Conservative Quislings Laud Trump Tape — And Hasten Their Own Demise

Another great "conservative" "victory."
Another great “conservative” “victory.”

So let me get this straight: the “conservatives” learned on Friday, via an old tape, that Donald Trump can sometimes say lecherous things. This has them jumping up and down for joy. Finally, a smoking gun that will slay the dragon! They’re happier than they’d have been if Hillary Clinton were caught red-handed deleting 30,000 emails, making a corrupt deal with the corrupt Justice Department and FBI, and lying to the people’s face about it.

Oh, wait…

Let another layer of irony sink in. One of the reasons Hillary is in the position she’s in now is that over the decades she intimidated victims and helped cover up Bill’s sex crimes. Trump by all accounts is a player. We knew that before this election cycle even started. Indeed, that was one of the initial reasons for the “conservative” opposition. But no one has ever accused him of rape. Yet our conservatives are positively giddy over a tape that shows Trump talking like a player, so their solution is to hand the government over to … a rape apologist and wife of a rapist.

This is typical of the “Right”: whine ineffectually about real criminality while the Left defends the indefensible. But if someone on our side gets a parking ticket, immediately throw him to the wolves to show the Left how “virtuous” you are. These people could not do us more harm if they were in active collaboration with the enemy.

And maybe some of them are?

I take back what I said about “reconciliation.” There will be no reconciliation with these quislings. I speak of course only for myself. I no longer have anything in common with any of them. The palpable joy they feel over what they assume to be the destruction of “their” party’s nominee is, for me, final proof that these people are not in any way my friends, compatriots, or even fellow travelers.

Finally, let me acknowledge that yesterday, as the story broke, several “conservatives” began mocking me on Twitter. So what does this do to your thesis now?

This is worth mentioning only as further evidence of the intellectual rot on what today counts for “the Right.” All the taunters took (and take) for granted that the tape is the final nail in Trump’s electoral coffin. And maybe it is, I don’t know.

But if it is, that in no way obviates my thesis—rather, it makes more certain the testing of my thesis. What I said was that if the Left wins this election, they will gain quasi-permanent control of the government. I say “quasi” only because I don’t rule out the possibility of a “reformed” left-wing Republican Party (or some other alternative party) eventually, and occasionally, winning against exhausted Democrats. I just can’t get excited about it the way the “conservatives” do.

I do expect, however, that if Hillary wins and what I predicted begins to come to pass, those “conservatives” will point to every micro-victory as “proof” that my thesis was wrong all along. Two counties in suburban St. Louis eased parking restrictions on recycling trucks? Deregulation! A conservative policy success! The doom-and-gloomers are fools, just like we said!

Which is to say, the gaslighting from the “Right” will start to be as intense and relentless as that from the Left.

The only consolation I will take is that those “conservatives” crowing the loudest about this are hastening their own doom. Trump’s nomination proved their irrelevance. Their role in Trump’s defeat will cut them off from whatever base of support they have left. I don’t know if they will retain (or regain) control of the Republican Party, though I expect they won’t. They’ll have enough on their plates just to keep Conservatism, Inc. solvent. Whether they can or can’t, they won’t be relevant to the conversation that the rest of us will need to have about what to do next.

About Publius Decius Mus

Publius Decius Mus, or “Decius,” is the pen name of Michael Anton. He was a senior contributing editor of American Greatness from July 2016 until January 2017. He currently serves as deputy assistant to the president for strategic communications on the National Security Council.

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67 responses to “Conservative Quislings Laud Trump Tape — And Hasten Their Own Demise”

  1. This is Exhibit #12,485 for the case that “The Republican and Conservative leadership have been bought out by the left.” There’s no other rational explanation for their actions. They are actively working on Hillary Clinton’s behalf.

    • Good, decent, well-intentioned but foolish people far-removed from our immoral world of reality TV and high society. Scared of being labeled misogynistic.

