Trump’s Resilience & America’s


They’ve thrown the kitchen sink at him–whether it’s the entirety of the Washington Post editorial page or the New York Times, whether it’s CNN or MSNBC, whether it’s the mainstream culture that sneers and smirks at those who support him, whether it’s his tax returns, or his “hot mic” comments of yore.  The clear cultural and political theology of the day is to be anti-Trump or NeverTrump.  And yet.

In the three states that pollsters tell us matter most, the race is close to margin-of-error:  In Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton’s average, current lead is about 4 points.  An alien landing on earth would look at all the anti-Trump news and commentary and ask the same question Hillary Clinton recently asked, “Why isn’t she ahead by fifty points?”  It’s not her negatives, or his–it’s something else.

For years, we have been assured by conservative think-tankers, strategists, and office-holders that America is, or still is, “a center-right” country.  I’ve doubted that for some time, thinking it was self-assurance based on little reality.  At a certain point, the cultural controls come to matter.  Take four:  the elementary and secondary education system, the universities, Hollywood (or entertainment generally), and the corporate board room.  At a certain point, do they not so affect the country that it becomes actually difficult to find a conservative institution at all?  Would a “center-right” country put aside a war hero and moderate like John McCain in favor of an unknown progressive like Barack Obama?  Would a “center-right” country put aside a serious businessman and moderate like Mitt Romney in favor of  a known progressive who was actually more liberal than most thought four years prior?

In all the talk of Trump having ruined or changed the Republican party or conservative movement, or, if elected, that he will ruin or change the Republican party and conservative movement, something has been lost in the analysis.  Donald Trump is running for something beyond the party and movement.  This is why Charles Kesler could recently say that “For Donald Trump, policies are second order questions….he is running to make America great again.”  Consider, after all, the great cultural debates of not just the last five or ten years, but the last twenty to thirty:  multiculturalism and political correctness, sovereignty, terrorism, trade policy.

They have all been at a low boil for decades, with few candidates on our side of the aisle ever wanting to even talk about them.  Yet combine them all and you see a downward trajectory where none ever get addressed or improved and the cultural conditions of America continue to weaken by the day.  They never get addressed because the cultural institutions have adopted a unified and hardened response against common sense or American primacy.

Americans killed in Benghazi?  Terrorism in Orlando, San Bernardino, Fort Hood ?  China and Russia becoming the new world powers?  Toleration of this is unarticulated endorsement of something from a country that not only thinks it is no longer great but doesn’t deserve to be great.  And that is the legatee of political correctness and multiculturalism.  It’s a sense that maybe the foreign grievances against the United States have a claim or purchase.  A sense that maybe the American century of cars and moonshots and invention and global leadership is not just coming to an end but coming to a just end.

After all, why be sovereign or care about our borders if there’s nothing special or important to protect anyway?  Why talk of greatness if we now take the view that such superlatives belong to others as well as–if not instead of–ourselves?  When fancy phrases like “transnational progressive” are used, this is what it means.  And when transnational progressives keep getting elected President of the United States and run the cultural monoliths from education systems to entertainment to corporate America, surrender has just about finally hardened.

Just about.  For those not yet willing to give it all up, hand it all over, surrender, there are still Americans (not in name but belief).  And they hear and see something in Donald Trump that is about something bigger than “second order” questions.  David Gelernter put it this way:

Mr. Trump’s candidacy is a message from the voters. He is the empty gin bottle they have chosen to toss through the window. The message begins with the fact that voters hear what the leaders and pundits don’t: the profound contempt for America and Americans that Mrs. Clinton and President Obama share and their frightening lack of emotional connection to this nation and its people.

Perhaps it takes a strong cultural icon to be the iconoclast Americans have been silenced into wishing for.

The truth is sadly close to this:  If America can turn away from a McCain or a Romney, and in both cases in favor of a transnational progressive who went from extreme to more extreme, it may not have another chance.  Hillary Clinton, after all, is not a more moderate Obama but a more skillful one.  But with all at stake, enough voters, enough Americans, may just be hearing what the pundits do not–after all, those pundits listen to, and know only the language of, the cultural institutions who surrendered to progressivism a long time ago.  They agree with the progressive agenda because they were brought up and raised in it.  They see hold-outs as uneducated or unsophisticated.  And oddly enough, but importantly, too many conservative pundits buy into and accept the New York Times and CNN narratives, with a feeling that they need to be appeased because they actually are right, or smarter.  The mainstream has worked its magic on too many conservatives and Republicans, putting our spokesmen on the continual defensive and cowing them into a political inferiority complex.  Too many of us think what they think is more important than what the customers at the Tin Lizzy Tavern think.  This is yet another example of the “conservative Stockholm Syndrome.”

