Zelenskyy Tried To Push America Into World War III

From the beginning of Joe Biden’s and NATO’s Ukrainian proxy war, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been trying to push the United States into a direct military conflict with Russia—and World War III. Zelenskyy’s motivation is twofold. First, to maintain personal power and survival of his Nazi regime. And second, to dutifully fulfill Ukraine’s role as proxy in the war to degrade Russia—and achieve Joe Biden’s real neocon goal of overthrowing Vladimir Putin.   

Zelenskyy has been pushing for world war from day one. He has never stopped demanding that the United States and NATO establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine—all but ensuring that Russian and NATO military aircraft would shoot each other down. In October, he demanded that NATO attack Russia by launching a preemptive nuclear strike. When his insane demand was rejected, it was found that Ukraine was very likely developing a radioactive “dirty bomb” which they could detonate inside their own country as a “false flag” operation, to blame Russia and trigger direct NATO military intervention. 

But on November 15, Zelenskyy pulled out all the stops with the ultimate false flag operation. 

Ukraine fired a missile into Poland, striking the village of Przewodów, and killing two innocent farmers. Within minutes, Zelenskyy proclaimed that Poland, a NATO member, had been attacked by Russia. Using this lie as a foundation, he demanded a volatile escalation and expansion of the war against Russia. 

Instigating a hot war between NATO and Russia is exactly what Zelenskyy intended when he declared, “This is a Russian missile attack on collective security! This is a really significant escalation. Action is needed.” The “action” Zelenskyy demanded was World War III—the triggering of the joint armed response pledged by NATO members when a fellow member nation is attacked. Article 5 of the NATO Treaty states that its members “agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all.” 

A subservient media of Zelenskyy propagandists amplified the false claim—immediately and unquestioningly.   

But Zelenskyy’s claim was a lie—Russia didn’t fire the missile. Pulling us back from the brink of world war, NATO, Joe Biden, even Poland’s President Andrzej Duda, quickly admitted the truth—Ukraine had fired the missile. Undeterred even after the truth had been revealed, Zelenskyy stuck with his story and continued his false flag claim. 

Now, you might reasonably expect that the head of Washington’s premier client regime being caught in a continued lie designed to ignite a world war resulting in the deaths of millions of Americans would be newsworthy. But you would be wrong. That story, along with the fact that Washington and NATO had quietly slapped down their Ukrainian puppet—is dead and buried. Also taking a pass were the warmongers of the military-industrial-congressional complex and Endless War Uniparty of all Democrats and corporate Republicans. 

For the State Department neocons who actually want us in a war with Russia, the failure of the false flag is disappointing but not the end of the road. Hey, “better luck next time.” And as long as Zelenskyy remains in power with American financing—there will be a next time.   

Intentional Escalation 

What exactly was the nature of Zelenskyy’s false flag? Did he order Ukraine’s missile strike on Poland? Or was the strike accidental but immediately seized upon by Zelenskyy as an opportunity to fabricate an after-the-fact false flag? It appears more likely that it was intentional, but either way, Zelenskyy’s fraud is criminal.  

So, what do we know about Zelenskyy’s epic deceit?

Based on his track record of pushing for escalation of the war, including nuclear war—it is entirely plausible that the Ukrainian missile strike was deliberate. 

Along with Zelenskyy’s immediate scripted accusation and video presentation, other parts of the response also appear orchestrated.

As if on cue, NATO members Latvia and Lithuania instantaneously supported Zelenskyy’s call for direct armed confrontation with Russia. The president of Lithuania echoed Zelenskyy, ominously pronouncing “Every inch of NATO territory must be defended!” 

It’s no shock that these two Baltic countries are cheerleading a world war between NATO and Russia—they have a lot in common with Ukraine’s Nazi regime. Both share Zelenskyy’s pro-Nazi sympathies and rabid hatred of Russia. And both countries share Ukraine’s history of enthusiastic collaboration with the occupying German Nazis during World War II. 

Following the lead of the Zelenskyy regime, Latvia conducts annual parades to honor their Nazi collaborators who murdered 70,000 Jews during the Holocaust. And like Ukraine, Lithuania is filled with monuments celebrating their Nazi collaborators who helped carry out what was, percentage-wise, the largest Jewish extermination in Europe. One hundred ninety-five thousand Lithuanian Jews—95 percent of the pre-war Jewish population, were murdered by the Germans and their Lithuanian Nazi collaborators.

Other factors weighing against the likelihood of an accidental strike are military logistics and simple geography. The Russian defense ministry’s statement that no Russian missile strikes were conducted in the vicinity of the Ukrainian-Polish border is not disputed. No Ukrainian air defense missiles were fired anywhere close to the area. 

Ukrainian air defense missile batteries are in the west and fire towards the east to intercept incoming Russian missiles. A map review shows that the village of Przewodów is due west of the Polish-Ukrainian border and far behind Ukrainian air defense batteries. Ukraine fires their missiles away from the town. For a Ukrainian missile to strike Przewodów, it would have to turn about 180 degrees after launch—due either to a type of malfunction never seen before, or because it was deliberately aimed to target Poland in the first place.

Zelenskyy’s refusal to accept the evidence after presented with the facts by the United States and NATO is telling. This is not the typical response of an innocent man who would readily acknowledge an honest mistake. Instead, it is more like the crook who, after being caught and interrogated exclaims, “This is my story and I’m sticking to it!”—no matter how implausible.

But even if the missile strike were accidental, there was zero chance that Zelenskyy could have been honestly mistaken that the Russians had fired it. Ukraine’s air and missile defense is a sophisticated system. The firing, trajectory, and impact of every Ukrainian missile is monitored and tracked by both Ukraine and NATO radars. Within minutes, Zelenskyy knew the truth—but lied instead. 

Corrupt Hacks

So, what does this tell us about the character of Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the warmongers in Congress who continue to funnel billions to prop up Ukraine’s Nazi regime?

We should first acknowledge that the real Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the complete opposite of his Western-media-manufactured image. Zelenskyy is a corrupt political hack; a tool of criminal Ukrainian oligarchs; an eager puppet of Washington, D.C. warmongers, NATO, and Western globalist elites; an anti-democracy autocrat who sanctions the assassination and torture of his political opponents; and a Nazi collaborator. He is a man devoid of honor. 

But as loathsome a character as Zelenskyy is, he always manages somehow to reach new depths.

Zelenskyy has betrayed his own country, selling out Ukraine to be the proxy in Biden’s neocon war for regime change in Russia. And now, because of his betrayal, Ukraine is being destroyed. 

But he is willing to take us down, too. 

So, where is the outrage from Republicans in Congress?

I’m not talking about the GOP members of the military-industrial-congressional complex—cashing in on the seemingly endless war industry profits. I’m talking about the ones who say that they are all about “America First.” 

Last May, 11 Republican Senators and 57 Republican Representatives had the courage to support the interests of Americans and vote against continued funding for the endless war in Ukraine. We need that again—and a lot more. America needs real leadership.

In nine months, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has demanded (and received) $69 billion of American taxpayer money—wasted on the most corrupt nation in Europe. Now, the same guy who just lied to push America into a world war, is insisting on $37 billion more to prolong the death and destruction even further.

With Zelenskyy’s failed false flag, we dodged a bullet. The American people need to cut Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine’s Nazi regime, and the warmongers in Congress loose.  

It is time to end this war. Republicans in Congress should cut off the money to Ukraine and demand that the Biden Administration lead in what it should have done from the beginning—tell Zelenskyy that the game is over, arrange an immediate ceasefire, and negotiate peace.  

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