After this Election Conservatism Won’t be the Same

American Greatness Contributing editor, Seth Leibsohn, hosted Claremont Review of Books editor (as well as a signer of theScholars and Writers for Trumpstatement), Charles Kesler, on his radio show Friday. Among the things discussed was the question of the contours of conservatism after the election. Their discussion of the ways in which conservatism will require a moderation of the more extreme impulses of both libertarians and the traditionalists is quite good.Very much worth a listen.

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Julie Ponzi is Senior Editor of American Greatness. She holds an M.A. in political philosophy and American politics from the Claremont Graduate University. She was an Earhart Fellow and a Bradley Foundation Fellow while studying at Claremont and also earned a Publius Fellowship from The Claremont Institute. Formerly the Director of Academic Programs at the Claremont Institute, she also taught American politics at Azusa Pacific University. Her writing has appeared in the Claremont Review of Books, The Online Library of Law and Liberty, The Columbus Dispatch, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and The Washington Times. She was also a regular and long-time contributor to the Ashbrook Center's blog, No Left Turns. She lives in California. You can follow her on Twitter at @JuliePonzi

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