Obama’s Chaos Strategy: The Case of the IRS IED

As Lois Lerner attempts to garner the public’s sympathy and a sealing of her testimony in a federal case looking into the targeting of political opponents during the Obama Administration, new reports now suggest that the House of Representatives will recommend the Department of Justice file criminal charges against her. Lerner is the former IRS Exempt Organizations Director and, as such, she is the central player in the pending explosion of the Obama era IRS scandal.

The IRS targeting scandal of profiling and harassing conservative political groups began in March 2010, shortly after the January 2010 Citizens United case was decided by the Supreme Court. No Tea Party applications were approved for the next 27 months, while numerous liberal groups were routinely cleared.

align=”right” Still think the 2010-2012 IRS targeting scandal and the doubling down in 2013-2014 was a series of random events, devoid of malicious intent? That there is not something structurally wrong at the IRS when years of public scrutiny by Congress and the courts still do not alter many practices? Do you think that swapping out a few political appointees will alter existing incentives and stop this kind of behavior when surprises are still coming out seven years later?

The True the Vote case began in July 2010 and was a particularly egregious one, focusing on a local Texas Tea Party group and its founder, Catherine Englebrecht. In this case the initial IRS investigation triggered additional visits from the FBI, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

Ominously, the Justice Department was directly involved at a high level in the IRS scandal starting as early as October 2010 when the head of Justice’s Election Crimes Branch, Richard Pilger, met with Lois Lerner. Pilger subsequently told House investigators that the meeting was requested by Jack Smith, the director of Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section. It took a Judicial Watch lawsuit to make this information public in December 2014. Further Justice Department conflicts-of-interest concerns arose in related IRS scandal issues.

Lerner’s hard drive crashed in June 2011 and was destroyed by the IRS. The IRS did not look for her subpoenaed emails in five other areas—her Blackberry, the email server, the backup email server, the loaner laptop, and the backup tapes, causing 24,000 emails to be lost. Her Blackberry was destroyed about one year later, after a Congressional inquiry was underway and without the IRS making any attempt to recover any of those emails. Eight months after Congress requested all Lerner emails and one month after the IRS told Congress they were missing some emails, the IRS “accidentally” erased 422 backup tapes that may have contained those emails. Emails of up to 20 other related IRS officials suffered similar crashes around that time.

The staff of Democratic Ranking Member Elijah Cummings of the House Oversight Committee engaged in email communications with the IRS between August 2012 and January 2013 about True the Vote, without disclosing any of this to the majority members or staff. Both the IRS and Cummings asked for similar information from True the Vote, suggesting coordination and inappropriate sharing of confidential tax information. Cummings denied this contact in spite of email evidence to the contrary.

(An anecdote: After initially applying in July 2011 under the name “Media Trackers” and still having no clearance from the IRS’s Cincinnati office as of September 2012, an applicant filed under a new, more liberal sounding name “Greenhouse Solutions,” in December 2012 and was approved in 3 weeks.)

The Treasury Department Inspector General’s (IG) May 14, 2013 report found that the “IRS used inappropriate criteria that identified for review Tea Party and other organizations applying for tax-exempt status based upon their names or policy positions instead of indications of potential political campaign intervention.” Ineffective management was discovered to have been guilty of three things:

  1. “allow[ing] inappropriate criteria to be developed and stay in place for more than 18 months,”
  2. thereby causing “substantial delays in processing certain applications, and”
  3. “allow[ing] unnecessary information requests to be issued.” 

The IG report also stated these efforts began only weeks after the Citizens United court decision.

The highly invasive, Stasi-like questions asked by the IRS in the application process for targeted groups can be found here.

Lerner acknowledged publicly the targeting for the first time in response to a planted question on May 10, 2013, four days before the IG report was issued.

Lois Lerner received bonuses totaling $129,000 for 2010-2012. Her bosses, who awarded them, submitted their retirement notices within 48 hours of the IG report in May 2013 while Lerner retired with a full pension in September 2013.

The Justice Department attorney assigned in January 2014 to investigate the IRS targeting scandal was an Obama and Democratic National Committee (DNC) donor, creating a conflict-of-interest from the very beginning. Given the conflict, Judicial Watch sought information, via an FOIA request, on how many hours the attorney spent on the case but was stonewalled.

Around the same time, Obama said in December 2013 that the IRS scandal was only due to a “bureaucratic…list” drawn up in “an office in Cincinnati” and said, in February 2014, that the IRS targeting scandal had “not even a smidgen of corruption.”

Even in the wake of the raised eyebrows from the 2012 election, the Treasury Department and IRS introduced a new rule around Thanksgiving 2013 that would re-categorize as “political” a whole host of activities previously categorized as “educational”—going all-in for a time to keep it in place through omnibus negotiations. At the time, Kimberly Strassel reported that Treasury, “appears to have reverse-engineered the carefully tailored rule—combing through the list of previously targeted tea party groups, compiling a list of their main activities and then restricting those functions.” This rule was so important to House Democrats that they even declined to negotiate it out in exchange for increased International Monetary Fund (IMF) funding. As Strassel noted at the time, this seemed like a rather big sacrifice for them to make for what they claimed was a mere bureaucratic procedural “rule.”

Federal prosecutors, who report to the same Justice Department that met with Lois Lerner back in October 2010, decided in April 2015 not to prosecute her for contempt of Congress, setting a bad precedent.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz’s July 27, 2015 letter to President Obama is a lengthy indictment of the corruption that has pervaded the IRS targeting scandal, starting at the top. More specifically, the letter states that IRS Commissioner John Koskinen failed to comply with Congressional subpoenas; testify truthfully; preserve records; and to stop the IRS targeting campaign of political opponents. These failures ultimately led to him being censured by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform; all after his predecessor visited the White House 157 times, far more than any other Cabinet member.

In June 2016, over three years after the IRS admitted to targeting tea party groups, the IRS released a list of organization subjected to greater scrutiny. The number—426—was much larger than the 298 previously identified in the May 2013 IG report.

