Killing the Gods of the City

On Thursday, the world was ending. Or at least, that is what you would have thought from watching the news.

President Trump made a policy decision without consulting all the right experts and getting the right approvals. Even worse, he tweeted it out (Oh Lordy!). David French is aghast (big surprise), and even though the policy change is remarkable and conservative, he has found a reason to complain. No one knew how to interpret the President’s guidance because it was sent through Twitter.

Meanwhile, across town Congress was flailing about in total pandemonium. It was a “wild day in Washington” with the “vote-a-rama” says Bret Baier. First, senators would not vote for a bill that they had once touted and supported (knowing it would be vetoed) because now they knew it would be signed and they would be held accountable for the contents. Then, senators demanded assurances that bills they vote to pass would not be accepted by the House. (I am starting to think there is a problem here.)

To make matters stranger, Republicans offered socialist amendments for the Democrats to vote for, but the Democrats didn’t vote for them. No one knew what to do about healthcare, and the Capitol building looked like some dressed up version of the Hunger Games—verbal knives and arrows are flying, and it is every man for himself. Congress was a mess.

“Amazing and Vulgar” Among the Swine
Down South, Attorney General Jeff Sessions was said to be hurt by the president’s words (though Sessions seems to be taking it fairly well), and up North senators were threatening that there will be “
holy hell to pay” if the President fires his own appointees. Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) was talking tough (like a real adult, I’m sure he’d say): “if you’re thinking of making a recess appointment to push out the Atty General [sic], forget about it.” Everything was a train wreck, and we were way off Trump’s agenda.

To top it all off, scary Anthony Scaramucci had said some mean things to a reporter that were then published. The language used “was a jaw dropper,” it “was just unbelievable,” according to Martha McCallum. “Amazing and vulgar,” said Kevin Corke. You would think from the reaction of the D.C. elites and media pundits that they had never heard a man who is angry talk before. Staffers were living in fear for their safety afterward. Worse, no one in the White House knew if he or she would have a job the next day. Oh, the humanity!

The White House is in flames, says the media. Everything is on fire. Chaos!

In other words, the administration is coming apart and the capital is burning. Trump is slaying sacred cows and, in the words of American Greatness Senior Editor Julie Ponzi, he is killing the gods of the city and no one knows what to do. The only thing anybody knows is that the things we are seeing have never been done before and Donald Trump is refusing to follow any of the proper conventions (if he even knows what they are . . . tsk tsk).

The media—the cornerstone of the establishment—is doing its best to make it clear to the American people that they ought to be wringing their hands about all of this. Chaos reigns in the imperial city, and Trump is to blame. Nothing is getting done, and everything is terrible.

Of course, this is all poppycock.

The Turmoil We Need
People should not be upset; they should be
enjoying this. The Trump effect is a good thing. He is doing exactly what he said he would do and exactly what people elected him to do. Newsflash to the Beltway establishment: Americans who elected Trump do not worship the current gods of the city. They know you’re responsible for killing the old ones and they wish to return the favor now. We want your gods dead. That is sort of what “drain the swamp” means. And, as Trump points out repeatedly: in America (at least in the middle part) we don’t worship government; we worship God. As in the one true God.

Think of the glory of it all. This is the fight we have been waiting for. This is the turmoil we need.

The president is making common sense policy decisions that don’t need the backing of long reports authored by “experts” (backing that he wouldn’t have received, by the way). It is almost as if he thinks the people should rule, not supposed expertise. Kind of neat, huh? This will undoubtedly result in pushback from bureaucrats and “experts,” and timid culture warriors who apparently enjoy self-emasculation or have realized (incorrectly) that they have more to gain from maintaining the status quo.

This was to be expected. How else could it go down? The Left wasn’t going to go down quietly or peacefully, no matter how we approached the fight. They are not open to persuasion or willing to tolerate our worldview if only we agree to voice it quietly. They will fight no matter how you do it—this way, everything is right out in the open and the people can see their common sense up against what passes for expertise.

Congress is struggling and striving to do things and new leaders are emerging with new techniques and new approaches to solve problems. No, they have not repealed and replaced Obamacare yet. But by golly, wasn’t it fun to watch them try? Yes, the Republican Party looks awfully useless, but thinking or pretending otherwise did not help us. Seeing it, right out in the open, is exactly what we need—you can’t cure a disease unless you can see what the sickness is.

Look at what we get to watch. The previous leaders have been exposed as complete frauds and backroom deals have failed. News reporters are chugging coffee and looking haggard, staying up late to cover marathon debate sessions from a Senate that was supposed to be in recess. The last few days have been filled with vote tallies and reports of who voted for or against what. And Congress is being held accountable for doing Congress’s job. Isn’t that something?

This is what politics looks like.

