Polls Don’t Tell the Tale—Trump’s Support is Deep. Here’s Why…

As a conservative Republican, I harbored concerns when I voted last November for Donald Trump to be my president. I knew that I had to vote for him, given the unacceptable alternative of an incompetent liar who had placed me in a basket of “Deplorables”; had destroyed 33,000 emails that she covertly maintained on her bathroom server while telling me that the emails all concerned yoga classes and wedding dresses; had lied to me and the families of those who fell in Benghazi about what had really happened there on another 9/11; and really had nothing to show for decades of public activity but a résumé of failure from HillaryCare, Whitewater, and Travelgate to a mediocre tenure in the State Department.

Her “Russian reset” had been a disaster. She had met many dozens of world figures, logged many thousands of miles of air travel, and had eaten well at many state banquets, but she had nothing of lasting substance to show for it all. During her State Department tenure, the “Arab Spring” devolved into a nightmarish winter. ISIS grew from a junior varsity to the major leagues of barbarism and terror. And she even had found the opportunity to scream on the phone at the Prime Minister of Israel, while denying the Jewish right to build without restriction in Jerusalem.

So I voted unhesitatingly for Trump. But, again, I had concerns.

Although I recoiled from the Republicans-in-Name-Only and “Never Trumpers,” I did share some of their bemusement. Would he be a true conservative, or was he really a liberal and a conservative hybrid at once, a man bereft of grounded ideology who simply tilted with the direction of the day’s breeze, capable of being turned by the last voice to compliment him?

Would he truly appoint conservative federal judges and Supreme Court justices, or would his judicial legacy be another Republican flop like the Nixon liberal appointments after Clement Haynsworth and G. Harrold Carswell, or like George H. W. Bush’s disastrous appointment of David Souter? Would he keep his promises? Would he have a clue?

That was then. Now, six months into Trump’s first term, I could not be more pleased with the president we elected. He is better than I ever imagined, and he is the real thing. That is the reason that voter surveys continue to show that President Trump has not lost any support among the base who elected him, and that he does as well now as before in the counties throughout the country that he carried as his base.

So What? Who Cares?
I do not care a whit about the “Russia stuff.” That is what I call it: the “Russia stuff.” Whether it is about Russian “collusion” or deals that Jared Kushner did or did not negotiate, or whom Attorney General Jeff Sessions met when he was a U.S. senator, or where former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort did business, or the telephone contacts of Michael Flynn—the moment that I see the word “Russia” in a headline about  the White House, I skip the story. Although I am a “news junkie,” I simply do not care. For me, the subject has as much relevance as a soccer game: Yawn.

I even have stopped watching almost all of Fox News, even though Tucker Carlson’s solid conservatism is an improvement over Bill O’Reilly’s softer version, and the network is so much stronger without Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren. I simply have no more interest in wasting my time with “fair and balanced debate,” to sit and listen to some liberal hack named Tarlov or Roginsky recite memorized talking points, or a fool named Marie Harf who used her State Department platform to explain that ISIS beheadings stemmed from a lack of job opportunities. (Remember: #JobsForISIS?)

For my news I have moved to the Fox Business channel, and I treat myself to Stuart Varney, Melissa Francis, Lou Dobbs and insightful conservative guests who do not waste my time. And, although I once was a Johnny Carson and Jay Leno regular, I no longer watch those late night talk shows. Instead, I choose between Ken Burns documentaries, MLB.TV’s “Quick Pitch,” and studying the Talmud. Same for “Saturday Night Live.” The moment the Washington Post began reporting every Monday on that show’s latest political slams against the Trump White House, I decided to turn elsewhere for my Saturday night entertainment. Besides, that show stopped being funny decades ago.

But what about all of Trump’s tweeting? Is Trump a nut? And what about the time he devotes to tweeting and to watching “Fox & Friends” and “Morning Joe”?

I don’t know. Maybe he is a nut. Yet, as an Orthodox rabbi who has counseled hundreds of people over 35 years, and as a high-stakes litigation attorney who has counseled and represented hundreds more, I will share a secret that is not protected by any professional rule of privilege: most people are nuts. (For verification, just ask their spouses, their parents-in-law, and their grown kids.) And most people have side hobbies that “waste time.” I wasted time these past four months watching the Mets. How many hours did President Kennedy waste running after Judith Exner, Marilyn Monroe, and others whom I do not know—and keeping it all secret from his wife? How many hours did President Nixon waste dealing with the Watergate cover-up? How many hours did President Ford need to devote lovingly to his wife as she battled bravely to overcome certain private challenges? How many hours did President Clinton set aside for Paula Corbin Jones, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky, and dealing with the subsequent fallout emanating from them and from Juanita Broaddrick?

It would seem that the only president who initially wasted no time but devoted every moment’s focus to every detail of government was Jimmy Carter. How did that work out? In the end, he was consumed by the Iran hostage crisis, and we were consumed by him.

Does Twitter take more time away from the work day than those distractions? How long does it take to type 140 characters, even in five or six strings?

What Really Matters
We conservatives do not care about these side stories and Democrat smokescreens that aim to divert this president and us from the agenda to make America great again. Rather, here is what we have come to know these six months since Trump took office:

Republicans have won every seriously contested Congressional election since President Trump was elected. It is absurd to think that, when push comes to shove, Republican voters in 2018 would allow Red State Democrats to sweep the U.S. Senate merely because Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren engage in screeds, while in the House, Maxine Waters calls for the president to be impeached or exiled, or both.

We do not mind that the president fired FBI Director James Comey. This is a man who we now know leaked secret internal information to the New York Times. Notwithstanding that Comey did not trust the president, it was just as reasonable for the president to determine that he could not trust Comey—just as the Democrats long before could not trust Comey and also wanted him fired. Comey interfered with the election process more than Vladimir Putin ever did, arrogated to himself the authority to absolve Hillary Clinton despite his own recognition that she had committed serious federal crimes, and never dealt with the Deep State within his department.

President Trump somehow has managed to lead for six months, despite the most hostile media gangland in a century and more, and he has gained important governing experience along the way, just as the neophyte Obama learned his way around after arriving at the White House with little more than a background in community organizing, a pair of Greek or Roman columns, and a paperback copy of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

President Trump has appointed an extraordinary team of cabinet secretaries, and they are a better and more reliably conservative team than Ronald Reagan ever assembled. While President Reagan not only named Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court but also Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy, President Trump has named Neil Gorsuch, and the future names in waiting are likely equally impressive. For all the “Resistance” tactics that the Democrats deployed during the Gorsuch battle, the president did not give ground, and he leveraged Harry Reid’s blunder of ending the filibuster rule for federal judicial appointments to get the nomination through. The president’s team now is working to fill the 129 other open federal judicial seats awaiting judges. As he proceeds, we will see balance return to the federal district courts that conduct trials and the federal appellate courts that ultimately settle most of America’s laws, and his own immediate experiences in seeing his entry ban navigate through the courts has taught him that federal judges matter on all levels.

On the energy front, we no longer awake each morning to learn of new Obama-era regulations aimed at strangling American energy independence. Instead, the Keystone XL pipeline was approved, as promised. Obama executive orders have been reversed at dizzying speed. Although a new era has changed the place of “King Coal” in the energy spectrum, the “War on Coal” is ended, as promised, and America is back on the path to end its partial dependency on the dirty oil produced by dictators and thugs from Venezuela to Saudi Arabia—oil drilled and extracted in tyrannies where environmental concerns are a joke—and we now even are inducing allies like Poland in Europe to consider moving their own energy contracts away from Russia and towards the United States.

Trump promised action on immigration, and he has begun the process of inviting bidders to compete for federal contracts to build that wall. Truth is, most of us do not care ultimately who pays for it; we separate his bluster from his substance. That substance already has driven down illegal immigration markedly. And the “bad dudes” really are being hunted by ICE and are being deported or locked up, not merely released on their own recognizance with a promise maybe someday to show up for an immigration hearing, perhaps.

The Underlying Challenge: Congress
We know that the reality of democracy is complicated, and that our Founding Fathers crafted an elegant system of checks and balances for a reason.

Yes, the Republicans now control the House, the Senate, the White House, and the Supreme Court—for which we all thank Barack Obama daily—but the sophisticates among us also recognize that 52 Republican Senators is too razor-thin a margin for a bold Trump agenda to flourish.

For example, Susan Collins represents Blue Maine, and she simply cannot be a Tea Party senator. We need another half-dozen Red State Republican senators, and contrary to the common wisdom, help may be on the way.

Meanwhile, we know that President Trump has done his best to corral the team to reverse the tragedy of Obamacare, but he has been disrupted meanwhile by a crazy filibuster voting rule, an even crazier series of rules regarding “reconciliation,” a liberal Democrat stationed as the Senate’s “Parliamentarian,” and an utterly incoherent and incomprehensible rule regarding the Congressional Budget Office whose projections repeatedly have proven false and imaginary in health care and everything else. If people are told that they no longer will be penalized and coerced to buy health insurance they do not want, of course millions will drop the plans foisted on them. That is not properly termed “millions losing insurance”; that is “millions choosing of their own free will not to pay for something they do not want and do not value.”

We know this president and this Congress will pass a major tax cut before the 2018 elections because Trump wants it, his economic team has it mapped out, and the House and Senate would not dare go to the voters next year without a tax cut. Watch for Red State Democrats, facing electoral elimination, to be passionate supporters of a Republican tax bill. It will happen, and this president will sign it. Of that we have no doubt.

Cut Through the Noise These Next 18 Months
So we have a very strong determination to stand by this president, to give him more Senators in 18 months, and to give him another four years in Washington before Maxine Waters exiles him.

We do not care that Europeans and their leaders like America less now than they did when Obama was president. Most children like their grandparents more than they like their parents because Gramps and Granny have no rules, feed them candy, and let them stay up all night, while the parents make the kids do their homework, brush their teeth, and clean their rooms. Obama was cheered by throngs in Berlin, giggled with Hugo Chavez, and salsaed in Cuba in front of Castro. Sure they loved him—they even gave him a Nobel Peace Prize, just as they previously had given one to Yasser Arafat, before he did anything.

We want a president who goes to Europe, tells them to pay the bills they promised to pay NATO, and gets results. We want him extricating us from climate pacts and trade agreements that do not serve our interests. Along the way, our allies from Japan to Israel to England know they now have a reliable leader in the White House, not a team of kibbitzers who send James Taylor to Paris to sing “You’ve Got a Friend” as an American response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France.

Americans want jobs, and this president now is forward on rebuilding the nation’s long-neglected infrastructure, while emphasizing the importance of “Buying American” and restoring America’s historical role in manufacturing. We want lower taxes and an America where we pay only for the health coverage options we want. We do not want to pay for Sandra Fluke’s birth control pills or Planned Parenthood’s abortions, although many of us are copacetic with their family planning and social counseling. We want trade agreements that protect American jobs and that recognize that international polluters like China and India and the misogynistic Arab oil sheikhdoms need to catch up with our clean-environment practices before we continue marching like lemmings over industrial cliffs while the mass polluters scoop up our forfeited interests.

As the president now begins his next six months in office, we among his supporters have learned to tune out the nonsense that defines the lazy legislators in the Washington Beltway who prefer to mull over Mueller than to craft landmark health legislation that passes.

Yes, we have seen the president mature in office. He has made some important pinpointed staff changes. He is moving away from abiding the daily media circus. For those Democrats who warned with alarm and portents of peril that Donald Trump could not be trusted with the nuclear codes, we have seen that he has assembled a remarkable defense team, that he has authorized a surgical MOAB strike in Afghanistan and the dispatch of 59 cruise missiles to bombard clearly designated Syrian targets without embroiling us in a Middle East war that America should avoid. He has acted with care and delicacy in confronting the serious problem in North Korea, giving the lie to those who argued that he would be hot-headed and unable to lead.

For those of us who voted for Donald Trump last November—many of us with some concern—we support him even more today than we did then. Though we occasionally recoil from the more outlandish, we have come to prefer reading his tweets more than we did reading about Clinton’s sexual harassment scandals. And we have learned to disregard the “Russian stuff” like so much “white noise” that rivals the sound of a tree falling in the middle of a forest for irrelevance.


About Rabbi Dov Fischer

Rav Dov Fischer, Esq., who has served two three-year terms on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America during the past seven years, is an adjunct professor of the law of Torts and of Civil Procedure at two major Southern California law schools and is rav of Young Israel of Orange County, California.

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542 responses to “Polls Don’t Tell the Tale—Trump’s Support is Deep. Here’s Why…”

  1. ” And, although I once was a Johnny Carson and Jay Leno regular, I no longer watch those late night talk shows. ”

    Nobody does. One’s dead, the other retired from late-night TV.

    • You miss the point – the Rabbi is merely stating that he used to enjoy late night TV but no longer does because the hosts have become political. Steven Colbert is a walking poster board for the Left.

  2. Loved this article! My experience is very similar. You are more optimistic about the Republican Congress than I, and you are certain that a tax reform will take place … although I notice you don’t mention health care. Nevertheless, I am energized by such a positive article and thank you for it.

    • Hilarious. Lots of words to express a single idea by this author: “I prefer sticking my head in the sand and immersing myself further into the “conservative” info bubble to hearing any FACTS about Trump &Co. – because the facts are too disturbing and hurt my tender feelings to our Dear Leader.” Followed by a bunch of comments by “me too!” snowflakes hiding from reality.

      Criminal inditements of Trump crime family (money laundering for Russian mob, and a whole lot more) and upcoming GOP trouncing at the ballot box in 2018 are going to come as a big surprise to this crowd…

      Trump’s approval rating, Russmussen 7/30/2017: -22.

      • It’s amusing that you are “culturally appropriating” the conservative terms of derision for progressives. Nice try.

      • Art, I’m so sorry about “culturally appropriating” anything “conservative”… I see the error of my ways now. Would you give me permission to go to my little safe space and cry for the rest of the day?

        Meanwhile, that Rasmussen daily tracking poll still pegs Trump approval at -22. I guess Trump’s favorite pollster is spreading fake news… damn globalists just won’t give a break to our brilliant Dear Leader.

      • Damn, too late Arty, the day is over. And no tweets from The Dear Leader all day… Nanny Gen. Kelly must have taken his toy away. Oh humanity!

      • Ohhh, does Ian think his ideas are the only ones that count? Does it make little Ian angry when people express views he doesn’t like? Did little Ian learn to spell FACTS but fail to understand what they are, so he is unable to express any? Too bad.

      • Big Gal, he does, it did, and he did. You are one smart woman… got little Ian all figured out in no time flat!

        As for facts, I’m really curious: do you agree with Trump that reporting by big bad librul mainstream media is creating fake news out of the whole cloth, and the truth is only to be found in “conservative” outlets like this one?

      • Good point. Would you be able then to list two or three news outlets you consider reliable? As in, adhering to the established journalistic standards in reporting, and taking appropriate action if/when it transpires that these standards were violated in their reporting, such as firing the offending reporters and providing public retractions?

        I’ll start, in respect to news reporting only, not editorials/opinion columns etc. (this is about FACTS, remember?): WSJ, NYT, Wash. Post.

        Your turn.

      • Facts are slippery things. I doubt that in this tech age that there can be much debate about what actually happened in public. It is when drawing conclusions or theorizing on the whys that bias from a basic world view seeps in. You are quick to ask for facts, so I would like to know your facts for claiming the Trump family launders money for the Russian mob. Really??? And Hillary some how failed to mention it during the campaign??? Not to mention the other 15 Republican candidates who now hate his guts (notably John McCain). Fake news is the emphasis on Trump tweets and ignoring actual legislation being passed or successful foreign tours. I believe Trump’s European tour was a great success. (Macron was quick & smart to take advantage of meeting the President of the US.) Fake news is constant tearing down of personalities in government, without mentioning the large number of vacant positions in government because nominations are being slow-balled. (Dr. Ben Carson has been quoted as saying he dreams of a day of having an Undersecretary on staff.) There is a lot of fake news out there, much of it predicated on hatred of Trump. As for news sources — I admit I find them hard to trust. At one time, the NYT tried to be the nation’s newspaper, but I guess we didn’t buy enough subscriptions out in the heartland, because now they are focused on their ultra liberal NYC subscribers. Hard for the NYT or WaPo to believe that the common people west of the Hudson & east of the Sierras do not admire them or their world view.

      • Firts things first: I appreciate your detailed response, as well as your willingness to engage in a discussion as opposed to starting with an ad hominem attack… a “teachable moment” for all of us (myself included of course), wouldn’t you agree?

        That said, unfortunately I have to disagree with you right off the bat: facts are not slippery things, facts are facts. As in, for example: the number of gov. vacancies in Trump admin is extremely high, unprecedented in modern times: fact. Dems are slow-walking Trump nominees confirmations: fact; the vast majority of the positions are unfilled not because of Dems resistance but because Trump admin had not even submitted the nominees for confirmation: fact. I suppose you wouldn’t know that last bit though because you (I’m guessing) get your news from sources that are unlikely to dwell on such minor details.

