The Anti-Trump Bourbons: Learning and Forgetting Nothing in Time for 2020

Just seven months into Donald Trump’s administration we are already bombarded with political angling and speculations about the 2020 presidential race. No one knows in the next three years what can happen to a volatile Trump presidency or his psychotic enemies, but for now such pronouncements of doom seem amnesiac if not absurd.

Things are supposedly not going well politically with Donald Trump lately, after a series of administration firings, internecine White House warring, and controversial tweets. A Gallup Poll has him at only a 34 percent positive rating, and losing some support even among Republicans (down to 79 percent)—although contrarily a recent Rasmussen survey shows him improving to the mid-forties in popularity. Nonetheless, we are warned that even if Trump is lucky enough not to be impeached, if he is not removed under the 25th Amendment or the Emoluments Clause, if he does not resign in shame, even if he has the stamina to continue under such chaos, even if he seeks reelection and thus even more punishment, he simply cannot win in 2020.

In answer to such assumed expertise, one could answer with Talleyrand’s purported quip about our modern-day Bourbons that “They had learned nothing and forgotten nothing.”

Namely, Trump’s enraged critics still do not grasp that he is a reflection of, not a catalyst for, widespread anger and unhappiness with globalization, interventionist foreign policy, Orwellian political correctness, identity politics, tribalism, open borders, and a Deep State that lectures and condemns but never lives the consequences of its own sermonizing.

In particular, the current conundrum and prognostications ignore several constants.

Do Americans Really Believe that Pollsters and the Media Have Reformed?

One, despite the recent Gallup poll, most polls still show Trump’s at about a 40 percent approval rating—nearly the same level of support as shortly before the November 2016 election. That purported dismal level of support is pronounced to be near fatal, when in fact it is not.

Since a) pollsters likely have not much changed their methodology since 2016, and since b) it is fair so assume that the media and those who poll for them continue to despise Trump, and since c) Trump’s exasperating eccentricities continue to make his supporters cautious about voicing their support (even to anonymous pollsters and political surveyors), we can conclude that his actual support could be about 45-47 percent—or close to the percentage of the popular vote he won in 2016.

Given that Trump’s base in the key swing states of the Midwest (the so-called Democratic “blue wall”) has not weakened, there is no real reason yet to think Trump could not win the Electoral College again in 2020 in the same fashion as 2016. In 2004 and 2012, we were told respectively that an unpopular George W. Bush and a sinking Barack Obama might lose reelection; instead they both were re-elected largely with the same election calculus and an even stronger base of support that carried them to victory four years earlier.

Do Americans Really Believe the Messenger Nullifies the Message?

As in 2016, many of those who voted for Trump would prefer that he curb his tweets, clean up his language, sleep eight instead of five hours, and follow all the conventional-wisdom admonitions offered about his misbehavior. But that said, nearly half of the country is probably still willing to overlook his eccentricities for several reasons.

Trump now has a presidential record of eight months. Despite the media’s neglect of it, one can sense changes by just getting out and traveling the country. Even in rural central California, one can feel that it really is true that there is a 76 percent drop in illegal immigration, and immigration law is being taken seriously as never before.

It was no accident that the National Council of La Raza without warning dropped its racialist nomenclature and is now UnidosUS (“Together, US”). Why is the Democratic Party now feigning a focus on class, not racial, issues with its new “Better Deal” FDR/Truman-like echo?

The same pragmatics about changed attitudes are reflected in dozens of local roadside canteens in my environs that have taken down their showy Mexican flags and are now waving even larger American ones. Cement trucks and construction cranes are ubiquitous on the roads in a way not true over the prior eight years. Talk to business people, and they are citing new projects and investments, not voicing anxieties about higher taxes and more regulatory hostility.

align=”left” The point is not just that no one can know the ultimate fate of the Trump agenda, but rather that so far media hysteria and congressional calcification have not stopped perceived conservative progress. The bottom line is that Trump did prove to be far more conservative than Republican establishmentarians had forecast.

Much of Trump’s success so far comes despite congressional ossification and is clearly psychological: people with money to invest or to build things prefer to do so when the head of the regulatory state urges them to create jobs, make money, and help their country get richer, not when he warns them that it is not the time to profit, that they need to share and spread around their wealth, that they must calibrate when they have made enough profits, and that they should concede that  the state built their businesses as much as their own daring and talent.

Despite congressional failure so far on reforming Obamacare, conservatives are delighted not just with the Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court appointment, but also with literally dozens of conservative lower federal court appointments, who are both youngish and judicially restrained. Would they have preferred to let Hillary Clinton decide the trajectory of the Supreme Court for the next two or three decades?

Does anyone think a President John McCain or Mitt Romney would have pulled out of the Paris climate change accord?

Trump’s team is reinventing the Environmental Protection Agency, giving clean coal a second life, opening up natural gas and oil exploration on federal lands, building pipelines, and exporting energy. The crash in world oil prices is bankrupting exporters like Russia, Middle East autocracies, and the Gulf States, whose influences are now pruned back by a dearth of cash.

The major cabinet officials are competing to deregulate the deep state and free up individual initiative.

At home the economy grew at a 2.6 percent annualized rate last quarter, and corporate profits at are record levels. So is the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Unemployment is lower than at any time in an over a decade.

The trade deficit is even shrinking and lots of companies have announced relocations to the United States, in reaction to record cheap energy costs and a perceived favorable business environment. And all this comes at a time when the United States is neither seeking optional military interventions nor backing away from thuggish aggression, but is trying to thread the needle in restoring deterrence along the lines of “principled realism.”

The point is not just that no one can know the ultimate fate of the Trump agenda, but rather that so far media hysteria and congressional calcification have not stopped perceived conservative progress. The bottom line is that Trump did prove to be far more conservative than Republican establishmentarians had forecast. To his supporters, Trump’s message is usually distinguished from Trump, the messenger. Politically that means pragmatist supporters can focus on his agenda not his tweets, while Trump’s die-hard voters like his Twitter combativeness, viewing it as a long overdue media comeuppance.

Trump himself is less rather than more likely to keep running a chaotic White House. Appointments like John Kelly as chief of staff, or H.R. McMaster as national security advisor and James Mattis as defense secretary are not symptoms of a sell out to the Deep State, but evidence of Trump’s own acknowledgment that for his populism to be effective, he needs structure and focus.

In sum, lots of Americans support what Trump is doing rather than agreeing with what he sometimes is saying and tweeting—and even more of his base like both.

Do Americans Really Listen to the Conservative Elite Establishment?

Third, Trump does not run in a vacuum, but always in a landscape of alternatives. The Republican Party is split, but so far the NeverTrump establishment is smaller and less influential than the returning Tea-Party/Trump/Reagan Democrat conservative base that in part sat out in 2008 and 2012 or once voted Democratic.

align=”right” One of the strangest ironies of the present age is that Trump’s populism (e.g., “our farmers”, “our vets”, “our coal miners”, “our workers”), which saved the Senate and House for Republicans and delivered the greatest Republican majorities on the local and state level since the 1920s, is either ridiculed or ignored.

What Trump loses to elite Republican and conservative disdain expressed in op-eds and news show round tables or to Lindsey Graham and John McCain-like denunciations, he has more than made up with new populist Republican support in small towns and communities nationwide. For now, it is hard to imagine any other potential Republican nominee rallying a crowd like Trump or appealing to the losers of globalization in such dramatic fashion.

That we are, once again, being advised that Republican grandees are looking for a new version of Evan McMullin, or that a cranky John Kasich will reenter the primary race in 2020, or that Jeff Flake insists that he is the moral superior to those who stooped to vote for Trump, to be honest, means nada.

More than 90 percent of Republicans voted for Trump before he had a political record, and about the same will do it again based on his conservative agenda as expressed and enacted so far. If the economy hits 3 percent economic growth, with near 4 percent unemployment, the Dow does not crash, and if the Russian collusion charges end up only with symbolic scalps (and all that is possible if not likely), Trump will win over half the independents, solidify his base and likely take the Electoral College.

One of the strangest ironies of the present age is that Trump’s populism (e.g., “our farmers”, “our vets”, “our coal miners”, “our workers”), which saved the Senate and House for Republicans and delivered the greatest Republican majorities on the local and state level since the 1920s, is either ridiculed or ignored.

Yet the more the economy picks up, the more the administration prunes back the regulatory state, and the more the United States restores deterrence, the shriller will be the argument that Trump’s tweets and behavior nullify solid achievement. Just watch.

Will the New Democratic/Progressive Party Really Rebuild the Blue Wall?

Fourth and finally, the less publicized split in the Democratic Party is probably worse than that of its Republican counterpart. The latter did not stop Trump’s victory in the Electoral College, the former helped ensure Hillary’s “Blue Wall” collapsed.

align=”left” Truth is, the party mortgaged its soul to the identity politics lobby, and thereby embraced a number of fatally wrong assumptions.

The current head of the Democratic National Committee, Thomas Perez, is best known for his profanity-laced tirades; his more unstable subordinate Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) recently claimed that Kim Jong-un was a more responsible actor than the president of the United States, while Justice Neil Gorsuch was an illegitimate Supreme Court judge. The former DNC head, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is facing myriad bizarre scandals. Her replacement Donna Brazile became most famous as a CNN talking head who leaked debate questions to the Clinton campaign. With disreputable icons like these, who needs opposition research?

Almost any of Bill Clinton’s 1990s talking points on government, immigration, race, taxes, or law enforcement could not be voiced today by any mainstream Democratic politician. In 2008, Hillary drank with boilermakers; in 2016 she smeared the lower middle class with taunts of “deplorables” and “irredeemables.”

Truth is, the party mortgaged its soul to the identity politics lobby, and thereby embraced a number of fatally wrong assumptions.

First, record minority registration and turnout for Barack Obama were not automatically transferable to other Democrat grandees. Obama pushed the party hard leftward with a new strategy of uniting previously feuding minority groups under an us/them binary of anti-“white privilege” while at the same time soothing liberals with his Ivy League pedigree, his exotic hip multicultural name, and his mellifluent banality. It is hard to see too many other candidates recreating such political gymnastics.

align=”right” Democrats are finally worrying that they have lost the white working class; they should be even more terrified that they might lose 40 percent of the traditional minority vote if the economy keeps growing and Trump keeps talking about protecting low wage-earners from the dual threats of globalization and illegal immigration.

Second, if Obama did not bequeath an upside legacy, he certainly left a downside. Tribal obsessions with identity politics were implicitly an attack on the white working class. Those in Ohio and Pennsylvania were not just angry for being written off as bitter clingers, irredeemables, and deplorables, but also furious to be scapegoated for having “white privilege” by those who alone enjoyed it. A party run by Pajama Boys, half-educated media talking heads, Middlebury-prolonged adolescents, Bay Area billionaire techies in t-shirts and flip-flops, Hollywood gated grandees, Al Gore green elites, and Black Lives Matter activists is not going to win easily back Michigan and Wisconsin.

Finally, the Democrats failed to see that class-based populism is a far more inclusionary and thus dynamic phenomenon than is racial tribalism—for both whites and non-whites. Democrats are finally worrying that they have lost the white working class; they should be even more terrified that they might lose 40 percent of the traditional minority vote if the economy keeps growing and Trump keeps talking about protecting low wage-earners from the dual threats of globalization and illegal immigration.

In sum, the Democratic Party has learned nothing and forgotten nothing. It is doubling down on exactly what lost it the Blue Wall.

Ditto the Republican NeverTrump establishment that seeks to recapture relevance by reemphasizing exactly what lost it influence in 2016. The argument that Trump, the man, is so beyond moral redemption that Trump’s agenda is irrelevant will not fly with those who feel that they are already better off than in 2016. And the idea that conservative populism is a temporary deviation from a winning and properly orthodox Jeb Bush conservatism is delusional.

Trumpism is not an eponymous political movement per se. It was merely an adjective for the reification of far greater preexisting political realities.

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About Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He is an American military historian, columnist, a former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. He has been a visiting professor at Hillsdale College since 2004. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush. Hanson is also a farmer (growing raisin grapes on a family farm in Selma, California) and a critic of social trends related to farming and agrarianism. He is the author most recently of The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, The Case for Trump and the newly released The Dying Citizen.

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609 responses to “The Anti-Trump Bourbons: Learning and Forgetting Nothing in Time for 2020”

  1. A superb piece by perhaps the best writer and commentator since Thomas Sowell retired.

    What is not accentuated is that Donald Trump and his administration is not only dealing with the “deep state” that lingers in the massive bureaucracy after every presidency, but with a particularly dangerous minefield domestically and internationally deliberately laid by by the sinister Barack Hussein Rspect and his nefarious regime.

    At least half of the USA is sick and tired of being governed by people who consider themselves our betters, confiscate and re-distribute our property to the lazy and undeserving, defend the indefensible, invite invaders who mean to do us harm into our midst, and exempt themselves from the restrictions they bind us to.

    Because of Rspect, the maniacs of the Marxocrat party, Big Media, Big Academia, Big Legal, and smarmy RINO’s like McCain, Collins, and Murkowsky, the USA is a powder keg with a slow burning fuse.

    This goes beyond Donald Trump. The rot of the Clinton and Rspect years has imperiled the survival of the Republic, and not all of us are ready to let it fall.

  2. Excellent, as always, from Professor Hanson.

    What is not apparent yet is whether the Trump presidency can survive either of the following two tsunamis coming against it.

    [1] The all-in opposition – frantic, absolute – from the Political Class, the Mainstream Media (both owned by Big Money, Wall St, the Chamber of Commerce and also vehicles for the Left), whose agenda is exactly opposite to the President’s.

    [2] The collapse of the dollar and the world economy, long overdue, resulting from the super-gigantic debt overhang – very many trillions on-balance-sheet and still more off-balance-sheet in most governments. This – in principle – could be delayed by President Trump using his ability to appoint a large majority to the Fed board (owing to natural wastage: most members retire shortly) and get them to base the dollar on a fixed gold standard of $10,000 per troy ounce (not a round sum plucked out of the air but the current value of gold considering the quantity of that precious metal and the quantity of money currently on Earth). But will he have the time to do that – which is something I think he wants to do (he needs till February at the earliest) or will the Suicide Squadron – Big Money, Wall St etc. – crash everything (not least their own fortunes) into ruin before then?

  3. Another great piece from Professor Hanson.
    I’d only add that the NeverTrump / Bill Kristol crowd is also motivated by self-interest. They realize after their 2016 shellacking that the only way the media will pay attention to them is if they go full anti-Trump.

  4. Mr Hanson – I used to think you were reasonable – you have thrown your decency and morality out the window. I will never read you again.

      • Exactly! Hansen has NEVER been reasonable. Some of his opinion pieces arte so shoddy and poorly researched that it seems t he obtained his doctorate from some obscure online university that mails you a diploma as soon as you are paid in full.

      • Bend real far forward and suck on your own atrophied member, communist loser.

  5. Trump will very likely be elected to a second term if he can stay the course and resist the temptation to curry favor with the Left. So far, he has managed to prevail in the face of the slings and arrows of a near monolithically hostile press and and the active sabotage from the elites within his own party. It seems the only person who can damage his relation with his supporters is Donald J. Trump and so far, his supporters have stuck with him in spite of the incredible array of forces marshaled against him.

    If he weren’t so vulgar and narcissistic, I might believe he is God’s anointed sent to chastise the pagan barbarians.

    • “If he weren’t so vulgar and narcissistic”

      Foolish objection. We wanted and needed a street fighter. We got a brawler. Whatever it takes to stop the communists.

      • It is not an objection; it is an observation. Is it your contention that Trump is not vulgar and narcissistic?

      • “Vulgar” is derived from the name given to common speech in Latin, as opposed to the classical forms retained by the academy. So in that regard, yes, Trump is “vulgar”, namely speaking the language of the common man,and God bless him for it.

        As to whether Trump is narcissistic, first and foremost, he is a New Yorker, and his hyperbolic braggadocio in and of itself is simply a reflection on this; ditto for the use of his name-recognition in his business properties. When he talks about the country, our workers, our accomplishments and failings, he always uses “us” and “our”, in distinction to Obama, who couldn’t talk about something as banal as soybean futures without using “I” and “me” in every sentence.

        I believe Barack Obama is pathologically narcissistic and borderline sociopathic. From what I have seen, Donald Trump as a private individual is both considerate and personally modest. So no, I do not believe Donald Trump is truly vulgar or narcissistic in the sense that you mean.

        The disconnect is simple: You fail to distinguish between Donald Trump, the man, and Donald Trump the businessman and head of state.

      • Good God, do you really believe this garbage. Donald Trump is a textbook narcissist and sociopath who has a long history of criminal behavior in his career as a “businessman” In office he has confirmed that he is a racist and a proto-fascist wannabe. I can’t wait for you to explain it away when he tries to cancel the 2020 election.

      • Right……

        And that is why no one wants to do business with him or work for him.

      • Actually I wore the uniform of this country I love. In my personal email I see that you have threatened me with physical violence. To do that you’d have to get out of your mom’s basement

      • You don’t love this country. You voted for a communist who announced he was going to “fundamentally transform” this country, that is, destroy it. Then you voted for the Stalinist Clinton thing. That makes you a vicarious criminal, vermin to be dealt with.

      • Air Force, right? There is no way that you’d ever strap on a rucksack and get your boots dirty.

      • You are worse than a delusional know nothing. You are a liar who cannot back up any of the lies you spout. You wouldn’t recognize a textbook narcissist or sociopath if they hit you in the nose. You really should not use words you have no clue what they mean.

      • hiLIARry lost, fool. get over it. The Dem/Fascists party’s infatuation with the repressive, anti-First Amendment, Fascist “anti-fa” is going to ensure they lose even more of the blue wall in 2020

      • I would say vulgar – but like a common person. It is a sign he isn’t a stuffy wine and cheese elite – and is actually endearing to the common man.

      • I see that “Redmanrt” has threaten you as well. Wear that threat as a badge of honor. You’ve pissed off a Nazi racist thug.

      • I am a militant conservative, and physically prepared to deal with communist thugs like you.

      • Are you talking about Obama? He is the one who seemed to hate Jews. I wouldn’t want to puss off Obama – just like with Hillary I might mysteriously end up committing suicide – or get killed in a robbery where the thieves take nothing.

      • I was a reluctant supporter of Trump. Ben Carson, then Cruz. Basically, I had no idea what Trump would do and I knew what the hildabeast WAS. Now, after seven months I learned to ignore his tweets and what he says that is vulgar and personal offensive. I simply watch what he DOES. So far, I like all of it. He governs as a Constitution conservative in actions, EO’s, laws , deregulation, cancelling the Paris climate scam, Gorsuch, judicial nominees, etc.. Pay no attention to tweets, I think he is trying to make the Presstitutes go insane. I like that too.

      • You got it – it is all a smokescreen in his manipulation of the media as they focus on those things while he moves his agenda elsewhere. Besides that, he even wins in his tirades as seen in the current state of CNN. He is exactly what his base wants him to be and is our voice as we do hate the Left media bias. He just wins and wins and wins and this whole Russia thing will be one of his biggest wins when Mueller returns a report of no collusion and no obstruction except by Democrats.

      • Mueller has the A team democrat Hil dog donors. They will find something to prosecute and they will. They want to put Trump in prison for loving Americans. And his family.

      • No, not my contention. You put words in my mouth in my presence, and you will regret it. My obvious contention is that it doesn’t matter. For your little mind, take note that everyone is a narcissist.

      • I contend that no one without such traits would have been able to survive the Democrat/Media sneer and smear machine. Do you suggest otherwise?

      • I’ll answer your question: no. To say someone “is vulgar” is to say vulgarity is the essence of his being. Is Trump often bombastic and does he occasionally use mild vulgarity? Yes. Big difference than, “Trump is vulgar.” That he has raised such solid children tells me that could never be true.

        And I don’t think Trump is narcissistic. At all. Does he have an ego? Of course he does, as does any successful person at the top of their game, men tending to be more egocentric than women. Narcissism properly understood is a psychological disorder, and regardless of what leftist lunatics and NeverTrumpers say and think, Trump is not psychologically disordered. Again, his children prove dispositive. Narcissists don’t raise such respectful, polished children who respect, love, and admire their father like the Trump children.

        Nuance is called for when criticizing Trump, but his critics don’t do nuance.

      • Someone like me is going to help you when push comes to shove, commie.

      • Everyone on this thread today look at the threats of physicial violence posted by “Redmanrt” If you are a Trumpite this is what you have to buy into.

      • Your street fighter bent the knee to the media and left just yesterday. He is a former NY limousine liberal. Old habits die hard and he will always curry favor with the left rather than the deplorables that elected him. It’s the frog and the scorpion.

      • Bend over backward and suck on your own puckered orifice.

      • Really? If you are really interested in the truth, which you are not, you could watch an interview he gave in 1999 which would confirm that what he says and stands for now is the very same as he did then. He has been rock solid in his views and just because business in NY requires that you touch all the right bases so that those with the political power to shut you down don’t, does not reflect on the truth.

    • If the Senate RINOs and Democrats pass an Obamacare bailout for the insurance companies, President Trump better veto it. But other than that, I very much approve of the President’s policy’s so far.

    • You don’t think Jesus was swearing when he threw out the money changers from the temple? I think the gospels described what happened – not the exact words that were said.