After the Gods Are Dead, Then What?
And in the White House, we have real people saying real things. The establishment types are on the wrong side of everything, and outsiders are shoving their way in with gusto. Trump said he was going to bring in
politically incorrect people, and this is what it looks like. Frankly, I think it is great. Pious D.C. elites who have worshiped at the altar of the establishment would never be caught talking this way. They also wouldn’t do or say anything useful.

That these people say bad words when they are angry is not so shocking to people who get angry. If the situation in Washington doesn’t make you spitting mad, if nothing can make you indignant, including injustice or cowardice, you might be a D.C. Republican. But most Americans are not of that breed.

Is not the situation worthy of indignation and rage? The sissy gods of piety and propriety are being slaughtered by the manly gods of Achilles and Odysseus. We should love it!

And if Attorney General Sessions can’t figure out how to get after draining the swamp, he should be taken to task. If he wants to be stroked and hugged (though I doubt that’s the case), he should resign and go do something else. This is a war against the gods of the city, and they won’t die easily. We need a Hercules or a Prometheus in the Justice Department, not a Narcissus. The swamp won’t drain itself. The American people should be glad that Trump is willing to criticize Sessions for not getting after it and love that he is doing so right out in public. Who cares if it has not been done this way before (meaning only that it isn’t the norm in our emasculated age of the administrative state)—that is kind of the point! The conventions of the past need to be reconsidered and some need to die.

Everywhere you look, you see change. What the members of the establishment call chaos is really the destruction of their way of doing things. As Kipling once wrote, extended prostrations to false gods require a course correction that is full of “terror and slaughter.” Human nature being what it is, these changes are never clean or easy. But critics should be clear, the disruption and change is not distracting from Trump’s agenda; it is Trump’s agenda.

Trump vowed to “take the brand of the United States and make it great again.” Part of that is being a cheerleader with a return to the rhetoric of the past in which American patriots are honored, good citizens are praised, and freedom and independence are held up as high things. But words alone will not set us free—“we need somebody that literally will take this country and make it great again.” To make real change, Trump has to upend the way things were done. He has to take on the powers that be. He has to do things we have never seen done before. He has to fight.

All of this reminds one of the scene in “The Dark Knight” in which Alfred compares the Joker to a man he once hunted down in Burma. To many people, President Trump is the Joker—someone who just wants to watch the world burn. But this is exactly backwards. Trump is trying to rein in the tyranny and lawlessness of strong men. The establishment are the thieves who can buy the support of an entire area. Trump knows that sometimes to do this, you just have to burn the forest down and rebuild.

President Trump is burning D.C. to the ground. All conventions are meaningless, and he makes no sacrifices to the Progressive gods of the city. God bless him for it. That is what we sent him there to do, because the gods of establishment politics are petty, tyrannical, and worthy of contempt; their priests are corrupt; and the conventions are oppressive. What comes after these gods is anyone’s guess, but if we want to replace them we have to kill them first.

Those who recall better gods ought to get on board and stop resisting those who are willing and capable of performing this messy and necessary work. For when it is done, they will have their work cut out for them.


About David Danford

David Danford is a Major in the United States Army and a graduate of the Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship at Hillsdale College. He and his wife live in Fort Montgomery, New York, with their four sons. The views expressed in this article are an unofficial expression of opinion; they are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Army, the Department of Defense, or any agency of the U.S. Government.

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157 responses to “Killing the Gods of the City”

  1. This essay makes SO MUCH more sense if it’s spoken in the accent of Cobra Commander from the 1980’s television show “Cobra Attack”. That at least makes it amusing. It distracts from the fact that this website is dedicated to killing America because it’s not as respectful to white people as white people think it should be anymore. “We are coming to kill your Goooooods” Jesus. Not that these Götterdämmerung enthusiasts would know anything about Jesus.

    • You know on second thought, I’m just going to block you. Fuck you!

    • . . . said the oh-so-sophisticated raconteur, with a cigar in his mouth to prove it.

    • President Trump’s easiest accomplishment to-date, the one with your name on it:

      Democrats and Entitlement Monkeys – in utter disarray and covfefe’ing themselves daily.

  2. Finally, someone who understands the rhetorical style and agenda of Trump. Trump isn’t the first leader to use it. Desiderius Erasmus, who corresponded with Sir Thomas More and Niccolo Machiavelli in the 1500’s, wrote a book “In Praise of Folly”, which was a mock encomium on folly. Erasmus, a Catholic theologian, said a true Christian must act like a fool. Erasmus believed nonviolent madness can make happiness. He rejected the foolish establishment, the academics, the politicians and ecclesiastics. Erasmus developed a false syllogism:

    What should be concealed is more valuable than what is exposed.
    (“Folly should be concealed whereas wisdom should be openly displayed” (Ecclesiastes 20.33).
    Therefore, folly is more valuable than wisdom

    Erasmus’s philosophy/theology was:
    1. Folly provides the necessary illusions to render life in this world tolerable or even pleasant
    2. Folly makes the professional leaders of church and state blind enough to be happy in their vicious irresponsibility
    3. Folly enable the Christian fool to renounce the world in favor of Christian joy in this life and beatific vision of the next.

