Call It On—Or Call It Off?

Will America, nine months into Donald Trump’s unexpected presidency, continue to chase its tail while a nuclear Korea looms, tax and immigration reform are pending, and the country is torn apart by identity politics—or will it return to sanity?

Presumably, special investigator Robert Mueller is focused mainly on whether former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort, or ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, or members of the Trump family, or Trump himself colluded with agents of the Russian government.

Allegedly, either individually or in combination, they racketeered for money or business opportunities or for inflated honoraria—in exchange for abetting Russia’s efforts to hack information from the Clinton campaign affiliates that would vault Donald Trump to the White House.

Ostensibly, Mueller would be looking for suspicious bank deposits, sudden increases in cash spending, or any of the other tell-tale signs of quid pro quo profiteering. By extension, he would be pursuing leads that might show how such efforts actually altered the election, in a way that Barack Obama on the eve of the election—and a purportedly assured Clinton victory—suggested was impossible.

So far little seems to have turned up in nearly a year of intensive press and political probing—other perhaps than the lurid Christopher Steele/Fusion GPS file accusing Trump of criminal conspiracies along with a host of sexual perversions. But that dossier apparently was paid for by opposition candidates and even may have been purchased by the FBI. Its preposterousness and weird origins have turned attention back to the authors and financiers of this calibrated smear document.

As Mueller continues this inquiries (if the history of special counsels and investigators is any indication, the time, money, and effort expended is inversely related to the number of successful convictions), several investigations are underway on the other side of the aisle.

Unmasking the Unmaskers
The House Intelligence Committee at some point may turn over its findings to the attorney general to ascertain whether John Brennan, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and other high Obama intelligence, cabinet, and diplomatic officials were requesting covert intelligence findings on American citizens, having their names unmasked, and then leaking them to pet reporters. The Obama team’s activity apparently spiked during the 2015-2016 campaign season and may well have been directed at perceived political opponents. If ­­so, the leaking likely constituted criminal activity—and would represent a violation of government trust not seen in decades. The committee may also finally take a careful look at the Steele file to ask what exactly was the relationship between this political hit job and James Comey’s FBI—and those implications are every bit as serious as the unmasking mess.

Meanwhile, the FBI and Capitol police are scrutinizing former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her former information technology team, headed by Imran Awan and various members of his family. Imran, et. al., allegedly engaged in bank and procurement fraud, and may have been peddling classified government information.

But the greater interest is why Wasserman Schultz, to the bitter end, protected Awan—at one point nearly threatening investigators while demanding the return (without examination) of his accidently/on purpose “lost” computer that apparently contained classified information. Wasserman Schultz, remember, de facto denied the FBI initial access to the DNC server and computer hard drives (Comey’s testimony on the FBI’s initial role with the DNC is somewhat incoherent on this score) when it was learned that emails were hacked and/or leaked to Wikileaks, instead preferring to rely on a private cyber-security firm.

Stranger still, the FBI relied on such private sources, at least in part, to issue a finding that the Russians had hacked the DNC computers in order to leak the contents—an accusation hotly denied by Julian Assange of Wikileaks, the recipient of the leaked emails. Belatedly, Awan was fired by the various Democratic congressional members who used his services; yet Wasserman Schultz shielded Awan until his arrest in July. The investigation and pending prosecution of the Awans, in Churchillian terms, remain a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma—although an explosive one all the same.

Comey’s Evasions
Then we have the behavior of Comey, close friend of Robert Mueller. During and after his tenure at the head of the FBI, Comey has acted unprofessionally and perhaps criminally. We know the following so far: Comey’s FBI was not truthful when it asserted there was no electronic trail or communications at the FBI concerning the stealthy June 2016 meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton on a Phoenix airport tarmac.

Comey was not forthcoming about the Steele smear file.

He was not truthful when he said that he decided not to suggest prosecution of Hillary Clinton on security violations and other possible crimes based on his thorough investigation. We know now Comey offered that assessment before he had even interviewed Clinton or her subordinates involved in the email fiasco.

Comey was likely not truthful when he repeatedly reassured President Trump that he was not the subject of an ongoing FBI investigation while simultaneously suggesting to the public that the FBI would not disclose the status of its case—which in effect suggested that Trump was in fact the subject of a probe.

Comey acted unethically if not illegally when he took his personal notes from his meeting with Trump—likely categorized as government property—and leaked them via third parties to news organizations for the expressed purpose, as he himself put it, of “massaging the news” and thus forcing the appointment of a special investigator. The subsequent appointee Robert Mueller was a close acquaintance of Comey himself.

Mueller’s problem is that his friend Comey offers as many potentially unethical and unlawful lines of investigations as those of Manafort and Flynn, who are supposed to be his targets.

Open Questions About Hillary’s Emails
The Hillary Clinton email scandal, we know now, was never fully investigated, probably because the Obama Justice Department did not wish to imperil her chances to be elected as Obama’s successor.

As a result, the Justice Department quite improperly fobbed off to Comey the veritable tasks of being investigator, prosecutor, judge, and jury in ascertaining Clinton’s culpability—a task that an exasperated Comey apparently felt was doomed to failure. He no doubt rightly assumed that any further investigations that did not confirm a predetermined result desired by the Obama Justice Department would simply be ignored.

That is a pity. Clinton, in fact, engaged in behavior that would have sent most any other low-ranking American official to jail: using an unauthorized and unsecured server to transmit not just government matters, but classified information; lying repeatedly about her shenanigans; destroying thousands of emails under investigation on the premise that she alone had determined which were private and which not; and then “bleaching” the electronic records of such correspondence to ensure that the FBI could not check the veracity of her findings.

An outside investigator, without working for an attorney general vested in Clinton’s exemption, might have found culpability for a number of possible felonies. If Comey could rely on outsourced initial investigations into the leaks of computers at the DNC, perhaps he could have likewise contracted out the Clinton email investigations to a similarly respected cyber-security firm.

The Best Defense
In similar fashion, no government entity has investigated thoroughly the documented quid pro quo cash nexus between Hillary Clinton, her husband, Bill, and their family’s foundation. Russian colluding interests, inordinate honoraria to Bill Clinton, huge donations to the foundation, eerie government decisions such as approving sales of sizable American holdings of uranium to Russian interests—all paint a picture of low-rent grifting by the Clinton family, whose foundation was focused on offering a cash crutch for hangers-on to prep for the 2016 campaign.

What was strange about the Democratic hysteria over the Russian collusion yarn was that the Democrats apparently failed to appreciate their own, far-greater liabilities. Although the charge of Russian collusion seemed to have either little basis in fact, or, if there were some disturbing conflicts of interests, they did not seem to affect the 2016 election, it did not prevent Democrats from creating a climate of investigatory hysteria.

More specifically, under the Obama administration there was a chronic and veritable ends-justifying-the-mean suspension of normal ethical behavior, a climate intensified by Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, drawing as it did on the familiar fast-and-loose-with-the-truth culture of Clinton political operatives.

Republicans will perhaps learn that the most effective defense against the Russian collusion mania is a much greater investigatory offensive into the unethical behavior of the Clinton and Obama machines.

Only then will the country learn whether the progressive investigatory apparatus will keep calling it on—or strike a deal and finally call it off.

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About Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is an American military historian, columnist, former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. He was a professor of classics at California State University, Fresno, and is currently the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He has been a visiting professor at Hillsdale College since 2004. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush. Hanson is also a farmer (growing raisin grapes on a family farm in Selma, California) and a critic of social trends related to farming and agrarianism. He is the author most recently of The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict was Fought and Won (Basic Books).

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441 responses to “Call It On—Or Call It Off?

  • “Call It On—Or Call It Off?”

    Call It On … and somehow, somehow, figure out how to transplant a spine and testicles, and maybe just a little ‘intestinal fortitude’, into that gutless, spineless, ball-less Jeff Sessions.

    There are DOZENS of swamp critters that should publicly been arrested, and perp- and frog-marched into jail … and the 6’8″ pajama boy, aka James Comey, isn’t even in the top five.

    • Gee, it took THREE years to go from launching the Whitewater investigation to the blue dress in the closet. Vickie is just going to have to be patient. BTW: the cover up is as much of a story, and crime, as the alleged collusion.

      • Except that collusion IS NOT a crime–but what Hillary did WAS. What Comey did was. What Lerner orchestrated was. What Podesta did was. Where’s Sessions on all of this?

      • OK – so lets recap

        First – there were NO meetings with the Russians.

        Then – there were meetings but it wasn’t collusion.

        Show us the evidence you lunkheads said.

        Then, Fredo is forced by the “failing” NYTimes to publish emails concerning a meeting Fredo said never happened. The one where he was thrilled to accept information from the Russian gov’t about Clinton.

        Now? – there was collusion but it’s not illegal.

        Sounds like a solid defense, stupid. And given the fact that it’s been proven that the Orange Buffoon and his gang wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the ass – I’d say Mueller is going to be very busy the next few years.

      • Collusion is not a crime. The term ‘collusion’ has been used by the press and the President’s enemies because is sounds bad, but is, in this context, irrelevant. It is as smear tactic.

        The relevant criminal charge is conspiracy.

        In order for there to be a criminal conspiracy there has to have been a crime committed and there were multiple individuals who engaged in intentional activity that furthered the crime.

        No crime. No conspiracy.

        Mueller will be busy because it profits him and the attorneys he’s hired to be ‘busy’.

        It’s also worth noting that a ‘special counsel’ requires that evidence of a crime already exists in order to request one. Such was not the case here. Rosenstein and Mueller are, essentially, functioning outside the relevant statutes and are, in essence, involved in a criminal conspiracy of their own: abuse of authority under the color of law.

      • Call me crazy but I think it’s of passing interest to the American people if their President colluded with our #1 geopolitical enemy to throw the 2016 election.

        Don’t you, stupid?

        Your GOP led Congress seems to think it is.

      • It’s going to take what, 20 years, to make it OUR Congress. Patience grasshopper.

      • Yet, ironically, you fail to care about the Russian collusion we know about … that of the Clintons.

      • Here’s the difference, stupid – Obama was never under criminal investigation

        Bbbbut Clinton – is a solid legal defense.


      • You mean something like sending $90 billion to a terrorist supporting nation like Iran?

      • It is a perfect storm thatMsm, never trumpers and DNC are at common cause. Trump trashed their royalty in the primaries and resists the status quo.

        I doubt this alliance will support anything further without the Congress changing.

      • What amazes me is that Hanson doesn’t even mention Rosenstein’s name, yet he is the one who started the whole fiasco and what’s worse he set no limits to the investigation. He is part of the swamp and has held this country hostage. How did this 2nd level lawyer get such power?

    • This is infuriating. There’s never any accountability–unless it’s some little guy way down in the food chain. That’s not how justice is supposed to work. The Clintons belong in jail, Lois Lerner belongs in jail, Podesta belongs in jail, Wassermann Schultz belongs in jail. Comey belongs in jail. Yet justice is impotent in the face of publicly known evidence.

      • None of what you said has anything to do with the fact that there is solid evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to impact a US Presidential election. And then proceeded to try and cover it up.

        “BBbbut what about……..” won’t help you when you’re in front of a judge. Deal with it, stupid.

      • The American public should not expect to know “all” that Robert Mueller’s Team presently knows. The American Public, based on the fact that Mueller’s team executed a court sanctioned search warrant on Trump’s former campaign manager’s home, can glean, from that, that Mueller’s team had a required level of “probable cause” that evidence of a crime was present thereat.

        The American people, not privy to all that Mueller’s team knows, can know, based on Donnie Jr.’s e-mail(s) and subsequent meeting with known Russian representatives of Putin’s government, that the Trump team’s expressed and documented real enthusiasm to obtain, and the aforementioned Russian’s were equally willing to share, what documents they possessed on Hillary Clinton.

        The American public should not expect to know what Mueller’s team knows about Donald Sr.’s involvement or knowledge of that meeting, but they can know that Trump “curiously” announced a day after that (Donnie Jr/Russian) meeting that he would, in the very near future, reveal a lot of dirt on Hillary Clinton.

        The American public should not expect to know what Mueller’s team presently knows, but they should expect Mueller to complete a thorough investigation and report back to us.

      • In Wisconsin there were many early morning raids of conservatives homes. These raids ultimately led to nothing. The mere existence of a raid means nothing. Oh and if seeking opposition research is a crime you may want to know Hillary had campaign workers working with Ukrainian government officials acting in opposition to Trump

      • I don’t know what a “raid” is; I don’t know what makes a home “conservative” as opposed to “moderate” or “liberal” – LOL.
        I do know that a Federal Court issued Search Warrant, requested by one Robert Mueller, required a level of information at or above “Probable Cause”, before Federal Law Enforcement Officers entered Paul Manafort’s home.
        You are obviously ignorant on the The United States Constitution as it specifically applies to the application and legal execution of “search warrants” by law enforcement.
        And.., I’m thinking.., Mueller’s Team will not interpretate Trump/Russian Collusion as merely “opposition research” as you do _ LMFAO!.
        Too fukcin funny!

      • So are you Sir. (Mr.Danny Alt) I gather you have not researched the details of the Search have you? The warrant was obtained there in D.C. from a Grand Jury Judge. As we all know the level of scrutiny afforded by Grand Juries is EXTREMELY low to obtain what the prosecutor wants to do. The FBI executed a Pre-Dawn raid by PICKING the lock of an known occupied private Home with Guns drawn why? As far as your ignorant statement concerning occupants of the Home…the FBI knew that Manafort lived there thus making it a Conservative household. This was PURE Intimidation Tactics performed by the Neo-Nazi Gestapo(FBI). If you are a Lawyer you may want to sue to have your Tuition refunded and if you’re an FBI agent it’s no wonder the FBI is a LAUGHING stock and if you’re a former Wilmer/Hale partner you better make sure those liability policies you acquired are up to date…..LMFAO!

      • So.., what you glean from the known facts is.., Manfort was targeted by Mueller because he is a “Conservative”.., not because there is good reason to believe he is in huge debt to Russian Oligarchs.., and possibly a Russian Agent.
        Really.., that is what you intellectually deduce from the events known !

