Double-Boosted Biden Tests Positive for the 25th Amendment

After Joe Biden returned from his Middle East trip on July 17, he took two days off. His schedule on Monday and Tuesday was completely empty. Two consecutive weekdays without any public appearances is bizarre even for the oldest man in American history to occupy the Oval Office.

Nobody expects much from Biden, of course. In fact, the only thing lower than Biden’s approval ratings are our expectations of him. He set those expectations on the campaign trail, when he ran his campaign from his basement in Delaware. 

After the final Democratic primary debate against Bernie Sanders on March 15, 2020, Biden disappeared for more than two months. He wasn’t seen in public again until late May.

During the campaign, Biden used the convenient excuse of the pandemic to explain his routine vanishing acts. “I’m going to follow the doc’s orders—not just for me but for the country—and that means that I am not going to be holding rallies,” Biden said in July 2020.

As a candidate, Biden could run his campaign from his basement in Delaware. But as president, he can’t run the country like that. Then again, he isn’t fit to run the country to begin with. 

The Biden presidency was always destined for humiliating failure; not only because of its flawed, disastrous policies and destructive objectives, but because Biden himself was never mentally and physically capable of executing the rigorous demands of being president. 

Consequently, the Biden Administration has gone to extraordinary lengths to hide the severity of Biden’s mental and physical decline from the public.

Joe Biden has held fewer press conferences than any of his five predecessors. He’s routinely told which pre-approved reporters to call on. Biden even uses a fake White House set because it can better accommodate the teleprompter screen that Biden depends upon for his occasional press events.

Everything about the Biden presidency feels fake because it is fake. It’s a cosplay presidency, whereby Biden plays president instead of actually being one. 

Trouble is, we’re all in on it.

Americans have been conditioned to accept Biden’s slurred, incomprehensible sentences, his bizarre off script meanderings, and even his routine need to be guided on and off stage. But because candidate Biden was a wreck, nobody expected anything more once he assumed office. 

The administration’s challenge was never to make Biden look competent. Rather, it was simply to make sure he showed up and delivered the bumbling performance we’d already come to expect. 

The media’s role was to normalize Biden’s questionable mental and physical state by dismissing concerns or ignoring them altogether. But recently the media has begun to address Biden’s obvious health concerns; the same pre-existing concerns they ignored throughout the campaign and even during his first year in office.

Notably, the New York Times recently featured an article addressing the elephant in the room. “President Biden has said he plans to run for a second term, but his age has become an uncomfortable issue for him and his party,” the subheadline openly states

The question, however, is not whether or not Biden can run for a second term, but whether or not he can finish his first, or even make it through his second year. More importantly, the question is should he?

This recent scrutiny of Biden’s health was on display last Tuesday during the White House press conference.

After Biden failed to show up to perform on Monday and Tuesday, even the sycophantic press took notice. When a reporter asked co-press secretary John Kirby if Biden “was resting after the large international trips,” Kirby insisted that “the president’s been busy.” Ditto Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who insisted that Biden had been “very busy.” 

The façade that is the Biden “presidency” finally appears to be cracking. While what we’ve been shown of Biden has been concerning, it’s what we’re not shown that we sense would be shocking.

Biden flew to Massachusetts on Wednesday to deliver a brief speech on climate change, where he claimed that emissions from oil refineries were responsible for giving him cancer. “That’s why I and so damn many people I grew up with have cancer,” Biden said. The White House was quick to issue a routine “clarification”: Biden didn’t mean he had cancer.

On Thursday, Biden was scheduled to fly to Pennsylvania to give a speech touting the Senate’s recent passage of gun legislation and then attend a DNC fundraiser in Philadelphia. But those plans were scrapped after the White House revealed Biden had tested positive for COVID-19.

But did Biden really have COVID, or was it a convenient cover up for other health problems that the White House didn’t want to address? 

Biden returned from his Middle East trip on Sunday, July 17. Biden made no public appearances the following Monday or Tuesday. According to the White House, Biden tested negative on Tuesday. Then on Thursday he tested positive. What about Wednesday when he went to Massachusetts? Did he not take a test on Wednesday?

While it’s entirely possible that Biden contracted COVID, the circumstances and White House response raise suspicions.

Biden just happened to test positive for COVID the same week questions had been raised about his two day vanishing act?

Why hasn’t Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s personal physician, made himself accessible to the media for questioning, as Trump’s doctor had done when Trump was sick with COVID? 

Instead we get updates in the form of letters from O’Connor and second- or third- or fourth-hand accounts from Ashish Jha, the White House COVID response coordinator, and Karine Jean-Pierre.

Why does it feel like they’re hiding something?

The White House response seems more like propaganda than truth. If the president has COVID, which certainly warrants rest, why does the administration insist upon assuring us that Biden is “getting a lot of work done.” That’s what Biden said in a video posted on Twitter Thursday, soon after the news broke.

That video was preceded by a photo of Biden smiling behind his desk in the Oval Office.

Whether Biden has COVID or not, the White House response reveals a deeply insecure administration, which is defensive and feels compelled to tell the American people that Biden is working. 

But the obsessive compulsion to prove to us that Biden is working comes at the one moment the American people wouldn’t expect Biden to be working.

During Friday’s press conference, Jha told us how Biden had eaten “his breakfast and lunch fully,” before boasting that Biden “actually showed [Jha] his plate!”

The bizarre update contradicts the Thursday message that Biden was “getting a lot of work done.” It paints a picture of a geriatric patient in an assisted living facility rather than a mildly symptomatic president of the United States hard at work.

When Jha was asked what Biden ate, neither Jean-Pierre nor Jha could answer the question. And that’s the problem isn’t it? Few questions are ever answered and if they are, the answers are vague and dishonest. 

But we don’t need them answered. We learned everything we needed to know last week and it’s that the double-boosted Biden just tested positive for the 25th amendment. 

This is the greatest cover up of an American president’s condition since Woodrow Wilson.

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