Because They Got Away with Russiagate

The Left’s ideology actively promotes and preys upon paranoia, envy, and dependence. Parroted by its mockingbird media, it crafts and inculcates an alternate reality in which the Left accepts its own lies as articles of its secular faith. 

Moreover, the Left projects its paranoia, envy, and dependence upon the rest of the country, all in its lust to attain the power to compel and coerce its fellow citizens. But to believe its calumnies, one must abandon reason. 

The Left believes there are more than 50 genders, but that it is you who live in an alternate reality. The Left believes “climate change” will destroy the planet in nine years unless we adopt socialism, but it’s you who live in an alternate reality. The Left adamantly denied and censored reports COVID-19 may have escaped from a Wuhan laboratory, but it’s you who live in an alternate reality. The 2020 election was a perfectly pristine election despite elected Democratic Party officials (with the complicity of corporate robber barons) exceeding their powers to alter voting laws to tilt the field in the party’s favor (they would say “fortified”), but it’s you who live in an alternate reality. The Left claims it loves America so much it wants to transform everything about it, but it’s you who live in an alternate reality. 

The full list is long and growing, for the Left’s delusions abound with cognitive dissonance (in the guise of moral relativism) its favored weapon against facts; and its regressive ideology an ultimate guard against reality. Like people who have exposed themselves to radiation, the Left in pimping these vices has contaminated itself with paranoia, envy, and dependence, giving shape to its warped, alternate reality.

Charitably, in many instances we can pray and light candles for our leftist adversaries. But it is unconscionable for us not to hold them to account when their alternate reality spurs their abuses of power. If we do not and fail to alert our fellow citizens, the Left will be empowered to intensify its undermining of the foundations of our free republic. 

To wit: Russiagate.

As that big lie was raging on, one could see the full range and ramifications of the Left’s paranoid, envious, and dependent alternate reality. Russiagate required the insane belief that Russian strongman Vladimir Putin successfully “colluded” to steal the 2016 American presidential election to place his quisling, Donald Trump, in the Oval Office. 

The bitter reality, of course, is that the Left’s Russiagate lie had a nefarious dual political purpose: to undermine a duly elected Republican president and simultaneously to cover up the Obama Administration’s long history of weaponizing the federal government’s police and surveillance powers against the Left’s opponents. All the while, the complicit mockingbird media aided and abetted the Left’s abuse of power to protect its “sources” and itself. 

After four years, (including the more than two years wherein many Trump appointees actually promoted the Russiagate lie), they failed to produce and issue a report of its findings or legally hold more than one middling individual remotely accountable for the Obama Administration’s big lie. 

At the moment, the Biden Administration has shown no inclination to let Special Counsel John Durham release his report. (And, in fact, the administration’s minions have fired warning shots to scare off anyone who may be tempted to leak all or parts of it illegally.) The truth may have its boots on but it’s lying beside Hunter Biden’s laptop—buried, impounded, immobile and harmless—beneath the crushing weight of the administrative state and its mockingbird media. 

Worse, because the Left got away with Russiagate, Biden was emboldened recently to claim with a straight face: “According to the intelligence community, terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today.”

Wry minds might ask, where is the media’s customary caveat for such assertions, he said without evidence? It is beyond farcical to cite the corrupted intelligence community that crafted and subjected our nation to the chaos stemming from the big lie of Russiagate. 

Yet, thus does the Left’s covert weaponization of the federal government’s police and surveillance powers against its political opponents brazenly stride into the light of day. 

After having previously been exposed without being held to account, the Left is now emboldened to pretend it is revealing abuses of power as a means of protecting the public. Substituting white supremacists for Trump, the Left’s paranoia, envy, and dependence are all on display as it projects its authoritarianism upon the citizenry. And, once more, the complicit mockingbird media aids and abets the Left’s abuse of power against its political opponents.

Meanwhile, the reality remains that it is the Left that is compelling the indoctrination of the communist derived and racist critical race theory throughout every aspect of society, including politicizing the U.S. military; issuing redefinitions of and rationalizations for their own political violence and anti-Semitism; canceling anyone they deem heritical to their abhorrent (un)civil religion; and destroying any constitutional, legislative, and judicial safeguards to protect the rights of the individual and the minority against the tyranny of the (bare and ephemeral) majority.

But, of course, it is you who are the problem.

And all because the Left got away with Russiagate.


About Thaddeus G. McCotter

The Hon. Thaddeus McCotter is the former chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, current itinerant guitarist, American Greatness contributor, and Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show."

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