day too! Maybe there’s some NFL stuff on you can spend your time more productively viewing…

      • Funny. I always thought the reason everyone is carrying umbrellas is because it’s raining.

      • True. This is correlation with proof of causation.

        There is only a single JD Power poll claiming that player activism is causing the NFL decline but its value is disputed (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2017/07/27/what-that-study-about-the-decline-in-football-viewership-actually-says/?utm_term=.d13a6b34d324) because the protests were cited by people who were already not watching football.

        Even assuming the author was referring to this poll, he cited “studies,” plural. Aside from the fact that a public opinion poll does not rise to the level of a “study,” where are the rest?

  37. in a way, I’m grateful.
    am going for a bike ride, then river rafting w/ a friend, sit by the pool with a beer, then cooking, cleaning, & then I’ll sit down with a book.
    thank you, historically ignorant millionaire ingrates.

  38. It’s beyond amusing – watching media go after Trump for his comments regarding patriotism…

    The same media that uttered not a peep – when Obama hosted at the White House (in between sessions of vilifying law enforcement and painting targets on their backs) – a group that called for ‘killing whites and cops’ with a resulting body count.

    There isn’t enough Helium in the Northern hemisphere to lift the left anywhere close to a ‘moral high ground’ here.

  39. Went to 6 NHL games last season and was at a preseason one last night. Haven’t seen or heard of a single hockey player taking a knee. Gee, I wonder why that is?

    • Because Americans are about 30% of the NHL players…most players are from Canadian, Russia, Scandinavia and other European countries.


    • Because most Hockey players are pretty humble guys and it isn’t in their DNA to do these type of political stunts.

  40. There are no freedom of speech right at a job. Your employers dictates what the requirements of the job are and either you follow them or you are fired. It is that simple…you can’t work at Wendy’s and tell everyone Taco Bell is better, you can’t argue for second amendment rights at a meeting to translate a manual into Thai…in short anyone who has a job knows they cannot do thing they are told not to do, and if they violate the rules their will be consequences. Most employers don’t want to hear anyone’s politics…THEY WANT YOU TO DO YOUR JOB!!!!

    Make your political speeches on your own time. What you choose to do on your own time is your business and you should not be punished for it.



    The author has it correct, FTA: ” Sports have traditionally been a refuge from cultural and political controversy where Americans could come together and enjoy time with family, friends, and even complete strangers. Entering the stadium, they could check the cares of the world at the turnstile. That’s changed recently.”
    The left brought politics into sports with this nonsense of disrespecting the National Anthem. These players are EMPLOYEES at work, in uniform, and in front of their paying public. “Free speech” does not apply here as the First Amendment stops the Government from restricting your free speech. Almost everybody understands that when you are at work and in contact with the public you leave your politics out of it and you make everybody comfortable with interacting with you. The modestly paid people that we interact with on a daily basis all get this.
    Goodell is totally wrong to call the President “divisive” for expressing his opinion. Typical liberal, liberals can have their opinion but nobody else can. The best thing was when none of this nonsense entered sports. Once liberals brought it in, then the other side can have an opinion too. The players are being “divisive” by disrespecting their country in front of their paying public and as part of the ceremony of the game. Maybe we as fans (who have the right to cheer and boo and sing) will figure out a good counter to these protests.
    This thing has entered “feeding frenzy” status where the Media, lazy as they are, now have a NATIONAL STORY to take up all of their air time. (I’m not suggesting a government solution here but the “news” media has far too much time to fill and far too little curiosity and needs to find stories that are the only thing we are allowed to care about for a few weeks, until they find another such story.)
    As usual Donald Trump is one of the few prominent people to say what is happening, loudly and clearly. Thank you!
    I don’t think this will end well for these sports players or their leagues.

  42. Maybe Kaepernick was enlisted by the NFL to reduce their tax burden – since the NFL is now paying taxes for the first time in 70 years.