      • No, he didn’t curse . Thou shall not take the Lord’s name in vain. Jesus committed no sin, ever. Jesus Christ is God the Son. He was perfect in upholding the Law.

      • There is no commandment – though shalt not curse. There are quite a few curses that do not involve the Lords name.

        And Jesus wasn’t perfect either – or he would have been able to deal with the money changers without anger.

      • Ok, semantics game now. Ok. Exodus 20:7 from ESV, “You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain”

        Jesus, the Christ, the Annoited One, was perfect. He committed no sin, ever. This made him acceptable to our Holy God, Jehovah. If you can not say this and believe it, then perhaps you should question your faith. Jesus the Christ is God the Son.

      • And the pious Pharisees of the day found Jesus to be incredibly vulgar. The Pharisees of our era are

      • By overturning the tables, Jesus really upset the establishment priests who were getting a cut of the moneychangers’ take. The establishment priests, in their turn, were paying off the Romans. Jesus knew what he was doing. He provoked his crucifixion.

    • “Scourge of God” would be the more appropriate phrase, I think.

    • Those anointed by G⊙d serve specific purpose. Their actual actions and methods do not necessarily coincide with what one may wish to believe is moral, in such a period. There are… unpleasant realities, requiring unpleasant methodologies. These things can not be understood or defined by humans.

      Everyone can take a guess, but guessing at the answer to a insoluble reality is just a hpobby. The creation will unfold, or perfect schedule, each person and particle performing a specific and unaltered trajectory.

      The actions of G⊙d is in no manner understandable to the consciensciousneness of the living, for a reason. To understand the reason… he/she/it requires your physical death, first.

      We murdered his last representative, so one may gather from that reality, our present situations.

    • Of course he’s God’s anointed. Your instincts are on the money. Don’t be distracted by what you call vulgar. The pious Pharisees were horrified by God incarnates behavior when He lived among us. Now is not the time for effete Politicians. God sent us a warrior. Finally, what you describe as narcissism is actually the self confidence he needs to succeed in the face of overwhelming obstacles. A narcissist cares only about themselves. His relationships with his 5 children, 5 grandchildren, many life long friends from all walks of life and his thousands of employees over decades prove he is the opposite of a narcissist.

  6. Professor Hanson… NAILED it. I live in Mass and tell my horrified friends/co-workers that with President Trump, I don’t focus on what OFFENDS me but what AFFECTS me. I am 100% behind curbing illegal immigration. I am thrilled with Conservative Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch. I am happy the stock market is doing well and the labor market even better. If President Trump could produce a tax cut for the middle class($100,000 or less for singles and $200,000 or less for couples), he would hit a home run and his numbers would go through the roof. Fake news CNN does not understand that his base is still with him and his detractors are still his detractors. I only wish he had the support of all the Republican Congress to make his job a bit easier. I ignore the polls because they were really, really, really off in the 2016 election so why should they be any better now with the same pollsters/methods. I am rooting really hard for President Trump because his success is success for ALL Americans……….

    • I voted for Trump because I feared the Stalinist Hillary thing. On the morning of 8 Nov. I was convinced Trump would lose. I was wrong, and as it turns out, I now like him more with each passing day.

      Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

      • You are like many other Americans in growing to like President Trump…..his support is NOT dropping, I think it is solidifying and growing.

        Regarding the polls, they are just part of the Leftist Media Narrative…yes, they are rigged…the people who run the polls are part of the same Leftist Elite political class, and they can be bought, as well, but they are NOT for sale to conservative/traditional American candidates.

        I made a lot of money on the political prediction markets at by ignoring the phony, polls.

        Remember, the polling outfits have ZERO fiduciary rules protecting the public from deliberately manufactured polls….but, like accountants, lawyers, and insurance agents, they SHOULD have fiduciary restrictions regarding their professional practices.

      • The Trump effect is always in play. When asked about actual policy issues and decisions, the support for his policies shoots up into the mid 60s. They may not like his style as being very different than they are used to, but the folks like what he is doing and stands for which will show up in the voting booth.

      • True. Plus I have to note this is another excellent article by Victor Davis Hanson that was well worth the read. He’s right on the money. Not to mention it’s mind blowing that there’s all this speculation being pushed by the media about 2020 and dem potential candidates on the move only a few months into Trump’s first term. At this rate pretty soon they’ll be campaigning for president 8 years before the election they’re shooting at. It’s beyond absurd. Obviously Trump can do no right with these people – they’re living in never never land and will find ways to excoriate him no matter what he says or doesn’t say. I just hope they keep tearing their own to shreds with their asinine divisive intolerant identity politics and victim mentality.

      • Will Trump fans mobilize to bring their voters to the polls? Or will Trump fans sit around and hope that TV ads and the RNC does the job?

      • Trump never used TV ads. Trump fans memed and made free videos to help Trump win the election and they’ve never stopped since. Trump fans also despise the GOP establishment so of course they won’t count on them. Check out reddit the Donald to get a sense of the energy and engagement among the Presidents supporters. They’re having a blast.

      • I keep telling people to ignore those ads on FB, etc, to donate to Trump through the RNCC, ad nauseum. DO NOT GIVE ANY MONEY TO THE PARTY ORGANIZATIONS! They will just use it to undermine the true statesmen that we need in Congress! They have done it, are currently doing, and are snakes. Give to the candidates of your choice, especially if they are underdogs against a well-funded RINO or incumbent.

        This may take that vacation nest egg, Christmas bonus donated to the candidate, with family campouts and non-traditional holiday practices, to fund the newcomers. This is what it will take, with prudent recruitment of VIABLE candidates NOW.

      • Trump fans know better than to rely on ads and the RNC. We are resourceful and detetmined folks. Remember, we’re the people who wait in lines for hours to attend Trump rallies.

      • According to polls 0bama had a 60% approval rating. Some how since 2009 Dems lost over 1000 seats at the Fed/State level, both houses of Congress and the WH. Rs control a huge majority of Governorships and tactically the Dems only control 6 coastal states. So much for polls and being popular.

      • Obama is the lone exception which proves the rule that the voting public is rejecting the Democrats at historic records.

      • Keep relying on those polls. I never did care before the election and don’t care now.

      • IN fact, a more accurate term would be POLING, as in the dems/libs/progs got POLED…and it still hurts.

      • they were all wrong on Nov 8, 2016 and you are now living the results of those “Are they all wrong”.
        Go back and read the article, even the polling outfits haven’t changed their approach; like the Dems and Never-Trumpers.

      • Keep in mind when bashing the polls Hillary won the vote by 3 million

      • Which puts him double that of Congress, mainly because of Democratic shenanigans, and about 5 times that of the mass media, mainly because they are the propaganda wing of the Democrats. Not a single Democrat supports him, not because of anything he says or does but because of the (R) next to his name so 42% support is actually pretty good.

      • There are also many reasons to dislike Trump but favor the “R”

      • For gravity defying Trump that’s more than enough to replicate in 2020 his unexpected victory of last November.

      • You made a lot from – I made a lot by buying SPXL 2 days after his election – levered S&P 500 – up 44%.

      • You’re probably right about fiduciary restrictions for pollsters, but that would rob us plebs of the wonderful sport of witnessing their stunned reactions when their carefully manufactured lies fall apart.

        Pollsters are afflicted with the same arrogance as the media … both groups have come to see their rolls as influencing the electorate instead of faithfully reflecting it. Their spectacular failure over Trump, resulting in their shock and disbelief on election night, was a thing of beauty that many of us will never forget. They thought they were deluding us, but they wound up deluding themselves.

      • Yep, how delicious was that.

        The Left has had everything their way for a generation or longer….and now comes along Trump and bich slaps them…it is wonderful…and the American People know it , too.

        The polls are for sure lying about his popularity. I here a number of people stating that they are just as supportive of Trump as they were pre election, and many who were doubtful of him but voted for him, are now warming up significantly to him….and many interviews of people on conservative radio by callers report the same phenomenon.

        I always figured the American People would wake up to what the Left is about….and the election of president Trump, I sense, is the tipping point.

        What does the Leftist Movement have in Common with Islamic Jihad?

        One Picture Equals 1000 Words…..
        You’ll need to enlarge this picture to view well……

        To enlarge or shrink the picture, click the double arrow > ……in the lower right hand corner to share on Facebook, Twitter, …….or just email this link to this Meme to a friend.

        And, you can scroll thru more memes……just click the arrows to the sides.

        ⤵ Up Votes? ……Comments? [I wonder what people think of these memes……I hardly get any feedback]

      • Add R J to the list of those who haven’t learned anything!

      • He’ll learn to keep his mouth shut, sooner or later.

      • If it weren’t for poor taste ,and bad judgement, you wouldn’t have any.

      • May well be, but people with my kind of taste and judgement now rule. You can make it easy on yourselves, and you’ll hardly notice anything. But if you and your kind keep pushing, well then, discipline will be enforced. I can almost feel your pain, loser.

      • Rigidly authoritarian and, when younger, a master of details. Read up on Stalin, fascinating character from a distance.

    • The only thing “Professor” (Check out Hillsdale “College”) Hanson nailed his that he has exposed himself as an apologist for a racist thug who is subverting American democracy every day.

      • YOU are the reason Trump was elected and will be re-elected.

        So, keep up the ignorant name calling. You should also go out a riot, maybe shoot a few more cops.

      • R J Ault just doesn’t get it. Even if I agreed with the left I would not put up with burning police cars and clubbing innocent people. I live in California and saw BLM close freeways keeping people from getting home from work. Burning cars and broken windows in Oakland and Berkley. People attacked at a San Jose Trump rally. I would never vote for more of that! I’m in my fifties and have never seen a KKK member anywhere in person but I have seen a lot of hoodie wearing thugs.

      • When you engage in rhetoric that is ludicrous on its face, nobody will take you seriously except your fellow Marxists.

      • Ault can not be reached with rational arguments. However, he and his kind can be trained to keep their mouths shut, at first in public. He, and his kind, will flee to The Hill, Huffington Compost, and the like, kind of like a quarantine.

      • Do you call everyone not in full agreement with you racist? Hanson is not an apologist he deals in facts, you should try it sometime.

      • As usual, a shallow, ill-informed DEM is wrong again. Victor Davis Hansen is professor emeritus of Classics at California State University, Fresno. He has been a visiting professor of classics at Stanford University and is a fellow of the Hoover Institute at Stanford.

      • Speaking of Dems, has Victor Davis Hanson given up his Democrat Party registration yet?

      • Who cares? He’s right most every time even if he is registered as a Democrat. Any proof that he is registered as a Democrat?

      • You and your ilk make claims like that without providing any proof whatsoever which makes your comments less than meaningless. You think you are saying something when in fact there is no there there.

      • How is Trump subverting American democracy? I really am interested in how you think this is happening. Please share.

      • I have pretty much discontinued commenting on this thread because there appear to be some really unhinged lunatics posting. You, however, asked a fair question and I will attempt to give an answer in a respectful way which can be fairly debated. I firmly believe Trump and his puppetmaster Bannon are subverting American democracy in the way that all wannabe strongmen/dictators do. There are three components to their attack. (1) All potential dictators need an enemy. Hitler had the Jews. Trump has the undocumented. (2) all potential dictators attack the free press – This is fairly self evident, (3) But the most important thing is that potential dictators attack the legitimacy of the electoral process itself. Hitler had his Brownshirts intimidating all non-Nazis until he came to power in 1933. While our institutions are stronger than this Trump has launched his attack on the electoral process by his utterly unsupported claims about voter fraud, and his alleged voter integrity commission. This all adds up to a classic fascist attack on democratic institutions. Now, if you just want to call me a commie a**shole, save your time. I’ve been called all that this morning. If you want to have a spirited debate in the American tradition it would be fun!

      • Thanks for your response. First of all, I believe that Trump sees undocumented immigrants not as a personal enemy, but as an enemy of the American citizens whose jobs and tax dollars they are taking, and of the rule of law. You can disagree of course, but the basic assumption I have about Trump is that he is approaching the presidency as doing what’s best for American citizens, and using that matrix, he will put the welfare of undocumented immigrants behind that of citizens. That doesn’t subvert democracy in any way.

        Second, attacking CNN and other legacy media outlets, in my opinion, has been a defensive rather than an offensive move. I read news from all outlets and the differences are staggering. There is a large amount of misinformation printed and televised by CNN, etc. It’s indisputable, as the fact checker have shown. Historically, if a major news outlet unfairly criticized a republican lawmaker or candidate, they would quietly resign in shame. Those days are over with Trump, who is fighting back. Love it or hate it, that new dynamic is terrifying to media outlets. Unfortunately, they’ve done it to themselves. If they’d been fair and accurate, they wouldn’t be in this position. If they are truthful, they will be left alone. This is not an attack on democracy, this is Trump exercising HIS right to free speech.

        Regarding number three. We can’t have it both ways. We can’t scream that the election was hacked and then balk at a commission to find fraud. Jill Stein’s effort revealed inconsistencies and issues but was halted by the courts. Judicial Watch reports 11 counties in CA that have more registered voters than citizens of voting age. A James Madison college student was convicted of registering 18 dead voters in VA. Sure, these are just a few instances, but there are many more across the country. The only way you can deny that Trump is attempting to solve the problems with his commission to consider Trump corrupt and illegitimate to begin with. Ask yourself if you would be this suspicious if Obama had a similar commission and perhaps it will reveal that your concerns are perhaps overblown. Once again, this is not an attack on democracy but an attempt to ensure democracy by ensure our voting is fair to all involved.

      • We are on opposite sides of the political divide, but your response to me is reasoned and certainly worthy of close attention. Probably the thing I have the most problem with is your ready acceptance of Trump’s attack on the free press. You see it as fighting back; I see it as an existential threat to press freedom. We are both reasonable loyal Americans and we just see the world in drastically different ways. But in the end, that’s what makes this country great. Neither of us have to fear “a knock on the door in the middle of the night.” I certainly wish you all the best

      • I think that free press comes with the responsibility to try to be accurate, and many outlets are failing at that and getting called out by a president exercising his first amendment rights. If he were shutting down the outlets, I would be the first to criticize him.

        Thanks for playing! I wish you the best as well.

      • When the press has become almost entirely a propagandist outlet for the so-called ‘liberal, progressive’ (massive misnomers) worldview and when it sees as its first-priority task to take out a sitting president because he does do not fit in with that view, how is it free?

        I followed the news coverage of the last General Election closely from early in 2015 and really I could not get much of a cigarette-paper between the behavior of the media and that of radio and newspapers in Goebbels’s Berlin or Tass, Izvestia and Pravda in the Soviet Union.

        Real Journalism has died in our time. It used to be the case that journalists – a majority – were indeed ‘liberal’ in their personal affections and affiliations but to a considerable degree they were also professional at work. They researched what was happening in their country and in the world. They read books, especially history books. They were educated people. [Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s right hand man declared, in the NY Times magazine May 5 2016 that the journalists who lobbied the White House for stories were hopelessly ignorant – and credulous.] They attempted to tell people what was happening – that was their first priority – and then to publish comment on it from various different angles and viewpoints.

        Little of that is now the case; still less do they perform their noblest function, that of ‘talking truth to power.’ If they had done any of THAT these past 10 years, we would not have seen an endless sycophantic adulation of Barack Obama from the moment he became a candidate for the presidency (it is still ongoing); they would have challenged his administration with its many misdeeds and missteps; press conferences with him would not have been collective acts of worship interspersed with softball questions.

        Now we get the self-same conduct exactly in reverse. And so very many of the ‘facts’ they cite against President Trump – who has been fairly and squarely elected – are simply whopping untruths, wishful thinking, like their opinion polling.

        Read in the archives of history the Nazi newspaper of record, the Völkischer Beobachter, and then ask if in your opinion it was any more prejudiced or politically partisan than the US media has been these past 10 years. 1939-41 the Beobachter would regularly report that German forces had sunk x thousand tons of British shipping. After a while, people who were interested in matters maritime and knew their gazettes (like Jane’s Shipping) worked out that that meant Germany had destroyed thrice as much British shipping as existed. Very reminiscent of the ‘facts’ with which the press now assail President Trump and his administration.

      • Well said and unfortunately all too true. Regardless of one’s political leanings, the mainstream media has become the enemy of the American people. They’re deliberately pushing a very biased agenda while burying the truth, and they’re in bed with the “liberal”/progressive/Democrat/socialist leadership and adamantly opposed to anyone else. All of this does massive harm to everyone in this nation (well, except those leftist leaders!), and to our democracy and this nation. It’s exactly as you note with the press in the U.S.S.R., and so on.

      • “Neither of us have to fear “a knock on the door in the middle of the night.””

        Unfortunately in recent years that hasn’t been true for some conservatives in some parts of the nation. See the article below about the unconstitutional home invasions by the Wisconsin police against conservatives. Not only were battering rams and no knock warrants used, at the end they were warned of severe legal consequences if they told ANYONE it had even occurred. Also, remember how the Obama administration weaponized the IRS and other federal departments to attack conservatives…

        Here’s a start for you with regard to what went on in Wisconsin – you can find plenty of other articles about it yourself, but this should be enough to get your started anyhow:

        Wisconsin’s Shame: ‘I Thought It Was a Home Invasion’

      • Obama spied on the press. Illegally for years. And was caught. And the left and the media, same thing , basically yawned.

      • Let’s take point (1). Comparing opposition to massive illegal immigration and the flouting of the rule of law to the extermination of millions of Jews is absurd. Try this thought experiment. There are tens of millions of Americans who are not deplorables or bigots who want a stop to massive illegal immigration because on balance they don’t think it is a good thing for the country, especially the working class. Point (2) The liberal press in this country, with few exceptions, have been out to get Trump. That’s there agenda. It’s a joke. They don’t even pretend otherwise. So what that he verbally attacks them? What concrete steps has he or administration done to actually repress or constrain them? Nada. Point (3). There are reputable studies suggesting that voter Fraud is substantial enough to be able to tip important races. What you call attacking the electoral process I call ensuring its integrity. What are you afraid of? If they find little or no fraud, then its a political loser for him and his administration and the matter is laid to rest.

      • You say in Point (2) What concrete steps has Trump done to actually repress or constrain the press? Here is my answer. Trump still has Jim Acosta from CNN on the front row and allows him a question at nearly every White House press conference. A man that Trump KNOWS will try to drag him down. Trump not only doesn’t repress or constrain the press, he actually ENCOURAGES them to do battle with him.

      • You toss out that Trump is “a racist thug who is subverting American democracy every day” and then turn around and claim that other people are lunatics? That’s rich. You’ve got a really bad case of psychological projection going there. Apparently you’ve also been oblivious to how incredibly biased, unfair, and even outright dishonest the mainstream media has consistently been about Trump. And I say that as someone who didn’t support Trump in the primaries and sees him as a very flawed character (tho still vastly preferable to Hillary or Sanders, etc.).

      • “Utterly unsupported claims” about voter fraud?

        Some of the following are voter registration fraud, some actual voter fraud, some a combination (legally all are voter fraud) – and this is a very incomplete list, just the stuff I’ve run across over the last several years without going looking for it:

        July 15, 2017: More than 3,000 Colorado voters withdrew their registrations in the days since the Trump administration’s election integrity commission requested available voter information from the states. Dem leaders predictably scream “voter suppression” although the majority were likely illegal voters.

        July 8, 2017: Hundreds of voter registrations withdrawn in Colorado after state signals compliance with Trump election commission. Maybe thousands, likely almost all illegal aliens.

        June 24, 2017. This IBD article includes research covering the 2008, 2012, and 2016 elections (and any inbetween): Did Votes By Noncitizens Cost Trump The 2016 Popular Vote? Sure Looks That Way Some of the same research is in the links below too, but this one has links to several of them in the one article.

        June 2017: Recalculations of illegal votes by noncitizens puts number closer to Trump’s

        A research group in New Jersey has taken a fresh look at postelection polling data and concluded that the number of noncitizens voting illegally in U.S. elections is likely far greater than previous estimates.

        As many as 5.7 million noncitizens may have voted in the 2008 election, which put Barack Obama in the White House. [emphasis added]

        Aug. 10, 2017: Hard Time Coming for Democrat Who Registered The Dead to Vote in VA Convicted and sentenced to jail time plus other consequences.

        July 15, 2017: Previously Deported Nigerian Pleads Guilty To Ripping Off The US For $12 Million – pleads guilty to multiple counts of voter fraud (including in the 2012 and 2016 elections), identity theft, and other crimes.

        June 2017: Rhode Island Discovers 150,000 Voters Erroneously On Rolls. That’s roughly 20% of all their registered voters!

        June 2017: Student Sentenced To Prison For Registering Dead People To Vote working for Democratic Party in Virginia.

        Aug. 2016: Voter Fraud Battles Heat Up in Sudden Swing State of Georgia

        Nov. 2011: 12 democrat officials charged with voter fraud in Georgia election

        2014: 11 counties suspect voter fraud associated primarily with a Democrat group “New Georgia Voter.”

        Nevada Sec. State: DMV Instructed Employees To Register Non-Citizens To Vote It was confirmed that a number of non-citizens who registered to vote this way did in fact vote in the 2016 presidential and major elections.

