The End of the Libertarian Party & The Johnson Flood

johnson what is aleppo

I remember in 1980 when I first learned of the Libertarian Party.  The Clark/Koch ticket was actually interesting.  Unlikely, to be sure, but substantial and serious in intellectual heft.  Lately that party has steadily become less likely to win anything and far less substantial in any kind of heft.  The latest flap is of course Gary Johnson’s ignorance about Syria.  After revealing he thought Aleppo was an indefinite article and a noun, his sum contribution of knowledge was: “With regard to Syria, I do think it’s a  mess.”  But this ridiculousness has been going on for a while now.

First, there was the outsourcing of judicial nominees to Bill Weld, who’s beau ideals of Supreme Court Justices are an Obama appointee and a Clinton appointee.  Then there was Gary Johnson’s support for a carbon tax.  Then there was his tantrum and lecturing of Guy Benson on the inappropriateness and offensiveness of using the term “illegal immigrant.”

At this point, I want to ask disaffected conservatives–especially the multiple Cruz and Rubio supporters I know of who are planning to vote Johnson/Weld–just what part of that ticket embraces why you supported Cruz or Rubio?  One thing I’ve heard from Cruz enthusiasts over the past year or so: “He’d be great on the Supreme Court.”  Yes, I agree, he would.  And the chances of him ever making it there–much less any policy remotely conservative–have zero chance under a Clinton/Kaine or Johnson/Weld administration.

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2 responses to “The End of the Libertarian Party & The Johnson Flood”

  1. Seth, you are right, unfortunately. I followed the LP since 1976, was a member for many years. I’m very sorry about Gary Johnson’s apparent self-demolition. He was thoroughly Classical Liberal, it seemed, but then turned statist-PC weird.

  2. Open borders Gary Johnson does not make a serious contribution to the political discourse. True Libertarianism could have a major impact on political discussion but Johnson adds nothing.