Liberals will Rue Becerra’s prosecution of Planned Parenthood Video Producers

Where are the liberals?

In California, I’m led to believe they’re everywhere. I’m not so sure.

I hear people lamenting the sad state of Trump’s America over their macchiatos and poke bowls. I see people wearing pink knit caps marching against Trump on behalf of women everywhere (except for the college-educated white women who voted for him – and pro-lifers). I’m told these so-called liberals are giving their money to the American Civil Liberties Union to fight Trump’s dangerous agenda.

But when the state’s attorney general mounts an assault on the First Amendment, where are these liberals? Either they’re silent, or they’re applauding.

I heard liberals say Donald Trump’s victory would endanger our sacred rights. I guess they were right.

Perhaps because California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s attack on freedom of the press is focused on a despised minority: a pair of pro-life activists who sought to expose and undermine a holy liberal institution, Planned Parenthood.

Read the rest at the Sacramento Bee.

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