But the language of the editorial boards and mainstream news organizations is, in fact, a new language.  Sophisticated.  Dominant.  But new.  And to many, the language of Donald Trump is at once unsophisticated, common, and yet, when not vulgar, refreshing from a political candidate.  If America is, indeed, still “center-right,” it begins with an understanding that Americans and America still matter, and matter more than anyone or anywhere else.  And that understanding realizes we don’t have another eight years to fiddle with it.

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96 responses to “Trump’s Resilience & America’s”

  1. During the primaries, my biggest reservation about Trump was that he was not genuine. That he was really an insider trying to sound like a disruptor. Why? Because a lot of his policy positions were not all that different than Romney. And he had endorsed Romney. For that reason, he was nowhere close to being at the top of my list. However, I wanted to change the party leadership because none of its Congressional leadership appeared willing to fight for anything. They were elected to stand up to Obama and check his abuses of executive authority. They would not even insist upon a budget with specific congressional appropriations. If they would not fight for me and for the Constitution, then who would? That’s why the overwhelming majority of primary voters rejected a candidate as usual. Trump is not the ideal sinless candidate. But he does do one thing. He fights. And in a choice between a corrupt, dishonest, business as usual Democrat and a fighter who, in the past, may have liked the ladies as much as Benjamin Franklin did; so many conservatives are willing to accept the former as being equal with the latter.

    • I was not initially supportive of Mr. Trump either. I felt that even if he was right on policy, his outspoken nature would lead him into a trap of defending a poorly stated comment or flub. I’m surprised that he made it all the way to the final stretch without tripping but it now appears that everyone that has connections or power in Washington, D.C. is aligned against him. That to me makes him more than worthy of support, just to snub my nose at those power-mongers.

      “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” -Winston Churchill

    • I was with Trump from Day one, for a single reason: because he has long stood against the immigration invasion (well before 2015). No other issue is 1% as important as halting the invasion. Is Trump a role model? Of course not, but who cares? We are being invaded!! That is all that matters.

  2. The only thing keeping Clinton in this race is the unstinting support and assistance she is getting from the Republican Party and from Conservatism Inc. These people have expended more time and effort attacking Trump in the last 12 months than they expended attacking Obama in eight years. They’re clearly desperate for a Clinton victory, as shown by the stories they chose to focus on (whatever made-up Trump scandal the MSM are pushing today) and also by the stories they chose to downplay or ignore – which means all the neverending stream of negative news coming out about Clinton every single day.

    James O’keefe revealed today that the Clinton campaign was actively involved in all the anti-Trump riots, shutting down of highways, assaulting of Trump rally-goers etc which has been a feature of this campaign. That’s a blockbuster story which should land some Democrats in jail. But Conservatism Inc is not going to run with it, because doing so might help Trump and hurt Clinton.

    • I fully agree. Hillary’s main support is the backstabbing GOPe. The issue is not the media or the cultural establishment. Their hostility is normal and expected.

      What’s changed is that this election has woken up the white middle and working classes to the fact that there is not one but two political parties that are actively hostile to their interests.

      Alt Right portal:

    • The Green Party candidate attacks Clinton more then those clowns!

    • The GOPe doesn’t really want Hillary, but they have become complacent into seeing how Washington, D.C. works is “the way it’s always been, always will be”. As a result the GOPe have defied any candidate that speaks from outside that bubble of bureaucracy and hubris.

      Hillary is an inside candidate, no matter how often she claims she is not part of the Establishment. The leaked emails showed anyone willing to read them that the entire DNC answers to her beck and call. Hillary’s policies are a mirror of Obama’s, except in areas where the primary campaign forced her to take a different stand. President Obama himself is stepping far outside the normal tradition of a sitting President not getting too involved in the election of his successor.

      The rest of this country, if they have not yet been tamed into believing a totalitarian government would be nice (if the “correct folks” are in charge), would like to see D.C. cut down to size and recognize that WE THE PEOPLE are the ones in charge, not them. They can only borrow powers need to manage the country but it’s not theirs forever.

      I’m not optimistic that Trump will win, but if he does not our country will continue along its current trajectory toward insolvency and later, civil war. It may take another 50 years to reach that breaking point but we’re heading there. Take a close look at Venezuela today: that’s America in 50 years if we don’t fix what’s broken now.

      • When you consider the damage Obama inflicted in the last four years, Hillary will finish the job by 2020.

      • read my other post about how the demographics of who will vote in this election are being skewed in the polls. non-college voters skew to trump and are not being properly represented in the polls. they make up 75% of the population in battleground states, yet the polls show them as 38% of the voters. trump rallies are filled with these non-college voters and they will show up to the polling booths and vote trump. the election is not over. we have a chance to save the country.

    • Con Inc must be destroyed after this election. That is reason enough to get behind the alt-right.

    • Such attacks on Trump might play into his hands if he carefully handles the point that the press, the big donors, the crony capitalists, the establishment are against him. But he must avoid needlessly confirming their warnings about him. That is why he should focus on the issues and pressure the pro-Trump talking heads to devote adequate time to his views, instead focusing only on scandals. The GOP media are reluctant to publicize Trump positions that differ from GOP dogma.