  43. I’ll watch football again when the players take a knee to protest domestic violence.

  44. The NFL committed suicide today. The jaguars especially, in a little town, with no talent, they will not be around next year……everyone is talking about flushing their tickets down the toilet…..just like the team went several years ago……….People do NOT go to NFL games to be lectured by overpaid employees…….NFL stands for NO FANS LEFT. It all over…..now you can all go back to practicing electric guitar on Sunday afternoon…..!

  45. it’s like every nfl and nba game starts with a bonfire of owner equity. amazing to witness such self-destructive behavior.

  46. I watch so little TV. Sports was the only thing left worth tuning into. So I just saw a Steph Curry car commercial. Guess which car I will never buy? NFL and all the industries who support it should be very careful about this.

  47. Identity politics and Leftism in general is destroying everything it touches. The universities, Hollywood/ the media and now professional sports and maybe college and even youth sports. What was once a civic societal unifying institution is rapidly degenerating into a political war zone. Unfortunate but inevitable once Leftism infested its ranks. Leftism is a pestilent scourge. If we don’t get a handle on this, it will destroy the nation, flat out.

  48. From a political view, Trump wins no matter what happens. If they insist on showing respect, he wins. If they don’t, the NFL will certainly suffer losses, and Trump wins. The majority of NFL ticket holders, merchandise buyers, and those who pay for NFL online access are not the folks who would support these privileged overpaid entertainers, who seem to be spitting in the face of a nation that has enabled them to be one-percenters. There really is no way for Trump to lose here. And, again, the left and its sheeple have completely failed to recognize that they have been out-maneuvered by a man they always underestimate, to their own detriment.

    • Amen. These overpaid entertainers have priced commoners out of the marketplace. Persons that come from their communities can’t afford to watch them perform in person. Commoners can only afford to watch them on TV.

      Hey, Curry & Kaepernick, if you really cared about your black brothers & sisters, you wouldn’t take so much for yourselves. Your overpriced salaries & endorsements keep them out of the stadiums & increase the price of sponsored products, forcing your black brothers & sisters to pay more for those things than they otherwise would have to. In effect, your greed is holding your black brothers & sisters back & lowering their standards of living.

      But you got yours. You’re now part of the “haves.” You don’t really care about “have nots” like your black brothers & sisters. Because words are cheap & that’s all you’re prepared to give.

      • They honestly don’t even care enough about these protests to actually go to protests in their own free time. How much do you care if all you do is make some pathetic symbolic posture while at work? If they really cared about it, they’d be out in their free time making a difference. But no. They’re lazy armchair warriors, insulting and offending half of their “clientele.” Absolute morons.

  49. Black millionaires like Curry & Kaepernick should invest their money in black communities, lead by example, & create jobs & opportunities for their black brothers & sisters.

    But guys like them never do. The live in gated white communities, live the good lives, & say & do things that increase tensions & make things more difficult for their black brothers & sisters.

    Either they’re not smart enough to know how to help their black brothers & sisters, or they don’t really care. Perhaps they just savor more attention for themselves.

    • This is especially true of Kaepernick whose life is one fairytale of white benevolence. Abandoned by his black father when told banging the white chick came with responsibility, he was put up for adoption.

      Blacks don’t adopt but Colin got lucky – a loving white family saved him from a life of endless foster homes. He was given every opportunity including praise and millions of dollars for being a good amateur quarterback but not up to the qualifications of a professional. If he were 100% white, would his arm have gotten him that far?

    • Are you stereotyping them. Because Democrats have a long history of doing that.

  50. The left drips with envy – of power, wealth, etc. No good ever comes of that vice.

  51. It all depends on your concept of respect and your values. Major league players are held up as the height of macho manhood and some are role models, particularly to fatherless children. However in a man-on-man match up against our special forces warriors, it would be a short and fatal event. They are no match to real men who get paid 1/1000 of their income.

    To those of us with loved ones buried in Arlington cemetery, it is fitting to stand with your hand over your heart when our flag is presented. It is also fitting to kneel in thinking of those who are going into combat for us, to pray for their safety.

    Every one must decide. One decision is to wash the car on Sunday afternoon.