Fast forward to 2015 – 2017, five to seven years from the beginning of this scandal to see how the IRS continues to obstruct and resist:

  • July 2015:  Five years later, a Judge threatens to hold the IRS Commissioner and IRS attorneys in contempt for failure to release 1,800 uncovered Lerner emails.
  • July 2015:  Five years later, the GAO reports that the IRS may still be targeting conservative non-profits.
  • March 2016:  Six years later, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit issued an opinion with blistering words, including these –

Yet in this lawsuit the IRS has only compounded the conduct that gave rise to it. The plaintiffs seek damages on behalf of themselves and other groups whose applications the IRS treated in the manner described by the Inspector General. The lawsuit has progressed as slowly as the underlying applications themselves: at every turn the IRS has resisted the plaintiffs’ requests for information regarding the IRS’s treatment of the plaintiff class, eventually to the open frustration of the district court. At issue here are IRS “Be On the Lookout” lists of organizations allegedly targeted for unfavorable treatment because of their political beliefs. Those organizations in turn make up the plaintiff class. The district court ordered production of those lists, and did so again over an IRS motion to reconsider. Yet, almost a year later, the IRS still has not complied with the court’s orders. Instead the IRS now seeks from this court a writ of mandamus, an extraordinary remedy reserved to correct only the clearest abuses of power by a district court. We deny the petition.

  • August 2016:  Over six years later, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd District issued an opinion that Walter Olson, senior fellow at the Cato Institute Center for Constitutional Studies described as:

…a blistering rebuke to the IRS and its defenders…It takes on squarely the defense the IRS had raised in this case which is, ‘Whatever happened, we promise not to do it again’….The court goes through and systematically takes that apart in a way that’s very damaging to the IRS’s overall defense.

The Court stated:  “it is absurd to suggest that the effect of the IRS’s unlawful conduct…has been eradicated” when the two conservative groups in question still had their delayed applications pending before the IRS.

  • November 2016:  Over six years later, another federal judge granted a preliminary injunction against the IRS based on “strong evidence of viewpoint discrimination by the agency.” In response The Wall Street Journal editorialized,

According to the Treasury report, the IRS’s use of targeting criteria stopped in May [2012]. [Yet] In September 2016, when the litigation had already begun, the IRS sent a three-page questionnaire asking the group to provide extensive documentation on expenses like “salaries, administrative, overhead, fundraising and . . . volunteer as well as employee hours,” not to mention minutiae on its voter drives and voter guides. If the group hosts a speaker, the IRS asks whether it extends “an equal opportunity to participate to speakers on behalf of other political candidates seeking the same office.

  • March 2017:  Seven years later, a study showed that the IRS rule which allowed targeting in the first place remains in the IRS handbook.
  • March/April 2017:  Seven years later, the IRS reported it had discovered 6,924 newly identified documents in response to a 2015 Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit that presumably were not turned over to Congress during earlier investigations. One month later, the first 695 pages were made public.

The difference between Obama and Nixon on political enemies? Nixon’s IRS commissioner refused to target political enemies.

Still think the 2010-2012 IRS targeting scandal and the doubling down in 2013-2014 was a series of random events, devoid of malicious intent? That there is not something structurally wrong at the IRS when years of public scrutiny by Congress and the courts still do not alter many practices? Do you think that swapping out a few political appointees will alter existing incentives and stop this kind of behavior when surprises are still coming out seven years later?

The IRS targeting was an intentional chaos strategy in action. Chaos creates uncertainty, uncertainty creates a vacuum, and a vacuum creates opportunities for bad people to grab political power.

As Investor’s Business Daily argued in one of their editorials, “IRS officials now know they can go after any political opponent they want, ruin them any way they wish, swing an election—as occurred with Lerner’s actions—and get away with it.”


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200 responses to “Obama’s Chaos Strategy: The Case of the IRS IED”

  1. Abolish the IRS and establish a flat tax. Problem solved. But I realize that the deep state will fight this simple solution because of all the parasites that would have to get a real job.

    • Not only would they fight it but if a flat tax were to happen and the libfacists were ever to get back into the WH heaven forbid, they would end up bastardizing the flat tax to the point that it wouldn’t be recognizable after they got their hands on it…it’s their nature!

    • When you consider that almost 50% of voters have no IRS liability, draw from the tax pool for food, housing and medical care and can vote for anyone who promises to tax the roughly 50% of voters who DO pay taxes, while increasing social program benefits for the non-taxpayer… 
you know that our Democracy is broken.

      “when the people figure out how to vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic”.
      benjamin franklin

  2. Liberalism is the obama legacy of corrupting
    every agency with media ignored scandals, a phony wasted stimulus, fast &
    furious (including Holder in contempt of congress), obamacares many lies!,
    journalist spying (James Rosen), IRS, Benghazi, healthcare.gov billions lost,
    hillary’s secret server, pigford, lies about NSA spying, Bowe Bergdahl,
    enabling worlds #1 terror state Iran nuke deal/ransom, polluting CO
    river, VA mess and broken promise to fix the VA, billions wasted on phony green
    energy aka solyndra et al, secret service prostitution, white house intruder
    incident, U.S. General Services Administration regional commissioner Jeffrey
    Neely etc.

    • Were Liberalism as great as it’s followers state, why then does it take such duplicity to sell to the American people?

      The answer is that Liberalism sucks so bad that only a lie can make it palatable.

  3. I hope she pays a very dear price for her criminal activities! What she and the community organizer did was to politicize the IRS like never before and unless she doesn’t pay a price equivalent to the crime, it will only be worse the next time libfacists get into the WH. On the other hand, maybe it’s time to turn the tables on the libfacists and start setting the IRS on them…lets start with that pathetic excuse of a network CNN and go from there…anything Soros based would be another good starting point! Giving them a taste of their own medicine would be the best revenge!

    • Agree, except using the IRS as the leftists did. While I would not even waste the time crossing a street to piss on a Democrat, even if their heart was on fire… I also will not emulate them in a matter of abuse of the

      BTW: “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate,
      is if a JV Community Organizer puts on a suit that doesn’t make him Presidential”

    • Great sentiments, with which I agree, but horrible solutions. We cannot and must not stoop that low. In fact, there is long-term political and PR value in preserving the weaponization of the IRS for use against Americans in the 2012 election as an act of the Democrat Party in general, and of Barack Obama in particular.

      After Ms. Lerner and others are safely locked behind federal bars, it will be the perfect time to drastically downsize or (preferably) eliminate the IRS.

    • Lerner, Rice, Lynch, Holder, and Jarret should all be indicted for their felonies.