  3. Twenty-five years ago I consoled myself that America was still center-right by looking a certain indicators. For example, the circulation of “Reader’s Digest.” That may sound silly, but the values expressed in the stories, the clean humor, and the slices of life represented average, middle-brow, middle-class America life.

    I still think there’s something to that. Many have pointed out that conservatives are too busy living, raising families, working, building, and making to get into politics. There’s truth in this, but it has to change. Progressives love nothing more than activism, including doing to the populace what a party whip does in Congress. If one can’t be bothered to register or get to the polls, especially with early voting, one has no business voting (except in cases of genuine physical disability which prevents one from going on one’s own.)

    Those who want to be left alone don’t have a chance against Progressive activism unless they can be roused to the walls and gates. “Therefore it says, ‘Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.’” (Ephesians 5)

    This is what Trump is doing, but his primary obstacle is with those educated, elite who have been so indoctrinated that they really do believe Trump’s supporters are the vile racist and xenophobes of the alt-right (as they understand it through media caricatures).

    Like the Christians I knew in college in the 80s who were bent on showing the world how hip, nonjudgmental, open-minded, and savvy they were, more concerned with how not to be perceived as a mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging fundie than with Truth, Conservatism, Inc is more concerned with their own brand of virtue signaling.

    Gelernter is right when he points out “Mrs. Clinton and President Obama share and their frightening lack of emotional connection to this nation and its people.” Too many in Conservatism, Inc, however, also share this, no matter how much they bemoan the loss of American Exceptionalism. This is because they have bought the tripe that America is an idea.

    Like Christians constantly disputing right thinking and right doctrine, they give too much weight to ideas and fragment and isolate them from “cultural liturgies” (James K.A. Smith’s book You Are What You Love get at the heart of this). Conservatism, Inc, like Evangelical theology, has its own version of Gnosticism, denying “embodied,” incarnational theology of lives lived in community, connection to place and people. (Can’t dare say “blood and soil” because that’s been severed from all other context and branded indelibly and permanently upon fascism). No one dies for an idea. The Founders didn’t pledge their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” to an idea.

    They pledged them to the hope they could “secure the Blessings of Liberty to [themselves] and [their] Posterity,” as they later wrote in the Constitution, in which they didn’t lay out a political philosophy of ideas, but established laws, limits and processes (practices) “to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do.” (Declaration)

    As long as America is an idea, Conservatism, Inc can think it should be exported, that it’s good to welcome the whole world in, that those who aren’t succeeding can be blamed for their failure. I think their are a lot of educated people Trump appeals to who are a sick of the sickness of political correctness as the so-called Trumpsters, but they have been too cowed for too long that they have come to genuinely believe there is something wrong with them for wanting America to be great.

    Conservatism, Inc has had a large role to play in shaping their self-contempt and inability to speak out.

    • From a PhD physicist: Hear, hear!

      However, I simultaneously think that my average fellow citizen is — through inattentiveness and sloth — unworthy of the country that was bequeathed us, with the likely result that citizenship will degrade to subjectship.

    • nicely written. love to hear a well argued point. keep it up!

    • Excellent comment. But is it {sniffle}”wayyycist” {sob, groan} to want to preserve Western Civilization, and the biological purity of the White race – which race alone created and alone can perpetuate that Civilization? If so, then maybe we need to turn our backs on “antiracism” (which ONLY Whites care about anyway), and thoroughly embrace the in fact very moderate “alt-right”.

      American civilization is an outgrowth of Western Civilization, and that Civilization is the genetic product (phenotype) of the White race. This is mere fact, not ideology. America IS White America; what else could it be? As America has allowed itself to be invaded by nonwhite migrants – the electoral shock troops of progressivism – the country has moved ever further to the nation-killing Left. THEREFORE … what is the proper policy response?????!!

      HALT THE IMMIGRATION INVASION. (and do not apologize like a cuck for doing so!)

  4. “For years, we have been assured by conservative think-tankers, strategists, and office-holders that America is, or still is, “a center-right” country. I’ve doubted that for some time…” Brilliant!

    ” voters hear what the leaders and pundits don’t: the profound contempt for America and Americans that Mrs. Clinton and President Obama share and their frightening lack of emotional connection to this nation and its people.” Yes!

    • No, they just share a frightening lack of emotional connection with bigots and racists, which is why Trump’s numbers are around 38%.

  5. As a college educated executive running a local business that employs 100 people, 100 families, really, I take exception to the suggestion that I’ve hurled an empty gin bottle through a window in frustration. That denotes both a lack of a plan, and the air of desperation. My weapon, Mr. Trump, is no mere blunt instrument. He’s high tech armament.

    I would suggest that there are countless intelligent Americans out here who see Mr. Trump as a modern day George Washington, who, like Washington, was already successful by any man’s definition, who saw the lay of the country’s future and understood that posterity would consider his achievements prior to his involvement on his countrymen’s behalf a mere footnote to what he could achieve.