    Not that Trump ever read Erasmus. But Steve Bannon might have. And so might David Danford have. And it fits Trump’s playing the role of the fool, crazy man and court jester. There is a method to the madness of Trump. Any who want to find more about it might read Erasmus’ “In Praise of Folly”, 2nd edition by Clarence H. Miller (1979 & 2003). Other translations are off the mark.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, and for including which translation to get.

      • You’re welcome. Here is another book to ponder (but from an express religious point of view): Fools Talk by Os Guinness.

  3. I’m NOT enjoying this, it scares the hell out of me.

    This is indeed a battle royale for the future of our country and it’s not at all clear that we’re winning. Unforced errors on the part of President Trump and his staff are ongoing and extremely unhelpful. I have high hopes for Kelly to restore a little order and discipline into this struggle.

    I appreciate AG providing a pep talk to cheer us all onward, but it would be more encouraging yet to see a little more stability in the White House.

    • Life and government has always been messy and chaotic. Get used to it.

    • Let not your heart be troubled. Could anything be worse that the regime Trump replaced? Worse than Obama, HRC, and the liberal establishment? Think of the upside: a return to common sense and Constitutional government.

  4. Thank you for a fun article. Yes the old Gods of the Demlican Establishment are gone. That alone justifies President Trump.

  5. I needed this after a very dark and depressing week!

  6. In my heart I knew this, and have been enjoying the spectacle. I mean, c’mon. Maxine Waters? Tom Wolfe couldn’t craft a goofier “leader”. Also leading the pack: Tom Perez, Liawatha, nancy of the fading cognition, and ole chuckles schumer. Could it get any zanier?

    • “Liawatha” – I like that. Also “nancy of the fading cognition”.

      • Because all Muslims are obviously jihadist terrorists…

      • See, you are so drunk off the Right-wing Kool-Aid that you are referring to acronyms that mainstream Americans are not familiar with. I am highly skeptical of your implications that A) CAIR is something inherently bad and B) that Keith Ellison is bad for his “history of aligning” with them.

      • As a “mainstream American”, ie; a farmer and steelworker in Indiana, I know what CAIR is. It is a taqiyya practicing Muslim sword point probing our weak underbelly. Islam is not our friend. No one has figured out a way to live with them. Look to Indonesia, look to India. Islam wants you, Augustus, either converted or dead. When are you, Augustus, going to wake up?

      • You know what CAIR is because you are obsessed with all things Islam. Look, mainstream Islam is very, very conservative and illiberal. I am not a fan of the religion in any way. I am ashamed at some of the Democrats who refused to defend Ayaan Hiris Ali for denouncing the horrendous human rights abuses of women and others in Islamic nations. But there is a line I refuse to cross in condemning all Muslim people as bad or dangerous. I dislike the religion but not the people.

      • ….Because if it’s on the internet it has to be true….

      • Muslim cultists are responsible for millions upon millions of deaths by way of torture and sadism and the denial of rights and a disdain of humanity for hundreds of years and no amount of PC on your part will ever change that. If someone said that all muslims are bad they would be far far closer to the truth than someone saying that most are moderate muslims who are disgusted by jihad.

      • Like I said, I’m no fan of Islam. But I do not hate all Muslim people like you do. I actually do hate stupid, fat white women who voted for Trump, like yourself, far more than the Muslims who actually commit acts of terrorism. They are far less of a threat to my well-being than you worthless freaks.

      • Fox News is not yours or anyone else’s friend. They lie constantly. Nor is Ellison an anti-Semite, but many Trump supporters are. In fact, I’ve been accused of being Jewish (as if that would somehow be bad) by online trolls after posting something negative about Trump. Check your facts, buddy. Ellison is not an extremist or anti-Semite and those who say otherwise only do so because they literally hate Muslims, especially black ones.

      • OK, now you’ve gone too far. Let me be clear: Augustus 1984 is a PC infected democrat/globalist sack of liberal dogshit.

      • “[D]ogshit” is what you have in your head.

      • I’ll read something from Powerline if you read something from the Nation or Mother Jones.

      • I can only take very small doses of that commie nonsense, thanks.

      • Well, that’s exactly how I feel about the fascist nonsense from Powerline…

      • Fascists are those scrawny thugs wearing masks and breaking windows in big cities.