      Throw in Hill, Bill, & Chelsea, too.

      • The weight of the many Lib-Leftist scoundrels alone will sink it.

      • I have said for several years that if anyone belongs in prison, it’s Lois Lerner. And the more that is uncovered about Rice, the more I think she belongs there as well. I don’t know about the others yet — clearly, the two AG’s policy of “selective prosecution” is both disturbing and outrageous, but I am not yet convinced that is a felony. But I do want to see EVERYTHING they did “shouted upon the housetops” for the world to see.

    • 2 wrongs do not make it right. Yes I would enjoy turning the takes on the liberals. But that would make me like them and I couldn’t live with myself if I were like them.

      • You alone are not turning the tables on the Socialists. There is a collective we, which will always cover us from any misconceived “turning the takes”. You will never, ever be like them.

  4. ‘Obama-IRS 2012’

    1) Obama is the only President to get fewer votes the 2nd time he ran

    2) A Harvard Kennedy School, Madestam (Stockholm U) study concludes that “the IRS stalling of the Tea party organization reduced Republican voter turnout for 2012 by approximately 5 million to 8.5 million votes.”
    “Potentially enough to vote out Obama.
    So yes the IRS could have won the election for Obama.”

  5. Republicans have proven themselves completely worthless if they let this one go. Lois Lerner should have to pay someway for her criminal enterprise.

    • Think of all of the cubicle dwellers in the IRS.
      Yet none of them have risked their retirement to convey what they heard or talked about around the office water cooler.
      Lerner is not enough, the IRS should be audited.
      That many IRS officals having email/computer crashes at the same time regarding Lerner/Obama/IRS-2012 is not even trying to be clever. It is a blanant affront to Congressional oversight as well as the rule of law.

      • Enact a flat tax with no loop-holes and most of the IRS can be riffed.

      • Indeed, that is a simple and very logical solution for the American Taxpayer! And “no loop-holes” should mean everyone pays.

      • Thanx. But, pols, lawyers, accountants, IRS agents, and tax-dodgers thrive on the byzantine complexity.

      • A while back, I asked my tax accountant friend about the flat tax, and if his business would be affected. His response was “Not at all”. I asked him how he could say that, and his response was simply, “Define ‘income'”. Yes, for the average guy who takes home a paycheck from an employer, there wouldn’t be as many deductions and exemptions, and the IRS would not be so necessary for them. But that is not where the IRS focuses their energy on anyway. They are focused on the guy who is running a business, where “income” is not as cut and dry as it seems.

      • 1) I did not claim they would all be eliminated – but many would, your tax accountant friend’s wishful thinking notwithstanding.

        2) There would still be a need for an IRS to process the taxes, but it could be much smaller, efficient, and nonauthoritarian.

      • Disqus is broken. It will only let me give you one up-vote.

    • The GOP is a part of this criminal enterprise. No thing can come of this, or anything, initiated by the kenyan.

    • and who is going to pay for Trumps criminal enterprise???????

      • In a round about way the Dims. By not having the majority in either house,for the next eight years at least. Also probably Scotus will turn Conservative, with the next Supreme judicial appointment. The deep Federal bureaucratic swamp will have a chance to get some correction by early retirements and the sheer boredom the job will should become. Severely curtail general Internet use. Ban cell phone s, make them go back to using land lines and letters etc. Triple record all communications to several outside, independent resources.

      • Did you bother to read this? Lots of facts. You, on the other hand, have nothing concrete. Do you work for the corrupt IRS? Sounds like it.

      • The Clintons – they have experience at ” criminal enterprises ” !!!!!!!

    • Unfortunatley, most of the GOP politicians are lying RINOs who like big government. It’s a fact that the Tea Party targeting started under Douglas Schulman (Comissioner from March 2008 – Nov 2012) who was a Democrat appointed to the post by GW Bush.

      You should already know that most of the GOP are worse than Democrats, because they lie about being conservative. Consider, with a majority in the House, they could use the power of the purse every year in the budget, to defund every liberal program. Or why haven’t they had a vote on Freedom Caucus’ Mo Brooks’ bill to repeal Obamacare. Or how about the Boehner/Cantor bill to defund Obamacare, followed by an appropriations bill funding Obamacare along with the rest of the government (and about which Cruz and Paul informed the public).

      Unfortunately, Trump rather than fighting to repeal Obamacare, is tweeting against the Freedom Caucus, and saying nothing to support Brooks’ bill. Seems he’s playing the RINO/Democrat game of lying to get elected, and trying to avoid the blame.

      • In the TEA Party the RINOs saw the most terrible sight they could dream of. Not an attacking horde of Democrats but primary challengers who would, at the least, come at them from the Right, forcing them to adhere to their alleged principles which no other persons or parties do.

    • Gotta focus on the past because the result of Republicans controlling Congress, the White House, and the majority of States has been such a failure to deliver the free lunches conservatives have promised with billions in political speech.

      Hey, why not impeach Obama so he is forced from the White House where he rules as dictator today because of his corrupt use of the IRS which is persecuting Trump even today with constant IRS audits that Trump and sessions can’t stop because Obama has used the US Army to ship them to gitmo.

      • Can you count the number of days Trump has been in office? Perhaps you can use a calculator.

  6. Re IRS

    “If the laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to the law; and those who have most to hope and nothing to lose will always be dangerous.”
    Edmund Burke

  7. The witch should die in prison for what she did… Koskinen too, for protecting her!

    • Not just those two. ALL of the political criminals infesting every branch and every department at every level of the federal government must be dug out of their holes and prosecuted.

      • That will a lot of time and effort. I want to know who made it so difficult to fire Federal employees.

    • Koskinen should be prosecuted to the fullest, if only because of his hateful sneer. I can’t stand looking at that man wearing his perpetual sneer.

  8. ‘Tyranny’ – a government’s use of its power/authority against its political enemies

  9. This is going to be fun to watch. What will conservatives think IF the Jeff Sessions DOJ does not prosecute Lerner for her crimes? What happens if the do prosecute and the Lerner defense pits the findings of the 1st investigation against the findings of the 2nd?

    This will be almost as much fun as watching the DOJ reevaluate the investigation of Clinton. Can you imagine the Sessions DOJ prosecuting Clinton for her email server and the chief defense witness being the Director of the FBI?