  2. It’s a dirty business going against Clinto corruption and Democrat-media collusion. Those who don’t get dirty aren’t fighting. That’s how you can tell the difference.

  3. “I take back what I said about “reconciliation.” There will be no reconciliation with these quislings.”

    Welcome to the club. We don’t know how this election will unfold, but certainly any alliance with True Conservatism, Inc., is done. If Trump loses, it really is irrelevant, anyway.

    “The only consolation I will take is that those “conservatives” crowing the loudest about this are hastening their own doom. Trump’s nomination proved their irrelevance. Their role in Trump’s defeat will cut them off from whatever base of support they have left. I don’t know if they will retain (or regain) control of the Republican Party, though I expect they won’t.”

    Mark my word: they will attempt to slither back into the tent either way November 9. Given how they have time and time again successfully betrayed the public and their voters, the arrogance is understandable. I suspect they won’t get under the awning, either, but it only matters if we win this election.

    • It’s not irrelevant if Trump loses! That is a nihilistic and defeatist attitude. There is war. There is armed rebellion. Are we to enslave ourselves because an election was lost. Jefferson said from time to time the Tree of Liberty needed to be refreshed with the blood of Tyrants AND Patriots. It is its natural manure. At the very least we can organize our selves and declare our principles. “We Hold these Truths to be self-evident….” That doesn’t mean what Ben Shapiro thinks it means. A Harvard educated lawyer and he doesn’t understand those words. Pretty amazing. Those are some of the most sophisticated words that were ever used in forming a gov’t. They are asserted as axioms which are not provable by logic but are used as the foundation to which logic may be applied in understanding the type of gov’t being formed. We could do the same. Maybe fight for TX as a state for Free Men and secede. Or do what the Poles did under Lech Walesa. Simply refuse to cooperate. Lots of options but giving up and accepting rule by Progressive Pukes isn’t a legitimate one. At the very least we could stay on the ass of Congress to stop every piece of legislation Clinton throws out and this time we might have some support from people who could formulate the principles of resistance and make them explicit. Lots of options.

  4. You call it a Flight 93 election. I call it a bar fight. I doubt seriously whether any of the prep school conservatives have ever been in a bar fight. When the bar fight begins, you have to pick sides. There is no peanut gallery in a bar fight. The funny thing is they, like me, knew it would be a bar fight and they campaigned as wimps. What was their plan – to out virtue signal the left’s values? The reason Trump was selected is the majority knew it would be bar fight. Trump has defeated Bush Inc. He is now on track to defeat Clinton Inc. If he succeeds, we retake control of our country, and can discover what a majority of it’s people want for their future. Its been 26 years since we last had that freedom.

    • When the bar fight begins, you can also quietly walk out and find some sanity. Trump isn’t on track for anything but the dustbin.

      • Trump i going to win in a landslide.

        Remember 1992 with Bill Clinton and Gennifer Flowers?

        Yeah, they really stopped him.

        And don’t even get me started on Monica Lewinsky.

        That made Bill’s poll numbers go up!

      • Puhlease. He could easily lose by over 100 electoral votes.

      • What kind of moral degenerate wants a lying, corrupt thug or a has been, goofy, lame brained Socialist who doesn’t even understand Nordic ‘socialism?’ He’d give us Venezuela (which Hilarious Godham Clinton will do as well) and think we should be grateful. Everywhere Democrats have been in control they have turned or are turning cities and towns and sometimes whole states into sewers of despondency, despair, poverty and hopelessness. And this you think is a good thing. Oh I get it. Just one more law, just another decade and you and your fellow travelers will have all the kinks in your pathological ideology worked out and will be the Platonic ideal of the wise ruler leading the riff raff. Let me give you the middle finger for thinking that is at all desirable or achievable.

      • Says the Bernie Supporter. He’s out of the race joo joo bee, but you can always cast your vote for Jill Stein; she’s also from your tribe.