      • Those are anarchists (who are also dangerous and stupid), not fascists. The fascists live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in DC…

      • Augustus1984 Even the United Arab Emirates ministerial cabinet listed the Council on American- Islamic Relations (CAIR) as one of 83 terrorist organizations, right up there with the ISIS and the Taliban. CAIR incites, funds and apologizes for Islamic terrorism. Notice that CAIR may denounce terrorist acts but NEVER denounces the terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah. At least seven board members or staff of CAIR have been arrested, denied entry to the U.S., or were indicted on or pled guilty to (or were convicted of) terrorist charges: Siraj Wahhaj, Bassem Khafagi, Randall (“Ismail”) Royer, Ghassan Elashi, Rabih Haddad, Muthanna Al-Hanooti, and Nabil Sadoun. Federal prosecutors in 2007 named CAIR (along with two other Islamic organizations) as “unindicted co-conspirators and/or joint venturers” in a criminal conspiracy to support Hamas financially. In 2008, the FBI ended contacts with CAIR because of concern about its continuing terrorist ties. Even Senate Minority Leader, Charles Schumer, accused CAIR of having links to terrorism when in a 2003 Judiciary committee meeting he stated, “We know CAIR has ties to terrorism.”

        Regarding drunk off the Kool-Aid, you might want to look in the mirror. You’ll notice the dark stain of the leftist flavor of the drink running across your upper lip.

      • The UAE might list it as “terrorist organization” (which is weird because they have a history of supporting Islamic fundamentalist groups), but the good ol’ US of A has not. Some of their members and officers were convicted in of aiding Hamas (a terrorist group to be sure, but also part of the Palestinian government and certainly no friend to Al-Qaeda or ISIL) in the Holy Land Foundation trail in 2008. The U.S. government did name CAIR and other American Muslim groups as unindicted coconspirators in the Holy Land terrorism financing trial in order to introduce hearsay evidence into court, but neither the Bush nor Obama administration Justice Departments ever alleged that those groups were guilty of aiding terrorism themselves.
        Keith Ellison has received donations from members and officers of CAIR, because they’re whole shtick is American Muslims and Ellison is the first Muslim elected to America’s legislature. Ellison himself, however, has never made any statements in support of the organization, as far as I know. He’s been falsely accused of supporting other radical groups by those on the far Right, so now I’m forced to take such allegations with a grain of salt. That’s what happens when the Right wing gets a reputation for dishonesty. Remember the parable of the boy who cried wolf….

      • Your reply is interesting in that you dance around the evidence that CAIR “is inherently bad” but really can’t dispute the evidence that indeed they are. Regarding “the good ol’ US of A has not” listed CAIR as a terrorist organization, for the past 8 years we had an administration that went out of its way to avoid the truth regarding radical Islam. That administration did everything it could to avoid the fact that radical Islamists are just that, Muslims who, under the influence of their religious teachings, are committing terrorist acts in the name of Allah. Under those auspices that administration wasn’t about to declare CAIR as supporting terrorist organization no matter what the evidence might say.

        Regarding Keith Ellison’s “been falsely accused of supporting other radical groups”, up until he decided to run for Congress in 2006 he was an ardent supporter of the Nation of Islam, a decidedly bigoted, radically antisemitic organization. He had been an active member of that organization for numerous years but attempted to hide that fact when he ran for Congress. Ellison’s long commitment to and advocacy of the Nation of Islam is reflected in the various aliases he used over a period of TEN years: Keith Hakim, Keith X Ellison and Keith Ellison-Muhammad. Some in the media have tried to provide him cover by erroneously reporting that all of that activity stemmed from his young man / law school student days. But that simply is not true. Ellison’s involvement with the Nation of Islam includes his support of “the truth” of Joanne Jackson’s condemnation of Jews in 1997 as “the most racist white people.” When he decided to run for Congress Ellison wrote to the Jewish Community Relations Council trying to distance himself from his prior support of Joanne Jackson’s condemnation of Jews but his letter is demonstrably false.

        Ellison’s involvement with the Nation of Islam is not the most offensive of his public radical associations and commitments. That distinction must belong to Ellison’s work with Minneapolis gang leader and murderer Sharif Willis following the 1992 murder of Minneapolis Police Officer Jerry Haaf.
        Ellison’s February 2000 speech on behalf of domestic terrorist Kathleen Soliah/Sara Jane Olson picked up this reprehensible aspect of Ellison’s career and united it with his missionary work on behalf of the Nation of Islam. In that speech Ellison called for the release of Soliah/Olson and spoke favorably of cop killers Mumia Abu-Jamal and Assata Shakur.

        None of what I wrote above is dishonest and all can be verified.

        You say “the Right wing gets a reputation for dishonesty” – but you don’t support that with any facts. I’ve given you facts. You just give your left wing opinion. But I’m glad to see you are reading American Greatness – maybe something good will soak in after awhile.