    • it will be the best show in town !!! and i’ll pay for front row center seats !!!

    • How can Jeff Sessions overcome the statute of limitations? Too much time has passed to prosecute her.

      • Are you a lawyer? What are the statutes of limitation for the crimes she potentially committed?

  10. If Lerner doesn’t face criminal charges, then I have no place in the Republican party.
    This was far worse than Nixon, but no one cares. Shameful.

    • They care. They’re now gathering evidence. Sessions is a tough and experienced investigator. I think many people are losing sleep at night. Sessions won’t say much until he has built his case.

      • i agree. he definitely had a ‘gleam’ in his eyes the other day. i think it’s because he knows how many illegal activities he is going to prosecute from the clintons to o’dumpo and his entire inner circle. this is going to be FUN !!!!! and why isn’t anybody reporting on the FACT that o’dumpo is in a non-extradition country and doesn’t appear to have any intention of coming back !?!?!?! think he’s scared!!!!!

      • Sessions is a king of illegal activities dont fool yourself.

      • Jeff Sessions?? It’s hard to take seriously anyone who looks like a Keebler elf dressed in a business suit.

      • I shudder to think what someone like you must look like, Ken. Keep up these great substantive posts – you’ll go far someday.

      • It’s difficult to take seriously someone whose only criticism of a persons job is the way they look or dress.

      • Yes Barbie’s friend Ken was acting a little plastic and dumb on that one.

      • You are so profound. Did you think that up all be yourself?

      • I don’t think you would like to find yourself in that elf’s cross hairs. He’s going to nail your schlort to the floor.

      • I like Sessions, but I thought your comment was hilarious.

      • Not really young. But a young 79 year old. Does my age make a difference?

      • Anyone who has faith in the apparatuses ability to self contain and correct at this point in time is young in spirit. I believe you believe… I counter; the last 8 years. This is third world s hit, and you know it as well as myself.

        I have deference to your opinion, and offer apologia for my statement… other than that…


      • Maybe, we’ll see but if Sessions was the genius who managed the immigration order fiasco, still ongoing, we are going to need a bigger boat.

    • I’m thinking that some powerful Republicans might be involved. You need both parties to block a potential violation of voter rights using the IRS.

      • No you don’t need both parties. You only need the Democrats and the Media and that is who did all this.

      • MSM always have the Press and the microphones daily. Though that will change. I personally don’t ever watch the letter channels, unless from a second hand critical sources. Only use certain newspapers to get the daily crosswords for my wife, thats’s the one thing they do right.

    • I think some in the GOP were afraid of the Tea Party and were happy for a Lois Lerner.

      • Yep. The IRS pays their salary while the TEA Party or anything like that is a source of primary challengers, possibly stopping it.

  11. Her actions are a travesty.

    Liberals need to get their heads out of their political butts and understand what she (and likely the Obama Administration) has done to this country by using the government against the people.

  12. As a former IRS criminal investigator, I am totally embarrassed by people like Lerner and the arrogant goat of a Commissioner who … for some strange reason … has not been replaced.

    • I began my career with the IRS as an agent in NJ in the 1960s and moved to Washington to become a software developer for the IRS.

      Back then we took pride in being with the IRS. But I still believe the employees at lower levels are still honest. These types like Lerner tainted the reputation of many decent people. The employees of IRS deserve better.

      • Notice all those low level IRS whistle blowers coming forward? Neither do I. If the IRS is mostly decent people, they’re keeping a mighty low profile. I suspect the decent ones got fed up and left long ago. What’s left now is the Obama corps: people so convinced that they’re right and Republicans are wrong that they can lie, cheat, steal, riot, rob, and murder, and still fall asleep at night with a clear conscience, knowing it was all for a good cause.

      • It is not at all clear that the low-level IRS employees had any knowledge of what the political appointees were doing. So they may be keeping a low profile because they are in the dark.

        This is no different from the NSA. I have a brother who works as an NSA mathematician, and I have applied to work there on 3 different occasions myself. Rank-and-file employees are primarily mathematicians, computer scientists, and engineers, who have the highest security clearances specifically because they can be trusted. It is the political appointees who are corrupt and use the resources of the government to do horrible dishonest things.

  13. Trump only received 4% of the vote in DC. The odds are against being able to impanel a jury that would return a guilty verdict against any member of the Obama administration. It only takes one juror to prevent a conviction.

    • Try her in the District Court that serves Cleveland.

      • Congressional referrals are sent to the DC federal prosecutor. Not sure that can be changed.

  14. I find it very interesting that Schiff has been quiet lately after being a bigmouth for months before. What did he find out that is giving him pause?

    Also obama has been conspicuously uninvolved in any public discourse lately. Why? Does he know investigators have the goods on him. Of course Rice is toast?

    The rest of this year and probably next may be very interesting. When will some of the people in the conspiracy start to talk to save their own hides?

  15. The statute of limitations on most federal crimes is 5 or 7 years. I don’t see how can she be prosecuted at all? Unless she committed an offense with a longer period of limitations, Obama’s reelection in 2012 made ever prosecuting her impossible.

    • I would suggest that the conspiracy to deny certain organizations tax-exempt status is ongoing and that the statue of limitations does not apply in this scenario. Therefore, Lois Lerner can still be indicted for all crimes no matte when they were committed.

      • No statute of limitation applies where fraud can be proven.

  16. One in a long list of reasons why we voters should err against the career politician/bureaucrat cabal whenever possible. Trump is a successful such exercise but it would be a mistake to make it the last.

  17. Thanks for the informative article. I’m not on the side of the Republican party or the Tea party, but this was a major crime against our system of government. It’s a travesty that Lois Lerner and the other scoundrels involved haven’t paid for their misdeeds.

  18. Twenty two times Obama said he simply did not have the authority to stop deportations of illegals but then he guessed, quite rightly, that he could do it and still be supported in his lawlessness by our leftist media and his leftist followers.

    After the 2014 midterms he decided that he had been wrong 22 times in saying he couldn’t give temporary legal status to illegal immigrants. The administration engineered this Deferred Action for Parents of Americans in the wake of Congress’s rejection of the same policies, in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act, immigration law, and the Constitution’s Take Care Clause. A district court enjoined DAPA in February 2015, which action the Fifth Circuit twice affirmed, as did the Supreme Court by a 4-4 vote.