        I’d love to continue but don’t have enough time to address all your points now… believe it or not, we libruls do work. But before signing off I do need to address my assertion re: Trump money laundering for Russian mob. You are right, until there are formal charges it’s a conjecture on my part; but this conjecture is based on recent reporting by sources I consider reliable based on their track record. I admit Trump’s well-known and well-documented history of shady/unethical business dealings (Trump U; multiple cases of stuffing “the little guys” doing work for him; refusal of US lenders to finance Trump businesses based on his propensity to file for bancruptsies, etc.) do little to convince me to doubt that reporting.

        Have a great day… and remember, we are not enemies.

      • He sure didn’t learn to spell “indictment”.

  3. I second the motion. I don’t watch the late night shows anymore either.

      • I don’t either Me 6. They are infuriating and strengthening Trump support with their blatant lies and FAKE NEWZ “facts” that are complete fabrications. DNC crimes go by without a peep.

      • Me 7. I like Tucker but I could only watch for so long before I got sick of it. Nowadays, even when the tv’s at my gym are showing CNN and Fox right over where I’m working out, I don’t even look at them.

        Coincidentally, my blood pressure’s improved and my teeth grinding has been greatly reduced.

      • Me8!!! I completely understand! My blood pressure and yelling, screaming at the TV has gone down to nil. Never could grind my teeth right, so I yelled at the top of my lungs. LOL

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      • Me too…. I want Trump to be scary. Scarier. I want him to take scalps. Fire Mueller, and have a press conference…that says

        “Mueller – You’re Fired !! [thunderous applause] … “And today I pardon myself and my entire family and friends. Now lets get on with the business of Making America Great Again……cheers and laughter]

      • Whether or not he can….I think he said that to let them know..that any indictment…he can reverse…(to discourage them) and they cant bring trump down without bringing the others dowwn…so maybe they will get the message that Trump wont sit still for this Nonsense

      • Jerseymark…my understanding is that because the issue of self-pardon has never been adjucated in the history of the USA, it would be left to the Supreme Court to make the actual decision..and if Trump can appoint at least one more ultra conservative justice, there would be a better than even chance that Trump could indeed legally pardon himself….

      • Why would he have to pardon himself? According to most of your despicable fellows Trump has done and can do no wrong. Old Dov here doesn’t care if Trump conspires with Russia; it’s all ‘noise’. This so called rabbi, a holy man, can support an amoral pig? What a joke. But the end always justifies the means, eh.

      • You areally so wrong. I’m not even going to tell you where you are wrong since you’re clueless. Grow up or leave thus country libtard.

      • I’m not in your crappy country, thank God. And I don’t need some silly skank to tell me why I’m wrong.

      • If you are not in the USA and don’t belong here – Shut the F**k UP!!! We don’t care about your opinion on this topic. Leave the USA to it’s own US Citizens and how we want to run OUR country. You are a SJW of another country – So go do your dirty work there!!!

      • I am relieved to learn that you’re not in our crappy country. I do feel sorry, though, for the country where you reside.

      • Just like your typical leftist hypocrite. Calling Trump an “amoral pig” and then without missing a beat calling a woman a “silly skank” in the next sentence. Classic.

      • Where is the hypocrisy? You evidently support Trump, a notorious and unrepentant misogynist, yet you’re suddenly a model of chivalry when I call this silly woman a skank. You can’t have it both ways.

      • evidence? Never said I support Trump although I agree with some things he wants. I used to be liberal minded until illogical people like you who assume and are rude came along. I dont see any difference between trumps quotes and yours.

      • I hope the masquarading news media link you provided designed as titillating gossip doesn’t hold you too tightly in its manufactured throes of indignation. Hypoxia ensues. Start thinking for yourself and quite being such a useful tool to the power mongers of the culture war because the intent is to play you like a cheap out of tune violin. And yeah YOUR not the only one who see’s how people reveal themselves in many ways everyday. Yet you ignore the egotistical trap to be reductive and insult some woman you dont even know on the internet as a “silly skank” because puts you in the same degraded category as Trump like it or not. Thats not hypoxia however, thats hypocrisy so own it. If your not honest with yourself why should anyone else take your protestations seriously? I respect your response enough to peruse your directive to the “Telegraph” and its hardly new or interesting. Everyone already knows this crap. Its common. Yet you think its some enlightenment that no one else has paid attention too. I suggest for a real education read some Foster Wallace, like “infinite Jest” however if that proves to much of a challenge then maybe some tv… watch Orson Welles, “Citizen Kane”
        Enjoy your life, it belongs to you and no one else.

      • Your a triggered little trumpist snowflake who can’t handle the truth.

      • Haha. You ever look through your own 52 posts? Nothing positive or decent. All trolling.

      • Appears that you TROLL conservative sites just to bait people kettle, pot black A-hole. How old are you 12?

      • Haha now you blocked your negative previous posts. Smart. Mine are still open – peruse through and note there is some positive and decent posts. Don’t bother replying, though, as you’ll be blocked.

      • Sorry I hadn’t read any of your previous posts so I wasn’t aware you were mentally retarded. You are a special and unique person.

      • aranby willikers, im sick of you, and your liberal ilk,with your vicious hatred for trump,why dont you grow up and get some brains…

      • Wow, responding to a three month old post. If I ‘get some brains’ maybe you can try to get a life?

      • No need to pardon himself, no crime. No need to pardon anyone. Get Rosenstein to fire Mueller who is clearly exceeding his mandate and stacking the deck. If R won’t do it, fire him and do it directly. Toughen up! Mueller and Dems don’t care about decorum and appearances. Why should it only apply to Trump and his appointees. Again, toughen up!

      • You are right – BUT the thought was great. I just want all of this B/S from the Dimwits to stop and as it was already said – Make America Great Again!!!

      • He added his 16th attorney today.An appointee of the oblamer in chief’s Justice Department.

    • I miss Leno and Craig Ferguson. I guess those of us who grew up with Johnny Carson are now too old to matter, as far as what the networks produce.

      • Heck, I miss Steve Allen! Tom Poston, Louie Nye, Bill Dana, but that was a LOOONG time ago.

      • Especially those Friday night live interviews on the street.

    • I cancelled cable altogether. Almost 20 years ago. Never miss it.

    • Cable is gone at my house. Did you know CNN gets paid by the cable companies regardless if you watch. Yep just by paying your cable bill the left gets your money for its propaganda.

      • That’s kind of how cable TV works. If the channel (any channel) is part of your package, the channel gets paid even if you never turn on the tv. You don’t want to support some specific channel ? Remove it from your package of channels.

      • It’s a package deal. You can’t just randomly remove channels with Cable or Satellite. I personally think, both Cable and Satellite need to re-think how the programming should be done. In other words – Let the consumer select the channels they want and forget about all of the “bundles” of channels. I think Dish TV is trying to do some of that, but, it is really early in the game, for what does need to be done for customer satisfaction.

    • If I could get my hands around the neck of Trevor Noah…Id send his sorry butt back to south africa.

  4. Brilliant!

    1. It was clear back in May 2016, based on math and the electoral college that President Trump would win the election.
    2. Likely, after illegal voting would be stripped from the 2016 ballots, President Trump won the popular vote, though not by much.
    3. The massive crash (2008 to 2016) after the biggest credit boom in USA history, 1994 through 2007 has taken its toll on Americans.
    4. The USA has been in a long decline, since the end of Reagan and with the advent of globalization.
    5. Two forces have split Americans, demographics, globalization.
    6. U-S-A Americans voted for President Trump. They would like the USA restored. They lost the most in the credit crisis and the long economic depression aftermath.
    7. Globalization / anti married whites / colored racist “Americans” voted for Hillary. They are a people who live by welfare and subsidy.
    8. Globalization / anti married whites / colored racist “Americans” have the most to lose in a restored USA. They have the most to gain by agitating to thwart President Trump.

    Finally, if there are not safeguards put in place, e.g., Bill of Rights favoring USSC judges to replace Ginsburg, Breyer, and the “Republican” Kennedy, it will be over for U-S-A Americans (married whites, mostly; married blacks) when whites lose the population majority.

    • It’s going to be a much longer time before white loose the population majority than many believe. As it stands now, whites make up over 70% of the population. Hispanics are a culture, not a race. Something else – the non-white population is located mostly in large population centers which are already in the Democrats column.

      • 1. Who claimed Hispanics are a race?
        2. Hispanic is a conjured political category.
        3. The professional demographers of the Census Bureau contradict you.

        Facts remain:
        1. In 2014, real white population (ex-browns from Central American) comprised 62.2% of the population. That is already much lower than your “over 70%” false claim.
        2. Professional demographers estimate that by 2060, real white population will comprise 43.6% of population

        source: https://www.census.gov/content/dam/Census/library/publications/2015/demo/p25-1143.pdf

        2043 is suppose to be the magic year by which real whites fall to less than 50% of the population.

        Good luck!

      • Leftists also claim that cross-dressing transformer men are women and cross-dressing transformer women who get periods are men.

        Good luck!

      • Hilarious–we all know the fallacies of lying with statistics. As Disraeli said, “there are lies, damned lies and statistics.” And, what is the Census Bureau definition of a “real white”? Who decides if the respondents are responding in conformance with that definition since all responses are self-reports with no verification? Last, your entire premise is that all “non-real white” populations will follow your twisted political philosophy like lemmings…an obvious logical fallacy.

      • 1. Demographers seem to have a fairly good track record.
        2. Demographics isn’t a conspiracy. It’s a science.
        3. Your citation of Disraeli is the fallacy of red herring.

        Good luck!

      • Importantly, you did not answer the questions asked. And, demography is the study of statistics such as births, deaths, income, or the incidence of disease, which illustrate the changing structure of human populations. So their conclusions are no better than the statistical input data that they rely upon. And, that would be non-specific, non-scientific self responses regarding “race. I know of no study by demographers published in a peer reviewed journal, that claims to know how people will vote based upon their self-identified “race.” So, when you claim that Demographers have a good track record–I am wondering “at what”? Certainly not at predicting how non-real white populations vote. Disraeli’s quote is a remarkably accurate caution against folks (such as you) who fall under Chuchill’s admonition: “Clement, you use statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post: for support–not illumination.”

      • One wouldn’t know that judging from TV commercials.

  5. “President Trump somehow has managed to lead for six months, despite the most hostile media gangland in a century and more, and he has gained important governing experience along the way, just as the neophyte Obama learned his way around after arriving at the White House with little more than a background in community organizing, a pair of Greek or Roman columns, and a paperback copy of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.”

    Obama also had seven years in the Illinois Senate and four in the U.S. Senate. That’s quite a bit more experience than Trump!

    I’m sure you’ll want to correct your mistake.

    • In both, he normally voted “Present”. Yea, that’s some ‘experience’…..

      • “According to reports by both The New York Times and the Associated Press, Obama voted “present” 129 times as a state senator. The AP reported that Obama said the votes represented a small portion — a little more than 3 percent — of the “roughly 4,000″ votes he cast as a member of the state Senate.”

        Normal is 3 percent?

    • 11 years running for President. There, is that better?

      • Not really accurate. Maybe his four years in the US Senate. But in the Illinois legislature? Don’t think so.

        I mean, it’s not like he was doing anything of substance, like starring in a reality TV show. Just like George Washington did before him.

      • That “community organizing” looked good on a resume to you? It is a euphemism for trouble making, and most of us know it.

  6. “The Polls” Especially since the majority of so-called ‘polling’ is being done by THE DEMOCRAT NEWS MEDIA!!

  7. “This is a man who we now know leaked secret internal information to the New York Times.”

    Not the identifying information of Israeli agent to the Russian ambassador, surely?

    • On private land the GOVERNMENT didn’t control! Obama hindered energy from day one, he did not help it!

    • Is spite of his attempts to raise the price of gas. Good Lord, do you idiots even have a memory?

  8. “We know that the reality of democracy is complicated, and that our Founding Fathers crafted an elegant system of checks and balances for a reason.”

    Thus, the rabbi continues, we need to elect even MORE Republicans to ensure those checks and balances don’t matter.

    • I’ll block you now, and soon American Greatness will ban you.
      What a petulant little cry baby you are.
      Get your own blog, cry baby.

      • How do I block contributors who repeatedly spout nonsense, dismiss all the grief that leftists have perpetuated on the nation, and give me a headache? Anyone?

      • They’re a dime a dozen…..terminal brain-dead snowflakes are everywhere.

  9. “That is not properly termed “millions losing insurance”; that is “millions choosing of their own free will not to pay for something they do not want and do not value.””

    Or value but cannot afford without the assistance Obamacare provides to millions.

    • That’s assistance that WE provide. My own deductable doubled and co-pays went up. I had to put off the opthamologist who told me I should have cataracts removed for a year while I saved up the deductable and then, since insurance paid 80 per cent, I spent a year paying more…while doing without little luxuries like air-conditioning in the family 1999 van. (Ever lived in a rural, Midwestern summer without vehicle air-conditioning? Fun!)

      Anyway, it’s nice when people remember that there are real people behind the “free” assistance or subsidies that the act made possible. I’m glad you liked the program and hope it did not increase the cost of your own care. It’s always the middle class who bears the burden. If you want to volunteer to pay for someone’s health care, that’s great! Seriously…

      I just want enough to pay for my own (oh — premiums are several hundred, since they went up, too — with no subsidy.) And single-payer would not help — I’m afraid that just means more taxes on the middle-class. I do, though, congratulate you on your generosity.

    • Funny the majority of people used to be able to afford their insurance without gov’t assistance. However since obamacare premiums and deductibles have gone into the stratosphere making the insurance basically only catastrophic coverage. It’s Insurance in name only

      • From Politifact: “Before Obamacare, under President George W. Bush, overall premium increases were faster. Before you assume that all premiums rose faster under Obama, consider this. According to the Kaiser/Health Research and Educational Trust studies, family premiums for employer-sponsored insurance increased by a cumulative 99 percent — basically doubling — under the eight years of Bush, while under eight years of Obama, they rose by a much more modest 59 percent.”

        Obamacare was an improvement!

      • For some, indeed. For others, who are footing the bill for this enormous oddity, it has been a costly and inconvenient nightmare.

    • Or value but cannot afford without the redistributionist tax and spend policies Obamacare provides to millions.

  10. “Yes, we have seen the president mature in office.”

    Biggest laugher in a piece full of them!

  11. “Though we occasionally recoil from the more outlandish, we have come to prefer reading his tweets more than we did reading about Clinton’s sexual harassment scandals.”

    Some people enjoy the smell of their own farts.

      You said nothing when Obama used drone strikes to execute people
      2. You said nothing about Russia for 50 years until Trump
      was inaugurated.
      3. You said nothing about Hillary’s campaign
      manager’s brother being paid $175,000 to lift U.S. sanctions on
      4. You said nothing when Obama engaged in military
      interventionism in Libya without Congressional approval.
      5. You
      said nothing Obama greatly expanded presidential power through the
      use of Executive Orders.
      6. You said nothing when Obama filled his
      White House with lobbyists after he said he wouldn’t.
      7. You
      said nothing when Obama gave 47 of his fundraisers Administration
      8. You said nothing about the murders and rapes at the hands
      of illegal immigrants.
      9. You said nothing when Hillary’s net
      worth rose over $100 million as Secretary of State, in part, because
      her husband took money from foreign governments.
      10. You said
      nothing after Obama’s net worth rose over $10 million as
      11. You said nothing when Obama’s Justice Dept.
      Wiretapped/surveilled reporters such as James Rosen and the AP.
      You said nothing when Obama restricted immigration 6 times with
      Executive Orders.
      13. You said nothing when Obama set a record for
      14. You said nothing when Bill Clinton met Loretta
      Lynch on the airport tarmac during the Clinton investigation.
      You said nothing when Hillary was fed debate questions.
      16. You
      said nothing when Obama and Hillary lied about a video and
      17. You said nothing when Obama’s IRS abused the
      rights of taxpayers.
      18. You said nothing when Obama’s White
      House held meetings with lobbyists in coffee shops near the White
      House to avoid disclosure requirements.
      19. You said nothing when
      Eric Holder sold the guns you hate to criminals and some were used to
      kill Americans.
      20. You said nothing when the Clinton’s took
      White House property.
      21. You said nothing when Hillary laughed
      off defending a child-rapist.
      22. You said nothing when Hillary
      lied about her private use of a private email server as Secretary of
      23. You said nothing when Janet Reno, under Bill Clinton,
      used a tank to kill the Branch Dividians.
      24. You said nothing
      when, on May 13, 1985, a bomb was dropped on a row house in
      Philadelphia to uproot the black liberation group known as Move,
      resulting in a fire that eventually burned down 61 houses, killed 11
      people (including five children) And injured dozens.
      25. You said
      nothing was Elian Gonzales was forcibly deported using guns.
      You said nothing when George Soros paid protesters to burn parts of
      27. You said nothing about states’ rights until
      Trump’s Executive orders on immigration.
      28. You said nothing
      about Obama’s smoking.
      29. You said nothing about the record
      numbers of people on government assistance.
      30. You said nothing
      about the number of part time and low paying jobs under the Obama
      31. You said nothing when Obama had SWAT teams raid a
      Gibson guitar factory and seize property, on the purported basis that
      Gibson had broken India’s environmental laws—but no charges were
      32. You said nothing when Obama claimed that the Fort Hood
      shooting was “workplace violence” rather than terrorism.
      You said nothing about when Obama ended some terror asylum
      restrictions, by allowing asylum for people who provided only
      “insignificant” or “limited” material support of
      34. You said nothing when the national debt doubled
      under Obama.
      35. You said nothing when 9 times the Supreme Court
      unanimously overturned Obama’s expansive use of Executive
      36. You said nothing when Obama dismissed charges filed by
      Bush Administration against New Black Panther Party members who were
      videotaped intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling station
      during the 2008 election.
      37. You said nothing when Obama released
      Guantanamo detainees were released and went back to kill
      38. You said nothing when Obama unilaterally changed
      Congressional law by Executive Order.
      39. You said nothing when
      Obama fired an inspector general after investigating an $850,000
      AmeriCorps grant received by a nonprofit run by former NBA star and
      Obama supporter Kevin Johnson.
      40. You said nothing about the 36
      Obama’s executive office staffers that owed $833,970 in back
      41. You said nothing when Obama Killed four Americans
      overseas in counterterrorism operations without a judicial

      So if you are voicing your objections about the
      months of Trump, I’m sorry… we can’t hear you because you said
      NOTHING before!!!

