10 Things Trump Could Do to Drive the Left (Even More) Crazy

President Trump on Wednesday announced several executive actions that would defund the United Nations, bolster Department of Homeland Security resources to detain illegal aliens, and—most importantly—begin the promised construction of the wall along the southern U.S. border. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Tuesday hinted at what was coming, telling an audience it would be “common-sense” actions that would “drive the Left crazy.”

Here are 10 more ideas that should drive the Left even crazier.

1) Earmark money from the infrastructure stimulus to build dams in California, perhaps across the West. Imitate Franklin Roosevelt! Also: we need clean energy. Dams have practically zero emissions. In addition, California is desperate for better water infrastructure. And it would produce jobs, particularly for working class men and women of all races.

2) Make assimilation the focus of immigration policy with an emphasis on American principles: rule of law, natural rights, responsibility to live and let live in free, diverse nation. Point out that that the Constitution does not, in fact, make everyone born on U.S. soil an American citizen. The U.S. Supreme Court has never actually ruled on children of illegal immigrants, people here on tourist visas, and so forth.

3) Make our nation-state a focus of civic education. Use the explicit language that we need to “Stop Making Aliens of our Citizens” and do a better job of assimilating natural born Americans into our culture and principles. Our model for including immigrants into our society should be the one proposed by John Quincy Adams when he was asked about what the United States “owed” to immigrants from Germany: “Emigrants . . . coming here, are not to expect favors from the governments. They are to expect, if they choose to become citizens, equal rights with those of the natives of the country.”

4) Open refugee settlement centers in the Hamptons, Palo Alto, and Malibu. Settle them in local parks, and note that people are “more important than trees.”

5) Suspend “prevailing wage” or Davis-Bacon rules. Point out that the rules are racist in their origin,  passed to help white workers over non-white workers. And note that the New York Times was correct to say that the correct minimum wage should be zero. Also note that the Wagner Act, which created the National Labor Relations Board way back in 1935, needs to be repealed and replaced.

6) Create a true “enterprise zone” in 10 square miles of Detroit. No minimum wage, and very few other regulations, other than basic rule of law and safety. If Democrats object, point to their New Deal roots and challenge them to once again answer the call for “bold, persistent experimentation.

7) Investigate foreign support for the anti-fracking campaign and Occupy Wall Street. Make it part of a larger, comprehensive report to study foreign efforts to influence American politics over the past half-century or more.

8) Increase the boxes on all “race” forms: require that any forms asking for that distinction must also distinguish between various European nationalities, demonstrate more specificity among “Hispanics”—Cuban, Brazilian, Peruvian, Puerto Rican, Mexican, etc.—similarly for those of so-called “Asian” extraction. Are they Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Also, include Taiwanese as one of the options. Note that it is naked “Western imperialism” to impose names like “Asian,” “Native American,” and “African” upon the diverse peoples of those continents.

9) Crack down on discrimination against Asian-American students at Harvard, and other elite schools. Point out that discrimination against Asians has a long and unfortunate history in the United States, and is still going on in the Ivy League universities and many other places.

10) Abolish the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Yes, we know, this one is already in the air and driving people nuts. But don’t just talk about it. Do it—while pointing out that Hollywood and the American arts establishment can fund its own “performance art,” thank you very much, without the help of American taxpayers.

That’s 10 ideas to drive the Left further into madness. We have even more. Do you? Leave your suggestions in the comments. Special thanks to Richard Samuelson for his contributions.

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29 responses to “10 Things Trump Could Do to Drive the Left (Even More) Crazy”

  1. Press charges against any/all businesses that won’t serve Trump voters, using legal precedent of cake-bakers forced to bake wedding cakes for gay couples.

  2. Good. I’d add this, though:
    As we are supporting Trump’s call for investigation of illegal voting it might be a good idea to use this momentum to amend the Constitution to disallow voting by non-citizens, which it currently does not. Various Amendments state that “citizens” may not be denied the right to vote based on whatever, but it is only State – not Federal – Constitutions that define the franchise, allowing States to do as they please – such as CA’s Motor Voter which gave millions of illegals the ability to vote.