      • I’ll accept that CAIR is not my kind of organization. But if my choice is between groups like CAIR and, say, the Trump Republican party, then I would remain neutral. Keith Ellison denounced the Nation of Islam more than a decade ago, so that accusation is well out of date. And Jamal and Shakur were both defending themselves from murderous government agents using their 2nd Amendment rights. Do you not believe in the 2nd Amendment? After all, it doesn’t exist just for people to shoot petty thieves. It exists so that people can protect themselves from a tyrannical government. Any black person would have been justified in killing police during the era of Jim Crow. I call that defending liberty and justice. I am skeptical now of any attempts to execute people for allegedly killing police, since I know that police are also often just thugs with guns and a badge.

      • Just out of curiosity, who do you think you’re fooling by pretending to be one of us? You’re an extreme Leftist of some sort, or a radical Islamist. No, I won’t tell you how you gave yourself away.

        I really don’t care about you, your opinions, and I adamantly oppose your goals. My purpose in this post is to call you out, and point out to others that you’re a fraud. Now that I’ve pointed it out, everyone can go back, reread your posts, and see for themselves.

      • If you ever thought I was one of you than you are an even bigger idiot than I imagined…

      • Only total snowflakes actually tell people they’re “blocking” them. I guess that’s one way to keep the mean old liberals out of your safe space….

      • Thank you for writing the truth about Ellison, he is despicable.

      • Every Canadian has the right to be a pig-headed fool, Augustus, I guess now is your moment.

      • And every fat, ugly stupid white woman who voted for Trump has the right to have her disgusting vagina grabbed by strangers…

      • There is only one kind of Muslim, and they’re like corn in a popper, some pop, some don’t. By their cult, their community, their families, their Koran, their history, they are pushed to jihad nonstop.

  7. That’s always been one of the best aspects of Trump – like him or hate him, he’s still the only sucker in modern politics who’s ever been remotely close to the ‘wrench chucked into the machine capable of breaking it’. I’m certainly getting a kick out of it – now if he can finish exposing the parties for the flabbergasting imbeciles they currently are…he’s already done it to mainstream media…

    The political martini shaker is getting a real workout. Ya’ just can’t get too old to enjoy spectacles like Kid Rock slaughtering Northeastern politics-as-usual. Up Jump da’ boogie indeed…

  8. TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is a sad thing to witness, even though it is always self-inflicted. These poor souls deserve our pity – and our ridicule.

    You can hear their sad laments as they wander aimlessly on the streets insanely muttering to themselves, “President Obama is gone! And President Hillary will never be!”

    It is no concern of ours how you run your own life, but if you threaten to extend your violence, this tiny brain of yours will be reduced to a burned-out cinder. Although that may be superfluous as many with TDS are already approaching that state.

    Embrace The Trump – resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

    • Exactly wrong on last sentiment…. Trump IS THE RESISTANCE fighting the assimilators of corrupt DC.

      • Yep. He’s a counter-culture hero fighting the establishment.

    • “TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is a sad thing to witness …”

      No, it’s funny 24/7.

    • If the “useful idiots” would only realize we’re all fighing the elitists…and join us…

      • His support is very deep. Those who voted for him are not going anywhere and many who had doubts have written about how they are changing their minds. However, if the Wasserman-Schultz/Awan/other Dems scandal keeps unfolding, there will be a lot of heads exploding.

      • If all you read is Right-wing media, you may be able to convince yourself of that. But middle America is paying attention to any “scandals” involving the Democratic party. Trump’s already lost most of the independent voters who gave him is narrow electoral victory last year. Already the generic polling of the 2018 midterms gives Democrats as much as a 10 point advantage (to put that in perspective, that is 6 more points than Republicans had in 2014 and 4 more points than they had in 2010). I do not doubt that you will either ignore or spin these facts to suit your pro-Trump views, but that is all you can do. Ignore and spin.

      • is that a rhetorical question, maxine?

  9. I remember the old gods and Danford is right.

    Expanding on the chaos model if Trump can be sure that either 219 House members won’t vote articles of impeachment or that 34 Senators won’t vote to convict, then why not purge the executive branch and their special prosecutors now?

    The thing is that stinking McConnell and stinking Ryan would move heaven and earth to guarantee the GOP votes to impeach or convict but passing or repealing any specific bit of legislation is something that they have no interest in.

    If Trump can lock up 220 votes in the House or 34 votes in the Senate ,the the order of business is:

    Fire Mueller; fire Grahams’ pet Nikki Haley; fire McConnell’s wife Elaine Chou; fire every political holdover in every department; and veto every reconciliation bill and every bill not pass by regular order.

    • Majority in the House for impeachment an 2/3 vote in the Senate for conviction and removal.