        Texas womansentenced by jury to 8 years in prison for voting illegally multiple times. Note, she was offered two years probation, and REFUSED it, so it went to trial. The judge and prosecutors never asked for a particular sentence either – the jurors, which included 10 women, were told to do what they thought was best/fair on sentencing – they gave her 8 years. By law, passed long before Trump was even a candidate, she could have gotten up to 20 years in prison. Yet a WaPo tear jerker appeal to emotion article utterly fails to mention any of this.

        Apr 2017: 42 Dead Or Incarcerated People Voted In Single County in Florida Elections and determined who won the sheriff position.

        Feb. 2017: Hundreds Of Non-Citizens Registered to Vote In Ohio, Investigation Finds

        Iowa woman charged with voting twice for Trump pleads guilty

        Feb. 2017: McAuliffe Vetoes Bill to Investigate Virginia Voter Rolls With More Registered Than Eligible Voters More than 1,000 people in eight Virginia counties illegally registered to vote, report finds Many of them had voted previously, some multiple times, in a very limited sample size.

        May 2016: CBS2 Investigation Uncovers [Hundreds of] Votes Being Cast From Grave Year After Year in Southern California alone, primarily LA.

        Pew study: 1 in 8 voter records flawed

        Early article on ACORN voter registration fraud (before lawsuit convictions)

        Just google (without the quotes): “ACORN convicted voter registration fraud” and you’ll get a huge number of relevant returns.

        Over 40,000 People Are Registered to Vote in Both Virginia and Maryland

        Dead people voting

        Report points to possible voter fraud in NC

        Fraud: Local NBC Investigation Discovers Dozens of Illegal Voters in Florida

        Florida Investigating Potential Non-Citizen Voters

        See the Letter the DOJ Sent to Florida Demanding It Stop Purging Non-Citizens from Voter Rolls

        Florida refuses to halt voter registration cleanup

        Judge Sides With Florida on Purging Voter Rolls

        Previously deported criminal alien pleads guilty to voter fraud, illegal reentry and falsely claiming US citizenship

        SAN DIEGO – A previously deported criminal alien pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court to illegally voting in the 2008 presidential election using the name of a U.S. citizen whose identity he assumed more than two decades ago.
        Ricardo Lopez-Munguia, 45, of Escondido, pleaded guilty to three felony counts of voter fraud, making a false claim to U.S. citizenship and illegal reentry after deportation. The charges are the result of a probe by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

        Voter Fraud: We’ve Got Proof It’s Easy Undercover agents were able to vote as dead people, but election officials are attacking the agents 61 of 63 attempts by undercover agents to vote as a dead person allowed (no vote was actually cast by these people).

        ACORN’s Poster Boy Convicted of voter fraud – also registered NINE times by ACORN.

        Could non-citizens decide the November [2014] election?

        …How many non-citizens participate in U.S. elections? More than 14 percent of non-citizens in both the 2008 and 2010 samples indicated that they were registered to vote. Furthermore, some of these non-citizens voted. Our best guess, based upon extrapolations from the portion of the sample with a verified vote, is that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 and 2.2 percent of non-citizens voted in 2010….

        Because non-citizens tended to favor Democrats (Obama won more than 80 percent of the votes of non-citizens in the 2008 CCES sample), we find that this participation was large enough to plausibly account for Democratic victories in a few close elections. Non-citizen votes could have given Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health-care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) won election in 2008 with a victory margin of 312 votes. Votes cast by just 0.65 percent of Minnesota non-citizens could account for this margin. It is also possible that non-citizen votes were responsible for Obama’s 2008 victory in North Carolina. Obama won the state by 14,177 votes, so a turnout by 5.1 percent of North Carolina’s adult non-citizens would have provided this victory margin….

        The study also found that about 25% of those would be stopped if voter ID were required, which would at least be a start on fixing the problem. They also found the more educated non-citizens were less likely to vote, so public information drives telling people that non-citizens cannot legally vote may help significantly too.

        From the authors of the above study: Do non-citizens vote in U.S. elections? A reply to our critics.

      • R J, mw006 comments were right on. I’d like to add a couple thoughts:
        (2) free press has not been a fair press; big difference. As of now there has been no surveillance, subpoenas, or jailing of the press as there were during Obama (James Rosen).
        (3) The fascist attack on our democratic institution is happening now, but by those screaming collusion, impeachment, 25th Amendment, Antifa attacking free speech, local govt allowing riots/mayhem against people they disagree with. Raising concerns about vote integrity, when in fact some folks have been sentenced for some voter fraud.

      • Gee, I guess you forgot about Stanford and the University of California. Nice technique, lying by omission. Points to you, that’s a nine on the Bill Clinton scale.

      • Democrats want Republicans to shut up. Republicans want Democrats to keep talking!

      • Solid Burn! Finally a criticism with a little wit. I congratulate you!

      • Why thank you. One does what one can. :) ….. now let’s work together to find common ground. My center left and center right friends are tired of being disappointed by our politicians with their fancy words while being told to accept mediocrity in govt. Where did all the pragmatists go?

      • I’m afraid moderation has gone out of style in America, and that is not going to serve us in the long run. I dislike Bernie Bros as much as I do Trumpkins. This country became great because until the last fifteen years there was almost a universal acceptance of a moderate political consensus. This unfortunately has broken down. As a progressive I tend to blame Fox news for the beginnings of this; responsible conservatives will blame someone else. In the end our governing consensus has been lost and we see the rise of dangerous extremists on both sides. On this thread, for example, there is some lunatic literally threatening physical violence to those who displease him. This is not in the spirit of American political discourse. It is the language of fascism. You and I, Shore111, probably don’t agree on much, but we both are loyal Americans

      • This country became great because until the last fifteen years Clintons lied their way into the White House 25 years ago…

        Fixed it for you.

      • Thank you for your kind words. Keep your eyes and ears open, you may get a chance to make a conservative listen.

      • White Russians! Yum!! Yes, please. That or a Nutty Irishman.

      • I’ll follow your madness: The professor was hired by the Russian woman

      • The people who want to remove a duly-elected President are the ones subverting American democracy every day.

      • Why do you put Professor in quotes? Hanson is a retired professor. And Hillsdale College is a college.

      • Hillsdale’s President recently referred to minority students as “Dark Ones,” hence the quotations.

      • I’m sorry, sir/ma’am/it, but there is a problem with your platinum issue Race Card®.

        It’s been declined (along with the rest of your garbage), and is badly overdrawn.

        Perhaps you could actually try to formulate a relevant argument instead.

        Now grow up and actually try to make an argument.

      • …you’re talking about Obama who subverted American democracy by not doing anything about known Russian attempts to disrupt the elections and who also invited racist thugs (BLM) to the White House.

      • “Racist” = someone beating a leftist in an argument, someone who understands economics, someone who believes in individual rights and not unique entitlements for favored groups. You have no argument so all you can do is attack Dr. Hanson and the President. That condescending, ignorant attitude is exactly why Trump was elected. Keep up the good work. I didn’t vote for President Trump but seeing how leftists like yourself meltdown everyday I’ll be certain to register as a Democrat so I can vote for him several times in the next election.

      • Ault, Here’s a news flash for you, “It Ain’t 2008 anymore.” This tiresome hurling of the race card is IGNORED. You need a new act.

    • Yes, all that except over the obstruction from Yertle, McPain, Collins, whatever-her-name in Alaska, Miss Lindsay…

    • As a fellow resident of The Peoples’ Republic of Massachusetts I’m with you most of the way. However, I’m skeptical that what I hear are Trumps tax proposals will help me. We are lower middle class by your definition and I see the changes in the tax rates as at best a wash and probably a loss. Being a Mass resident with high real estate taxes and state income taxes (deductions gone) and significant medical expenses with Medicare Part B, supplemental Medicare Plan, Medicare Part D and Long Term Care insurance which is very expensive (deductions gone), this will not be anywhere compensated by increased standard deductions. My calculations see me losing thousands. I see anybody from a high tax state that itemized deductions, especially including medical getting crushed.

      • Yeah that is a problem for those conservatives who live in socialist states like Massachusetts and California. Let’s see how it all shakes out.

      • That’s why so many of them have been fleeing to far more friendly and sane states like Texas. The problem, of course, is that the very “liberals”/progressives/Democrats/socialists who’ve ruined their own states are also fleeing to states like Texas – only they’re not bright enough to realize what caused the problem in the first place and they bring their “liberal”/Democrat voting habits with them. They’re doing their darnedest to make their new state a copy of the ones they fled.

      • That’s what happened in New Hampshire that Clinton carried. They flee Taxachusetts for the taxes but bring their politics with them. They are ‘affectionately’ referred to as Massholes by the natives.

      • People of “states like Texas” were the ones who migrated to California and ruined the Golden State. Cry me a river because your locust kin are now swarming to move back home to Texas.

      • Baloney. Let’s see you substantiate that claim. Oh, that’s right, you can’t. It’s the Dems who’ve been ruining California for several decades now, not conservatives from Texas.

      • All the productive people are fleeing the slow motion collapse of California.

      • Perhaps instead of bewailing the effect that the Federal government has on your State taxes, you might work on attempting to change your state government? Or even consider the radical possibility of moving? Many others have done so. Texas, for instance, not only has less snow, but no income tax. Or if you want lower property taxes, consider this:
        States with the best property tax rates (as a percentage of property value):
        Hawaii – 0.28 percent #
        Alabama – 0.43 percent
        Louisiana – 0.51 percent
        Delaware – 0.55 percent #
        District of Columbia – 0.57 percent
        South Carolina – 0.57 percent
        West Virginia – 0.59 percent
        Wyoming – 0.61 percent*
        Colorado – 0.61 percent
        Arkansas – 0.62 percent #
        *also has no income tax
        #on the list of states with lowest income tax rates
        States with the WORST property tax rates(Massachusetts is not even here):
        Jersey – 2.38 percent
        Illinois – 2.32 percent
        New Hampshire – 2.15 percent
        Connecticut – 1.98 percent
        Wisconsin – 1.96 percent*
        Texas – 1.90 percent
        Nebraska – 1.84 percent
        Michigan – 1.78 percent
        Vermont – 1.71 percent *
        Rhode Island – 1.67 percent *
        *also have the highest income taxes
        All this info is not to tell you what to do, but simply to remind you that there are choices. You don’t have to simply accept the situation the government tries to put you in. You are not a sheep!

      • Very true! I have to note, however, that it’s not only state taxes and property taxes – the cost of living is generally much lower in states like Texas too, allowing those on fixed income (or the same income as in the blue states) a far higher standard of living on the funds they have available.

      • Yeah, that was my 1st thought when reading Independent Eddie’s plight in MA. There are 49 other states—-and MANY of them will not tax you into lower middle class. In fact, in many states Independent Eddie, you would probably be “middle class”!

      • Any disruption to the tax code is a good thing. You are stuck in a deep blue state. Wait a couple of years/decades and things will get better.

    • I was (and am) a Ted Cruz supporter. I did not vote for Trump (or Hillary) but I have done everything I could to compliment President Trump whenever I agree with his actions (most of the time). I am a veteran and patriot first.

      I am not for taking Trump down or preventing his reelection. I hope he does well. If so, I will absolutely consider supporting him and enthusiastically.

      Frankly, while I understand the concern about Repubs who did not support Trump in November, I do not believe that this article is helpful.

      • I too was for Cruz until his two faced nature was slowly revealed. I guess you were with him when he went to the border and welcomed ILLEGAL ALIENS breaking our immigration laws with teddy bears & soccer balls?

        And when he was for the additional 500,000 H1-B visas before he was (caught) and against them?

        Or his campaign loan from G/S which he-oops!- forgot to declare, then said it was totally above board before recently admitting it wasn’t?

        Sent out the press release saying Ben Carson had dropped out?

        Need I continue cause I’ve got lots more?

      • Better Cruz than the Hillary thing I said, but I knew that he wouldn’t gain national traction and wouldn’t win. So, I despaired. I didn’t understand what Trump was doing. In retrospect, I see that he had to wade through 16 other candidates who would have lost to the Hillary thing. It got rough. So what.

      • The difference was MiamiRocks didn’t vote for Trump which in essence was a vote for Hillary and I would have the same frigging thing I’ve done since 1988 and voted for Cruz.

      • I held my nose and voted for McCain. I couldn’t vote for fake Romney and wrote in Rick Perry. This time I would have voted for Cruz had he been nominated.

      • It astonishes me how many so called Constitutional Conservatives support a presidential candidate who is Constitutionally ineligible to ever be POTUS.

      • Oh please. Cruz didn’t “welcome” any illegal aliens. He merely showed some compassion for CHILDREN who were in detention centers. How people like you can sit there and make out that there’s something wrong with giving confined kids like that a teddy bear is beyond me. WHILE he was there, including before and after, he’s continually spoken out very strongly about stopping illegal immigration – he’s sponsored bills for building the fence/wall and funding it, and so on. In fact even according to numbersUSA his record on fighting illegal immigration is STRONGER than Trump’s ever was. There are major problems with the rest of your claims too.

        In fact either you were NEVER actually a Cruz supporter, or you were incredibly gullible and fell for absurd media and Trump lies about Cruz.

      • Easy to identify those who watch the evening news…and nothing else, eh Db8?

      • Yep, that or fall for the mainstream media’s hogwash, whether from evening news or online outlets. Such a shame, but all too common. Especially with the gross dishonesty and bias so very rampant in the mainstream media.

      • Sure pal. Reminds of that old saying, who ya gonna believe, you or my lying eyes?

        I note you seemed to have forgotten to address a few other points I made.

        And then the old REgressive tactic of making me accountable for what you deem likely. In fact I was an early supporter of Cruz after hearing him on Levine when he was at 4% against Dewhurst. I sent him money numerous times and was quite happy when he won the primary.

        However unlike you, because of the stories and lies he told, I had to withdraw my support. I guess that didn’t matter to you. I still would have voted for him in the general having had to hold my nose for the last almost 30 years, so nothing new there from the Rs.

      • Your “lying eyes” never saw what you’re claiming, that’s the problem. What’s the point in tearing apart your other claims when they’re all just as flawed? It won’t make one bit of difference to you, clearly. Nor did I in any way “make you responsible” for something I deemed likely. So if you didn’t support Cruz supposedly because of his “lies” who did you support? Trump lied VASTLY more than Cruz and about Cruz time and again too. Of course lying matters to me – your “guess” is dead wrong. But I don’t accuse people of lying when the facts show otherwise, unlike you.

      • I was initially a Cruz supporter, but the incident that caused me to bail on him was his blaming the violence in Chicago rally on DJT, as did Rubio, Kasick, Bush, Fiorina, etc.
        That was typical lib/prog BS and it flipped me.

      • Cruz didn’t blame Trump for violence in any Chicago rally – not if you actually read or listened to his full statement. And I’ve got to say that even if he had, it wouldn’t make much sense to abandon the far better candidate for a worse one over a single relatively unimportant issue like that. Especially when Trump outright lied about Cruz over and over and over again.

      • Boy have you been snowed about Cruz. Did you know outsider Cruz’s campaign was supported by donations from Swamp Rat McConnell from the beginning? He was picked by the Bush team of globalists to splinter off votes from any genuine outsiders that ran in the primary. President Trump never lied about Ted but Ted sure lied about him. Thankfully the President is magnanimous but no one who’s educated believes Ted’s support is anything but self serving.

      • Oh please. Even if you’re right that McConnell supported him, that’s utterly meaningless. Adolf Hitler could choose to send contributions to someone and it wouldn’t make that person a Nazi. What’s more, Cruz’s voting record proves beyond doubt that he’s no D.C. swamp establishment type – he’s been very consistently one of if not the most fiscal and Constitutional conservative in the Senate every year. The bills he’s written and sponsored prove the same. PROVE that the “Bush team” had anything to do with picking Cruz. Oh, that’s right, you can’t – the claim makes ZERO sense, because if it were true, once he started doing better than Bush – which was right off the bat, they’d have made him withdraw.

        “President Trump never lied about Ted but Ted sure lied about him.”

        So you’re grossly ignorant of the facts and have fallen hook, line, and sinker for Trump’s lies about Cruz. Which is particularly funny, since Trump even flipped his claims entirely multiple times. “Cruz isn’t even an American Citizen!” “I might select Cruz to be my VP.” ROFL! And you fell for it!! Cruz never lied about Trump at all – But Trump sure lied claiming he had. Plenty of times.

      • I initially supported Walker. He will be a fine candidate in 2024.

      • Cruz couldn’t win because he could not galvanize the people all across the country the way Trump did. Trump didn’t galvanize me, because I’m immune to that sort of thing. But he’s our president now, and he has fulfilled some essential promises (for ex. Neil Gorsuch), and I will fight for him and against the would-be dictators if necessary.

      • Trump got about 40% of the primary votes – less than that before Cruz dropped out. The only reason he won was because the field was so massively split – and because he lied like mad about his competitors. Nor was Trump the only one who had really large rallies – Cruz did also.

        Regardless, Trump’s still far preferable to Hillary or Sanders – at least with him there’s a chance where we KNOW they’d be driving this nation further into the sewer. And, as you say and I agree, he’s president now. I judge him on his actions and give credit where credit is due, and fight back against those attacking him falsely or for no reason. I also criticize him where he deserves it. Gorsuch was a very good start. A number of his other actions – for example rolling back so many asinine overboard Obama admin. regulations, withdrawing from the Paris accords, allowing both Keystone and Dakota pipelines, etc. also very good starts. He’s also unfortunately done a fine job of shooting himself in the foot quite a few times, handing ammunition to the “liberal” mainstream media and other anti-Trumpers in ways that could have been VERY easily avoided, along with making a few very bad hiring choices plus a number of very good ones.

      • Go FUUUUUCK yourself lying P0S.

        You and the four cowards who upvoted you.

        I do remember when the man Cruz beat the Shiite outta Tiny Hands in Iowa and the cowardly stunt that Trump/Carson pulled. Criminal.

      • Otherwise known as fact.

        PS. You are an insignificant and cowardly P0S.
        PSS. Stop the hate and violence now.

      • I believe that you need some Pepto Bismo. You have diarrhea of the mouth.

        Trump never gave me Shiite miss.

      • Cruz conservatism is dead. During the Obama years, the educated right has proven to be nearly useless. Trump has done much to advance freedom than Cruz, Levin, and the rest of the NRO crowd.

      • Trump was able to accomplish what he did in very large part BECAUSE of the efforts of those very people to point out the massive liberal press bias and lies, the horrific problem with “political correctness,” and the benefits of fiscal and Constitutional conservatism. If they hadn’t very publicly and forcefully done the hard work of lying that groundwork for years, Trump wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. He rode their coattails and then pretended he designed and created the suit.

      • Trump was and is necessary to the cause. No-one remembers that people like Little Richard began playing rock and roll before Elvis. Your comment is 100% correct, but Trump was necessary. I voted for Cruz in the primary, but I realized later that the Trump voters had it right. When Trump started with the Lying Ted bit, Ted Cruz did not respond. This IS what doomed him. People realized that if he didn’t fight back like a street fighter, he was not the right guy to fight back against the lying Dems and media establishment. I believe that this was the tipping point in which Trump secured the nomination over Cruz.

      • “No-one remembers that people like Little Richard began playing rock and roll before Elvis.”

        ROFLMAO!! Way to prove yourself wrong. YOU just remembered, it – as do many many other people.

        “When Trump started with the Lying Ted bit, Ted Cruz did not respond.

        Well, that’s some vastly selective memory you’ve got going there. Cruz DID respond, quite clearly.

      • President Trump pretended no such thing. And he rode no ones coattails. He’s been advocating for his platform since the 1980s. Many people played a part in laying the ground work for his win but no one else in either party had his vision and charisma and skill set that allowed him to win. No one.

      • Good lord. Learn some actual facts, and stop falling for Trump’s lies. It’s pathetic. Trump hasn’t been “advocating for his platform since the 1980’s.” He’s flip flopped during that time on multiple subjects, not to mention changed his party affiliation from Dem to Rep to Reform Party, etc. Trump’s “vision” was in large part lies – he sat there claiming he stood for xyz at such and such a time, only for publicly recorded video of him himself, or interview quotes, from those very times proving he stood for no such thing.

      • The Right has known and lived with media bias since the mid 1930’s, and with political correctness since the late 1980’s. It took nearly 40 years for a man to say state the obvious: illegals from Mejico are rapists and drug dealers, we need a wall on the Southern border, NAFTA is a job killer, and US energy needs to be unleashed.

        In all of these years, no one, not Bush 41 or 43 or the GOP Congresses has ever done anything to effect changes. In fact, Bush 43 said America had an oil addiction.

        Now that Trump has established the playing field, I’m supposed to credit those who pointed out the obvious, but never had the guts to make any changes? I’ll let you heap praised on those weaklings. I’ll keep voting for Trump, and voting against any “freedom” caucus member.

      • Oh please. Cruz was battling illegal immigration and fighting for far greater border control and fence/wall LONG before Trump said squat about it. Then Trump comes out and proclaims time and again that Trump’s the ONLY ONE who ever has. Which is a massive lie.

        NAFTA has both lost jobs and created them in the USA, and whether overall it’s a good or bad thing for the USA is very much in question and depends a lot on what particular study or source you look at. In general, Trump is way off base about trade.

