Cuomo Skates on Sex and Mass Murder 

Albany District Attorney David Soares on Tuesday announced he would be dropping the last sexual harassment charge against former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. D.A.s from other New York counties announced the same thing last week. So, that enormous folder of harassment charges, which were the stated cause for Cuomo’s resignation in August, were as thin and unprosecutable as they appeared. 

Of far greater importance, no charges have been filed against Cuomo for the deliberate or negligent killing of 15,000 senior citizens  who had the bad luck to be housed in New York state nursing homes as COVID-19 invaded our shores.  I suppose this was to be expected.

Surely, we are too sophisticated to assume that any such politically motivated wrongdoing, critical to the imposition of lockdowns and other general deprivations of freedom and traditional liberties, would be punished. Still, it’s worth re-examining the facts we have, and the   presumptive deals that got Andy off any hook at all. 

In August, when it became clear that Cuomo would be forced to resign for various petty acts of “sexual harassment,” I noted that it was a ploy to get the obnoxious Andrew off the political stage. 

That had two benefits for his allies and bosses: First, from the point of view of the D.C. cabal running our country, it removed from contention a man who, despite his visible flaws, might have been a threat to Biden-Harris in 2024. Remember, the media loved him, his “leadership,” and his flamboyant “Cuomosexuality.” Second, in return for his exit, the cabal made clear it would ensure that Cuomo never faced charges for this heinous act of what looks like mass murder. Why else would the egomaniacal Cuomo have agreed to exit? The harassment charges were always thin. 

Et voilà. It’s a new year, and  we see that Cuomo will not be prosecuted for the one sexual harassment charge that looked provable. Or the 15,000 deaths. The presumptive deal held. Though one wonders how these women who were encouraged to gin up real anger about Andrew’s patting and comments feel today. Do they feel foolish or manipulated? Probably not. Half of them likely were in on the joke. The other half actually believe that a comment about a dress constitutes rape.

It is important to remember that the D.C. cabal, which may theoretically have requested that  Cuomo  institute policies that would kill those seniors, needed those deaths in order to make the case for a national lockdown and to institute mail-in voting practices that would allow Democrats to get rid of Trump. 

It remains true that this case—the deaths—which is central to all that is happening to deprive Americans of real self-government and constitutional freedom due to various COVID mandates—should have led to indictments and discovery. 

In a fair political system, not a corrupt one-party state, Cuomo would probably have faced conviction for willful, or even merely negligent action that led to those deaths. But if you thought that was going to happen, then your brain is parked somewhere deep and dark. You have failed to notice that we no longer live in a nation of laws; that everything Democratic officials do to further the narrative that makes their lockdown agenda and its spinoffs of vote manipulation plausible will continue without normal consequence. 

But perhaps you think that Andrew Cuomo did not kill those people on purpose? Shouldn’t he have the right to prove his innocence in court? He should want to prove his innocence, desperately. Ha!

A smart lawyer friend argues that it is far more plausible that Cuomo was initially negligent in shoving the contagious into nursing homes, and, like the combative, narcissistic sociopath we know him to be, simply could not admit that he had made a mistake as the body count mounted. Maybe. It’s possible, of course, since Cuomo is both stubborn and not especially intelligent. But maybe my friend is an optimist, both about Cuomo’s nature, and the existence of previously unthinkable political goals for the use of the virus.  

As I see it, Cuomo’s narcissistic sociopathy allowed him to callously sacrifice the lives of thousands of older people, mostly in state-supported nursing homes, for the putative greater good of getting rid of President Trump. This argument hangs on his loud rejection of the USS Comfort—the Navy ship sent, in record time, by Trump to house recovering COVID patients. Similarly, there was a huge, empty hospital ward at the Javits Center. 

We also know that many nursing home owners were loud and clear about the likely outcomes of cramming still-contagious patients into their facilities, which lacked isolation wards as well as the overstaffing needed to prevent caregivers from having to work with the contagious and the vulnerable at the same time. Owners knew what would happen. A few turned down the assignment. Most caved to the mandates Cuomo issued.

One hopes the political will to prosecute mass murder can be summoned once a different party gains power and bothers to investigate the needless deaths of Americans in New York, followed by those in New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and California, all of whose governors adopted Cuomo’s policy after it was understood to cause deaths. Their efforts certainly ramped up the death counts that induced mass fear back in the spring of 2020 and allowed the cowed American public to accept previously unimaginable limitations on our actions. 

In the unlikely case that justice is ever served, charges of treason should be added to mass murder for those governors. But don’t hold your breath about any of this happening.

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