      • “You said nothing when Obama used drone strikes to execute people abroad.”

        I did. http://www.phillymag.com/news/2012/11/26/president-obamas-hypocritical-drone-assassination-rules/

        “You said nothing about Russia for 50 years until Trump was inaugurated.”

        Not true, but even if so: It wasn’t until Trump we had widespread evidence Russia was intervening in our elections. Circumstances matter.

        “You said nothing when Obama engaged in military interventionism in Libya without Congressional approval.”

        I did. http://www.timesherald.com/article/JR/20110330/OPINION/303309959

        “Yousaid nothing Obama greatly expanded presidential power through the use of Executive Orders.

        Too busy noticing how GW Bush had done he same before him. http://www.newsday.com/opinion/oped/is-barack-obama-overreaching-with-executive-orders-joel-mathis-and-ben-boychuk-1.6910010

        “You said nothing about the murders and rapes at the hands of illegal immigrants.”

        Mostly because such folks have lower levels of crime than native-born Americans.

        “You said nothing when Obama and Hillary lied about a video and Benghazi.” You kept it going long after it was clear there wasn’t much there there.

        “You said nothing when, on May 13, 1985, a bomb was dropped on a row house in Philadelphia to uproot the black liberation group known as Move, resulting in a fire that eventually burned down 61 houses, killed 11people (including five children) And injured dozens.” Dude. I lived in Philadelphia. It’s STILL a matter of contention.

        “You said nothing when Obama dismissed charges filed by Bush Administration against New Black Panther Party members who were videotaped intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling station during the 2008 election.”

        Show me who was unable to vote.

        Enough point-making. One could easily make a point about the hypocrisies of Republicans and conservatives.

      • Thanks, I thought so when I stole it.
        Pass it around.

  12. OK. I’ll shut up and go back to lurking. AmGreatness clearly not written for me!

  13. Imagine what will happen if POTUS Trump can get more than six (6) Ambassador(s) Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America confirmed in 2017, despite historical obstruction by the opposition party of Resisting Democrats.

    As of July 21, 2017, the U.S. Senate has confirmed six (6): Nikki Haley to the UN; David Friedman to Israel; Terry Branstad to China, Todd Haskell to Congo (Rep.of); Wm Hagerty IV to Japan, Scott Brown to New Zealand&Samoa, and T.S. Mushingi to Senegal&Guinea-Biassau.

    Twenty (20) nominations are pending.

    FIFTY-FOUR (54) are Vacant, including Argentina, Australia, France, Germany, India, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Turkey. All of these nations’ Heads of State have either been officially hosted at the White House, or visited on official foreign visits by POTUS Trump and FL Melania Trump.

    Add this double duty in the conduct of foreign affairs to how Trump spends his time. For the record.

    (The remaining One hundred and eight (108) ambassadorships are filled by career diplomats confirmed 2014-2016.) http://www.afsa.org/list-ambassadorial-appointments

  14. This is so great. Well said, Rabbi Fischer and absolutely true. Made my day.

  15. Best article I’ve read in a long, long time, and I’m a news junkie who reads constantly. You’ve done a superb job of putting on paper exactly how millions of us feel. Me, definitely, for one! Kudos and thank you, sir!

    • And your comment reflects my sentiments exactly. Good day to you!

      Did you watch the Ohio rally today?

  16. We won’t let our president down. We have his back.

    • This guy has given up a lifestyle lavish beyond imagining for the pleasure of being lambasted 24/7 by a bunch of Lilliputians. The least we can do is let him know we appreciate the sacrifice. But, what I don’t know is the best way to communicate that to the President. If anyone knows please post the info or a link. TIA

      • PT is on Twitter:
        I follow him.
        I tweet my supprt for him 2 him. So do a lot of his supporters who tweet.

      • Sacrifice? The dude has been on vacation or golfing or giving pep rallies.

      • you ARE an idiot lib… the man works harder than any president in history

      • And you called me a 19 year old? You are using terms like idiot lib. I accept your surrender also

      • sorry, you sound like a 19 year old… and an idiot. What can I say.

      • Look at your grammar before calling others “idiots”.

      • He’s golfed more and vacationed more than Obama did at this point of their presidencies. Facts matter

      • you’re right ,the one thing that everyone agreed on was Obama’s stunning,knock your socks off work ethic. Remember the question on everybody’s lips was “when does this guy ever sleep”??Proof is all that he accomplished for the betterment of the working/middle classes.Yup,we’re all getting tired of Trump’s constant and costly vacations.

      • So what? He has golfed. What vacations has he taken? Weekends in Florida are not vacations any more than Bush’s time in Texas. He brings the job with him there.

      • So what? We heard for 8 years about golfing too much, too many vacations and how if Trump was president he would be working so hard he wouldn’t have time to golf.
        Let me guess, you are a 2 time Christie voter…lol.

      • Yeah, he brings the job with him. Too bad he can’t actually DO the job.

      • Trump won. Get used to it. Actually d’s ARE in the BACK of the bus just watching. You need to chew on this TRUTH. Prez OzeroDude changed USA as NO other president has. Ozero’s actions PUT Trump in office. Trumps voters ROSE up en MASS and screamed, STOP the LIB madness from coast to coast. THANK you Obama, your ACTIONS fired up the flyover ppl that actually PAY taxes, even union ppl and PUT Trump in office. Now THAT is Hope and Change USA can survive with. Even all those illegal voters in CA didn’t help her. Hillary ran a pathetic campaign, even Schumer admitted yesterday that dems lost election.

      • We are SO lucky that Jihadi Obama is so lazy. He could have done a LOT more damage than he accomplished if he hadn’t been so dragass lazy.

      • He’s working 7 days a week, many of his golf rounds are with world leaders., they’re discussing stuff on the golf course.

      • Maybe you think his lifestyle was “lavish beyond imagining” but that just proves how dumb you are. The word you are looking for is ostentatious. When I go to the bathroom I can IMAGINE sitting on a solid gold fixture but I wouldn’t want to actually do so even if I had the money (which I don’t of course). Actual billionaires who have enough money to make Trump look like a pauper don’t spend it as lavishly as Trump.

        But life in the WH is pretty lavish, as is AF1. Trump has sacrificed nothing for you or anyone else.

      • If you had his lifestyle you wouldn’t give it up to work hard to better a nation while half that nation attacks you unfairly.

      • thank you …. the man has endured the vilification of left and right… with only us… his trusted supporters to thank him.

        His enemies are my enemies…. McCain death sentence … HOORAH

      • I don’t really wish death on McLame, just a stroke that leaves him speechless.
        And if that ever happens, I’m sure “the bird” is the only hand gesture he will want to display to America.

      • Mccain death sentence?! How do you justify such a comment? Are you really so full of hate that you call for the execution of an American hero because he’s not blindly loyal and seeks compromise?

      • I wouldn’t vote for McCain but the personal attacks and Pam Dice’s repeated calls for his death are beneath contempt.

      • You are sick and the fact that Trump has supporters like you is the most disgusting thing about the man.

      • How do you know what I would do? And Trump is not working hard to better the nation.

      • He actually is. You of course are welcome to disagree, but he’s doing what he thinks will be good for the nation, and that is an example of him serving a cause larger than himself.

      • If watching Fox all day and throwing twitter tantrums all night is your idea of work than yes, Pres. Moron is working hard.

      • Money doesn’t buy happiness but if you have it, you can spend it on whatever you want. Probably kind of fun. I assume Trump is an actual billionaire. which makes his decision to jump into politics even more remarkable. Most politicians don’t become rich until they are on the public payroll.I think Obama and Michelle developed rather lavish lifestyle while in the White House and are somehow maintaining it now that they have returned to private life,

      • His heart is in this job. He truly loves this country. He’s not taking a salary either. He’s donating his salary to different causes.
        That’s just the opposite of what we had the past 8 yrs.

      • Not taking a salary? Am I supposed to be impressed? No one takes the job of POTUS for the money.

      • How stupid can you be? Plenty of rich people run for office. Remember Mitt Romney?

      • Yes, it bears looking into how so many elected officials become so rich. Apparently, we are overpaying taxes.

      • Picking at details while missing the entire point. You must be a Democrat.

      • I got the point all right. You Trumpkins believe that Trump is “sacrificing” for you. The only person Trump cares about is himself.

      • Trump’s personal jet is probably more lavish than the AF1s are.

      • The problem with you Trumpkins is that you are to easily impressed by a reality TV star. Only an idiot would believe that Trump’s ancient 757 is better than AF1.

      • The problem with you people is that you have never evolved past second grade name calling.

      • Here ya go. https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact. I send emails all the time and i tell him how much I appreciate what he is doing for us. I also sent him a birthday card and others send postcards with a message just to let him know that we support him. I think it’s important for him to know

      • Me too, I called the White House and left my love for him. He is my idol.

        His enemies are my enemies… I have NEVER felt this way about a politician in my 70 years. My family is devoted to him… even the grand kids.

      • D… government website doesn’t work, round and round in circles.

  17. The article is spot on and it reflects my views entirely.

      • Rabbi Dov Fischer thoughts are copacetic with common sense.

      • Tough titty said the kitty when the milk ran dry, roflmao…what’s sad is the left’s constant lying and making up news still throwing a temper tantrum over Hillary’s colossal failure and their delusional thoughts that the Dims will take over in 2018…lol

      • It’s sad that a group of strange, out of touch leftists occupy the western half of such a lovely state like Oregon. What has your state contributed to make America, or the world, better?

  18. Well,that column was as kosher as they come….and utterly delicious

  19. I think Trump’s support is deep because there are millions like myself who realize he is all we have that stands between us and a total Maxist type take over of this country. We are very close to that, which is something most of the (so called) conservative pundits don’t even seem to realize, and the rest of media apparently can hardly wait for. There are times I would like to set Trump in a corner with a dunce hat on, but then I think about what the alternative is and my decisions are once again confirmed.

    • If Trump is your savior you may as well start digging your grave now.

      • idiot lib. Obama was a disaster, Hillary would have been worse.

      • I wouldn’t say disaster but yes, Obama was a corrupt corporate centrist. Hillary would have likely been a corrupt center right corporate warhawk. Both near term would be better than Trump. My hope for the future is that people see how much more corrupt and Swampy Trump is and it breaks the corporate big money hold on both parties.

      • Maybe you should have a chat with Soros :-)……. good luck with that.

      • Not sure where this right wing obsession with Soros came from. Is it another Alex Jones Globalist insane fest? Neither Soros is anywhere near a prolific donor as the Kochs and their network are. And despite unproven claims, he doesn’t AstroTurf like the Koch Network did (and still does) during the Tea Party rise. Even worse it is not like Soros is really all that left wing or liberal. He just isn’t off the rails I must own everything like the right wing billionaire libertarians are and is sort of meh I don’t give 2 flips on social issues.

      • It came from the left wing obsession with the Koch bothers.

      • The Koch Brothers actual spent hundreds of millions, paid to astro turf and bought hundreds of politicians from the local level up. Soros didn’t. Also the left dislikes Soros as well. It’s the center corporatists that like him as he funds a few national campaigns.

      • “Actually” Soros has spent billions on left wing agendas including donations to Obama and Clinton. You asked from where the ‘obsession’ came from, and I answered it accurately.

      • Obama was a corrupt “Marxist” Islamic sympathizer who believed that America is what is wrong with the world. He wanted Black Reparations and brought us very close to a race war. He was slowly destroying our total economic backbone while encouraging all industries to go off shore. If he could have been in office for one more term, almost every right you have under the Bill of Rights would have disappeared. Please don’t downplay his destructiveness by using the term “corrupt corporate centrist”. He used a lot of “tools” to try and destroy us and that was only one of them.

      • Wow you really are off the deep end. Islamic sympathizer? He expanded our wars in the Islamic world from 2 to 7 countries. Black Reparations? He specifically spoke saying while there was arguments for them due to the historic treatment of blacks, they were infeasible.
        Race war? That was all on those who couldn’t stand having a black man as president.
        Slowly destroying economic backbone? While he did like free trade deals, that has been the position for both parties for decades. Remember while Clinton did sign NAFTA into law (and screw him for doing it) it was H.W. Bush who signed the treaties. Let’s not forget how outsourcing happy his son was either.
        I agree he trashed the Bill of Rights, a continuation from Bush II that Trump also seems to be following.

        Lastly, calling him a Marxist when he was so far from the truth it is painful. He reduced federal employees for the first time in decades. He DID NOT nationalize the banks when almost all economists said he should after the crap they pulled. Chevy was (partially) nationalized under him though it was the bailout that Bush set into motion. He also privatized it back as soon as possible.
        He opened more public land to private mineral exploitation than any president in recent history (though Trump wants to surpass him).
        So yes tell me how Marxist he was. Get a clue. You hate him. Fine. You dislike his polices. Double fine. But don’t put this on the left. The vast majority of your hate is coming from false narratives and right wing positions he had.
        Hell even ObamaCare is the rightwing health care plan that has been bandied about since Nixon. It is an almost exact rip from the 1990’s Heritage Foundation’s plan to counter the failed HillaryCare.
        The reason the GOP is having a hard time Repeal and Replacing? It is because it is the right wing plan already. Anything else and you have the wild west terrible landscape that brought about the ACA.

      • He also betrayed us in his dealings with Iran! On top of that he did not disclose what he had done or allow it to go before Congress for approval.

        As to the race situation, he gave birth to Black Lives Matter, a group that hardly bothers to conceal it’s zeal in calling for the of killing cops and whites.

        Due to his huge tax increases, he drove most manufacturing off shore, thereby coming close to destroying our manufacturing sector.

        Obama’s mother, father, and both of the grandparents who raised him were all ACTIVE members of the Communist Party. He was raised a Marxist, with a short time out as a Muslim from his time in Indonesia as a young boy.

        By the way he DID NOT reduce federal employees. He grew the federal government by 10%. Your statement is entirely false.

        He took away more individual property rights from individuals than any president in history. He took away water rights as well. He also was responsible for dictating what could and couldn’t be done on private property, which in some cases was a first.

        Obamacare is a failing socialistic healthcare system that is failing at a rapid rate. It loses insured citizens who are opting out to pay a penalty because they cannot afford the continually increasing monthly costs. Most paying thousands more now than they did prior to it’s enactment.

        You were either born yesterday or you are the most uninformed and propagandized person I have ever come across!

      • Yeah…. everything you said here either a straight out lie or vast misrepresentation. It is impressive. Really it is.
        “Obamacare is a failing socialistic healthcare system” This proves you are overall pretty full of it. While ACA did expand Medicaid, it also pushed millions into the private market… PRIVATE MARKET. The insurance companies, hospitals, pharma companies and doctors are all still privately employed. That is not how socialization works.

      • Your “wonderful” Obamacare is failing and will go belly up very soon.
        Of course that is what it was designed to do, so that people would then be forced into a single payer system (in other words “government health care”) only. You are a goner, and from the sound of it I would say that you are also a Marxist, at least you certainly sing their songs. But then that isn’t much of a surprise because these days most snowflakes are! Try Venezuela! I think you will love it!

      • An attempt at revising history is not going to work. We did not have the kind of civil unrest in our country as we had during the Obama term in many years.. Baltimore, Staten Island, Milwaukee, Ferguson, Baltimore, Springfield, Santa Cruz, Charlotte, Chicago, Berkeley, Washington DC, St Paul, Baton Rouge, Brooklyn, et. al. We had not seen a rash like this in decades.

      • Revising history is what the right’s prevue not the left’s. How do you think the con that Civil War was over “state’s rights” got perpetuated or somehow, Thomas Jefferson our third president and likely most important found father has been nearly written out of red state text books like Texas?

      • Even Democrats don’t like Hillary. They’re finally admitting she was the worst candidate.

      • I firmly agree with her being a terrible candidate and ran a terrible campaign. Then the after report blaming everyone but her and the campaign was dumb. No matter if somehow the Russians swayed the vote in 2 states just a bit, it should have never been that close with someone like Trump. It showed how out of touch and swayed by corporate interests the establishment is and how easily people will grasp at anything semi-populous to get us out of this corrupt corporate sinkhole. Sadly the Trump voters were conned and the current WH is more swampy than any in history. Even worse so many Trumpists are so swindled by their idol they don’t see him tearing every support structure they have just so he and his oligarchs can extract just a bit more wealth from the populous.