  52. Courageous young men

    exercising their first amendement rights and the Pussygrabber in Chief has a tantrum like the seven year old he is. He lives to lie about how second amendment rights are in danger while he works diligently to take away 1st amendment rights. He is however a genius. After committing the treason in dealing with Chuck and Nancy he throws red meat to the phony patriots and thugs of his base. All the better that the young men are black so he has something for the racists as well. I would never do what these guys did, but if you have a problem with it, ignore them!

    • It would be more appropriate if you would post your BS at a more accomadating site such as DailyKos, Mother Jones or even The Hill where they’re going absolutely berserk.

      • Bubba – I am a republican who actually believes in free speech. What are you afraid of? Would Jessiefan relate rio the late and unlamented old racist, Jessie Helms. I see you are from NC

      • A Republican? With all due disrespect I believe you are a liar.

      • Reagan, Reagan, Bush, Bush, Bush, McCain, and pass. These are my votes Can’t handle the truth, boo Boo? I have a friend who argues that Trump has led a revolt of the stupid. I argued against that but if you think Trumpo is a Republican then I am very wrong.

      • Who cares what label applies to Trump? Policies & principles are more important that labels.

        So called conservatives in Congress won’t repeal Obamacare like they pledged they would do.

      • For once we agree. Just now admit that though you support him The Great Orange One is a lousy excuse for a human being and we can part as friendly adversaries. Betcha can’t do it!

      • We also agree on your last statement. I refuse to stereotype people.

      • So, you hate Obama, Hillary, Pocahontas, Al Frankenstein, the Dick Durbin, Schumer, etc., and their failed & ridiculous policies like Obamacare & Treaty with Iran?

        And you think people like Rachel Madcow, Chuck Toad, & Chris Matthews are mindless buffoons?

      • I don’t much disagree with you, actually. But I draw the line at Chuck Todd. Please understand that true conservatives are nauseated by Trump and his faux populist con job. I get the his anger at the elites, but not the racism, thuggery, and serving as a likely Russian intelligence asset. You sound way too smart to have fallen for his con. By the way, your boy is going to end up doing a lot of business with Schumer and Pelisi. He has no principles; he just wants to enhance his brand!

      • Whatever Trump does or doesn’t do, America will be 1000 times better off than if Hillary had become President.

      • When did you become the arbiter of what constitutes real conservatism?

      • Huh! We all have the right. And if you think Trump is a conservative you’re dumber than I think

      • Setting aside your ignorant and juvenile smear, no, you have no right to assume yet alone assert the level and intensity of anyone elses political ideology, but your own. I consider Trump to be non-ideological and closer to Classical Liberalism which makes me a lot smarter than you, a$$hat.

      • Trump supporters are ignorant morons or racist pigs. Which are you. And I’ve forgotten more about classic liberalism than you ever knew. Please get a GED before conversing with your intellectual superiors

      • The politics of your paranoid hatred is the crutch of a mental cripple where you protect the source of your dysfunction by projecting it onto phantom enemies. If your commentary wasn’t so sad it would be incredibly humorous.

    • For all we know, when Trump said that stars could take advantage of women, he may have been referring to Bill Clinton’s exploits.

      Go to a music concert or sports event sometime & see the women lined up near the exits where the sports stars
      & celebrities come out. That’s what Trump was talking about.

      For another exposé of the phenomena, rent & watch the movie, “The Banger Sisters,” with Goldie Hawn & Susan Sarandon.

      Trump: When you’re a star, THEY LET YOU DO IT. You can do anything.

      Bush: Whatever you want?

      Trump: Grab ’em by the püssy. You can do anything.

      At the time, Trump was a TV fledgling. He was no star. Drew Carey was a bigger star than Trump was at the time. And Trump NEVER SAID HE DID IT.

      The other sexual smears were “bought & paid for” by the Clinton campaign (famous for its often practiced & well-honed politics of personal destruction). Hillary’s tried to portray Trump as someone who was as sleazy as her husband was.

      But many people (including women) refused to buy into the fraud.

      Now, the sleazy left, as part of its coup d’état is trying to resurrect the story.

