‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Is the Vaccine We Needed

When Donald Trump was president, he was compared frequently to Hitler. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told her Democratic colleagues that she wanted to see Trump “in prison.” Actor Robert De Niro said “F–k Trump” live on national television at the Tony Awards. The vulgar expression was met with enthusiastic applause. Fang-banging U.S. Representative Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) compared Trump to Osama bin Laden. 

These frequent expressions of irreverence and vulgarity from the Left not only were common but were celebrated when leveled at President Trump. After Biden was announced victor in the 2020 presidential election, comedian Kathy Griffin reposted the infamous photo of her holding a replica of Trump’s bloody severed head—a graphic image that had previously brought her career to a screeching halt when it was first published in 2017.

But that was long ago. By 2020, even the gory image of a decapitated Trump couldn’t upset the sensibilities of the Left. Griffin wasn’t even admonished the second time. Perhaps in 2017, the Left only said Trump was Hitler. By 2020, they actually believed it.

Today, however, the Left’s sensibilities are suddenly offended by three words: “Let’s go Brandon.” Unlike NPR and the Washington Post, I don’t have to explain what those three words mean. You already know. 

A Southwest Airlines pilot is reportedly under investigation for recently uttering the phrase over the plane’s PA system upon departure. Democrats and their lapdogs in the media are calling it an anti-Biden phrase, which it surely is. But it’s so much more—and the Democrats know it. Which is why they are determined to ban it from the public discourse.

“Let’s go, Brandon” marks a real and dramatic shift in American culture. For decades conservatives have embraced their role as the “silent majority.” The essentially liberal media successfully convinced many Americans that Democrats were cool and intellectually and morally superior. Democrats in the press and in Hollywood mercilessly attacked the Right, mischaracterizing conservative Americans as bigots, homophobes, misogynists, and so forth. 

Some combination of fear of reprisal and a natural inclination on the Right to abhor hostility and desire tranquility contributed to our unwitting participation in the moral erosion of America. Democrats exploited this strategy to transform America successfully. They depended upon our hesitation to fight back to achieve this transformation.

At present, the “liberal-Left” has never been closer to achieving its decades-long goal of fundamental transformation. Also at present, the Democrats’ liberal-Left coalition has never faced such powerful and growing opposition.

“Let’s go, Brandon” is not an anti-Biden phrase so much as it is a pro-American phrase. It’s the battle cry of patriotic Americans who have finally found their voice. The phrase represents a radical transformation of right-leaning Americans from a “silent majority” to an unabashedly vocal majority.

This is the new Right—a Right that is unafraid, a Right that is willing to fight, a Right that is no longer meek and hesitant, but courageous and fearsome. 

In condemning this cry, the Democrats have indeed shown themselves to be hypocrites. More importantly though, their condemnation exposes their fear. It is not the “vulgarity” of the phrase that upsets the ruling class. It is the power of the phrase and their loss of control over the narrative that has them outraged.

Americans can’t turn on a college football game without hearing the deafening pro-freedom chant or seeing it emblazoned on hats, t-shirts, and signs. Now they can’t get on an airplane without hearing it. The ruling class is in grave danger of losing its ability to shape reality—to censor the truth and keep its ignorant base in the dark.

Democrats are finally on the defensive. Democrats are finally losing control. Americans are finally fighting to take back control of a country that belongs to them. 

“Let’s go, Brandon” should go down in history as a pivotal moment in American history. Just as “We Shall Overcome” became the powerful anthem of the civil rights movement, “Let’s go, Brandon” has become the powerful anthem of our modern day movement to Save America.

Democrats and their lapdog press understand the power of a phrase. They understand their inability to stop such a movement from expanding. They fear this anthem will spell their demise. 

“Let’s go, Brandon” is the vaccine we really needed; a vaccine that is proving far more effective than anything the pharmaceutical companies can produce to combat COVID. Tyranny is the greatest pandemic we face and “Let’s go, Brandon” is the surprising, unexpected, and timely antidote.

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About Drew T. Allen

Drew Allen, the Millenial Minister of Truth, is the host of “The Drew Allen Show” podcast and a widely published columnist and political analyst. He is the Vice President of Client Development at Publius PR and also the Editor of the Publius National Post. Subscribe to read his work at drewallen.substack.com.

Photo: Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire