Erasing Trump from 2024 Ballot Is an Inside-the-Beltway Job

Credit Activism Inc. for taking the nation one step closer towards dictatorship.

While all eyes are on the Colorado Supreme Court—which voted 4–3 on Dec. 19 to bar likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump from the March 2024 primary ballot—they should be scrutinizing the professional litigant groups who’ve spent months shopping blue state courts for precisely this ruling.

We’ve been tracking them since this sinister campaign began in early September. Here’s the rundown.

The two groups behind the scheme are the irresponsibly named Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington (CREW) and Free Speech for People (FSP), both led by left-wing political strategists and heavily funded by “dark money” mega-donors.

For years, CREW—whose website boasts it “successfully barred Trump from the Colorado ballot”—was helmed by Republican-turned-Clinton crony David Brock. It’s funded with a heap of cash from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and the Barbra Streisand Foundation.

FSP, which started calls to impeach Trump the day he was sworn in in 2017, believes the Electoral College is a threat to the Constitution that must be abolished—a position it apparently didn’t hold before 2016.

Then there’s FSP founder John Bonifaz, who labels anyone who questions the questionable 2020 election an “election denier,” conveniently eliding his own history of questioning the 2004 election before Congress and later claiming voting machines were “manipulated or hacked” in Trump’s favor in the 2016 election.

In 2023, that’s an indictable offense… unless you’re a Democrat.

Pretending Trump is a pseudo-Confederate “insurrectionist” is only the pair’s latest scam; before that, they peddled the Foreign Emoluments Clause theory that Trump was susceptible to foreign bribes and control. Before that, it was Trump’s phony “ties” to Russia.

Joining them is Common Cause, a Soros-funded litigation nonprofit behind the Democrats’ radical “For the People Act,” now revived as the “Freedom to Vote Act,” which promises to save democracy by removing all of the democratic bits. Like FSP, Common Cause is also pushing National Popular Vote legislation to bypass the Electoral College in presidential elections, solidifying Democrat control of Washington ‘til Doomsday.

It’s a similar story with the Constitutional Accountability Center (CAC), an amicus filer in the Colorado case that was behind the lawsuit barrage demanding Trump’s tax returns in 2019.

You’ll be shocked to learn that it also receives millions of dollars from Soros and the Silicon Valley-based Hewlett Foundation. That’s because CAC is on the shortlist of must-fund groups for the Democracy Alliance, the cabal that gathers the Left’s top financiers annually to coordinate their political spending—meaning it can count on a near-limitless spigot of “dark money” for decades to come.

Each of these groups spent months shopping their absurd “insurrectionist” theory in blue states with Democrat-controlled courts—and even then they lost in bright-blue Minnesota and Michigan. But they only needed one victory, which they finally nabbed in Colorado. At least until the U.S. Supreme Court takes up the case in January 2024.

We’d warn the Left that this sort of short-term power grab always comes back to bite them in the rear (see Harry Reid’s nuclear option), but the Trump-hating Left wouldn’t learn a thing. Instead, Republicans should make hay with this latest Democrat blunder and launch their own lawfare operations, starting with the pro-Hamas insurrectionists led by the terrorist-friendly Linda Sarsour who invaded the U.S. Capitol the same day Colorado handed down its verdict.

The Left only understands strength. Start talking in their language.

Hayden Ludwig is the research director for Restoration of America, which publishes Restoration News

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About Hayden Ludwig

Hayden Ludwig is director of policy research for Restoration of America.

Photo: US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump casts a shadow as he speaks at the Polish National Alliance in Chicago, Illinois, on September 28, 2016. / AFP / Jewel SAMAD (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP via Getty Images)

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  1. The Left only understands strength. Start talking in their language.

    I don’t think Mr. Ludwig understands “their language” the way the left does. However, I do heartily agree with the general sentiment.

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