        BTW: “what we ‘all’ know” is not applicable when you claim to know something that is not a proven fact. We can’t “all” know speculation.

        For example: There is no Judge in a Grand Jury Room;
        a grand jury does not issue a Search Warrant;
        a Federal Search Warrant is issued by a Federal Judge;
        and a Search Warrant such as that one (“no knock”), in a well known case such as this, would be approved by a Federal Judge, only after great scrutiny and considerable circumspection – your cynicism and speculation notwithstanding.

      • I gather you’ve never been in a Federal, State or Local Grand Jury have you. Grand Juries listen to the Prosecutor give his/her reasons for a search warrant. They approve/disapprove. The Presiding Judge then issues the Warrant. Presiding means “to be in a position of authority in a meeting or gathering.” “Great scrutiny and circumspection” is Subjective at best. You are correct about one thing, I am a true Cynic. I became that way after my tours in Vietnam.

      • Ha, ha! You are too, too funny.
        No.., I have never been “on” – or as you curiously say, “in” – a Grand Jury.

        My experience is limited to approximately 200 appearances before a State and/or Federal Grand Juries – as an Investigator/Witness.

        It is further limited to dozens of occasions of careful preparations for a Search Warrant, the application to the Court (a Judge) for the Search Warrant.., and the reurning to The Court ( a Judge) of an executed “Search Warrant”. The items listed, sought and recovered being of particular interest to the Original Approving Court (a Judge).
        So.., I have difficulty conceding to your, not specifically declared, yet (nevertheless), inferred experience “in” ( as opposed to serving “on”) a Grand Jury – LMFAO!
        As to your cynicism being attributed to your two (2) tours “in country”, it seems to me that the cynicism incurred in my minimal 1 year in country (69/70), combined with the subsequent necesarry 15 months at Walter Reed Army Hospital (70/71), should come near the level of your cynicism – it does not.
        Going a bit further, it seems to me the cynicism incurred, based on your 2 year template, incurred by John McCain’s considerably more time “In Country” (up north at the Hanoi Hilton Hotel), should seemingly exceed your cynicism. But.., it doesn’t.
        So.., try another explanation.., try it with someone else.
        And try inferring your being “in” a Grand Jury”and try that with someone else – as well.

      • Oh boy, my statement must have hit a nerve. Sorry about that, I didn’t want you to get so upset. Hell, I’m a redneck, you say Tomatoes, I say tomaters. I was just enjoying our discourse. I want to thank you for your dedication to OUR Country it is well Earned and Appreciated….this sentiment is Heart Felt Sir. I do enjoy this; very much, but if it’s okay with you may we please not discuss Sen. McCain. God and history will judge Mr. McCain as will all of us.

        With that said……Let me have it!…..I think I’m ready.

      • Ignorant? You don’t know anything that doesn’t serve your cause. Try googling “chisholm wisconsin raids” if you care to learn.

      • Those “raids” were carried out in 2015, by a prosecutor who was not Mueller. Please try and stay on point and relevant.

      • Former FBI Director Comey had the facts on Crooked Hillary but, after Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch on her private plane, Loretta ordered Comey to refer to Crooked Hillary’s criminal investigation as a “matter” and Comey folded like a cheap suit!

        Comey deliberately leaked government information to someone outside the Department of Justice in order to prompt a Special Counsel. He knew his good friend Mueller would be appointed!

        Mueller and Comey bungled the Anthrax case together!

        Mueller has formed a team of attorneys to investigate our President! His team consists of former Hillary attorneys and supporters! They aren’t investigators—-they are prosecutors!

      • So.., first things first.., nothing in your comment attempts to rebut, or comes close to rebut or (in-fact) rebuts anything I stated in my previous post.
        That being said, as to your intended deflection away from my points.., Comey did leak, seemingly against DOJ rules, not against any law, information to the press in order to trigger a Special Counsel. That fact does not change anything the Trump Team did or did not do with The Russians. And it is not against any law.
        Mueller has indeed formed a team consisting of some former Hillary supporters. Trump supported Hillary himself on numerous occasions, so did most his cabinet at one time or another. Nevertheless, that does not change anything Trump, Trump’s team, did with the Russians during the 2016 Presidential Election. It does not change Trump’s efforts to obstruct the investigation.
        Mueller, notwithstanding your view, and notwithstanding the view of others – like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh, is well known for his integrity, while Trump’s reputation for integrity, notwithstanding the view of the aforementioned – to include yourself, is extremely poor.
        If Comey, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch broke the law, and there is evidence beyond your speculation as to what was said between them, well then of course they should be prosecuted.
        Meanwhile, Mueller’s outstanding legal team of Prosecutors/Investigators (what ever you choose to call them) will proceed on, hopefully to a successful conclusion.
        I would suggest Trump stop burning bridges (Congressional Republicans) before he crosses them (before possible impeachment proceedings), he will need all the allies he can get when that comes around.

      • All of what you have stated proves nothing. we DO have PROOF that Hillary smashed and deleted email AGAINST a Federal Subpoena. We do have PROOF that COMEY never had any intention of investigating Hillary Clinton even though he listed a laundry list of crimes.

        If you have an actual point–make it.

      • Indeed I did make my point.
        But, it is likely that you will never accept any point, particularly valid points, delineating Mueller’s well earned and well known reputation for “integrity” vs. Trump’s reputation for the opposite of “integrity”.
        As to Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. I [do] believe Hillary should have been held legally accountable for the destruction of those e-mails – particularly the post subpoena e-mails. Just as I believed she should have been held legally accountable for the destruction of The Rose Law Firm’s files related to the Madison Guarantee Savings and Loan failure (Whitewater Investigation). Destruction of evidence being a modus operandi learned in her days investigating Nixon in 1973/74.
        However, I am not privy to the level of prosecutorial information/evidence the FBI secured in the Clinton e-mail matter, specifically to Hillary’s personal culpability – Information or Evidence leading to a likely conviction of Hillary. Did some one state to investigators that they witnessed, what you stated occurred, “Hillary smashed and deleted…”
        Having decades of professional experience in such matters, I know, to justly proceed toward an indictment, a [necessary] level of information/evidence is required. Information/evidence sufficient enough to likely assure a criminal conviction, particularlly if the perp is a presidential candidate.
        I do not like, never did like, Bill or Hillary Clinton. In my view he (a perjurer) should have been walked out the door.., and she is a Career Un-Indicted Criminal. But, I have good reason to accept, understand, and most importantly, trust the integrity of Comey’s decision not to prosecute Hillary.
        On the other hand, I disagree with his decision to publicly state her alleged wrong doings (what you refer to as her “laundry list of crimes”). Alleged wrong doings explained by Comey during the Press Conference announcing the “No Indictment” decision. Most importantly because he was not going to indict – that was not professionally appropriate.
        As to your assumption.., because that’s what it is – an assumption, it is not a fact.., that Comey never intended to prosecute, that is simply without any known foundation.
        Simply because Comey initiated a “No Indictment” draft weeks before the investigation conclusion, a not uncommon prosecutor’s step in such cases, does not go to his initial “intention” – as you only desire to assume.
        Seemingly, your argument, and the argument put forth by Trump followers, is that Hillary was not indicted – so Trump should not be investigated.
        Most Americans rightly believe that O.J. Simpson got away with murder, that does not mean every other ex-husband that kills his wife and another should not be convicted because O.J. (just like Hillary) got away with it. That is a very weak argument, seemingly the only argument, in support of Trump.
        Once again.., I have made my “actual point”!

      • You type a lot of rhetorical stuff but short on facts
        Empty barrels make a lot of noise.

      • Ugh… no you did not make your point. You assume facts not in evidence. You assume you know what I think you don’t.

        My lifelong position is that is if you break the law and the punishment is going to jail, then so be. These are the laws everyone else lives under.

        I have no issue with Trump being investigated whatsoever. What I do have an issue with is a bogus dossier used as a trip wire into investigations. I have a problem with Comey leaking that info to a friend once he was fired. If there was something Trump did that was illegal, I would expect him to be prosecuted and that would be addressed through legal channels. To deny this is a political witch hunt is to be heavily invested in the denial of facts.

        If Mueller had any integrity, for which you hold in high regards as do I, he should have removed himself from the investigation, as a long time close personal friend of Comey. That is a glaring conflict of interest. Where is your concern there ? I am a factual person…. FACT : Comey had no intention of investigating Hillary. It is not without foundation…. He had a laundry list of specific laws she broke….key witness were never interviewed, Hillary’s “interview” not recorded…..destruction of GOV property under subpoena, as Giuliani stated he would be able to easily convict her on several counts. One conviction would land her in jail. There is a young man sitting in Levenworth for a YEAR for taking a picture of the interior of sub, which the details of this sub are on line for all to see– but MILITARY law states you can not do that and the punishment is jail. So that is where he sits.

        18 U.S. Code § 798 – Disclosure of classified information

        (a) Whoever knowingly and willfully communicates, furnishes, transmits, or otherwise makes available to an unauthorized person, or publishes, or uses in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign government to the detriment of the United States any classified information—

        (a) Whoever knowingly and willfully communicates, furnishes, transmits, or otherwise makes available to an unauthorized person, or publishes, or uses in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign government to the detriment of the United States any classified information—
        (1) concerning the nature, preparation, or use of any code, cipher, or cryptographic system of the United States or any foreign government; or
        (2) concerning the design, construction, use, maintenance, or repair of any device, apparatus, or appliance used or prepared or planned for use by the United States or any foreign government for cryptographic or communication intelligence purposes; or
        (3) concerning the communication intelligence activities of the United States or any foreign government; or
        (4) obtained by the processes of communication intelligence from the communications of any foreign government, knowing the same to have been obtained by such processes—

        Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

        It does not say MIGHT be fined or imprisoned.

        “Most Americans rightly believe that O.J. Simpson got away with murder, that does not mean every other ex-husband that kills his wife and another should not be convicted because O.J. (just like Hillary) got away with it. That is a very weak argument, seemingly the only argument, in support of Trump.”

        This is irrelevant….and to be honest a dumb example.. whether one likes the outcome of that trial or not. He was arrested, tried was found not guilty by a jury by a COURT OF LAW. Full disclosure I sat in on 3 days of that case. He did go through the legal process and he did not get his arrest kicked for “lack of evidence”.

        Arrest Hillary, allow the legal progress to go forward and if a jury deems her not guilty so be it.

      • Very funny, you specifically criticize me for assuming “facts not in evidence”, a term you likely overheard in your vast 3 day experience sitting in on The O.J. Trial – albeit ill suited for this discourse.
        Then you go and assume “facts” yourself not publicly known (a more accurate description suited for this discussion), a discussion specifically taking place outside Judge Ito’s courtroom:
        It is “not”, I repeat, “not” a known “fact” that the “dossier”, to which you refer to as “bogus”, contains no separately corroborated “facts”. Unless you are on the investigative team, read the dossier, compared it to facts known by the Investigative team, your’s is merely an assumption”.

        It is “not” a publicly known fact that the “dossier” was simultaneously “bogus” at the same time it was the “trip wire” to the Russian Investigation – whatever “trip wire means”. Unless you are the Investigative team, your’s is (once again) an assumption.

        Then you assume a complete and utter lack of integrity on Mueller’s character, you assume since Comey was Mueller’s boss years ago, that Mueller by graciously accepting a historically significant position as Special Council to The Deputy AG, during a significantly historic occasion, the occasion of the unprecedented Russian meddling into an American Presidential Election, you assume Mueller would [then] become dishonest and persecute Trump, merely to aid a former boss and fellow F.B.I. agent. When you state, as you did state, “If Mueller had any integrity”, you are saying he has no integrity, no integrity at all. Curiously you then disagree with yourself by saying you hold Mueller” in “high regards [sic]”. You hold someone with no integrity in high regard, if I did not no better, I would assume you hold Trump in high regard as well – LOL

        So.., now that we know that you really don’t know whether or not there is “no separately corroborated facts” in that “dossier”..,
        and in that we really don’t know that the “dossier was the “trip wire” (your term)..,
        and given your conveinant assumptions about Mueller’s integrity,
        those assumptions being the only concerns you had regarding the investigation of Trump, we can now agree that we no longer have an “issue with Trump being investigated whatsoever”.

        There is something else we can agree upon. Not withstanding Trump’s November 22nd 2016 statement about not wanting to investigate Hillary, when he said the following..,
        “I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t,” “She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways, and I am not looking to hurt them at all. The campaign was vicious.”..,
        I, like you, “have no issue with” Jeff Sessions, Trump’s appointee, investigating Hillary.
        I wonder why doesn’t do it !

        PS Regarding your previous post, that too containing your assumptions in place of facts.
        Why did you not provide proof of Hillary personally smashing computers and proof “Comey actually never had any intention of investigating Hillary”.
        I’m sure your legal background, 3 days with Judge Ito, empowers you with the particualr knowledge that proof – of both those assumptions – would be required before entering them into evidence.

      • Dan, Dan, Dan… You have a very bad habit of making judgment calls on matters where you have zero facts. Your assumption rate is high and your common sense is immeasurable.

        First off I was a paralegal for 8 years… so I am very familiar with the rule of law, procedures and authorities, rules of evidence and subsequent court proceedings. So once again your assumption is incorrect. You were the one that linked the OJ trial which as I stated is irrelevant.

        A jury can only make a determination on EVIDENCE they are presented. In the OJ trial, viewers had more facts than the jury did.

        Yes, the so called dossier was a bs maneuver and politically motivated. If evidence is presented as a part of criminal investigation, that information would, by law have to vetted for accuracy. What we know about the dossier is that it was it was a batch of short reports produced between June and December 2016 by Orbis Business Intelligence. it was published online by the US website BuzzFeed, just ten days before Trump’s inauguration. ( Politically motivated ) The most attention was paid to the first report, which conveyed salacious claims about Trump consorting with prostitutes in Moscow in 2013. Why not ?? well because sex sells….even though this was proven to be utterly false.

        Why would Orbit publish a “fact” that was so easily disproved. ? News editors across the country stated the report was “unverified” and “unsubstantiated”. Why ? It never happened. Operatives are trying their damndest to prove collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.