      • Again with the bigotry. Impressive. You’re really proving the deplorable comment wrong. [rolleyes]

      • The analogy is meant to convey that the fight can only be engaged in at a bar room level, even though that’s not many folks preference. So, you either man up and go street, or have no influence in the outcome. We with actually balls know all about you and your type. Sharp tongues. But unwilling to take on sharp swords.

      • Oh, okay, tell me more about your bravery in hypothetical analogies.

      • Fortunately, we do not require an anology to correctly represent you as too scared to enter a fight. You represented yourself this way explicitly.

      • It’s boring always winning, winning in these little debates w/ libs like you. Hey, that’s what Trump said! No wonder he has like $10B and employs thousands and it allows him to pay millions in prop taxes! Oh, wait, H has $300M, no slouch! Whoops…she got that selling political favors to cronies, selling out America. Gosh, I guess that’s only winning for…herself. Anyway, my hand hurts from slapping you around. I’ll let you have the last word if that helps you feel better about yourself. You need it.

  5. I agree! I’m done with these “conservatives” and doubt that I can ever again take them seriously. No Trump was not my first choice for the Republican nomination, he was closer to the last. But what these quislings (what a great description) utterly failed to comprehend that he is the clear choice of a large segment the of Republican party. When you reject Trump you are rejecting these people, or more specifically you are writing off the base of the party. When you consider the great majority that supported either Trump or Cruz, and conversely rejected the “establishment” candidates, you begin to understand just how much rot there is in the party.

  6. I find it quite revealing and refreshing for all of the “establishment”‘ conservatives to come out of their closet. If Trump has done nothing more than that, it is worth it. But Trump will do much more once he becomes President.

  7. Hahahahahaha, go ahead, pretend Trump isn’t now in a downward death spiral. Everyone tried to warn you that Trump couldn’t go the distance because he had an ugly past and no discipline. But no, you guys wanted a bigoted demagogue.

    You want to keep this a 2-party dichotomy. Well, it isn’t. Prepare to lose Utah, possibly Alaska, New Hampshire and other states to a Libertarian.

    • Are you capable of not sounding like a stereotypical leftist? if so you might want to try it sometime.

      • What about facts and truth makes me sound like a leftist to you?

      • Your insistence that the dishonest leftist spin and lies you keep serving up is ‘facts and truth” is what makes you sound like a leftist. Don’t waddle and quack like a duck and then complain when you are called a duck.

      • The left is correct in what it says about Trump and the right is correct in what it says about Clinton. I sound like a leftist to you and a winger to the left. Which is perfect.

      • That’s odd – I’ve checked your comment history and you spend zero time on left-wing blogs telling people they should vote for Johnson and not Clinton. You’ve never been seen as a “winger to the left” or described as such, for the simple reason that you’re no such thing. Your entire purpose in life consists of hanging out at “winger” blogs and telling people they should not vote for Trump.

        There’s a reason why most trolls keep their comment history private.

        Your groupie Dave Edwards understands that much.

      • I’ve been long banned from any left wing blog. They can’t handle the heat. At least Republicans will fight.

      • I’ve been baned from left-wing blogs”.

        Another lie. There’s no record of any such banning in your comment history. No, you’re here every day because you’re working for a Clinton victory.

      • Maybe your idiotic and blatantly racist comments. Other than that…

      • Idiotic or racist? Take your pick. Your comment history gives me a lot to choose from.

      • I asked you a question. Do you want the idiotic quotes or racists quotes?

      • Sure here you go:

        In reference to a master forcing himself on a slave you said “It wasn’t rape, it was the greatest love story ever.”
        Oh yeah who can forget this one… “They couldn’t free their slaves, it wasn’t safe for them to be free.”

      • Oh, please, there’s nothing racist about history. Jefferson was also in debt, so he couldn’t afford to free his slaves, and if he sold them, he would not only be sending them to someplace worse, but he would have lost everything. But in the case of his FAMILY, they were far safer as “slaves” than they were free, because as his property, they were untouchable. In any case, that isn’t remotely racist and that makes you an idiot SJW.