    Make America Great Again will be an amazing capstone to a life already loaded with worthy achievement.

    Thank you, Mr. Trump.

    • America great again? What does this even mean?

      Before 1975, half of America was segregated from the other half, and couldn’t even go to the same schools and use the same toilets (it took a lot longer than 10 years to desegregate the south).

      Before segregation, most of Americans were slaves in one form or another, tenant farmers, permanent debtors, indentured servants…or actual slaves.

      So when you say “Make America Great Again” you’re literally living a fantasy world, some never-was that happened in 1950s for a small group of white people.

      And it offends the rest of HUMANITY, on EARTH.

      • The America of the 1950s and first half of the 1960s was a mass middle-class society (the first such entity in world history), wherein the average citizen could lead a satisfying, fairly comfortable life.

        Yes, black Americans were left out of much of this (although as Thomas Sowell points out, conditions were improving for them, too), and the physical environment wasn’t being adequately protected from despoilage.

        But altogether, Evangelical2 is wrong.

      • I’m right, you’re wrong.

        The 1950s was a “middle class” society, for a small segment of society. It excludes, poor whites, blacks, hispanics, coloreds of any kind, and the rich.

        It excludes women that weren’t married but they could be in the “poor whites catch-all” but as a class to themselves, if you were an unmarried woman you were far from the middle class.

        Leave-it-to-Beavers made up a fraction of the total US then, 25% or less.

        With more than 25% excluded, more than 25% whites too poor, and less than 25% too rich to be considered middle class.

        As you can see, easily 50%+ did not share in this “Great America” you dream about.

        Because the premise is wrong, the “Make America Great” again doesn’t stand for anything, except a small fraction of American’s make-believe.

      • Were you alive in 1950s? I was. And the working classes lived in little houses, with children, cars, dogs, went to church, lived in safe neighborhoods, and pinched their pennies to get ahead. They did not have illegitimate children, use the F-word in every other sentence, treat people badly, refuse to do their homework or mow the lawn or pay their bills.

        Of course there were problems. NOTHING like now. And that includes black families, btw, who were better off then than now, by far.

      • Yes, and those black families were peacefully building a comfortable middle class life, until LBJ’s Great Society effectively killed it in order to implement his dream of “getting those n*****s to vote Democrat for the next hundred years”.

      • And that prosperity was largely down to the political and economic circumstances of the time. The U.S. was the last major power standing after World War II. Nations like China and India were closed off from the rest of the world and had barely begun to develop at that point.

        It’s quite funny that people, especially those that claim to support small government, seem to believe politicians can single handedly will that situation into existence again.

      • you really need to learn economics. the democrats have built a new form of trickle down economics. the two tenets are 1) low interest rates that favor capital gains over savers. Anyone who owns assets, stocks, bonds, real estate has seen their net worth soar under obama, all due to low interest rates. 2) shipping jobs overseas – the great american manufacturing of the past has been shipped overseas. as those jobs are shipped overseas it increases corporate profits for multi-nationals and the investment class and high-skill workers and chief executives all take those wage savings to their bank account. hillary and bill CREATED this with NAFTA and still want TPP, even if hillary now says she doesnt. trump is criticizing Yellen for keeping rates low and has been the person who made trade policies a major part of his campaign from the beginning. the middle class will do great under trump, but the financial community will not. i would be considered rich by most people, but i dont want to gain at the expense of the economy. we need to build the middle class first

      • Sorry, race traitor. In the wonderful 1950s, NINETY PERCENT (90%) of America was WHITE! And what a ten million times better America it was!

      • Black people have been counting on Democrats to improve their lots in life for decades. But if the lower echelons of society achieved success, they might be come Republicans. And Democrats would lose their lock on their votes. So, Democrats work tirelessly to ensure those at the bottom aren’t going anywhere.

      • Before 1975, half of America was segregated from the other half, and
        couldn’t even go to the same schools and use the same toilets

        They taught you that in school, did they? It’s a lie, of course. You poor, brainwashed rube.

      • He’s a TRAITOR! Time we started calling out these filthy “progressives” for the vermin they truly are.

      • bill clinton used the same phrase years ago, did that make him a racist? the only way the liberals can argue for clinton is with name-calling and inventing some racist theme in trump’s campaign that is simply not there. trump wants to make us great again by putting american interests first.

      • YOU’RE A DISGUSTING LEFTWING FREAK. You are also historically illiterate. Every word you wrote is a lie.

        Even before 1964 (when all the “Civil rights” totalitarian antiwhite-preservationist racial integrationist legislation began to be passed, you illiterate), there was never a time when HALF of America was segregated (and why would that be bad, btw?! Exactly what is wrong [hint; not a thing] with preserving Western Civilization and its primacy in North America?) from the other half, not even during the era of slavery (which ended with the Emancipation Proclamation, you race liberal moron, over one and a half CENTURIES ago). When I was in grade school in 1975, we had all manner of different races in my class, all using the same restrooms, you Marxoid propagandist for White extermination (guess what, though? White Man is AWAKENING, and we won’t allow you to exterminate us).