        The so-called Steele dossier is not a dossier at all. A dossier suggests a summary or case history. Mr. Steele’s product is not a report delivered with a bow at the end of an investigation. Fusion GPS commissioned the Steele dossier. Fusion GPS is a hired gun for -profit company that provides opposition research to whoever could write the big checks. Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson’s were working on behalf of the Russian government to overturn the Magnitsky Act,” He was asked who PAID for the report…..Glen Simpson, refused to testify before the committee, asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. John McCain ( Never Trumper) went to retrieve the so called report and turned it over to the FBI.

        As far as Mueller is concerned—there is a rule and that rule is, if there is even the “appearance” of a conflict of interest, one should step away. Here there is a blatent obvious conflict…Mueller was not just his boss, they are good friends, and have been for decades. Mueller’s failure to step away is a lack of integrity. I mean how cool is this ? Your best friend for decades is doing the investigation that involves YOU… use your head. Are you telling me there was no other person in the Unites States that did not have direct ties to Comey for this matter ? Really ? All the talk of Comey being a straight up guy and boy scout turned out not to be true.

        Faaaaaaaack lol Russian meddling.. don’t make me laugh. But it was interesting as Obama was in “Palestine” lobbying against Bibi during that election—hint Bibi won..—but was also was in Kenya meddling in that election that cost 1000 people their lives. John McCain went there as well uninvited and was kicked out of the country in 24 hours.

        Your musing are just insane rambling. You lack clarity and comprehension. I stated I VALUE integrity and I do not see that Mueller is acting with integrity. I do not hold him in high regard—where in the hell did you get that ? Oh yeah more made up Chit.

        I respect President Trump as my President. I voted for him I am thrilled he won.

        That statement regarding Hillary I think was the wrong thing to say… I do not give a red rats ass what she has been through she broke the law and must be brought to justice. That is not his call to make to make in my opinion.

        And finally….
        Clinton destroying phones and computers—

        This is a KNOWN fact:

        Try being intellectually honest for a change.

      • I will avoid commenting on your stated 8 years as a paralegal, particularly as it compares with my decades of very relevant legal/investigative experience.
        You stated:
        “Mueller was not just his boss, they are good friends, and have been for decades. Mueller’s failure to step away is a lack of integrity. I mean how cool is this ? Your best friend for decades is doing the investigation that involves YOU… use your head.”

        First off, Comey was Mueller’s boss. Comey as The Deputy AG (2nd in command at The DOJ).., and Mueller was the lower ranking Director of The FBI, not the other way around as you incorrectly claim.

        Secondly, according to “Fact Check”, easily found @ .., copied and pasted below for your convenience:

        “Claim: Fired FBI Director James Comey and Special Counsel Bob Mueller are “best friends” which presents a conflict of interest in the Russia investigation.”

        “Claimed by: Breitbart”

        “Fact check by MOSTLY FALSE”

        “WHAT’S TRUE”

        “Comey and Mueller are former Department of Justice “colleagues”, and they have a work-related friendship.”

        So.., notwithstanding the above “Fact Check”, I’m sure you will merely label it as liberal propaganda.
        Do you believe that The Deputy AG, appointed by Sessions and Trump, before appointing Mueller to the Special Counsel’s post, knowing that part of Mueller’s mandate would be to investigate the firing of FBI Director Comey, as that firing might relate to possible Obstruction of Justice..,, actually knew the two men had been “Best Friends for decades”.., nevertheless made the misguided appointment.., or does The Deputy AG still not know what you and Breitbart claim to “know”?
        It’s kinda like most Trump Loyalist’s seemingly “know” that Mueller’s team got nothing to date (“a nothing burger”) and he should [accordingly] just end the investigation (or “witch hunt”).
        I guess that depends on the definition of “to know” – LOL!
        Trump loyalists of 2017 are acting exactly like the Bill Clinton loyalist’s of the mid-90’s. Just like your attacks on Mueller, they continuously and falsely attacked Ken Starr for similar false conflict of interest accusations, thereby imputing his integrity.

      • Sweet Jesus…. I do not care what you ” refrain” commenting on…you have no idea what I do for a living now I was referring to understanding the legal process. Hint- it requires security clearance. You have been wrong on many points and I do not want to making correcting you a full time job. I lay down serious debate as to your comment “my decades of very relevant legal/investigative experience” if this was even remotely true- you would understand the appearance of a conflict of interest, coupled with Comey leaking information and trying to manipulate a Special Prosecutor in ADDITION to the slip shod have baked crap Comey tried to pass off as an investigation. Brighter legal minds then you possess agree with this simple fact.

        Comey STATED there were good personal friends and had been for years. This is not the first time Comey has leaned on Mueller to get him out of a pickle. Take up your BS with Comey.
        Think whatever you want to— I do not care… most people see exactly what is going on — if you want to continues to play stupid or make excuses. ? suit your self. Trump is my President that does not make me a ” loyalist” for crying out loud. The so called comment regarding Mueller which you see as an attack is mere OBSERVATION combined with FACTS. We are DONE here.

      • The point is: after a year there is still zero evidence the trump team committed a crime.
        It’s a witch hunt!

      • Curiously, you can’t or at least have not intellectually identified and dismantled my “rhetorical stuff.
        And please excuse me for asking, but:
        “What makes you think that Mueller’s team would tell “Paul” what evidence they have or don’t have – LMFAO!

      • Danny Alt,
        You read like Hillary Clinton.
        Zero evidence typing rhetorical comments.
        Maybe you could write a book titled “I’m miserable and have no life” so I live in the blogs and play magical thinking land!

      • Remind me again on how you come to “know” for a fact that Mueller’s team has obtained [to date] absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing by anyone on the Trump team. And saying there has been no leak attesting to the evidence obtained, is not a fact of “zero evidence” having been obtained by Mueller’s team. You do understand that they know more than you.., don’t you?

      • And it is not against any law.

        Keeping government documents, made on FBI equipment on FBI time, after leaving the FBI, certainly is.

      • If your “assumption” regarding the law to which you – without specificity – refer is accurate, two (2) things would be easy to accomplish and would conclusively corroborate your “assumption”.

        1) You can post the specific Federal Law violated, by Comey, on this thread.
        2) The AG, or his assistant, should indict Comey on the law violated.

        Absent those two (2) actions, I will continue to know that only DOJ Employee Policy was possibly broken by Comey.

      • 1. How much are you paying for these research services?
        2. Your “I will continue to know” are not the words of an honest man.
        3. They are also silly. If (2), do you really need (1)?

      • Probable cause was a standard for FISA too. We see how that worked.

        But a day after he had no dirt from the meeting and all was known, or not.

        Your innuendo does not meet the probable cause requirement in any court of jurisdiction.
        He has the ability to ask for and indictment on any charge and can continue the investigation for other counts or charges. This can be used to Impeach Trump and have a Senate trial.
        Mueller cannot indict a sitting president and this is ridiculous. Unless of course, they are investigating Clinton and Obama and surrogates for their crimes, but is that in scope. Comey is definitely a candidate for scrutiny, but Muellers personal and professional relationship are in question.

        Mueller needs to piss or get off the pot.

      • First, we are not talking about FISA or The New York Yankees for that matter. Try and focus on the conversation at hand.
        Second, I don’t know what you are referencing in your 2nd vague sentence about “he”, “dirt, and “the meeting”.
        Third, where is the “innuendo” of which you allude to.
        Fourth, well.., you know what.., just forget it, you don’t have a clue of what you speak.., and you can’t articulate your clueless thoughts either.
        Can’t waste my time.
        We’re done.

      • you referenced Manafort warrant met probable cause requirement. I compared it to the same requirement in the FISA warrants which question issues surrounding creating an acceptable probable cause It is being questioned by attorneys whether the warrant timing and subsequent search were intimidation and potential witness threatening.

        You referenced Jr. meeting and Trump stating dirt on HRC one day later. Are you aware of any detail or specificity to support the remark and any real association to the meeting? That is the innuendo reference.

        Mueller has a reputation for integrity but most agree he is not the right person due to conflict of interest with his professiona and personal relationship with Comey. I would say his integrity is impeached in this matter for that as well as other team building concerns.

        Finally, he, as the point of this article asks, should decide to present some indictable offense to start consideration for impeachment. If he has no indictable information then he should wrap up this investigation.

        Finally, try not to be an @ss. Pride is ok but vanity and bloated self importance is not.

      • While I reiterate my previous closing point in my previous response to to you, to wit: talking to you is a waste of my time.
        It kinda meant further discussion was of no real value.
        However, please forgive my rudeness and allow me to better explain my reason.
        Unfortunately, you have displayed an ignorance of the law, as exampled by your attempt to compare a FISA Warrant, an historically new and controversial intrusion into an “unknowing” citizens life and private affairs, and the historically old, significantly less controversial Search Warrant of a subject’s home with the knowledge of the searched citizen – a copy of the warrant being provided.
        I am better able to not be an “@ss” when I don’t have to explain simple law to the rigidly ignorant of the law. I
        don’t tell you how to flavor your food, do I “Pepper”.

      • Both require a probable cause to get a judge to approve was my point . Both are in the contemporary political time frame have been challenged for the manipulation to get approved. Whether you inform or not, has no bearing on the method of using or abusing the process.
        Please do not deign to waste any more of your most valuable time as your charity is most humbly appreciated.

      • We should know more than we do. After all , it is our Country not exclusively his. Unfortunately, Government , and those that run it , rely on a secretiveness of Government and truly despise transparency. Or are we an oligarchy?

      • We will all know in good time. My money is on The Marine awarded the Bronze Star w/the “V” device.

      • You think that is new? God bless you and of your challenged family. Are you really thinking that Trump is a religious zealot? Secretive government, thats what you are concerned about? How about a government agency, the FBi, that refuses to turn over documents that have been subpeoned ?

      • It is no secret that Manafort had some shady ties to the Russians, and once those came out he was fired. That does not mean Trump or anyone else is guilty of a crime, it doesnt even mean Manafort is guilty of a crime. It is funny that the leakiest investigation in US history cannot come up with one solid link to collusion.

      • Who said they were shady ? Business with Russia is not a crime unless there are sanctions that are violated.

      • Indeed.., Manafort’s shaddy relationship with the Russians is now well know.
        But, it is not true that he was fired when it “came out”.
        It’s not true because Trump and our Intelligence Agencies, the same agencies that brief Trump daily, knew about that relationship way before “it came out” to the public.
        Manafort was fired because the public found out. It could and likely will be argued that Manafort’s Russian ties was the reason for his being hired by Trump, himself a landlord to an inordinate number of Russian Oligarchs in NYC’s Trump Tower.
        Whether or not Manafort or Trump is conclusively guilty of a crime will ultimately be revealed when Mueller concludes his investigation and releases the report.
        And you should know that presently the vast majority of leaks are coming from the “White House”.
        And just because Eric is not aware of any criminal activity discovered by Mueller’s all stars, does not mean there was no criminal activity discovered or no criminal activity to be discovered.., and it is silly for you to assume otherwise.

      • That is a judgement call, I assume nothing, you assume everything. You assume Trump has committed crimes with no evidence whatsoever, The leakiest investigation in the history of the nation. It is not that I am unaware of the investigation, it is that so far it has produced about no results. There are none so far. And I do bliieve there will be no convictions on this, because you have to prove that a crime occurred; I despise Trump. But most of the people who are denigrate him are the worst of the worst in our nation.

      • Kindly prove your statement about me,
        “You assume Trump has committed crimes with no evidence whatsoever”.

        You can very easily prove your above statement by copying and pasting my past statement, a past statement that should clearly display that particular assumption on my part.

        Then kindly prove how you come to know “all” that Mueller’s team knows.
        And please don’t simply say that you know there is no evidence [to date] because the existence of such evidence has not been leaked. That would be a silly way to conclude there is no evidence in Mueller’s file.

      • Oh shucks !
        Thank you, but I don’t deserve the praise.
        However.., I will take your “substantive-less” remark to mean you are in agreement with my comments.

      • You’re too kind Danny Alt.
        I enjoy giving “substantive-less” praise to narcissists who think they have all the answers to the world’s ill and especially ones who can’t spell.

      • You must have been fun at parties during Whitewater/Monicagate. Aside from which so many statements of fact are wrong in your post, that I can’t decide whether it’s a waste of time to correct you.

      • I have read no fewer than 20 books on Bill Clinton and Whitewater, including the entire Wall St Journal Book series on the subject. I did not vote for Bill Clinton (2X).., I wrote numerous letters to my congressman and senators advocating his impeachment.
        So.., I don’t quite understand your “assumption” regarding that subject. But.., I fully understand the basis of your indecision as to whether or not you could successfully delineate my wrong statements of fact. By all means don’t waste your time – LOL!

      • Evidence?

        Goldstone: “We have information from the Crown prosecutor of Moscow (about Clinton) that would be very useful to your father.”

        Goldstone:”This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

        Fredo: “Love it!!!”

        Attending the meeting was a Kremlin connected lawyer, a known Russian intelligence operative and someone under investigation for money laundering for Russian oligarchs.

        Oh yeah, Kushner and Manafort too.

        Oh, and then Fredo said “What meeting???”. And only when confronted by the “failing” NYTimes does he release the emails and fess up.

        Oh, and then the Orange Buffoon overrules his advisors and dictates a lie for Fredo to release.

        Because, y’know, any father would tell his son to lie when confronted with a federal probe.
        Yup……what evidence?

      • OK Sherlock, now let’s see if you show as much veracity in connecting the criminal dots with regards to the Obama/Clinton crime rings? Or are you simply a lo-info tool spewing talking points provided by your handlers?

      • We’re not talking about the Obama/Clinton crime ring, idiot.

      • Haha! Baby Hughie, everything you say is just Hillaryous!
        I got an idea, how bout next time your side gets it’s grubby hands on power, you pass an entitlement that gives all you leftists a lifetime supply of adult diapers. That way you won’t have to wet and mess all over your pant suits and skirts the next time you lose. Trumps smarter than you.

      • another inteligent response. Are you this brave in the local pub? at work? The smugness, betrays your false bravado.

      • Funny.. you seem to have no issue with the quid pro quo deal Hillary ACTUALLY had with the Russians that resulted in cash in her accounts.

