Can RFK Jr. Overcome the Confirmation Bias of American Roulette Survivors?

It’s abundantly clear that the Democratic Party establishment and their mouthpieces in the corporate media are panicked about the surprisingly strong fundraising and poll numbers Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has garnered since announcing his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination two months ago. Their anxiety over RFK’s candidacy has less to do with a concern that it highlights the weakness of incumbent Joe Biden (whose declining mental acuity and metastasizing corruption scandals already have Democratic strategists openly talking about replacing him with another regime sock-puppet) than it does with their terror of his potential to disrupt the reigning establishment narrative they have taken such pains to cultivate over the last three years.

As Tucker Carlson recently pointed out in a viral Twitter episode, Kennedy is obviously a much graver threat to that narrative than Donald Trump ever could be, which is why the efforts to sideline RFK’s candidacy with direct attempts to delegitimize and deplatform him are so much more blatant than they were when Trump was rising as a potential GOP nominee. After all, here is a guy that the corporate media had successfully canceled 18 years ago, doing an end run around the censorship by forcing discussion of verboten issues with a presidential run. The sheer gall!

Even more threatening than his devastating critique of the neocon Security/War State apparatus and its ruinous push for regime change in Russia, or his equally lethal appraisal of the corrupt regulatory capture of our government agencies by the industries they ostensibly oversee, is RFK’s specific takedown of the medical establishment in the United States, and its thorough corruption at the hands of Big Pharma. Two years ago, when he laid out a detailed history of that corruption in the The Real Anthony Fauci, a densely argued and painstakingly documented account of Anthony Fauci’s career and his central role in perverting the entire medical and scientific research establishment, it was relatively easy for that establishment and its apologists to avoid engagement with RFK’s thoroughly documented assertions. Central to Kennedy’s book is the account of the deep financial entanglements between Big Pharma and the government health agencies ostensibly responsible for the industry’s regulation. Fauci personally benefited from the “regulatory capture” of the government health agencies that Kennedy documents, both in terms of the power he accrued to himself as a result of the control he exerted over scientific and medical research purse strings, and because of the Big Pharma revenue streams he created for his own National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and numerous other federal health agencies. While the book sold over a million copies, the effective media blackout allowed the Fauci cabal to sidestep engagement with any of the book’s carefully documented allegations.

Now, with renewed access to alternative media platforms and renewed interest in his views as a result of his presidential run, the media blackout is collapsing. Continued censorship by network news hacks and cable dinosaurs like MSNBC, CNN, and FOX with their plummeting viewership means little when Kennedy now has access to vast audiences such as that of Joe Rogan, who had RFK on for three hours last month for an in depth interview in which he was given the opportunity to correct the record about his assertions regarding vaccine safety. It turns out, as many Americans heard for the first time in the interview, that Kennedy’s views on the matter are hardly extreme, and characterizing him as an “anti-vaxer” is simply a method of discrediting him to avoid engagement or debate.

In actuality, Kennedy merely recommends requiring the same regimen of pre-authorization safety testing mandated for every other drug approved by the FDA and calls for further study of the concurrence between the explosion of the childhood vaccine schedule and the explosion of autism and autoimmune diseases among children in the last three decades. He further made a compelling case that the origin of his cancelation from the national debate, a blockbuster 2005 expose simultaneously published in Rolling Stone and Salon entitled “Deadly Immunity” was never, in fact, debunked, but only withdrawn from publication years later under concerted corporate pressure on the publishers from the pharmaceutical industry. The gist of that piece—that the NIH convened a secret damage-control conference in Simpsonwood, Georgia in 2000 after realizing that a study they themselves had commissioned confirmed a link between Thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism—is immediately verifiable when one simply reviews the transcript of the conference.

Kennedy also took the opportunity of the Rogan podcast to highlight the hypocrisy and the evolving, self-contradictory public statements of Dr. Peter Hotez, perhaps the most prominent promoter of the Covid vaccine over the last three years aside from Dr. Fauci himself. Although Hotez pointed to “unique potential safety problems” related to the Covid vaccines in 2020 Congressional testimony related to Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” push for urgent approval of the vaccine, Hotez did a complete 180 turn once Biden took office, insisting without qualification on their absolute safety and efficacy. As the vaccines serially failed to live up to his guarantees of “long lasting protection” against disease and transmission, Hotez ludicrously doubled down on hawking the vaccine, first lying that “I’ve always said this is a three-dose vaccine,” then insisting that “a fourth immunization” would be necessary “to keep the country going,” and finally recommending that a booster “every few months” would be necessary because the immunity from the completely safe and effective vaccine “isn’t holding up as well as we would like.” In his last round of Covid vax hucksterism, he was urging that the shots be mandated for children and babies. With a record like that, Hotez is, of course, universally venerated as a selfless Man of Science by his fawning talking-head interviewers.