      • Why do those on the left feel the childish need to make up school yard nicknames for those on the other side of the political spectrum?

      • You really don’t track, do you?. Calling someone “swampy” is vastly different than calling a place a swamp. Not even a good try.

      • That isn’t childish and wasn’t name calling. Trump has brought in more of the Swamp than any president before him. So he is corrupt and Swampy. Changing the Swamp noun to an adjective.

      • Had Crooked Hillary been elected, she would have sold America to the highest bidder!

        Thank God for President Trump!

        America First!

      • You really just said that? What the hell do you think Trump is doing? His infrastructure plan is to sell off public assets. He plan to update the Air Traffic Controllers is to auction it off. Let’s not get into his history of questionable sales of his properties to Russian Oligarchs and “businessman” *cough* Mafia *cough*.
        Hell have you looked at his “renegotiating” on NAFTA? It wholesale takes parts of the TPP that got everyone angry and it killed and inserts them into the new draft.

      • So sad your great hero…..lying, thieving Hillary lost (again). So sad!

      • The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are my saviors and I will back anyone who backs them!

      • I’ll pick someone of my own choice thanks! I don’t need your input at all!

      • Just as long as you can see through your hypocrisy

      • If there is one thing I find hilarious it is a troll talking to me about hypocrisy! March on little Marxist to your next target. This one thinks you are a snowflake who has nothing to say or write that is worth my time. Another comment and you will be blocked.

      • I’m a troll because I’m making your POV look foolish? Marxist? Snowflake? More substance and less buzzwords. Need to block me so you can hide from reality? Sad.

      • That is the leftist tactic. Accuse others of the deed they are doing. It is meant to throw you off balance. The days of conservatives rolling over to those manoeuvers are over.

      • What are you? 19?…. you are such a snowflake….. go away .. die.

      • 19? If you think what I am doing is childish what do you call Trumps behavior?
        Can’t see through your own hypocrisy I see. Sad.

      • Deflection, another tactic. Pam did not mention Trump, you decided to toss him, gratuitously. into the mix.

      • It’s odd that you find it so easy to cast such shallow, snarly and childish insults that lack even a hint of reason or logic. It’s obvious that your only motivation is an all-consuming hatred of President Trump. You are a truly sad case. I feel sorry for you. Your personal hatred blinds you to every thing and makes your comments no better than the howls of a mindless demagogue.

      • How did I insult anyone? The fact that you felt triggered by my comment says a lot about the current mind state you are in. I also never said I hated anyone, do you want to try again without putting words to I never said into my comments?

      • I can appreciate the context of your comment and views for if I were a Progressive I would think the world was coming to an end too. The difference is that we have only gotten started and for us it is “morning in America” again. We have every intention of ridding this nation of each and every fragment of Obama’s “destroy America agenda”. I know that leaves you facing and fearing the unknown that you have only heard such negatively distorted stories of, but you will survive and maybe even thrive if you give yourself the chance.

      • The world is coming to an end? Last time I heard that was from RW media bed wetter’s crying about how “Rome is burning”

      • By how many people did the welfare rolls increase during the Obama years? The food stamp rolls? The national debt? He sure was good at increasing the things most American want reduced. GDP never exceeded 2%. Immigrants pouring through the borders. Money traded for prisoners. Trump has begun the climb out of the deep hole Obama dug us.

      • I never said things were rosy when Obama took office. However, the welfare and food stamp rolls continued to grow during his entire term, not subside. The national debt doubled in 8 years. His accumulated debt in 8 years, was what it took every other president 233 to amass (granted a good deal of that was under Bush with a democrat controlled Congress). Let’s be clear about those red states. The blue cities in those red states suck up the welfare money. Atlanta, Indianapolis, Birmingham, New Orleans, Charlotte, etc.

    • Trump’s support is deep because the right wing elite’s propaganda they have been spewing for decades has been firmly ingrained so well they no longer care to educate themselves, they lack curiosity on what he actually does and they ignore his lies and taking 2 diametric opposing positions one right after another in the same speech.
      It is not that they are dumb, it’s that propaganda works and they have been successfully trained to ignore anything that goes against their perceived view of the world as fake or an attack on them.

      • Hillary’s supporters believed the left wing elites’ propaganda, spewed for decades by the mainstream liberal media. It became so firmly ingrained that they no longer cared to educate themselves. Preferring their safe spaces absent of debate, they lacked curiosity about her lies regarding her email server, Benghazi, and building vast wealth using the powers of her office. It’s not that they were born dumb; it’s that propaganda works and they had been successfully educated to ignore, and now even to physically attack, anything that went against their view of the world as set forth for them by their esteemed leaders.

        And then, inexplicably, she lost. And most of them lost their minds and now go around muttering “Russia, Russia, Russia,” to whomever pretends to listen.

      • The fact you think huge multi-national corporations that push for war and austerity and give equal weight to the far right as the center are liberal shows how far off the rails you are. I readily admit the corporate democrats are corrupt (though not quite to the degree as the GOP, HRC excluded) but the media isn’t liberal. The democratic establishment isn’t liberal. Both shape the narrative to push for corporate power but they rarely spew the complete falsehoods the right wing “news” does and when they do, it is quickly called out. The reason they are looked down by most of the country is not because they perpetuate false news like the right does. It is because they do not cover the issues America wants because under center-right corporate model those issues are bad for them.

        Have you seen any media talking about Trump’s plans on renegotiating NAFTA? How most of the new provisions were lifted STRAIGHT out of the TPP and are the parts that people were most angry about?
        Have you seen the media talk about how Carrier went ahead and gutted those plant jobs anyhow, and just got a sweet extra $7m tax break out of conning Donnie?
        Have you seen the media talk about Pruitt’s false claim of 50000 new coal jobs last year (there are only just over 50,000 coal jobs total currently)?

        No on all of these. Why? THE MEDIA IS NOT LIBERAL. They dislike Trump because he is authoritarian, vindictive, crude, terrible businessman and above all epically corrupt and tied to Russian Mafia and Russian Oligarchs like no one’s business. This is why he warned Mueller to stay away from his financials and business.

      • “but the media isn’t liberal” Sorry, had to stop right there. My waders aren’t high enough for that B S.

      • Just because you are so far right doesn’t mean the media is on the left or liberal. You have been conned by the right propaganda talking heads. You can delude yourself but no. The corporations worth billions of dollars who love pushing war and take in ads from oil, military contractors and big pharma while ignoring things like DAPL or Flint are not liberal bastions of information. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      • Just because you are so far left that you are unable to determine what is center or right does not give you the right to criticize after being brainwashed by the left.

      • I know how leftist I am. I know where the Overton window is. I know how many people occupy both ends. The MSM is the center. FoxNews on a good day is CenterRight, though recently outside of Smith and Wallace are tending Right to Hard Right. There is a whole world of millions over here on the left and I am definitely not the far left in this country and would be considered centrist in Europe or most of of South America.

  20. Great article!!!!
    Articles like these is why when Senators like Senator McCain give speeches about not listening or reading bombastic internet media is exactly why I do. You see, Senator McCain in my book, has become part of the problem and not the solution.

    Thank you Rabbi Fischer for your insights and I look forward to reading more articles from you!!

    All the best and Shalom!!

    • Looking forward to McCains…. LAST BREATH…… he is evil.

      • You have got to be kidding me , he was tortured fighting for his country and you call him evil?! What is wrong with you?

      • Andrew…I like to call the likes of Pam a “Trump Trollster”…they sit behind their screens throwing sh*t like this out there. These TTs are as useless as the Orange Clown. #NotMyPresident.

      • You are aware of McCain being the song bird in prison? Of his temper and carelessness costing the lives of 133 fellow Navy personal on his AC Carrier? Like President Trump, I like my hero’s not to be captured. I suggest you find the very old movie, Sgt. York and the more recent, To Hell and Back, those movies show what a hero is. McCain was a POW, not a hero. I strongly dislike the current practice of calling everyone in a uniform a hero, that is careless use of the word.

      • We show respect to people in uniform and especially those who were captured and tortured. I do not believe he was a “song bird.” Spoken like someone who’s never undergone torture.

      • @AndrewP

        I also prefer my American military heroes not be of the captured variety.

      • Pathetic comment lacking any sense of humanity. You are the one who is evil.

    • You know when conservatives have gone off the rails when they say Mccain is part of the problem.

      • McCain was not widely loved in 2008 when he ran for the presidency. His views are not conservative, and conservatives never adored him, so not one has “gone off the rails”.

      • Keating5 McCain should never have been reelected after getting caught engaging in corruption in the 80s. He abused his military service and POW time to slime his way into getting sympathy from people. He was a disgusting, cowardly, corrupt jerk long before he became senile and he’s even worse now though it’s hard for him to skulk lower.
        Amnesty McCain was never any kind of conservative; he’s a corrupt slimeball who puts, as always, illegals ahead of veterans and honest citizens. He should have been shoved into hospice care years ago.

      • Gosh, guess you don’t like him. But you’re a pretty pathetic human yourself to be throwing those kinds of slurs around. Whether you agree with someone or not, whether you approve of their legislative record or not, ad hominin attacks such as yours are contemptible.

      • Gosh, I guess you don’t like facts; McCain is one of the Keating5 and has always used his position to aid and abet illegal aliens but never lifted a finger to help veterans or struggling Americans.
        But you’re a totally pathetic near-human yourself to have that kind of love and reverence for corruption and graft.
        Whether you agree with someone or not, whether you approve of their legislative record or not, an embrace and approval of corruption and lawlessness such as yours are beyond contemptible.

      • What a contemptible reply. You seem only capable insults. Of course I know who about the Keating5. The Keatings are a Cincinnati family. I hardly embrace or approve of corruption or lawlessness, except in your fevered imagination. I hope you are still relatively young and can learn some manners & some respect for people you do not disagree with. But there is no guarantee of that, and right now it’s not looking good.

      • I reflected your fatuous and moronic comment back at you. You reacted and now we know more about you.
        You score near the top on the contemptible scale. Do you steal from the Children’s Cancer Fund or only from the adult cancer fund? How many times have you broken into the Goodwill donation boxes?
        Corrupt is as corrupt does and you’ve got your lips securely fastened to the rump of corruption of the US Senate and the DC swamp.
        Is that why you’re so hateful and judgmental? Because you’re so despicably dishonest to start with?

  21. This article is so disgusting, so immoral, it could not be more wrong and more frightening. And we wonder why societies fail. Yes it CAN hapen here.

    • Please note your specific disagreements. Thank You in advance.

    • Get used to it. Best piece I have seen in a long time. No I am not Jewish.

    • I completely agree with the article. I voted for President Trump, and I support him and appreciate him now, more than ever.
      Hilary lost, fair and square, get over it.

    • Yes apparently it is disgusting to people like you to have a President that is on the side of the American people vs. one that forces school age girls to shower in the locker room with boys

    • Go back to the woods, Crooked Hillary. Youre drunk again.

    • This is American Greatness (as in MAGA). What do you expect? The whole website is devoted to nothing but Trumpian propaganda.

    • You are afraid to face the truth – this article is excellent –

    • Thank you for the deeply analytical fact based analysis…Actually, I listened to enough drunks in enough bars to know when to stop listening.

    • And; What society is YOU belong to that’s so intellectually advanced?
      We could use a good laugh.

    • Nice way of commenting without making a single argument for your (losing) point.

      • For starters that campaign rally at the Boy Scouts that reminded me of the Hitler Youth Programs. It was appalling. If Obama did that you would be enraged. But he wouldn’t, neither would Bush or Reagan or Cruz or ANYONE.

        As for more examples, I am not going to repeat what is in the Washington Post, for example, every day if you would get your nose out of propaganda sheets.

    • Well if anyone are the SME’s of immoral it would be YOUR ilk!

  22. Yesterday I read that the Senate Judiciary Committee subpoenaed Paul Manafort over the RUSSIA!! thing. I was angry and fired off email’s to both my R Georgia Senators. Today I read the subpoena has been rescinded. I can not help but wonder if many like myself are firing off similar notes to their Senators. If you are, Thank You.

  23. Excellent article! I thank God every day that that witch is not in the oval office. The country dodged a nuclear warhead that day. I shudder when I think of how close we came and that that many people voted for her. Sickening

  24. A terrific piece that pretty much mirrors where I am and have been on Trump. And yes, everybody’s nuts. But in the end the liberals I come in contact with every day are more nuts than Trump.

  25. Oh, except I would add I cannot bear to watch Ken Burns documentaries because they are laced with leftist politics even though they are incredibly fine.

    • It’s really sad when some of the best, most talented people in various fields fill their work with politics – and stuff that would otherwise stand the test of time dooms itself to become dated and ridiculous-in-hindsight.

  26. I wish everyone at CNN, MSNBC, and every liberal would read this article; it is 100% accurate – I just loved it.

    • They don’t care, they just want President Trump gone, no matter how it happens. They are the enemy and one day will require true, patriotic Americans to stand up and take the country back from them so America doesn’t become a European quasi-socialist nanny state.

      • Don’t worry, after eight years of Trump that crowd you call the enemy will simply revert to form and will be harmlessly panhandling in the streets. “Winning” is what lives in our genes. Our ancestors left the “old” country to build a new and better country.

  27. The main thing for me is, who else do we have ?
    Ted Cruz-R, Canada ????
    Another boosh ??
    If President Trump doesn’t return the country to a better path it will not get done. There is not a single political person in our country who will turn us from the Great American Regression which we have been living through these past 25 years.
    Truth is, President Trump has another 7.5 years and then we go right back to the new, old way, turning from the strengths we had as a great Republic and back towards that which has made us an obese, lazy and stupid country of effeminate males and nasty women.
    Recall the years after Ronald Reagan, when we lost our true American leader to age, only to be followed by this globalist/elite “leadership”, from boosh41 (R-Connecticut) through barackHUSSEINobama (D-Kenya).
    After Trump it may never happen again.
    We are truly screwed, Trump is just the only possible fix and will be a temporary pause to our demise.
    For me, it is truly Trump or no one.

    • Entropy or order. The human spirit soars when we build. Yes, we have no other choice but isn’t it interesting that Trump shows up right when we need him. Thank you God.

    • Ted Cruz is a Texan. He’s been here since the age of 4.
      He’s my senator, and we love him here in Texas.

      • He’ll make a fine POTUS if and when his time comes.

  28. Fabulous article that clearly articulated the mindset of the average Trump voter.

  29. An excellent article Rabbi Fischer; It is though you channeled my thoughts precisely!

  30. What a remarkably silly article from a supposedly religious person. Certainly not a moral one. To wit:

    1) So it’s OK for Trump to continue to lie to the American people 70% of the time he opens his mouth?
    Check Politifact and FactChecker.
    2) It’s OK to demand his appointees’ loyalty to himself rather than to the Constitution? See Sessions. Even the morality-challenged Giuliani knows that Sessions correctly recused himself from both any Russia or Clinton investigations.
    3) It’s OK to talk “Buy American” but then advertise Trump-branded, the great majority of which are made in not-America? (Not to mention the same for Ivanaka’s line.) And then petition last week to hire new 70 immigrants to staff his resort at Mara-Lago? So there aren’t any Americans who can check in people at a hotel or clean rooms?
    4) It’s OK to claim that the Paris accords are not within our national interests? Saving the planet from becoming unlivable is not a national interest? See Uninhabitable Earth: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/07/climate-change-earth-too-hot-for-humans-annotated.html
    5) It’s OK to lie about there being a war on King Coal? The only ‘war’ causing the collapse of coal is automation and cheaper alternate fuels. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/trumps-plan-wont-reverse-coals-decline/

    I could go on for 10 points, but it gets depressing to point out lie after lie (by both Trump and Fischer). We have the most narcissistic, ignorant (and proud of it), anti-science (the last scientist left the White House of Science, Technology, and Policy last week) person ever in the Presidency (perhaps in any elected federal office ever).

    And no amount of hiding the facts by catchy slogans or twitty tweets will make America great again. Mr. Fischer’s piece is an embarrassment.

    • Tiresome…..same old, same old……better find a more effective way to communicate…..it’s going to be a long 8 years for you.

      • I have theorized that it will take one generation for the democrats to rebuild.

        Think in terms of decades not two terms. ty

      • You are being kind. Took them almost a century to sink to the depths of lack of power they have reached. Maybe two generations :-)

      • As long as democrats continue to destroy city after city, they will be in shambles for a long time. Most Americans do not want their towns to turn into Detroits, Baltimores and Chicagos. Formerly vibrant thriving rich cities which are now sewers of debt, drugs, crime, unemployment and despair. You can see it in others: Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Memphis, New Orleans, Camden, Gary, Flint. Unfettered long term democrat policies bring decline.

    • Oh, shaddup!
      You people put up a hack candidate who lost.
      Get over it!!

    • Why would anyone check Politicfact or Factchecker? Talking about lies. Do you not know or simply not care that they are partisan sites meant to attack, not objective sites meant to correct.

      Your entire rant just makes me take a step backward and say “This is what we’d be dealing with if Hillary had won. Thank God we are not dealing with that.”

      • can you show us a few examples of Politifact or Factchecker lying?