        Try not to be such a useless tool…

      • No, no, Hughie. No evidence of any crime. No evidence that Goldstone was correct. No evidence of lying to a federal probe. In short, no evidence.

        Fodder for rubes only.

      • Yeah, I guess he wasn’t specific.
        Does anyone have evidence of a crime by Trump or even his campaign? You know, something the Democrats might actually be able to use?
        And you might want to pipe down about the problems with her firm, since the DNC used them heavily.

      • and Mueller is secretly waiting to deliver it to the Congress after the 2018/2020/2022 elections?

      • How about some evidence that is not innuendo but actually something real?

      • Are you F*&%$#G kidding me? The evidence has been coming out non stop since inauguration. Try reading CNN, New York Times, and even the WSJ.

        Non stop lies about non stop meetings with Russians (notice no other countries?), off the books money paid to Manafort, secret deals to ease sanctions, the list is long and easily knowable.

      • What evidence supports a crime? Innuendo and smear are not investigative reporting. The journalists today are twitter investigators. I feel confident that nothing presented in the MSM is indicating a criminal offense, or an indictment would be issued.

        I do not consider bankrupting people with legal fees a prudent use of the justice system.

      • I stopped reading at your cited fake news source
        Ty. It saved me the time of reading falsehoods.

      • That is the point there is no evidence, nor indictment,
        The sped prosecutor needs to proffer charges or GFO.

        Asking to prove a negative is not logical. Prove there is a crime is the appropriate action.

      • Obama already used Fusion GPS to create dirt and carelessly slander key Romney donors in the run-up to the 2012 election. As it proved successful in freezing Romney donations during a critical time in the election Big O and his handlers were clearly open to further scandal creation by the money grubbing low life’s at Fusion GPS. The dossier would have never been taken seriously by the FBI without direction from above (though both the FBI and the CIA were clearly politicized during O’s 8 years anyway). And the dossier was never really taken seriously by anyone until the need to reverse the effects of the election required a catalyst. As for Steele, since his retirement from MI6 he has made a good living playing fast and loose with Russian connections (who will offer all sorts of misinformation for a few pounds sterling). Interestingly enough, two Russian businessmen also slandered in the dossier are suing Steele, Buzzfeed, etc. This is a complication for the dossier faithful. The fact is that the dossier’s creators (Steele included) never intended for it to have the present level of scrutiny. Why are they all so scared now? Why don’t they want to reveal more details? Do they think there lives are in danger from Trump? NO, their personal dangers are two fold. 1) People who could testify against either Obama or the Clintons do not die of old age, and 2) Their are all kinds of broken laws that not only involve the dossier participants but more especially previous administration officials whose life and legacies could come unraveled if all the facts were known. It is a desperate time for the recent status quo and the present hysteria reflects the level of fear that resides in certain quarters who were banking on Hillary for cover.

      • MSM hysteria about the subject does not constitute evidence…and have you noticed that this noise is fading into the background? It was never more than a smokescreen to cover O’s and H’s illegal shenanigans. Since those who manage the tools of vote manipulation were asleep at the switch (certain of a Hillary landslide as a result of reading their own tea leaves and the MSM biased polls) Trump slipped in to upset their apple-cart and the “Russian Collusion” was Coup Plan B. .

      • There is evidence that the Russian collusion story got its beginning among Hillary staffers a couple of days after the election.

      • I get that the Hillary people seized on this as a pretext for the loss but it was actually Obama who orchestrated the Fusion GPS dossier long before that as a sort of insurance policy to protect his legacy in case Trump looked like he might win…which, b/c of the polls and lib smugness it did not appear he would win. So O then pressured the FBI to take the dossier seriously such that they were even willing to pay for it until wisdom prevailed. None the less, Obama saw that they got paid through a secret slush fund. This is why the CEO of Fusion GPS refuses to talk about it (fears for his life as well as a few other people in the know). Also Clapper and the CIA were in on it. Hillary was just a stooge for them.

      • Nonsense, Hughie. And it’s anonymous hearsay published by the leftmedia as fodder for rubes that won’t stand up in court.

      • There is not any evidence of Russian anything with Trump. If there was, you would have seen it. Trump can’t even have a private phone conversation with another world leader without you getting a transcript. The only Russia collusion was with Shrillary, Ian Telfer, uranium one, and Koskovo.

      • There is no obstruction!

        There is no collusion!

        There is no evidence!

        President Trump stands behind what’s good for America and we should stand behind him!

      • Kool-Aid Drinking at its finest. Donald trump is, in fact, a self-admitted serial sexual predator, an admitted con man (the settlement of the Trump”University” lawsuit), a multiple bankrupt, and a thoroughgoing racist.

      • All of this is really just a way to slow down Trumps agenda. I’ll give dems credit. It was the only play they had. New politics = Bring someone under investigation, slow them down, and what a chance for oppo research. Maybe you’ll get a look at those taxes? It’s all a farce. How many ppl on Mueller’s team are Clinton Donors? It also works as a great cover up for democrat misdoings. I digress, you’ve already stated you’re to closed minded to see that.
        Eat more spinach.

      • WHere is the evidence? YOu dont have any evidence, and the most serious accusations in the media are based upon anonymous sources. You do know what anonymous means, right? That is even the media who reported these stories dont even know who the source is. Look I dont even like Trump but even I can see this whole thing is nothing but a ruse. If there is evidence bring it out, I have no problem with prosecuting anyone who has committed a crime.

      • Bwaahaaa! “Evidence”? You’re either delusional or just a moron. Or both

      • Sorry dude but anonymous sourced yellow journalism hardly constitutes proof of anything other than, well, anonymous sourced yellow jourslism.

      • We are now a nation ruled by anarcho-tyranny. The bigs can do anything they want, and the little guy will get imprisoned for jaywalking.

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      • Trump belongs in jail, Jr. belongs in jail, Manafort, Page, Flynn, Cohen and Stone all belong in jail….

      • Little good sense and a lot of lunacy is displayed in the comment section of “American Greatness” Finally a little good sense

      • Amen! Why does our judicial system allow the so-called “elites” to commit crimes and not suffer penalties?

        Just like Crooked Hillary—They think only the little people should be forced to obey the laws!

        Lock them up!

        America First!

      • A fake press and a liberal left wing base in the DC bureaucracy allow this trend.

        It was not just education that was being corrupted and transformed. our democracy was being diluted by a generation a government welfare drones with a left wing self loathing.

        as an aside, look for the movie “Idiocracy”, and you will se where the left is taking us. It is funny.

      • Idiocracy is a documentary. “This goes in your mouth and this in your bütt. No, wait…”

      • I keep hoping for some accountability and I keep buying lottery tickets … and I believe I might hit the bazillion dollar jackpot before there’s any accountability.

    • sessions would rather let cops steal from citizens via asset forfeiture

      sessions is a swamp creature

    • Maybe the CIA has a way to give Mr. Sessions and relatively slow terminal disease and he can the be convinced to throw himself on a grenade and spill the dirt on the Dems with the knowledge that the Dems will spill the dirt on the Repubs. At this point, as a Republican, I just want the swamp drained. We can build a new better Republican party once this is over and American people have the proper distrust of politicians in general.

      Maybe Mr. McCain, who probably does have a terminal disease, could act as his surrogate.

      • “Maybe the CIA …” Nope, they were neutered, literally, decades ago.

        “… I just want the swamp drained.” You and 63,000,000 other Americans.

        “Maybe Mr. McCain … could act as his surrogate.” America should be so lucky.

      • Well, as a thought exercise only, it’s unclear to me that that would actually be a “sad” event.

  • “Mueller’s problem is that his friend Comey offers as many potentially unethical and unlawful lines of investigations as those of Manafort and Flynn, who are supposed to be his targets.”

    The dirty cop aspect is the scariest part. Mueller’s primary role is to protect the administrative state and its enforcers from criminal prosecution for the many felonies committed to subvert American democracy. The Steele/Fusion dossier, for example, is little more than a modern “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” manufactured by imperial secret police and widely believed although it is an obvious fraud. The United States has been reduced to a banana empire with little moral authority. Can Trump save the nation? To do so, he must make certain Hillary Clinton and James Comey, among others, are prosecuted and die in prison. It’s the country’s last days unless that happens.

    • Yeah – you run with the “blame the cop” defense. Very OJ of you.

    • First of all, Meuller and Comey weren’t “friends.” They were professional colleagues who worked for a time at the same office. Second, the dossier has not been shown to be an “obvious fraud.” Nothing of the sort. A few minor facts in the dossier were proven to be incorrect, but several facts in the dossier were proven to be accurate. And many remain unproven either way. It is clear that those behind the Dossier have absolutely no problem with the evidence behind the allegations being made public and are eager to answer questions on it. If the document were an “obvious fraud” do you think they’d be so happy to do that, under oath no less?

      • The FBI will not admit it paid for what sane people now recognize as a forgery, and even has ignored subpoenas. All you need to know is the Deep State doesn’t want to admit involvement in this police state activity. There will be prosecutions of D.C.’s finest.

        Mueller and Comey were and are close friends who vacation together. Mueller should be disbarred and investigated himself for accepting a position fraught with conflicts of interest and ethical violations.

      • Come on! Trump hired prostitutes in Moscow to pee on a bed previously used by Obama? Are you kidding me or simply delusional.

      • Exactly who is it that’s delusional! We have an admitted serial sexual predator, who has also admitted publically to enjoying voyeuristic strolls through the dressing rooms of the cheesy beauty pageants he owns. And let’s throw in his general incestuous creepiness about his daughter. All this, and you can’t imagine a little golden shower from Olga and Tatiana! The “Spritz at the Ritz” will be proven true sooner or later!

      • It’s impressive to see this many lies blithely strung together as assertions of fact.

      • Which “facts” from the fake dossier have been proven to be accurate?

  • The Uniparty in congress will make lots of noise and then do nothing. All talk then no action.

    • Exactly right, these are all show investigations, as interminable as they need to be with the intent of running out the clock on American’s short attention spans. The scandals are so big it may take several Sportsball seasons to go away.

      It’s a lawless country of, by, and for the lawyers now. Everyone’s a criminal. What would you like the laws to be this week?

      • The Washington establishment is too rich and too corrupt. Sessions needs to go. He’s not what the times call for. We need action.

      • I agree to a point, but the Senate would never confirm someone who would do the job.

    • Woo is me? Fight back! Call out the media, join school boards, communicate don’t just be quieted by leftist propaganda, sit down and talk to your kids, grand kids, turn off the tv, remove the i-pods and cell phones for one hour a day, maybe go to church once in a while, write congress. join community organizations and espouse your beliefs, debate/argue, use reason/history/common sense/tell and seek the truth, understand relativity does not justify garbage theories. On and On–stop the whining and act!

  • A lot of “likely” and “if” and other sorts of hedges in this article and not a word about Russia paying to organize anti immigration rallies on American soil through Facebook.

    Not one word about the Obama wiretapping allegations being declared untrue by the justice department.

    This is why this country is being ripped apart. Entirely different sets of facts. Hanson here dips generously into exactly the sorts of alternative facts that Trump himself and Russian operators are fond of spreading.

    How many investigations of Benghazi were considered appropriate? And how many times can clinton be attacked over her use of emails?

    Meanwhile colluding with a longstanding American rival or opponent power is something Hanson would rather not know the truth about apparently. If the alleged collusion is on his side of the aisle.

    Most Americans, outside of republican pundit land, disagree.

    • Of cfourse no one word because the subject was “the wusskie investigation” and what we know ifs fake news. Yes Barry did not don a hard hat and climb into the telecommunications closet at Trump towers and put alligator clips on backplane pins to monitor Trump’s phone calls, but he did intercept private messages and illegally circulate them.

      I bet you think “freedom of the press” only applies to printing prseese that are manually operated. Am I right?

      • An amazing number of people think that “freedom of the press” is a reference to institutional news media rather than a guarantee that the written word, even if mechanically reproduced, has as much protection as the spoken word. It matters not who writes it, whether it’s a reporter for the New York Times or a blogger in his basement or a 20 year old student’s Tweet. They are all covered by freedom of the press.

  • Jeff Sessions is either incompetent or a collaborator. His failure to properly have Democrat criminality investigated is inexcusable.

  • “Republicans will perhaps learn that the most effective defense against the Russian collusion mania is a much greater investigatory offensive into the unethical behavior of the Clinton and Obama machine”

    In other words the American people are screwed.

    • The Debbie Wassermann Schultz and her IT staff story seems to have disappeared.

    • We need a new party. The Republicans simply lack the gonads to fight back even when the evidence screams for attention. Right now Sessions is chasing after marijuana users.

      • Fight back? Back against whom? It is not the responsibility of the Republicans to defend Trump against lawlessness.

      • If there is no violation of the law, then the issue is primarily political in nature. Collusion is not a crime–and therefore it’s not a meaningful criminal accusation. But it IS a political one, however mythical. Given this, it most definitely IS the GOP’s responsibility to get behind the President.

  • Mr. Hansan – you are no better than the Left that embraced Communism in the 20th century. To your utter and complete shame.

    • That is so far off topic you’ll need to explain to the folks back home.

      • Let me enlighten you – Mr. Hanson, along with the rest of you Trump cultists are embracing the anti-democratic authoritarian right in the same way that the Left embraced far left authoritarianism, which are just two sides of the same coin. Get it? No, I didn’t think so.

      • How is it authoritarian to pursue the law? If the law is violated, why shouldn’t perpetrators pay the penalty? Why should there be a privileged class of untouchables who violate the law with impunity? It would not be authoritarian for Sessions to come down on the Clintons, for instance. If they violated the law–and they clearly did, even by Comey’s crooked standards–why shouldn’t justice come down on them?

      • American Nazis and white supremacists absolutely LOVE your Orange Buffoon

        Why is that?

  • the investigation takes as long as it takes
    and if Fatso-in-the-Oval would stop interfering, it could take a lot less time

    And if you don’t like it, move to Russia where they just throw you in jail – evidence or no

  • Once again VDH brings up the discredited uranium story. Why is it “eerie” that the government would approve the sale of a uranium mine? How does the mine harm the US in any way?

