Sorry, Feminists—the Patriarchy Wins Again

Pity the poor feminist. Yes, really! Her movement has been in the vanguard of Democrat party politics for close to two generations. She has tried to age gracefully, remaking herself as the times demanded, but lately she is feeling her age hard and her attempts to remake herself yet again have fallen flat. It’s tough to remain attractive to the men who are still at the center of leftist power. So she’s even gone so far as to don attire that, a mere 20 years ago, would have been considered unthinkable—hand knitted vulva hats and full body costumes celebrating the female sexual organ (i.e. not the brain). Short skirts and stilettos aren’t demeaning enough.

But, alas, she is beginning to realize that no matter how many women show up to march in the streets and at the voting booth, she’s being tossed out for the latest hot young victim class; and in the worst way possible.

The feminist has always needed to fight the patriarchy and she never backed away from the fight. But now, she finds herself being pushed to the back of the victimhood line by the men in progressive leadership who previously supported and loved her. And much to her chagrin, she’s being replaced by men.

New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard was born a man. “She” still has male DNA and without taking large doses of female hormones, would have a beard and no breasts. Until recently, testosterone equipped her with muscles and strength and she still has no problem besting her born female competitors to win an international weightlifting title for her country.

A “fellow” competitor has mixed feelings, fearing being labeled transphobic, but knowing in her heart this just isn’t fair: “I’m more than happy that she has become a female, I have no problem with that as everybody needs to do what they need to do to be happy with life. Personally I think they should be able to compete, but they shouldn’t be able to take spots from other female athletes.” This generous competitor doesn’t suggest how that could be accomplished, however.

The feminist finds herself competing with a new and younger cause in the pantheon of victimology and she’s feeling pushed aside for fancy new models. Sadly, some women are joining progressive men at the forefront, making sure men who become “women” through surgery and hormones take the place of natural women through Title IX.

“Make no mistake: transgender students are protected by Title IX, and the U.S. Department of Education stands ready to help them,” said GLSEN Executive Director Eliza Byard.

Feminists also find themselves sharing the stage with women who support the misogynist ideology of Islam. Sharia clad spokespersons have moved into the leadership of women’s groups and make no apology for covering themselves in deference to their second place role in society. They even encourage their sisters to cover themselves and, needing to stay relevant in the status of their oppression, suburban Protestants and even Jews acquiesce.

This week, however the stakes increased to a point that even the most go along to get along feminist must question what the heck is going on.

Two illegal aliens—among of the thousands of “children,” traveling without parents or guardians who’ve crossed our southern border in recent years—is accused of brutally and violently raping a 14-year-old girl in a high school bathroom in Rockville, Maryland, one of the most liberal and progressive cities in the nation. The two accused rapists—17-year-old Jose Montano and 18-year-old Henry Sanchez-Milian—were placed in the girl’s class because their rights have supplanted hers. And now she is paying the price.

Sanchez’s attorney, Andrew Jezic is the lead partner of Jezic & Moyse and is rated one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Maryland by Washingtonian magazine—only the best for this client. Why did this heavy hitter take this case and who is paying him? Simple. His client is currently at the top of the progressive victim totem pole. And what of his 14-year-old victim? Jezic didn’t say “she had it coming,” but he came close. What he did say would have had feminists justifiably screeching in the streets just a decade ago.

Jezic assures us his client is “100 percent innocent…this was a preplanned, consensual, non-forcible encounter. … There is evidence that will come out later I believe that this was a planned encounter with this young lady.”

From news reports:

According to court documents, the 14-year-old victim was walking with Montano in a school hallway Thursday morning when he asked her for sex. The police report indicates she said no. The two suspects then are accused of forcing the girl into a boy’s bathroom and into a stall where they raped, sodomized and forced her to perform oral sex. The police report indicates she said no repeatedly, and tried to yell and fight them off but was unable to.

So it will be the two illegal aliens’ word against hers. She is not to be believed. She was a willing participant and lied after the incident. She is 14. Her 18-year-old (alleged) attacker is just a few months under the threshold that would allow him, at least, to be charged with statutory rape. And he’s being represented by a high profile, heavy hitting, hard charging attorney who no doubt has fantastic progressive bona fides in the swamp that is Washington, D.C. and environs.

The feminist finds herself no better off in her status as a victim of the patriarchy than she was 50 years ago. In fact, she’s even reliving the dark past of not being believed when she is assaulted by a more politically powerful man. Her fellow progressives have turned into the dreaded patriarchy because more attractive victims have taken her place.

About Pamela Shuman Lange

Pamela Shuman Lange hails from Chagrin Falls, Ohio. A graduate of Wilson College, she has worked in development, marketing, and public relations for several liberal arts colleges and for National Review Institute. She is active in local politics and is an amateur FaceBook provocateur.