      • Boy, I’ve seen some rationalization for the pussygrabber, but you take the cake! Let’s take your point. He’s still an swindling conman, a white supremacist and a likely Russian intelligence asset. You must be so proud.

      • Trump University? That case settled. People are constantly trying to take people with money down. Each Walmart store in America gets several phony slip & fall swindles everyday.

        What is your evidence that Trump is a white supremacist. His immigrant wife? His Jewish daughter?

        And Trump has Putin backing up at every turn. Some asset Trump turned out to be.

        Here’s what a Russian asset looks like–


      • Wow. Just listen to him. He cannot condemn the klan and other white supremacists. Wake up. Trump U settled for 25 million. Talk to all the poor working people he stiffed during his career. Support him if you will. But just admit that he is a rotten human being. And the “wife” is just another business transaction.

      • Trump did condemn the Klan & other white supremacists. But he didn’t stereotype everyone in the crowd at Charlottesville (like Democrats have a long history of doing).

        And Walmart pays billions to settle fraudulent claims brought against it.

        Plus, Trump didn’t operate the University. Someone in his organization (not him) licensed Trump’s name to the University. That was the extent of Trump’s involvement with the University.

      • I defer to you as the greatest apologist of all time. You should become a PR man – You have a rare talent. Turning Donald Trump into a human being is a colossal accomplishment given the fact that your raw material is a stinking piece of pig excrement. I salute you!

      • Stereotyping without solid evidence is a Democrat tendency. They did that in their Jim Crow daze, & they’re still doing it today. Please don’t fall into the Democrats’ dark hole, because it stinks in there.

    • You don’t have a First Amendment Right at your workplace…End of Discussion!


      • This is an interesting point, and you forget that these expressions take place in public facilities thus negating to your position. Also Stephen Curry did nothing in the work place. What are you folks so afraid of. Just ignore them. Trump is giving them more traction and support than they would hVe ever had otherwise. Still a fair question to debate unlike the morons who usually inhabit this site

  53. Viewed the national anthem broadcast by CBS from Chicago. Most Bear players were standing on their sideline. Yes, the Steelers remained in the locker room or tunnel except for #78 OT Andy Villanueva who stood outside the Tunnel in full view standing at attention with hand over heart. Andy is a former Army Ranger.
    I’m a Bears fan but Kudos to the Steelers #78.

  54. Vote with your wallet. It is all going to crash. It is totally their own fault.

  55. I agree 100% and you practically took the words out of my mouth. Well not all of them, I grant that you have a lot more to add to my thoughts on the subject, but I have been saying pretty much the same thing for the most part. Sports today is looking like a huge balloon that someone is slowly letting the air out of, and when it’s flat I will be there to say “it serves all of you right”!

  56. NFL is playing on TV right now….my TV isn’t tuned into it, and I won’t be watching. The owners had better wake up and provide the customers what they want, not what their millionaire employees want.

  57. Trump is just saying what a lot of people are thinking. We just don’t need or want this crap. These rich left wing treps best learn this fact quick or be without a pot to piss in or a window th throw it out. There is no real need for Football or Basketball. Don’t believe me ask Baseball and how much that strike way back in the 90’s cost them. Your nothing but a game and games are something played by children.

  58. The NFL must know, a trip to a ball game is paid with “discretionary income”. Money not budgeted for a necessity. Usually, money saved slowly and meant for one purpose, the game, though, not guaranteed. Those that can’t afford a trip to the stadium and very probably a lengthy trip, may opt for a favorite jersey. Or, a Big Head wall cover. There a lot of “down stream” businesses that will be effected by a drop in fan spending.
    Go ahead, owners and side with the spoiled few. There is always double A, or college or high school sports to get a fans attention. And, at a fraction of the price, they could come back many more times.
    If a player is offended by a perpetrator being shot by a cop, taking a knee to honor the perpetrator, has about the same level of disrespect as taking a knee for the flag. It really puts that saying in a whole new light; I’d rather die on feet, than live on my knees.
    Trump will come out way ahead on this, but, don’t count on the MSM to tell you.