        And, by the way, was trump lying when he said that unemployment was over 20% in 2016? Or is he lying now when he says that unemployment is down to 4.4%?

      • Another great thing about Hillary losing: your precious left wing media has lower approval ratings than Trump’s does.

        They, too, are overdue for some checks & balances.

        BTW go read the responses on Twitter to today’s Boston Globe headline about how Mitt Romney was (gasp!) water skiing while Congress was struggling with health care. (The nerve!) Speaking of our unbiased media…heck Iowahawk is on a roll…but then when is he not.

      • Actually that isn’t ranting, it’s gloating, but I get that the left can’t help but project.

      • All run by the MSM liberal media.
        All lies, all the time.

      • That’s as accurate as asking about a “church” in the context of a discussion on an article written by a Rabbi.

        Congratulations on your consistency.

    • Your complaint has some merits, just a whole lot LESS merits than what we complained about Obama….and if you “could go on for 10 points”, I could do so 10x over simply due to amount of time difference in office.

      You Libs lowered the standard of the Presidency, lowered the civility of (and heavily restricted) debates by resorting evermore to auto-pilot “racists, homophobe, etc..”, consolidated and outed your buddies in the Media such that it no longer has ANY credibility….and, as Glenn Reynolds and many others predicted: YOU are not going to like the Rules you set!

      On the other hand, I and my conservative Deplorables, are having the best of (political) times since, oh, 1988! Hail to Trump’s picking at least one, perhaps even three more SC Justices1

      • I look forward to when Trump is done with the work he is doing, and a nice respectable polite Republican gains the presidency and restores appearances. Maybe President Scott Walker. It will be great.

      • Walker will lay waste to the SEIU.
        I await his eventual arrival in the future.

    • Anyone that pays any attention to the so called ‘fact checkers’ is a willing fool. Politifiact said ‘If you like your plan/doctor, you can keep it’ was Mostly True for 4 years…..before having to change it to ‘Lie of the Year’ when the actual facts came out.

  31. Have also stopped watching Fox News. First of all dont need them for “news”. For that I check Breitbart, WSJ, Jerusalem Post and other sites. Second, dont need Shep Smith screaming at me. Third none of their opnion shows are worth much except two – Hannity and Carlson – and too difficult to tune in just for them.

      • Talk about subliminal suggestion. I thought you both wrote Sheep Smith!

        I am Sparta!

  32. Added 4 trillion to the economy, and exacerbated McCain’s demise… can’t do better than that….. now if we can just catch Graham and J Goldberg with those under age boys…..

    • Really, GDP is up 4 trillion? And trump gave McCain cancer?


      • Go back and check the real history books. GDP grew from $14T in 2007 to $18T in 2016. The previous McCain comment in unwarranted, but you just sound like a troll and have no credibility.

    • and exacerbated McCain’s demise.

      Not cool – we can disagree without wishing death ad suffering on people we disagree with

      • Sorry, this is war. McCain is the enemy, just like Pelosi, that filthy Ginsberg, Schumer…. any of em could get hit by a bus tomorrow, and I would cheer.

        What? You think I’m alone? …. McCain needs to stop breathing before he does anymore harm to this country. AND I THINK HIS CONTROL FILE INCLUDES PHOTOS OF HIS PENTHOUSE IN VIETNAM…..

      • We want Nancy around for the midterms. He face draws howls from GOP voters.
        As for Schumer, I’d be disappointed if the bus that ran him over didn’t stop, and run him over again in reverse. Perhaps he’ll crack under pressure, and jump off the balcony of a Manhattan high rise.

      • Everyone dies.
        Get over it.
        It’s human nature to want despicable human beings to die more rapidly.
        And Johnny McCain ain’t no saint.

  33. So we have a Rabbi who says it’s ok to lie, and it’s ok to stir up hatred of peoples who aren’t like you.
    What a role model.

      • Well, for example, “Muslims hate us.” And, of course, in spite of the fact that all data shows that illegal immigrants are in fact less likely to commit crime than US citizens, the constant harping on crimes committed by illegal aliens.

        In the 1910s and 1920s we had similar actions by politicians directed at certain peoples commonly known as Italians and Jews. It resulted in an immigration law that, among other things, made it nearly impossible for Jewish people to come here from Nazi Germany and Austria in the 30s (you literally had to be an Einstein or a famous filmmaker to get here).

        And for a Rabbi to overlook this?

        Nothing short of outrageous.

      • MS-13 are choir boys………….innocents who just want to embrace American values………..


        Stop huffing paint.

      • He’s been hyping crimes by illegal immigrants for years, and was doing so for years before he ever heard of MS-13 (which, by the way, is not an issue of illegal immigrants).

        So stop huffing paint.

        By the way, ever hear of the Mafia?
        Would you support a ban on Italian immigrants on account of the Mafia?


        Then yes, you need to stop huffing paint.

      • illegal aliens have all committed a crime by their mere presence.

      • So that is how they came up with the name of that lib rag site….

        I am Sparta!

      • nobody said muslims hate us…just the radicals do and thats what he is referring to( although a debate over what the koran teaches about infidels is for another day) we are a sovereign nation of laws and the border must be secure for a number of legit- non hateful reasons

      • “nobody said muslims hate us…”
        March 9, 2016: On CNN, Trump said: “I think Islam hates us. There’s something there that — there’s a tremendous hatred there. There’s a tremendous hatred. We have to get to the bottom of it. There’s an unbelievable hatred of us.”
        Dec. 13, 2015: On Fox News, Trump was asked if his ban would apply to a Canadian businessman who is a Muslim. Trump responded: “There’s a sickness. They’re sick people. There’s a sickness going on. There’s a group of people that is very sick.”


      • they ARE sick,they have a radical branch that chants “death to america”… and,to my knowledge, have’nt risen up against it… they’re scared
        what else?

      • First you say no one said it, now you say he was right? Can you make up your mind?

        And, if they “haven’t risen up against it…” can you tell me who is fighting and dying against ISIS in Syria and Iraq now? Who is fighting and dying against the Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan now?

        The answer, obviously, is literally hundreds of thousands of Muslim soldiers and militia.

      • true about the muslim soldiers and militia…
        look,does trump say stupid things? yes. he’s not a politician but a little more common sense would do him well…point is he’s referring to the radical islamic state,and not stirring up hate,and most people realize that, he sets himself up for the ‘ gotcha ” people in the media
        any more examples?

      • I’m a retired attorney in New York, spent a big portion of my career representing owners & managers of real estate. Have followed trump from the beginning. He just talks, with no regard for the truth. He admitted as much to his ghost writers, just read what they were saying about him and quoting him as talking about how he makes things up.
        For 35 years, he did this with a goal of turning other peoples’ money into his. For the last two, with a goal of turning other people’s votes to him.
        In 1984, 33 years ago, I was asked by a senior attorney to leverage my contacts in the industry and network a meeting with trump. My response, then, “why would you want to?” And I was right, for the next three decades trump stiffed attorneys all over the city.
        So I’ve known about this man-boy for decades. He’s no different now than when I told the senior guy to look for clients elsewhere.

      • “I’m a retired attorney in New York”. And this explains it all.

      • Independent of PRESIDENT TRUMP’s comments, radical Islamists in Europe are proving that they are attempting to destroy Western culture. Maybe have your mom read you about what is happening in Sweden, Germany, France, and the UK.

      • Islam is a system, Muslim is a person. To conflate the 2 is to lie. Reread and develop your comprehension a little better and you too may understand. If the 2 are indeed inseparable, all the more damning.

      • I’m directly quoting donald j. trump. He is the one conflating the two and stupidly saying that a “system” (as you call it) can “hate.” You are calling donald j. trump a liar, or an idiot.
        Congratulations on your awakening.

      • NAZI!!! You are correct, Muslim’s don’t hate us, they hate our society. The world stands corrected.

      • It isn’t Amish who are hacking people’s heads off, Paul. It wasn’t Quakers who blew up tall buildings. No Mennonites have gone on shooting sprees.

    • $10 says you haven’t been to church in a decade……..or more.

      • Church?

        Do you know the name for the houses of worship used by Rabbis?

      • Why be so literal? Everyone else knew he used the “catchall” word for a house of worship.

  34. Fortunately we are a nation of laws not men. Your indifference to the Russia thing will not matter a whit since the process is in motion and the investigation will follow its own course. Trump has no one else to blame for putting himself in this position not any sort of witch hunt. Guilty or innocent he behaves like someone with lots to hide and acts like a cornered animal. Look at how he is now attacking Jeff Sessions. The wheels of justice grind slowly and they grind exceedingly fine. The truth will come out.

    • How do you get the theme from The Twilight Zone to play every time I read your comment?

    • At the time of Comey’s firing, Trump was not the target of any investigation. The witch hunt really began in earnest with the Special Council. There’s nothing there.

    • Truth:
      Clinton mishandled classified information, destroyed classified information and gov’t communications, improperly stored classified information, and lied about destroying it, aside from soliciting and receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign-sourced bribes to influence American policy, all funneled through a fraudulent charity that operated more as a money-laundering bank account to keep the Clintons living in style.

      Obama knew all about the Clinton server details, illegally demanded the DoJ and FBI squash the investigations , but was too busy having his regime sycophants illegally surveil American citizens for political purposes, knowing that if Trump won, his agenda (and legacy) foisted upon America (much of it illegal) would be extinguished.

      As for the DNC emails, and phished Podesta emails, we’ll soon learn it wasn’t the Russians who provided Wikileaks countless emails providing average Americans insight about the inner workings and extent of the corruption of the Democratic Party when the Awan Brothers admit to having a hand in pilfering DNC emails, all the while bilking taxpayers (and Democrats) for millions of dollars for “IT services” while providing information and money to Muslim terrorist organizations abroad.

      Yes, the truth will indeed come out, and hopefully it starts coming out before the midterms elections in 2018.

      • The investigation will be evidenced based and not on rumors and innuendo gathered from the internet. The current investigation has absolutely nothing to do with Hillary’s and to bring that up is a smoke screen. There is no defense for the email server but professional prosecutors decided it did not rise to a criminal offense. Do we want our justice system to be politically based? The effort to undermine confidence in it to protect our President or any future one from oversight is dangerous and will come back to bite all of us. This paranoid style of politics is the real danger.

      • “Do we want our justice system to be politically based?” That ship has sailed.

    • If you believe that we are a nation of laws you wouldn’t even be supporting the appointment of a special counsel. Because by law, that is only to occur after evidence of a crime is found. So go ahead and spew your hypocrisy until the cows come home. The rest of us know, it is only that, nothing more.

      • The firing of the FBI director was possible evidence of obstruction itself. Do you remember that Trump said as much during his private meeting with the Russians. He admitted he did it to derail the Russia investigation and take the pressure off. It comes from his own mouth and can easily be found on youtube and in his tweets. If you don’t believe me you should believe him.

  35. “The Russia stuff”
    You know what they say, where there’s smoke there’s….an old dry ice machine.

    • ………..a smoke generator.
      Democrats need the “Russian Hoax” smoke screen to cover their tracks.

    • LOL! It would be wonderful for liberal “Blame Russia” environmentalist to learn about that!

    • Did you feel similarly with each revelation about Hillary Clinton’s dirty deeds?

  36. Man, you guys are really just going for the full on insanity experience, huh? This editorial is laughable. Seriously? Praising his cabinet appointments?? As for ending the “war on coal” I don’t think mr rabbi has bothered to look into the recent coal job numbers (hint, they’re not good). And all those coal miners who are out of work, who used to get assistance getting retrained for other trade jobs? Yeah, Trump cancelled that program.

    Our president is a miserable failure. His days are definitely numbered. And while this idiot might thing the “Russia stuff” isn’t a big deal, the law DOES think it’s a big deal. Perhaps the author felt like Watergate wasn’t a big deal either.

  37. Here’s why Trump or any other demagogue would be popular with this crowd. Ignorance, bigotry and anger. Whole bunch of white victimization, that others have conspired to hold them down. How else do you explain this crowd’s rejection of American values, ideals and norms.

    • Your comment is dripping with ignorance, bigotry and anger.

      • You got that right! Signed, angry bigoted deplorable.

    • rejection of values,ideals and norms? i didnt support trump in the primaries myself, but to me it seems he’s trying to RESTORE those same ideals,values and norms….unless your idea of these are different than most

    • Your are showing ignorance, bigotry, anger, and intolerance. It is quite common in the #Resist crowd, and most of flyover country pities you.

    • The above statement could not have been better if it had come directly from Mr. Orwell’s own pen. The party of gender fluidity should never invoke “values, ideals or norms.”

  38. How much is ISIS/CAIR/DNC paying for trolls now?
    Are they using a Google paywall too?
    If the Rabbi had used an Islamic pen name, the comments section would be practically empty.

  39. This is an article to be saved and shared as widely as possible.

  40. On a policy level I totally agree that Trump has been fulfilling his campaign promises. I do think he could handle public relations much better than he has. He still comes off as arrogant and a jerk. Still his governance is what we voted for, and that has been fine. His Boy Scout speech was inappropriate for the venue. I agreed with much of it, but it was not the time or place. He does that a lot.

  41. Bravo! So true. Perhaps not Mathew 21;12, but a good start. And don’t forget – that carefully crafted missile strike has been followed up with a cease fire. Because the POTUS put U.S. interests first and talked to Putin regardless of the press. Went to Poland and showed that he understood. On a bright note, it occurred to me this morning that the media driven “Resistance” might have run out of time. It’s football season.

    • Assuming the latest on CTEs isn’t the beginning of the end for football. Either way, football may rain on the media’s insane fascination with all things Trump.

      • I know I will read less political news. The CTE issue is an important one that I don’t want to diminish, but I do hope there is some rational study of the entire universe of players, in multiple sports. What percentage of people with CTE suffer from conditions associated with CTE? Every Job and every hobby has side effects or leaves a mark. Better helmets for everyone!!

  42. whatever concerns I harbored about voting for Trump last November were nothing compared to the concerns I have harbored in the last 30 years voting for the ‘normal’ politicians our society has produced…………spit

  43. My compliments to Rabbi Fischer concerning one of the best commentaries that has been written about our new, and dedicated, PRESIDENT TRUMP. As I was reading his article I felt total empathy with his comments. Excellent commentary!

  44. I could not have said it better myself. Great post, thank you.

  45. Tarlov and Roginsky are slightly more feminine versions of the smug Maddow person. Obnoxious, whiny and self-satisfied.

    • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is more feminine than Maddow.

  46. An aside about the dictators, sorry royal houses, of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

    If memory serves the Arabs of the oil deserts sat on their duffs, drinking mint tea et al leaving all that oil to be exploited by British, American and Dutch engineers.

    To get it out of the ground, at the cost of many of their lives, and then refine its crudeness to useful energy. That really really Changed the world.

    And now once again it is non Arab engineers exploiting the energy in the ground. But this time In America, For Americans,

    Throwing down the gauntlet to the Arab royal houses and their many many princes who need not lift a finger to live their lives AS royal princes.

    BECAUSE of the foresight and creativity of those “stupid citizens, basket of deplorables, astro- turf and ghastly Britons and Dutch engineers and their bank rollers.

    “Royal Princes” catered to by British and American politicians “representing” their respective citizens. .

    The gauntlet, frightening the whatevers of Obama Clinton “incestuous Left and those who cover for them” worldwide. AND their political sheep of all parties who follow their dogs, the barking Media.

    Thrown to the Middle Eastern Royal Houses, African and South American dictators by “those damned Yanks”.


  47. Amen! Trump is Honest, he Loves America, and he has America’s best interest at heart.
    Midwesterners are pretty good judge of character, from my experience, and they “got” Trump right away. They understand him.
    One of the staunchest, conservative Anti-Trumpers I know, admitted to me recently that he’s okay with Trump now, he likes what Trump has done, eliminating 800 unnecessary, overzealous, job-killing regulations… the new Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch… making his expectations clear to corporate CEO’s regarding the importance of jobs for Americans…
    getting us out of the Paris Climate Change scam….stop funding for sanctuary cities… allowing ICE to do their job at the border, etc.

  48. This column should be required reading for every American!

    • I totally agree. And when th 60% plus of Americans who now know that the person in the WH is little more than a 71 yr old man who exhibits the impulses and behavior of a 6 yr old child, who demonstrates daily that he knows almost nothing about almost everything, who only only cares about enriching himself, his brand and his bottom line, will now understand why the every shrinking echo chamber finds Trump acceptable by means of wishful thinking, vivid imaginations and denying the reality that stares them in the face every day but that they willfully choose to ignore. Once we all understand the hows & whys of this irrational support of an incompetent, petulant man-child we can better deal with those who somehow support him.

  49. We may see a 2020 with Iran, North Korean and Venezuela under new management, the Trump Trifecta!

    • Maybe Trump can just buy them out. :)

      Trumpland, Trumpistan and North Trumpania.

      Make trust deeds, not war! Don’t drop bombs, close escrow.

  50. trump is a lying buffoon. did you see the disgusting boy scout speech? the disgusting CIA speech, the disgusting national prayer speech. he changed his mind 3 times in 36 hours on healthcare. BTW, he an admitted molester of women.

