Cue the Balloon Pop on Dem Hopes for 2018

If over the past few weeks your only source of news was CNN or MSNBC, you might think that Donald Trump’s presidency is in a shambles and that even Republicans are revolting against him. You might imagine that Republicans were going to send him a message by sending a Democrat to Congress through a special election in the solidly Republican 6th Congressional District of Georgia.

The problem for CNN and MSNBC is that they actually believe their own narrative because they are blinded by their hatred for Trump and have lost all objectivity. To call either of those outlets “news” organizations is pulling the pasta pretty thin.

align=”left” Ironically, it will be the hard-left of the Democratic party that is going to inadvertently help Republicans going into the 2018 mid-terms.

But the networks, and nearly all Democrats, were convinced that the special election to replace United States Representative Tom Price, now the secretary of the Health and Human Services, was going to deliver a Democrat in a reliably Republican district. This was supposed to be the first referendum on Trump’s presidency.

Hollywood jumped into the mix as well. Actress Alyssa Milano was in Georgia driving voters to early voting locations and tweeted about the race more than 100 times. In one tweet the day before the election, she claimed there were 8,000 volunteers working on the ground for the Democratic candidate. A Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) memo circulated about a week before the election reported more than 2,000 volunteers and more than 70 paid staffers.

Additionally, donors large and small jumped into the race in a big way. The Democratic candidate raised an eye-popping $8 million.

With so much money and so many volunteers on the ground, it was a Herculean effort—only made possible by the staunch belief they had a chance.

As polls closed and early voting numbers were released, the liberal chattering class was more convinced than ever that their golden boy, Jon Ossoff, was going to deliver the upset of the year.  After the first round of early vote totals were released, showing Ossoff with a commanding 70 percent of the vote, the chest beating reached a fever pitch. #GA06 began to trend on Twitter. #TheResistance and #FlipTheSixth became a battle cry for the Left.

But as the night wore on, reality began to take hold.

The 70 percent became 62 percent, then 58 percent…54 percent…53 percent…51 percent. It hovered for a while at 50.3 percent before finally settling at 48.1 percent. Cue the balloon drop… or the balloon pop.

Ultimately, when you combine the vote totals of the 11 (yes 11!) Republican candidates in the “jungle primary,” the GOP vote total was 51 percent. This does not bode well for the Democrats in the June 20 run off.

If you follow the commentary from the Left on Twitter and on cable news, however, they are certain—nay, convinced!—that Ossoff can prevail. But the Democratic establishment thinks that playing hard in the run-off is a waste of time and valuable resources.

To put it mildly, the Democratic party is in disarray.

As Alex Burns from the New York Times reported:

A debate has been raging among Democratic strategists and activists over how aggressively to compete in right-leaning districts where Republicans are defending vacant congressional seats. The national party has favored caution in places like Kansas, Montana and South Carolina, while the base has clamored for all-out war.

For the Democrats who want to fight Republicans everywhere, whatever the cost in dollars and hours of work, Mr. Ossoff’s near-win in Georgia could be like a red flag waved in front of a bull. Every time Democrats fare well (or even just better than usual) in conservative areas, it may become harder for party strategists to argue that the toughest races are still out of reach.

Ironically, it will be the hard-left of the Democratic party that is going to inadvertently help Republicans going into the 2018 mid-terms. Their insistence on fighting every single district would lead to a huge drain of resources into districts in which they have very little chance of winning.

Yes, Republicans shouldn’t gloat too much. But if the hard Left gets its way, 2018 is going to be a really good year for the GOP.


About Sean Noble

A founder and partner of DC London, an award winning consulting firm, Sean Noble has vast communications, public affairs, and policy experience in domestic issues ranging from health care to education to substance abuse prevention. He has provided public relations and other consulting services to a variety of high-profile clients and campaigns for more than two decades. The former Chief of Staff to Arizona Congressman John Shadegg and a regular commentator on domestic policy on radio, television, and in the nation’s op-ed pages, Sean has long been sought out for his innovative advice and messaging expertise in both traditional and social media campaigns.

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29 responses to “Cue the Balloon Pop on Dem Hopes for 2018”

  1. Heh. The Donks aren’t too worried about their party imploding. There are enough RINOs to carry on.

    • Yes, that is something I only recently learned. I thought Ossoff had raised $8m but not spent it and still had something in the bank. Apparently not. The national Dems dropped a couple of F-35s on a single House jungle primary. Will they do it again for the general? Doesn’t sound like it. Sorry, Mr Ossoff. I suspect you shall return to your girlfriend’s pad, possibly to the couch.