        Nor is Trump even REMOTELY the first or only one to say that American energy needs to be unleashed.

        “In all of these years, no one, not Bush 41 or 43 or the GOP Congresses has ever done anything to effect changes.”

        That’s a grossly ignorant and patently false statement. Reams of “changes” have been effected over the last few decades, as anyone who’s lived through them knows full well. Many of those changes going in exactly the wrong direction, but some in the right direction too. Bush pushed very hard for many years for new domestic oil drilling, his one comment not withstanding. Clinton was dragged kicking and screaming back to the middle by Newt Gingrich and Republicans in Congress and some significant progress was made by Congressional Republicans during those years. Reagan was also incredibly effective.

        There’ve been plenty of other things done which effected changes. It’s just not been enough to stop the slide of the nation to the left – and you can thank the leftist voters who vote in absurd people like Reid, Pelosi, Franks, Waters, etc., and even some on the right or center who’ve saddled the nation with people like McCain.

        “Now that Trump has established the playing field, I’m supposed to credit
        those who pointed out the obvious, but never had the guts to make any

        No, you’re supposed to join reality and fact based opinions, rather than making false stuff up.

      • Cruz and Tancredo and Pete Wilson, all good men, were talking about it, but was anything done about it? Funding for the wall actually was appropriated in the early 2000’s. Nothing was ever done and no wall, except for certain sections, were completed. As Trump said, all talk, and no action.

      • “Except for certain sections” IS doing something and completing part of the wall. What’s more, Cruz and others as you note, plus Mike Lee, Gowdy, etc., can’t make Congress do what they want when there are overwhelming number of Dems and estab. Repubs arrayed against them. That doesn’t mean they haven’t been pushing hard for it, talking about it, submitting applicable bills, etc. That’s NOT “all talk, no action” – in fact it’s quite a lot of action on their part, so lay the blame where it belongs – on the Dems and globalists who were fighting against them and had greater numbers. Which means, ultimately, the blame is with the electorate, not those elected. After all, it’s the electorate who’s kept the likes of Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters, etc., in office for many many years or even decades. Trump obviously cannot do anything by himself either – and he sure as heck hadn’t done a fraction towards those things when he was campaigning compared to Cruz and others. Not to mention the irony of Trump’s “all talk, no action” – because where was TRUMP all those years, where was HIS action in helping get these things done? He was scr3wing average Americans out of their life savings to add to his already bloated pocketbook, and didn’t do jack to further any of those causes that he now reams those who WERE taking action and trying when he’s never done jack himself.

        All that said, and I’m still incredibly relieved that we got him and not Hillary or Bernie who would have almost certainly been vastly worse. Hopefully Trump will keep actually taking steps in the right direction – every bit of which I’ll give him full credit for and praise him – and stop shooting himself in the foot so blasted often. The former I suspect will happen – the latter, I bet won’t, unfortunately. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots after all, and Trump is Trump, warts and all.

      • Fourth sentence says it all. A rational response from Rational DB.

      • I was and remain a big Ted Cruz supporter. He threw a tantrum at the Republican convention, but you can’t hardly blame him. Trump effectively branded him as Lying Ted when in fact he is not that at all. Where I admire Cruz is that he has worked extremely hard in the Senate to support Trump’s agenda. He has not taken media bait on a single occasion to attack Trump as have Ryan and McCain. The election of Trump has done an amazing thing. It has separated the true conservatives from the fake ones. Cruz and Mark Levin are in the true crowd. Both are defending Trump vigorously. This should be admired.

      • RFL is spot on. I take back my criticism of Cruz. Levin, on the other hand, I’m not sure about that old wolf.

      • YOU are totally full of Shitte miss. Way to brag about your lack of education, precious. You go girl.

        Keep this up and Trump will never win reelection, stupid (including the cowards who upvoted you).

      • Never Trumper still mentally masturbating. Bill Krystol/NRO/Levin NeverTrumpers had nothing to show during the Obama years, and is currently being shown to be absolutely worthelss, or perhaps, as Conservative Leader McConnell would say, it’s “unrealistic expectations.”

        I’ll let Trump do the work and take the arrows, while freedom is advance. I’ll keep laughing at the morons like MMA-Miami Rocks (?) write about “Trump will never win reelection).

      • Bet u do know a thing or two about “masturbating”…

      • The effect of your concussions are showing. Time to plug, cretin.

    • Yes, news reports I’ve read say that Black unemployment is falling – what better way to improve the lives of Black Americans than to ensure that they benefit economically from the Trump agenda. BTW, as unemployment drops, so will crime and other types of social dysfunction like broken marriages.

      • You think crime and broken marriages are due to not having a job? Decades of breaking up families through cultural ideology eg feminism, resulted in general breakdown of social cohesion and loss of a cultural core, a healthy functioning one. Jobs, and happily doing a job, are functions of a healthy cohesive society. Why have a normal job when crime can net you wealth for little effort and sometimes great wealth? You have to have a humble and cohesive sense of community identity to want to a functioning cog in it, forwarding your people’s life, nit just your own. This is what the long march through the institutions has wrought – Antifa, BLM, community chaos.

  7. An interesting spin, albeit somewhat strange(is clean coal really Santa Claus in disguise?)

    Anyway, regarding the polling companies like Gallup and Rasmussen, his assertion that they are skewing data in favor of a given political ideology is truly bizarre.

    I am a software engineer and algorithms are my bread and butter. Polling companies depend on their methodology to accurately gauge public opinion. If they cease to be accurate they will cease to be in business. If their polls are way off you can be sure they are reviewing and revising their mathematical models.

    If they were off last election day, they way were off in favor of Trump who was given an edge by 1 or 2 or 3 points but in reality Hillary won the popular vote by 2 percent.

    Most people that voted for the Trumpster were voting because he represented change. Now we have seen that change. Instead of a Philly cheese steak we got a shit sandwich. Don’t expect us to revisit this establishment again.

    • I think instead of a Philly Cheese Steak,, we got a bowl of New England Chowda. A couple of bites, you might chomp down on a piece of sand from a fresh clam and say what the heck. However, overall, after you sloppily suck that bowl down, you say that was one hell of a bowl of chowda and you go right back to ordering another one!!

      • If you like eating shit and thanking your dear leader for the privilege.

      • Here is a hint – those brown lumps in your chowder are not “sand” from a fresh clam.

      • Until you get food poisoning and end up puking your guts out.

    • “If they cease to be accurate they will cease to be in business.”

      You willfully ignore what the real business of most of the pollsters is – feeding the wishful thinking of lbtrd faithful. Kind of like horoscopes.

      • Nonsense. The business of pollsters is to be in business. That is, to make money. If the products they produce are not accurate, those entities that purchase them and project & plan strategies based on their accuracy will not purchase those products and the pollsters will not make money. It’s that simple for most of us but not so simple for you, is it? ‘Feeding wishful’ thinking is your business and you are getting very good at it since reality is not being kind to you guys at all.

      • “That is, to make money. ”

        Read my comment again, lbtrd.

      • I reaqd it again and your exact words ” You willfully ignore what the real business of most of the pollsters is – feeding the wishful thinking of lbtrd faithful. Kind of like horoscopes.” Well which is it, what you write, to feed wishful thinking or my words , to make money. If you want to change you mind, go right ahead but you can’t have it both ways. Oops, my bad.OF course you can have it both ways or at least you guys always try to, just like your ‘fearless leader’.

      • Actually they weren’t wrong and you guys know it. The polls you guys cite were national polls that claimed that Hillary would win by 3%. She won the popular vote by more than 2 1/2%. Those polls did not reflect individual state polls which those pollsters did not evaluate. Again people do not purchase things that they think don’t work more than once.

      • Yeah in the last week. Just about every election the polls show Dems up 20% and then in the last month they change methods so they don’t get egg on their face.

        Hillary almost certainly wasn’t up 12% two months before or three months before the election.

      • You don’t recognize the obvious logical disconnect between your assertions?

        “The business of pollsters is to be in business.” Duh.

        “If the products they purchase are not accurate ….” No. Absolutely wrong, because your conclusion is riddled with unstated, unsupported, and provably false assumptions.

        Political campaigns don’t craft their policies around big name pollsters. They use private, in house pollsters, and the results they derive are often closely guarded secrets. Big name pollster results are used to guage talking points, not outcomes. But more often, those polls become their own talking points. They are a weapon, not a measurement.

        If the pollsters want to remain in business, they’ll ensure that their product provides the paying customers with the weapons they’re paying for.

        And speaking of an unkind reality, how about the reality that Dems have lost the states, lost both houses of Congress, lost the White House, but still claim that the majority of the voters are on their side?

        How’s that reality working out for ya?

      • It depends upon who is paying the piper. The dmthgs pay for polls the results of which are designed to influence, not reflect public opinion. This is done by various means, such as targeting the area where the polls are to be carried out, and then “weighting” the results. You, loser, are a lbtrd bllshtr.

      • To make money you please your customer. What would WaPo like to hear about Trump’s popularity right now?

    • I’m an engineer myself, and your assessment of polling was ridiculous. Just before the election, a WaPo / ABC poll showed Hillary dropping 11 points in one week! Was that from “reviewing and revising models”? No, that was because after trying to tamp down Republican enthusiasm, and with the election drawing near, the pollsters didn’t want to get caught being off by double digits. If you really are an engineer, you have to know they were lying. And are we to believe that if WaPo /ABC and others were trying to tamp down Republican enthusiasm before the election, that all of a sudden, they have seen the error of their ways and are now reporting accurately when they show Trump at 34% approval? Yeah, my @$$ they are! I doubt you’re really an engineer. It seems you work for Soros.

      • They generally poll to their customer’s desires until the last month of the election – which is the only time theybstrive for accuracy. I recall that was probably the ABC poll which was caught oversampling democrats by some 12% when you roughly have 34% Dems and use 45% in your polling and get caught – of course the following poll will drop.

    • bottom line: as the Dems move further left they will leave the swing voters in FL PA OH MI WI IA behind. Liberal idealogues are too stupid to see that.

      • They still think they lost because they didn’t move far enough left. I’m hoping they keep thinking that, and base their actions between now and the midterms accordingly.

    • “If they were off last election day, they way were off in favor of Trump who was given an edge by 1 or 2 or 3 points but in reality Hillary won the popular vote by 2 percent.”

      I think the polls showed Hillary up by 6, then tightening to 2 or 3 … which is about where she finished on the popular vote … but her electoral victory was never in doubt until election evening (watching this never gets old):

      I have seen the change. I’ll vote for Trump with greater enthusiasm in 2020 than I did in 2016. MAGA!

      • And how many times were we told “Trump has no possible path to 270!” by the same loons who now decry the electoral college as an antiquated relic from the slavery culture? Interesting, how their deeply considered, highly principled opinions change according to who won the last election.

        I went to bed Nov 8 assuming Hillary had won, because several years of daily media barrage had declared it would be so, right up to the point where the votes were counted and she lost.

        I checked the morning news on Nov 9 and learned that Hillary had lost. And I smiled, and my heart was a little lighter. Because while no one really knew what to expect from a neophyte president Trump, at least America had dodged the Ma Hillary suicide bullet. For now.

      • I stayed up until I was certain the traitorous hag had lost, poured myself a bourbon and then went to bed.

      • In late October we were told that HRC was up by 12 and no one had ever recovered from that large of a deficit that late.
        They cut it to 6 then to 2-3 to keep people interested in the horse race plus match more closely the 3-4 point win they expected of her. Making it look close not only keeps interest high but would (they thought) allow her to “outperform” the polls which would add to her momentum going into her inaugural.
        Man oh man we dodged a bullet, or more accurately a howitzer round, last November.

    • “Software Engineer”. Hmmpf. Hillary won in LA County. If CA, which doesn’t really have a GOP, weren’t in the US, she would have lost the popular vote.

    • Sounds like your bread and butter are the real shit sandwiches.If you want any of us to believe the leftist/Zionist oligarchs don’t control and manipulate our elections,the polls and what we are for the most part allowed to think and talk about then think again tough guy.They suppress the real issues like cultural decay,mass replacement immigration and the purposeful destruction of our jobs while making sure plenty of space is given to covering homo rights,the right of any non-White on Earth to settle here and take our country,and have a pet-child instead of a real one(but adopt foreign if you must have any at all).I bet Lindsay Graham would just love to discuss your software problems over drinks though.

    • Polling companies bread and butter is pleasing their customers. That is why polls – if they are ever accurate are only accurate close to elections. That 30 point Dem lead always seems to dissapearvthe last month. You recall the ABC poll that oversampled democrats by 12% during the last election,well before the last month?

      When it doesn’t matter polling companies are more likely to give clients what they want to hear.

  8. Very lucid analysis by Professor Hanson of the political atmosphere at this stage of the Trump administration. To me it seems impossible that the democrats will be able to mount a viable campaign against the republicans in either 2018 or 2020 for a number of reasons. Right now the socialist leftist democrats are proposing litmus tests for party membership. The most onerous test being whether one is pro life or not. Since most polls show that approximately 30% of registered democrats are pro life, the litmus test should lead to many democrats leaving for the GOP. Perhaps even more onerous than the litmus test is the leadership of the democrat party. Tom Perez was a general counsel for the racialist group LaRaza before joining the Obama Administration. In his position as chief of the civil rights division of the DOJ he initiated more investigations of law enforcement agencies that any of his predecessors while refusing to initiate any investigations against the New Black Panthers or other groups for alleged voter intimidation. Since Perez’s election to chair of the DNC he has indulged in screaming and profane hysteria against the “republicans” without putting forward any concrete plans or strategy for defeating the GOP in upcoming election cycles. Perez named Keith Ellison, the self proclaimed Muslim and anti Semitic follower of Louis Farrakhan, as his number two. With the democrat party being led by these two unabashed far left radical and racialist ideologues, many more Roosevelt/Kennedy/Jackson/Reagan democrats and Independents will be driven into the arms of the GOP.

  9. “Do Americans Really Listen to the Conservative Elite Establishment?”

    No, and that makes the puffed up establishment angry enough to commit political suicide by joining the democrat communists in trying to take Trump down or, at least render him ineffective.

    “…the shriller will be the argument that Trump’s tweets and behavior nullify solid achievement. Just watch.”

    And the itchier our trigger fingers will get. Mind you, they are already pretty itchy…

    “Obama pushed the party hard leftward ”

    Not as hard as the communist would have liked.

    “soothing liberals with his Ivy League pedigree”

    Fake pedigree.

    “Those in Ohio and Pennsylvania were not just angry for being written off as bitter clingers”

    Even now the dimthgs are still bitterly clinging to gun control. I can almost feel their fetid little pain.

    • Yes Obama was lazy and distracted.

      More interested in partying on the public dole than governing.

      I pray the whole human trafficking side to his administration is blown completely out into the open.

      Little children are still in danger.

      • Indeed, he did us a favor by displacing the Hillary thing in 2008.

      • Actually he got a lot done, all bad. He and his henchwoman Hillary Clinton destroyed Libya, unleashing tens of thousands of refugees on poor Europe. He then meddled in Syria, sending hundreds of millions of dollars worth of American arms to “moderates” which made the Civil War into one of epic proportions, unleashing hundreds of thousands of refugees on poor Europe.

        Obama sat by and watched ISIS grow into a major force, which then destabilized Iraq, resulting in the death of tens of thousands of Christians, the truly persecuted people in the Middle East, people he is hostile to and won’t invite into the United States. He pulled all United States forces from Iraq, creating the crisis that we and the Iraqis are battling there to end, at the cost of thousands of lives.

        Obama armed the drug cartels with thousands of American arms (Fast and Furious), resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and some Americans, a crime that should have seen him impeached. He then created a fully weaponized federal government which declared their own Jihad against Republicans, targeting them though the IRS with audits, harassment and preventing the Tea Party (which was responsible for the Democrats epic 2010 losses) from formally organizing. Had the impeachment of Nixon gone ahead one count would have been simply asking the IRS to target a single person. The IRS scandal went right to the White House. He weakened privacy protections for all Americans, allowing bureaucrats to spy on their political enemies. Before he left office he and his henchmen and women cooked up the Russia hoax, then created an internal resistance to a new President for the first time in history, a slow motion civil war.

        I could go on for hours in this vein, the damage he did to race relations, his war on the police, his polices to flood the nation with criminal aliens – shipping MS-13 members across the country at taxpayer expense – to let thousands of hardened criminals out of prison so they can target the black community, hoping for a return of the crime wave of the 1970s and 1980s.

        Obama was effective, just as his henchmen Soros is, evil is often effective.

      • “Actually he got a lot done, all bad.”

        The damage he did here at home was contained and is being repaired. It the Hillary thing had been nominated in 2008, it would have completely destroyed the Republic.

    • Agree. And add this:

      “[The] idea that conservative populism is a temporary deviation from a winning and properly orthodox Jeb Bush conservatism is delusional.”

      I’d love to put these GOPe types on a polygraph, see if they really believe that Bush/McCain/Kasich/Ryan/McMullin style ‘conservatism’ is a winner, or if they just propose such obvious losers as a sort of Overton Window maintaining Potemkin opposition.

      • Basically they get their fortunes from being Potemkin opposition. This has been true – now – for decades.

      • “Conservative Populism” is a dog whistle term for racist white nationalism, isolationism, and proto-fascist subversion of democratic institutions.

      • Keep talking like that, commie. In public. You will be dealt with.

      • You missed one of the key words, deplorable. That PC drivel matters only to your fellow fellow leftist fools. You need more practice in Newspeak. Enjoy your 2 minute rant.

      • It is a real shame that you have no clue what the words you use mean. The only fascists in this country are those on the Left who seek to control every aspect of our lives, including what we think and speak. Fascism is a left wing ideology and just because you guys are too ignorant to see through the brainwashing the left media does to you does not make your comments any less worthless.

      • Oh really Rocket Scientist? Show us some proof….got examples of all this??

        NOPE…of course you don’t….you’ve been told what to believe and you took it, hook line and sinker.

      • Nope. You don’t get to define what is a dog whistle to anyone but yourself. That’s how dog whistles work, only dogs hear them.

      • Only according to hard leftists who haven’t a clue what it really means, and are about nothing but identity politics and slandering good decent people as racists etc. when they’re no such thing.

      • Absolutely right. The effectiveness of the Opposition is irrelevant, since it’s all for show. Being part of the Establishment is all that matters.

      • Let’s see. Trump failed to win a majority of the popular vote. Trump didn’t even come close to even a plurality of the popular vote, he lost it by millions, millions! In contrast, all those you mentioned who have held office, won those offices by winning the popular vote.

        Obvious losers are Trump and McMullin.

        By the way, have you walked any precincts for Trump yet?

      • Time for you to take a decent basic civics course. Our presidents aren’t elected by the popular vote, and therefore candidates do not campaign as if they were. IF they were elected by popular vote, they’d campaign entirely differently and the results of the popular vote would be quite different than they are now. It’s not Trump’s fault that so many leftists are piled on top of each other in very limited areas of just a few states, e.g., primarily coastal cities in NY & CA. We effectively have 50 separate state elections – weighted by population. The president who wins the most of those gets the most electoral college votes and wins the presidency. The popular vote is essentially moot. Then there’s also the issue of a gross lack of election integrity in this nation – e.g., illegal voting. When you have multiple counties with more votes than registered voters, or more voters than voting age residents, in several different states, there is very clearly a problem. Particularly when so many major elections are won or lost based on a tiny number of votes.

  10. An inspiring, astute and accurate exposition of why Trump is still winning. Well done! Look at what Trump is doing, in contrast to being pathologically distracted by his Tweets and foibles.

    • Lots of his base love his tweets. Especially those of us who are, like President Trump, students of Sun Tzus Art of War.

  11. Finally a President who loves America and to you Mr. Victor Davis Hanson a heartfelt Thank You for beautifully written article.

    • Of course he loves America. In fact he has been demonstrating his love for his country since the 1960s when he managed 4 deferments to get himself classified 4F during the viet Nam war, and certainly during his entire 30+ years of public life when he spent millions of his own money and lots of his time promoting projects that demonstrate his love of country!? BTW, can any of you cite just ONE example of Donald demonstrating his love of America EVER? Not including the last 7 months of course. One, just one, please. Thank you. Take your time. It won’t be easy or even possible.

      • Yes, Al Franken also got deferments. In fact Skippy, the list of people who got deferments is a who’s who of swamp denizens.

      • That was the easy part even though you deflected with your comment. Now respond to the hard part if you can. I told you it would be hard if not impossible.Will you prove me right by not responding directly,rationally and logically? Time will tell.

      • You try to act all the time like deferments were unusual, when they were very, very common. Now you are either ignorant of the situation or a liar, you choose. AND I suspect any example of Trump’s beneficence would be ignored by you, so why should I cast pearls before swine?

      • Simple. Because you won’t because you can’t. But then we all knew that already. If you could cite one example of Trump’s love of America you would, if only to prove that Donald did show love of country and also to prove me wrong. IF you don’t it’s only because you can’t, not because you refuse to “cast pearls before swine”, whatever that means. It’s always the last refuge of someone who has no rational response or reply, and we all know it!

      • In case your dim mind (or what passes for it) skipped over my earlier comment, I repeat and amplify – Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court is more than enough to justify his election.