      “The word “impeachment” is popularly used to indicate both the bringing of charges in the House and the Senate vote on removal from office. In the Constitution, however, the term refers only to the former. At the Convention, the delegates experimented with differing impeachment proceedings. As finally agreed, a majority vote of the House of Representatives is required to bring impeachment charges (Article I, Section 2, Clause 5), which are then tried before the Senate (Article I, Section 3, Clause 6). Two-thirds of the Senate must vote to convict before an official can be removed. The President may not pardon a person who has been impeached (Article II, Section 2, Clause 1). If an official is impeached by the House and convicted by the requisite vote in the Senate, then Article I, Section 3, Clause 7, provides that the person convicted is further barred from any “Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States.” The convicted official also loses any possible federal pensions. With a few exceptions, those impeached and removed have generally faded into obscurity.”!/articles/2/essays/100/standards-for-impeachment

  10. Of all American Greatness contributors, I am most concerned for the mental health of Major David “Covfefe” Danford.

    • Obama holdover? Maybe you’re the one who should check yourself in to the nearest mental health clinic.

      • I’ve never voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate in my life, I don’t know what Sarah’s politics are but you don’t have to be a liberal to think the whole Trump phenomenon is either collective lunacy or more likely the outcome of a moral rot that has penetrated the entire culture, including conservatism.

      • “A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free.”

    • President Trump’s easiest accomplishment to-date, the one with your name on it:

      Democrats and Entitlement Monkeys – in utter disarray and covfefe’ing themselves daily!!

      • I pray that Major Danford gets the help he needs.

      • And when you’re done ‘praying’, make sure the mental health part of your ObamaDeathCare policy is activated.

      • The Truth is out there.

        “The truth will set you free. But first it’s going to piss you off.”

        Second part seems to be working, let us know when the first part kicks in Sarah.

    • As you are a Soros fake account creator, I’m not surprised by that.

      • Soros? At least that is more original than blaming Hillary for Herr Trump’s shortcomings. Has the tin foil on your head fried your brain?

      • Is the pay good from Soros? I mean I’d prostitute myself if the pay was good enough.

  11. So piety and propriety are sissy now? Not where I come from. Sissy is adoration for a draft dodging moral degenerate. Sissy is constantly claiming and craving recognition and respect. Sissy is being so afraid of liberals that you will defend the indefensible.
    We may not need a Narcissus in the Justice Department, but we have one in the White House.
    Maybe it isn’t supposed to be but there is nothing remotely Christian or conservative about this article and “manliness” that would only appeal to someone with 16 year old sensibilities.

    • Losers talk trash and make excuses. Winners point to the clock and say, “Scoreboard, baby , scoreboard!!”

      • I rank it very low, but I don’t see the relevance. Trump and Hillary both disrespect Americans. Trump won, thankfully Hillary is done. I expect whoever is president to act with dignity and yes, piety. Even bringing it up falls in to the “yeah, but Hillary…” mode of argumentation. I’ve never criticized anyone for voting for trump, given the alternative, the Supreme Court and abortion executive orders, it may have been the right thing to do, but that doesn’t mean we should pretend that much of what else he is doing is ok just because we perceive him to be on “our side”. But again, I’m not as macho or as big a winner as ya’ll.

    • President Trump’s easiest accomplishment to-date, the one with your name on it:

      Democrats and Entitlement Monkeys – in utter disarray and covfefe’ing themselves daily!

    • This is not a “Christian” publication. Why would it necessarily be “Christian?” And do you even KNOW what that means? Tell me, was Jesus going after the money lenders and upending the status quo in Jerusalem a “Christian” thing to do?

      And it is entirely conservative in nature. If you can’t see that, you’re batting for the wrong team.

    • we are at WAR with the progressives.
      You go th war with the leader you’ve got.
      trump is an instrument,imperfect and flawed .
      Even a lowly spoon will cut if you hone the edge.

      • Trump is clearing the minefield.

        Our next POTUS can have pretty manners.

    • The people who hate Trump always focus on the most superficial of things, ignoring policy & issues.

  12. This is what I call the Fallacy of Irrelevant Criteria. None of the items that are being bandied about have anything to do with Trump’s obvious efforts to fulfill his campaign promises. There could be an exchange of gunfire in the Oval Office and it would not effect Trump’s deportation of the illegals, extricating the US from ruinous trade deals, taking the shackles off American energy production, strengthening the military etc. It is plain that those things he has not accomplished were torpedoed by individuals who lied to their constituents about their intentions. That is not escaping notice. Before you quote polls, check first with President Clinton

  13. “On Thursday, the world was ending. Or at least, that is what you would have thought from watching the news.”

    Well, no actually … it was just a bunch of entitlement monkeys and liberals covfefe’ing themselves!!!