Some of those paying attention may recall that HHS documents published last year through a Freedom of Information Act request revealed that the government had purchased advertising to promote vaccine uptake from major news networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, Newsmax, CNN, and MSNBC, as well as legacy media publications including the New York Post, the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. Hundreds of news agencies were paid hundreds of millions of dollars by the federal government to advertise the official line that the vaccines were completely safe and effective. So, it should come as no surprise that the cowardly regime throne sniffers who provided the likes of Hotez and Fauci with an uncritical platform to spew transparently inconsistent, contradictory messaging and justifications for the “official” vaccine position over the last three years should recoil in horror at the very notion of providing a platform to perhaps the most informed critic of that regime.

Almost immediately, the attack dogs were loosed on Rogan and his podcast sponsor, Spotify. Dr. Hotez made the mistake of retweeting a hysterical hit piece in Vice by self-styled “misinformation” reporter Anna Merian entitled “Spotify has Stopped Even Sort of Trying to Stem Joe Rogan’s Vaccine Misinformation,” a not-so-thinly-veiled attempt at getting Rogan cancelled for having the temerity to provide RFK with a platform. Rogan responded to the provocation by offering Hotez $100k (the pot grew to over $1 million) and unlimited time to debate Kennedy on his podcast in order to refute his contentions. Hotez huffily refused, claiming that because “200,000 unvaccinated Americans needlessly perished during [the pandemic] because they fell victim to vaccine disinformation,” he would not be a party to inflicting further harm. He would be glad to appear on Rogan’s show again himself—but not with someone who knows the science well enough to dispute his rickety claims.

Despite 99 percent of the media running cover for Hotez—with the inevitable analogies of “Why would you dignify a Science Denier? Would you dignify a Holocaust denier by providing him with a platform?”—it was clear to many that one of the most prominent purveyors of the official position on vaccine efficacy had been outed as a fraud and a charlatan. That impression was confirmed by the revelation that Hotez received over $6 million from the NIH for the development of a SARS vaccine and had helped to fund the risky gain-of-function research on coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology that led directly to the Covid pandemic (adding important context to his vociferous insistence that Covid-19 could not possibly have been a result of a lab leak, and that those promoting the theory were conspiracy mongers). It’s pretty obvious that after three years of continuous gaslighting, self-contradictory pronouncements, and transparently absurd lies about everything related to the COVID pandemic from the Fauci-controlled public health establishment, there is now a greater appetite among the American people for an account that would explain the catastrophe they have experienced and the reasons for the obvious deceptions to which they have been subjected.

The question directly related to the viability of RFK’s candidacy is: Just how far does that appetite go? One reason Kennedy has had a bigger impact than expected is that his critique of the capture of government by corporate and Deep State interests extends beyond a personal critique of his presumed primary opponent, the hapless incumbent Joe Biden. As an example, he pins much of the blame for our calamitous Covid response on Trump. He pointed out that Trump’s argument for why he was not responsible for the economic, educational, and mental health devastation of the Covid shutdowns boils down to insisting that he pushed to keep things open, but was rolled by the powerful public health bureaucracy. Kennedy makes the case that is a poor excuse for the leader of the Free World, particularly one who promotes himself as dragon-slayer of the Deep State. Trump was consistently rolled and manipulated by his opponents throughout his administration, RFK argues, and the incompetence, narcissism, and lack of understanding of how Washington works were never more apparent than in his handling of this crisis.

