The National Security Implications of Biden’s Open Border Are Transformative for America

The Biden administration has opened the United States’ border, and this has fundamentally threatened America’s national security in ways not felt since the early days of WWII.  The implications of this open border are numerous and multifaceted.  As should be expected, when a state does not enforce its sovereignty at its border, anyone can enter and do so anonymously.  In this population of the many, many millions of people who have illegally crossed the border, there are—with certainty—criminals, agents of foreign powers, which undoubtedly include intelligence agents, potential saboteurs, soldiers, special operators, terrorists, and terrorist sympathizers.  Also entering the U.S. are human traffickers and narcotics of every type, including fentanyl and other even more potent synthetic opioids and other drugs.  In an era of COVID-19, the mass migration of people inevitably includes diseases, parasites, and potentially the next pandemic that will further stress the hospitals and health systems of the country.

America’s enemies must be thanking their lucky stars that Biden has essentially invited and welcomed into the U.S. anyone who can make it.  The Biden administration has given America’s enemies the very tools they need to undermine the U.S. from within.  Throughout history, America has fought its major wars with a secure homefront.  Even with a population of immigrants, it was difficult for our enemies in Germany, Italy, Japan, and the Soviet Union to infiltrate American society for two reasons: first, because America policed its borders and protected its citizens; and second, because of the inherent patriotism that Americans, even from these very same nations, felt towards their new adopted home.  The same cannot be said for today, as we do not know who is in the U.S., nor do we have the same sense of patriotic responsibility as we did a half a century ago.  Now, it is reasonable to believe that some of these unvetted aliens may be here to serve as a fifth column.

Americans have not begun to comprehend the costs imposed on their society by the Biden administration’s open border policy. The gravity of the situation is unparalleled; it is, in fact, existential for the United States. The illegal immigrants are a tool of the Biden administration’s effort to forever alter the United States.

The greatest costs are to American citizens and the Constitutional Republic.  What the American people are losing is their birthright—what has been bequeathed to them from the American Founders and from previous generations—generations that included millions of patriotic immigrants who aligned their loyalty to the Constitution, not a party.  American political ideology, culture, principles, expectations, and institutions are under assault as never before.  Indeed, the very idea of the United States is being fundamentally transformed by this policy of open borders.  The dominant American ideology of political liberalism is being replaced by a form of communist tyranny.  The duty of government, as defined in American political tradition and in U.S. founding documents, is to protect and serve American citizens.  Today, the American people have lost the expectation that their government is working for them.  That it will provide a commonwealth that will advance their interests, which include life, liberty, happiness, and security for American citizens.  Instead, the American people have an administration that is working to destroy what their forebears created: a free and stable country with a free-market economy and a vibrant civil society in a land of unsurpassed natural beauty that was the envy of the world.

The Biden administration’s open border policy is being employed to change the U.S. from a constitutional republic to a tyranny dominated by a single political party, much like in Communist Party-led China.

The administration cannot do this alone.  It has received substantial help.  Its allies include a compliant and supportive media.  Government officials who know laws and procedures are being violated and yet participate in law-breaking.  Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials that turn a blind eye because they support the administration or choose to acquiesce.  Big city mayors and other officials of sanctuary cities now must incur the costs of those policies.  A Republican Party establishment that is, de facto, controlled opposition and will never actually oppose the Biden administration but is content to walk one or two steps behind them.  The entities, including the airlines that transport and house illegal immigrants.  International and domestic non-governmental organizations and nonprofits that ensure the machinery of illegal immigration continues without interruption.  As this invasion becomes the issue of the 2024 presidential campaign, many more facilitators will be revealed.

The result of this industrial-scale lawlessness is the erosion of the rule of law and the evaporation of the American political contract between the U.S. government and the American people.  For so many generations, Americans gave respect and support to their government because they knew it was working to advance American interests, the foremost of which was the common good of the American people.

Biden’s open border policy is an existential national security threat because now tyranny knows that the door is open.  Tyranny, even if it has an American face, will follow a sadly familiar trajectory.  What will happen in the United States is what has occurred on the path to every tyranny: once the tyrant knows that there is no effective opposition, he will keep pushing until he has absolute control.  Today’s open border will segue soon into other issues, compelling the American people to yield.  Permanent one-party control will be the result, which will soon elide into tyrannical rule.  The American Republic will be lost.  What the Biden administration has done is appalling and in hostile opposition to America’s history and American political ideology, culture, values, principles, and traditions.  The new Republican leadership in the House of Representatives and state officials, as in Texas, have to employ every measure they can to stop this lawlessness—everything is at stake.

James E. Fanell and Bradley A. Thayer are coauthors of the forthcoming Embracing Communist China: America’s Greatest Strategic Failure.

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About James E. Fanell and Bradley A. Thayer

James Fanell is a government fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, a retired captain in the U.S. Navy and a former director of intelligence and information operations for the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Bradley A. Thayer is a Founding Member of the Committee on Present Danger China and the coauthor with Lianchao Han of Understanding the China Threat.