    As supporters of Federalism, it is hard for Conservatives to argue with this. Article 1, Sec 4, is clear: It is the States that define the “times, manner and places of holding elections,” not the Feds. This also is why SCOTUS is outside the Enumerated Powers (and so should be ignored) when holding that VoterID is unconstitutional – the Constitution doesn’t care what the Federal Government (of which SCOTUS is a part) thinks about elections as they are entirely within the States. But I digress.

    Amending the Constitution to define the franchise would be, perhaps, perilous, as it would acknowledge that today illegals are NOT barred from voting in national elections by the Constitution. Consequently we could see a significant increase in their so doing, and in States going crazy getting illegals to the voting booth (all of whom come from countries with powerful and centralized governments, and so likely would vote Blue). We would need to get it ratified in a hurry.

    The momentum of Trump could, perhaps, make sure this is short-lived, set the franchise in the Constitution, and we all could then be assured voters are Americans.

  3. Direct the National Labor Relations Board to create a hotline for whistle-blowers to report abuses of unions towards non-union members and involuntary use of union dues for political purposes.

  4. You can even combine these. For example the people laid off at NPR and whatnot can move to California to build dams.

  5. For #9 bring up the Japanese internment and the history of the Chinese working on the railroads.

    And make sure the refugees end up in gated communities with homeowner’s associations – maybe require everyone to take in one or two refugees and or minorities – section 8 under HUD rules.

    Oh, and the Dams for CA would help the net drought.

    With that:
    #11 – require a takings payment under the 5th amendment for any reduced use of land under the endangered species act or if the EPA bans things.

    #12 – Eminent Domain NYC central park and put in an armory or something.

    #13 – Declare most of Massachusetts and Connecticut “National Monuments”.

    #14 – ORDER Ruthie Ginsberg to recuse herself from every case while Trump is in office since she said was going to New Zealand if he was elected and otherwise showed she would be completely biased.

    #15 – Ask Arkansas to remove its statute of limitations on Rape – like California did for their BC – Bill Cosby, not Clinton.

    #16 – Go after the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for participating in the Clinton Foundation racket.

    #17 – Go green! – order the cut off of all fossil fuel and derived electricity from crossing into California.

    #18 – remove the California Air Resources Board exemption so they can’t pass special laws just for CA – and follow up with other states that adopted the useless standards (LA is in a perpetual inversion so originally needed stricter emissions controls, but now…)

    #19 – Have CA count the military bases in their carbon footprint so force the rest of CA businesses out of businesses since there won’t be enough carbon credits available.

    #20 – Do a fast research on a pebble bed or Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) for clean, no-meltdown nuclear power.

    #21 – Add birds to the endangered species list and the desert tortoise so order the removal of those solar and wind boondoggles that turn birds into baked McNuggets.

    #22 – Pardon the Hammonds, the Bundys, and other ranchers harassed over the last 8 years.

    #23 – Cut Legal services completely, or replace it with a tax credit or something so private lawyers would be encouraged to help individual poor people (instead of those nuisance suits).

    #24 – set up a bounty program – fine employers with illegal aliens (bad i-9, no e-verify) and split the fines with people who report – if you see something, say something. Leave the illegals but seize the employer’s cash. Weekly.

    #25 – do a “controlled burn” that oops – gets out of hand – around the silicon valley mogul’s mansions and summer homes.

    #26 – return the Military to only straight men in combat, with women in auxiliary (Hillary the auxiliary?) roles like the WAVES WACS WASPS were in WW2.

    #27 – eliminate free birth control but mandatory treatment for nymphomania.

    #28 – crack down on the number of cats (the spinster loneliness act).

    #29 – require the zillionaires and company using private jets to go through the TSA pussy grab process.

    • #30 – Total redo of the TSA copied straight from the Israelis.

    • “#17 – Go green! – order the cut off of all fossil fuel and derived electricity from crossing into California.”
      Nancy Pelosi will still be expecting her natural gas delivery.

  6. 1. End AA
    2. End AA
    3. End AA
    4. End AA
    5. End AA
    6. End AA
    7. End AA
    8. End AA
    9. End AA
    10. End AA

    • What do you have against Alcoholics Anonymous?
      Not a “friend of Bill”, huh?

  7. Go back to the FDR executive order banning all public employee unions and apply to any state or local organization that receives federal funding.

  8. Re #9, order any university receiving any federal funding whatsoever (i.e., everyone except Hillsdale?) to make public a racial/ethnic/gender breakdown of their acceptance averages on GPAs and test scores for new admissions every year. Show the world what a race-racket university admission is.

