American Greatness Roundtable: Table for Two

The third episode of the weekly American Greatness Roundtable features AG contributor and former U.S. Representative Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) in a one-on-one discussion with host and managing editor Ben Boychuk.

They discuss the problem with the FBI and why J. Edgar Hoover was no hero of American liberty. Also: What would “reform” and accountability for the administrative state look like? What does the debt ceiling debate really mean? At what point does servicing the national debt crowd out essential government functions?

Closer to home, Detroit-native McCotter explains what other cities—looking at you, Chicago and San Francisco—can learn from his city. What are the challenges Detroit still faces, and where has the city turned around?

Finally, McCotter shares what he’s currently reading (it’s keeping him up at night) and what he’s listening to.

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