Yes, Leftists, Conservatism Is Popular

President Donald Trump received more than 74 million votes in the 2020 presidential election, which amounts to roughly one-quarter of all Americans. For some reason, the Left can’t grasp that this happened—and can’t get over Trump himself—but that’s another conversation for another day.  

Members of the corporate media, along with most college academics, utterly reject the fact that significant numbers of their fellow Americans think differently than they do—and further reject that people with opposing viewpoints could be exponentially more popular.

In a recent Washington Post article, two “journalists” attempt to break down how a spike in popularity among Twitter accounts that post different views from their own could possibly have occurred, not only after the 2020 election—which, as everyone knows, was 100 percent legit—but generally speaking. It should be noted that both “journalists” have been on Twitter since October 2008 and have only amassed, at the time of this writing, 30,600 and 7,110 followers, respectively.  

The article begins with a look at Kyle Becker, formerly of Fox News, who has amassed more than 244,000 Twitter followers since joining the site in June 2011. The authors simply cannot believe that Becker was able to gain this audience while exhibiting a point of view at odds with their own. So they write off Becker’s success as the result of “selling outrage” and spreading “disinformation.” 

The “journalists” (sorry, they richly deserve the sneer quotes) then go on to cite leftist academics who have studied not only Becker’s account but also accounts belonging to Catturd, Libs of TikTok, Donald Trump, Jr., and others who largely rose to prominence during the Trump Administration. 

The lengthy piece, presented as if it were some kind of objective analysis and not a thinly disguised op-ed column, pushes the line that the only way opinions at odds with the reporters’ own could possibly rise to prominence is through manipulation or trickery. They cannot wrap their heads around the possibility that right-wing beliefs are, in fact, quite popular.

In one set of fancy bubble charts that could easily be mistaken for stock, cheesy IKEA art, the authors demonstrate a correlation between the evil people who think something was, at the very least, fishy about the 2020 election, and tweets regarding “critical race theory,” “biolabs,” and “grooming.” How dare they! 

How much money and hot air are being wasted on leftists trying to convince themselves that they really are the popular kids, when the metrics constantly say otherwise? CNN’s and MSNBC’s ratings have cratered, and subscriptions to print publications like the Washington Post and New York Times are down sharply. But instead of broadening their audience or attempting to reach new people, they’re busy making charts and graphs monitoring the exponential growth of conservative outreach and popularity on social media. 

A great example of conservative popularity and the Left’s absurd reaction to it could be seen in response to Florida Republicans, led by Governor Ron DeSantis, who passed the Parental Rights in Education bill in March. The Left attempted to tar the bill as the “Don’t Say Gay” law. That effort backfired when conservatives responded—accurately—that the legislation is really an “anti-groomer” law. The term “groomer” was quickly elevated to the mainstream—trending on every social media platform and becoming commonly used as a term to smack down anyone mischaracterizing the law.

For one of the first times in the last decade, the Left had completely lost control of a narrative they had established to manipulate the public. Realizing their lie wasn’t as popular as the truth that conservatives were spreading, they moved to change the rules of the game by labeling the term “groomer” as a hateful slur against the LGBT community instead of just pedophiles.  

The Left had to change the rules because their lie was unpopular and had been debunked. Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill had nothing to do with the LGBT community until leftists and the corporate media made it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. It was they who had equated teaching children under the age of 8 about sex with “protecting the gay community.” In the process, it was they who insinuated that gays are groomers. They flailed and failed in the face of an overwhelmingly popular conservative opinion—that these conversations have no place in young children’s classrooms—and then they resorted to social media censorship to silence a debate that had proven embarrassing for them. 

Ultimately, what leftists can’t grasp is how overwhelmingly popular conservatism is. This week, Giorgia Meloni became the first female Italian Prime Minister by running on a platform of putting God, family, and country first. Trump’s rallies continue to have packed houses. And on social media, people like Kyle Becker and yours truly regularly and organically gain more followers in a month than a pair of Washington Post “journalists” managed to gain in 13 years! 

Leftists can scream that it’s all fake, and they can call you every name from disinformer to fascist to racist to transphobe. But ultimately, they cannot deny the fact that conservative voices and ideas are more popular than their own.

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