COVID Vaccine Proponents Need to Remember the Thalidomide Tragedy

“Get the vaccine” they say. “It’s completely safe” they say. It’s the “most patriotic thing,” Joe Biden said.

What should the underlying fair and logical response be?

How do you know it is really safe?

Where are the studies to prove it?

Of course, they know that we know there are no long-term studies to back the vaccines. It simply is inconceivable based on the expeditious roll out of the vaccines. They cannot guarantee 100 percent safety from the COVID-19 vaccinations, just as they could not guarantee safe removal of Americans trapped in Afghanistan. 

But they still shout it from the rooftops. Those that sit on high are pushing COVID-19 vaccines on anyone and everyone. If you have the ability to fog up a mirror by breathing on it, you are a candidate for the jab. Technically, only individuals 12 years old and older are candidates for vaccination. Countless liberal elites, however, would support vaccinating individuals of all ages including their cats, dogs, and pet tarantulas if they could.

Should Everyone Get The Jab?

Is this good practice? We just do not have enough data to say that it is. But most likely it is not. A mainstay in the practice of medicine is assessing the risks versus the benefits. If the risks of taking a medicine or of having a procedure outweigh the benefits then the general consensus is to not move forward with treatment. This basic linchpin of medicine has been lost in the sauce of the COVID-19 debate.

Keep in mind that there are now countless millions of individuals who have contracted COVID-19 and survived. Those individuals will now have a natural immunity that does not require vaccination and appears to be superior to it. We have known this for decades in regards to medicine, immunology, and virology. A recent study out of Israel has shown that natural immunity is significantly better than what synthetic vaccinations provide.

So why aren’t the powers that be promoting natural immunity? The transparent and honest answer is that natural immunity just doesn’t sell near as well as vaccines.

Pfizer raked in $3.5 billion on the vaccine in the first quarter alone.

It is no coincidence that two top officials at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have resigned amidst frustration with the Biden aAdministration pushing for COVID booster shots prior to FDA approval. The amount of pressure placed on the FDA is immeasurable. They have been undoubtedly pressed to approve the inoculations without adequate studies to support their efficacy and safety.

Pfizer Won the Bid

In the race for the first, and thus far only, approval from the FDA, Pfizer won the bid. This rubber stamp approval has given confidence to many Americans to go ahead with the shot. The United States has seen a 17 percent increase in those receiving their first dose since the August 21 approval. The sudden spike in hospitalizations and greater transmission rate of the delta variant also has played a role in the decision of many.

Have the vaccines shown efficacy in stopping COVID-19?

Stopping, no. Diminishing symptoms and hospitalizations, yes. As someone who is actively treating hospitalized COVID-19 patients, I cannot deny that a majority of those currently admitted are unvaccinated. This is a fact.

The vaccines, however, have not been the “light at the end of the tunnel” as was once hoped. The Branch Covidians seem spiritually invested in forestalling a return to normality with every “expert” appearance on the spoof news programs. That too, is a fact.

Should everyone be vaccinated regardless of age, comorbidities, pregnancy, etc.? 

Indeed, what about pregnancy? A short history lesson is helpful.

Thalidomide Babies

Women who have been pregnant are quite aware of the pathophysiological changes that come with pregnancy. From expanding round ligaments to hormonal shifts and altered sleeping patterns. But hyperemesis gravidarum could be the greatest pain of them all.

Hyperemesis gravidarum is a bougie medical term used to describe what is commonly known as “morning sickness.”

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Thalidomide was supposedly the safe rescue drug for those women. It was widely distributed in Europe. In 1961, there were thousands of German-born babies with severe birth defects that were a direct result of Thalidomide use by their mothers. Birth defects included severe deformities (phocomelia) or even loss of the extremities. Complications of the gastrointestinal, renal, cardiac, and reproductive systems were noted. Many lost their babies altogether. 

Thalidomide was never adequately tested by the manufacturing pharmaceutical company Chemie Grünenthal (now simply known as Grünenthal). The drug had been available for nearly five years and in 46 countries by the time Grünenthal began reporting the dangers.

But it was not readily available in the United States thanks to the instincts of Dr. Frances Kelsey, who was a reviewer for the FDA. She declined a new drug application (NDA) for Thalidomide in 1960. It was submitted by the American pharmaceutical company Richardson Merrell. She wanted to see more evidence with animal studies as she was unsure if the medication would cross the placenta and cause harm to the unborn baby. The studies were never submitted and once the data from Europe began to flood the papers in the United States, Richardson Merrell withdrew their pending NDA in 1962.

But the drug had illegally been placed in the hands of several thousand mothers in America. The FDA revealed that Richardson Merrell had distributed more than 2.5 million doses of Thalidomide to more than 1,200 physicians. Richardson Merrell marketed Thalidomide as safe and efficacious to the physicians who trustingly doled out the medication to expecting mothers across the Land of Liberty.

The damage was done by the time the damning news broke in Europe. Many believed that Thalidomide was never used in the United States simply because it had not been approved by the FDA. The exact number of Thalidomide babies in the United States will never be known. Richardson Merrell was never prosecuted for illegally distributing samples of a drug that had not yet had its application approved.

COVID Vaccines In Pregnancy

Could the vaccines cause harm in the way Thalidomide had done before it was properly vetted? The answer is we simply do not know. Scientists are fairly certain the vaccines do not cross the placenta. There just hasn’t been enough time to perform investigative experiments on lab animals.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that all eligible persons, including pregnant and lactating individuals, receive a COVID-19 vaccine or series. This is bold given we have essentially no data of adverse effects to neonates of vaccinated mothers. In fact, the first full term babies of inoculated mothers are just now starting to enter the world since the first availability of the vaccines a little over nine months ago.

There is a reason Dr. Kelsey requested experimental data from lab animals regarding Thalidomide in the 1960s. These modern day 2021 babies are comparable to experimental lab animals. They are the test cases.

By no means am I claiming that the COVID-19 vaccines are analogous to Thalidomide. The point I am making is that we just don’t know.

It is intentionally deceiving at worst or ignorant of medicine at best for anyone to confidently say that these vaccines are completely safe. That isn’t true about any medication.

It’s a risks-versus-benefits scenario.

My hope and prayer is for the best-case scenario. That both mother and baby are spared from the devastation of the virus and that there are no significant adverse effects to either as time marches on.

Let us all pray for God’s mercy on expecting mothers and the unborn.

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