    I would like to see Congress call Victor Davis Hanson to testify and put him under oath and ask him about his vast knowledge of uranium, plutonium, the nuclear fuel cycle and atomic weapons. Perhaps then he would be revealed as the ignorant political hack that he is.

    • Discredited??? You have a funny definition of discredited. Just because the criminal “Just us” department of Barry in his cash4cronies regime refused to investigate, does not mean it was discredited. I for one, find it extremely suspicious that the donations to the Clinton Crime Family was through their Canadian affiliate so no records nee3ded to be kept.

      • Perhaps you would like to directly and logically refute the following “The Uranium One deal was not Clinton’s to veto or approve.Among the ways these accusations stray from the facts is in attributing a power of veto or approval to Secretary Clinton that she simply did not have. Clinton was ONE of nine cabinet members and department heads that sit on the CFIUS, and the secretary of the treasury is its chairperson. CFIUS members are collectively charged with evaluating the transaction for potential national security issues, then turning their findings over to the president. By law, the committee can’t veto a transaction; only the president can. According to The New York Times, Clinton may not have even directly participated in the Uranium One decision. Then-Assistant Secretary of State Jose Fernandez, whose job it was to represent the State Dept. on CFIUS, said Clinton herself “never intervened” in committee matters.
        Despite transfer of ownership, the uranium remained in the U.S.
        A key fact ignored in criticisms of Clinton’s supposed involvement in the deal is that the uranium was not — nor could it be — exported, and remained under the control of U.S.-based subsidiaries of Uranium One, according to a statement by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
        Furthermore: The timing of most of the donations does not match.Of the $145 million allegedly contributed to the Clinton Foundation by Uranium One investors, the lion’s share — $131.3 million — came from a single donor, Frank Giustra, the company’s founder. But Giustra sold off his entire stake in the company in 2007, THREE YEARS before the Russia deal and at least 18 months before Clinton became secretary of state.
        Of the remaining individuals connected with Uranium One who donated to the Clinton Foundation, only one was
        found to have contributed during the same time frame that the deal was taking place! GO FOR IT, IF YOU CAN!

      • According to the New York Slimes and Carlos Slim $$–it has to be right-right? Please read more than leftist catechisms.

      • So you have no problem with the WUSSKIES interfering in our elections, but if they invest in the US economy then all of a sudden the WUSSKIES are a problem and need to be investigated?

      • It’s not the investing in the US economy that is the problem, it’s the investing in the pockets of the Clintons that is the problem.

    • If you keep telling yourself it was discredited often enough you might actually believe it!

    • Perhaps you would like to directly and logically refute the following “The Uranium One deal was not Clinton’s to veto or approve.Among the ways these accusations stray from the facts is in attributing a power of veto or approval to Secretary Clinton that she simply did not have. Clinton was ONE of nine cabinet members and department heads that sit on the CFIUS, and the secretary of the treasury is its chairperson. CFIUS members are collectively charged with evaluating the transaction for potential national security issues, then turning their findings over to the president. By law, the committee can’t veto a transaction; only the president can. According to The New York Times, Clinton may not have even directly participated in the Uranium One decision. Then-Assistant Secretary of State Jose Fernandez, whose job it was to represent the State Dept. on CFIUS, said Clinton herself “never intervened” in committee matters.
      Despite transfer of ownership, the uranium remained in the U.S.
      A key fact ignored in criticisms of Clinton’s supposed involvement in the deal is that the uranium was not — nor could it be — exported, and remained under the control of U.S.-based subsidiaries of Uranium One, according to a statement by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
      Furthermore: The timing of most of the donations does not match.Of the $145 million allegedly contributed to the Clinton Foundation by Uranium One investors, the lion’s share — $131.3 million — came from a single donor, Frank Giustra, the company’s founder. But Giustra sold off his entire stake in the company in 2007, THREE YEARS before the Russia deal and at least 18 months before Clinton became secretary of state.
      Of the remaining individuals connected with Uranium One who donated to the Clinton Foundation, only one was
      found to have contributed during the same time frame that the deal was taking place! GO FOR IT, IF YOU CAN!

    • Sorry. The comment below was meant for ODYS. Maybe he will see it & respond.

    • The primary use of natural uranium is as the raw material for enriched uranium Natural U is 0.7% U235, and the %U235 needs to be increased for electric power production, which is the primary use for uranium. ( U is of course also the raw material for fission weapons). The US has considerable reserves, but U is a valuable commodity. And this is not a fiction. The US shipped considerable quantities of natural U to Russia. By the way, I know quite a bit about the chemistry of the actinides, and very little about the economics.

      And no, Professor Hansen is not a “hack”. In my opinion, these are the most insightful columns on RCP.

      • So you know that uranium is used to make electricity. Now explain how it harms the US to let the Russians own a mine which produces the uranium which is used to make electricity. You can’t – which is exactly why VDH is a hack.

      • There’s not a problem in approving a sale of this magnitude, 20% of US supply, unless that approval is coupled with certain payments that line the pockets of the approver.

      • But it wasn’t coupled with any payments – see the comment by reality check below.

      • Oh. Right. Next time there’s a scandal involving possible quid pro quo between foreign agents and high ranking government officials, I’ll be sure to check his blog.

      • The point is that there is no scandal, but you can just say there is and then just ignore any facts.

  • Victor forgot the most important thing:

    It seems that the DNC emails “hacked by the wusskies” was instead loaded onto a thumb drive and carried out of DNC HQ by a whistle blower. No wusskie hack at all, absolutely no reason for Mueller to investigate. IF the wusskies did hack, the NSA would have vacuumed up that activity providing a smoking gun, but existence of this “evidence ” is the only thing the intel community has not leaked in the past 9 months, so it likely does not exist.

      • I see you have nothing to contribute, but like a person suffering from Tourette’s syndrome you feel compelled to post some drivel.

    • So your complete line of defense rests on the claim that unless the intel community leaks evidence that evidence does not exist? There are many, many, many secrets that the intel community does not leak, and that is a good thing.

      Those who have actually SEEN the evidence say that it DOES exist, and I believe them.

      • No what he’s saying is that if ANYONE would of remotely connected to any server in lower manhattan and copied files off of that machine to another one. The NSA would absolutely of had copies of the raw data going across the main telco trunks. They have fiber taps at the switching level, not a single Byte of information leaves manhattan without the NSA getting a copy.
        SO if the Russians had “hacked” the DNC our own NSA would have records of it. Just like they have copies of the 33K thousand emails HRC deleted. She might of deleted them off her server in her basement but she didn’t delete the record of the initial transmission of the email that the NSA has in their massive Utah data center for sure.
        This is like 5 years ago Ed Snowden stuff, you’re not up to speed on this? Maybe you should ride the bench till you get up to speed.

      • The NSA probably DOES have records of the hack. That is why the people who have seen the evidence of Russian hacking say that the evidence is irrefutable.

        BTW – the DNC server was in DC, not Manhattan.

      • No it wasn’t it was in Lower Manhattan less than a block away from the FBI building. Can you link me to one single video where any member of congress implies there is irrefutable evidence of collusion? I would absolutely be astonished if you could link to a video where someone uses that type of language. “Irrefutable”.
        I have watched for 7 months as every stupid thing that could be twisted into any distortion was leaked about Trump…… But irrefutable evidence their holding close to the vest…. Right.

      • The NSA is purported to have the missing emails and offered them to Justice.

      • The appropriate committees of Congress, which is why the investigations are continuing.

      • The investigation is continuing because it hasn’t caught any fish. They can’t possibly return from their expedition without having caught a fish now can they.

      • Lol!!! I don’t have to brow. Remember the accusers are supposed to come up with the evidence. So far you’ve got a whole lot of hearsay and anonymity much of which doesn’t even concern the violation of legal statute. Oh yeah, there’s that massive case of TDS that keeps it all going.

      • Lol!!! If Mueller has seen it then why has he not acted on it? Not even political hacks like John Brennan, former head of the CIA, admit to seeing it. So far- and only from a thoroughly biased media- the only ones who’ve “seen it” are anonymous sources.

      • The intel community protects secrets that impact national security, not to protect criminal actions.
        At least they used to prior to 2009

    • What this guy is saying is true. The transfer rate on the meta data of the leaked documents proves it wasn’t “hacked”. As in a machine was not accessed remotely, penetrated by an unknown user and had files remotely removed. The transfer rate of the files makes it impossible to have been a remote “hack”….. Someone walked up to a terminal inside the DNC headquarters and copied those files to a thumbdrive or some other type of removable storage connected over USB2.0 at an absolute minimum. But don’t worry about hard facts, if it isn’t on MSNBC its all a lie to the lefties.

      • It was in a publication and posted by RCP some weeks- if not months- ago. I don’t recall the publication but that’s probably where senor Phillips found his information.

      • Oh well, if it was in a publication then it can’t be questioned. But how did the “publication” know what the transfer rate was? They don’t.

      • What metadata? If the files were downloaded to an attached hard drive that doesn’t mean that no one else could have possibly hacked the computer.

      • Dave781 you obviously don’t know much about networking or how data passes along networks so stop. Anyone with cursory knowledge can look at your post and know that. The files themselves have hard coded metadata that can’t be spoofed without you knowing it was spoofed. I will link the article again, and this group called VIPS is full of highly respected former IC guys like William Binney.
        I’ll use Salon because all lefties love these guys:

        The “internet” as you know it, is really the NSA personal network. Nothing passes over it without them having a copy of it, and a record of the transmission. This is Ed Snowden stuff from like 5 years ago. Come on guys, READ once in awhile

        There is only 2 available options on how the information got from the DNC server to wikileaks

        1. It was hacked by Russian cyber spies and the NSA knows it because they have records of the transmission and copies of what was transmitted, and just don’t want to provide the evidence.
        2. Someone (Seth Rich) walked up to a DNC server copied all of the documents to some type of external storage device connected over at least USB 2.0 and walked out of the building with them.

        Regardless of which of these happened the NSA has records of all of it. Nothing gets transmitted digitally in AMERICA and large parts of the world without the NSA having a record of the transmission & copies of the data that was transmitted. NOTHING!!!!

      • Yeah – it was no.1. The NSA knows about it and they have told the appropriate authorities, which would be the FBI, Mueller and Congress. Get it?

      • Why are they keeping that a secret then? If there is evidence the Russians hacked the DNC why withhold it? Everyone & their mom is already saying the “russians hacked the election”. Its been almost a year since the hack itself…. what are they waiting on?

        Dave do actually still believe that Trump is going to be impeached because of some nefarious wrongdoing yet to be uncovered. Come on dude, your guy lost. Have some pride, get on your horse and get ready for the next round.

      • Black Helicopter nuttiness at its best. The internet (and there is no such unitary thing) is the NSA’s “personal network.” Wow, it’s getting loony out here

      • I haven’t read a single post of yours on this board that has any substance. Mostly just name calling & spouts of your personal feelings. You might want to read up on the Snowden files. Your living 15 years in the digital past.

        When you know what 5 eyes is or how that allows governments to spy on their own citizens through intelligence sharing agreements come back to the big boy table.

      • Actually, all connections are routed through an internet backbone and can be copied relatively easily. This is how your network security guys protect networks. NSA can collect and does collect all data and voice transmissions by way of core switched locations with assistance of the main telecommunication vendors. Now where is the data stored and analyzed is the question.

        By the way, this is the material of FISA warrants and unmasking issues.

        Not all black helicopter theories are wrong;)

      • And by the way, you crap on a poor dead kid (Seth Rich) for which there is literally no evidence of wrong-doing -Shameful!

      • 22 megs, that’s it? Um, I get that easily from servers on the other side of the world. Its called fiber optics.

      • No its not. Nothing can download that much data in that amount of time but a directly connected drive. Thanks for showing your ignorance. There’s a reason why ex intelligence agents attest to it – facts don’t care about your feelings. This is actual science and math?

      • Without getting in the weeds, you are hitting backbone servers and that speed is exceptionally high for public internet. What carrier are you using? Are you at work? Still seems to high.

      • Cox, no its my personal connection at home. Fiber optics, 1gpbs rated.

      • I will just assume you are an idiot if you think that has any relevance to download speed off a hacked pc on the other side of the world. That means absolutely nothing.

      • Speeds are speeds. How and why a connection is opened does not matter. Even if the attacker was bounding off of several nodes before connecting to the target system the connection remains the same. Normally a hacker will use a wifi network that is not protected or easy to break but they can also use public wifi or Ethernet connections. Getting access to a gbps connection would not be that hard. But I realize you don’t accept any information unless it fits into your little world view so I understand the issue you are having.

        Fact of the matter is that someone in Russia hacked the DNC, all of our intelligence services said so and provided what they could release publicly. I trust 17 agencies more than I trust some washed out ex-intel operative who operates under the assumption that government cyber warfare tools have not evolved since the early 2000’s. We also know that at some level the Trump campaign was operating in conjunction with said Russian individuals and Wikileaks to orchestrate a massive propaganda operation to try and defame Clinton and the DNC and it worked to some extent in so far as turning off voters.

        The only question is how high did that orchestration go and was Trump aware of it at the time. Even if he was not, his attempt to coverup any collusion has done him in anyway; just like Nixon he has obstructed justice on numerous occasions and that is enough for the House to start impeachment hearings.

      • the overall interner speed cannot exceed the slowest connection based on the pipe size and traffic. Also, the distance impacts latency, or delay.

        As a simplistic internet example, it takes rough 40 x longer to have a file go one hundred miles as go three thousand. Hackers do not have dedicated circuits to improve performance, they most likely would be subject to the max speed of the available internet connections.

        The logs showed the transfer rate was above an internet transfer rate and was more along the speed of a usb port device transfer, a thumb drive or attached drive.

        This analysis means the files were not hacked, but likely copied by someone with access to the machine, server, and the location that it was stored. Seems it is likely an inside job, not a hack from Eurasia.

      • I recall some such nonsense about files being downloaded to a thumb drive, but that argument is a total straw man. There is no reason to believe that the Russians, or anyone else, could not have ALSO downloaded files at another time.

      • Exactly as I thought! Actual hard forensic evidence plainly, unequivocably presented and you arbitrarily dismiss it for the narrative: composed entirely of hearsay and/ or anonymous sources. You’ve been running a fever since election night at least!