    Even though Obama himself said 22 times that he did not have the authority to do it, the four leftists on the Supreme Court said they didn’t mind that King Obama thumbed his nose at the rule of law and did what he wanted.

    Thank God Trump won and we were spared having another leftist on the Supreme Court.

    The left will no longer have partisan hacks like Lois Lerner and Loretta Lynch running federal agencies. With Trump as president we’ll have people committed to the rule of law in charge of federal agencies rather than leftist hacks committed to promoting a Big Brother equal outcomes society.

    The goal of socialism is communism.
    Vladimir Lenin

    Thank God the left lost. Thank God Trump won.

    • I seem to recall a few judges recently who basically said “I’m going to use Trump’s campaign speeches to determine in part what my ruling will be on his executive orders banning citizens from 7 countries from entering the US until we can be sure our vetting is good enough to ensure terrorist don’t get in.” Even though one of the judges said he wasn’t supposed to do that.

      Let’s compare this to how judges ruled on obama’s executive orders relating to immigration…I guess it’s okay for Obama to say he doesn’t have the authority to grant a legal status to certain illegal aliens over 20 times, but when Obama couldn’t get it done in Congress he decided he did have that authority. It’s nice to know that when Trump says it in public a judge basically uses his campaign speeches as sworn testimony, however Obama doing the same thing can’t be treated as sworn testimony…

      We’ve got to get a handle on these activist judges who are blatantly rewriting our laws to satisfy iron own biases. Considering judges swear to uphold the constitution by only using the words in our constitution it shouldn’t be hard to remove them from the bench.

  19. All of this is why the IRS Commissioner and Lois Lerner need to be indicted and tried in a court of law. Only then will we get the satisfaction required to begin the healing process and put the IRS onto a non-partisan basis.

    • Fat chance of any “healing process” occurring with the left. They couldn’t care less about the rule of law. They care about power so they can micromanage people to create another equal outcomes society which would be a disastrous failure as they always are but you’ll never convince the left of that.

  20. As fellow Alinskyite Billie Ayers crowed Lois is currently “guilty as sin; free as a bird”.

    No TEA party applications for tax-exempt status approved, many marxocrat groups approved is not just a coincidence. Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.

    And Lois has no 5th amendment rights regarding how she performed her gruberment job duties. Try embezzling or otherwise criminally affecting your employer and pleading the 5th to the boss as you are fired before being prosecuted.

    Finally, if she’s not guilty, why even bring up the 5th?

    • Lerner can indeed plead the 5th if she is ever prosecuted, which will very likely never happen at this late date. No one in this nation can be forced to provide testimony against themselves. That is unconstitutional (per the 5th amendment). The DOJ is stuck when it comes to Lerner, and they know it. Don’t hold your breath on this!

  21. What do we do with traitors like Lois Lerner in this country?

    I have a tall tree in my front yard.

    Who’s bringing the rope?

  22. If pressed, Lois Lerner may prove to be the new John Dean. Nixon / 0bama, forever.

  23. I realize one is innocent until proven guilty, but if Lois Lerner wants to plead the fifth then let her sit in the corner while her fate is decided. I will never understand how her pleading the 5th just shut everything down.

  24. Lois and her superiors need to learn what life is like behind bars,

  25. Outstanding article. Mr. Hawthorne presents a well documented time line of the deeply disturbing politicization, and imo, the corruption, of not only the IRS, but the Dept. of Justice and other federal agencies during the Obama Administration. Absolute lawlessness prevailed.

    • And this must be remedied. It is not sufficient to sweep this travesty of justice “under the rug.” The DOJ must act to clean house in the IRS, VA and intelligence communities. Otherwise our republic is finished.

  26. Hasn’t the statute of limitations for charging Lerner with a crime run out? I’m not sure of the legal length, but I thought it was six or seven years.

  27. The liberals are still howling about how Russia interfered with the election. I can’t wait for charges to be filed as a result of our own President trying to alter our election using the IRS to squelch conservative viewpoints. I assume they will want them prosecuted to the fullest, investigations etc. Looking forward to their support.

    • Crickets from MSM on Russia since the day Susan Rice’s name came up. Now they want it all to go away.

  28. Imagine Hillary having control of the IRS. Thank God Trump won. Over to you, Mr. Sessions.

  29. Barack Hussein Obama, is the first of many in the Obama era who merit prison sentences for their crimes against the People.

    • We will see Donald’s Tax returns way before we see any senior members of the Obama administration indicted for anything. So if you hold your breath waiting for what you wish for, have someone call 911 immediately.

      • You are probably right. Yet, it is important for tyranny to be exposed and for justice to prevail. Treason must not be allowed to prosper. Trumps tax returns are not only not important, there is nothing there. He has be audited almost on an annual basis. If there was anything there it would have come out during the election.

      • If there is “nothing there”, he could save lots of people lots of ‘needless’ questions by providing any of his returns.If there is any suspicion of ‘treason’ by anyone you guys have both houses of Congress and can investigate any of this nonsense if they want to. So if ‘justice’ is not being served, you have no one to blame but yourselves. Every president always has his income taxes audited every year and yet all presidents since Nixon have provided them anyway. BTW, Trump was asked to simply provide ONLY the letter from the IRS to him requesting his tax returns for audit and he won’t even provide that. Can you explain? Also he won’t even provide tax returns from 2006-2011 which are no longer in audit. Can you explain that?

      • The People are in the process of gaining back control of the DC apparatus and are currently flushing out all the Bush and Obama plants. It will take years to both clean up the stench and put the politicians, gangsters, globalists and IC in there places. I like the current process, but this cannot be a one and done. It is going to take time. Shutting down the border and getting a 6-3 SCOTUS court in place will help. Getting the IRS shutdown would really clean up the politics and free the People from the current tyranny. Remember, the People are only 87 days or so of having a president that is neither a dem or a rep. He has good sense and listens to the People. Trump could become best ever if he holds it together and continues forward. Not worried that he wants to stabilize health for now. ObamaCare was handled wrong in its original form, by Obama. He should not have rammed it through, now he will be Remembered as a tyrant. The Freedom Caucus did Trump a favor.