        More conservative justices are in the pipeline, and your sordid “transformational” agenda is dead in the water. I can almost feel your infantile pain.

      • yes a lot of people got deferments but few have such a poor character as to say that the dont respect POW that they only like winners. That is not an honorable man that is a spineless coward.

      • If you care about facts check out Stefan Molyneauxs You Tube The Untruth About Trump for the origin of the remark and how the media turned it into a lie. It was an old Chris Rock joke aimed at John McCain who Viet Man Vets despise. Watch the video if you care about truth. It’s a fascinating expose about how the media lies.

      • Trump could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and you would say that a lot of people got parking tickets.

      • Bill Clinton somehow avoided draft as well. So what? We were all told it was OK back then and even in the 1960s as the “party of peace” the democrats supported the draft dogers. Now all of a sudden you are all moralistic on the subject. Give us all a break, you phoney.

      • OK I’ll give you that. Now for the harder part. Name ONE specific thing Trump has done in the 30+ years of his public life that demonstrated his love for America. You won’t because you can’t. If you could have you would have by now, right?

      • Oh goodness dude – as president he has done so much it is unbelievable, especially with reforming the VA – but before – and I have to say your question is a bit disingenuous because as normal citizens we support our country by doing our jobs and making sure we do them well. The mere fact he has built malls, and resorts is good enough for me. But some notables – he went public when David Duke actually was running for President and strongly denounced him. He warned us about the second gulf war. From a humanitarian side – he frequently flew kids who needed transplants or major surgery in his private plane for free because it was big enough to hold all the medical support equipment. He also – though remember the facts , has saved several Americans who got into bizarrenlegal troubles with foreign governments.

        Basically you just want to remain blind to what he has done.

      • Deferments were perfectly legal and almost everyone who could got a deferment. The war was not very popular.

        Trump cheated and paid a doctor to declare that he was 4F. That is NOT the same thing as a deferment. So you are just deflecting.

      • he remained in student status, not sure when they stopped the lottery/draft but VN started winding down once Nixon got in office—-which was Jan 1969
        and VN was winding down before that…………lbj said he would not seek reelection in March 68 I believe and after mlk and rfk were assassinated in the spring of 68 and the democratic riots at their convention in july 68 the die was cast that the US was going to get out of VN as quickly and conveniently as it could

      • He ran a scam with ROTC in order to get permission to postpone service in order to go to Oxford where he specialized in communist community organizing.

      • President Trump and his family have already given more back to America than any filthy democrap. He will put America and Her destiny back on track to greatness. You and your ilk can come along for the ride, or not. You are welcome.

      • OK. Now haw about just one example of “President Trump and his family have already given more back to America than any filthy democrap”? If you are right it should be very easy. Again, just ONE specific example, just ONE!

      • Giving “back” to Jesse Jackson is NOT the same thing as giving back to America.

      • Given back exactly what? You can cast your lot with an ignorant narcissistic authoritarian if that is your thing.Some who probably support many of the same things you do choose not to do so.

      • The ignorant narcissistic authoritarian Obama is gone and Hillary was defeated.

      • old003 – What alternative universe do you inhabit. I can’t think of a thing Trump and his family have given to American.. In fact, he has a long history of stiffing the charities he makes pledges to. Wake up and understand that you have been conned. Trump’s “Greatness” is enabling Nazis in every town not just Charlottesville

      • I am so sad that you live in the ugly movie created by the professional propagandists in the media. It’s an illusion! Wake up! The real world is full of hope, love and optimism.

      • and he proudly displayed American values ripping poor people off with Trump university

      • I know people who took the classes and said it was with every penny. Why are you basing your reality on what were such obvious 101 campaign lies told to beat him? Are you really so politically naive? The campaign is over and it’s time to get back to being Americans working together to make things better for us all

      • One hour and not one of you can come up with just ONE example of Donald showing his love of America. Either you guys are being very lazy or in fact none of you can find just ONE example. Maybe that’s because there is not even one to submit, and donald turns out to be what we all knew, that donald cares only for himself, his brand and his bottom line. And for his country or you guys, not at all.

      • They don’t care- they want a “brawler” and are willing to overlook any and all shortcomings in their “Dear Leader”

      • They would have done a lot better with Jesse Ventura. They actually ended up with a bully/coward who
        never admits mistakes. The behavior of a weak, insecure loser.

      • Solid Burn, Reality Check! Stick to your guns. We must face the fact that Trump supporters are deluded racist morons!

      • Actually the are not morons. They are just poor suckers that fell for the sweet musi.ngs of a master salesman/conman. Like those enraptured by Jim Johnson and scientology that have been swept away by blind faith and wishful thinking that donald will keep his promises (what specific promises?) , but sooner rather than later, we hope, they will come their senses and realize that Trump is little more than an expensive empty suit ( made in China).

      • The Viet Nam War was an irresponsible foreign policy fiasco and senseless waste of human life that was foisted upon the American populace by Lyndon Johnson, who promised during his Presidential campaign that he would not escalate the war, even as he was meeting with the military to plan its expansion. How do you explain away that?

        Two of my family died in Johnson’s folly, and when my number came up in the lottery, I flatly refused to go. I am a conservative and a patriot, but by the end of Johnson’s single (elected) term no rational person could justify our conduct of the war.

        While I genuinely honor and respect our Viet Nam Veterans (which include former classmates as well as former family), I cannot condemn anybody who conscientiously refused to surrender their life without cause. Our government failed us, and when governments fail, then community and family are all that’s left to guide our choices.

        What have you ever sacrificed, Mr. reality check? What personal choices have you ever made when there was no winning alternative, only losing alternatives?

      • Actualy I did serve in the Naval Air Corps during the viet Nam war, VP832 to be specific. I worked on P2v and P3 anti sub patrol planes. But I am not president so who cares besides you?

      • A lot of people care.

        Thank you for your service. But consider this: Maybe Donald Trump has a conscience. He flatly refused to ratchet up the war in Afghanistan recently, which cost him considerable political capital. What was the basis of his decision? He met with combat veterans and personnel on the ground in Afghanistan, who described to him the reality of the war and it’s human cost.

        Trump also has done some serious housecleaning at the VA, firing hundreds of non-producing employees. Just a few days ago, he signed into law the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act, which provides $2 billion for veterans to receive medical care from PRIVATE doctors and hospitals, plus another $1.8 billion for VA programs.

        Trump honors our soldiers and veterans, and more importantly, he puts his money where his mouth is in caring for them.

        As a veteran, this should matter very much to you. Are you so blinded by personal animus that you cannot even acknowledge Trump’s sincere efforts to remedy the injustice done to our veterans? Would you rather have John McCain as President because of his combat service?

      • Really? How about standing up to the North Korean extortion racket. Calling out the Chinese rip off and the
        continuing sell out of America to the Chinese plan of domination. How about actively changing business
        dynamics to bring jobs & profits back to America. Making NATO stand up to their obligations and not just having them slither under our umbrella. Actually condemning the endless murders in Chicago and trying to
        do something. Making Rose O’ dim-mind put on a pussy costume to praise Dear Leader, thats a reality check.

      • I specifically specified providing ONE specifc example of Donald demonstrating his love of America by contributing even a small portion of his wealth or energy that contributed to the betterment of America during his 30+ yrs in public life, not including the past 7 months. If he truly loved America you should be able to provide just ONE example.Now try again.

      • He placed a Great Big Beautiful American Flag in a place that jerked liberals.

      • Back in the 70’s when NYC was broke he rebuilt the Central Park skating rink.
        So there is your “just ONE example.”

      • “One, just one, please.”

        Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, you commie.

      • Lol. You do know he won, right? Lol. If not, Reality Check, Trump is President.

      • You apparently weren’t alive during Vietnam or you wouldn’t be such a preening moralist. Most boys his age went to college and got deferments. After college he reported to the draft and the military doctor rejected him because of bone spurs. To suggest that the millions of boys like him who got deferments over 40 years ago don’t love this country is a sickening comment. I would say the fact that he gave up a great life and put his safety and the safety of his family at risk to serve us for free demonstrates his love for all Americans. No one has laid so much on the line since Founding Fathers.

  12. WE are the movement. Trump is just the vehicle. I support Trump because he was the first American leader in a generation who was interested in finding out why the American worker was priced out of the global job market.

  13. Well reasoned and detailed, and I believe you, but would recommend finding a good editor.

  14. VDH may be the only talking head that gets it, and he totally gets it.

    My greatest contempt is for these #NT R’s

    Dr. Hanson, why are your #NT co workers at NRO so dumb?

  15. Apparently, it’s not what I haven’t learned, it’s what people have forgotten. Fascism…

    Neo-fascism is a post–World War II ideology that includes significant elements of fascism. Neo-fascism usually includes ultranationalism, populism, anti-immigration policies or, where relevant, nativism, anti-communism, anti-socialism, anti-Marxism, anti-anarchism and opposition to the parliamentary system and liberal democracy.

    If I have to show examples, you haven’t been paying attention.

    • Get over yourself. This country is what it is and calling the sane, true patriots fascists will play well to about the lowest 35% of the populace.
      You think that by defining things in terms suitable to your argument that you have done some good for your side.
      Reality marches right by you and the other anti-American leftist vermin.
      We are not laughing with you, we are laughing at you.

      • That 35% that you are talking about are the ignorant die hard Trump supporters that surround me in Indiana. Thank God Repubicans in Congress are resisting you’re agenda.

      • And those laughs are now bouncing off the walls of your ever shrinking echo chamber and what you actually hear are your own lonely laughs coming back at you. SAD.

    • We don’t have to be perfect. We just have to be better than the neocommunist Democrats. Luckily for us, that’s an easy standard to meet.

  16. A country seeking a leader is only as good as its’ options.
    Take it from an Ohioan, Kasich is toast, he has won his final election unless the democrats gift him another horribly un-electable candidate.
    As well and as stated, the democrats are out of their minds and have become a broken record. The country bought in, kinda, when we twice elected barackHUSSEINobama but whether thew left admits it or not obama broke his party, and the left wont admit it.

    I also believe 2018 and 2020 will be fairly good for the GOP. I am far from a republican, I detest the party almost to a man. But, I fell like President Trump will have a better economy as measured by GDP in one or both of his first two years. As well, the democrats are in a terrible position for the coming mid terms next year. Any rational study of the electoral map would scream to any sane person that it is more likely that the GOP picks up a senate seat or three than losing one.
    If nothing else watching the power brokers in both parties and the anti-American hard left imploding and exploding at the same time has been truly a real joy.
    Enjoy the show folks,

  17. Two things will not survive President Trump’s electoral victory last year. Very properly.

    One of them is the Never-Trump “Conservatives”. They are finished. His candidacy and its themes showed them up as having failed to campaign for all manner of urgent conservative principles (no mass immigration, no crony corporatism, no terrible job-destroying trade deals, no more pointless foreign wars). Whatever happens next, there is no way back for them. They suppose that if they can help this President to fail, they will ‘win bragging rights for 50 years’ as Ann Coulter has mordantly characterized them, and carry on with their nice cosy ineffectual think-tanks, foundations, seats on TV and radio panels, jobs in National Review &c.

    No. They lost too large a percentage of their constituency of readers, audience, followers when the Trump campaign of 2015-16 shone its bright light on them. Only people who cherish cockroaches are now interested in what they have to say.

    The other permanent victim is (again very rightly) the Republican Party. Either it is transmogrified by nearly all its current Congressional members being primaried out of their seats and replaced by conservatives who are genuine patriots; OR it staggers on as the Do-Nothing wing of the Uniparty it has been for so long; nowadays extra-motivated to do nothing because it is anti-Trump. In both instances it is finished. There simply aren’t enough voters to support an entity so sterile and destructive. Its behavior, especially since last November, shows everyone that it offers nothing to anybody except its own public office-holders – and elections aren’t won by candidates solely voting for themselves.

    In both these cases you are looking at extremely mediocre people who have all the intrinsic stupidity of that condition. They are simply too foolish to see the grave they have dug/are digging for themselves – and can only tumble into it.

    • Well you are right if the alt right and “populist” forces can triumph. I think the Donald Trump populist brand is worth about 33% which could clearly be a majority of Republicans. Standing up for something other than blind loyalty to an immature narcissistic bully is considered by some of us the right thing to do regardless.

  18. Always love the words and wisdom of Victor Davis Hanson,one of the very few in the media I approve of or like.His appearances and articles are a real treat to me.

  19. So ignore his misbehavior and obvious obnoxious spoiled brat narcissism. I’m sorry but as a human being he is disgusting and the world knows it. 2 out of 3 Americans think he is untrustworthy, i.e. a liar. Pretty much the whole rest of the world laughs at him and us for being such idiots.

    As far as the economy and the stock market nothing has changed since Obama’s recovery started years ago. I know Trump’s core supporters are uneducated, that’s a fact, but maybe showing them simple graphs could help them grasp this reality.

    • Are you kidding? They will either ignore those graphs or turn them upside down and claim they prove just the opposite.
      Or just insist those graphs are merely ‘fake news’. Your choice.

    • There you go, doing exactly what got Trump elected the first time. Keep looking down your nose. Good job!!!

      • What got trump elected was that he was lucky enough to run against a lousy candidate. Won’t happen again.

      • I bet you believe Liz, fraud, Warren could win.

      • If donald continues on his self generated slide, Michael Moore or Bill Mahr would beat donald in a landslide.

    • Project much? By all means, keep up your delusions of grandeur. All of my innumerable friends and family (and ALL with post-graduate degrees) voted for and will continue to support Trump’s vision and his fight against political correctness and the Washington DC Establishment who have the insufferable arrogance to think they “know what’s best for you.” Huh. They sound just like you. And the fact that he lives rent-free in your head is doubly sweet.

      As for your matinee idol, the fact that you can’t even ask the basic question of what constitutes a “recovery,” and who your moronic political party panders to, is telling:

  20. “…Namely, Trump’s enraged critics still do not grasp that he is a REFLECTION OF, not a catalyst for, widespread anger and unhappiness with globalization, interventionist foreign policy, Orwellian political correctness, identity politics, tribalism, open borders, and a Deep State that lectures and condemns but never lives the consequences of its
    own sermonizing….”

    EXACTLY! EXACTLY EXACTLY EXACTLY EXACTLY EXACTLY EXACTLY EXACTLY!!!! If those dumf*q NeverTrump mandarins EVER grasp that fact then I’m going into the down-parka-sales business in Hell.

  21. D’Souza is reporting that the organizer of Charlottesville, Jason Kessler, was an Obama Supporter & Occupy Wall Street Activist.
    That throws a wrench in the Leftists’ narrative.
    But its true, Leftist ANTIFA is no different than White Nationalists. Domestic terrorists.

    • Either D’souza just makes stuff up (likely) or is just plain ignorant. You on the other hand, had a chance to do a 2 minute google search and you would know in an instant that you are furthering nonsense. Just because it feeds your narrative and feels good does not mean it is true, even if you think otherwise.
      From Business Insider, hardly a left wing rag:
      “A former University of Virginia student, Kessler founded a far-right nonprofit called Unity & Security for America earlier this year to “protect the West” from “rampant immigration.” “We’re trying to do a pro-white demonstration,” Kessler said. “We’re trying to show that folks can stand up for white people. The political correctness has gotten way out of control, and the only way to fight back against it has been to stand up for our own interests.” Kessler, who has written for right-wing publications like The Daily Caller and the anti-immigration outlet VDARE, said that he is “pro-white” and wants to “stand up” for his people against “ethnic cleansing” by “liberal social policies.” But he denied that he is a white supremacist.

      • You can jump up on your high horse, and call the majority of Americans ‘racists’, but the facts are obvious for all to see that the LEFTIST Democrat agenda these past many years have been deeply divisive to American society.

        Your identity politics, the deliberate alienating of so many minority youths, teaching them that they are victims, rather than imploring them to love the country which provides them the ability to strive for a better life, and the concomitant villainization of white Americans is very real and obvious for many Americans to clearly see.

        Lying Propaganda works right up to the time that it STOPS working, and then it is all downhill from there……Ask the people who lived under the communist yoke in Eastern Europe how much they believed in the propaganda state they lived in……ask a Venezuelan today.

      • Your comment was interesting and may be debatable in another discussion.,but never gets respond to to any part of my comment.
        Can you point out just one sentence or even one phrase of yours that DIRECTLY responds to my comment?

  22. I think Trump is wonderful. Look at the Establishment Heads that are exploding ! Such a delight. I look forward to voting for him again in 2020. Seven More Years !!

    • And this is a great article…….

      Look at all the paid bots that were directed by their supervisor to come on here and attack it!

  23. my what a rosy piece. Meanwhile republicans in congress are running from trump, CEOs are running from Trump. People of conscious are running from Trump.

    • Ah…. but we Deplorables love him and that will win the Electoral College. The GOPe, Wall Street and the Elites are not our friends.

      • Actually very few people, groups or legitimate orgs are your friends. But keep trying.

      • Trump is my friend and that’s why I voted for him and shall vote for him again. The others I do not need.

      • love is blind and dangerous in politics.The divorce rate is very high in the US. He patched together a coalition and won.
        Lightning doesnt strike twice.

      • He beat Hillary and if he does nothing else merits the Gold Medal.

      • i disagree. The republican party is looking at its image long term and after charlottesville given the demographic changes they dont want to be associated with racist attitudes. Also in 2018 milleinials surpass baby boomers in potential voters.

        independants are bailing. his approval ratings are very low while the economy is doing better!

        and thirdly there wont be the evil Hilary to vote against

      • next election there wont be HILARY to hate and vote against.
        millienials will surpass baby boomers as eligible voters in 2018
        independants have already abandoned Trump
        the party doesnt want their long term image to be a white race favoring one ( see how polite i put that)

      • Um.
        Trump is President.
        Not Ms Clinton.

        Get over it.
        Trump is your President and you get to claim claim him.

      • yes i now who the president is. He is not our King. I dont have to be his loyal subject. What exactly is your point?

      • By 2020 a majority of the Millienials will have decent jobs and will have come to realize, as most young liberal in the past have, that the taxes they have taken from their paycheck is supporting some worthless moron on mommies couch. They’ll vote for President Trump.

        Independents are like the tide….they come and go but they know which side of their 401K the butter is on. They’ll vote for President Trump.

        With the majority race in this Republic being white, and the largest voting block, what party wouldn’t want them on their team? Oh….the progs wouldn’t.

  24. Among the more brilliant take down of the Dems/Libs and the Never Trumpers….., bravo, Dr. Hanson!

    VDH: “….the idea that conservative populism is a
    temporary deviation from a winning and properly orthodox Jeb Bush
    conservatism is delusional…”

    I used to be a hard-core Free Market proponent…but after decades of Crony Capitalism, epitomized by:

    1) Green energy boondoggles that enriched the Politically Correct
    2) Subsidies galore to the PC crowd
    3) Ever-growing SJW movement (leeches of modern society) funded by sinister Billionaires
    4) Google’s total penetration of the White House, evidenced by hundreds of WH visits and Google’s KEY roles in Obama’s two Election Wins…

    And on and on,… funding all sorts of Regressive trends…..

    Yea, I’m now a conservative `Populist’! Break up the Googles & Facebook Globalists! Turn their core product into a public utility! Stop all subsidies to Green Horse Manure and all taxpayer money to colleges and Us’ that ban Free Speech…hit them in the pocketbooks that have been enriched with taxpayer money!

  25. An interesting construct is best illustrated by an old question. Is art and culture a reflection of society, or is the culture being driven by the artists? President Trump is that reflection of what the ignored by the elites (both left and right) desire. Please tell me of any single politician or leader who could 20,000 seat arenas with 10,000 waiting outside. Tom Perez, Ellison, and other DNC ‘leaders’ can’t fill high school gymnasiums. And Kasich can’t fill a tiny hotel ballroom.

  26. Technology is also making a difference.
    The “” boom was a precursor to the tsunami of new technologies that will make the world-changing waves of steam, coal & steel of a century ago look like ripples in a mud puddle.

  27. The silly leftist media and pollsters are blowing it bigly, but I will never tell them why.


  28. Damn, Hanson is still the best advocate for Trump by a country mile.

    • Pretty close to the only advocate….outside of Fox News.

    • Could be. And with his aversion to facts and the truth that could be very true.

  29. “Ask not what your country can do for you; but ask what you can do for your country.” – JFK
    Today’s ‘Democrat’ would probably condemn that comment as coming from a “racist white nationalist”.

      • Oh, come on…….

        Today’s Democrats motto is:

        “Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you and give to you”.

    • And did you listen to Trump’s inaugural address? To paraphrase – Ask not what you can do for your country, but ask instead what your country can do for you.

    • BTW, I ask again, can anyone of you point to one specific thing donald has done for his country before his election. Go back as far as you want and come up with just ONE example of Donald doing anything for his country. Hiring lots of people to work for him doesn’t count and shouldn’t.

      • The people he hires pay taxes to support the government. That doesn’t count?

      • Of course not & you know it. Even donald himself admits he pays as little in taxes as he can legally get away with. You need to do much better.

      • ?
        Am I arguing with a “progressive Democrat’ or a child? These days you cannot tell the difference.

  30. Now if only more Americans agreed with Hansen…but obviously, most Americans do not.

    The majority of Americans do not support Trump.
    The majority of Americans do not support the alt-right (AKA racism)

    As long as the majority of Americans do not, and will not, support Trump, Trump will continue to be weak and a loser.