      • It speaks to a plausible and quantitative explanation to a reasonable and high probability of information release.

      • An independent tech investigator analyzed the data logs. Google is your friend – why not exercise some initiative and go looking for the truth instead of comfortable innuendo?

      • Analyzed the data logs??? Are you serious? Do you think the Russians allowed the “independent investigator” to analyze their data logs? If the Russians were skilled hackers (and we know that they are) then they did not leave any data logs on the computer that was hacked.

      • you really do not understand the logs are not necessarily where you think. For example, you can still access defunct web pages long after the server and company cease to exist. They are mirrored and archived by the large search engines.

      • It’s based on creation times and file sizes. It’s a pretty simple, really.

      • The Russian hackers did not leave any “creation times” or files of any size on the DNC server, which means you have no evidence.

      • Dave, I am an IT consultant with 35 years of experience. The COPIES of the files that wikileaks was provided with contain the metadata. Every copy of a file contains it’s size, creation date, and last access time. When you look at the time stamps on two sequentially copied files, it is simple math to calculate the transfer rate from the time stamps and file sizes.

        Btw, the FBI has no idea what evidence was – or was not – left on the DNC server since they never examined it. Both James Comey and Jeh Johnson admitted to that in congressional testimony. On video. You can see it on youtube.

        Finally, I can’t help but note your certainty that there was no evidence supporting an inside job left on the DNC server is somewhat contradictory, given that the only “evidence” of a hack comes from a third party review of that same server. So in your mind, these Russian hackers were definitely sloppy enough to leave evidence that would implicate them, but TOO smart to leave evidence pointing to an inside job.

        That sum it up?

      • You might want to skip out on the conversation when it comes to computers. The files were created on the destination device as they were being copied off of the server. That data was preserved when the files were leaked.

  • The current crooks and kooks around so-called president #GropinDonnie and his KKK Republicans have called off just about all the fake investigations Mr. Hansen is still whining about.
    These days more and more WH aides are bankrupting themselves by desperately lawyering up in order to save their own sorry a$$es because they realise at last that Hurricane Mueller will not go away.
    Junior has been a bit too cosy with Russian spies. His stupid lying and squirming are embarassing the US for all the world to see.
    The American people were just too busy hating Hillary and Obama to elect a competent President,
    Soon #GropinDonnie and his KKK Republicans will reap the whirlwind.
    Sweet justice, indeed.

      • You know, the idiots with the sick gun fetish, donning the sheets and the stupid pointy hats. #Gropindonnie’s buddies, whose disgusting racism he keenly defends, while attacking the free and independent press… guys like Jefferson Beauregard III Sessions and ‘David Duke without the baggage’ Steve Scalise.
        You know.


      • Racists and fools.
        And the GOP doesn’t even realize that is how they sound to most Americans..

      • KKK makes up about 0.000015% of the population. The Dems goofy obsession with the KKK always makes me laugh.

        Also, sessions is famous for having the leader of the KKK executed for a lynching :-o

        But thanks for playing

      • Did I touch a nerve?
        Well, good; We can call them the alt-right,or whatever.
        They’re the impotent and poorly educated white racist boys, shouting anti-semitic filth and swinging their pathetic semi-automatic replacement dicks in Ch’ville,
        You know very well who I mean.
        They’re #GropinDonnie’s ‘base’.

      • There just aren’t that many people in the KKK.

        Even the SPLC which has a financial interest in over stating the numbers says that there are a four thousand members in a country of 330 million

      • That’s beside the point.
        The KKK angle is just not ‘goofy’ at all as you want to believe; they were explicit.

      • It is goofy. They are irrelevant.

        Furries are a more potent political force in America than the KKK.

        People who believe in aliens are a more potent political force.

        Hell even trannies, who make up less than 0.1% of the population are a more potent political force

      • Ta-Nehisi Coates writes long boring repetitive tripe. I’ve read several of his articles and they never fail to suck.

        The last one about how Trump is the “first white president” was particularly stupid. I laughed half way through the article until I realized it was going nowhere and started reading something else

        If that’s what passes for left wing thought leadership…. I mean it’s just some really sad pedantic garbage.

        Thanks for bringing him up I needed a good laugh

        Also, as you can tell from the length of my post, I feel quite strongly about my opinion regarding what a third rate moron Coates is.

        The guy probably checks under his bed for the KKK before he goes to sleep

      • Here is a great article by a gay black immigrant that ruthlessly dismantles Coates anti American BS

      • My favorite goofy and absurd ta-nehisi quote so far is ::

        America’ is a syndicate arrayed to protect its exclusive power to dominate and control our bodies. However it appears, the power of domination and exclusion is central to the belief in being white, and without it, ‘white people’ would cease to exist for want of reasons.”

        It’s pure comic gold. It’s almost like he is a parody of left wing thought

      • Except, no one is laughing.
        Jamelle Bouie in Slate makes the same point about the white supremacist double standards of this i-l-l-e-g-i t-i-m-a-t-e so-called president and the GOP.
        If you still don’t wish to understand this, I’m sorry but there’s something seriously wrong with you.
        Too much Russian Twitter fake news propaganda seems to have messed up your faculties.
        So no more comments from me in this string; so long.

      • I’d be more concerned about white supremacists if there more than a few thousand of them

        I laugh all the time at Coates articles. They are deeply paranoid and conspiratorial.

      • Ah, so you are actually saying that the white supremacist boys ín Ch’ville yelling ‘Jews will not replace us’ all voted Hillary? Come on! You must be kidding.
        Don’t be silly.

      • That’s a fair point. Still, the far left has an anti semitic problem

      • No, it doesn’t. Where did you get that from may I ask?
        Because it’s just like the nonsense which only far right conspiracy websites dabble in.
        Guys, like Roger Stone, the Limbaughs and Hannity’s of this world are only in it for the money. Ann Coulter, Steve Bannon? Please.

      • Or else you’ll call your great moral example Republican Senator Ted Cruz!!??

        Or else you’ll tell the nation’s great example the ever virtuous Republican so-called president #GropinDonnie??

        Oh dear, I’m well and truly terrified now…………..

    • Meanwhile Hillary gives our uranium away in return for pumped-up speaker fees for Bill in Moscow and their man Podesta owns 75000 shares in a Russian entity that he for some reason failed to disclose–just slipped his mind I guess. Next to them Trump’s a boy scout.

      • If so, sweety, then why oh why has the #GropinDonnie administration suddenly become so reluctant to pursue any further what in your fevered imagination should still be such a wonderful opportunity to crucify Dems??

        Well, I think this is because their too cosy treasonous relationship with Russian intelligence is catching up with them!
        Junior’s lies and pathetic squirming has raised quite a few eyebrows, you know.

        Hurricane Mueller is coming to the White House and #GropinDonnie doen’t like it.

  • If there is one thing guaranteed to keep the steam roiling in the populist American kettle it is the continued abandonment of aristocratic accountability. The lid should absolutely blow if, like Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton’s blatant criminality is condoned. The ruling class duplicity of lecturing on the rule of law while adhering to a double standard for themselves can’t last forever.

    • The lid SHOULD blow. I don’t think it will. The norm in aristocratic/totalitarian societies is that the ordinary people just keep their heads down and live their lives. As best they can.

      The Trump election was an example. Pollsters had it wrong, because the Deplorables weren’t willing to say what they thought. We are becoming a society where “Thought Crimes” exist. What else can you call a “Hate Crime”?

      What will happen when the Swamp takes out Trump–it will–the Deplorables simply no longer participate. They gave it their best, albeit flawed, shot and it failed. Why bother to vote?

      The Establishment will no longer be challenged. Power corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

      We have it now in CA. There is no functional opposition to the Democrat party. The GOP couldn’t even get a Senate candidate on the ballot. Hillary’s massive win in CA was largely due to the Deplorables not bothering to vote. Mind you, had they voted, she still would have won, big time.

  • “What was strange about the Democratic hysteria over the Russian collusion yarn…” You mean the Russian investigations being led by Republicans? The use of “yarn” suggests there is nothing there. Seriously? Mr. Hansen, you don’t think the Russians tried to influence the election results? That’s been proven repeatedly. And I guess you are also willing to ignore other evidence uncovered, such as all the contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, including the meeting where Donald, Jr. expressly tried to get damaging information on Hillary Clinton from Russian government sources.

    • Give it up Fat Boy, your dog hunts about as well as Hillary campaigned.

    • Why are you acting like getting opposition research from a foreign govt. is so wrong when you know for a fact that the only people who successfully got oppo research from a foreign govt was the HRC & DNC from the ukrainians?

      So Don Jr. took a meeting hoping to smear his opponent… So what. HRC actually did it with the Ukrainians.

  • There was no Russian hack.
    The FBI knows it, the NSA has proof it never happened, the CIA knows it and is probably the agency leaking all of this material anyway.

    The NSA knows no one remotely accessed any computers at the DNC headquarters and copied any data to a remote machine because if that did happen they would easily be able to tell by looking through the logs of their taps at the telco switching level. Let me give you a real world example. Somebody calls your boss and says i just got an email from this address saying they were going to come to my house and kill me. Your boss (the FBI) call the IT Admin (the NSA in this example) and say hey we got a report that John Doe sent a threatening email to this address at this time. It takes the IT Admin less than 5 minutes to verify if that claim is unequivocally true or not. He can either tell if that message was sent over his email server or it wasn’t. There’s no gray area, you either have a record of the transmission or it never happened.

    The FBI knows this is true. Just like they knew Trump wasn’t under investigation yet thought it wasn’t proper to say that directly and allowed the MSM to continue on implying that Trump was under investigation.

    This entire thing is about what happens when a businessman who is a populist tries to upset the DC established order. Literally almost everyone is in on this together in some form or fashion against Trump. The primary goal of all of this is to leave the American people believing that we need lifelong politicians and deep state washington operatives and that under no circumstances could we ever leave the country to a Trump or Ross Perot again.

    • It was a failed coup d’état. Many need to be tried and strapped into gurneys for their insurrection.

    • No, this is what happen when a swindler, conman, sexual predator, and pathological liar pulls off his biggest con and hijacks the election with the help of his Russian friends and gullible kool-aid drinkers.

  • Take whatever the media or his political opponents are saying about Donald Trump and reverse it and you’ll have the real Donald Trump. This is a man who has lived his entire life in the public eye, and who has not done anything that has resulted in his arrest, and don’t think any previous Southern District of N.Y. U.S. Attorneys or state Attorneys General have not tried to make a case against him. Of course they have. As revealed by his leaked 1995 tax return, he pays his taxes owed, over $35M!

    No matter what anyone says, PDT is an honest man, most certainly by Washington standards!

    • Just because Trump hasn’t been arrested doesn’t mean that he is honest.

  • Title VII, granting intelligence agencies permission to collect targeted data, sunsets on Dec. 31. Section 702 of Title VII allows U.S. agencies to collect “significant foreign intelligence that is vital to protect the nation against international terrorism and other threats.” The U.S. attorney general and the director of national intelligence (by letter) yesterday urged Congress to permanently reauthorize Title VII of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act before it expires, preserving intelligence agencies’ authority to collect information on foreigners outside the United States.

    Request denied until the above is fully investigated and those who spied on American citizens in the name of National Security but used that information to first – influence an election, then attempted to unseat a constitutionally elected President are brought to justice.

  • Pretty funny.
    Hilarious, actually.

    Mueller will continue investigating Trump.

    And Americans are anxious to see what indictments are filed.

    Yes, GOP.

    This is the beginning of the End of the GOP and Trump.

  • Money laundering..
    Unsecured loans from shady Russian lenders..
    Attempt to assist to subvert a US election by a foreign government…

    Obstruction is the least of Trump’s worries, Folks.

    Trump will be lucky if all he faces is Obstruction charges.

  • Hey, GOP..?
    Keep in mind that it was the GOP that called for the Special Prosecutor…

    And there was a reason for that.

  • Another excellent article by, seemingly, one of the few remaining intellectuals in America.

    Mr President, sir, we elected you to clean this mess up. Instead, it has festered and just gotten more ugly with time. While I appreciate that the things on your agenda are critical to our country, nothing is more important than the people having trust in the integrity of its government. Today, that trust is not just eroded or suspect, it is gone. Nobody wants a head on a platter. What we want is disinfecting light, the truth, and a public accounting…let the chips fall. Even if this item limits you to a single term in public office, you will have done the right thing and very possibly saved the country. Washington DC has come to accept a certain level of corruption and has consequently become numb to it. But, believe me, out here in the real world, looking at the IRS, the FBI, the NSA/CIA, Comey/Lynch/Clinton, Clinton Global Initiative, coupled with a press that refuses to do its jobs, well, it’s just mind boggling. Sir, it is up to you. Please clean house.

    • Trump?

      Trump has no idea how to be President…and you expect him to actually govern?

      Hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha.

      • And 65% of Americans as well. Obviously all ‘communist cucks’. What to do? What to do?

      • Everyone knows America is about 65% pusssies and cucks like you so that number checks out,

      • And of course we are ALL communists as well. Get back under the bed. NOW!

    • What you want & need is commendable. But it is obvious to all that the last person to help you realize your dreams is DJT. This mans is interested in nothing other than enriching himself, his family and his brand. The only things that keep you from totally falling under the spell & consequences of a consumate con man are the free press, the judiciary, the congress and our intelligence agencies. They all may have flaws but in the end have no personal gain in mind like Donald Trump. The house will begin to be cleaned when Donald exits stage right from that house and not until then.

      • From your posts it is clear that you THINK that Trump is only in it for himself. That is clearly your opinion but you offer nothing to back it up.

        If Trump were in it only for himself then he would not be in it at all. Clearly he would have been better off staying out of politics. The news coverage of him so far has been 91% negative. No one wants to be beat up night after night in the press. The hate fomented by left wingers has extended to his entire family. The hate mongers have even attacked his young son. They attack his wife for her choice of shoes. No family wants that.

        What gain to you see him and his family getting from his choice to run for President?

      • Why would a megalomaniac want to have the most prestigious job in the world? That questions answers itself. Try again.