      • You still have’t explained why Donald won’t release any of his returns from 2006-2011 which cannot be under audit nor why he won’t even produce the IRS letter simply showing which returns are being audited. His lawyers & accountants can have no reason to hold any of this back. Another chance to explain. Will you take that chance< please?

      • I thought I was pretty clear. It is every citizens right to do so. The president probably enjoys the fact there is nothing wrong with his taxes and that the MSM and the Leftists in general want to try and make them issue. If tax returns were released the MSM and the Progressives would try to bend whatever into a “Trump bad” narrative. Not releasing distracts the left. The issue is a false issue, just as the Russia di it excuse by the left to cover the spying on Americans by the Obama Administration. It’s time for the People to take their place at the top of the food chain and put the Federal Government and the MSM in their place. Trump is getting it done. He is not a conservative or a liberal. He is just looking at real solutions.

      • Again, you still haven’t explained why he won’t even release the letter he received from the IRS advising him his returns are being audited. I can think of no logical reason for him not doing at least that. Can you?

      • I did. He does not want to and has the right to privacy, pretty straightforward!

      • This man is now president of the U.S. In this position he has relinquished some of that presidency. He works for us and we are entitled to know more about him than about truly private persons like us.
        BTW, releasing the IRS letter advising him of the audit does not affect his privacy one little bit and you know it.

  30. President Nixon only attempted to politicize the IRS (the head turned him down) and it was a charge on his bill of impeachment. I am old enough to remember the outrage on ABC, CBS, and NBC “News” when this fact came to light in the Senate Watergate hearings. Where’s the outrage today mainstream media? Different, isn’t it when a Democrat administration not only tries it…but does it.

  31. Republicans are still upset that they were caught lying. Republicans claimed their organizations were tax exempt social welfare groups when in fact they were political action committees. Political action committees (PAC) are not tax exempt. Lerner should be congratulated for seeing clearly through the Republican’s smoke screen attempt to hide the true purpose of these Tea Party organizations.

    • Unfortunately facts like these will never get in the way of a silly witch hunt or ever slow down the inevitable search for
      unfounded conspiracies under every rock. When you have no rational policies to pursue, what you see above & below is what you are left with.

  32. Now, include the unmasking scandal and you will see how the Democrats use any “tools” they can to win elections.
    Plus, indict Harry Reid. He said Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years. Since he said it on the Senate floor, it must be true. So, how would he obtain this information? Through a corrupt IRS.

    • The reason he said it on the Senate floor is because the Constitution prevents him from facing any consequences of stating the bald faced slanderous lie.

      Article 1, section 6 – “… and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.”

  33. I believe that America has already ceased to exist as a country, that we’re obviously already in a civil war and that it’s rapidly heading for a complete collapse into a shooting war.

    I’m not all gloom and doom though. I believe there’s a good chance that science will save us. Perhaps something like CRISPR, the new DNA editing technology. Last week I read an article in the WSJ which quoted a scientist who said we’re increasingly manipulating our humanness. I also read recently that more advances have been made in artificial intelligence in the last three years than in the last three decades.

    A few weeks ago I was watching something about Victorians on YouTube. There was only written text and pictures but there was also some beautiful music playing in the background. I was wondering how I could find the name of the music and I then thought that maybe Siri would know.

    So on my IPad I asked Siri if she could name a song if I played it for her. She said “Let me listen.” So I then played the music on my iPhone and in about 5 seconds she had the name and composer. I told a Vietnamese friend at work about this. He was impressed and then said “Don’t be falling in love with Siri!”.

    Probably in just a few years we will be able to have conversations with Siri that are indistinguishable from conversations with a real human. Hopefully things like CRISPR and this AI technology will save us. All we can do is hope for the best. Hopefully fate will be kind to us and spare us from the abyss.

  34. All fascist tactics from the failed community organizer.

  35. This is the most obvious case of the Government working against law abiding citizens.
    The Dems should join the Republicans in nailing Lerner as this will send a message to these political hacks that have been given authority in our government, and have abused that authority.

    • the dims are complicit and would admit nothing!!!

      • Wouldn’t it be fun to catch Elijah Cummings in this too?

      • Wouldn’t it be fun to catch Elijah Cummings in this too?

  36. charges are most likely being calculated as we speak.

  37. We cannot pursue this with the people we have in place now. We should simply do this to them until Ryan hands the gavel back to Pelosi in 2019. We can still harness the spy apparatus for years, if we can get our people position.

    welcome to the third world, America.

  38. After our legal guru gets done with immigration illegality, he will clean up the rest of the ‘foggy bottom’.

  39. This is an ASTONISHING summary, even for someone like me who knows this story backwards and forwards. To see it all laid out & summarized so crisply just enrages me in a whole new way. Thank you. I think!

  40. 501C3’s are abused by political groups and they’re mostly right wing. It’s politics masquerading as voter education. Get rid of them.

    • “Lerner’s hard drive crashed in June 2011 and was destroyed by the IRS. The IRS did not look for her subpoenaed emails in five other areas—her Blackberry, the email server, the backup email server, the loaner laptop, and the backup tapes, causing 24,000 emails to be lost. Her Blackberry was destroyed about one year later, after a Congressional inquiry was underway and without the IRS making any attempt to recover any of those emails. Eight months after Congress requested all Lerner emails and one month after the IRS told Congress they were missing some emails, the IRS “accidentally”erased 422 backup tapes that may have contained those emails. Emails of up to 20 other related IRS officials suffered similar crashes around that time.”

      All of this you and your fellow leftists completely ignore and say that it’s all just a right wing witch hunt. What this means is that we lack a common reality and without something as basic as that, how do we have a country? The obvious answer is that we no longer do have a country.

      Many people believe America is simply too big and too powerful to collapse but many people also believed that about the Soviet Union. No one in 1985 would have believed that the USSR, the mighty “Evil Empire”, would be a disintegrating mess in 10 years.

      I told that to someone last year who said “But the Soviet Union was a collection of separate countries”. What we have here though is a collection of separate realities which is a much deadlier situation. Time will tell what fate has in store for us.

    • No, there are many more left wing non-profits that use the same plank to promote their leftest ideas. Our government should never side with either. And, it did under Obama. Enforce the law on this.

  41. Time to put Lerner behind bars, strip her of her pension and pull down to see who gave her the orders. This was not rogue behavior. She got too much protection.

