Protect Our Border With What We’ve Already Paid For

Record numbers of violent fugitives are confirmed to be among the surge of aliens entering the United States illegally. All the while, the Biden Administration steadfastly refuses to use existing federal programs that have already been funded by American taxpayers to track aliens and ensure they comply with mandatory immigration proceedings. Something has to change.

Last month, U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement touted their success in arresting a Brazilian fugitive in Somerville, Massachusetts, who was convicted of murder, robbery, and aggravated assault in Brazil. The illegal alien, who was also an active member of Brazil’s largest gang, Primeiro Comando da Capital, was initially apprehended and released by U.S. Border Patrol near San Luis, Arizona. To the surprise of no one, he did not disclose his conviction status to Border Patrol agents and was allowed to enter the county with little concern for his background.

Under the current failure-ridden Biden Administration policies, illegal immigrants who come to America are trusted to tell the truth about their criminal past before being released with essentially no monitoring. That means that more than a few wanted killers are likely part of the more than 2 million illegal aliens currently estimated to have crossed the southern border since Biden assumed office—and the situation is unlikely to improve any time soon. 

The administration insists it is vetting illegal immigrants at the border. But when that “vetting” amounts to simply asking a fugitive murderer if he has committed crimes in other countries, it’s a farce. Additionally, these fugitives are given court dates—sometimes a year or more from their initial apprehension—to which they basically pinky promise to appear.

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Imagine trusting murderers or criminals of any kind to tell the truth about their status and then expecting them to show up, on their word, before an immigration judge.

The story out of Somerville is just one of many confirmed stories of violent fugitives wandering freely in the United States thanks to the current administration’s refusal to enforce the law. A little over a week ago, an illegal alien was arrested on suspicion of murdering a woman in El Paso, Texas. In response, the Border Patrol stated, “migrants with a criminal history or an active warrant will not be released after they’re processed, and they’re usually returned to their countries.”

In this specific instance, Border Patrol officials claim they ran the man’s name but found no prior criminal history—in America. The problem, obviously, is that Border Patrol officials do not have access to illegal immigrants’ criminal histories in other countries.

The solution to this is as simple as you would think it would be—outside of shutting down our border, ICE and Border Patrol need to detain and monitor illegal immigrants to the extent that our country has the capability to do so. 

There are extensive detention facilities in our country that currently have thousands of beds sitting empty. How long would it take to work with countries throughout Central America and South America to locate information on immigrants as they enter our country? The answer is not long.

Countries will typically share information on fugitive migrants with violent criminal records either directly with the United States or with Interpol, so the data isn’t that difficult to obtain. Detaining illegal immigrants for a week should give our law enforcement more than enough time to determine if they are wanted or convicted of violent crimes in another country. So why aren’t we doing it?

On top of having the ability and resources to detain potentially violent fugitives, our country absolutely has the ability and technology to monitor where illegal immigrants are at all times. A massive infrastructure already exists through the federal government’s Intensive Supervision Appearance Program (ISAP) to keep tabs on immigrants with monitors they are given upon entering the country. This shouldn’t be an issue—this should be done as a matter of course to ensure aliens appear in court on the appointed day and time. But again, the Biden Administration isn’t fully using these capabilities.

Our border is completely out of control, and our law enforcement officials on the border can only do so much when their hands are tied by the White House. But there is infrastructure in place that, if used, would make America safer. The very least we can do is keep convicted murderers out.

Our taxpayer dollars are supposed to help protect us. Shouldn’t what we’ve already been paying for be put to good use?

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Tim Young is the media and culture critic for American Greatness.

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Notable Replies

  1. I’m in favor of a refund. I want that money refunded to American citizen taxpayers! We paid for something we not only didn’t receive, but were flatly told we were wrong, racist, bigoted to want or demand in the first place. Use the funds for a privately funded mass deportation force which has one purpose: locate, detain and deport those here illegally. In any other scenario, we’d be hauling someone’s butt into court and suing the bejesus out of them for fraud. Where is Joe Arpaio when we need him?

    I am greatly concerned that anyone, even a person without a criminal record is considered “fit” for inclusion in American society and this country merely for showing up and demanding to be let into our country! Crashing the party does not mean they don’t get ejected. They’re pillaging/colonizing invaders sent by their governments to pick our carcass and I cannot write what I think of them. NO, THEY ARE NOT “GOOD” PEOPLE! They deserve NO consideration, help or compassion. None of them are good people. Good people don’t invade their neighbors. Good people don’t hand their children over to cartels. Good people don’t bum rush check points or set up colonies inside another country. Good people don’t bring deadly drugs into the country. Got it? Are we clear on that point at least? Don’t EVER call them 'good people"! We should reject all of that propaganda from the left and the right about them being “in search of a better life”. We need machine guns at the border, not the CBP wussies who will not refuse illegal mandates from a Cuban communist cabinet member.

  2. Here’s a better idea; build the damn wall, put US forces all across the border until the wall is 100% built, make e-verify mandatory and permanent, and beef up the Border Patrol and ICE 400% with orders to remove ALL illegal immigrants.

    Oh, and criminally charge (RICO) the myriad non-profits that used taxpayer money to facilitate ILLEGAL immigration.

  3. We both forgot to include vigorous, punitive prosecutions of landlords and employers of illegal aliens!

  4. Impeach Biden for shirking his primary duty to execute the laws faithfully. At the same time, deport all illegal invaders. Overturn the courts; no benifits for illegals.

  5. I wanted to add a postscript to this piece. BB published a piece on visa overstays. It seems from October 2021 through September 2022, more than 890,000 foreign citizens did not leave our country when their visas expired. Although that number is staggering, it doesn’t represent a cumulative count. Estimates are that half of “illegal aliens” come from that population. It is entirely within our control, yet nothing is done or has been done to deport them with prejudice to their countries’ other applicants!

    What is so surprising is that the 9/11 Commission expressly cited U.S. policy regarding Visas and vigorous reforms including enforcement as one of the causes of 9/11. One of the 9/11 hijackers obtained a Visa to study/learn English but never (!) attended even one class? More than 20 years on, the worthless bureaucrats in our government have demonstrated they are the bottom feeders of society whose only interest is in fleecing taxpayers out of their hard-earned dough. Defund Washington, D.C.!

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