        And what makes you think that Trump cares about his family?

      • Why would an ego driven person want to be beat up day after day in the press as he has since he announced his Presidency? Especially since he already had plenty of power and prestige in private life.

        As far as his caring about his family is it obvious that he does. He has been working closely with his kids long before becoming President. If he did not like them he would not work with them.

      • Do you really think that a reality TV star has more power and prestige than the POTUS? Or that being “beat up” the press somehow affects his personal life? You really need to get a clue.

        I’m sure that he likes and maybe even loves his kids, it is just that his own needs always come first.

      • The power he had before deciding to run for President was plenty. Money, prestige and none of the hatred showered down on him daily by the press.

        It was a sacrifice to run. It is a sacrifice to serve.

        As far as him putting his needs above his kids you are going to have to offer more than your opinion. How about some proof?

      • Comprehending the written words in english are required before trying to respond in english. Pay attention and you will do better.

      • I did and I do, but the commenter I was responding to is still reading & trying to understand what I wrote. Let his take care of himself, if he can. You’ve got your own problems.

      • That’s interesting as you gave that advise to RJones who was responding to Dave781 who was asking a question of me. The commenter you responded to was not responding to anything you wrote. There is nothing in RJones comment that would suggest he does not comprehend the written word or that he did not respond in English. Perhaps you got confused with another thread you misunderstood.

      • His children are pretty decent people, the parents can take much credit for that.

      • Except for the ones that might be called before a grand jury in a criminal investigation.

      • This enriching himself meme is probably the funniest of the anti-Trump propaganda. Check the Clintons and Obamas net worths before and after their runs. Trump funded his own campaign. He is eschewing millions of dollars of income to try to drain the swamp.

      • Trump is selling MAGA hats for $40.00 that cost about $3.00 to produce and keeping the profits for himself. Aside from ALL the other stuff that’s about all you need to know about Donald’s greed!

      • And that’s how he’s “enriching” himself? You mean to tell me this whole thing comes down to him flogging a few hats? Wow.

        Take a reality check, please!

      • Crooked Hillary charged supporters at her fundraisers to have a photo taken with Her!

        She’s been charging buyers of her book for her signature!

        She only cares about power and wealth!

        Thank God for President Trump!

        He stands behind what’s good for America!

        America First!

      • As usual you changed the subject. What anyone else does or doesn’t do will not change the fact that the President is using his office to personally enrich himself. If you are OK with that why not just admit it, and say you don’t care if Trump makes money on his constituents? Hillary is charging people who
        are willing pay for what they get from a private citizen. Sort of like enrolling in Trump U without the false promises. Trump is using fake ‘patriotism’ to make his bucks.

  • The damage to the GOP is generational…

    (Enjoy yourself now, GOP.)

    • Lucky for them the only party in worse shape is their opponent. The badly divided Democrats. The party that gave up the working class for coastal liberals.

      • Not to worry. Donald is giving back the working class with every tweet and EO every day.

      • Democrats have done nothing to win back the blue collar worker.

        Like I said….the dysfunction of the GOP is obvious but they are lucky that their opponents are in as much disarray as they are. It does not get as much attention but their are clear and serious schisms in the Democratic party.

  • Ah.
    So this is where the 35% of Americans who support Trump exist…

    • It only took 35% to win the electoral college? Or are we back to listening to polls with HRC having 95% chance of winning?

      • Actually he won with only 29%. 64% of able voters voted in the election. Of those he got 45.6%. 45.6% of the total able voters in 2016 is 29%.

  • Mueller’s problem is that his friend Comey offers as many potentially
    unethical and unlawful lines of investigations as those of Manafort and
    Flynn, who are supposed to be his targets. . .

    Exactly. The whole Mueller investigation is back-to-front. He (or someone) should be investigating the Obama-Clinton Intel cabal (Brennan, Clapper, Comey, et al.) who contrived the ‘Russia collusion’ myth and fed it to the 24-hour media. The aim was to discredit and defame the Trump campaign, and following the surprising result of the election, to discredit, defame, and destroy the Trump presidency.

    And who knows? If it’s not turned around, the cabal could still succeed. Where is Jeff Sessions when we need him?

    /L. E. Joiner (Walking Creek World)

    • I see you people are going the OJ route; blaming the cops and the prosecutors.

      Good luck with that, stupid.

      • Ridiculous analogy. OJ was guilty of a heinous crime. No one can point to a crime that Mr Trump or his campaign might have committed. So it’s an ‘investigation’ looking for a crime, i.e. a complete fiction.

  • It is what he threatens to do and the comments he makes. He has complete contempt for the media and would shut it down or hobble them if he could (the first thing dictators do). He has contempt for congress, contempt for the judiciary, everything and everyone is an obstacle in his way. He does not compromise. He trashes even his allies when they don’t do his bidding.

    He holds court with his cabinet and makes them do a round robin praising his magnificence. He turns every event into a campaign rally (most shockingly the Boy Scouts). Everything is about him. He is only interested in being praised, and he works up the guillable hurting people with promises that he will solve all their problems, but he can’t.

    He doesn’t study, he doesn’t learn. I doubt he has even read the Constitution. He never takes responsibility for anything – it is always someones else’s fault. He is used to running a family business, where he was beholden to no one, not even shareholders.

    Unlike most dictators, he has no ideology, he only cares about his personality cult. But he does the bidding of the radical Christian imperealists, not because he is one of them, but because they are the ones who love him.

    He is intemperate, acts and speaks without speaking. If he had his way he would be a king. He is extremely dangerous. You really need to wake up.

    • Whereas I agree with you the Orange Buffon is also ineffectual and impotent. Could you just imagine what damage he could do if he had aFucking clue as to how the gov’t works?

      • Considering he’s done more than most Presidents in living memory without that knowledge so far, it would/will indeed be a wondrous thing once he settles in.

        And you’ll no doubt be still suffering from cognitive dissonance every step of the way to 2024.

    • The contempt he holds for congress, the judiciary and the media is shared by most Americans.

      All of the three have failed the people.

      It is why he got elected.

      • DJT has an unusual personality but the consensus among his friends is that he truly loves this country. How many Lefturds can say the same?

      • And which friends might those be. Does he have/want any friends at all? Please give one specific example that shows that Donald ‘loves his country’. The one opportunity to truly show love of country was when he could have served the nation in the military during the viet Nam war but developed magic bone spurs that got him classified 4F and then those bones spurs mysteriously disappeared soon after. The one chance and he BLEW IT!

      • 1965-1970 Naval Air corps, VP 832… anti-sub patrols in P2v & P3 planes. Glad you asked. So what?

      • You need to reality check yourself. Sure it wasn’t on Starfleet Command?

      • Maduro “loves” Venezuela. So? (And spare me the obvious that he is of the Left – we know that)

      • I am a “Lefturd” as you describe us who has fought and bled for his country! How about you? And yes – I would say being a megalomaniacal, narcissistic, lunatic does qualify as “unusual.” Questioning the patriotism of those who disagree with you is pathetic and shameful, but par for the course from a Trumpkin.

      • Whether or not you served as you say is questionable. What’s not questionable based on your comments is that you’d be subject to Section 8 now.

      • No, people that advocate for ever larger governments destroy democracies.

      • Not quite. The first thing that tyrannies try to do is eliminate or denigrate the media, the judiciary and the elected legislators. These are the ones who get in the way. Someone seems to be following that old playbook to a tee. Wonder who?

      • Sorry, but thats just wrong. Tyrannies don’t denigrate the media, they take it over. And I must have missed the bill that eliminated CNN/MSNBC/NYT et al. Can post that link for me?

        Reality check!

      • You missed or ignored the word ‘eliminate’ with ‘denigrate’ in my second sentence. First get people to believe it’s all ‘fake news’ then all the sources become irrelevant and then become eliminated all by themselves. But I do agree it is a lot more sophisticated & complicated than taking over the TV station and shooting the employees. But then again we never use sophisticated & complicated with the name Trump in the same sentence.

      • Trump fed off of the media getting caught lying, but he didn’t make them lie. If the media wasn’t caught lying intentionally lying so often, Trump wouldn’t have anything to throw at them. He has plenty. A news outlet is allowed to ignore some facts, but not lie intentionally. It doesn’t matter if they can tell the truth outside of politics. If you mix 10% manure with ice cream, no one will want it.

        Don’t blame Trump for what those outlets did to themselves.

      • Still not seeing the link to him eliminating the media. Or the judiciary. Or the elected legislators.

        When the media lies or tells half-truths or does not report fairly they surely deserve to be denigrated. Jim Acosta is your poster boy. When elected legislators from your own party stab you in the back, I certainly would denigrate them too. And surely you will concede that the majority of the judiciary are on the left and are hardly independent arbitrators. Particularly those who belong to groups that feature racial slogans in their names.

        Since 90+% of the MSM leans decidedly left and virulently hates Trump, the American people have shown they do not trust them. They have slightly better trustworthy numbers than Congress.

        And perhaps you missed the Harvard study which showed the overwhelming extent of the bias. Fox News were the only ones who even came close to being “fair and balanced” (heh). And even they had slightly more negative than positive coverage.

      • Actually, Fox and Roger Ailes invented fake news! And Gruppenfuhrer Sean Hannity is its High Priest!

      • Hannity is an opinion journalist. You need to learn to distinguish between that and straight news journalism.

        I know its hard, because there seem to be no real news journalists left – its all left-wing opinion stuff all the time now, masquerading as real news. When you can’t disguise your visceral hatred in reporting “news” it ain’t “news” anymore, its opinion.

        Hence the “fake news” epithet applied deservedly to the MSM.

      • Obama, with things like DACA and using agencies to investigate and harass his opponents. Also, the Obama administration used bank settlements (a government function) to fund his party’s political activities. It must be nice to have your government investigate and attack your rivals, while funding your own party.

        What media has Trump eliminated? He’s supporting smaller outlets instead of the dinosaurs, but there’s nothing unreasonable about that, especially in light of their hostile treatment of him.

        You seem to be confusing speech with action. What Obama did was defy the courts, while Trump complained about them. One is legal, moral, and ethical. The other is not.

      • A healthy democracy is full of people that question the institutions and hold them in check. Congress has lost the respect of the public as has the judiciary and the media and they starting losing that long before Trump.

        A congress that is mired in partisanship and is mishandling the countries treasury deserves contempt. A judiciary that puts political bias ahead of constitutional law deserves contempt. A media that pushes fake news to garner ratings deserves contempt.

        You want to sheepishly follow others because they are the ones in charge then go ahead. That would make you one of their ‘useful idiots’.

    • Beyond idiotic. If he were a dictator, he WOULD shut down the media. Amazing how much cognitive dissonance there is in people who claim one minute he’s too incompetent to do anything then the next claim he’s an omnipotent dictator.

      • It is the strength of our institutions that is stopping him – but it is not foolproof or unlimited. He has already done incalculable damage to our civil life and discourse. You are rationalizing, “Doctor”.

      • Incalculable damage to our civil life and discourse? There’s nothing “civil” about leftist discourse. And if your life has been damaged thats a very good thing. Maybe it will help you realize that the basic premise of your life has been a lie all along.

        Renounce the evils of identity politics and join the winning team. MAGA

    • Signs of Trump’s attempts to be a dictator:
      1. Attempt to cut taxes.
      2. Authorize investigations into their own administrations.
      3. Cut regulations
      4. Advocate for free speech.
      5. Try to give federal power to states and repeal federal programs
      6. Promote smaller, independent media outlets instead of a few bigger ones.

      Worst attempt at dictatorship ever…

    • Funny how leftists talk about “waking up” when their whole ideology is premised on lies which keeps them asleep in an alternate reality,

  • Why is Trump & his media minions like Victor Davis Hanson of Real Clear Politics so SCARED of Mueller?

    “Call it off! Call it Off! You have NOTHING!!! NOTHING!!!!!!!!”

    In my opinion, it’s because Trump is guilty.

    Ken Starr locked Monica in a hotel room & threatened her mom with jail if she didn’t bring him a dress.

    I think Mueller has more than that on Trump.


    With LOTS more to come….

    • Too bad the entirety of your evidence exists solely in your head.

      • But there also might be some evidence coming to a courtroom near you presented by both congressional commitees and the Mueller investigation, all conceived and run by Republicans, not Dems or the MSM. Be patient,it’s still early. Watergate took 2 yrs and Bill Clinton’s took more than 6 yrs.

      • Both of those started with crimes, looking for a criminal. This one started with a suspect, looking for a crime. Who knows, they might turn up with a parking ticket or something.

      • Anywhere from 4-17 different US intel agencies might disagree with you. For sure something happened, something is happening and many people close to Trump have developed selective amnesia about their contacts with Russia. Just Coincidences? Maybe or maybe not. That’s what’s going on. If Trump, et al are innocent they should INSIST the investigations reach a fair conclusion instead of trying to block them at every turn. Unless some people have some things to hide, hmmmm?

      • Uh, right. The 17 was a deception, because many of the member agencies either refuted the accusation, or didn’t have enough evidence to make a decision. The 4 or so that did agree were all appointed, making them politically biased. No government agency was ever granted access to the DNC servers, and independent investigators have determined, based on transfer speeds, that the DNC leak was, in fact, internal. People, including Democrats like Clinton, had contact with Russians both publicly and privately, so contact isn’t a story — remembered or not. And Trump hasn’t blocked them, so you still have no point.

        You can always try the idea that vicious Russian attack memes stole the election.

      • “Anywhere from 4-17 different US intel agencies might disagree with you.”

        Debunked absolutely. Do keep up. Your “reality” bears no relation to actual reality.

  • Wow, the ever myopic and deluded Professor Hanson has weighed in with a real beauty today. With his impeccable logic he informs us the Trump and his minions are innocent because Hillary is guilty. I firmly agree that Hillary should have been indicted for several activities, but I also believe that the Mueller investigation is completely legitimate and should be followed to its logical end point. If Trump is so innocent why is he so afraid of the investigation – Oh, perhaps because two of his senior campaign advisors were literally on Russian payrolls!

    • We agree on asking why Trump so scared of Mueller.