  42. We need a subpoena trail from the helicopter shooting that killed seal team six and probably ends on the desk of Susan Rice and the person with the dopiest ears in Washington

  43. At the bare minimum, Lerner should have her pension taken away so that she may live out the rest of her years as a Georgetown streetwalker.

  44. Lois Lerner and the other IRS agents who targeted conservatives = liberals.

    Liberals = Democrats.

    Democrats = this:

    “The whole Democratic Party is now a smoking pile of rubble: In state government things are worse, if anything. The GOP now controls historical record number of governors’ mansions, including a majority of New England governorships. Tuesday’s election swapped around a few state legislative houses but left Democrats controlling a distinct minority. The same story applies further down ballot, where most elected attorneys general, insurance commissioners, secretaries of state, and so forth are Republicans.” http://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2016/11/10/13576488/democratic-party-smoking-pile-rubble

    Lois, thanks. But you need something just a tiny teeny bit harsher than being rewarded with an early retirement and an overly generous pension.

    • How? Either real facts or your wishful thinking & vivid imagination will do.

      • If the release of truthful emails were responsible for delivering the election to Trump, certainly the direct obstruction of Obama’s opposition could have done the same for him.

      • Unfortunately ‘IF’ & ‘COULD’ does not equal ‘DID’! Try again.

    • Well, Romney (and McCain in 2008) did everything they could to help Obama.

  45. Republicans and their delicious nothing-burgers. Benghazi anyone?

      • Of course YOU can smell thru the internet. Just like you arrive at your nonsense conclusions thru the same internet. Wish we could be so lucky!

    • 1121 comments, started working for Soros this week?

    • Yeah, make more snide remarks about the death of an American Ambassador and his defenders. It makes you sound ever so clever.

      • We should investigate Benghazi for the eleventh time. I bet we’ll finally find Barack and Hillary’s kill order.

      • It turns out that incompetence is not illegal. But it is still despicable. Much like the smart alecks who use the deaths of brave men as an opportunity to sputter smugly.

  46. Obama spent 20 years in a south side of Chicago church that gave Louis Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award. One of Farrakhan’s “achievements” was to preach to blacks that Jewish doctors were injecting the AIDS virus into black babies.

    I used to wonder why white leftists never had a problem with Obama’s commitment to such a racist church. Now I think it’s because they pretty much agree with Farrakhan that white people are devils. They also consider themselves evil but feel they’re much better than average whites because they’re at least are willing to endlessly wallow in white guilt and to dedicate their lives to fighting whites who aren’t interested in such a pastime.

    The left is insane. I’ve always liked reading history and when I’d read of major nations like Germany, Japan, Russia and China which became quite insane for periods of time I’d wonder what it would feel like to live in a society that was insane. Now I know what it feels like.

  47. Amazing that the IRs can destroy laptops, Blackberrys that could potentially contain all manner of pertinent evidence. I’d like to see what would happen if a private citizen did exactly the same thing. Well, I guess if your last name is Clinton or you work for someone whose last name is Clinton you can do it.

  48. She should be charged and tried for her “crimes.” If convicted, she should lose her pension and all benefits from working for the US government, and spend some time in jail so she can think about the damage she has done to this country. It is people like her that divide…..

  49. When a person has been given as much power as Lerner was, and uses that power to illegally persecute their enemies, the scale of the punishment must match the scale of the crime.

    For a crime this size the only possible punishment must be execution, and even then it won’t even be remotely enough to balance the scales against Lerner’s crimes.

  50. The possibility of people like Lois Lerner and Eric Holder escaping justice under a Hillary Clinton presidency is why Trump won

    • And with both houses of congress plus the presidency in your hands? Nada! Nothing!& never! That tells you guys exactly how much credibility your conspiracy theories have. Maybe you should stick with those old reliable ones like ‘Obama born in Kenya’ or ‘Benghazi’. Those didn’t go anywhere either but at least they kept you busy.

      • Al Capone never murdered anyone or had anyone murdered but he did commit tax evasion.

      • But at least he went to trial for many serious crimes and weaseled his way out and was found not guilty of murder or other ‘gangster’ activities’. Your guys haven’t even tried to indict him for anything and never will. Why not?. Maybe there is no evidence except for wild speculations based on almost nothing?

      • It’s a shame they should have given Capone some time to destroy evidence like the IRS did. innocent people do not go to great lengths to destroy evidence in the form of hard drives and backup tapes. Their behavior seems not to concern you at all which is very telling.

      • Destroying evidence is a serious crime all by itself. If you or anyone has specific,direct, verifiable evidence of that present it and it will be investigated by all your guys on all those committees that are not busy now.

      • Maybe serious matters take more time and effort than pressing a remote to change the channel.

  51. Any Federal employee who denies to testify to the FBI or Congress under the 5th Amendment should be immediately fired and denied any pension accruals.

    For those concerned with the Constitutionality of such a new law, I point you to the tacit approval to abrogate the 4th Amendment right to freedom from search as a condition of obtaining a driver’s license. Application to the Federal Government for a job should be tacit approval to testify regarding work activity.

    Drain this swamp once and for all. No job or pension after breaking the law.

  52. I read this article and all I feel is frustration with our government.

  53. What is truly SAD is how BOTH sides are in Total Cohorts! There most definitely should be Prosecutions for many of Obama’s Shenanigans but I hardly hold out any hope that us little everyday Hard-working American Taxpayers will ever see any PERIOD???

    • You probably meant ‘cahoots’ not ‘cohorts’. I am not sure how investigating Obama will help you guys get better paying jobs or even jobs at all. You would be better off paying attention to the current occupant of the WH who is busy breaking every promise he made to you guys before the election. Not only is he not ‘draining the swamp’ but he is filling tha tswamp to overflowing with appointments to cabinet posts and heads of important agencies with billionaires that certainly don’t have your interests in mind, only how they can enrich themselves. Wake up & pay attention!

      • Not a guy, don’t need a job, plenty of wherewithal. Voted for Trump and am not disappointed. Three strikes, buddy.

      • That’s one for you. Congratulations. Unfortunately there are millions of people who voted for the mad Boy King based on promises he made to them and he is now busy breaking all of them. They are ones striking out, by the millions.

