Pax Americana or Pox Multipolar?

The announcement of a Communist Chinese orchestrated rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia is another instance of the feckless, incompetent Biden Administration and the Democrats’ foreign policy that damages America’s national security. As the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy’s Mark Dubowitz assessed, it “is a lose, lose, lose for American interests.” As it is for the entire free world.

Of course, many on the Left welcome the Chinese-engineered renewal of relations between the Saudi kingdom and the terrorist-exporting Islamic regime. The Left believes it can be portrayed as evidence the duplicitous Tehran regime would be a credible party in an international agreement, particularly, the suicidal Iran nuclear pact the Left still covets. 

But the Left’s coveting of the Iran nuke deal serves a far larger purpose, one that transcends even their intermediate goal of the United States abandoning our strategic interests and allies, notably in the Middle East. (It is a contention the Biden Administration contests, despite this and other evidence to the contrary.) The Left’s long-term goal? A “multipolar world.”

There are two prime drivers of the Left’s quest for a “multipolar” world.

In a multipolar world, the United States would no longer be the sole superpower; and power would be more evenly distributed among other nations. The Left’s pursuit of a multipolar world is a logical extension of its irrational loathing of America as a fascist, racist, misogynistic, homophobic nation of haters. Its delusional domestic aim to “fundamentally transform” America and “liberate” its “marginalized” citizens is mirrored in the Left’s foreign policy aim of transforming the current Pax Americana into a multipolar world. It is a goal the Western Left shares with Communist China, which also seeks to liberate the world from the evil American “hegemon.”

The second prime driver is the Left’s embrace of “moral equivalency.” The Left does not employ its moral equivalency to improve the image of our free republic. Unfortunately, there is no equivalent intellectual integrity in the Left’s assessment of not only America’s adversaries but also of the enemies of democracy and human dignity, such as Communist China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. Looking at that quartet of tyrannical regimes, one can see why only those who are blinded by their loathing of America could argue a moral equivalency between our free republic, which birthed a new freedom for the world, and these aspiring global and regional autocracies that systematically repress, impoverish, starve, and murder their own people. Yet, because these regimes are on the Left and, thus, in the eyes of the Western Left they seemingly can do no wrong—or at least nothing than cannot be excused because America is worse. 

Note, too, that Russia is no longer on the list of the Left’s preferred autocrats, though it had a good run during the Cold War as the Left’s proffered moral equivalent of the United States. The Left correctly views Putin’s Russia as nationalist, regressive, and fascist. Shelving its dovish peace wing, the Left supports the multinational opposition to Russia’s invasion, seeing it as an example of the multipolar world they seek. 

What the Left fails to clearly see (or is it, admit?) is how Putin’s support is coming from autocracies like communist China and Iran, nations the Left would bless as multipolar “partners” (once they are fundamentally transformed, of course). Ultimately, the Left will endeavor to explain away their purblind worldview by citing how the planetary scale of existential issues, such as climate change, will compel the multiple poles to coalesce and combine their puissance to solve them—and without the United States being singularly powerful enough able to frustrate these aims.

Yet, notwithstanding the Left, the United States’ citizenry remains the biggest obstacle to a multipolar world. Americans generally see the world as it is; and, being rational, do not want other nations, especially tyrannical ones, having any say or sway over our country. Yet, the American people (if not our government) remain wary of foreign entanglements. Consequently, the Left has insidiously couched its support for a multipolar world by insinuating how Americans’ domestic bliss will commensurately increase in relation to our dependence upon other nations to protect ourselves. What is less articulated is this increased dependency comes at the expense of our unilateral power to defend ourselves against threats. On the whole, Americans do not want to be the “world’s policeman”; but Americans also do not want to leave their doors unlocked at night and hope whoever shows up isn’t a thief—or worse. 

Further, the Left’s siren song of multipolarity must not be confused with isolationism. The Left fully intends the United States to participate multilaterally within a multipolar world, for our global participation is critically necessary to attain it. But only a humbled America would have the foreign policy to consent to do so. Thus, only by shattering the U.S. hegemon’s Pax Americana and bringing our nation to heel can a multipolar world be birthed. 

Yes, the Left’s hunger for a multipolar world is insane and injurious. Dictators and their totalitarian regimes, which have repressed and killed their way to power, are not going to cede control and subordinate themselves to anyone. But if the Left understood human nature, they would not be leftists. Only the “blame America first, last, and only” Left can think that rogue nations will behave better in a multipolar world. These tyrannical regimes are far more likely to use their status in a multipolar world to consolidate and expand their newfound power in the pursuit of becoming the new, sole superpower. Who truly believes Communist China only aims to be a pillar of a multipolar world rather than become the new hegemon?

The American Left.

And, like their ahistorical revision of America as a systemically, intrinsically evil nation, the Left decries our free republic as the major impediment to global stability—despite all the historical evidence. Nonetheless, when one cuts through the Left’s calumnies and cant, the choice is crystalline: the Pax Americana or the pox multipolar?

The choice remains yours. Pray, choose wisely. For once the Pax Americana is dead, all manner of things are possible.

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