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  1. Avatar for Alecto Alecto says:

    The entire regime must be dismantled and destroyed in order to restore some semblance of self-governance of, by and for the people. Must we fight another Gettysburg in order to accomplish this? Must we secede and get our guns? I’d like to believe that Americans are as dedicated to the principles of life, liberty and justice now as they have remained for nearly a quarter millennium, and I know that many people around the world are committed to self-governance manifested in different ways. I don’t believe Americans know how to achieve it, to fight back without the illegitimate Biden regime lashing out and punishing them. I’d also point out that a very large contingency of the federal government is populated by immigrants, many of whom hate the United States.

    It seems the best way to attack the system is from a state strategy. If Whitewater, WI citizens choose to welcome criminals to their town in violation of our laws and the people charged with maintaining order and fulfilling the duties of their offices reject the laws, then they must suffer the consequences. Currently, Congress is eliminating those consequences for large cities and small cities labeled “sanctuaries”. If citizens pay taxes while foreign invaders pillage those tax-funded resources and services, how long before citizens stop paying taxes and the whole enchilada collapses? Of course, even MAGA governors and Republicans haven’t challenged Plyler v. Doe, which had the effect of conferring free-for-life education paid by generations of taxpayers! Not ONE challenge!

    We’ve seen this kind of tax collapse before, when the Fed and the U.S. government inflated, then collapsed the housing market (the Fed is the agent of economic instability and chaos). Small towns and cities became ghost towns. Remember that the bailouts went to large banks and Wall Street under the auspices of “Too Big To Fail”. Once the foreign invaders have wreaked enough havoc, the Fed won’t be able to fix this and civil unrest on a large scale will necessarily follow. We should attempt to stop all of it by joining with locals and state reps who want to follow the rule of law and put citizens first.

  2. Avatar for Huey65 Huey65 says:

    Not only do American citizens no longer expect “their government “ to work to “advance their interests “, but many now realize, including yours truly, that we are in a full blown “abusive relationship “ with the government.

  3. Our country as we know it will never be the same unless this treasonous administration is stopped.

  4. The Biden regime hasn’t just invited the world to come here; it offered to facilitate the entry of millions of hostile aliens into American society with gainful employment and medical care. Much of this will come at the expense of real citizens, so it has to be assumed that the people running Biden’s brain hope its disastrous effects don’t show up so disruptively this year. Oh, but they will. Democrats will never recover from what Obama and Biden have already done to the country. The next ten and a half months could bury their party for good.

    I believe Trump will keep his promise to deport many, if not most, of these people. From what I’ve heard, they’re rather easy to find. Many people, even illegals who came before 2021, are willing and eager to help.

  5. The consequences of the Biden administration’s dereliction of duty and Biden’s own betrayal of his oath of office are indeed catastrophic. We cannot overestimate the existential threat to every aspect of American society.

    The noble experiment and the American Dream are dying, dealt mortal blows by an insidious evil that spread like a poisonous cancer.

    We are now in the eleventh hour. The majority of Americans have slumbered, complacent in their belief that America would endure. It remained for someone else to confront the monsters, to fight the battles. Is the sleeping giant of American patriotism, ingenuity and resourcefulness able to rouse himself from this long and dangerous sleep?

    There have been other times of maximum peril for America. One such time was the fledgling nation’s struggle to escape the yoke of tyranny, in one of her darkest hours, facing defeat, America refused to be swept away.

    On the hundredth anniversary of the evacuation of Valley Forge a man by the name of Henry Armitt Brown gave an oration to remind Americans, then and future generations, the price that was paid to ensure the noble experiment would live and thrive. What follows is an excerpt of his speech:

    "…Americans: — A hundred years have passed away, and that civilization and that liberty are still your heritage. But think not that such an inheritance can be kept safe without exertion. It is the burden of your happiness that with it privilege and duty go hand-m-hand together. You cannot shirk the present and enjoy in the future the blessings of the past. Yesterday begot to-day, and to-day is the parent of to-morrow. The old time may be secure, but the new time is uncertain. The dead are safe; it is the privilege of the living to be in peril. A country is benefited by great actions only so long as her children are able to repeat them. The memory of this spot shall be an everlasting honor for our fathers, but we can make it an eternal shame for ourselves if we choose to do so. The glory of Lexington and Bunker Hill and Saratoga and Valley Forge belongs not to you and me, but we can make it ours if we will. It is well for us to keep these anniversaries of great events ; it is well for us to meet by thousands on these historic spots; it is well to walk by those unknown graves and follow the windings of the breastworks that encircle yonder hill ; it is well for us to gather beneath yon little fort, which the storms of so many winters have tenderly spared to look down on us to-day ; it is well to commemorate the past with song and eulogy and pleasant festival,’ — but it is not If they could return whose forms have been passing in imagination before our eyes ; if in the presence of this holy hour the dead could rise and lips dumb for a century find again a tongue, might they not say to us: You do well, countrymen, to commemorate this time ; you do well to honor those who yielded up their lives in glory here. Theirs was a perfect sacrifice, and the debt you owe them you can never pay. Your lines have fallen in a happier time. The boundaries of your Union stretch from sea to sea. You enjoy all the blessings which Providence can bestow, — a peace we never knew, a wealth we never hoped for, a power of which we never dreamed. Yet think not that these things only can make a nation great We laid the foundation of your happiness in a time of trouble, in days of sorrow and perplexity, of doubt, distress, and danger, of cold and hunger, of suffering and want. We built it up by virtue, by courage, by self-sacrifice, by unfailing patriotism, by unceasing vigilance. By those things alone did we win your liberties ; by them only can you hope to keep them. Do you revere our names ? Then follow our example. Are you proud of our achievements ? Then try to imitate them. Do you honor our memories ? Then do as we have done. You owe something to America better than all those things which you spread before her with such lavish hand, — something which she needs as much in her prosperity to-day as ever in the sharpest crisis of her fate, — yourselves ! For you have duties to perform as well as we. It was ours to create; it is yours to preserve. It was ours to found ; it is yours to perpetuate. It was ours to organize; it is yours to purify! And what nobler spectacle can you present to mankind to-day than that of a people honest, steadfast, and secure, — mindful of the lessons of experience, — true to the teachings of history, — led by the loftiest examples, and bound together to protect their institutions at the close of the century, as their fathers were to win them at the beginning, by the ties of “Virtue, Honor, and Love of Country,” — by that virtue which makes perfect the happiness of a people, — by that honor which constitutes the chief greatness of a State, — by that patriotism which survives all things, braves all things, endures all things, achieves all things, and which, though it find a refuge nowhere else, should live in the heart of every true American ?

    My countrymen : — The century that has gone by has changed the face of nature and wrought a revolution in the habits of mankind. We stand to-day at the dawn of an extraordinary age. Freed from the chains of ancient thought and superstition, man has begun to win the most extraordinary victories in the domain of science. One by one he has dispelled the doubts of the ancient world. Nothing is too difficult for his hand to attempt,— no region too remote, — no place too sacred for his daring eye to penetrate. He has robbed the earth of her secrets, and sought to solve the mysteries of the heavens ! He has secured and chained to his service the elemental forces of nature; he has made the fire his steed; the winds his ministers; the seas his pathway; the lightning his messenger. He has descended into the bowels of the earth, and walked in safety on the bottom of the sea. He has raised his head above the clouds, and made the impalpable air his resting-place. He has tried to analyze the stars, count the constellations, and weigh the sun. He has advanced with such astounding speed that, breathless, we have reached a moment when it seems as if distance had been annihilated, time made as naught, the invisible seen, the inaudible heard, the unspeakable spoken, the intangible felt, the impossible accomplished. And already we knock at the door of a new century which promises to be infinitely brighter and more enlightened and happier than this. But in all this blaze of light which illuminates the present and casts its reflection into the distant recesses of the past, there is not a single ray that shoots into the future. Not one step have we taken toward the solution of the mystery of life. That remains to-day as dark and unfathomable as it was ten thousand years ago.

    We know that we are more fortunate than our fathers. We believe that our children shall be happier than we. We know that this century is more enlightened than the last We believe that the time to come will be better and more glorious than this. We think, we believe, we hope, but we do not know. Across that threshold we may not pass ; behind that veil we may not penetrate. Into that country it may not be for us to go. It may be vouchsafed for us to behold it, wonderingly, from afar, but never to enter it. It matters not. The age in which we Have is but a link in the endless and eternal chain, Our lives are like the sands upon the shore ; our voices like the breath of this summer breeze that stirs the leaf for a moment and is forgotten. Whence we have come and whither we shall go not one of us can tell. And the last survivor of this mighty multitude shall stay but a little while.

    But in the impenetrable To be, the endless generations are advancing to take our places as we fall. For them as for us shall the earth roll on, and the seasons come and go, the snowflakes fall, the flowers bloom, and the harvests be gathered in. For them as for us shall the sun, like the life of man, rise out of darkness in the morning and sink into darkness in the night. For them as for us shall the years march by in the sublime procession of the ages. And here, in this place of sacrifice, in this vale of humiliation, in this valley of the Shadow of that Death out of which the Life of America arose, regenerate and free, let us believe with an abiding faith that to them Union will seem as dear, and Liberty as sweet, and Progress as glorious as they were to our fathers, and are to you and me, and that the institutions which have made us happy, preserved by the virtue of our children, shall bless the remotest generations of the time to come. And unto Him who holds in the hollow of His hand the fate of nations, and yet marks the sparrow’s fall, let us lift up our hearts this day, and into His eternal care commend ourselves, our children, and our country." Oration of Henry Armitt Brown. ''One Hundredth Anniversary - Evacuation of Valley Forge." June 19 1878. Printed by J.B.Lippincott & Co., Philadephia, 1879. pp33-36.

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