        America used to be the greatest nation in history – BEFORE totalitarian racial integration, and the onslaught of totally unwanted and unneeded “diversity” via mass immigration invasions, imposed on decent Americans by vicious antiwhite bigots in the Federal Government.

        You are that portion of the evangelical and Christian movement which I hate above all other ideological types in this declining country – more than Marxists, ghetto gangbangers, Mexican revanchists, Muslim terrorists. You are the racial and national TRAITOR who hides his treason behind a veneer of theologically erroneous Christianity. Christianity DOES NOT EQUAL race liberalism, let alone PC tyranny. Not even close.

        You are not a Christian. You are a progressive nonwhite bootlicker. Move away to the Third World, where you belong, traitor.

      • Before 1965 there was de jure segregation in the South. There weren’t legally segregated toilets outside the South. There was some des

        Most Americans before 1975 were “tenant farmers, permanent debtors….or actual slaves.”

        Slavery ended in 1865 not 1975. There weren’t indentured servants in 1975; indentured servitude had disappeared by the mid-19th century.

        Household debt as a % of GDP is significantly higher now than in the 1950s.

    • America is ALREADY GREAT. Donald Trump is a conman and would be homeless if it wasn’t for the wealth and connections that he inherited from his nasty father; along with the con he has been running swindling people for decades. I suggest you learn a little bit about this anti-American loon by reading “The Making of Donald Trump” by David Cay Johnston.

      • Well America certainly isn’t bad in the way Donald claims.

        America isn’t suffering high murder rates,
        Doesn’t have high unemployment.
        Doesn’t have degrading schools (except in Red Republican States).
        Doesn’t have crumbling infrastructure except, again in Republican States.
        Doesn’t have immigration problems, except in the eyes of racists who don’t like brown immigrants.

      • not everyone who disagrees with your point is a bigot or a sexist. sometimes they are just smarter or better informed than you.

      • The Marxist who calls itself “Evangelical2” is an antiwhite bigot, an extirpator of White children. We are no longer prepared to tolerate such traitors. War, civil war, is coming again.

      • you need to actually look at some facts.

        we spend more and have some of the lowest test scores of developed nations in our primary schools.
        more people have dropped out of the labor force, so low unemployment is a myth.
        what did we get for those billions of dollars spent on infrastructure – nothing!
        and the biggest thing you dont understand is that any economic gains are simply a result of a massive debt binge created by the central banks of the world. this is unsustainable and will fall to pieces in the term of the next president. take a look at the debt bubble in corporate debt, the massive federal reserve balance sheet the massive government debt, the way that our social security trust fund is a bunch of IOUs from the federal government, which itself will never be able to pay those IOUs back, the japanese government buying 30% of all their bonds back and on target to acquire 100% within less than 5 years, the chinese debt bubble where they are rolling over insolvencies with new debt.

        our country is in a huge mess and if clinton is elected the solution will essentially be socialism. the only way out is if we elect trump and republicans and bring back financial sanity. it will mean a few years of economic pain, but will allow us get back on a sustainable economic path.

      • “Doesn’t have degrading schools (except in Red Republican States)”
        I didn’t know Chicago was a Red Republican area of the country, but they are having significant school issues. True, not yet as bad (in terms of physical condition) as Detroit, but we all know how red Detroit is.

      • donald trump built or re-built hotels and other properties that have improved neighborhoods and created tangible value. he has employeed tens of thousands of workers. all you liberals have left is insults. sure trump relentlessly pursued his vision and tried to build buildings at the lowest price. we need someone like that in charge of the inefficient federal government. whereas hillary just got paid for selling access to government contracts and policy-makers. what a gem that hillary is!

      • Go home to your Third World rathole. I no longer wish to share my homeland with you.

      • Bill Clinton used the term “make America great again” several times. Was he “anti-American” too?

    • the democratic party has run a very successful smear campaign on trump. is he perfect – no. but he is 1,000 times better than hillary. see my other post about the way the polls are all skewed against non-college educated voters. the non-college educated voters will show up in droves this year, whereas last time around they did not show up for Romney

      • considering the smear job they did to Romney, Republicans should realize that it doesn’t matter who they nominate, the press will universally declare them unfit and a horrible person. That’s what they do; we need to stop thinking “if we can get the press to like this person…” and let them dump the hate. Luckily someone like Trump won’t just roll over and take it like Romney did because the left has never employed the high road, they go low and brutal, every time.

      • Trump has gone around, over and through the mainstream press. That is his strength and it confounds them. And I can think of no other seasoned or novice politician or public figure who would have prevailed thus far against the hysterically relentless barrage hurled by both the Left and the Right.

