Medical Murder is the #1 Cause of Death in the U.S. By Design

Think about it.  People are too expensive; the planet doesn’t have enough resources.  If Satan is successful at selling these lies, what we see happening in real time fits like a glove.

Long before COVID, even the CDC recognized that “medical malpractice” was the third leading cause of death—heart disease 700,000; cancer 600,000; medical malpractice 400,000 annual deaths.  There is legitimate malpractice—negligence due to human error.  What’s behind the curtain?

The murder of my disabled daughter during COVID woke me up.  1,200,000 hospital murders in 39 months!  America was #1 in hospital deaths during the COVID era, with India (with 4X the population) a distant #2, with 530,000 deaths.  All these deaths can’t be malpractice.

What’s going on?  The United States incentivized protocols designed to kill.  Why?  The ultimate source is the Satanic agenda, which I’ll cover in a subsequent article.  The most common excuse used by bureaucrats is money.  People are too expensive.  There are 135,000,000 Americans on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and the cost is over 50% of the annual federal budget.  At an annual cost of $35,000 per person, you can see why “elderly” and “disabled” were the first and second causes of hospital deaths during COVID.  The average COVID incentive was $100,000 paid to hospitals, so there was a three-year payback to the government responsible for the scheme!

The plot thickens when you see that Medicare and Medicaid rules were relaxed during COVID, adding 38,000,000 Americans to this bureaucracy.  Why?  Following the pattern set by the Rockefellers (their pharmaceuticals caused cancer, so they funded the American Cancer Society), the government behind COVID (spoiler alert: America) wanted its citizens to have “free” medical coverage, to give the impression of helping.

The reality is beginning to hit us now.  Most of these individuals got the bioweapon disguised as a vaccine.  There is currently a 24% increase in all-cause mortality in the jabbed.  Cancer rates are skyrocketing.  What do you think the “free” medical coverage will do to these people next?

Taking a longer view, Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the country’s most influential bioethicists and a prime architect of Obamacare, wrote as far back as 1996 that health care “services provided to individuals who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens are not basic and should not be guaranteed.”  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) determines the standards of “care” for the entire country.  Doctors and nurses hide behind “standards of care” as their excuse to kill us while being paid to do so.  To be fair, some have little idea they are doing the dirty work, blinded by medical programming.  To boot, state statutes written long before COVID give legal immunity for following “standards of care.”

I want to be blunt.  Standards of care are designed to hasten death, and hastening death is murder.

If a person is diagnosed with cancer today and has submitted to the conventional medical system, he sits down with his doctor to discuss the diagnosis.  After the initial shock, the doctor only recommends one of three “standards of care”: surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.  No real cures are offered other than surgery if caught early enough, in spite of the multiple alternative treatments available.  Since the patient is programmed to have medical insurance, his only question becomes, “Does my insurance cover your treatment?”  Next, the doctor signs the patient up for a premature death; chemotherapy offers a whopping 2.1% success rate.  I trust you can see the problem.

Obviously, I’m shining a light on the medical industrial complex and the federal government.  Who else is in on it?  State government; big business; churches; and controlled opposition.

State governments delegate the licensing of doctors and nurses to regulatory boards made up of doctors.  State legislatures, under the guise of tort reform, have passed laws limiting the liability of those in the medical profession.  What other business has liability protection for making “mistakes?”  To be specific, in Wisconsin, the Medical Examining Board, which has 13 members, 10 of whom are physicians, is supposed to protect citizens—but think about it this way: the killers appoint their own as judge and jury!  Then, the legislature creates walled gardens around doctors when they make a mistake, regardless of the cause.

At a minimum, big business is involved in profiting from propaganda.  Current life insurance applications do not ask if the applicant was jabbed with the COVID bioweapon.  With a 24% increase in all-cause mortality, this fact alone would bankrupt insurance companies.  Our tax money at work.

The surprising player is churches, until you see God warned us ahead of time.  Watered-down teaching of Romans 13 and 14 facilitates Satanic-sponsored agendas like vaccination clinics.  Churches taking government grants to close their doors out of obedience to a Satanic mandate shocked me during the research. And there’s much more.

Last, controlled opposition seems to be all around us.  Newsmax is held out as a source of truth, against the alphabet networks, to put our continued trust in man.  The Medical Freedom Movement seems to spin just the opposite of real freedom—often calling the bioweapon a vaccine and still promoting a vaccine narrative that was never designed to rid us of disease.  The top people in the movement state that the problem was not enough testing or regulation.  If someone calls the COVID response a failure, watch out.  It was an absolute success—not only culling the population but showing the Satanic puppets just how their slaves would react.