    The majority of Americans can see that Trump is too weak.

    The majority of Americans are right.

    • Did you bother to read what VDH cited as all the positive CHANGES….even on the Left Coast?

      I can answer that…..nearly 15k Comments, paid no doubt….you can’t have the time to read.

      • What positive changes?
        Obviously, most Americans know better, Bubba.

    • Trump has been a crook and a conman all his life. He won’t change his stripes in the White House. I can’t believe all these morons who fall for his con job.

  31. Hey Hansen…?

    We will see in a few more months..

    After Mueller releases the indictments..

    Then America will see.

  32. This is a load of unadulterated BS. Trump’s election has less than nothing to do with the positive economic growth now being experienced. Hanson’s approach is analogous to Bill Clinton taking credit for the prosperity of the ’90’s, when Reagan had laid all the groundwork for it. What we must understand that the only thing important about Trump’s election is that it has exposed American at its worst. This isn’t about elitism – This is about being governed by people – Republican or Democrat – who possess common decency. This is something that Trump wouldn’t know if it bit him on his ample butt. And apologists like Hanson are even worse because they have swallowed his racist, proto-fascist BS and they don’t have the excuse as being dumb as rocks like him.

    • People like Hansen don’t want to be mocked for electing Trump.
      They want Trump to succeed, any any cost, so they can feel vindicated for their vote.

      Americans can see that Trump is too weak to be President.
      It shows.

      • He is more than not qualified….
        He is a terrible President.

      • agree. my point is we dont have to get overly emotional or ideological about trump. He is simply unqualified.

      • Yes.

        There are so many reasons why, but you are correct.

      • Hahahahahha!…what string of eighth grader like comments…are you all chewing bubble gum, too?

    • Hey, Ault. compadre…just keep that BS mindset of yours and ensure Trumps re-election.

      • Naw.
        Trump will resign due to the Emoluments Clause…
        Just wait six more months and see.

      • “Progressives” constantly dream.
        Right? And when they don’t; they pitch a fit.

      • Watch and see.

        Do you know what the lawsuit is about?

      • I thought cancelling the Electoral College vote was how you were going to nullify the election?

      • Who in a responsible position seriously ever said that? Except when Trump worries about it.

      • Where have you been hiding since the election. So many people, Pelosi, Durbin, Hillary’s vice president the list goes on said the election was a fraud. Then it went to collusion, then obstruction and now Spec. Prosecutor and you guys are still chasing your tails. You sound like a fair person so your defense of this breach of fair play does not sound convincing.

      • Jessefan – All Trump supporters are deluded, racist, or morons. Which are you?

    • For the truly stupid, yes.
      Most Americans realize that articles like this are intended to prop up Trump.

      But Trump keeps stumbling anyway.

      • why do you think i care about your opinion? you seem deranged and smelly. and gay.

      • Opps, 4th grade class has just been let out for recess. Your comment is how we knew.

      • Stumbling into solving the greatest crisis this nation has faced since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

        Stumbling into solving the illegal immigration issue which no one else could touch, yet alone solve.

        Keep on “stumbling” Mr. President. MAGA

  33. Hey, Hansen.

    Trump is a terrible President.

    Doesn’t that matter.

    • Don’t you have spellcheck? Terrific is what you meant to type, right?

  34. Every big city that they have controlled for years is a cesspool of Crime, Corruption, Poverty and Misery give them a few years and they will destory everything they touch be it a city, State or Nation.

    Contrary to what many think they do not do it out of stupidity but a very careful plan to destory the middle class and replace them with uneducated third world criminals and welfare lovers from felled cultures around the world that will vote Democrat.

    The Democrats would rather have complete power and control over a third world cesspool than share power in a first world Nation.

    Calif. is a very successful version of their plan large swaths of Calif. are much more like Mexico than what Calif. was like before they achieved total control!

    • The rich move into California.
      The poor move out.

      Works for California.
      Quite well, actually.

      • Uh huh…and CA is essentially bankrupt…like so many other democrat states.

      • No.
        California isn’t bankrupt.
        California has a budget surplus.

        California’s economy is booming.
        Is your state?

      • Maybe, but what plans do you snowflakes have for the afterlife?
        Money ain’t gonna help you there, social justice warrior.

      • LOL

        California has a “budget surplus” because Gov. Brown borrowed money from state pension funds to pay its bills. Maybe some of that million dollar “budget surplus” can be used to pay the multi-trillion dollar amount it owes to retired workers.

      • So who in your opinion is doing better, CA or Kansas?

      • Kansas- they are under a microscope and can’t lie about what is happening. Moonbeam gets free press and lies about everything. Please stay in Mexifornia if you live there; if you don’t, please move there.

      • Depending on who keeps track, CA’s economy is either the 6th or the 11th largest in the world. Not so bad for a left wing govt, right?

      • When your number one industry is gay porn, sure. Money isn’t everything. Some people, not those in Krapofornia, actually have morals and ethics.

      • It is too late to erase your comment. Actually CA supplies almost 1/2 of the food consumed by the rest of America, BTW who do you think consumes all of that ‘porn’? Could it be immoral folk and ethically challenged residents of many of those in the RED states? Just asking. Care to answer?

      • “Left Coaster’ is delusional.
        Leave it at that.

      • The Poor do not move out they move in from Mexico making Calif. the largest welfare State in the union, poorest education system, and large areas now nothing but a Mexican barrio of crime, corruption, poverty and misery!

    • “The Democrats would rather have complete power and control over a third world cesspool than share power in a first world Nation”.

      Spot on! That perfectly sums up the thought process of a vile Democrat. Their lust for power and control supercedes anything and everything. They must be defeated.

  35. Trump is failing.

    Good try trying to fool Americans, Hansen, but we can see that Trump is failing as President.

    Americans can see.

    • He’ll be re-elected in 2020. Hopefully, by then, the Left Coast will be gone. No loss.

    • The left can see Hillary’s comeback victory as clearly now as they saw it in 2016. They never learn and they never forget. This guy claims CA. is not in debt and that only the poor are leaving.
      That an immigrant from Syria could easily buy an ocean front home in S.F. Talk about foolish, ignorant Americans.

  36. The liberals have no reverse gear, there is no way to back out of the blind ally they have driven their party down. How do you message your way out of identity politics and back towards unity? The plan thus far has been to pull a class-warfare switch which would resonate with the Bernie fans who want free stuff but you aren’t going to cram the BLM/LGBTQ/Victimology/intersectionality genie back into the bottle – its become an industry now. This leaves a total mess for the next poor dem candidate who will have to pander in 100 directions and talk out of both sides of their mouth while avoiding any situation where they get shunned by any particular group, especially one with “allies” that then have to fight together like it was WWI and endless interlocking treaties force them to go along to avoid fracturing the brittle construct that is modern liberalism. I cant wait to watch it play out.

  37. In other words, the more the Left bytches, the more support Trump will garner.

  38. The Left is going to spend the rest of the next four years screaming in the Wilderness. The screaming won’t win back any voters. Sucks to be them.

    • The inevitable slide in donald’s approval by the American people belies you statement. No screaming, no hysteria, just standing back and watching an ’empty suit’ self immolate. Couldn’t be easier or surer!

      • Kind of like the inevitable landslide win by Hillary? Or the inevitable self-destruction of trump during the primaries? You have a track record even the CBO would not want.

      • That is all so yesterday. Today & tomorrow just could be different.

      • Keep saying that. One day it just might come true. Say 2032, after Ivanka’s 8 years?

      • You have been praying for anything for over a year now and have zero. You have been sold a bill of goods by your leaders who cannot admit they blew it.

    • Not just the left but the Rep. DC elite starring the worse congress in history. Have they dedicated a bridge today?

  39. To use baseball terminology, Dr. Hanson hit a home run with this piece. I want to add one group to the mix. Those like me who in 2016 did not cast a ballot for any presidential candidate and voted down ballot only. My vote didn’t matter in my extremely blue state and my preferred Republican, Cruz, was not on the ballot. I am not anti-Trump or rah-rah Trump, but I am conservative and I do not want to see the will of the voters overturned. I support the president and find that the Russian collusion garbage is not a search for truth but a persecution.

    • Could be. So why not let it play out and if you are right we will all have egg on our collective faces. Specifically, what are you guys afraid of? Donald is the only one who knows EXACTLY what he did or didn’t do and he seems to be afraid that soon the rest of us will find out what donald knows also. Maybe that’s why he has hired many defense lawyers and is inquiring about his pardoning powers including his ability to pardon himself.

      • Will you put a date on how long we let this nonsense play out? This BS is 100% about the left and the Rep. elite not believing they lost an inevitable election. Do you really believe this exact same corruption of our political system would not be playing out on Ted Cruz or Scott Walker? Or any other DC outsider. Remember wanting to cancel the Electoral College vote, that is where this started. Do you believe the Spec. Prosecutor should go after those doing all the leaking and Hillary’s crimes or just stay on Trump’s finances which was never part of the original investigation? My hope is that the Independents are watching carefully to what is happening to our political system.

      • The excuse that any one on the left or even Republicans are promoting the investigations are getting very stale. No one questions that Donald won the election except donald himself who constantly needs to remind us and himself as well that he won. The time limit for the investigation is ‘as long as it takes’ to find Trump and his administration guilty or not guilty of l crimes related to Russian connections or interference in the 2016 election. If trump’s finances prove a connection between secret loans from Russians or money laundering for certain Russina nationals that would establish an obligation for Trump to treat those Russians in a favorable way to avoid revealing those possibly illegal connections, would certainly fall under the mandate for Mueller.

      • Investigations start off with a crime to investigate. Name the crime that is being investigated here? Can you say Scooter Libby?

      • I would like to see your reaction if the Mueller mandate was used to investigate you, your family and anyone ever attached to your business or job.

      • If me or several of my friends had several meetings with Russian nationals that we conveniently all forgot and then suddenly all remembered, I guess i could understand why ANYONE would want to investigate me & my friends. Goes with the territory.

      • After the lapse in memory was cleared up there is still no evidence of a crime except from Comey and some of Obama’s administration for illegally obtaining information on our fellow citizens. And of course Hillary and Bill’s deals with the Russians. Any reason you forgot to mention that? Just a memory lapse, I guess.

      • You will not put a date on how long until they find any evidence of an illegal act being committed? Many people have said the election was illegitimate, would you pay me $20 for everyone of them? As I said I hope the Ind. are watching.

      • Watergate took 2 yrs. Whitewater took 6 yrs. Mueller’s investigation has been going on for less than 4 months. I guess between 2-6 yrs would be just about right.

      • Watergate was about the investigation of a robbery which happened before the investigation began. That is how investigations are supposed to work not conjecture. You still have not mentioned what crime Mueller is investigating hopefully it is not about bad memory as far as I know that is not a crime.

      • Intentional ‘bad memory’ can be perjury or obstruction of justice, both serious felonies. Mueller could be investigating either one or both. Or possibly money laundering or secret loans by Trump for certain Russians that resulted in favorable treatment of those Russians to keep this stuff secret. Who knows?But soon we may find out. Be patient.

      • He could be doing many things and the track record for Spec. prosecutors is not good at all in that respect. What he should be doing now is investigating a crime. Please name the crime or give up on your phony what if’s.And that you would have no problem with an investigation like this on yourself. That is why there are guidelines and they were not followed here. Remember it is justice for all not just those you think deserve it. Do you think Comey did the right thing by inserting the word into the statute he was supposedly investigating thereby making a different set of laws fro his DC elitist friend Hillary?

      • Then they would have charged someone with those crimes. if someone was laundering money wouldn’t the IRS have records to prove your imaginary crime? Once again you are relying on conjecture or a crystal ball that Mueller has in possession. Pretty lousy way to treat one of your fellow citizens all because you lost an election. It also sounds like you have no problem for what happened to Scooter Libby. This is the type of behavior that is causing a divide. Find a crime or anything we can make sound like a crime. In your case though it is just good ol character assassination in the fine progressive mode.

      • So just about in time for the run up to Ivanka’s 2024 campaign then.

      • If there was even a whiff of what you posit we would know it by now. It would be leaked and splashed over every major media outlet in the world.
        What we do know is HRC’s pay for play with Russian oligarchs and Bill’s obscene payment for a 45 minute speech.
        I didn’t vote for Trump, I voted for NOT HILLARY.
        (and how’s that Haiti funding thing getting along?)

  40. Democrats are now attacking anything with a southern accent. Soon , they will demand that we take down the Washington and Jeffersons monuments and their images on Mount Rushmore. Democrats are truely the American Taliban party, working to erase our heritage. They want all white people dead, to be replaced with Islamic refugees who will demand the end to our US Constitution and its replacement with sharia law. After all, Islam translates to English as “submission”. And that is their ultimate goal, submission to an all powerful state. Allahu Akbar Mr Ellison.

    • The decision to take down the statue of R.E. Lee was made only by the people of Charlottesville VA, still considered a southern state, right?

  41. it’s only 6 months, and he’s already set new lows for popularity

    he’s yet to be tested by a domestic disturbance of major consequence, like a shortage of .223 rounds for the assault weapons loved by his dress-up pseudo-soldiers

    wait until he has to respond to a real crisis – like his wife throwing a drink in his face at some reception, or prince Jared being called in front of a grand jury.

    • educated people look at the polls closely , dumb people like you take the numbers and run without looking at how those numbers was derived !

      • Hillary just cannot lose, look at her fantastic numbers. Sad part is that swek really is basing his vote on how he thinks Trump reacts to his wife getting upset at him and his hatred of the military is always a winning cause. They learn and forget nothing.

    • Looks like he has finally turned China towards the US. something Clinton, Bush or Obama failed miserably at. How much time, effort and cash did we waste on their failed leaderships? Now it looks like Iran will remove themselves from Obama’s illegal pact. Thank you President Trump. Nice ring to it, huh?

    • What will you do when he solves the greatest crisis of the last 50 years – North Korea?

      Historians will proclaim him as the Greatest President EVER! Meanwhile, the MSM, the Dems and NeverTrumpers will be complaining about the language he used. “He could have KILLED US ALL” will be the shriek. They’ll overlook the fact that he actually saved us all.

  42. “Why has the Democratic Party become so arrogantly detached from ordinary Americans? Though they claim to speak for the poor and dispossessed, Democrats have increasingly become the party of an upper-middle-class professional elite, top-heavy with journalists, academics and lawyers.” Camille Paglia
    Dr. Paglia’s fits nicely with Dr. Hanson’s……………………….

    “…. but also furious to be scapegoated for having “white privilege” by those who alone enjoyed it. A party run by Pajama Boys, half-educated media talking heads, Middlebury-prolonged adolescents, Bay Area billionaire techies in t-shirts and flip-flops, Hollywood gated grandees, Al Gore green elites, and Black Lives Matter activists is not going to win easily back Michigan and Wisconsin.”

  43. the gallup poll is a pure propaganda tool , compare gallups 34% approval to rassmussens 43% and ask yourself where is this big difference comming from ?
    the answer is found by looking at who was polled , rassmussen polls Registered voters while Gallup polled adults , if you look further at the polling history on RCP you find that trump polls consistently lower in polls where adults are polled compared to polls that capture registered voters !
    The reason for this spread is easy to explain , we have a estimated 11M illegal aliens in this country and millions of other people that are ineligible to vote because they are here on a variety of visas or they hold a greencard but have not applied for naturalization , naturally a big percentage of those people hold leftist views and therefore are not friendly to trump while others are closet trump fans ( i know many legal immigrants who are sympathetic to trumps ideas on curbing illegal immigration but wont be voicing their support in public )

    So if you eliminate the Adult only polls the approval rating average stands at 44% which is pretty close the the popular vote share trump captured , factoring in the MOE you can place trumps real approval rating between 41 and 47%

    • apprehensions at the border are at a 30 year low , stock market is up
      and a record number of new jobs have been created since january , wal
      mart and other big box retailers investing billions in companies to
      build stuff here in the US again , supreme court has a conservative
      majority and a record number of vacant seats on various courts will be
      filled with conservative judges !

  44. I am not a Trump supporter but I did vote for him he is doing much better than I ever thought he would. if he ever gets his act together as a politician he will really kick some butt. He completely blew the Charlottesville message and I would bet that he learned from it and will not try to thread the needle next time. I know we did not elect a life long politician but there are some rules he needs to play by. He is after all the president of all the People. All that said he is doing fine by me. Mr. Hanson did a nice job pointing out the positives of Trump’s presidency something that is getting harder and harder to find. I am really starting to give up on FOXNEWS and National Review.

      • Yes, they are much better and don’t have that continuous banging against Trump going on. I get it they don’t like him but FOXNEWS lost me as a viewer.

    • Don’t be so fast to condemn him over Charlottesville.

      However much we may revile the Nazi/KKK crowd, this group had legal permission to march, and had the right to expect protection from Antifa/BLM thugs
      The ACLU and many others reported that the police did nothing (videos back that up)
      A NYT reporter on the scene was tweeting about the aggressive BLM instigating violence and was quickly shouted down.
      Videos show the truth, and its not what the media reported.

      This would have been a peaceful march if the authorities had handled it right, but they instead stood back and let it happen. They even refused to allow the group to disperse in the park, and instead forced them into running the gauntlet with the Antifa/BLM thugs who had metal bats and were throwing urine and faeces as well as rocks.

      Were it not for the crazy Nazi driver the MSM narrative would have collapsed immediately.

      Surely you don’t prefer the Obama method of jumping to conclusions before the facts are known?

      • Shockingly, it took almost 3 days before even FoxNews dared mention the Antifa/BLM factor. I’m sure it’s still ignored by all others.

  45. Excellent, very analytical and very inspiring article.

    Thank you Professor Hanson.


    • The most divisive, hating, president in American History.


      • You keep believing those polls. Would not want you to get a clue, it might just ruin your world.

      • Hehehe, PLEASE…

        YOU keep dis-believing those polls. Hehehe, your ‘trump… is immensely popular… beloved… everone will vote for him… no need to give him money… no need to campaign…

        Hehehe, PLEASE believe your own lies.

      • Yeah, just like we deplorables believed Trump would win in 2016. How foolish we were to believe then after Hillary crushed him…………….Oh, wait

      • “Remember, you can keep your doctor and your health plan.”

      • Word of the day: Nacho. HilLIARy’s still “nacho” president!

      • sure….

        Just like all the other trump promises… mexican money to pay for trump’s wall… 11 million deported back to their home countries… jobs coming BACK from china… balanced budget…

        trump is a serial liar.

      • We know that he works twice the hours of the average POTUS? How do we know that? So far we have rarely seen him working ANY hours. It is all propaganda.

      • Speak for yourself. You can’t see what you don’t look at. I read his work schedule each day. I watch his daily meetings with an amazing variety of people. I’m retired and a political junkie but it’s hard to keep up with him much less to understand the complex benefits of all that he’s up too. P

      • trump is noted for lack of a work ethic… lack of learning… and watching TV.

        Your lord trump should resign and let a competent person take his place.

  46. Hanson writes…
    “In sum, the Democratic Party has learned nothing and forgotten nothing. It is doubling down on exactly what lost it the Blue Wall… Ditto the Republican NeverTrump establishment that seeks to recapture relevance by reemphasizing exactly what lost it influence in 2016. The argument that Trump, the man, is so beyond moral redemption that Trump’s agenda is irrelevant will not fly with those who feel that they are already better off than in 2016.”

    Good point on the democrats… Wrong on trump, Mr. Hanson. Sleazy trump has shown us that he is beyond ‘moral redemption’… and incapable of governing without fundamental help on the basics of things.

    Earlier in your argument you say…
    “Trump’s enraged critics still do not grasp that he is a reflection of, not a catalyst for, widespread anger…

    A ‘reflection of’… and then you go on to to talk about all the ‘catalytic measures’… that trump supposedly has done. Which is it, mr. hanson? Trump is just a ‘symbol’… or trump is an agent of ‘change’? Your rambling article conflicts itself… and leaves the question of ‘trump’… immoral, liar, incompetent… unresolved.

    • To the contrary, your inability to understand where the two aspects meet and coincide reflects your lack of critical thinking skills. He is both the symbol and the agent of change while the “movement” is even bigger than him. The movement’s power does not come from him but rather, his power comes from the movement. The “movement” predates Trump by a good margin and I am sure you could not possibly identify the one person responsible for the GOP control of the House, Senate and Trump being in the Oval Office. Removal of Trump will simply make him a martyr and strengthen the “movement”, not kill it. The GOP would be wise to understand that the status quo anti is gone forever.

      • Hehehe… I doubt Ethics, Integrity, Principles will ever disappear.

        You are quite wrong.

      • As defined by whom? Again there are never any examples given for Trump’s supposed transgressions. Your comment was a critique of Hanson’s article and now you shift the subject. You should talk to the folks who work for the Trump organization concerning those points of Ethics, Integrity and Principles.

      • Has your sleazy trump paid his ‘trump university’ scam settlement? it has been only 9 months… I know… but it should be paid by now.


  47. Could care less of your anger towards globalization, you are derelicts locked in the 19th and early 20th centuries, its over. I will NEVER vote for Trump period.