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14 responses to “Sorry, Feminists—the Patriarchy Wins Again”

  1. The sick and dishonest MSM still refuse to even cover this brutal crime !

  2. It would be so tempting to comment here but I will just stand back and wait for the feminist vs. progressive exchange. That will be so much more entertaining. Catfight!

  3. Excellent article. I keep thinking the liberal woman will wake up and realize her entire existence is a prop for her fellow higher valued victims. She marches and they get the stage, microphones and benefits and while she stands in the rain wearing a vagina costume.

    • They will wake up, maybe, when Northeastern American Jews and Blacks wake up.

  4. Dear Ugly, Fat Liberal Feminists: You hate that hot people are attracted to each other. But mostly, you hate that you’re not hot.

  5. “men who become “women” through surgery and hormones take the place of natural women through Title IX.”

    These things are not really necessary to be a woman today. All you have to do is identify as one.

    “Truscum[3] (pronounced “true scum”), also known as transmedicalist and transfundamentalist,[4] are trans people who delegitimize the gender of other trans people.[5] They claim[6] one can’t truly be transgender unless one experiences gender dysphoria, in this context it can sometimes be called physical dysphoria[7], as defined by cisnormative psychiatry[8] and medicine.[9]

    Due to the fact that truscum are overwhelmingly a social media phenomenon, with a less than rigorously defined ideology, there are as of yet no academic or scholarly references to support claims about their demographics and beliefs. Notwithstanding, some attempts have been made to quantify their identities with respect to gender, age, and race.[10][11] These results, along with their behaviour and views, lend support to the view that the typical member of their community is an adolescent USAmerican White trans man with little to no experience with the medical establishment, and has been out for a relatively short amount of time. Placing emphasis on dysphoria (often one’s own dysphoria) in order to invalidate non-binary identities is often framed as an attempt to validate binary trans identities at their expense.”

  6. As my niece would say when the puppy crapped in the house, “she’s confused, that’s all, just confused.” Feminists, they’re “confused”.

  7. The democrat party has always been for sale to the highest bidder. And women just can’t outbid the rich special interest groups that represent illegals and muslims.

  8. I understand Hillary does an excellent job in getting rapists off — especially rapists of adolescent girls.

    What do you think she’ll be there helping, in Spirit if not in Body??

  9. As long as women support the Democrat party and put liberalism above their own safety, their value in being woman, their ability to be recognized and valued as competitors, I just don’t care about the frights that befall them. Any more than I care that people in Venezuela who voted multiple times for socialism are starving to death. If women actually gave a damn about humanity, people’s lives, recognition of their value to society – including as competitors, as mothers working for prosperity for their children, as voters supporting the safety of their society, they’d quit voting for an ideology that ALWAYS reduces living standards and makes society less safe.

  10. Nice satire/parody.

    Why were a 17 and 18 year old even in the same school as a 14-year old? I have been looking for an answer and I haven’t found one. I also read of 19-year old illegals in “school.” Do we know the rules which determine which grades (presumably) non-English speakers are put into and what is the maximum age?

  11. The challenge for the Democrats is to find a way to keep a bunch of minorities who have competing interest together. It gets harder as they sort in more an more minorities. Their core problem is that there are not enough minority people for the Democrats to win outside of selected large cities. Hence Democrats have to find additional minorities to aggregate:
    1. The minorities the Democrats have recruited – Asians, Hispanics, Blacks, Muslims – have very little to do with each other. For example, Asians are ripped off by affirmative action even more than whites, Hispanic illegals are a huge force suppressing the wages and employment opportunities of black American citizens.
    2. Gays being replaced by trans who will inevitably be replaced by the more numerous pedophiles soon. (Mark my words – pedophiles as a favored Democrat minority du jour are a matter of time). In Democrat land Hispanics are favored over Blacks because Blacks are a totally captured demographic group that is declining in importance because of astoundingly high abortion rates (⅔ of black babies extinguished at abortion clinics). Muslims, who are strongly anti-gay are being favored but the captive gay population when push comes to shove – for example Democrats doing all they could to minimize the Islamic identity of the murderer of many gays in Orlando as part of the general Democrat preference to suck up to Muslims.
    3. As a result the Democrats have to unite the minorities with a Boogeyman – whites in general and white males specifically. Their hope was to pick off white females as a non-minority, minority. It worked for lesbians and for single white females but asking married white females to consent to second class status for husbands who are often the breadwinners or at least major financial contributors to their home proved to be a losing proposition.

  12. i just found this site and have loved and agree with every single article i’ve read so far. there are some really excellent, cogent writers here!

  13. “They even encourage their sisters to cover themselves and, needing to stay relevant in the status of their oppression, suburban Protestants and even Jews acquiesce.”

    And should the latter two groups actually do so, they will find themselves accused of “cultural appropriation”.