  59. The interesting thing is that these players do not realize that by “taking the knee” they are showing SUBSERVIENCE to the white man. If they bothered to look at the definition of GENUFLECT it reads as follows:
    lower one’s body briefly by bending one knee to the ground, typically in worship or as a sign of respect and show deference or SERVILITY:

    Moreover if they looked up the meaning of CURTSY it reads as follows:
    :an act of civility, respect, or REVERENCE made mainly by women and consisting of a slight lowering of the body with bending of the knees
    Additionally when a reigning monarch dubbed somebody a knight it would be done with the person KNEELING in front of the monarch to show his OBEDIENCE.
    So why are these athletes so SUBSERVIENT???. Why are they not raising their CLENCHED fists in the air???
    Do they not know that the raised fist, or the clenched fist, is a symbol of solidarity and support.[1] It is also used as a salute to express unity, strength, DEFIANCE OR RESISTANCE.
    Stupidity knows no bounds.

  60. Once ya’ get the hang of the game of golf, it’s actually pretty interesting.

  61. I could have sworn, it was Curry who first said, he didn’t know if he wanted to go to the White House. What a silly tradition inviting sports teams to the White House. Invite veterans, wounded warriors and school children. Don’t need a bunch of ungrateful athletes who think they are better than this country.

  62. And just like that the NFL became a ‘dead thug walking’…

  63. Republicans want to get black people off their knees. But Democrats are doing everything in their power to keep black people on their knees.

    • As far as I’m concerned those who have made their choice can now live with it! Those who choose a good life, accept responsibility for themselves and their families deserve our concern and care. The rest, self centered egotistical, often criminal types can go to he!!. No one owes them a dam- thing!

  64. With the loss of the NFL, an awful lot of college players are going to have to actually worry about studying now.

    • And with those social justice studies degrees, they will looking for top notch positions in the fast food industry, flipping burgers.

  65. Players better be careful. Tick off fans and they will no longer support. Those player contracts will get smaller and smaller in a hurry as revenues dwindle. An old saying in life: Be careful what you ask for…You may get it.

  66. To drain a swamp, one has to drudge up the muck in the swamp, expose it to sunlight, and let it be carted off.
    Trump has been conducting a remarkably successful dredging operation.
    The faux hysteria about hate speech and “rights” created by his tweets are the gasps of creepy crawlers slithering from the ooze.

    The NFL is being revealed for what it is… yet another media creation that feeds fantastic sums of money to the ultra rich far left… making them slightly worse than utterly cash whores of the worthless establishment GOP and slightly better than the violent totalitarian extremists of Democratic (Communist) Party, which conducts is violence in the streets rather than in a regulated “safe space.”

    Remember, too, that NFL teams are all wildly profitable even with the astronomical salaries… and they don’t need a single fan in the seat to retain 99% of their profits – stadiums are simply props for the TV and merchandising revenues.

    • America should be embarrassed to the core by the amount of the salaries paid to these guys.

  67. It is worth reposting what pearlyjo posted here: http://www.lucianne.com/thread/?artnum=923603
    “I´m not a big fan of boycotts. A boycott, in my opinion, sends the message that if you do as I say, I will purchase your product. I think professional sports, and Hollywood, are at the risk of fans discovering that we don´t need your product. That seems more devastating. There are some products I will not buy, stores I don´t visit, and actors I won´t watch because of ads produced and beliefs supported. I discovered rather quickly that I didn´t need them. I won´t be back whether they change or not. That said, I don´t understand taking a knee during the national anthem. I don´t see how this has opened any meaningful dialogue on either side. It was done to shock America, but then what was the end game for Kapernick? What has he done to improve anything for black America in the year or so since doing it? Is he a hero or just a pawn now?”

  68. Well, I agree athletes are pampered, indulged and overpaid megalomaniacs.
    I agree that politics should never have been allowed to take over pro ball the way it has now.
    However, I think Trump has proven himself to be a complete idiot, once agin.
    Imagine challenging the entire league, every owner, all players, many of whom are decent people. I mean, come on, what the heck did he expect would happen?
    I sure hope this isn’t the kind of command execution he would engage in should the US ever have to go to war, again.