      • Oh please…you are all over this board flinging poo and screaming “racist” at people you disagree with. Now that I have you pinned to the wall with your stupid defense of an abhorrent historical practice, you start whining about SJWs. What a weasel!
        Why don’t you stop calling people names and go back to entertaining us with your theories about how the Civil War really wasn’t civil or how congress really has no power over immigration. That is comedy.

      • I wish we could make that damn fool go away. It’s like having a Thanksgiving Day dinner with grown-ups, these Publius essays, and trying to carry on a conversation, and this “John Ash” is throwing mashed potatoes everywhere. He belongs at the kids’ table, and with a good ass-whipping later.

  8. “We’re defending the deplorable, and that’s why our enemy loses”. Such is the “logic” of “Decius”.

  9. Trump is a Double Barreled Stud.

    The Effete #nevertrumpers wouldn’t know anything about what that’s like.

    • Yes. Ask yourself how many people on that stage with him that started the primaries could have done what he did in the 2nd debate. As a Libertarian I would pick Rand Paul but, as nice a guy as he appears to be, and I’m sure he’s a fine Doctor, and I agree with many of his ideas, you don’t send a gentle soul to rumble with sewer rats. You need a fighter. You need someone with mettle, with backbone, with balls to look Hiliarious Godham Clinton in the eye and tell her she’s a disgusting liar. Who of the initial people that declared could to that? They would have all melted from the heat of the Clinton machine. Even Romney wimped out against Pajama Boy. Not all of Trump’s rivals were equally incapable, but even if you rank them, there was no one to match him for the shear courage of carrying the load he is bearing. Even if he loses he has shown how to fight and kicked the crap out of the PC Marxist Mush that the Left pushes 24/7.

  10. Yes, whatever happens with this election, this isn’t done. There are millions of Americans who are sick and tired of media analysts talking about how everyone “should” be “outraged” by what Trump said. “This is not who we are,” and all the rest. And all I can think about is how Bill and Hillary defiled the moral standards of the American Presidency (probably forever) and now have the unmitigated gall of mounting this kind of offense against Donald Trump? Really??? Donald Trump is a cad, and that’s what they’ll take him down with??? The irony is breathtakingly corrupt and politically evil. I have no love for Trump, but I can tell you that the underlying collective disgust with our establishment, on both sides of the aisle, will not evaporate. There will be a reckoning. Millions of Americans are sick and tired of this age of puritanical “outrage” and virtue signaling because we know it’s all a manipulation. How dare the same people who stayed quiet about Bill Clinton’s criminal sexual exploits talk about how Trump is unfit to lead. Wow. The reason is because it’s not about morality; it’s about power…

  11. The only conservatards making a big deal out of this are the Israel Firsters and Cohenservatives from the Weekly Standard. and Wailing Wall Kissers union. They need to be purged, then tarred and feathered.

  12. Delusion thy name is…whatever the hell your name is. I’m sure that a lot of conservatives are scared sh!tless at being dissed and cut off by an anonymous blogger. Oooooh, how very frightening.

  13. Publius is right when he says no reconciliation with Cuckservativism Inc. is possible anymore. Hopefully , Trump is of the same opinion and won’t make the mistake of letting these traitors back in.

  14. Pullius is entirely correct about the RINO establishment , they are entirely outed and can never go back in the closet ! .

