Another Get-Trump Witch Hunt in Georgia

Throughout his career in politics, Donald Trump has stated in tweets and on the stump that the nonstop investigations targeting him are part of a “witch hunt.” It’s hard to disagree. Consider the Georgia grand jury looking into whether Trump and his campaign tried to interfere illegally in the 2020 election, particularly the grand jury foreman, Emily Kohrs, and her bizarre interview on CNN last week. 

Kohrs appeared on “Erin Burnett OutFront” to tease indictments in the case. In an interview with Kate Bolduan, she seemingly bragged, “Can you imagine doing this for eight months and not coming out with a whole list? It’s not a short list. It’s not.” 

“There may be some names on that list that you wouldn’t expect,” Kohrs added. “But the big name that everyone keeps asking me about—I don’t think you will be shocked.”

Without going too deep into the interview’s content, two questions arise. First, how on earth was this woman allowed to speak on national television about the grand jury’s work, which is under seal, before the case has ended? Second, why CNN?

There is no reason why a member of a grand jury—let alone the grand jury’s foreman—would go on television to discuss an active case unless she is attempting to influence the outcome or perhaps even enrich herself personally. It is, at the very least, an appearance of impropriety. It stinks of bias against the former president. 

It doesn’t matter what Kohrs claims about her exposure to the news about Trump or anyone else involved in the case. Any person who paid the slightest bit of attention to politics over the past seven years knows how significant any case involving the 45th president potentially would be. So the list of motivations for either reaching out to a national media outlet or agreeing to an interview isn’t especially difficult to penetrate.

Consider: Kohrs could have spoken with the New York Times, Washington Post, or a multitude of print publications, but she didn’t. Instead, she went to the outlet with a monopoly on TV screens in practically every airport in America. For what is probably the first time in her life, this woman had a chance to collect 15 minutes of fame—or in this case 30 seconds and this article—and she jumped at it. That wasn’t a coincidence.

As for her beeline to CNN, anyone with even the faintest glimmer of political knowledge or exposure to corporate media bias throughout the Trump-era knows that Fox News leans conservative and CNN is the complete opposite of that. The only reason Kohrs would trust CNN to conduct such a high-profile interview is that she’s a liberal or a NeverTrumper.

A deeper dive—and by “deeper,” I mean a quick internet search into “Erin Burnett OutFront”—would have led Kohrs to find biased headlines, including: “Erin Burnett: This is all information Trump doesn’t want anyone to know,” “Burnett: Here is what keeps Trump up at night,” and “You cannot make this up . . . but Trump did.”  

This grand jury foreman might as well have gone all-in and been a guest on “The View” or whatever Joy Reid’s #BlueAnon conspiracy theory show is called, instead of CNN. They’re all cut from the same Trump-hating liberal cloth.

This isn’t deep.   

Whether or not she admits it, Emily Kohrs is biased against Trump. She proved it by agreeing to appear on CNN. 

You can’t convince me, or any other sane person in America, that Kohrs is not obviously someone who doesn’t like Trump.

If the Georgia case wasn’t just another one of the ongoing witch hunts into Trump, it would be thrown out because of the clear bias of the jury. Remember that when the long list of indictments is handed down. 

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