  69. Under Armour has a web page (as well as a postal mail address) that you can express your opinion to their board or relevant director. The caveat is that “material that is unduly hostile, threatening, illegal or similarly unsuitable will be excluded.”

    The url is: http://investor.underarmour.com/contactBoard.cfm

  70. The only difference between these players and the people that spit and threw coffee and other things on and at those of us returning from overseas back in 1970 is the date, 2017. They are disrespecting all the previous, current and future men and women that will put on the uniform of the United States Military proudly serve this great country, some giving their lives. I find them disgusting and I am personally done with pro sports.

  71. I make a point of not spending time or money on anti-Americans.

  72. I want to thank my President for smashing the Overton Window once again to focus the country on where leftism is and what is it doing. Trump has done that since the day he came down to announce for the Presidency. The left likes to say they’re woke, no you sniveling wastes of human space Americans are WOKE! As for the NFL they made the personal political its time to burn it down.

  73. Have any of these men disrespecting our country ever served in the military or in any service to the country that protects them daily. I think not!
    Enough said.
    Larry Stewart,

  74. Liberalism destroys everything it infects. RIP NFL -you had a good run.

  75. The sports broadcasting bubble is about to burst. It’s not just the NFL that’s down in viewers and attendance. NASCAR has been declining for years. Currently none of the major professional or collegiate sports broadcasting contracts are generating as much advertising revenue as they cost. ESPN has lost something like 14 million viewers and loses more every day as cable subscribers opt for streaming services instead.

  76. Most offended fans will come back. Witness the baseball strike of the early 90s. But some won’t and that some will be sizeable enough to inflict some pain. I suspect the NFL will never again reach the pinnacle it held so recently.

  77. Wish these players would stay off the field for good before they’re destroyed by head-injuries. This “sport” is too violent.
    That’s the real story here. Would never go near a game much less watch one on t.v.

  78. How much are they paying grown men to run and jump and play catch any place else?

  79. These ballplayers are taking a principled knee over the crisis of racist police shooting black men for no reason other than to satiate their racist thirsts.

    Remember Michael Brown the “Gentle Giant”? How he was executed by a racist white cop by way of a gunshot to the back of the head as he was on his knees with his hands raised in abject surrender to the white power structure? Who wouldn’t take a knee over such a disgraceful injustice?

    If the details of some particular case of homicidal white racism sort of fall apart or get covered up by the racist “Department of Justice”, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have happened that way! That doesn’t mean that America isn’t grossly racist!

    Also, facts are racist, so don’t even bother boring everyone with statistics that show a demographic that comprises about 3% of the population of the US commits about 50% of the murders. That’s just racist.

  80. The death of football, and pro-sports in general, can’t come too soon. I would enjoy seeing these groin-scratching morons get their comeuppance.

    • I would add ‘big time’ college football to the list as well. It’s just as bad as the NFL with respect to criminality- worse so because people send their daughters to college thinking they will be safe. And as to the money….these guys are paid under the table…ridiculous.

  81. If these pampered, overgrown, overpaid babies really wanted to protest what they perceive as social injustice, then they would do it on their own time and in a venue of their own making. That’s probably an unrealistic expectation since it would cut into their clubbing and lap-dance recreation. What a bunch of phonies. I’m so glad I don’t do anything that supports the games of these arrested adolescents.

  82. “A few weeks ago it was the weather. Then it was because CBS hadn’t scheduled a late afternoon game yet”

    I blame Russian meddling.

