Morning Greatness: House, Senate to Investigate Trump DOJ’s Leak Investigations

Good Tuesday morning.

Two minutes of hate:

On Monday, the Biden Department of Justice met with pissy political tabloids who were butt hurt that the Trump Administration seized phone records and emails from their employees. The Trump Admin was trying to find out who was constantly leaking material, some classified, some just lies designed to smear the Trump Administration. Remember how transcripts of Trump’s calls with foreign nations were leaked? Those are highly classified and yet, not only did the media obtain them, they are horrified the government would try and find out who was distributing documents. What’s the point of classifying material if it doesn’t matter if that material circulates to the public-at-large?

The DoJ told the corporate propagandists at the meeting that the agency wasn’t targeting their precious operatives. “During the discussion, the department made clear that reporters were never the subject or the target of the recent investigations,” the readout states.

Not to let an opportunity got to waste, the House Democrats will open an investigation on this issue. Why? Because they need a spectacle to take the heat off the feeble Democrat Biden and their own incompetence as legislators. “Recent reports suggest that, during the Trump Administration, the Department of Justice used criminal investigations as a pretext to spy on President Trump’s perceived political enemies,” the panel’s chairman, Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), said in the announcement. “It remains possible that these cases — which now include Members of Congress, members of the press, and President Trump’s own White House Counsel — are isolated incidents,” Nadler added. “Even if these reports are completely unrelated, they raise serious constitutional and separation of power concerns. Congress must make it extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, for the Department to spy on the Congress or the news media.”

The Senate Judiciary also announced an investigation which really drives home my point. These people are desperate to put something in the limelight that isn’t their own failures and what better target than Trump? They have to keep Trump in the headlines because it’s the way the left gets support. Their crazy platform of CRT, BLM, inflation, redistribution of wealth and crushing the middle class isn’t popular. They have the media to pretend those policies don’t exist while highlighting the much-despised Trump to gin up the voters.

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House Judiciary to probe DOJ’s seizure of data from lawmakers, journalists
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Civil unrest:
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ICE terminates Trump-era office that focused on victims of immigrant crime
15-year-olds arrested for allegedly shooting security guard to try to get into Apple store
3,000 unruly passengers so far this year — 2,300 cases over mask wearing: FAA

Coronavirus news:
Defective COVID shots given at Times Square vaccination site
Cashier slaughtered in supermarket for telling man to wear a mask
Members of Congress hold moment of silence for Americans who died of COVID-19

Other morsels:
Maine to Start Paying Back to Work Bonus
GOP’s Gohmert, Clyde file lawsuit over metal detector fines
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Whistleblower claims UN is working with China as she faces losing her protection
Arizona auditors near finish of hand recount as out-of-state GOP pilgrimages continue
Georgia’s Fulton County under state investigation for allegedly violating ballot drop box form rules
NSA leaker imprisoned for sharing report released to halfway house
WSJ: Amazon Is Filled with Fake Reviews and Bogus Ratings

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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