  14. Well said! Bravo! This is the best essay on what is happening I think I’ve read anywhere. Kudos, sir.

  15. Taxpayer-subsidized mid-ranking member of largest government hierarchy in America calls for destruction and chaos to purify the state. Got it, Colonel Kurtz.

    • This is what happens when you only read the Cliff Notes
      on Heart of Darkness. A comment is a terrible thing to waste

  16. The ultimate answer is to defund Prog (1984) Ed in K-12, university and grad schools; replacing the anti-brain and anti-republic pedagogy with Western (1776) Enlightenment and its love of Natural Law, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Prog (1984) Groupthink is nothing but decline and death and sadness. The answer to 1984 is to defund Prog Ed ASAP.

    • With some planning in 2020 and 2022 we can capture the GOP. I don’t see it happening, but I didnt see our great president coming either.

      • The two party system is altering even as we speak; both parties seem to have a sort of “civil war” thing going.

        One will probably end up as the pro-Trump party, and the other as the anti-Trump party, but it could split down the middle (by issue). Either way, I think the parties will realign. I don’t think hard-left progressivism is going to survive this; I think the Democrats are going to have to ditch their whackiest whackos and try to reclaim the parts of Trumpism that conservatives are willing to cede.

    • President Trump’s America 1st party is in the process of coopting the republican party.
      Much easier to coopt than to build from scratch.

  17. The international leftist globalists infesting the Imperial City need to be crushed.

  18. I used to think liberalism is a mental disorder, but it turns out Progressivism is a religion diametrically opposed to Christianity.

    This article is a good way to say the same thing.

  19. There are older Gods than you can imagine, Major David Danford. They are cunning and patient, and their hunger is infinite; your little orange ragdoll will crumble and beg for mercy in the face of their endless shrieking malice.

    • Yes there are older gods . Older still are the Gods Of The Copybook Headings and they will eat your “older gods”
      for lunch. Yumm

      • Your little Copybook godlings merely report what the Old Gods put in place. Water wets you, but the Old Gods came before the water and will outlast the fire. To them, your gods are of the Marketplace.

    • lol yes, the old pagan gods that required human sacrifice and primitive superstition…that seems an appropriate place for today’s lefties to put their tribalism and their anxieties.

  20. Great article! Yes, it is ugly. Trump is doing what he promised–and the swamp is fighting back. I just wish there were more decent people in DC helping him.

    • There may be. There are good reasons for people to not want to out themselves if they are.

  21. Roger Cohen’s pearl-clutching op-ed in the New York Times titled “The Desperation of Our Diplomats” declares the hurt sensibilities within the State Department are leading to multiple people quitting.

    Specifically citing the different managerial strategy of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and the priorities of the entire Dept. of State mission being reset, the career bureaucrats are dropping like flies hitting the bug zapper.

    Cohen’s entire Op-Ed reads like viewing an increasingly bright orb powered by the salty tears of globalists as they fret over the losses like the DoS directorate of global youth disability rights, and shrinkage within the department of international Geo-genetic gender advocacy.

    • Very edifying. Thank you! Loved the visual of career diplomats hitting the bug zapper like flies.

    • The 8,000 Foreign Service officers are not sure how to defend American
      values under a president who has entertained the idea of torture, shown
      contempt for the Constitution, and never met an autocrat who failed to
      elicit his sympathy.

      I’m sure all our diplomats would be SO much better off if Hillary “It Was A Video And What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make?” Clinton had won.

      • That first remark is referring to BHO of course, right?

  22. Is the constitution the god that you are so thrilled he is slaying? Or is it the rule of law? Security for the average American? Maybe you are a bannonite and thrilled to see the American state burned to the ground? Why are you so thrilled that they want to destroy the foundations of our country?

    • hahahaha you imagine the people who despise him care about the Constitution?

      The “let’s use any means fair or foul to overthrow the election because we didn’t get the outcome we liked” crowd? Them? Care about the Constitution?

      Maybe you saying that might leave some ignorant sucker with the impression that Trump has done something unconstitutional, though, is that what you’re hoping?


      • In fact it is the radical right and 45 who keep attacking the constitution. Specifically the first Amendment rights that our country are founded on. It is almost as if he and they are anti-American to the extreme

  23. I wish we could inject some of this directly into British politics. It’s fun watching the Tories and Labour choking to death on Brexit, knowing that their only alternative to implementing the will of the people is civil war, but it’s not the same as having a real reformer at the helm.

  24. This is a piece worth sharing. This is exactly what the feeling is here in the middle and exactly what the Establishment set cannot fathom. We are at war with them. We dislike them as much if not more than they dislike us. Their selfish, arrogance and condescension has been their undoing. Trump simply is providing the stage and light to unmask the cockroaches of every political stripe in DC and beyond. Many of us already knew it [read President Trump], but this display makes it apparent for those of us who had not yet woken up.