  6. This is the last chance for the GOP. Should Hillary win, the path forward will inevitably descend into revolution and increasing violence.

      • The revolution is by stealth and abetted by a dishonest media class. It will accelerate as will violence.

  7. I tried and after a lot of work I found something to like about Donald Trump. It’s the way he’s always clapping his itsy little hands. He’s like a grossly overweight seal flipping his little flippers. It’s totally cute. That aside, he’s a nasty, low-class ape in every way.

    • It’s notable that four successive, contentless snarklets — from “Sassan,” “jimmyjackdollar,” “Bob Acker,” and now “Martin Pall” — landed here within five minutes of each other on October 18, 2016.

      It’s apparently a cabal of dunces getting their spasm sort of together.

    • He’s like a grossly overweight seal flipping his little flippers … he’s a nasty, low-class ape in every way.

      The deep, deep thoughts of the totalitarian Left.

    • listen to yourself. you have to sink to the lowest insults. this is the strategy of the democratic party in this election. it is not trump who is bringing the election into the gutter, it is hillary and her angry, vehement supporters.

      • Really, that’s most amusing. A trumpie halfwit complaining about insults. News flash: you don’t get to do that. It’s the flip side of the Golden Rule.

  8. the writer is talking out his jock strap—-TRUMP GOES DOWN

    Birther Boy
    You’re going down
    10 feet down
    A Cyclonic regurgitation of hate
    Spewing your vomit to segregate
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    A 380 needs blow your rot from your racist mouth
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    A parasitical pimp pimping himself as a sexually predatory whore
    A racist commodity dying like a dash from the fascist past
    You’re going down Trump
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    Say hello to the Devil
    While you burn in Hell
    You perverted bozo
    You are dead, dead dead

  9. Sorry to break it to you but this election is over. The question is only how big of a landslide will the Republicans lose and whether they will be able to keep the House. Nice try.

  10. You can disregard anything and everything Trump has done or said in this campaign.

    Let’s just simply start at the beginning. Trump announces his candidacy. Trump is a birther. A birther is not someone with an opinion, but a person who ignores facts. The voters nominated someone who said the President of the United States wasn’t born here. And he repeatedly said it for years. End of discussion. You can’t vote for someone who ignores facts. One need go no further than that. He is disqualified to be President of the United States on that alone. But you’ve all loved the joke and egged him on (sorry Melania) and enjoyed the theatrics. You can try to torture yourself with convoluted reasoning to vote for this person or come to your senses and have some dignity and self-respect. Vote for the joke if you want to, but anyone who took this guy seriously from the start is not a serious person. If you can’t see this man for who he is, that what you call people or media or whomever “attacking” him is merely red flags you are ignoring. All of you who support him have jumped on the Trump Titanic and have hit the iceberg. Now you’re trying to rearrange the deck chairs and by the end of the month you’ll all probably be DONning women’s clothing to try and board the lifeboats.

    • You’re an idiot. Besides, Hillary’s people started the whole birther issue.

      • I would only be an idiot if I believed what you wrote. You are the idiot.

        PolitiFact, and the Washington Post Fact-Checker have debunked this zombie claim multiple times.

        Look it up. This is why people hate the current R candidate and his fawning ilk. Enjoy your ride down on the sinking ship.

  11. Go ahead and pledge your allegiance to the Dear Leader. You, Mr. Leibsohn, would fit in well in North Korea.

  12. Three cheers for Seth Leibsohn! He’s a wise new voice on the right.

    The old guard doesn’t realize that many members of the GOP, conservatives, & libertarians no longer take counsel from their words or stock in their ideas.

    As Howard Beale said in the movie, Network, “We’re mad as hell & we’re not going to take it anymore!”

    Hey, old guard, we went with two polite PC moderates in John McCain & Mitt Romney.

    How’d that work out for us?

  13. Stick a fork in the Orange Pig, he’s done.
    538, right now, Clinton has an 87.6% chance of winning the Presidency.

    I like those odds.

  14. It’s not just Vladimir Putin that thinks Hillary will ignite WW3. Many others do, as well. People that know her best refer to her as the queen of mean.

    After she stabbed Gaddafi in the back, all world leaders now fear her. And for good reason. They can’t trust her.

    • Stabbed Khaddafi in the back? So you think foreign leaders should be free to kill Americans without fear? You are a traitor! (Or maybe a Russian troll.)