  9. I’ve seen at least one case of a spy who obtained U.S. citizenship and then sent military technology to China. When questioned by the trial judge about the oath of allegiance he took when he was naturalized, he answered flat-out that he lied. (This has happened with naturalized citizens prosecuted for terrorism, too.) Charge these people with perjury and pass a law automatically voiding their citizenship.

  10. WE LOVE ALL TEN!!! Anything that makes libs/lefties/”progressives”/Democrat buffoons unhappy, WE LOVE!!! But the one emphasizing assimilation is especially good–with this idea implemented, we can be sure that we will eliminate, or at least reduce greatly, the mohammedan invasion.

  11. Review and reform all jurisdictions’ (including all states, DC, Puerto Rico, etc.) laws and procedures to ensure that voter registration applicants are citizens, and to verify that eligible voters are properly identified at voting sites. Find some way to ensure that mail-in ballots are properly provided. And enact or carry out whatever other reforms and fixes are needed to ensure that only eligible citizens vote in US elections.

    Trump has said he believes that roughly 3 million people fraudulently voted. The partisan Associated Press has called that an “unverified claim.” But Trump’s belief is thoroughly reasonable and sensible. It cannot be “verified” because of inadequate state laws. Noncitizens undeniably had a YUGE incentive to vote, but not for Trump, and procedures in many states were inadequate to prevent such voting.

    For many born in this country, it might be difficult to prove such birth. And it might require effort on some authorities’ part to get them photographed. But there ought to be ways to solve the problems, so that citizens who want to vote can vote, and noncitizens who want to vote, cannot vote.

  12. Great ideas, all. But I would just eliminate the race box altogether.

  13. Eliminate the Department of Education and block grant half the savings back to the states to support vouchers.

  14. This rather overlooks something.

    Western democratic countries and their cultures – the United States, for instance – can cope with adherents to various religions and ideologies in reasonably small quantities.

    We are not likely to be destroyed or tyrannized by a phalanx of Buddhists, or Jains, or Hindus, Zoroastrians, Shinto-Japanese or Confucian Chinese persons.

    Islam is different in KIND from the above-mentioned and from Christianity, Judaism and Atheism.

    Its sacred texts call on all its believers to make war on the rest of mankind and enforce its beliefs and its very narrow suffocating Sharia Law on the whole world. (How many among today’s extremely mediocre ‘elites’ have actually read the Koran?)

    Over the centuries this religion’s adherents have gone on the warpath and enslaved numerous lands: in the 7th century, the Middle Ages, the 17th century – and again now everywhere since the fall of the Shah of Persia in 1979.

    Broadcasting from exile to Nazi Germany in the middle of WWII Thomas Mann, the German Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, called Nazism a sort of backstairs Islam.

    It is useless to suppose that Muslims can be assimilated. It is the children and grandchildren of peaceful quiet Muslims who came (for instance) to England in the 1950s through ’80s who now (40%) agree with ISIS and Jihad worldwide.

    From time to time they will have a ‘religious’ revival and go on the rampage again.

    This virus can only destroy any body politic over time.

    What is needed is for all nations not already completely Islamized to require all Muslims to go and live in the 56 countries which are Islamic; and for the world to proceed as a politically and culturally bifurcated entity in which Muslims do not live other than in Islamic lands and non-Muslims have nothing to do with the said 56 Islamic countries.

    This program sounds (a) severe and (b) impractical. Actually it is the only reasonable option.

  15. Ban “private action” enforcements under the Clean Water, Clean Air, and Endangered Species Acts. These were inserted into the laws allowing outsiders — like Sierra Club, etc… — to litigate enforcement decisions the agencies such as EPA make. This adds untold billions to the costs as the Leftists “jam the gears” stopping infrastructure construction. Want to build or even widen a highway? It adds to CO2 “pollution” and will be blocked by the Courts. Want to build a nuclear power plant? Hah hah hah — you’ll be Court for years.

  16. Mandate one Christian, one Jew, and one Muslim be added to any university faculty receiving federal funds. This holds for every social science department or academic study area. They will be able to freely present their faith’s view on the subjects they teach.

  17. Excellent choices. I would add that all federal non military and non physical labor jobs be required to spend one month on wall construction to maintain federal pension benefits.