  25. So…fundamentally transformed, only in the correct direction.

  26. “David French is aghast (big surprise), and even though the policy change is remarkable and conservative, he has found a reason to complain.”

    And that’s why David French complained.

  27. To argue that everything that’s happened in the Trump admin is part of Trump’s master plan is delusional. Based on his own comments in the NYT interview, as just one small example, he doesn’t understand the basics of health care policy – and yet you’re living in a fantasy land where Trump’s playing 19th dimensional chess & brilliantly executing his master plan. Y’all are out of your minds.

  28. My prediction, what follows this period of “creative destruction” will be something very close to socialism. While old angry whites are busy throwing a temper tantrum, they are scaring the crap out of minorities and more importantly Millenials. Old fuddy duddies can complain all they want, the future belongs to Millenials and we don’t worship the golden bull of capitalism. Trump and his supporters are only hastening the millennial tidal wave.

  29. Right on the money….sure hope the president reads this and gets even more encouraged to keep on doing it….nice job

  30. Clearly, the “Major” has never worked in private industry. If he had, he’d know that you can’t really get away with talking like that and not get fired. I guess you can in government though.

    • “Major Major’s father was an outspoken champion of economy in government, provided it did not interfere with the sacred duty of government to pay farmers as much as they could get for all the alfalfa they produced that no one else wanted or for not producing any alfalfa at all. He was a proud and independent man who was opposed to unemployment insurance and never hesitated to whine, whimper, wheedle and extort for as much as he could get from whomever he could.”

  31. Great article Mr. Danford , you really rattled the cages of the lefties and their never Trump allies , as some of the responses in this comment section indicate . Well done !

    • Yes. The DC establishment is telling us all is chaos, Trump and his administration are out of control. Impeachment is imminent, and the only crime that needs investigating is the crime that does not exist: Trump collusion with Russia to steal the election. It is all a smokescreen to distract from the true crimes and to try to get Americans to throw up their hands in despair. It will not work. This will die down after Mueller is fired for going far beyond his charge and the real crimes such as Hillary’s emails and the two frauds from Wasserman-Schultz are investigated and bear fruit.

  32. When banning transgender individuals from the military becomes a moment when people wail and gnash their teeth you know its time to start over.

    The pendulum has swung so far over to Progressive group think that it cannot find its way back without a good push.

    Hopefully the President will continue pushing.

  33. I am very much enjoying the chaos and dysfunction of this first season of the President Trump Show. Too bad about Mooch, though. He was my new favorite character…

  34. The author of this article is truly nuts. And we wonder how societies fail. Interesting that this site is called “American Greatness” because all Trump is doing is making the US irrelevant.

  35. Can’t agree more. A do nothing Congress is better than a do wrong Congress.
    Let the wrecking ball presidency swing away at the overgrown egos of DC.

  36. Good for you, David! Except the work has only just begun. It is nowhere near finished. We need patriots who will support Trump so he has time to complete the job.

  37. This column could have benefited from an editor, but even more from just a smidgen of perspicacity. The Mooch is gone, man. I guess his language was beyond the pale even for the God-killer. Either that or the President is simply lying again.

    It’s cool though. I don’t expect much of anything from a tanker, let alone a reserve officer tanker.

  38. Such a great read. ???? Further reinforces my support for President Trump, although it isn’t wavering.

  39. While Trump was campaigning, barn storming the mid-west, when defending him I would find myself describing Trump’s plans as a “scorched earth” platform. That if we elected him he would burn down the Washington establishment (including the press). He has not let me down too much yet.

  40. This is the kind of article that keeps me coming back and reading American Greatness. AG on the right and Jacobin on the left make an instructive pair…

  41. Thank you for this well written article and its message.

  42. Hello MAJ. Danforth – thanks for the article. What do you make of the fact that your commanders have explicitly said that they will disobey the order that Pres. Trump issued via Twitter?

    • I’m not Danforth, but let me guess; is it that they don’t understand what their job is? Or perhaps they’re transgender themselves, or have a transgender lover in the service?

  43. Only two groups can can revel in the destruction of the established order: the truly downtrodden and the truly privileged. The downtrodden because they have literally nothing to lose; the privileged because they don’t know what they have to lose.

    Which group are you in?

  44. Nice job, David. It’s refreshing and invigorating to find someone in the media who not only apparently understands something of what is going on but has the balls to report it. I agree with you, President Trump is having a dandy time, he is not looking for a career in politics nor is he out to make an illegitimate fortune, he has a legitimate one and a swell looking wife who seems to love him. He’s out to MAGA, and he never pretended he would get it right the first time. He will get the job done, and all the jerks in the legislature will have to be satisfied with exorbitant salaries and not with additional graft millions. If President Trump should need me, I am at his service.