  15. It is possible we are no longer a center-right country. The number of distinct interest groups which vote lock-step with the Democratic Party is significant. But 50+1%? Hard to fathom. If the author discussed the number of illegal votes to be cast – THEN we get to 50+1. Academic studies on 2008 confirm that approximately 6.4% of the vote was fraudulent. Since voter fraud as a criminal enterprise is uniquely almost always Democratic, that would have been over 8 million votes – STILL not enough to prevent Obama from winning. But assuming the fraud remained constant, or more than likely, INCREASED, in 2012, fraud rates of 7-8% were WAY MORE than enough to tilt the election against Republicans. So 2008, regardless of fraud, had fundamentals (war, financial collapse, media demonization of Bush) that precluded a center-right victory. But 2012, and now 2016, look like the country said we tried that left wing nutbagism as a “change” and as evidence was always going to prove, it didn’t work. yet we still have left-wing majorities. That’s not the country no longer being 51-49 center-right, that is corruption. So I agree that we have changed, and are changing, but center-right is not a minority yet, its just that the DC cartel works together to corrupt the system. The result is turncoat traitorous Republicans providing cover for a criminal corruption of this once greatest country in the world.

    • You are completely wrong.The following is the major reason why there is almost NO voter fraud. Not only is it a federal felony to intentionally vote illegally punishable by 5 years in federal prison and subject to a $10,000 fine but many states also have similar laws that demand anywhere fro 2- 3.5 yrs in state prison but also up to a $20000 fine. How many people will risk any prison time plus all that money to cast an illegal vote, some as many as 10-15 times, as Rudy suggests? I don’t really expect an answer, but if any of you conspiracy guys would like to rebut, go right ahead.

      • Ouch…..hurts to be both a regime troll and factually wrong – is it on purpose to support the regime, or are you simply that dumb.

        As a poll watcher since 1988 and having actually witnessed and prosecuted voter fraud, my post was not a mere guess or “conspiracy” to throw out. But aside from my personal observation of fraud as it occurred in the city of Philadelphia in 1992, here is the article which I quoted. Not regime trolling, but facts, from left-wing academics as revealed in the leftwing state run paper of record. See the link below.

        As your “Dear Leader” has said (in his rift from Connery in “The Untouchables”) – never bring a knife to a gun fight.


      • Boy were you lucky. According to neutral investigations it has been shown that since 2000, of the 1 billion votes cast a total of 31 illegal votes resulted in prosecution. BTW do you question my statement about the penalties for voting illegally? How many people do you think will take that chance? A second chance for you to rebut. Go ahead.

      • LOLOLOL – you can have the last word, you just gave away that you ARE a regime troll, so this is my last post. The 31 illegal votes study you claim is neutral??? Media Matters PAID for the study by ONE law professor, and it only covered IN-PERSON voting. The there were 31 successful prosecutions of in person voting does NOT suggest that the number of actual illegal votes was only 31; it leaves out a number of jurisdictions in the study and was only a “sample;” and, it did not account for the millions of absentee votes and tabulation error using computerized machines which have repeatedly shown to change Republican votes to Demcoratic already in this election in the early voting season!!! The REAL study, as I cited, was done by left-wing academics, meaning THEY were unbiased with established bona fides in the field. Please refer to my link. Since you neglected to post your link, I will do so here below. As a courtesy, I do not dispute the costs involved in getting caught, prosecuted, convicted and fined, for voter fraud. 19 of your “31” instances being served by one lady in Ohio. In conclusion, I do not know whether voter fraud is enough to tip the election. But as a matter of statistical probability, fraud will be between 5 and 8% of the vote, which could alter the outcome of the race, absent a Hillary landslide.

      • According to neutral investigations it has been shown that since 2000,
        of the 1 billion votes cast a total of 31 illegal votes resulted in

        Well done! Your mentioning the governments refusal to prosecute people for vote fraud really debunks the position that the system is rigged.

      • What about Democrats busing blacks to the polls, offering free lunches to homeless bums to vote, etc? I’ve seen this in CA.

      • Wow, that’s staggering idiocy. SSN fraud is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a $100,000 fine. Which deters nobody (no illegal immigrant at least) from using a fake SSN, for the simple reason that the government never prosecutes the crime.

        The same it true for voter fraud. There’s abundant evidence that it is wide-spread, but the government deliberately turns a blind eye to it. Then leftists like you cite the fact that its incredibility rare for anyone to be prosecuted for vote fraud to claim that vote fraud is incredibly rare.

      • You need to change the tinfoil in your hat. The mind rays are clearly seeping through. But please, provide us with your “abundant evidence” of one of the most thoroughly-debunked conspiracy theories out there. While you’re at it, it would be awesome to get a footprint of Bigfoot, a selfie with Nessie, a guide map for Area 51, and the birth certificate of at least one of Elvis’s secret alien love-babies.

    • Could you please supply some sources? Given the fact that voter ID laws have been suppressed, of course there is voter fraud, but the NYTimes is convinced that nary a fraudulent vote hath ever been cast.

      • Please see below – two sources already provided in this chain

    • The elites of both parties have been playing ‘divide and rule’ while people become so distracted by the sideshow that they don’t realize they are losing more and more of their freedoms. Hard won freedoms that past generations fought and died for.

  16. The author’s premise, that Trump is resilient, is false. Trump is now behind nationally by an average of 7 points. All of the media hit pieces on Trump sexually harassing women have been effective. However, this election’s really been over since Trump tanked the first debate.