    • Did you see the actual Boy Scout speech or the MSM filtered version? It was mostly “follow your dream” stuff. The media just selectively picked things out like they always do for their audiences of unthinking sheep like you.

      I know, I know… people succeeding on their own and working to better themselves without Daddy Government or some Political Officer looking over their shoulder for approval is an alien concept to you dumb, useless Leftists animals.

  51. The problem we have here is that even if it’s true that Trump is a totally worthless person he’s still infinitely better than anything on the hate whitey left. I do not have the slightest particle of trust for the left.

    • The vast majority of people on the left don’t care whether you are white, brown or orange. You assume because how you treated us we will treat you the same. We won’t. You think keeping you from oppressing others is the same as oppressing you. It’s not. Empathy is something the left generally has and the right generally lacks. It is why it takes Cheny’s daughter coming out as gay and advocating for equality before he supported gay marriage. It is why it took the opioid crisis before the conservative right realized the drug war was ineffectual, waste of money and destroying lives instead of fixing them.

      • If we broke up into separate societies what would the leftist society look like? Obviously just a bigger version of our freakishly insane universities. The excerpt below is from an article about Wellesley that shows the mentality of the left. A lot like Mao’s China during the Cultural Revolution ( 1966/1976 ).

        From the article: “The West is Up for Grabs” by Andrew Sullivan

        Check out this recent staff editorial at the Wellesley News. It draws an explicit distinction between “free speech” and what it calls “hate speech.” The former is fine, the latter impermissible. How does the editorial define “hate speech”? “Racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia or any other type of discriminatory speech.” Oppose affirmative action? Free speech denied. Challenge the subjugation of women in Islam? Ditto. Support a traditionalist view of marriage? Silence the bigot! Wellesley’s student journalists argue, moreover, that they are not being intolerant. They insist they are in fact in favor of free speech and quite forgiving of contrary views. Behold the compassion: “Mistakes will happen and controversial statements will be said … It is vital that we encourage people to correct and learn from their mistakes rather than berate them for a lack of education they could not control.” But there are, of course, limits. If you persist in your error, and are not successfully re-educated, “then hostility may be warranted.” That includes anyone who supports “racist politicians or pay[s] for speakers that prop up speech that will lead to the harm of others.” The latter category is so vast and vague it would essentially ban the speech of anyone who supported the campaign of our current president, i.e., 46 percent of the country.

      • >>f we broke up into separate societies

        O, boy! Would not it be wonderful!?

      • “The vast majority of people on the left don’t care whether you are white, brown or orange.”

        That is categorically untrue and extremely dishonest. The focus the left puts on identity and group grievances based on color and ethnicity is fully documented as is the use of affirmative action. The left uses idiotic terms like “white privilege” to discriminate. And the demonization of people of faith is legendary for it’s level of hate.

        “You assume because how you treated us we will treat you the same. We won’t.”

        This is pure projection. We know how you have treated those with whom you disagree, with hate, ridicule, and disinformation which is the basis of your thoroughly dishonest rant.

      • The left doesn’t care what you believe in. There is no demonization of faith. What there is? A reprobation of those of faith who try and force their beliefs onto others. Preventing you from forcing others to obey your faith is not oppressing or demonizing your faith.

        Projection? Please, that is the standard action from the right. They always assume that because they want/feel/do something everyone else is. No just because you have gay attraction to others and thus must repress it does not mean everyone else does. No just because if you were allowed into a women’s bathroom you would perv on people that does not mean trans people will. No just because you want to enforce your faith on everyone else does not mean they want to enforce theirs on you. Dishonest? Amusing.

        White privilege is not use to discriminate. It is used to point out that by being born white certain things are easier for you, opinions of you are different and you have starting options that others do not. The sooner you accept that yes while you have it harder, you had benefits, privileges through just being white that others in a similar situation did not have. Once you accept that, we can work on bringing equality and fixing the system.

      • “A reprobation of those of faith who try and force their beliefs onto others.”

        I see the tired old bromide and the go to deflection all leftists use to explain their intolerance and to justify their innate hatred for those with whom yo disagree. Yet you want to force your fantasy ideology, that is your religion, onto others and if they resist you smear them with hate. Without standards you would have no standard at all.

        Yes, projection. The left has always projected and accused others for that which they do themselves. You continue to project hate in another juvenile rant that simply deflects from my assertions.

        The notion of White privilege is nothing more than academic sophistry with no basis in facts and used by people like you to disguise your own racism.

      • “White privilege is nothing more than academic sophistry with no basis in facts and used by people like you to disguise your own racism.”

        Yeah hrm you might be right.
        It’s not like usage of say Weed is even across most of the races including Blacks, Hispanics and Whites… but non-violent arrests are 7x more likely as a Black and 5x more likely as a Hispanic than Whites. Oh, wait it is.
        It’s not like unarmed black men are 100x more likely to be shot than an unarmed white man. Oh wait they are.
        It’s not like there has been a historic narrative that even continues to this day that it is the white man’s burden to civilize the savages. Oh wait there has.
        It is not like inherited wealth creates a jump start for white people that automatically boost them up the social ladder.
        I can continue on but #Facts

        As for the last part. The projection is all on you. We. Don’t. Give. A. Flying. Crap. What. Myth. You. Pray. To. We. Just. Don’t. Want. You. Forcing. Your. Religion. On. Others.
        That means you believe abortion is wrong. Fine. Don’t get one. You don’t get to stop others from getting one.
        You believe marriage should be between one man and one woman. Fine. Don’t get gay married. You don’t get to stop others though.

      • You’re breaking no new ground here. The same old shop worn and debunked talking points suggests you are determined to hold on to your fantasy ideology that simply feeds your bigotry, hate and intolerance. The politics of your paranoid hatred is the crutch of a mental cripple where you protect the source of your dysfunction by projecting it onto phantom enemies. If your commentary wasn’t so sad it would be incredibly humorous.

      • You win a gold star for projection and living in fantasy world. I am just happy people like you are becoming fewer and fewer % of the population.

      • “You win a gold star for projection and living in fantasy world.”

        Oh, how trite and banal.

        Actually Classical Liberal people like me form the backbone of this country and have since it’s inception as a constitutional Republic. You want to replace common sense ideas and seriousness of thought with wishful thinking and a fantasy ideology that worships the state and oppresses the individual. Progressive micromanaging of individual behavior, at all levels, is one of the greatest enemies of human freedom and those who have lived under despotic regimes that progressives favor agree.

        You accuse the GOP of vote suppression and gerrymandering which is baseless and dishonest. If you had proof then cite it. To most Americans the tiresome rhetoric of hate from the DNC only further illustrates the moral bankruptcy of their party, has discredited their policies and they are aware of the contempt they, like you, have for the truth and the American people.

      • Proof? You mean like several recent Supreme Court decisions ruled several state “voter id laws” were in fact suppression? Or recent lower court rulings on gerrymandering? Or how studies show show how skewed gerrymandering has made the state houses and House of Representatives? In Mississippi, right after they instituted voter ID laws, oh my gosh the state was broke. Got to shut down those DPS offices. They happened to almost all be in majority black counties? Well ain’t that a coinkydink.
        Look at Kobach as Kansas States Attorney General. He spent MILLIONS looking for “18000” cases of voter fraud his data claimed and used to justify his voter restrictions. After over 5 years… he found 124 possible cases. Of those, only 8 were brought to trial. Of those 8 one, ONE was found guilty. He was a legal immigrant who voted in 3 national elections. He thought he could because it was legal for him to vote the local election.
        Or Kobach’s pet baby CrossCheck. Which has been deemed so effective at suppression a large number of states are dropping it and it is losing every court case it is found it. Studies done by election watch dogs found it does stop voter fraud. And for every 1 case of voter fraud it stops it suppresses/stops/strips the right to vote for 200 other people. That is right, states are using a program that has 1/200 accuracy to determine if people are committing voter fraud. Congrats.




      • Evidently you are unfamiliar with the term Classical Liberal. “Classical liberalism” is the term used to designate the ideology advocating private property, an unhampered market economy, the rule of law, constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and of the press, and international peace based on free trade. That is exactly what the vast majority of Republicans, Libertarians, and Conservatives believe and Progressives abhor. You see most progressives like you have limited knowledge and you over rely on talking points that you repeat in rote fashion and are generally wrong.

        Citing partisan driven data to prove your point is not persuasive for the simple reason it does not change the facts that voter fraud is rampant and tied specifically to Democrats. There are 1,071 proven cases with 938 convictions, 43 civil penalties, 74 diversion programs for offenders, 8 judicial decisions and 8 official decisions.

        You use of the term voter suppression is laughable and absurd. Even Barack Obama stated, “The truth of the matter is, if you actually want to vote, then you can vote,” during an MSNBC interview with the Rev. Al Sharpton. So, you can cite every left wing outlet who has offered evidence and I’ll cite mine and we end in a a Mexican standoff.

      • Ricky likes open borders nearly as much as cherry picking.

      • “We don’t care about your skin, you oppressive whitey.”

      • Sounds to me like you have a guilty conscience and would rather lash out and blame others than confront it. Happens often. Otherwise you would realize it isn’t because your race that makes you oppressive. It’s because you accept/support a system that oppresses and call foul when people want to stop it. It is why we have millions of white Americans on our side. They know we don’t hate them and are objective enough to point out the flaws in the system.

      • It is so ironic that the violent and hate filled protests have ALL been caused by people professing to be progressives or liberals. The riots and violence have originated with either Dims, Antifa, leftist, or liberal protesters, and you ironically describe these low life’s as “empathic”? These leftists are LOSERS who do not know how, nor have the integrity and intelligence to work for a lawful solution.

        Your comments defy logic.

  52. Leftists seem incapable of judging white people as individuals. If you’re white you’re always judged by the bad things white people have done. You’re not seen as an individual and you’re certainly never given credit for the good things.

    Their contempt for Christianity is even more bizarre. When my sister was dying a nurse told my mother she’d taken a turn for the better and would live. My mother went outside, dropped to her knees and thanked God for saving her little girl’s life. When she went back in the hospital though a different nurse told her my sister had taken a turn for the worse and had just died.

    My mother still believed in God and was always a devout Christian. Perhaps she had no choice but her faith certainly did give her a solid foundation in life as it has for many others so it always seems incredibly bizarre and perverse when leftists mock and sneer at Christianity. The left is simply awful. How they can think of themselves as being wonderfully fine human beings is a mystery to me.

    • The leftist are delusional, desperate, and despairing. They have no integrity and no credibility.

  53. Great column. One correction: in describing Susan Collins and Maine, you say that Maine is blue. Not true. We are now purple. We have the most conservative governor in the nation. We also have a solid conservative representing us in one of our two congressional districts. Our state legislature is split down the middle. So Susan Collins is a true RINO even for us Mainers…….she has no excuse. (Unfortunately, she holds a lot of power within the state GOP……….she has a ton of campaign money that she can dole out to others………….but we are working on getting her out, just like we made that pure RINO Olympia Snowe get out!)

  54. I support TRUMP. I do NOT support Congress. The Rs in Congress better get off their behinds and get with the program or it won’t end well for them.

  55. Regardless of what Clinton did or did not do with her 33,000, what turned out to be personal emails that were apparently transferred to someone named Anthony Wiener;s computer, the issue today is why did
    Donald Trump, on nationwide news on film at a rally say to “Russia, find that 33,000 emails that Hillary Clinton had on a personal server?” And, his older son and Kushner and Manafort all met with
    the Russian lawyer in the Trump Tower, and etc….?
    And, just in the last week or so, as reported in the AOL News online, Trump says of
    his Attorney-General, “I would have picked someone else if I had known that Jeff
    Sessions was going to recuse himself from the Russia/election 2016 election investigation.”
    The real truth is that Sessions was appointed by Trump BEFORE Trump decided to fire FBI
    Director, James Comey. Soon because Comey would not close the Flynn/Russia investigation
    which Trump tried to get Comey to stop. Sessions then said that he could not continue to be
    involved in the Russia probe because he said he had previous connections to Russia, himself,
    and was Comey’s supervisor. That old conflict of interests thing.
    So, what does Trump do now? He goes out on the stump bashing AG Sessions.
    That is, in my himble opinion, unpresidential, and very much like Pres. Richard Nixon was during Watergate. When presidents have something to hide, they go out after their own honest officials whom they, themselves, appointed. Sad.

    • What’s the purpose of reciting a litany of old talking points that most Americans care little about and further it is not based in reality, but driven by your own fantasy ideology?

    • “Russia, find that 33,000 emails that Hillary Clinton had on a personal server?”

      You know it makes you a liar when you make up a quote, right? And did you know the server was offline and in FBI possession at the time, and that means the ‘server’ no longer existed right?

    • Fake comment. That’s not the quote, and it was clearly a joke to anyone not a useless sack of nonsense like yourself. Pull your head out, stop watching CNN or whatever propaganda mill you suckle, and be a damned man for once in your like instead of a whiny little snowflake loser.

  56. You sir, are a proper idiot. I hope when our democratic system has been completely undermined and Trump et al begin to go after groups they disagree with you remember your history. “When they came for the (insert group here) I said nothing. When they came for the …”

    • You IonaTrailer, are a proper moron and steeped in hate. This is a Constitutional Republic that was designed to make democracy a more suited form of government, with more freedom, equality and justice than your brand of identity and grievance politics guided by political correctness that hovers just above an authoritarian state ruled by egg heads who are credentialed, but poorly educated. Your use of the term democracy suggests you prefer a government designed like a proper former Soviet politburo member would. While you express an immature fear of Trump going after groups (as you say) when the only documented evidence of any politician going after groups has been Democrats first with the IRS targeting and then demands for arrests and jail for those who simply disagree global warming is an existential threat to mankind. Take a deep breath and move on to a site that revels in your kind of nonsense.

    • Translation: “Nazi! Nazi! Nazi! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

  57. Russian “nonsense.” Just something the Democrats can hobby horse. Just like Schiff, who is using it to prepare his run for President – NOT!!!!!

  58. Do leftists despise white people? They sure do. Anyone even casually familiar with the msm or leftist sites like the Nation would know quite well that the left sees white people as evil oppressors who have “white privilege” and who support “White Supremacy!”. The excerpt below is from “Why Do Democrats Feel Sorry For Hillary Clinton?” by Andrew Sullivan. Even Sullivan has become totally disgusted with the hate whitey left.

    If I were asked for advice about how to destroy a multiracial society this is exactly what I’d recommend. White leftists feel they’re better than average whites though because they at least are willing to endlessly wallow in white guilt and to dedicate their lives to fighting whites who aren’t interested in such a pastime. The left is insane.

    Why Do Democrats Feel Sorry For Hillary Clinton? by Andrew Sullivan

    “Do you know the real reason Dr. Dao was so brutally tackled and thrown off that United flight? It was all about white supremacy. I mean, what isn’t these days? That idea is from the New Republic. Yes, the cops “seemed” to be African-American, as the author concedes, so the white-versus-minority paradigm is a little off. Yes, this has happened before to many people with no discernible racial or gender pattern. Yes, there is an obvious alternative explanation: The seats from which passengers were forcibly removed were randomly assigned. New York published a similar piece, which argued that the incident was just another example of Trump’s border-and-immigration-enforcement policies toward suspected illegal immigrants of color. That no federal cops were involved and there is no actual evidence at all of police harassment of Asian-Americans is irrelevant — it’s all racism, all the time, everywhere in everything.”

  59. very good article, Rabbi and thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts into print. It’s appreciated. When you wrote, “Her “Russian reset” had been a disaster. She had met many dozens of world figures, logged many thousands of miles of air travel, and had eaten well at many state banquets, but she had nothing of lasting substance to show for it all.”

    You are mostly correct in saying this however; I submit if you looked at the Clinton’s net worth, their bank accounts had a lot show for her efforts, but the American people gained nothing from her. That is the sad story of Hillary, but it is in line with my expectations of Democrat leadership. They pretend to care while they rip off the American tax payer, sow discord through policies and rhetoric designed to divide, and put the United States on a path to mediocrity while 10% of the country enriches themselves, they intentionally hold the rest of us back, and 90% are all poorer based due to the discredited policies of the Democratic Party.

  60. best article i’ve read in a long time – this should be published an re-printed every week by some conservative outlets !!!!!

  61. I tape programs and find that it means certain people can be heard, and the rest is fast forwarded through. Tucker, 5 and Hannity usually takes 1 hour while I work out.

    • Specific highlights on YouTube are even better. The_Donald reddit and some other places generally have daily links.

      • I may be a little set in ways, but thanks for info, will give it a try

    • I tape these programs and watch when I’m not working!


      • Barry & carolina: After a few months, I think I like Kennedy on FBN better than Tucker.

  62. I recently read a book called “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa” by ILana Mercer. An excellent book. She also has some very good YouTube videos. I wish she were better known. She’s smart and articulate.

    I recommend reading ILana Mercer’s book and watching her videos, reading up on Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China and encouraging others to never vote for the leftist democrats.

  63. Having no experience with Rabbis, I am amazed at this article. Every well-crafted sentence and word could have issued from my mind. Along with stating my opinions perfectly he has brushed aside my ignorance about “Liberal Jews”.

  64. Wow, this writer is a poster-boy for the era where people live in media-created, simulated virtual-worlds of their own choosing.

