We Are All Victims of The Left’s ‘Victims’

We are all victims of the Left’s “victims.”

What do I mean by that?

I mean that virtually every single group or entity that fits under the Left’s intersectionality “victimization” hierarchy—is not only not a victim, but they are in fact the aggressors.

And since we—and by we, I mean those who love God, country, and family— are not part of their “victimization” tree, that means we are characterized as the enemy.

But by lumping us all together as somehow responsible for the suffering of the “marginalized” that means that we are not only the targets of their vitriol and bigotry—but we are in fact the real victims.

Let me explain.

The Left has created a false myth that says law enforcement is randomly hunting down black people—which in turn has not only kneecapped police officers and prevented them from doing their jobs effectively, but it has arguably made every single interaction between a cop and a criminal more dangerous than it needs to be.

It has also made once vibrant neighborhoods noticeably less safe for the taxpayers who live there.

What that means is the real victims are not the career criminals, but the men and women who stand on the thin blue line—as well as the law-abiding families who now have to fear for their children walking home from school without getting mugged by a violent repeat offender, who has no business roaming the streets.

I know this seems fairly straightforward—but the Left still hasn’t caught on.

Here’s another example.

We were told all throughout the Covid pandemic, which judging by the pro-Hamas rallies, is still going on—that those who did not wish to wear filthy disgusting and useless face cloths—or who did not wish to take an unproven vaccine were going to cause harm and even death to others.

Conversely we were also told that keeping a restaurant open—so that people didn’t lose their entire livelihoods and providing people the choice to determine if they wanted to take the bold risk of eating spaghetti and meatballs outside the confines of their home—was not only selfish and immoral, but dangerous.

According to the Left, the victims in this situation were the sheep who did exactly as they were told, and were perfectly fine getting paid to attend Zoom happy hours from their beach home while they were quadruple vaxxed and wore three face cloths 45 minutes per day—lest they transmit those deadly particles through their Macbook.

Clearly those people are better humans than you and I will ever be.

Oh the sacrifices the laptop class had to make.

But in reality, the real victims were the children of working class families, who had trouble paying attention in class while breathing through facemasks, and whose learning was unnecessarily stunted. The victims were also the small business owners who had to shut down their establishments—not through a diminished market demand, but through coercive government force.

Again, this seems fairly straightforward, but somehow the Left made the real victims out to be the bad guys.

Or what about this example.

We have been told by the Left that transgender people—also known as people with gender dysphoria—are somehow living in danger, if we don’t change our laws to accommodate them.

But apparently the high school female field hockey player in Swampscott, Massachusetts who just had her teeth knocked out by a biological boy, or the women who are now forced to undress next to “girls” with penises are not victims—but rather discriminatory and intolerant.

Sure, whatever.

And now for the most recent egregious example.

Only when you have a sick and twisted view of humanity, and a hatred of Jews could you find a way to blame the only democratic country, in a region full of terrorists, for the most barbaric slaughtering of the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

Before Israel fired even one shot at Gaza, there were already students, professors and activists on college campuses and in our urban cities—marching in the streets, applauding the burning of babies, the mutilation of women, the butchering of parents in front of their own children, the kidnapping of the elderly who had survived the Holocaust—and the raping of girls.

The Left and their media acolytes on MSNBC, CNN and in the pages of the New York Times and The Washington Post, are now telling us that the real victims are not any of the people who were slaughtered on October 7, but rather the people who did the slaughtering.

And now we’re being told by these same level headed intellectuals that Israel has no right to self defense.

Because you see, it’s not fair to the Palestinians that their elected leaders, who also happen to be terrorists, just decided to place their bombs in hospitals and schools. There must be an immediate ceasefire, even if it means more pogroms, like the one on October 7.

And it’s not fair to the Hamas sympathizers on college campuses that they can’t shout for another Intifida and the eradication of Israel. No, in fact spewing that kind of hatred as Jewish students walk across the quad is as American as apple pie.

Personally, I don’t like playing the victim card, because that is what the Left does with impunity.

But when Jewish people are savagely slaughtered and students at Cooper Union College are locked in the library due to deranged Hamas supporters threatening their safety, as though they’re in Dachau circa 1940, I have no problem playing the victim card.

Because again, we are all victims of the Left’s “victims.”

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About Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is the pseudonym for a writer who was a speechwriter in the Trump Administration.

Photo: ITHACA, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 3: A Cornell University campus police officer and a state trooper sit parked outside the Center for Jewish Living on November 3, 2023 in Ithaca, New York, where a Unity Shabbat dinner was held. The university canceled classes after one of its students is accused of making violent antisemitic threats. (Photo by Matt Burkhartt/Getty Images)