Biden’s Oval Office Address Was A Disgrace

Apparently the 81 million Americans who voted for Joe Biden in 2020 didn’t get the memo that elections have consequences.

Or maybe they wanted a diminished United States and a world in turmoil.

Like Obamacare, you get what you pay for.

When you elect a weak, decrepit, senile man who should have 24 hour care in a nursing home somewhere near Rehoboth Beach, not 24 hour Secret Service protection at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue—it leads to the world becoming a dark, dangerous, and chaotic place.

It leads to a horrendous Afghanistan withdrawal that signals to our adversaries they can do whatever they want without retribution.

It leads to Russia going into Ukraine with a war that has no end in sight.

It leads to China continuing to threaten Taiwan by flying fighter jets near the island—without any serious pushback.

It leads to the appeasement of a terrorist regime in Iran.

And now it leads to the slaughtering of more than 1,400 Israeli’s and at least 32 Americans, who were butchered by Hamas barbarians in their own homes and at a concert for peace—of all places.

Lord knows how many additional innocent civilians are currently being held hostage by these Iranian-backed devilish monsters.

But fear not, in an Oval Office address on Thursday, Biden tried and failed miserably to reassure the American people that he is even remotely capable of cleaning up this mess the world now finds itself in—due to his incompetence, diminished mental acuity—and the continuation of his historically disastrous foreign policy decisions.

No one who listened to that 13-minute meandering, incoherent jargon should be reassured of anything, except for our enemies—who no longer fear us and no doubt will be emboldened to continue to set the world on fire, as long as Biden is in the White House.

Biden appropriately started by praising the Israelis for their strength and resiliency—but he quickly tried appeasing the radicals in his party by playing both sides and said, “the United States remains committed to the Palestinian people’s right to dignity and to self-determination. The actions of Hamas terrorists don’t take that right away.”

This is wherein the problem lies.

Actually, the actions of Hamas terrorists do take that right away, because they are the savage leaders that the Palestinians put in charge of their government.

When they deliberately place their bomb shelters inside hospitals and schools—the entire goal is for Israel to either do nothing to defend itself, or respond with force that will spark outrage from useful idiots like the U.N.

Meanwhile the terrorists know that Hamas apologists at the New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC, CNN, and the rest of the anti-Israel legacy media—as well as the members of the Hamas Caucus that includes Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Ohmar and AOC—will pressure Israel into calling a ceasefire.

Good thing the Israeli government does not take orders from those who have the combined IQ of a kumquat and sympathize with terrorists.

Let me reiterate—contrary to the lies you may have heard—Israel does its best to minimize human casualties, while Hamas does its best to maximize human casualties on both sides.

Regardless, Israel will do what it has to do to eradicate Hamas. There is simply no way to completely obliterate them, without also killing civilians, which is exactly what the terrorists want.

But Biden continued his feckless speech by saying, “Like so many others, I’m heartbroken by the tragic loss of Palestinian life, including the explosion at the hospital in Gaza, which was not done by the Israelis. We mourn every innocent life lost. We can’t ignore the humanity of innocent Palestinians who only want to live in peace and have an opportunity.”

Well gee, if the “innocent Palestinians” only want to live in peace, then surely they shouldn’t have any issue with the Israelis destroying Hamas once and for all—and liberating them from bloodthirsty savages.

And I’m glad that Biden, unlike the rest of the media propagandists, acknowledged that Israel was not responsible for firing a rocket at the hospital in Gaza, but notice how he didn’t even bother saying who was responsible. Best not to offend the terrorists.

Biden then pivoted to the war in Ukraine and started talking about it as though the Ukrainians are just like the Israelis and Putin is just like Hamas—before patting himself on the back for providing aid to the Palestinians that he acknowledged will likely be stolen by Hamas.

“I secured an agreement for the first shipment of humanitarian assistance from the United Nations to Palestinian civilians in Gaza. If Hamas does not divert or steal this shipment, these shipments, we’re going to provide an opening for sustained delivery of lifesaving humanitarian assistance for the Palestinians.”


Biden then went back to discussing how urgent it was we also provide aid to Ukraine, as though he was Mrs. Doubtfire in the restaurant scene playing two different characters, talking with two different groups of people.

He applauded himself for being the first American president to enter both Israel and Ukraine during a war—two wars that never would have started to begin with if we had a strong leader who was respected—and he said Israel should not “be blinded by rage.” It’s not clear if hunting down terrorists who want to destroy Israel would fall under the “rage” category.

He then found time to blame America for Islamophobia—while having nothing to say about the antisemitic and anti-Israeli members of his party—whose Jew hatred has been on full display since Israel was first attacked on October 7—and for much longer than that.

And then it was over.

There was no coherent strategy, no announcement about sanctioning Iran for their role in funding terrorism, no threat made to Hamas about returning any of the hostages. There was no indication that this president will do anything differently going forward.

It was an utter embarrassment for the leader of the free world to look this weak and pathetic—during such an important moment.

Even Neville Chamberlain could have done better.

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About Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is the pseudonym for a writer who was a speechwriter in the Trump Administration.

Photo: US President Joe Biden during a meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington, DC, US, on Friday, Oct. 20, 2023. The US and European Union failed to reach an accord on steel and aluminum ahead of a summit on Friday and are poised to keep negotiating until a year-end deadline, when tariffs would return on billions of dollars of transatlantic trade in the absence of a deal. Photographer: Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Notable Replies

  1. The purpose of Biden’s trip to Israel was to slow down the response to Hamas. Biden, Obama, Iran, China - are all on the same side. They want Israel to go away. They are secretly applauding Hamas, just like NYT, WaPo and all the other garbage media outlets today that should lose their journalism credentials.

  2. Avatar for Alecto Alecto says:

    Stop. Please, stop! Joe Biden wasn’t “elected” any more than I was. He was installed in that office through interference, fraud, and cheating. If you’re going to insist that 81 million “Americans” (from where, Ecuador?) “voted” for Joe Biden, we’ve got bigger problems than his latest show of incoherent babble. AG runs pieces telling us that the most radical thing we can do is to tell the truth. Let’s begin there.

  3. The idea that Palestinians, and their supporters, if they truthfully care about the well being of non-Hamas citizens, should be supporting Israel, that perspective has not been said enough or loudly enough.

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