  15. Where the hell have you people been? Or what took me so long to discover you? I have been saying for a long time that the problem isn’t so much the Progressive Pukes as the limp wrist-ed defense of Liberty from the Conservatives who seem to not know what to do after they publish their clever article.
    Stick, below, says it’s a bar fight and he’s exactly right! My first choice was Fiorina because she was the first one to identify that we were in a cultural war with the Left for the soul of this country. They want to radically alter what the Founders of this country gave us, which I quite like and find sane, rational and livable while the Progressives out there want to alter it, more for their own power gain than anything else. But as I watched Trump I realized he was DOING what I thought needed to be done. Without being able or perhaps just not interested in articulating the meta-fact of it, he was in the trenches willing to slug it out with people who were far more interested in maintaining appearances and kissing up to the elites and maintaining the status quo. My only grumble with Trump is that I’d like him to be a bit more articulate about Liberty and Economics. Eg, there is nothing about NAFTA that is free trade other than the words in the title. It is a 1000 pages of Byzantine regulation. Why does the government do these massive deals. That isn’t, on the face of it, free trade. These deals simply allow the wealthy and well connected to game the system so much more effectively.
    When I see folks like Charles Krauthammer, whom I have admired, LYING about Trump, it really pisses me off. Trump did not threaten in Debate 2 to put Clinton in jail. He did say in response to her quip about being glad he wasn’t in charge of the law in this country, that ‘That’s cause you’d be in jail.’ And he did say that he’d ask his AG to appoint a special prosecutor to look into these breech of security matters that have been so mishandled and lied about by the DOJ and the FBI. But that is a far cry from Krauthammer’s contention that Trump went too far towards a banana republic where you jail your opponents.
    I am happy to have found this source!

  16. I gave up on the so-called “conservatives” years ago. They don’t even know what the word means. They’re nothing but right wing Democrats calling themselves Republicans.

  17. The good thing about this video is all the people who jumped ship after it came out. Now I know the names of all the Republicans I can instantly dismiss going forward.

  18. Most impotant line in the post is the last..what will we do next? (Hopefully it will be AFTER a Trump win). It seems clear that at or near the top of the list is a well financed, coordinated efffort to destroy mainstream media. Going after advertisers, helping subscribers cut the cord, and going after lying writers on an up close and personal basis seems like a good place to start.

  19. —- There will be no reconciliation with these quislings.

    Roger that, and thumbs up.

  20. I’ve been reading and really enjoying your essays. I recently quit Ricochet for all of the reasons that you describe. I lived in China for four years, and while in China, I visited a handful of countries including Russia. After my time and experiences abroad, our decline couldn’t be more apparent, and I’m actually afraid for the future in America. On Ricochet, I explained my view of America’s condition after living abroad, of our cultural dissolution and decline, and tried to make a rational case for Trump as being the right choice despite my personal distaste for some of his tastes and style, but I was basically shouted down at Ricochet. People on the site seem to smugly love the prospect of Trump losing to Clinton; they’re living to say “I told you so” to anyone who votes for Trump over Clinton or Johnson and questioning the virtue of anyone who thinks that Clinton is the obvious danger to America. I wouldn’t have argued with them except that they seemed to be doing more than announcing their unwillingness to vote for Trump. Whenever a member tried to make the case to support Trump, a regular chorus of people jumped onto the post to shame anyone who might encourage people to vote for Trump, and the site’s editors seemed to encourage the behavior. There was a time when people generally understood progress to be closely associated with prosperity—abroad, you can still hear the association in the way that for example, Chinese might talk admiringly about America—but now, progress is a value completely divorced from reality. Ricochet conservatives seem as unconcerned with prosperity, with measuring the material success of our direction and adjusting positions and raising issues to respond to the consequences of programs, as any progressive. For me, the conservative establishment’s lack of attention to results and making a fetish of principles makes them indistinguishable from progressive ideologues who care nothing about the results of their social engineering.

    Anyway, after this election, I quit. I’m not going to rally behind some milquetoast like I did when I was in China and voted for Romney. If the Republican party and conservatives can’t offer reformers, I’m not going to waste my time or money to aid the party’s candidates. What’s the point? I’d prefer to try to arrange a move abroad to someplace where progress still requires prosperity.

    I’d recommend watching a video by a YouTube personality, Sargon of Akkad. He’s a British leftist, and he has made several videos in support of Trump. When a British leftist can be honest about Trump but conservative Americans cannot be honest about Trump, we may be finished as a country.