    • Good. Would not want you to degrade yourself while losing. You have no idea who you are referring to and as a result your ignorance precludes any substantive validity to your comment. Have a nice day.

    • What anger is Mr. Hanson exhibiting? It seems to me he is making an erudite analysis of what is happening in our country today. Globalization is just a term used for trickle up poverty. Which derelicts are you referring to EOA? The only people locked in the 19th and 20th century are progressives who always promote regression which they like to project as progress.

  48. Excellent essay, Dr. Hanson. We should all pray that dems never get their act together.

  49. Lost in all of this is the fact that the Coastal Party lost 1,000 seats since Obama. Their obsession with identify politics, and unhinged response to Trump will only continue to fuel the anti-liberal momentum that Obama birthed!

    • Until sheer demographics pushes it back. They’re playing the long game.

      • That’s a dangerous game. Trump has some tricks up his sleeve. I still continue to believe he is going to aggressively try to bring up the black community, but he is waiting until late 2018 to start. if he succeeds your demographics stuff is down the toilet.

      • I think there’s another demographic you’re forgetting…

      • Demographics built upon the immigration of non assimilating cultures will be the fall of the United States. Multiculturalism kills and it always has. So, the long game for you is the total transformation of the United States into Yugoslavia.

  50. If I want an insightful perspective, I will always look to Dr. Hanson.

  51. Why aren’t any Alt-left groups going berserk about the triggering symbolism of the Democratic Party that birthed the KKK?

    • Because they know what they are doing while the cucks are apologizing for existing and the other twits are LARPing.

  52. Your a rasist bigget llamaphobe! In 2020 Trump will LOOSE and Clinton will win by a lanslide! PERSIST & RESIST!

  53. When do we take up arms against the ProgLeft?

    They will not stop, they will not go away, and they want the rest of us dead. I know the latter because, well, they say it on a regular basis. The “Nazi Nazi Nazi!” isn’t people being stupid- it’s a deliberate demonization process to give a fabricated morality to the escalating violence perpetrated against us.

    How long do we sit here while a political force that has control of many of our cultural institutions calls our eradication from not only the current world but from history and culture? Do we wait until “Punch a Nazi” becomes “Shoot a Nazi?”

    Ballot box? Here in enemy occupied California the state employee unions bully or buy out candidates even before the primaries. When you get to the voting booth, none of the names there have any interest in me or mine. Voting is useless. Trump won, but now there’s an global political apparatus devoted to nullifying that vote.

    When does the Second Amendment kick in for its original purpose?

    • Boy you really do sound silly. Lucky you are anonymous or you would be mocked in person.

    • Every person alive has two irreplaceable resources: time and attention. Don’t let the opposition decide your strategy or tactics. Whenever a new order of things begins to emerge, the old order resorts to every tactic available to reassert itself, and yet, as Victor Hugo once said, ‘Nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come’. The violence and lawlessness you are seeing are signs of *desperation* not the fulfillment of *success*. Stand fast. Keep calm. Carry on.

  54. As usual, Dr. Hansen illuminates the current political situation, and pithily: ‘Trumpism is not an eponymous political movement per se. It was merely an adjective for the reification of far greater preexisting political realities.’ The origins of ‘Trumpism’ are ‘Perotism’. The truth is that populist voters have been in the political wilderness since the defeat of Ross Perot in 1992 and the subsequent passage of NAFTA by an almost equal number of Republicans and Democrats in Congress and signed by the Democratic President Bill Clinton. What Trump had that Perot did not was running as a ‘major’ Party candidate, even though his Party did not particularly support him (and in many ways attempted to undermine him). The truth is that *both* the Republican *and* Democratic Party elites were stunned by his victory. For 30+ years, both parties have colluded to ignore the populist voter and, until, Trump they succeeded nicely in doing so. But those voters were still out there, waiting for their chance. Trump gave them that chance, and, though, like Perot, Trump is a quirky messenger, he is *their* messenger.

    • Interestingly it was Perot, Trump and Nader who were the lonely voices railing against the elites in both parties who were pushing NAFTA. Trumps been at this a long time.

      • It is not entirely the case that Perot got Clinton elected. The failure of the Republican Party to stand against NAFTA got Clinton elected. So, really, the irony is that the *same* trade deal played a role in both elections, 23 years apart.

  55. Mr. Hanson nailed it. Except he misses one thing: the D’s are not doubling down on identity politics thinking it will work better with whites. They are doubling down on identity politics to violently attack whites.

    As Charlottesville, Berkeley, and Chicago showed, the D’s and the Left are openly hate-whitey . Whites are now not even allowed to peaceably organize and march, as they will be violently attacked, and the mayors order the police to stand down.

    The D’s are supporting this in the hope of breaking up whitey’s force by assaulting him if he tries to oppose them. Their brand is toast among whites, and now they want to exterminate them by violence. They are deliberately baiting whites by ripping down Confederate statutes and any other memorials to whites with “badthink.”

    As a historian, Mr Hanson should look at what happens historically when different ethnic groups are opposed in a single political society. He will find quite a dark answer. Political violence on racial lines (white v. non-white) is now not only inevitable in America, but will be regular and continuous for at least a generation, and likely two, until, sadly, one side is largely removed from the U.S. (and that removal may come in a variety of ways, both horrific and banal). And this racial-political violence a direct result of the Left’s policies of the last 50 years, with its support of open borders and with anti-white regulation and anti-white, blame-whitey propaganda.

  56. The Trump Presidency is NOT the Left’s or the Never-Trumper’s worse nightmare. That is reserved for a successful Trump Presidency which is what their antics is all about.

  57. Trump is an evil, weak, stupid and cruel racist. There is no place in American or even Western civilization for ridiculous tyrants such as him.

    • You were quite the tyrant back in the day as I recall. Perhaps you’re just too senile to recognize a just, strong, intelligent and benevolent leader.

  58. Dr Hanson,
    I enjoyed very much your definition of Obama’s blather as “mellifluent banality.” Please craft a descriptive phrase to put the rest the fantasy of Obama as a “constitutional law professor” and “scholar.” The public in general is not aware of the triviality of “adjuncts.” Although I last attended the University of Chicago in 1959 I cannot imagine ever describing a part-time instructor as a “constitutional law professor.” I am also mystified as to how someone who has never published a peer-reviewed article can be considered a “scholar.” With Trump you get what you see and hear. Obama was always a construct at best and a fraud at worst.

  59. The central premise on which this article is written is untrue. It isn’t the anti-Trumpers who are under-informed and who have a lesson to learn. However, the good news is that Trump supporters are getting to see the consequences of their closed-mindedness.

    • Consequences which include reduced illegal immigration, higher growth, lower unemployment, record stock values and increased business confidence and investment in America.

      If only those Trump voters weren’t so closed minded we would have Hillary and none of the above.

      • Reduced illegal immigration came at the cost of the goodwill most of the world felt toward the US, and here I am not referring only to foreign governments. Regarding higher growth, we have been on a high growth trajectory for several years. Trump can crow and claim the growth but as a candidate he thought the numbers were fake. Business confidence IS a win. Business leaders think they will be unregulated. It is easier to profit in that environment. Of course, BP’s gulf incident, Enron, AIG, etc. suggest that perhaps the absence of regulation is unhealthy longterm. Trump is a net negative and this is becoming increasingly clear to business and congress. Many red state voters are extremely uncomfortable with the prospects of losing foreign contracts to export agricultural goods. Others have had time to think through the consequences of losing their healthcare. Time is on the side of Trump’s opponents as his voters marinate in the consequences of their choice.

      • “Goodwill from most of the world?”
        The US was and has been hated by failed and envious states since forever. If that is an AntiTrump argument, it’s as pathetic as the opposition to Obama.

      • Trump single-handedly killed Brexit and caused Merkel and Macron to prevail. Austrailia openly mocks us. Keep swinging batter. The WH staff called the Canadian PM and asked him to convince Trump to stay in NAFTA. That is truly sad.

      • You are full of shiite. The United States is to the world is like the New York Yankees are to MLB. The most successful franchise/country ever leading to heaps of envy and resentment. Let Australia mock us all they want, but that’s resentment talking.

      • Brexit negotiations are going. Article 50 has been filed. I’m not sure why you think it’s dead.
        As far as May is concerned, she has been visibly distant and frosty toward Trump; hardly a Maggie and Ronnie relationship. Still, the UK is seeking a first class deal with the US, something Obama said would not happened.
        Relative to NAFTA–which allows finished product to come to the Country duty free–I hardly think FoxConn would have inked a massive deal with Wi if it wasn’t for Trump’s promise to leave NAFTA.

        You might want to open your mind a little, and stop reading liberal media.

      • The FoxConn deal likely won’t happen. If it does, the jobs will cost enough in subsidies that the WI taxpayers might as well pay the would-be employees directly. That is if FoxConn doesn’t back out of the deal like they did the last time. Oh, and then there are the environmental issues. The deal has been described as not providing a positive return till 2043. Lip service for the base.

      • BTW – The UK seeking a deal is not what Obama said wouldn’t happen. He said the UK would have to take its place in line based on its size.

      • Trump’s approval in Mexico is about 8%, in Japan 12%, in S Korea 22%. And those are not failed states. They are our ALLIES!

      • Does anyone cares what Trump’s approval numbers in Mexico or South Korea or France or Britain are? I could not even care what Trump’s numbers are in the US. Come on.

      • It’s extremely important to have strong alliances (friends) on the world stage. No one can go it alone, not even the United States of America. I think what Don was trying to say, is that we cannot isolate ourselves by crafting policies where we are only concerned about outcomes that directly benefit us. (the America first policy comes to mind) Our stated policy goals affect how the U.S. is perceived by our allies. They are closely watching everything we do. Isolationism and Nationalism won’t help us build stronger relationships around the world.
        Sweeping reductions in business regulations across the board, will almost certainly lead to some unsavory consequences that we will all pay for at some in the future. The reality is most corporations will only do the BARE MINIMUM in regards to compliance with health and safety regulations, unless they are forced to comply (by law), and are monitored and routinely audited by government agencies such as the EPA or OSHA for example. That is a fact.
        These regulations are specifically sold to voters by GOP candidates as “job killing”, to poison the public’s perception of ANY regulation in general, and to associate any attempt to regulate any industrial or commercial business activity in this country as a BAD thing. Smart regulatory practices are put in place, primarily due to past instances of poor working conditions, safety issues or environmental violations that these same industries were engaging in for years prior to the implementation of these regulations. Do these regulations result in higher operational costs? Well of course they do. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing in the grand scheme of things. A reduction of these regulations will increase the dangers to those working INSIDE these industries, and the public at large OUTSIDE the industries. There is no free lunch. There is ALWAYS a hidden cost to every path you choose in business.
        As an employee who has worked in the Oil and Gas industry for 25+ years, I can tell you that there are hundreds of strict regulations that we have to abide by NOW, which are a direct result of unacceptable working conditions, physical injuries and deaths, and environmental disasters (gas releases/leaks/spills) that were easily preventable. Expecting industries to ‘do the right thing’ or institute their own internal safeguards (free from government involvement) is incredibly naïve. With the influence of Unions in this country in rapid decline, American workers are more dependent than ever on the U.S. government to protect them from the power these businesses have over their day-to-day safety and health. Wholesale reductions of key regulations, and taking an adversarial posture in regards to foreign policy with your own allies, is simply not a smart geopolitical strategy for any country. (including the United States) That’s because it causes more problems than it solves.

      • You are into writing books. The US was mocked as paranoid during the early 60’s, as murderous during the late 60’s, as warmonger during Nixon and Reagan, as clueless during Obama and Carter, and as cowboy during Bush 43. Trump is making America stronger, which in turn helps the world.

      • I hate to break it to you, but in traveling outside the country (on industry related business trips), I see one of two reactions from foreigners that I interact with: SHOCK and CONFUSION (that we would elect someone like Trump as our President) or LAUGHTER (that we would elect someone like Trump as our President) Not good.

      • I get that it bothers YOU. But leftist Europe was mad a Reagan during the 80’s, France pulled out of NATO in 1964, and asked for US troops to leave french territory; Turkey was angry at JFK when he pulled the missiles as a result of the Cuban deal; Vietnam was angry when the US left. Central and South America have been in a fever pitch about the gringo’s since 1930.
        So, what?
        Have you ever led anyone? It’s not easy, and everyone hates you, until they don’t.

      • Of course it bothers me. (It doesn’t bother you?) I’m a proud American citizen, and I have never hesitated to make that clear no matter where I’ve traveled, or to the individuals that I have met along the way. What I find a bit troubling, is your advocacy of an openly hostile foreign policy towards the rest of the world. Your opinion seems to be that you could care less what our allies think of us. We’re the United States…and your not. Is that your position? Because if it is, I’m not sure how that helps the current state of affairs, or how it improves our position in the world.
        As strong as you seem to think we are, NO COUNTRY can do it alone. The European alliances that we have built over the past 70 years matter. Sorry to hear you think they don’t. Trump could do A LOT better, in reassuring these allies, but he chooses not to. As long as no one calls his foreign policy out as severely lacking, nothing will get better. He’s largely seen outside the U.S. as an unhinged person, who has no clear foreign policy vision. From what I have observed, the NATO allies seem to be totally confused about what his foreign policy goals are as well. (except for asking them to write a big check) His increasing stubbornness and profound ignorance of foreign affairs seems to be rubbing everyone the wrong way these days.

      • The US is not isolating itself. We are “America first” while remaining engaged. For instance, Trump’s complaint regarding NATO was effective, as the majority of nations are now paying their minimum dues. Similarly, his complaints about NAFTA; Foxconn just announced plans for a 10, 000 plus worker factory in Wisconsin.
        These examples negate your premise.

        As far as you OSHA complaints, it’s boilerplate nonsense. OSHA’s regulations have been in place since 1970, that’s over 45 years ago. If the company YOU worked for did not follow basic safety rules, you should have left, not stayed 25 years.

      • We have an estranged relationship with our closest European and NATO allies. It’s as bad as it has ever been. We have a better relationship with Saudi Arabia and China, than we do with our closest allies of Germany or the United Kingdom. That’s not what I would call remaining engaged.
        Also, it seems that you are confused about OSHA and EPA rules and regulations.
        Your comment about regulations being ‘in place’ is a fundamental misunderstanding of how things actually work.
        OSHA and EPA regulations are not imposed on or written for individual companies. They are written for ENTIRE INDUSTRIES, so every company WITHIN that industry has to abide by the same rules and regulations that are in place for that particular industry. Also, the rules and regulations aren’t ‘static’ meaning they aren’t set in stone forever (never to be changed, strengthened, or expanded) Every year there are new rules added, and sometimes, other rules are modified. You have to adjust from year-to-year in order to be in compliance.
        I have to update my OSHA card (and EPA rules training) for the newly written or updated rules EVERY SINGLE YEAR, just like everyone else in the Oil and Gas Industry, as long as I continue to work in that industry. Technology advancements, industry methods, and new safety concerns are constantly changing the need for new rules.

      • It’s easy to get folks to like you when you give them free stuff and do whatever they want.

      • I have my 10 hour OSHA certification, and I work for a regulated field. Your comments about safety were boilerplate leftist nonsense, and you know it. If your company, the company you have been part of for over 25 years, is not following OSHA rules or basic safety rules,
        (1) name the company
        (2) What are the results of the periodic safety audits conducted over the years.
        (3) let’s see your safety training record with the company
        (4) if you felt violations were being ignored, OSHA has a whistleblower number, did you call?

        That posting was meant to regurgitate the same nonsense we have been hearing from the unions and the Left. What is obvious, is that your oil and gas job is sand has been under fire from the Democrat party and the Leftists you keep supporting.

      • This is the same vague and subjective arguments I heard during the Reagan, Bush 41, and Bush 43 years. The motiff never changes: ‘Smart, sophisticated Europeans looking down, in horror, at the childish Americans.’ To put in context, P.J. O’Rourke covered this very topic in a book he wrote in 1987. I, thus, quote:

        “I was having dinner…in London…when eventually he got, as the Europeans always do, to the part about “Your country’s never been invaded.” And so I said, “let me tell you who those bad guys are. They’re us. WE BE BAD. We’re the baddest-assed sons of bitches that ever jogged in Reeboks. We’re three-quarters grizzly bear and two-thirds car wreck and descended from a stock market crash on our mother’s side. You take your Germany, France, and Spain, roll them all together and it wouldn’t give us room to park our cars. We’re the big boys, Jack, the original, giant, economy-sized, new and improved butt kickers of all time. When we snort coke in Houston, people lose their hats in Cap d’Antibes. And we’ve got an American Express card credit limit higher than your piss-ant metric numbers go. You say our country’s never been invaded? You’re right, little buddy. Because I’d like to see the needle-dicked foreigners who’d have the guts to try. We drink napalm to get our hearts started in the morning. A rape and a mugging is our way of saying ‘Cheerio.’� Hell can’t hold our sock-hops. We walk taller, talk louder, spit further, fuck longer and buy more things than you know the names of. I’d rather be a junkie in a New York City jail than king, queen, and jack of all Europeans. We eat little countries like this for breakfat and shit them out before lunch.”

        That’s Reganism, Bushism 43 and Trumpism, and Teddy Rooseveltism all rolled into one, and that should be YOUR attitude too.

        My recommendation, start hanging around with a different crowd. From personal experience, sailors pulling into European ports are never subjected to the harangues you seem to be exposed to.

      • Goodwill from most of the world? You mean from the likes of Angela Merkel, the “leader” of the EU? Who admitted in 2010 that multiculturalism was a failure, then turned around and invited in the Muslim horde in 2015 and beyond – over 1.1M in 2015 alone (mostly young males).

        Thanks for proving my point.

      • You are making the classic progressive two-faced political argument. Please prove what goodwill was lost due to a focus on doing immigration right?

        How can you say w have been on a growth trajectory when the evidence says it hasn’t. The last eight years have seen not one year of economic growth above 2%. That is a historical low.

        Business leaders don’t think they will be unregulated, but rather the onerous regulations that stall growth and reduce profit are being lifted to the benefit of everyone and to the detriment of no one.

        No one has lost their healthcare or would lose if a repeal and replace project moved forward. What they have actually realized is significant increases to their health care spending which crowds out other types of spending like the discretionary spending that drives growth in other areas of the economy.

        Please cite evidence that Red states are uncomfortable. I believe the good people of North Dakota are ecstatic to have less EPA regulation of their lands, a pipe line that is now being built which will make transport of their oil easier and less costly to the environment, and a leader who understands their unique issues. I’d say that can be carrier over most of the 34 states led by Republicans.

    • Perhaps you just don’t realize the extent to which they, progressives and their never-trump allies, are uninformed. Perhaps it is you who is close minded. It took an open mind to go another direction since the alternatives seemed unpalatable to millions of Americans. Perhaps it was their open mindedness that allowed another way to prevail. You assume that you are open minded, but that assumption is usually the tell of a closed minded person.

  60. Got to love the ObamaConservatives and the Anti Trumpers: they keep losing while Trump is winning. Even better, when Trump lose, they lose too.

  61. There are more never-Hillaryers and never-Warreners than there are never-Trumpers.

  62. Your either a political genius or completely delusional. After reading my entire post…you decide which camp I’m in.
    So, your argument is that Trump is doing a great job overall to this point? Interesting take, so your analysis begs the question: What does a doing a BAD JOB look like??? I also marvel at your contention that the President really hasn’t lost ANY support. (with a Real Clear Politics AVEREAGE of 37.3% approval rating from over a dozen polling outlets over time) That includes an increasingly higher avg. percentage of voters who STRONGLY DISSAPROVE of him over the past six months. So his hardcore support is actually closer to 25% approval.

    Your incredible assertion defies common sense Mr. Hanson. Donald Trump won as the chaos candidate who promoted himself as the ‘outsider’. That was a one shot deal. Some voters rolled the dice on him out of pure frustration with the status quo. They knew all too well that he was totally unqualified to be President of the United States, and they also agreed he lacked the temperament to do the job. (by a substantial margin) But regardless of those serious concerns, they crossed their fingers, and hoped that he would ‘become Presidential’ once he won the election.
    Interesting fact: Poll averages also revealed that the majority of Republicans at the time thought he was NOT honest and trustworthy, not qualified, or had the right temperament to be President. (a fact that has not changed) Unfortunately, he was running against someone (Hillary Clinton) who the American public determined as the greater of two evils. (that’s another thing he won’t have going for him in 2020) So many voters held their nose, and voted for him IN SPITE of their own reservations about him personally.

    Your analysis has one HUGE flaw that will unravel your seriously tortured logic. (where he supposedly wins again in 2020) A likeable, qualified, temperamentally fit, Democrat with an aspirational message, has an inherent advantage in a national political election like the Presidency. Saving the world FROM Trump will be a part of any winning platform for any Democratic candidate in 2020. Stop trying to make Trump look like a Reagan or Lincoln. Nearly seven months into this experiment, Trump has shown ZERO improvement on the basic qualifications, temperament, or the honest and trustworthy metrics to date. Any RATIONAL assessment of his overall performance, leadership skills (or lack there of), has been a disaster for the country, and an embarrassment for us on the world stage.