      As far as Hillary being guilty…

      History of *EVERY* Clinton “Scandal”
      1. GOP demands a probe
      2. The probe is a bust
      3. GOP questions the probe being a bust
      4. Therefore, GOP screams “ANOTHER CLINTON SCANDAL!!!!!!!!!” forever

      • Sorry, but you’ll never make that float past anyone who has ever had a serious security clearance…

      • And yet bodies appear everywhere like magic. Those Clintons are such cards.

    • A special counsel which was appointed based on illegal actions by Comey, without an actual crime being investigated (in violation of the special counsel requirements), and with a blatant conflict of interest with the appointed counsel (also in violation of the special requirements) is legitimate? No bias there at all.

    • Mueller is looking for anything to make our President seem guilty!

      He is simply working hard to clear his good friend Comey!

      Comey had the facts on Crooked Hillary but after Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch on her private plane, Loretta ordered Comey to refer to Crooked Hillary’s criminal investigation as a “matter” and Comey folded like a cheap suit!

      Did Bill make Loretta an offer she couldn’t refuse?

      Did Loretta make Comey an Offer He couldn’t refuse?

      Comey, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch should be subpoenaed and prosecuted!

      America First!

  • Did the trolls’ paychecks clear today? They’re out in force

  • How bright is Hillary to point to the Russians while her own campaign manager is holding 75k shares and 100k stock options of a Putin backed US Energy Firm called Joulle.

  • But the GOP seems complicit in not investigating the Dems. Also, where is the bully pulpit and GOP asking Mueller to resign for COI?

  • First, Jeff Sessions would have to get up from his fetal position. Then, Pres. Trump would have to replace all the Obama holdovers infesting the deep state. Until now, this administration has done a wonderful impersonation of a cross between a punching bag and a pinata. I’d add that the FBI should investigate all the leaks coming from Mueller’s team. The day doesn’t go by when their “pet” media outlets don’t announce some new, sinister sounding development in the investigation–but never any evidence of collusion.

  • This entire thing is Lavrenti Beria’s “Show me the man, and I will show you the crime.” Mueller will dig until he finds something. There is no way he has that many lawyers (all Hillary voters) and spends that much money and comes out with: “There is nothing”.
    He may find a parking ticket that Trump skipped out on in 1978, but he will NOT come up with a Comey: “No reasonable prosecutor dodge.” Only Clintons get that.

  • You’re ignoring the slew of Russian attack memes that stole the election for Trump.
    Unfortunately, I got this from a progressive who seriously believes it.

  • Adding to the intrigue of what actually went on within the Obama-Hillary consortium is the recently emerging fact that Obama was no stranger to Fusion GPS and their “create dirt if you can’t actually find it” approach, having employed them to scandalously slander key Romney donors in the 2016 election effecting a freeze in Romney donations causing him to run a thin campaign for a time. Owing to this historically successful relationship it should not be too hard to figure that another Fusion GPS foray was suggested by Big O and that the FBI was pressured directly or indirectly (such as by the loyal conspirator Loretta Lynch) to take it seriously…seriously!!

    When we finally find out who paid them (Fusion GPS) it should be interesting indeed. The public conduits of information are preoccupied in looking in the wrong direction…stupid, ignorant dupes playing out their childish illusions of wanting so badly to be accepted in the “inner circle.” We are witnessing not only the triumph of rhetoric over substance but also classic manipulation by the people who actually hold the levers of power. It would be almost too much to believe or expect that this situation might actually wake this country up to how they have been manipulated and deceived. Instead of a them-and-us, it should just be an US…a powerful, free and sovereign America–the greatest source of stability to the world and the anathema of ONE World government (that is, ONE GREAT PROLETARIAT).

  • Lois Lerner pleaded the Fifth to avoid incriminating herself and there is NOTHING to prosecute?
    Jeff Sessions – Look over your shoulder. Donald Trump is watching
    “There’s not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS” – Barack Obama

  • Another hopelessly partisan screed from Victor. Obama says “57 states” and he mentions it in every third column for 8 years.

    Imagine if he had of fired an FBI Director who was investigating his ties to a hostile government.

    Trump–as always–gets graded on a curve.

  • Sessions!! …. buckle your chin strap son, get into the game!!! I never thought that I would come to admire Eric Holder. Holder is a scumbag but knows how to fight. Holder will gouge your eyes out if needed. Sessions is a puss.

  • Lets not forget that all of this could of easily been avoided if HRC just got out of the way and alowed Bernie to win the primary like he should of if it was a fair primary.
    If you f-in hate Trump, you better have just as much distaste in your mouth for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, HRC, and Podesta because they’re the real reason Trump won the Presidency.

    I Voted for Obama both times, and would of voted for Bernie if the nomination wasn’t stolen from him. So me and probably 15-20% of the Democratic base went over to Trump. I’m fine with my choices, i’m fine with a wall, i’m fine with a immigration ban. What i really want is America First, no foreign wars, and better trade deals and i’ll get them from Trump WAAAAYYYYY before i would ever of got them from HRC. You know miss TPP herself.

  • None of you—including the author—knows exactly what evidence Mueller is holding on to. Strategic leaks are useful, leaking everything is silly.

    Please proceed, Mr Mueller.

  • DOJ should expand the “special investigation” to include Comey and the partisan FBI’s election shenanigans. At that point Mueller’s conflicts, already existing, would be apparent for all to see. It is time to stop tiptoeing around the corruption in the FBI.

      • Seems like a good idea to me. This will keep all those Republicans that were put out of work busy again when they finally shut down the Benghazi investigations after 8 failed attempts. This time though, please let them on the comittee know when they have reached 6 or 7 sessions into HRC with no results so they can find work elsewhere before they shut down this nonsense also. Remember ‘idle hands……..”!

  • Many of the allegations in the so-called “Steele dossier” have proven correct. Honestly, Trump and his supporters are the most disloyal cabal of “Americans” to exist since the Civil War. And those calling for punishment of the losing presidential candidate are true authoritarian fascists who have no place in a civilized country.

    • Care to list those?

      Disloyal to the moneymen?

      True ignorance on display here.

      • A multi-year effort by Russian authorities to cultivate, support and assist Donald Trump (VERIFIED).
        Russia had offered to provide potentially compromising material on Hillary Clinton (VERIFIED), consisting of bugged conversations during her travels to Russia, and evidence of her viewpoints that contradicted her public positions on various issues.
        Russian President Putin was supportive of the effort to cultivate Trump, and the primary aim was to sow discord and disunity within the U.S. and the West (VERIFIED).
        In late fall of 2016 a Russian-supported company had been “using botnets and porn traffic to transmit viruses, plant bugs, steal data and conduct ‘altering operations’ against the Democratic Party leadership” (VERIFIED).
        Trump supporters are more loyal to Russia than to their fellow Americans with different political views. They support Russian authoritarianism more than American liberalism.

      • CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, MI6 and anyone who doesn’t have a micro-pecker :)

      • Wow – VERIFIED in capital letters. I’m convinced you must know what you’re talking about because you use caps.

      • Taking the easy way out, I see….
        To earthisanocean: “That’s because 90% of them ARE from the left.”
        ARE they? Really? It must be true if it’s written in caps…
        To Pometheus Unbound: “Marxists DO get upset when you expose them to the light of day.”
        DO they? Is that a fact? It must be since it’s written in all caps…
        To nobody in particular: “Problems WILL occur.”
        WILL they? Are you sure? You must be since you wrote it in all caps…

    • I’m sure they got a few things right, like Trump’s name and height, and the names of some of his associates. I doubt that any of it is useful or surprising.

      • Convincing to who? It’s quite long-winded, but ultimately relies entirely on implied trust, admitting that they couldn’t actually validate anything because they had no sources. Considering how much we know Steele got wrong, that’s pretty skimpy.

      • It may be convincing to anyone who is not already on the Trump train. It is also just as trustworthy as anything else written on the subject.

      • Wow, a speculative article by a left-wing ex-Deep State employee. With such a low bar, I have a bridge in Arizona going cheap. Just reply with your bank details.

      • You may need to readjust those antennae on your tinfoil helmet…

  • If you look at Clinton Foundation expenditures to cut outs and middlemen that resulted in lifetime Country Club memberships for guys like all begins to make sense.

  • Dem leaders know about the illegal activities of Dem leaders. GOP leaders know about the illegal activities of Dem leaders. If Trump runs in 2020, he will win by an even bigger margin, and if the GOP leaders refuse to change and grow a pair, what we get after Trump will not be pleasant for anyone.

    Rule of Law, and Equality before the Law matters.

    • Maybe they will get the point after the midterms. I’m betting the GOP picks up seats and at least a few old guard GOP get primaried

      • With the Dems still chasing their tail and “resisting” coming up with a rational strategy, things look good.

      • Some republicans in Congress betray our president, along with most liberal democrats and biased mainstream media who will publish 2,000 articles based on anonymous sources that President Trump never said!

        President Trump stands behind what’s good for America and we should stand behind him! America First! MAGA!

  • Should happen but WON’T happen. Proves that libs/dems/progs are correct: a huge swath of the American public is dumb as a bag of egg shells

  • The investigators of Trump need to be told to put up or shut up, and not be allowed to have an unconstitutional fishing exhibition. All the other scandals have yet to be investigated, and need a special council to do so. We need to know what occurred. But, no Special Prosecutor should be allowed to violate all ethics rules and appoint partisan, or all Clinton lawyers to investigate a Republican, nir be given a blank check or unlimited scope; that violated both the bill of rights and checks and balances of the constitution! Those Republicans who have allowed Muller a complete fishing exhibition using 17 or 17 Clinton and Obama lawyers/ supporters to do it, have a lot to answer for, and are in hot water with their voters accordingly.

  • if only we had a second party to perform these needed investigations of dem criminality and traiterous actions. unfortunately we only have the gop, handmaidens to treachery.

  • But wait, Richard Burr admitted that Nunes “created” the unmasking allegations from nothing…

    I’m sure you’ll clean that up real soon and never write about it this way again.

    Or not. Since you aren’t reporting Burr’s comments, since you only report news that fits you narratives.

    • Well, according to you lot Trump is setting himself up as a King. Subjects like Mueller need to watch themselves, lest they lose their head.

  • I don’t believe anyone who can matter cares and no one who cares, matters. The plot twists indicate a grand consiracy. If not, see statement #1.

  • This article was provided in part by the Russian government. Enjoy.

  • This whole mess of Hillary and her email servers, the untoward shenanigans of DWS with the DNC hack, Billy’s unseemly meeting to discuss the state of the investigation into Hillary’s server with Lynch, the outright lies told by Obama in unmasking American Citizens, and on and on, prove how corrupt the Democrat Party has become. Time to put the Clinton Crime Family away for good.

  • And still, no one has yet identified an actual crime that Trump, family, or associates might have committed. BTW, “collusion” sounds nefarious, but is not a crime even if they plotted together for months.

  • All investigations need to be started and finished in the scope of the allegations.

    We do not trust our government in DC. They must show transparency and open the investigations to public scrutiny.

    The Justice department and FBI are critically lacking trust in DC. They need to Conduct and prosecute the investigations against Trump, Clinton, and Obama directly and their surrogates

    If they cannot do that then we need to have another Church commission for them and deconstruct the Justice and FBI organizations.

    The intelligence organizations need to be held accountable or reconstituted.

    The government has usurped our rights and no longer have the public trust.

  • Congratulations Amgreatness! You’ve grown enough in readership that the weirdo left is making comments on your site. Oh, wait, they may not know they’re wierd. The NY Times, Cnn, WashPost, and all the other democrat operative news organizations still have them believing they’re in the majority. They’re brainwashed, poor little children.. Well, who knows, perhaps they’ll learn something here? If they’d do what they profess they do and be openminded they will. Can’t hurt. Thanks for being here.

  • “Presumably, special investigator Robert Mueller is focused mainly on whether former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort, or ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, or members of the Trump family, or Trump himself colluded with agents of the Russian government.”

    Mueller’s Got Nuthin.

    James Clapper testified that he had NO EVIDENCE that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians.

    John Brennan testified that he has NO EVIDENCE that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians.

    His Boyfriend- James Comey – testified that he has NO EVIDENCE that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians.



  • I think it is in our best interests to hold our politicians to at least the same standard legally and morally, if not more. This behavior by politicians on both sides must by forcefully prosecuted where needed or else this will only get worse.

  • Too bad worthless jeff sessions hasnt started investigations on the issues described.

  • So much for the law and order President. Big Trump fan (fanatic actually) but the lack of action on criminality has been the biggest disappointment thus far.

    Love his work on the economy, love his work on natural disasters. Love his strength on China and NK.

    But until Sessions actually nails someone for breaking the law, the future of American democracy is in serious doubt. You can’t have a democracy with a two-tier legal system.

    I don’t know if they are playing possum, or hunting big game (Obama) but the inability to nail even ONE leaker (excepting the one the left wing media accidentally outed) show that the laws are just for show. One can get away with almost anything today.

  • No deals– get to the truth of the matter of the criminally and start making arrests RICO style. Confiscate all records and equipment immediately. There is not a sane person alive that does not know numerous Federal law was broken. This is Criminal.

  • 2018, 2020…..justice will be served. We will remember the efforts of those involved in attempting to nullify the results of the 2016 and our duly elected President. That will involve those republicans involved in the aforementioned efforts and their complacency in supporting our President and/or their efforts to stymie his agenda.

  • The Democratic establishment members are all too happy to limit the DOJ and the FBI to only investigating Trump. They believe that by keeping the investigation alive, if not thriving, is okay because, for one thing, it distracts the administration from its agenda, and it gives them something to talk about.

    Establishment Republicans seem ambivalent at best when it comes to the Russian-Trump collusion investigation and appear reticent to advocate for robust and wide-ranging investigations into the multitude of possible crime threads.

    There are many more Democratic-linked crime threads available to investigate that include former presidents, former cabinet members, former director of the FBI, and many other high-ranking party members.

    My sense is the Democrats want to save what’s left of their center-left party and the Republicans appear to believe that prosecuting former presidents and the democratic nominee for president would stain America’s image.

    Is the political establishment preventing aggressive investigations of Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton to prevent the possibility of a former president or Hillary Clinton being convicted and thrown in jail?

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