      • It is easy — and increasingly meaningless — to claim to be speaking for anonymous groups. Instead of standing for principle, editorials increasingly claim to be speaking for the American people, the same American people who shocked everyone at the last election. I’m sure you have your finger on the pulse of Trump voters, but none of the actual people I know who voted for Trump are disappointed in him. We’re horrified by the liberal left’s refusal to accept the results of a legitimate election, but we’re not disappointed in Trump. Many of us are far more pragmatic than you realize.

    • Looks like someone tried attempted to reply but was until to do so? I a reckons I must have them on the “BLOCK-USER” list I a reckons? Which I think is irreversible once they have been place relegated to the “BLOCK-USER” list it is “PERMANENT”???? OH WELL!!!! HAPPY EASTER to them all the same!!!!

    • “What is truly SAD is how BOTH sides are in Total Cohorts!”

      I think you meant cahoots, not cohorts, but that is not as important as what you mean by both sides? This is all Obama administration.

  54. There are “no excuses” for our Attorney General to conduct a “Criminal Investigation” into Lois Lerner’s actions and sworn testimony, while at the IRS and immediately after -period!

  55. Koskinin should be thoroughly investigated as well.

    In my opinion, he and Learner should both be prosecuted, jailed, and stripped of their pensions.

  56. There are a whole bunch of people the DOJ needs to move against so what about starting with the contempt of congress Eric holder

  57. The fact that this has been going on now for seven years without charges or disciplinary action reveals the Obama administration as not the most transparent administration in history but the most corrupt administration in history. These are clear violations under the equal protection clause and are particularly egregious because they were committed in the run up to a presidential election which could possibly have turned out differently if the 300 groups who were persecuted by the IRS had been allowed to participate in the process.

    Democrats are all a titter about the Russians corrupting the 2016 electoral process when they did even more despicable things to their fellow Americans in the run up to the 2012 election.

    • Nonsense. Not one of the 300(?) groups you cite was prohibited from acting or participating in the electoral process. Only there tax exempt status was being questioned. And if fact, many of those groups were claiming tax exemption when in fact they were not entitled to it. If you believe the equal protection clause was being violated than go right ahead and institute an investigation leading to indictments. You’ve got all your people in the majority in all 3 branches of the govt, but something is holding them back. What could that be? Maybe no evidence except wishful thinking which will not hold up in any court.

  58. Plenty of people need to sue her personally.
    Savagely attack her and go after her personal assets in civil court.

    • So what are all of them waiting for? Maybe there is no ‘there’ there!

  59. The IRS plus illegal surveillance will expose the Obama administration for crooked administration they were. This all ties back to him and as people try to save themselves they’ll sell him down the river…

  60. Lois is in my 2017 dead pool.

    I give her another three months and CHA-CHING!

  61. So, Obama and Lerner were able to crush conservative speech and prevent any conservatives from being elected in any election in the US, and today every person in Congress or in State offices are radical leftist liberal Democrats?

    Just like before Citizens United, Reagan, Bush, Gingrich, McCain, McConnell, Cruz, we’re radical leftist liberal Democrats???

  62. Lois Lerner abused her position and authority, interfered in an election. She belongs in jail.

  63. Little infuriates me as much as the Lois Lerner/IRS scandal. Unelected bureaucrats corrupted to the point of using a powerful government agency against our own citizens. There is no justification for her not being in jail. Investigations have been going on since 2012, I believe. How long does it take to put a case together??? This is inexcusable. There need to be serious consequences for this type of corruption — or we need to be exploring totally different solutions. If there is no justice from the courts, if we are victims of a corrupt government, if everything is just too big and too complicated to be controlled, then perhaps it’s time to break this country up into manageable parts.

  64. “Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” I’m reminded of this quote …

  65. There are many appropriate questions that should be asked, but only under Federal subpoena. It’s going to have to be some outside the Justice Department, because the AG and Justice Department appears to have been as deeply involved in the coverup as Treasury and the IRS. That recurring record of “missing” and “accidentally destroyed back up tapes” didn’t “just happen”. Someone gave the orders. If it was an IT person, he or she should be both fired, and held accountable for breaking the (public records) law. There’s the possibility of a RICO type conspiracy prosecution.

    The key to getting people singing, is to press the people who know at lower levels. A GS-9 or GS-12 that covered for a political appointee engaged in illegal activity and a cover up, will be less stalwart in their defense after the appointee is long gone to his/her public or private “parachute” $250K or $500K a year follow-on job, when their own careers and perhaps personal freedom, are at state. To date, NO ONE involved the Obama scandals was ever pressed under subpoena, with the consequences of prison time for failing to pony up. The questions, answers, and failure to ask questions or provide answers, all must have consequences, for any “investigation” to mean anything.

    What’s wrong with the Sessions Justice Department? What’s wrong with Sessions. Trump needs a bulldog in that position, not a Milquetoast parliamentary Senator.

  66. If they execute the bitch, maybe I can bring myself to vote Republican again.

  67. Many thanks to D. Hawthorne for not letting Lerner’s perfidy be forgotten.
    Other co-defendants for obstruction of justice should be: Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch – but let’s not forget the first criminal in chief: Barack Hussein Obama.

  68. “Obama’s Chaos Strategy: The Case of the IRS IED”

    When Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, and every other criminal conspirator are charged with the tens of thousands of criminal charges they KNOWINGLY, and with MALISCIOUS INTENT violated, they America will know the swamp draining is well and truly under way.

  69. John Koskinen should have been impeached as soon as the Senate shifted to Republicans hands. The fact that he wasn’t indicates, to me at least, that Republicans are afraid of what he might divulge. Does anyone really believe it was only Democrats who asked the IRS to go after Tea Party Groups? I believe Republicans don’t want the voters to know who was asking the IRS to do this.

    I doubt if Koskinen would be convicted in the Senate, only because the Democrats would defend him. However, it would be an interesting campaign device to go after all those Democrats who protected him from conviction. I can’t imagine much justification that voters (and taxpayers) would think justify his not being impeached given everything he’s done.

  70. Lerner and any other IRS agent who was involved with this crime need to go to prison. This is unacceptable in this country !!!

  71. Why has Trump not fired Koshkinen? Why has the DOJ not already opened up an investigation?

  72. What if millions of individual taxpayers claimed they had 14 children all year, then on April 15 of the next year, told the IRS to FO, we aint playing?

  73. A criminal enterprise run by Ivy League gangsters.