    Let’s be realistic, this guy BARELY won in about half a dozen KEY STATES (over an opponent that was billed as the MOST CORRUPT POLITICAL CANDIDATE IN PRESIDENTIAL HISTORY), and that’s the real reason that he won the Presidency in the first place. We’re only talking about a few thousand votes out of MILLIONS cast in several states. He lost by nearly 3 million votes overall in the popular vote, so let’s pump the brakes on all the revisionist history going on in this article.

    These prognostications of a clear path to victory for Trump in 2020, is frankly silly. All the conservative spin doctors are spinning some tortured narrative, where Trump does his best Godzilla impression by CRUSHING any Democratic candidate that is placed in his path. Mr. Hanson’s prediction, ignores all the once-in-a-lifetime political benefits he had going for him in 2016, and the fact that none of those factors will exist in 2020.

    • feel better now that you got that irrelevant rant out of your system?

      • Not a rant. I wrote a detailed debunking that dismantled the authors flawed premise. The irrelevant rant is the original article…

      • Yes, a rant based on the usual talking points. That’s not debunking that’s simply taking an opposite view based on your opinion and those of other people who harbor the same kind of hate you do. If it was irrelevant then you would have felt no need to rant.

      • Yes you’re right, he did. Can’t deny that fact. But…he was also a largely an unknown quantity by the American Public in regards to how he would actually govern the country. I think the people who ended up voting for what they PROJECTED onto Donald Trump. They saw what they wanted to see in him. He was their vessel. And he was all too eager to allow them to do this.

        Fast forward to today….and I think some of those individuals are now realizing how dangerous it was to give this kind of power to an individual with ZERO experience in politics. The problem is that you don’t get a do-over. We are now stuck with this mess for another three and a half years…

    • “What does a doing a BAD JOB look like??? ”
      What Obama did for 8 years.

    • It’s not that Hanson defies common sense. It’s that gravity defying Trump (the comeback Tom Brady of American politics) defies common sense and Hanson is being realistic about him. A doubling of GDP and Trump will win Pennsylvania and reach 270 before 12 pm on 11-3-2020.

  63. I think the stakes are potentially even higher. As David Horowitz has often said, the Achilles’ Heel of the Democrats is the urban hellholes that have been run by Democrats for decades.

    IF … and it’s not a foregone conclusion, but if you are at all in tune with economics and the standard classical liberal/libertarian arguments, it’s a plausible outcome … IF what Trump is doing manages to take even a bite-sized chunk out of the minority vote, because blacks, immigrants, etc., start to see a noticeable improvement in their lot (in the safety and pleasantness of their communities, and the education of their children), then it really is pretty much game over for the Democrats.

    Not only will many of those long-suffering voters switch, they may even begin to understand the degree to which they’ve been cheated and used as tools by the Left.

  64. The fact of the matter is that the “media”, lapdogs of the leftists, will NEVER report the truth of Trump’s accomplishments, personality, or other factors that brought his success. It will be hate Trump all the time until he is gone. I predict that “news” networks will be the worst recipients of the ire of everyday investors. The old “take over CBS by everybody buying 5 shares” strategy may well come to pass, and for more than one network. The media are acting like traitors; self-righteous, bloviating, know-it-all, don’t-believe-your-lyin’-eyes traitors. There WILL be a reckoning.

  65. The MSM seems to think that the media hysteria is paying off in higher readership, circulation and advertising. What they don’t see or understand is the valley that lays beyond this peak…it might best be referred to as “Death Valley.” They are being led and played by the enemies of the Republic and their own greed and conceits into a place from which there is no return.

  66. The media paint a picture that is at odds with what people really think. I don’t think Trump’s core support has left him. Many people are appalled at the false narratives thrown at us by newspapers and pundit–for example, that Trump is a racist or supports white supremacy. There is no support for that but they say it, nevertheless. The recent events in Virginia are just the hook for Trump’s opponents to throw more mud at him. He had nothing to do with what happened. And what happened was that one, probably mentally-ill, personal caused a traffic death. Was it intentional? We don’t know. Was he sane? We don’t know. Was he acting as part of a greater organization? No evidence of that. It’s just like the automatic calls for gun-control after a mentally ill person shoots people at a college campus–only much more serious, because the stability of the country is at stake.

  67. I have come to the reluctant conclusion that I can’t be close friends with liberals, i.e., non-Trump voters, but I can be a cordial acquaintance. I fear their irrationality, reliance on feelings rather than facts, and susceptibility to brainwashing by the MSM. Keep calling us deplorable bigots, please, we’ll need that motivation to get out to vote in 2018.

    • I can be friends with them, but I can not have a conversation with them about anything of substance. First they are out of their minds and second they are vulgar about it.

      • The only liberal friends I have are those like me who are LA Dodger fans. Take that away and we’d turn our bats on each other.

    • I am experiencing the same epiphany. The party of inclusion/diversity/big-tent-all-are-welcome – isn’t. Not exactly breaking news but still rather surprising in people who’ve been friends for years. Of course, when Obysmal was President they were all sunshine and smiles. When they don’t get their way, not so much. Time to rethink things and yes, the deplorable bigots labels make it ever so much easier.

    • Not all liberals are the same…we know a lot of great liberal voters who are really nice people who contribute much to our small town. We don’t agree on many things, but it doesn’t keep us from working together on community problems.

      But, there are many liberals who are ‘blinded by rage’…those driven by anger and hate…I would admit they are difficult to spend much time around. It’s almost like a mental illness for some.

  68. “The Anti-Trump Bourbons: Learning and Forgetting Nothing in Time for 2020”

    The headline should have ben:

    “The Anti-Trump Bourbons: Learning Nothing and Forgetting Everything”

  69. It is always a treat to find a Victor Davis Hanson piece away from the excretable Hillary Clinton for President National Review Online.

    “Almost any of Bill Clinton’s 1990s
    talking points on government, immigration, race, taxes, or law
    enforcement could not be voiced today by any mainstream Democratic
    politician. ”

    Isn’t the above statement funny, it IS pretty much Trump’s positions. Except Trump is much more liberal with respect to LGBT issues.

    • Lots of good reading on the American Thinker website, along with American Greatness. NRO is dead, they just don’t know it yet. I even stopped reading Andy McCarthy there, because they’re poison to real conservatives now.

  70. The thing that makes Trump vulnerable in 2020 is that Republicans can’t rely on the Democrats to nominate the worst candidate in history again.

    • “What difference does it make” if the economy is booming and the decline of the working middle class is arrested and reversed?

  71. What we have learned, as witnesses to history, is that the left has a large cadre of violent members, hell bent on ripping apart the fabric of America, in order to impose their ideals upon the rest of us.

    We have also NOT seen Trump send forth troops or militia to suppress the violent left.

    Who’s evolved?

    • They are determined to change the demographics of the nation in order to keep themselves in power perpetually. It’s why they are desperate for open borders. This would rapidly become a dictatorship of a minority coalition led by radicals like the present Democratic leadership (think Ellison and Peretz). They are not interested in forcing their ideals on us. They want to destroy us.

  72. The election of Donald J. Trump was a warning shot across the bow of the SS Establishment. If they don’t pull their heads out fairly quickly and realize that we won’t be going anywhere soon, they are going to get candidates who will make Trump look like a hall monitor at a boarding school.

    • The anti-Trump establishment is an army of midgets with pee shooters firing spitballs at a battleship hoping against hope for a Mueller torpedo.

  73. I have read Hanson’s articles I n the paste describing the lawlessness and chaos of illegal immigration in SoCal,so I am glad he sees a difference. I imagine the deep state is relying heavily on soviet style propaganda and state oppression of its dissidents to slowly discourage and silence opposition to business as usual. It will be interesting to see if the State triumphs over the people. If so, it will make sure this breath of fresh air never happens again.

    • Isn’t it interesting that a man who is so in touch with the illegal alien population in CA sees a noticeable decrease in the number of them just 8 months after a return to enforcement? Marvelous!

  74. On the Radical ultraright wing of American politics: a teensy, weensy irrelevant cadre of white supremacists, the dying dregs of the KKK, and a handful of neo-Nazi nut jobs. On the Radical ultraleft wing of American politics: the entirety of the Democratic Party, the Green Party, Bernie Sanders’ Socialists, the vast majority of the administrations of colleges and universities, the entire MSM, and more than a few of the GOP establishment politicians. Both sides are attracted to violence. Now I put to you The Question: which poses the greater danger to America, the ultraright or the ultraleft? (Hint: Most of the political leaders of the most dangerous side have a “D” following their names in alleged news stories.)

    • The left are attempting nothing less than the erasure of the Historic American Nation. They are a clear and present danger.

      • The fact that a former member of the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd is the leader of the Charlottesville alt-right protest is something that needs to be investigated thoroughly.

      • So we wonder if Soros is the paymaster behind Charlottesville the same as he was behind the occupy scum.

      • I think it’s likely. It is highly suspect to me that someone goes from being part of a Soros front group protesting capitalism to organizing and leading a protest against removing a confederate memorial from a city park. A protest that involves multiple racist groups.

        I’d love to see some of this guy’s bank statements, phone records and copies of his monthly schedules for the last year, just for starters. Waterboarding can come later.

    • Amen brother. You nailed the situation. Who gives a crap about some anachronistic, dead end white supremacists? The ones to worry about are the vicious inferiorists who think crazy talk justifies their violence. This mentality leads to the idea of “vermin” being exterminated which is madness. The first amendment must stand and the right of any group of idiots to say what they want must be protected.

  75. Professor Hanson That was the MOAB of current issues facing the Left.Thanks for your wonderful analysis

  76. Great story! Now, let’s see if the RINOs get the message. I’m betting not, but they better. They’ve been warned numerous times…either GET WITH THE PROGRAM OR RETIRE!

  77. “The business of America, is Business.”

    FINALLY, we have a BUSINESSMAN running the show.

    The sky’s the limit.

    I’m just sayin.

  78. I listen some to the Conservatariat, and disregard them. Prof. Hanson, I listen to.

  79. I see and admire the iron strong unflinching leadership character of Pres Trump who has had to endure worldwide vilification, vile attacks on his wife and child, plus his grown up children, open threats to his life, mocking from Hollywood, and yet he still is on his course of straightening out the US economy.
    He had not one day of “honeymoon” from the mainstream press, not one voice of support or apology from never-Trumpers or even thanks for averting the horror of Hillary and worse, her creepy husband in the White House again. Pres Trump has proved to be a solid character and even though he is 70 years old, he has shown remarkable ability to grow and change for the better. The man is brilliant and America and the world is lucky to have him. Everyone should be supporting him in his quest to end the Korean war, not prattling on about Ted Cruz who is yesterday’s man.

    • Well said. How many of us could bear the brunt of so many attacks and still maintain such a positive outlook. PDT is a strong man, indeed.

  80. Great writing, perspicacious, indeed. Professor Hanson needs to cast his net even wider.

  81. This column is more or less a recurring theme with VDH, albeit updated and even more persuasive than prior versions. Being raised as he was on a Central Valley, CA farm, VDH has a palpable empathy with the common man that comes through in his writing. His pithy analyses of PDT’s presidency and the current political outlook for him ought to be required reading for all RINO NeverTrumpers, as they might see, if not the error of their ways, at least the fruitlessness of their opposition.

  82. Love the optimism of this piece and the hope for Trump’s continued success…however, to get our country back we need more than Trump. Trump has opened up a space and made strides where he can, but running this country requires a Congressional partner he can work with. The current Congress is full of obsolete, preening, elitists who are clueless and disconnected from voters. I’m not too optimistic these leaches on the body politic will be removed.

    Even now many republicans dream of impeachment. Trump is therefore only several fingers in the dam holding back the flood 4 years at a time. Getting our country back requires voters to throw out these fake conservatives, including all those who pretend there is still some reason for Mueller to continue. fake conservative, never trumpers are truly a basket of deplorables.

    Trump himself lacks infrastructure to create and promote policy changes that will undo the damage inflicted by 40+ years of progressism, so it seems a bit early to celebrate much. The best we can really say is that if we’re extremely lucky we might stave off the crazies another 4 years.

    As an aside, I think Trump is helped by focusing on rooting out corruption from government that the press refused to do under Obama. I continue to think that a key reason for his election was revulsion over the flagrancy of the corruption in Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Learner, Koskinen, Powers, et al. Even if nobody goes to jail everything must be put out there for the world to see. The worst abuses would seem to be Clinton selling access to the government, Comey/Lynch corrupt coverup, and Obama spying on political opponents. Just do a data dump. That alone will finish off the media and all their fake journalists.

  83. …instead they both were re-elected
    largely with the same election calculus and an even stronger base of
    support that carried them to victory four years earlier.

    How do you figure this in the case of obama? He won with fewer EVs than the first time and 4+ million fewer ‘votes’. I don’t think any two-term President ever won re-election that way, and I hate to sound conspiratorial, but there are a great many of us that believe obama did not win 2012 legitimately. A few thousand fraudulent votes in key swing states (especially in black precincts, because let’s face it – nobody’s going to question their vote totals) and he loses. No way will I ever be convinced differently, as the real pain, not the phony unemployment stats were palpable.

  84. My greatest criticism of Trump is that he doesn’t hire VDH to write speeches or even just sit in and say something sometime.

    • That’s one reason I love him, an actual regular guy, he’s unapologetically human and fearless.

  85. Trump is not the problem! The liberal liars in the media coupled with the swamp dwellers are trying to convince the low information voters that Trump is the issue. It’s not working, but the media types will keep pushing…they have nowhere else to go. If Trump wins the liberal networks will have proven their lack of worth and probably go broke. The NYT will be bought out and Bezos will lose a bunch of money at WaPo.

  86. Victor is right as usual. Many thanks for a classic explanation why President Trump is not just the right choice, but the only choice if America is to prosper and remain united.

  87. What a hit yellow journalist hit piece this is. As a staunch vocal independent, trump couldn’t win our vote again. The chaotic author desperately ignores that indies have turned completely against him — wholeheartedly. Second, it’s very, very clear that trump has energized the Left’s base, from the amount of recruiting done, that blows away what the GOP has done; not to mention the amount donors have made. The special elections, in red states, showed that the Left’s base is more energized then the Alt-Right. Third, the polls were off because pollsters were lied to by republicans who didn’t tell the truth about who they were going to vote for. Fourth, wages have not gone up…which is the battlecry for the middle-class. Fifth, it’s states like Texas, that are engaging in “identity politics” by passing bathroom bills. Sixth, the GOP has lost all of the court cases of gerrymandering, so far. They’ve not won one case yet. And more are matriculating through the legal system across a large mix of red and ‘purple’ states. Seventh, trump is the great uniter for Left’s base. Just as the GOP used Obama to unite their base, trump has united the Left. Eighth, the demographics shift. Every 4 years, the GOP loses roughly 4%-6% of their base, via old age, opioid overdose, suicides, murders, law enforcement/military, etc. while the Left’s base grows 2%-3%. Ninth, the Russian scandal, has gotten closer to the WH and while no one knows what the outcome is, nothing positive can come from it, when the FBI is doing pre-dawn raids on trump’s ex-campaign manager. Tenth, Charlottesville! trump’s racist actions and lovefest for white racists, Neo-Nazi’s and David Duke (and yes, he does him from footage shown on TV), has emotionally driven up the Left’s base after a racist Neo-Nazi killed a girl. The Neo-Nazi’s are planning more racist rallies, which will only trump and the GOP — even more. He fumbled his first comments on Saturday; then lied Monday about how he really felt about Neo-Nazis, and then did an about face Tuesday night. This is flat out damaging and the longer this plays out, (i.e into the midterms), will only serve to damage him further because he will have to continually speak on it. This will drive up his base, turn indies permanently against him, and depress the GOP vote. Eleventh, failure to pass legislation. The GOP has not and will not repeal and replace Obamacare, especially without Democratic support. That’s not what GOP voters voted for them. It’s clear now, that the GOP lied to their voters for 7 years — as they were now ready to pass a repeal and replace bill. They failed in the Senate and both House and Senate bills only garnered 17% approval from Americans. With no legislative victories, the GOP will have hampered themselves in the next election. Further, tax reform will be even worse for them. Next month, they will have to pass a budget bill to keep the gov’t running and a litany of bills that will be toxic for them. Last but certainly not least, in 4 years, he will be up for re-election, assuming something doesn’t happen with the Russian scandal. There will be 4 more groups of young eligible voters, that will be able to vote for the first time, with Charlottesville on their minds. NOTE: I do not condone violence. Both sides were wrong for wrong for the violence. However, the Neo-Nazi’s started it, aggravated it the Friday night before by attacking people on campus, shoving and assaulting students and attacking clergy (!!), screaming racial crap in the streets — this was NOT a peaceful protest — and I’m talking about the torching bearing clansmen. Saturday, the also started the nationalist/racist aggression — and I watched all of it — all day long. I saw what happened and who started it and who was at fault. The GOP has to face the fact that trump has a portion of his base that Neo-Nazi, white nationalist and racist. If it wasn’t evident before, it IS painfully obvious now. David Duke’s tweets have been shown on national TV thanking trump; telling trump “neo Nazi’s were responsible for putting him into office” and all the feelings on their dailystormer, American renaissance, national vanguard racist websites. Between a lack of legislation and what happened last weekend, trump made political ads for Democrats, to be used against him and the GOP in every election from now.
    Trump support is NOT increasing — if it was, which groups is he gaining popularity with? He is absolutely not gaining with minorities and women. Millennials hate him after he pulled out the Paris Agreement. College-age kids, despise him. Every poll, including the republican leaning polls — have him LOSING support with all demographics, including white men. He is not winning any Democrats, as he and his supporters continue incessantly to attack them, while he needs them to pass legislation because his own party can’t pass legislation. Show me proof from non-partisan outlets, that he is gaining support across multiple demographics. I would love to see it. His “detractors” are created by him — and they constitute roughly 26%- 33% of the electorate. Not a plurality; and definitely not a majority of Americans.
    Twelfth, I used to be a republican for over 40 years. And the party moved further to the right, purified itself and abandoned thousands of us. The party does not want inclusiveness or diversity; that’s obvious.

    • The economy is destiny for Presidents. When (not if because it’s starting to happen) Trump doubles Obama’s pathetic GDP of 1.48% (the worst of the last 11 presidents, and the reason for Trump’s Nov. victory) there is nothing that can stop the rustbelt swing states from voting for him all over again.

    • Want to bet?
      “Our vote”?
      You don’t speak for this independent. I’d vote for him for ever.

      Did you vote for him?
      Don’t lie!

  88. Obama’s mellifluent banality. I’ve got to hand it to you Victor. I have usually taken 20 words to describe what you just said in two; magnificent.

  89. I predicted a Trump win a year and a half before the general election (when there were still 19 candidates in both parties). And I was not a supporter – it was not wishful thinking.

    It is with even greater surety that I am predicting a definite Trump win in 2020. If I were a betting person, I’d happily put hard cash on it.

  90. Spot on, but don’t tell anyone else! Let the leftist nutjobs and Est GOP snobs continue to hang themselves!

  91. I knew that VDH was a Trump sycophant. I didn’t realize that he was a *delusional* Trump sycophant, though.

    • Delusional how?
      He is right on!
      But go ahead with your delusion, well, you, the Fake News, all leftys, Dems. and the GOP fakes.


  92. The Republican Party lost me a long time ago. I have continued to vote for the republicrat as the lesser of two evils, but I’m even done with that. I have re-registered as an Independent an on November 8th I proudly cast my vote for President Trump while writing in Baxter Schnauzer on the Senate (Roy Blunt) and Representative (Jason Smith) lines.

    And give the clusterf*ck that has been the often promised repeal of obamadon’tcare, I am prouder than ever of BOTH votes.

  93. Keep up the support just like those 40 percent or so of the Nixion Republicans that we’re supporting Nixon the day he walked out of the White House With any luck the author will be right with you as you ask each other “How did all this sand get in our ears?”…oh and please do enjoy this live remake of All the President’s Men.

    • Like the article said, the pollsters didn’t adjust, they can’t, there is no formula for hiding voters, the pollsters are too bias and ignorant. A true poll would count hang ups and call no answers a few times, then add them in as undecided and most of them are for President Trump. Why do they hide? Because of lefty bullies like the ones that got the girl killed in Virginia, not from fear though, from annoyance. President Trump is high 40s to over 50 and that’s just the solid ones, add in the ones that will vote against the Socialist Dem. party and it’s way higher. He won’t lose the popular vote again. That only happened because of polls closing with no calls so the left coast had time to run it up.

      Please do enjoy the next 7yrs. 5mons. of President Trump and at least a generation of lefty irrelevence.

  94. Great essay. I certainly hope you are right. I will definitely sleep better tonight.

    In the mean time, I hope folks listen to this interview with David Horowitz. He gives the best summary of the Progressive Movement and it dangers that I have every heard. Please that time to listen to it and perhaps share it with your friends.

  95. Watch carefully as the Left/Prog/Antifa crowd move to take down statutes, monuments, and the ideas of the men that built them. They mouth homilies about how “anti-capitalist” and “anti-privilege” and “anti-???” they are while rolling in exactly that stuff. They want to tear down this nation and rewrite the Constitution for “today’s good.” Uh huh. They say they are “anti-oligarch,” but fail to understand human nature. There is a leader out there just waiting to step in and make “oligarch” equal “boss.” Yep, and then watch what happens to their “privilege.”