      • While everyone I spoke to in my travels through England said they were voting to leave, the polls, pundits, experts, media were saying the polar opposite. Cognitive dissonance anyone?

  17. A right wing radio talk show host in Phoenix, what a surprise. Dirtbag radio.

  18. How anyone, at this point, can describe the debased, counter-factual, narcissistic, destructive and delusional man that is Donald Trump as “refreshing” beggars belief. He is an international laughingstock that has irrevocably damaged the standing of the US abroad and the fabric of democracy at home. Go home, Seth, you’re drunk!

  19. I notice that there isn’t an iota of difference in either tone or in substance between the acknowledged leftists here and the so-called “rightists” from “The Right Scoop” who are working fanatically on Hillary Clinton’s behalf.

  20. The only thing that can save America is shedding a few stars from its flag. Texas and New York? Nothing in common. Wyoming and Massachusetts? Polar opposites. Indiana and California? The Californians have nothing but contempt for the Flown-over. Washingtonians wish Californians would stay where they belong, and Hawaiians think the US should give back what it illegally grabbed a century ago.

  21. A vast majority of Americans think we are on the wrong track. A vast majority of Americans think HilLIARy is dishonest and untrustworthy. The past eight years represents the worst economic recovery since 1949. I like Trump’s chances!

  22. all of the polls are a scam and i will tell you why. the polls all survey people based on demographics that dont match the country, but match the previous voting. for instance if non-college educated people didnt vote in previous elections, then they will be less represented by the sample of voters in the survey. here is where the fraud comes in. a survey like NBC/Survey Monkey has Clinton ahead by 6 points. but they are surveying 61.5 % college educated male voters versus 38.5% non-college educated. yet in the battlefield states the % of people with a college degree is between 24 and 27%. so the assumption here is that uneducated people will not vote at high rates, similar to previous elections. but we see the massive trump rallies and any reasonable person knows something is different this time. if more people without college educations show up to vote (aka all those deplorables) then hillary loses this election. dont less the mass media hood-wink you. obama was an “inspirational” leader that appealed to young people and educated people and minorities. that shifted the voting demographics. this year trump has the passionate followers. but the only poll that reflects those differences in passion is the USC Dornsife poll and it has trump up by 2. This is another mass media news scam – dont be fooled.

    • Hope you’re right … with Trump till the end … strongly doubt your analysis.

      I sustain my prediction from a year ago: Hillary will win, but the final tally will be close, at least in the popular vote (less close in the EC, with Hill getting about 300 EC votes).

  23. Cultural/ Constitutional/ Christian Conservatism has lost whatever value it may have had. It offers us nothing now but empty platitudes and ideologically inconsistent policy proposals. Donald Trump is the conservative movement incarnate–ignorant, racist, tyrannical, perverted and oblivious.

  24. Trump is great for everyone who wants a president who’s balls are in Putin’s pocket
    Trump is great for everyone who wants a president who sexualizes his daughters, married a porn-star, and assaults women
    Trump is great for everyone who wants a fukin lunatic with his fingers on the nukes
    Yay Trump

  25. The current Democrat Party deserves the nasty and corrupt Clinton. The party needs a cleansing.

  26. I for one do not wish America to be slaughtered on the altar of “equality” and political correctness. America does best when she has some confidence. The left strives to to undermine that confidence because in their opinion our greatness is unjust. I hope we reject this vision for the sake of every American

  27. Thank you, Seth, for an excellent article. I’m going to start following you. Yes, it’s become clear that the Republican establishment has surrendered / bought into political correctness. Their timidity in not standing up to it all these years has enabled the monster to grow. We have alot of work ahead of us to reverse this false system of thought. But I believe there are alot of good people in the Republican establishment, who, when they wake up, will be good workers in this cause. Let’s pray America can hold on in the meantime.

  28. Here is Trump’s best shot IMO: Peace with Russia. He needs to turn the point on being Putin’s puppet. He needs to explain why the Dems and GOP establishment want war with Russia (global business interests, defense contractors, neocon empire-builders, all of whom donate to Clinton Foundation) He needs to force Hillary to defend aggression against Russia. Trump has allies on this point in Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Make Hillary the war monger. Putin is a Christian who has encouraged the revival of the brutally persecuted Orthodox Church. It should be important to Christians that we maintain good relations with Russia. Putin’s behavior in Ukraine and Crimea is well-justified by John Mearsheimer and Steve Cohen in lectures available on youtube. Throwing a thousand scandal points at Hillary isn’t working. Most voters care about jobs, immigration, nuclear war much more than whether Hillary is a crook. Who isn’t a crook? Most of the public takes for granted that politicians are impure. The GOP elite and the consultants have an interest in blurring Trump’s departure from standard GOP dogma so they encourage a campaign of scandal mongering. They fantasize a cheap victory when Hillary is arrested by the FBI. Not gonna happen. Wake up and smell the issues before it’s too late.