    He doesn’t care about the “Russia-stuff,” which apparently means he doesn’t care if the president broke the law or is currently beholden to a foreign power. “Yawn,” can’t be troubled with such concerns. When evidence continues to mount that Trump’s inner circle broke the law, Fischer simply changes the channel to one that doesn’t burden him with factual reality.

    Neither can he be troubled with “fair and balanced debate” (horrors). He only watches news programs that tell him what he wants to hear, never mind that his chosen news-performers spent all of last decade claiming that the Iraq War ended eight weeks after it started and that the greatest credit bubble in history was a “Goldilocks economy.”

    (note to Fischer: you really REALLY don’t want to go back and look at what Stuart Varney was writing in 2007-08.)

    The only “success” that he seems to find in the Trump era is that Republicans have won all four special elections this year (“held” them would be more accurate). Apparently, in the media-created simulation where he lives, electing Republicans insn’t a means to an end (like good governance) but an end unto itself.

    In fact, the rest of the article is so rife with media-lies it’s almost comical (Obama came to the White House with a copy of Alinsky’s book? In media-fantasy world, that’s probably a joke; here in reality, it’s called a “lie.”)

    But then again, truth or falsehood has no place in today’s politics. Today, you shouldn’t be swayed by any bias that might be caused by objective factual reality. Just find the channel that makes you feel right, and go with that.

    • Let’s see if I can make things even worse for you: TWO IMMUTABLE FACTS

    • I suppose a comment that you did a pretty swell job of describing the MSM is not really what you want to read.

    • People don’t care about the “Russia stuff” because they see it as the Red Scare 2.0/McCarthyism bullsh!t that it is. There’s even clear evidence from leaked emails and other sources that it was fabricated by the DNC

      In a few years you’ll realize you were no better than the chemtrail crazies or the people who think fluoridated water is a plot to control out precious bodily fluids.

      • You’re saying that the DNC fabricated Trump Jr’s e-mails in which he is clearly conspiring to break 2 or 3 different federal statutes? I guess they then fabricated up the interview where he admitted they were his e-mails too, huh?

      • If he “clearly” conspired to break federal statutes, then arrest him and try him. Otherwise, it’s just more “Russia stuff.”

    • Falsehoods have become the stock and trade of the liberal leaning press, and the minions who feed on it and regurgitate it lap it up.

      • Really? You mean the “liberal leaning press” that tried to pretend that the unemployment rate fell from 8.2% to 4.5% under Obama, or that tried to pretend that the stock market rose 250% under Obama or that the federal deficit fell from $1.2 trillion/ year in 2009 to $0.4 trillion in 2016?

        Or maybe you’re referring to the “left-leaning press” that in 2002 warned that there were no stockpiles of WMDs in Iraq, or in 2003 tried to claim that there was still a guerrilla war going on in Iraq? Or how about those “liberal economists” who were warning in 2007-08 that the there was a huge credit bubble that was about to collapse.

        You seem to be confusing a “liberal-leaning” with factual objective reality, would’t you say?

      • Unemployment fell from 8.2% to 4.5%? LOL! Only if you count the part-time, minimum wage jobs. It’s easy to trick the numbers! No WMDs in Iraq? What about the WMDs he actually USED on his own people? Oh, never mind. That doesn’t fit the narrative.

      • As long as the “narrative” includes the fact that you have no frickin clue what the wage scale of the jobs created between 2009-2016 is. That BS is just something you heard on FOX News, right? And the WMDs Hussein used on his own people??? That was in 1992 !!!!!!!

  65. For a Rabbi, where is your compassion for your fellow man….what do you preach or give to flock, that Trump is the second coming of the greatness one?

    So sad…

    • Some people don’t deserve compassion, to be perfectly blunt.

  66. Do your fellow conservatives understand yet that we Trump voters were rebelling against *them* as well?

    Has the slogan “Conservatives conserved nothing” leaked into their psyches yet? Do they care?

    The Buckley era/Boomer generation of “conservatives” sold us all down the river while ceding control of most major institutions (media, academia, most of the bureaucracy) to the wildly insane ProgLeft because they were cowards and afraid of actually having power.

    Now we have a generation coming along that can’t have a disagreement about a TV show without curling into a fetal position, think the Constitution is “an old useless document” and seems hellbent on eradicating the people and cultures and histories that built much of Western civilization. Oh, and anyone three microns of difference away from their chaotic and self contradictory ideology is a baby eating demon Nazi.

    Did they all just figured they’d be dead when it all came crashing down? I guess their vaunted religion was all talk because I don’t think they have an answer ready when St. Peter, his hand on the trap door to hell lever, asks them what they did to prevent one of the most enlightened civilizations yet to grace the Earth from withering and dying.

    I’m agnostic myself, but that’s a scene I’d like to see.

    • Agnosticism may satisfy questions for which key hard provable facts seem out of our grasp but its practical effect is antithetical to choosing to believe that which may be critical to our wellbeing. Consider that things are working out and that your schedule for that was a dream erupting from your agnosticism.

      • Agnosticism, by definition, answers no question. It’s the position one has when no current “answers” satisfy.
        It’s unclear if you were referring to my little religious scene or my burning hate for Boomer conservatives. Or both. Or neither.

        “Conservaboomers” to coin a term. “Traitors” to be more accurate.

      • Give a quarter to the possibility that the timing isn’t what you believe it should have been but things are looking up. It’s all in God’s time.

      • OK, I get where you’re coming from.

        Look, I actually kind of envy your faith in these times. Even with Trump… even his supporters like me know he’s flawed, but he was what we had to work with, you savvy. Given he could have just retired with his gorgeous wife and family, but instead worked 18 hour days and ran a media gauntlet the world has never seen, I have to believe hdid it to leave a legacy of being the guy that fixed a lot of things.

        But he’s one guy against what seems to be a global scale power structure populated by sociopaths and even flat out psychopaths of the alpha variety. They’re people who view us as insects, as economic units of a vast game board, and any of us can be sacrificed if one of them decided the winter palace needs a remodel.

        I realize it’s an age old argument, but I have a hard time accepting a God that would allow such pervasive evil to rule this Earth, that would allow endless millions of lives to waste away at a fraction of their full potential because a relative handful of uncaring power brokers will decimate the economy of an area to squeeze out that extra billion dollars. Darkness, human or supernatural or whatever, is out of control and running the show.

        And then people screech about Trump telling some Boy Scouts to be good people and live up to their potential. The world is an insane asylum. What purpose is there in that?

      • Looks like God has placed a lot on our plate. When the going gets tough, the tough get going on God’s will :-) We can do this!

  67. Yes. We agree. Fox News has lost much of its mojo. A good alternative is subscribing to One America News network (OAN). Graham Ledger has a very good show at 8 ET.

  68. The best yardstick to judge a politician you elected is not ‘did he delivered on everything he promised?’; No one can do that in a republican system of government where so much depends on legislative process he can’t control. Rather ‘has he done something contrary to his promises?’ as almost all politicians do once safely elected and out from under the voters’ thumb.
    Donald Trump is the first politician in memory that has attempted to do everything he promised AND never tried to slipped through something contrary to his promises. Never. Not once. That is why his support remains solid. Unlike liberals, Trump voters realize the reality of promises made and at the same time appreciate that Trump never lied AFTER BEING ELECTED.

  69. Proving yet again that ideologues and true believers are all halfwits.

  70. Rabbi, I hope you read the comments here so you are fully aware of the company you keep: People calling Obama a Marxist, people slandering an American hero like John Mccain, people who view their fellow citizens as the enemy. This is what Trump’s rhetoric leads to.

    • I read a whole lot more than that……..perhaps you are wearing blinders?

      • No not wearing blinders. I think most Trump supporters are good honest Americans that love their country and fellow citizens. But there are many who hold extremist disturbing views as is evidenced by some of the comments here.

      • None of those Trump supporters have been down breaking the windows at your local university anytime recently either Andrew. There is extremism on both sides, but the left acts out on it.

      • Yes there is extremism on both sides. If you think it’s only the leftist extremists that act out on it, you are the one with blinders on.

      • Conservatives don’t block traffic. Conservatives don’t break windows. There wasn’t a republican within 5 miles of the riots in Baltimore, Milwaukee or Ferguson.


      You should go join the ProgLeft. They don’t like dissent, either.

      Company he keeps? Yeah, we’re not just random commenters scattered around the country. We hang out with the Rabbi all the time, kicking back beers and knishes.

      “People who view their fellow citizens as the enemy.”

      The thrice damned ProgLeft openly calls for me and mine to be ethnically cleansed from both the country and from history, want to burn the Constitution, and blame me for every ill in the world because they are the mosrt mossive bigots and racists and sexists the world has yet witnessed.


      • We are winning. enjoy it. The progLeft cockroaches are confused and scattering.

      • Is this really what you believe? That liberals want ethnic cleansing and to burn the constitution? Are you serious?

      • Progressives, not liberals. Yes, they’re open about it, especially in academic circles. Get out of whatever bubble you’re in.

      • Wow, I know a ton of progressives and I have yet to encounter anyone with those views. I must be in quite the bubble.

    • Obama spent 20 years in a south side of Chicago church that gave Louis Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award. One of Farrakhan’s “achievements” was to preach to blacks that Jewish doctors were injecting the AIDS virus into black babies. Just imagine how hysterical the left would be if it were suddenly discovered that Trump had spent 20 years in a church that had given David Duke a lifetime achievement award.

      The hate whitey left is despicable. I do not have the slightest particle of trust for the left. Thank God Trump won. Thank God the left lost.

    • Read Lona Trailer above – I believe the progressives are far more abusive on this comment feed.

  71. Kosmokat. The age of the facts is not the issue. Truth is ageless, and, by the way, it is what the nation’s top investigator, Bob Mueller, is investigating at this time. So, it does matter. All of the US Intelligence agencies said there was Russian hacking to influence the outcome of the election of 2016. Only Donald Trump has said he knows more than all those agencies, combined. U-huh. By the way, the reason for the investigation is not only to legally determine if there was “collusion,” but also, and on a different subject,f whether, because there has been and is now yet, an ongoing federal investigation into whether or not Trump tried to stop the federal investigation into Flynn and Russian hacking to influence the election outcome. Obstruction of Justice is what that is called.

    • Hand a man a gun and he will find something to shoot. Hand many men guns and many things will be shot. Who shall we trust with the guns in their hands?

    • Lack of a common reality is what this is called and without something as basic as that, how do we have a country? Does America even still exist as a country?

    • The idea that Trump colluded with Russia is far fetched.

      Putin would have preferred Bernie because Bernie is anti energy, anti military and pro soviet

    • Com Deliberately leaked government information to someone outside of our Department of justice in order to defame our President and get revenge for being fired!

      He knew they would appoint his good friend Mueller!

      Mueller and Comey bungled the Anthrax case together!

      If Mueller has any integrity left he will recuse himself!

      America First!

    • Not all. You are falling for Clinton’s lie when she said 17. It was 3 at most.

  72. If the 33,000 Clinton emails were “in FBI possession at the time,” they were with Comey’s FBI because Trump had made charges that she had destroyed them. That was not true. And, after the FBI went through them, largely at Trump’s loud request, it was discovered that the emails were, in fact, personal in nature. Most folks would like their personal emails kept out of the public domain. I would guess that you would agree with that.
    The question is, if Russia did not hack into the election in various ways, inc. hacking into computers,
    then who was it that turned Hillary.s personal emails over to the FBI? Who had them, and from whom did they receive those emails??

    • Comey had the facts on Crooked Hillary but after Bill Clinton met with AG Loretta Lynch on her private plane, Loretta ordered Comey to refer to Crooked Hillary’s criminal investigation as a “matter” and Comey folded like a cheap lawn chair!

      Comey, Lynch and Bill Clinton should be subpoenaed and prosecuted!

      America First!

    • The facts known about actions taken by Hillary Clinton while secretary of state surrounding the use of an unsecure private email server for conducting government business show that she violated 10 federal statutes. Several are national-security-related felonies, just three of which include: 1. disclosure of classified information (22 documents were Top Secret), 2. unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents, and 3. destruction of evidence (erasure of the hard drive and deletion of some 30,000 emails by Secretary Clinton) after a government investigation had commenced (Benghazi hearings began Oct. 10, 2012).

      The most plausible explanation for Hillary Clinton’s circumventing longstanding federal rules on secure communication — and for her insistence on implementing a private email server — was simply to conceal a conflict of interest in continuing a role in the Clinton Foundation while also serving as secretary of state. It is instructive that Secretary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, was simultaneously on payrolls of both the State Department and the Teneo Group, an influence-peddling consulting operation founded by a Clinton confidant. Additionally, a private email server would protect disclosure of fund-raising activities for Hillary Clinton’s anticipated run for president.

  73. During a political campaign, anything a candidate says is considered the truth of what he or she
    thinks about any subject. And at a time when something as serious as foreign attempts to influence
    the outcome of any American election. That is no joke.
    PS. No pun intended!

  74. I have to hand it to the rabbi, this article is the most laughably disingenuous rationalization of the Trump chaos presidency I’ve ever read. Not only is it factually and intellectually dishonest, it gave me a deep belly laugh that anyone could say that Trump is “maturing in the role” or that he made “some pinpointed staff changes.'” What it does accurate portray is the cult-like status that Trump supporters give him and how easily they dismiss his staggering incompetence and dishonesty.

    • Oh that is rich! You’ve apparently forgotten the trill down a lot of legs when Obama was around.

      • Obama was smart, decent, and got us out of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Trump, on the other hand, is a compulsive liar who is more concerned about enriching himself rather than creating jobs, expects a vow of loyalty but is not loyal in return (poor Jeff Sessions), is morally bankrupt and thinks he can grab any women’s panani if he pleases, is a serial adulterer and rapist, is so immature and pathetically insecure that he has to throw rallies to boost his fragile ego, and performs money laundering for the Russians. Yeah, he’s a real peach.

      • Obama was certainly crafty. He managed to increase the welfare and food stamp rolls for every year if his presidency and managed to double the national debt to $19 trillion. It took 232 years to amass the first $9 trillion. Cash -for- Clunkers was a huge waste of money just like the $600 million for Solyndra and 6 very very bad guys for one military deserter.

      • You can criticize Obama all you want…and raise the specter of Crooked Hillary. What you and other Trump supporters cannot do is come with any honest defense of the rabid duplicity of Donald Trump–the only presidential candidate of the modern era that hasn’t shown his tax records. Trump is without conscience, compassion, or a moral compass. He’s not a conservative either so explain to me again why you support this a$shole? Does Jeff Sessions really deserve to be mocked and humiliated on a daily basis by this president? Stop deflecting and own the fact that you support a petulant manchild.

  75. The GOP, with their orange sock puppet as a figure-head, are doing everything they can to undermine 50 years of progressive social legislation, eliminate checks and balances in government, gut environmental rules that keep us healthy, punish the poor with repressive taxes, while they line their bank accounts. Trump, who can barely read if you’ll note, is a major embarrassment to this country. I am a medical official. I believe that health care is a human right, that children should be fed, people need places to live, and wars are a bad idea. I have never in my 70 years seen anything as disgraceful as this administration. Trump doesn’t give a crap about America. He is a narcissistic misogynist who is only interested in himself. If you support these evil policies, you should be ashamed of yourself. You call yourself a Rabbi? You are not a man of god.

    • The democrats with their name calling and destructive policies have destroyed how many cities in the past 50 years? Detroit, Baltimore, Camden, Flint, Gary, Chicago, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Birmingham, New Orleans, Oakland, Memphis, et. al. Each is a long term democrat controlled cesspool of drugs, crime, debt, unemployment and despair. many of those cities have not had a republican in elected or appointed office in 40-50-60 years. If you support those evil policies you must hate the United States of America. I have never in my 60 years seen anything as disgraceful as the lies spewed by the left.

      • I disagree. I have recently traveled to several of these cities and found them to be just fine. Maybe you should get out more.

      • I have too, and am smart enough to have learned to stay away. Every city which has declared bankruptcy has been long term democrat controlled. Detroit, Harrisburg, Cedar Falls and San Bernadino.

      • Illinois Comptroller: “The State Can No Longer Function”

        Who ruined states like Illinois and cities like Chicago? The Democrats did. And what do leftists say about the ever worsening disasters they’ve created? They say it’s just simply terrible that the white trash votes against their own economic interests. But how about the damage they’ve done to this city and state? They have no answer to such questions yet they’re baffled by the fact that they’re increasingly losing elections.

        Illinois will ask for a federal bailout. Trump will say no. The left will say this is just more proof that Trump and his supporters are racist/fascist. The left is insane.

      • The democrat controlled states are laden with debt. Illinois is the tip of the iceberg. Who wants to start a pool which will be next? Maryland? NJ? (each with long term democrat controlled state houses).

      • Truly a disastrous situation. God only knows where this society will end up. All we can do is hope for the best. Hopefully fate will be kind to us and spare us from the abyss.

      • The left became emboldened during the Obama years. Misbehavior was encouraged. Their path of destruction will know no end unless they are soon stopped. There is a reason they are fighting to eliminate our Second Amendment rights, and it is not for peace and tranquility.

