How a Quiet Chicago Suburb Got Fleeced by Radical DEI Consultants

A boutique woke consultancy recently gave a village in the Chicago suburbs advice on how to reverse discriminate in its hiring process. Chicago-based Nova Collective, […]

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Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for Alecto Alecto says:

    There are many questions and concerns over both corporate and government Human Resources’ practices and policy. Corporations have General Counsels to advise on such matters. Cities have City Attorneys. For that matter, what happened to the other C-Suite and government functions like, oh, CFOs and treasurers, or City Managers? These positions have primary, explicit duties to protect corporate or public assets and funds, see that they are wisely used and not squandered, or pilfered away by criminals or thieves. They are to protect companies and cities/counties from lawsuits by employees and others who are being told, no, forced to accept ideas and reject those long-held biological facts or religious principles with which various councils, commissions, legislatures and corporate directors and officers find themselves in disagreement. I wonder where was the advice and counsel of those tasked with explaining the risks? Where was the due diligence by officers, directors, or public officials of such “consultants”? Were these “arms’ length” contracts to provide advise and services? I doubt it. None of these DEI “consultants” have anything whatsoever to do with the business of the corporation or the running of any government. They do not promote productivity, enhance or increase stability, or profits, reduce turnover or anything else with which any company or a local government is concerned. Cui bono?

    DEI “consultants” are confidence artists. I thought we all understood that from the get go? Having witnessed years of white guilt played like a symphony by the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world, one would believe the people who run Big Corporate or local government had learned something…anything about Truth. Pehaps not Truth, because that would be asking too much, but how about Reality? Objective Reality?

    Common sense and any sense of obligation to fellow citizens having eluded them or been educated out of them for a good many years, and they fall prey to any huckster. However, where taxpayers’, shareholders’ and owners’ benefit are their responsibilities, they don’t get to decide basic science, or any facts above their pay grade. I can only hope and pray there is an army of lawyers representing shareholders of Bud Light, Dove’s parent corporation, any city council or county commission, etc… on behalf of taxpayers who have decided that the business of every local government is not to provide a public service or protect public assets, or in a corporate setting, to create, manufacture, distribute or sell some service or product, but to tell everyone what to think and what they can and cannot say. Let the suits begin.

  2. Guilt is strong among the woke sheeple.

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