  2. The Democrats have never confronted WHY they lost the state houses and the last election. They cannot confront it because doing so will attack the ultra lefts have assumed control of the party – Saunders, Ellison and Perez. The reason is that the ultra lefts are the driver of the Identity Politics concept that drove defeat. The Identity Politics concept was that the Democrats can arrange a dedicated coalition of a series of minorities with nothing in common by psyching them up to hate a common boogeyman enemy – Whites – AKA White Privilege – and still bring in an overwhelming majority of female voters, including white female voters by convincing them that the enemy was white males. The problem is that the minorities – Asians, Gays, Hispanics, Blacks, Trans, Muslims – have nothing in common (e.g. Asians are killed by affirmative action, blacks dislike Gays, Muslims hate Gays and beat and execute them when they have a chance) and worse married white women, mostly married to white men, realized that aligning with a plan to victimize white men would hurt them and their families and hence smartly voted for Trump.

    So from my perspective, the longer and more deeply Democrats dive into the rabbit hole of Identity Politics, the more thoroughly Conservatives can extirpate them from the local, county and state elective positions that are the farm team for US politics, can control the Governorships across the land, can control the House and Senate and can be in a great position to carry the Presidency. All good.

    • It’s a stretch even to call the Democrats a “coalition” any longer. It probably is a race to see which identity group is first to follow white women out the door. Asians seem a likely candidate to leave.

      • I think that the underlying reality of the Democratic party – like the underlying reality of the transnational Progressives running the EU – is Marxism. With the large scale failure of Marxism to deliver the economic goods (e.g. failures in USSR, Mao’s China, Eastern Block, Cuba, N Korea, Zimbabwe, most recently Venezuela and others) contrasting with the success of capitalism in delivering the goods (e.g. Japan, S Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Chile and then post-Mao China, India, and others) Marxism had to rebrand to avoid extinction. The rebranding entailed draping various new rationales to justify state control of the economy – Environmentalism (to protect Earth (ignoring the mass environmental destruction in the Marxist countries), Feminism (to promote women – ignoring the fact that almost all the leading feminists except rare leaders like Pagalia are shills for the left, always open to attacking and denigrating women to serve the left), Anti-Racism, Gay Liberation etc. So the “coalition” consists on whatever group they can dupe to become fellow-travelers (in Stalin’s terms “useful dupes” to the Marxist core running things.

        Interesting comment about Asians. Decent bet. Asians are totally screwed by the policies of Identity Politics espoused by the left. Right now, many get roped in since, as a highly educated group that felt driven to succeed in academics by family pressure, they learned to go along with the prevailing ultra left political currents in academia. But this is a smart group who are unlikely to be duped long by groups so profoundly harmful to their interests.

      • I attended post-graduate school with mostly East Asians, and your observation is correct. They cling to the Democratic Party due to past loyalty rather than personal interests. Campus hostility toward them already has become palpable. If California becomes competitive again for Republicans, it will be due to this ethnic group.

        Your larger point about Marxism also is accurate. Another aspect needs to be added. The tools being used to push Marxism on the West are so obvious we almost don’t notice them: mass migration, degraded education and climate change/whatever. Mass migration changes the demographics into something more pliable, degraded education dumbs down the native population so it doesn’t notice, and the goal of climate change is the economic change to complement the cultural destruction.

        The horrible part is communism has become ascendant in Western democracies. All you mentioned, along with what I added above, has made the campaign wildly successful. When American Greatness discusses dismantling the administrative state, it’s also in the same territory. Trump and his counterparts in Europe have massive and destructive forces arrayed against them, but the West isn’t lost yet.

    • If Tom Perez is your example of an “ultra left” then I guess you consider President Erdogan a moderate.


      • Perez is a Marxist though and through. The Progressives are re-branded Marxists. When Marxism so dramatically failed to deliver the goods economically (USSR, Eastern Bloc, Mao’s China, N Korea, Cuba, Zimbabwe, recently Venezuela etc) they had to rebrand by associating themselves with other causes to act as shills to justify the extension of state power over the economy that is the underlying aim – feminism, environmentalism and most potently racism seeking to punish whites to benefit non-whites.

        Edrogan is an Islamofascist masquerading as a democratically elected leader. Islamofascism is another form of fascism. In this case the “racial group” that they cite is the cause of Islam – in his case specifically Sunni Islam.

        Both Perez and Edrogan base their power in appeal to racial groups, seek to extend their power over the whole economy, use violence against opponents, claim their opponents are engaged in hate speech (in Muslim terms the hate speech is apostasy but in American terms the hate speech the left decries is just apostasy against their secular belief system). They differ partially in appealing to different racial groups (Perez sees Muslims as just a part of his coalition of non-whites not the main group) but both are authoritarian, violent, Statists attempting to subvert what was a Constitutional Republic – the US from our Founders, in Turkey the Republic created by Kemal Ataturk.

      • The man who yesterday said you can’t be a Democrat and be pro-life? Real moderate, that one.

      • Yes Andrew, all Democrats are moderates until they are shoving socialist obamacare down your throat, destroying the economy with Soviet style regulations and introducing normal people to perverts in the bathroom. Erdogan would be a perfect moderate runningmate for Tom Perez Democrat presidential run, why, because they’re ALL moderate. Dork.