  83. It always amuses me how the proggies always wind up on the side of disrespecting and hating America

  84. Let these overpaid babies learn the hard way that they need us, we don’t need them.

  85. While politics may be the proverbial straw, there are many other reasons, some festering for decades, that have driven fans from professional sports. NASCAR has turned stock car racing into a silly WWE-style reality show with tightly-scripted “good guys and heels” storylines laden with fake drama. It’s boring and infantile…fans have seen through the facade and walked. The NBA is all thugs, all the time, so naturally they’re driving off anyone who refuses to elevate and idolize criminal culture. The NFL has been suffering from a variety of ills brought on by free agency and dilution of talent via expansion. Nobody has a “team”, just a random collection of mercenaries assembled to meet a budget or playing scheme. Soccer will never get a respectable foothold in the U.S., as it’s a boring grind to watch, with fake injuries and a largely ignorant international fanbase who have nothing else to watch or cheer for. With ESPN dying a slow death (unexpectedly!), who or what is going to bankroll any of these sh!tshows? Is Soros going to pony up?

  86. Boring games.
    Price gouging the people who buy tickets.
    Ticky-tack penalties.

  87. You can only gouge the casual sports fan so long until something happens that they quit paying for your product. Combine that with overpriced concessions, and boorish drunks making the entire experience more of an endurance test, I can see this becoming The Perfect Storm of fan rebellion.

  88. The fans figured out last season that there was no reason to watch any NBA game until the finals between the Warriors and the Cavaliers. Now, however, Curry has shown all the fans his @ss and I, for one, don’t much care to watch at all. Not that I ever like the NBA all that much. I’ll stick to hockey this winter.

  89. Let it burn!

    Down with leftist propaganda!

  90. Thank God hockey is almost here. Rarely do you read about the misdeeds of an NHL player. They are respectful and can get twelve stiches in their face, have a few teeth knocked out, and not miss a shift.

  91. Leftists always try to blame their opponents for doing exactly what they themselves are doing. In this case, they have said that Trump is trying to divide them, when the truth is that *they* are trying to divide America. The NFL is a sick, dysfunctional culture, virtually leaderless in every meaningful way. This silly kneeling stunt proves it. If owners and coaches would forbid it, it would stop instantly. Just ask yourself how Vince Lombardi would’ve dealt with this nonsense. End of discussion.

  92. All this whining by sports multi-millionaires wouldn’t be so annoying if blacks actually were a penalized minority. But the stats disprove this. Blacks dominate the sports and entertainment industries (and inner city crime) out of all proportion to their numbers.

  93. Oops…….

    No TV money, no crowds, merchandise tanking!

    Whatever will these “icons” do as their meal ticket shuts them off?

    I think the slowly evolving economics lesson is quite entertaining.

  94. I used to enjoy professional sports and watch them more often. The disrespect for our flag and for those that have served serve under it is not acceptable. Players have a right to voice their opinions and I have a right to voice mine only because brave men and women fought to protect that right. My expression will take the form of watching no NFL this Sunday October 1. I ask that you join me in a national day of support for our anthem,flag and troops the good things symbolized by them. #NONFLSUNDAY.

  95. It is totally insane. It starts with the owners- most of whom made their billions is subsidized business, and scamming of local taxpayers for stadium deals. What a joke and what a croc. Include me out!

  96. I’m not so sure professional athletes of any sport have ever been “responsible citizens,” but other than that a pretty good article.

  97. America has taken a knee for the NFL and the NBA. Sports now follows the pop culture and media on the left-wing ash heap of history and is another cow that cannot be milked. Good riddance and corporate America, take note.

  98. An on point article. When you show disrespect to the anthem its an insult to ALL Americans, not just ‘the right’ or ‘the police’ or ‘the military’ or the president. These people expect us to watch and pay money and buy things from them after this display? Not a chance.

  99. Awesome column dude. Just linked back to you from a small blog called Downtrend. Loved this piece!

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  101. Re-segregate sports.
    In three years, ratings for the all-white leagues will be 50% higher than today’s mongrel leagues.
    The zoo is for watching gorillas hop around.

  102. Yup. Main point is…enjoyable pastime is NOT the place to inject politics. The NFL condones this. Bye NFL. Have fun with that. They have been way overpaid for a long time.

  103. The libs have taken the joy out of everything they touch and have corrupted our culture beyond recognition….they are the tool of evil……sports has lost its appeal to many, many Americans and it is losing fans and money like a leaky bucket…..they are exposed for the reprobates they are….sad for our nation.