Trump is vulnerable, both with regard to his caving to Fauci and Birx on the Covid shutdowns and school closures, and perhaps especially on the vaccines. Although he insists he never favored mandates, many were instituted on his watch by private companies and local governments with little to no pushback from him. And he continues to brag about Operation Warp Speed, and “saving millions of lives,” even when the evidence now shows that the rushed vaccines were a dangerous and absurd risk for most of the population not in danger of severe illness or death from Covid. As RFK notes, continuing to point to our Covid response as a success story when the U.S. had the worst health outcomes of any country in the world is ludicrous. Not only that, but the scientific fraud perpetuated by pharmaceutical companies with the collusion of the health regulatory agencies, and the massive government-funded propaganda campaign of lies and misrepresentations about the vaccine on the part of the entire U.S. media (as well as the suppression of dissenting opinions even of credentialed health professionals, whose warnings proved all too accurate) are now clear for all who care to see it. A large part of Trump’s base knows that Operation Warp Speed was a disaster, even a crime.

But while there is a growing skepticism on both the right and the left about the diktats of the American health establishment, as well as a growing realization that globalists with a nefarious agenda manipulated the crisis to extract profit, to shut down debate, to institute unprecedented curtailments of Constitutional freedoms, and to put into place systems to control and monitor the population, there may very well be a limit to how far voters will go in reexamining the decisions made since the pandemic—particularly if they were complicit in those decisions. For 16 months, Ed Dowd has attempted to draw attention to the fact that death rates among life insurance policy holders between the ages of 18 and 64 are a shocking 40 percent higher than expected over the last two years corresponding precisely with the administration of the Covid vaccine, with none of that massive spike attributable to Covid. Dowd published a compelling book, Cause Unknown, in which he thoroughly documented the excess deaths using verifiable U.S. government statistics on death and disability broken down by age group and employment status. Part of his thesis was that the data showing an enormous increase in all-cause mortality among relatively healthy demographics at low risk from Covid could not be hidden from the public indefinitely, because the life insurance companies would be on the hook for unforeseen death benefits adding up to billions of dollars that had to be accounted for in annual reports. Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson similarly points to statistics showing not only massive excess death rates in highly vaccinated countries, but plummeting fertility in those same countries that tracks exactly with the administration of the vaccines. Neither blockbuster story has elicited the slightest bit of curiosity.

The flaw in the thesis that these existentially important developments will require a public accounting when the population inevitably wakes up to the catastrophic consequences is the fact that when you have massive buy in on the part of a population to regime diktats that compel personal health choices for individuals and families, such as vaccine mandates, the implications of even acknowledging that one may have been duped are too overwhelming to even entertain. It’s better just not to go there.

There is a strong parallel with the issue of Trans therapy and surgery that so many parents have allowed to be imposed on their gender-confused minor children after being scared into it by the medical and psychological “experts” who tell them that failing to “affirm” their child’s “gender identity” will result in harm. Once they have gone down the road of allowing their child to be irreparably chemically castrated or sexually mutilated, they are too invested in the Trans movement to ever acknowledge it was a mistake. For their own sanity, they have to double down and convince themselves they were right. It is those parents who are at the vanguard of the ferocious movement to demand acceptance and support from all for their decision, regardless of the growing evidence that it was a tragic misjudgment that irrevocably damaged their children. They are the most fanatical faction about shutting down any dissenting opinions, or even discussion of the issue, as “harmful” speech. It has been a remarkably effective strategy.

So, it is with many parents who gave little thought to the relatively high risk to their children from an experimental vaccine when compared with the statistically insignificant risk that the Covid virus poses to young people, and were driven by the medical experts to encourage or procure vaccination for their children out of a desperate desire to get back to normal life. Rather than entertain the idea that they have just played Russian roulette with their own child’s health and future fertility for no good reason, they are more likely to double down on the wisdom of going along with the pressure.

And if this is true for the debacle of the Covid vaccines, despite their obvious failure to live up to the promises of the accredited experts and despite the obvious vaccine injury that touches the lives of so many around them, it is all the more true when it comes to reexamining the possibility of a link between the explosion in childhood vaccine schedule and explosion of autism and autoimmune diseases. Any politician suggesting that parents may not have acted in the best interests of their children by “trusting the science” and following the childhood vaccine schedule (essentially mandated for school attendance) is going to have an uphill battle, to say the least. The difficulty will have nothing to do with the evidence, it will have to do with the disposition of countless millions of Americans to even entertain the notion that the medical regulatory apparatus they trusted is hopelessly compromised and rotten to the core.

While many more Americans are willing to consider that possibility after the Covid calamity, will it be enough to overcome the medical-industrial complex and their still robust propaganda machine determined to destroy any national political figure like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who poses a threat to their power and influence? We shall see.

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