      • I can only vote against the party one of them leads. If I had a chance to vote against both of them, I would. I believe yours is what is called a “straw man” argument. The former President was accomplished at presenting them. “A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while refuting an argument that was not advanced by that opponent.”

  3. The worst drag on Republicans is the feckless leadership of Paul Ryan. The Democrats are so discredited they have become a national joke and are basically a non-entity alternative the very few swing districts left. Given the lunacy of the Democrats, and their often anti-white attitudes, they actually could lose House seats. Don’t discount their ability to destroy themselves–again.

  4. The deadly danger for the Republicans in 2018 is the Republicans, i.e. that large proportion of them in Congress who are owned by Wall St/the Chamber of Commerce; have no dynamic leadership, no vision, no radical policies for putting things right after YEARS of soft and hard leftism, nothing to offer but self-serving timeserving trimming, weakness, cowardice.

    If they were different human beings – patriots who actually care for the United States and its citizens – they would clean up in all elections current and near-future. But they don’t seek to impeach the District Court judges who have behaved unconstitutionally and illegally anent the President’s travel restrictions, they don’t clamor for the laws to be enforced against sanctuary cities, they don’t back up the President’s agenda on the very counts which got him elected….

    It is a race to the bottom. Will it be the Democrats or the Republicans who will manage to disgust the American Voter most between now and the 2018 elections?

  5. Desperate for a win, they are now hotly contesting the mayoral race in Omaha. Any port in a storm.

  6. I’m not far from the 6th. There is little enthusiasm for Handel who is almost our own Hillary; largely running on her genitals but with some real, if meager accomplishments. Still she has twice been shown the door electorally. She does at least live in the district and have name recognition. If I had been offered a ride from Alyssa Milano, I would have taken it. And then voted Handel. I bet others did the same. There is also a radio ad I have not heard with Samuel Jackson mining his Pulp Fiction lines saying they must direct their ‘great vengeance and FURIOUS ANGER’… I guess at Alpharetta and environs. I don’t know if there are more Dems to be driven to turn out but I am pretty sure whatever lack of energy Handel suffers it can be overcome by any threat by Hollywood to go medieval on they asses. I guess we will see.

  7. The GOP will only do well in the upcoming elections, if the GOP get’s it’s moronic head out of its own ass. America first, and Down with Leftist PC crap should be the battle cry. Sadly, too many Republican office holders are infatuated with being part of the uniparty that being true Americans. MAGA is a winning mantra. Pubbies who ignore that call to the Flag, Mother, and Apple Pie are in for a huge surprise in up coming elections.

    • Tell us of all the conservatives close to Trump, as compared to say…liberal democrats. RINOS. Straight-up “pubbies” as you call them?

  8. Their next “message” will be saving the planet from capitalism.

    • “Workers of the World, Unite!” was the slogan of the anti-Capitalist, anti-Industrialist and anti-Banker Left of the 1930’s.

      Now it is “Save the Earth”, which is the slogan of the anti-Capitalist, anti-Industrialist and anti-Banker Left of the 21st century…

      The Management has shifted some, but the Targets Remain the Same… just Marketed under a New Improved Slogan.

  9. 1043 and counting.

    Americans have rejected AntiAmerican Fascist Democrat Authoritarianism and Hollywood degeneracy c/o Halfwits like Milano.

  10. My hatred of the democrats blinds me a lot too. Democrats stink.

  11. And, I hear that Maxine Water’s star is rising. The Dems have turned into a clown show.

    • Do they have a “clown car,” like the Shriners? At least the Shriners do some good for little kids, unlike DNC Chair Perez who most recently seems to suggest more Dems need to be simon-pure on abortion in the name of party ideological purity & consistency. (sarc)

  12. “To put it mildly, the Democratic party is in disarray.”

    That’s a symptom, not the cause, and the cause of that disarray is the existential characteristic of liberalism; “self deception”.

    Always has been, always will be.

  13. I nearly wet myself laughing when I read sententious (and most always anonymous) quotes attributed to “Democratic strategists and activists” about this or that bright shiny political object that has momentarily seized the limited attention span of the leftist Dems. Two of their most serious problems (which I admit they share with the “GOP establishment”) is that (1) they have way too many damned (paid) “strategists” and (2) too damned much easy money to spend on them. Two of the interesting things about the 2016 Presidential race was the reportedly marked difference between what POTUS Trump and the former Sec’y of State spent on their campaigns and the relative numbers of managers, “experts,” pollsters, and strategists in the 2 camps. Allegedly Trump came up with his slogan and more or less ran his own campaign on his own insights (maybe Washington chopped the cherry tree down, too); contrariwise, if reviews & excerpts of the new book “SHATTERED” are to be believed, the former Sec’y of State had serious trouble articulating her reason for running (other than that she was an ovarian American and was next in the party line) & went through 85 “focus grouped” possible slogans.