      • Things are certainly not fine in Chicago. Last January a Vietnamese friend at work in Chicago sent me a horrifying YouTube video called “The lost streets of Chicago-BBC News”. He lives on the southwest side and I live on the northwest side. The video is about the severe social breakdown on the south and west sides of the city.

        Last year I read that millionaires are fleeing from Chicago because they fear crime and race riots. I told a Vietnamese friend at work ( the one who sent me the video ) about this and he said if he was a rich white guy he’d go to Asia to live because white people are respected in Asia and they’re not here.

        I probably would go to Asia to live if I was rich. I sure would not stay on this sinking ship.

      • I’ve recently traveled to several of these cities and found them to be just fine. Maybe you need to get out more.

      • You traveled to these cities? You flew in, stayed in 5-star hotel, then flew out, right? Are you kidding me?
        Try to live and work there for a year, then post on the subject.
        Until such time, your posts are gobbledygook.

      • Nope. I stay with friends. I grew up on the Southside of Chicago, and lived in Detroit, New Orleans, Oakland, and spent time in Memphis, Milwaukee and Baltimore so don’t try and tell me that things are worse now. They aren’t. I’ve been around on this planet for a long long time, and I experienced whites only bathrooms, lynchings, pollution, and believe me – things are a lot better now. Instead of whining about Hillary and Obama, try working in an inner city ER for a while. Just saying….

      • What do Chicago cops think of police work in the wonderfully progressive city of Chicago?
        By demonizing the police groups like BLM and people like Obama and Hillary have made a bad situation vastly worse since the police have backed off on policing.
        Crime and shootings are now surging in this city. Over the 4th of July holiday ( 4 days ) 101 people were shot in Chicago. 15 of them died. Just saying…

        From the Chicago police blog “Second City Cop”.
        July 9, 2017
        Logic Loop
        After reading about the new cars yesterday, and all the technology that will allow cops to respond faster that the speed of light to crime scenes, has anyone in the Department or political realm actually thought this through?
        Shotspotter = faster response
        faster response = confronting gunmen
        confronting gunmen = potential shootouts
        shootouts = more cops stripped
        more cops stripped = more fetal Department
        more fetal = more Shotspotter to catch criminals
        There’s a flaw here.
        Labels: sarcasm AND silliness


      • I think the active word here is “shooting”. We need responsible gun control, but the GOP has blocked this at every turn. And I’m not sure I understand your analogy. Or whether you are actually not a Romanian hacker.

    • Every big city that they have controlled for years is a cesspool of Crime, Corruption, Poverty and Misery give them a few years and they will destory everything they touch be it a city, State or Nation.

      Contrary to what many think they do not do it out of stupidity but a very careful plan to destory the middle class and replace them with uneducated third world criminals and welfare lovers from failed cultures around the world that will vote Democrat.

      The Democrats would rather have complete power and control over a third world cesspool than share power in a first world Nation.

      Calif. is a very successful version of their plan large swaths of Calif. are much more like Mexico than what Calif. was like before they achieved total control!

      • Wow, you’re completely delusional. It is the Republicans who refused to cooperate or negotiate with Obama. I live in California and I can tell you that you are incorrect in your assumptions. All the Republican counties are suffering, while the Democratic ones are doing fine. California is the 8th largest economy in the world, so we’re doing something right. We are also looking into providing health care for all Californians.
        You sound like you listen to too much Faux News.

  76. I would only ask one question….Is there anything, anything at all, that Trump could do, that would turn you against him?….

    • I have only one answer…Even if Trump stood in front of the White House stark naked singing his favorite melodies I’d still totally support him because he’d still be infinitely better than anything on the hate whitey left.

      Why do you people have such extreme difficulty understanding something so glaringly obvious. Believe it or not, many white people really do deeply resent being constantly spit on for being white.

    • A year ago, before the left made it so glaringly obvious how much they hate America and all it stands for, there was still a lot of room for me to turn against him. Now, he could actually be as nuts as the lefty fruitcakes say he is (he’s not), and it wouldn’t matter, because he can’t be any crazier than them. If he literally started doing the things the paranoid nutcases have been pretending to believe he’ll do, like genuinely discriminating against the identity groups that are always saying how much they hate straight white people, I would stop supporting him. Can’t have that in a civilized country. But he hasn’t done that, and he never will.

      • Thanks for explaining under what circumstances (hypothetical and unlikely) you would cease supporting him..one other question please…do you believe MIke Pence as President, would get more things done for the Conservative movement as President, (in the event Trump left office)?…

      • I’M not very concerned with “the conservative movement”. I don’t want to live under communism, period. That is now what the left wants, or thinks it wants. (Most of them don’t actually understand communism even slightly, and they would loathe living under it. ) At this point I have no idea if Pence is strong enough to fight them.

  77. My hats off to you Rabbi Fisscher! Very well wrtten piece. Totally agree and support your logic! ????

  78. I respect you opinion Rav, but methinks you have shut your mind off.

  79. I totally agree with your assessment Rabbi, I have a question for you. How is it that so many Jewish people in America vote democrat, when in fact, the democrats don’t like Jews? I find that astounding.
    Donald Trump is the guy! We can help him in 2018 by electing more conservative republicans who actually like America.

    • That is very strange. A couple of years ago I had my taxes done by a Jewish CPA. As we talked it became obvious he was a democrat so when we finished I asked him if he liked Obama. He said Obama is okay. I asked him how he felt about Obama spending 20 years in a south side ( of Chicago, where we both live and work ) church that gave Louis Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award.

      He said that was a minor issue with him. I said it should be a major issue since it shows Obama’s mentality. I then asked him how the democrats would react if we had a white republican president who had spent 20 years in a church that had given David Duke a lifetime achievement award. He laughed and admitted the reaction would be far different.

      His reasoning was incomprehensible to me but then so is the reasoning of leftist Gentiles. I simply can’t understand them. I can’t understand how they reason. I can’t put myself in their place and see the world as they do.

      Most of the people I work with in Chicago are from places like Vietnam, Mexico and Iraq ( Assyrian ). I feel I have vastly more in common with these people from foreign countries than with white leftists born and raised here as I was.

      I have a Jewish friend at work who grew up in Ukraine when it was part of the Soviet Union. She came here around 1990. She’s appalled that so many American Jews are leftists.

      When I told her about my experience with the Jewish CPA she just sighed and said “Ah, those crazy Jews”.

      • Unfortunately, I think that Jewish support for Democrats has roots in history, all the way back to Egypt, Spain and so on. In those old ages it was always “we, against the Jews”. Strong, nationalistic governments scared Jews and that did get into their DNA. At least for many of them.
        US Democrats are party operating in the name of weak and pledge to protect them. This is what appeals to US Jews, they feel safe, protected when democrats run the Government. They in fact are very comfortable with wolfs in sheep skin. In other words, with Socialists and Communists.

    • Every Jewish friend I’ve ever had was explicitly Communist even though ALL their money came from capitalism. I just don’t get it. A lot of them are also anti-Isreal in this really schizzy way, even when they have relatives who live there. Like they hate Bibi and the Israeli conservatives as much as our left hates Trump.

  80. Muslims hate Jews most of all….Liberals support Muslims…Most Jews are liberals….Very Strange!

    • It is very strange, indeed. They should listen to Rabbi Fischer.

  81. He’s not a REAL JEW, or he would hate Trump, since Trump hates Jews.
    (and gays, and blacks, and hispanics, and chinese, and burmese, and Lichtensteineanease, and probably himself too)

    • Why do so many on the left just “know” what others are thinking? How do they just “know” what those on the right would do? Crystal ball? Tea leaves? Palm reading? Tarot cards? Those silly CAPS are always a dead giveaway that some one is a mindless follower.

      • They know because aliens tell them through their fillings.

      • I think it is just part of their smug attitude and that they think they are smarter than the rest of us.

    • Could you please give your evidence of him hating any of those groups you mentioned?

  82. A truly great article. Well written and quite encouraging. Please, esteemed Rabbi… Please teach your American Jewish Brethren to open their eyes and abandon the Democratic Party that seriously loathes them.

  83. Great article! Thank you, Rabbi for putting all important things so concisely.
    There is nothing I want to add, it would only dilute your reasoning.
    Shalom, from this Catholic.

  84. About Bernie Sanders:
    A. Bernie, as oppsed to Trump, knew, and knows today, that the Russians will gladly make deals with anyone. But he also knows the history of how many agreements they have broken with the West.
    He, thus, also knows that when the vast majority of Americans are making good, competitive wages with
    low-cost healthcare for it’s citizens, the citizens then pay the same tax rates, but because they earn much more with a $15,00 min. wage along with the health benefits, they will pay far more in federal taxes due to higher paychecks, and thus the United States can afford to build a defense establishment that is capable
    and specific to regional world threats, instead of just building and building more and more weapons, for the sake of building weapons, with the corporate profits going to the weapons manufacturers.
    The typical, historic Russian modus operandi is to weaken nations it wishes to attack by
    it’s covert agencies sending in operatives whose local actions are meant to anger local
    populations and divide them up into smaller competing groups. Trump has accomplished
    this without difficulty. He has divided Americans up into competing groups. He is used to this
    because, in his businesses, competition is so great that one company has to often advertise in ways that
    cause the public to want to purchase his product(s) rather than someone else’s products.
    Thus, whether we realize it or not, we are in greater danger today than when Clinton or Obama were in power in the WH.

    • So the Russians plotted to make the progressive idiots refuse to accept the results of a legitimate democratic election, in order to divide our country?

      That sounds totes plausible

  85. I am unsure how Trump will handle the Russian Investigation (so far a nothing-burger, for HRC is could be a big problem). Healthcare is a big mess. Maybe Skinney Repeal is the way to go, but combined with Community Rating it would blow up the Fake insurance market (Obamacare is not insurance); no one could afford a policy If they could zap Medicaid expansion it would be nice. The data indicates (see Oregon) that with or without Medicaid the health outcomes are the same. It is great political drama. Overall, I agree with the author.

  86. I laughed all the way through the article….this is exactly how I feel. I thought I wrote this then I realized I am black and not Jewish.

  87. Way to go, Rabbi Fischer! I feel like you’ve been reading my mind. I too voted for Trump with hesitation. I too have had it with Fox News for the exact same reasons. I too skip over all the media hype about Russia – I just don’t care. I too don’t care in the least about what Europe thinks of us. I too have had it with all the Political Correctness that has almost smothered us.
    It is so refreshing to see someone speaking for me. Keep it up!

  88. But it was your guy, Trump, who has said that the election was NOT legitimate because he says
    that all of those 3 million votes that took Hillary 3 million above him (Trump) were “jillegimate.”
    And, now, the GOP, in efforts to legitimize it’s terrible mistake in having pushed for Trump’s election
    after he shook his hands and called his other GOP opponents names instead of talking about policy, are
    now trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. It gave healthcare to another 32 million lower paid working Americans and their families and children WHO ALSO PAY TAXES. Just typical Republican Oligarchy. And, UNCHRISTIAN. I am not a Catholic, but the Pope was right on what he said about Trump.

  89. Rabbi, so well said! So well reasoned. Altho’ I have many friends who are Jewish, I have never understood how they (you), who are the basis of Christianity and civilization, have not embraced the Jew known as Jesus? Must have to do with power…a guess.

  90. Excellent article and opinion. It’s gratifying to meet others with the same concerns, opinions, and vision. Saved and shared.

  91. Thank you President TRUMP. You’ve exceeded expectations. As from an old line from the movie Jeremiah Johnson stated ” You’ve done well pilgrim when so many are after your scalp”. Thank you President Trump, and stay the course!

  92. Very well said. Every time there is “moral outrage” from the left, I just chuckle and say to myself “they just don’t get it…”

  93. The following caught my eye: “Obama was cheered by throngs in Berlin, giggled with Hugo Chavez, and salsaed in Cuba in front of Castro. Sure they loved him—they even gave him a Nobel Peace Prize, just as they previously had given one to Yasser Arafat, before he did anything.”

    Darn shame how a worthy exercise in honoring efforts to promote peace has descended to the level of participation trophy!!!

  94. This is the best endorsement of Trump and denouncement of Obama I’ve ever read. This Rabbi expresses exactly how I feel about both of our most recent Presidents. Good job, Rabbi!

  95. Outstanding, wonderful summing up.

    What a confounding irony. We had a tough disciplined Democratic party supporting their spineless President. Now a weak kneed Republican party incapable of supporting their courageous President. Alas these defects of corrupt character cannot be remedied.

    You are right, the only way is to elect a larger, better majority. Begin by fighting for every single one.

  96. When I read the delusional ravings of Trump supporters, what immediately comes to mind is David Koresh and his Branch Dividian cult
    We hear a lot of talk about Trump supporters, but not enough about the other side of that coin, the 58 to 64% who disapprove of him, including 48% Highly disapprove, which is a nice way of saying we absolutely loathe, despise this inept, dishonest, delusional clown and want him out of there.

    That includes an equal % of independents

    These numbers totally dwarf his support numbers. All that’s needed is the organization to weld these groups together in a popular front and it’s bye Filicia to this unfortunate blip on the historical record

  97. Whenever I hear the ravings of Trump supporters, I immediately think of David Koresh and hid Branch Dividian cult. They too followed their glorious leader to a burning inferno.
    Get out of the compound before it’s too late

  98. Politics is violence. Politicians are “statists.” Political governments have been a failure as evidenced by the slaughters of wars and the economic disasters of recessions and the Great Depression and the destruction wrought by inflation of the fiat currency, the Federal Reserve Banking phony stuff that facilitates the looting of A to satisfy B. Amerika is a commie/socialist mongrel that is destroying the “body” from within just as has been predicted. Amerika is doomed.

  99. Just like my father and likely many many others, I tune out the Russia news, now opting for Cspan

  100. Shyster, Rabbi, and a Trump apologist
    A combination you don’t find every day, but when you do find it, it just makes you want to barf

    The rabbi’s understanding of politics is colored by his hatred for all things rational.

  101. Rabbi, I am not a tea party member (I prob. identify more with liberals) but I read your post and learned from it. I appreciated the lesson, Rabbi. It caused me to think. And I thank you for that. My hope is that you will change your mind about reading “liberal” news or watching “liberal” media. You, as a Rabbi (“teacher”) must know more than most the importance of learning truth — from wherever it originates: a burning bush, an exile, the New Yorker. We are all — liberals and conservatives — patriotic Americans. Please, please, please open your mind to hearing the opinions of all Americans: left, right, and in-between. It’s the only way we will prosper as a nation. The only way we will come together in brotherhood and common decency. The only way that makes sense.

  102. This is one of the best pro-American articles I have read in quite a while. I am all for keeping it positive, keeping our eyes on the prize and kicking the communist progressives in the nuts as we do.

  103. Wow! So well presented. I agree with everything this gentleman wrote.

  104. Thank you Rabbi! Very soon I pray the US embassy will be moved to Jerusalem. I don’t believe Palestinians should be allowed any land in Israel.

  105. Thanks for writing what a lot of us are thinking. I would also add that NPR which i used to enjoy has become wretchedly obvious propaganda. Tune in right now and the topic will undoubtedly be about illegal immigrants being inhumanely traumatized OR some juicy race baiting story that is irrelevent to 2017.


  107. Hah, who knew I think like a Jew.

    Great article.


  108. Bravo, Mr. Fischer. Thank you for that great article.

  109. This is not an ‘objective’ site nor an objective writer. But, all the same, the article has no falsehoods. But it also does not contain any actual proof of the assertions made. An op-ed piece only.
    Trump is nowhere near ‘perfect’ and continues to embarrass himself and most other Trump voters with his disruptive and cross-purposed tweets and hollow threats.
    But he is still FAR better then the Hillary. He has kept his pledges to the best of his ability but he can’t seem to get out of his own way.

  110. If I had the Talent of a writer, I would have written the same Article. Fischer is so right on the Point. Trump will be remembered as the President who saved America from the Faith of Venezuela. He will go into history as the greatest President ever. I hope he is storing tweets in a server in his basement to be released after his death. That would be something to look forward to it. Imagine the hilarious reactions of the discredited Snowflakes.

  111. Very well said Rabbi, I feel the same way. And I also have given up on ‘hate night’ television.

  112. The original support for Trump is not only much stronger than it was at the election his support has greatly increased. The polls are more inaccurate now than prior to the election. I have seen his support grow at an unbelievable rate. People do not want to openly support Trump because they do not want to hear the ridiculous rants from the politically correct and liberal SJ W’s. CNN and the MSM continues to increase Trump’s support with their nonstop Russia non-burgers. The Democrats will be shocked more than ever next year when the support for Trump is revealed at the polls. Trump support is popular with the first time voters in the next election and people who have never voted. I have seen the support for Trump increase like a tidal wave while CNN continues to provide white noise and increase his support.

  113. I stopped listening to the propaganda arm of the DNC years ago. And quite frankly I am having to limit what I see and read on Fox because it makes me to angry.
    I had my reservations about President Trump as well; I hate voting for (what I considered to be at the time) the lesser of two evils.
    He has surprised me greatly, he is a man of his word. I will willingly vote for him for another 4 years. Now we just need to clean out the obstructionists; both Republican (McCain the Republican version of Harry Reid) and Democrats.

  114. Why did you only stop watching SNL recently if it stopped being funny “decades ago”?