The truth is stranger than fiction.

Scott Schara, host of Deprogramming With Grace’s Dad, realized he had been programmed to believe a litany of things that weren’t true after the medical murder of his daughter Grace Schara, a beautiful 19-year-old with Down syndrome died on October 13, 2021, in a hospital after being given a lethal combination of medications. 

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Notable Replies

  1. First, let me offer my condolences on the tragedy of your daughter’s murder. So many of us knew this was BS from the beginning and refused to take the toxic jab. I protected family members from taking the toxic jab and took nothing but flak from relatives. Still no apologies for putting me through hell, but I don’t care. I saved lives of people I love and will never apologize for that. What saved us when we got WuFlu? Epoch Times Joe Mercola and others writing in the wellness section on how to combat inflammation in the body. It cost a fraction of any of the “standard” WuFlu treatments and was successful. Americans are taught to accept the overcomplication of many things, when simplicity is often the right approach. There is little wisdom seeping into the national conscience these days.

    Are you truly shocked that the same people who spend time, money and energy researching ways to abort babies more “conveniently”, would blink at killing granny and the disabled? Really? I trust no one in “healthcare” or any government position. As crazy as people thought Glenn Beck, he was completely correct about the end goal of Obama and his masters. He warned Americans that the country would not be the same in ten years. It isn’t. Yet, people like the Rockefellers still exist and exert disproportionate influence, showing other demonic types (Gates Foundation, anyone?) how to exert influence through tax-exempt foundations. We allow this.

    Pope Franny lectures the faithful on accepting homosexuals and “trans” people (no such thing). My local Catholic church closed to parishioners during WuFlu, but made sure to send out those donation envelopes!

    The world is indeed changed. Sleepers awakened, including this one.

  2. Just a few days ago, Pope Francis signed a 28 page doc that blasts transgenderism and surgeries. Many people were surprised as he seemed to embrace the LGBQT people felt that Pope Francis was blurring the lines and even opening the door.

    It’s a bit late, but I am happy to see this stance.

  3. Condolences to you and your family for the loss of your daughter.

    Covid opened up my eyes to the lies and corruption of all of our institutions. Worse, I saw the medical institutions impose standards that were ridiculous. Masks, vaccines, banning of Hydroxy and Ivermectin - a complete abandonment of the “do no harm” Hippocratic oath they all took.

    Our government has too much money. It pays NGOs to traffic illegals across the border. It pays for students to go out and get votes. It pays for medical industries to continue the demise of proper care. The education system is completely broken. They buy Hamas protestors. At this point, there is nothing the government hasn’t bought.

    Once the money spigot stops, the corruption will get rolled back. We must vote President Trump back in office. If we swamp the polls with Trump votes, we can curtail the cheating. I hope we can all try to help get out the vote.

  4. I have no illusions where Donald Trump is concerned. He will not and cannot restore this government to constitutional order by himself. Unless there is a massive wave in November for more people who want constitutional rule, not tyranny, things will go on as they are, albeit at a slower pace. Trump will not destroy the Deep State. He can’t.

  5. Avatar for task task says:

    For a lot of us in the medical profession it was easy to be skeptical. Yet some were just as deceived as average Americans because of one common denominator. They were Democrats who believed that their government would never get things so wrong, let alone deliberately do so, for mendacious reasons. Even I, despite being skeptical of a biological injection, as veterinarian with lots of experience with failed traditional vaccines (the injection is not a traditional vaccine), believed efforts were earnestly directed to a good faith solution based on a crisis situation. And, of course, that is exactly what fooled Donald Trump, who had no medical background, and relied on some of the greatest con people ever created. Most people did not know that at the time. As a veterinarian I had an additional advantage. I was very aware of Anthony Fauci and his attempt to create an HIV vaccination. I will not go into details associated with creating vaccinations against reverse transcriptase RNA viruses other than to say it is difficult. It has been done successfully but not in the manner that was used by Big Pharma to create the Covid -19 injection.

    Never forget Dr. Fauci’s remark in 2017 which hinted that the Trump Administration might have to deal with an " infectious disease" outbreak during his presidency. Words have perceived meaning. Using the word “Vaccination” is no different than using the word “Insurrection”. Both words were used to create a perception that has no basis in what was being done or what happened. Both were designed to fool the public. And it is still being done in dozens of different ways by the same people. They are all Democrats.

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