Stripping Americans of Gun Rights to Arm Illegals. What Could Go Wrong?

The left seems as confused about the Second Amendment’s purpose as it is bent on disarming American citizens, supposedly to prevent “gun violence.” Now a Chicago judge has added a new wrinkle: Arming illegal aliens.

And you thought Joe Biden’s border crisis couldn’t get worse.

Nothing better illustrates the left’s bizarre, sinister, and downright lawless attitude than two back-to-back gun control decisions from two leftist courts in two infamously blue states, Illinois and Hawaii. Within a single month, “progressive” judges decided that law-abiding Americans do not have the right to freely bear arms, but non-citizens living here illegally do. Yes, you read that correctly.

On Feb. 7, the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled that an individual’s right to carry a firearm is not protected under the Second Amendment—a decision that undermines the authority of the Supreme Court of the United States in three landmark Second Amendment cases. Then on March 8, Obama-appointed U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman ruled that the charges for unlawfully possessing a firearm against illegal alien Heriberto Carbajal-Flores should be dropped.

Coleman argued that the gun was for “self-defense” as Chicago has seen much “civil unrest.” Let’s not forget that “civil unrest” is due to leftist policies like bail reform that dump hundreds of violent criminals back on the streets to further commit crimes.

How can the left logically square these two decisions? Not only do their policies support a massive influx of illegal immigrants, but they also want to arm them while blocking law-abiding citizens from exercising the same rights.

“While the Supreme Court of Hawaii is free to determine—apparently through the power of the ‘Aloha Spirit’—that its own identically worded state constitution affords protection for only a collective right, it is not free to override the meaning afforded by the U.S. Supreme Court in Heller, McDonald, and Bruen to the federal constitutional right to keep and bear arms,” Amy Swearer, senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Both situations are an insanity made possible by “progressive” judges abusing their power to legislate from the bench and could set a dangerous precedent moving forward.

In the past, the notion that the Bill of Rights uses phrases like “person,” “people,” or “individual” in place of “citizen” has been used to establish who is entitled to the rights in the first 10 constitutional amendments. This idea is used in cases like Yamataya v. Fisher, which established due process for immigrants, and Plyler v. Doe, which granted free public education to immigrant children, but the situation is a bit different for firearms.

Someone, citizen or non-citizen, who breaks the law is still entitled to due process, and a child who is under prosecution for a crime still has access to free education. But anyone who breaks the law can temporarily or permanently lose their rights, including the right to bear arms.

Illegal aliens, by definition, are criminals since they’re actively living in the country in defiance of federal immigration law. While they may be subject to certain rights, firearms should not be in that category.

The back-to-back rulings are very concerning for the landscape of the Second Amendment moving forward. Not only do we see the federal government overstepping its position by strengthening its many agencies to restrict the rights of Americans, but we also now have ideology-driven judges legislating from the bench without remorse.

If anything, it paints a stark picture of what the left is working towards: protecting illegal aliens while persecuting Americans. After all, the 2024 elections are just around the corner, and a large influx of illegal immigrants who continue to look more like citizens could be a powerful counter to President Joe Biden’s flagging poll numbers.

Speaking of giving illegal immigrants more rights, California, in all its “progressive” wisdom, bypassed federal law in 2022 by allowing immigrants in the U.S. working under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to become police officers.

Not only will they be protected for carrying guns illegally under Judge Coleman’s new ruling, but they might also be the ones who arrest you for legally carrying guns! What is wrong with this picture?

“Progressive” judges will continue to undermine the Constitution and put America last while Biden and his allies push further and further left, but we can stop this assault.

Law-abiding Americans who care about this country need to take back the reigns in November to stop the influx of nearly 2.3 million illegal immigrants under Biden, who are now theoretically allowed to carry firearms.

The charade has gone on long enough.

Bronson Winslow is an investigative researcher for Restoration News, published by Restoration of America

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