Morning Greatness: Biden Gun-Grabber ATF Nominee Wants to Ban the AR-15

Good Thursday morning.

Two minutes of hate:

Facebook has graciously lifted its ban on information suggesting the COVID-19 virus escaped from a lab. Does the Facebook company have scientists on their payroll who have investigated the origin of the virus? What scientific authority does Facebook hold? What authority does Facebook hold over the truth of its users opinions? Only the authority you give it by using it.

“In light of ongoing investigations into the origin of COVID-19 and in consultation with public health experts, we will no longer remove the claim that COVID-19 is man-made from our apps,” a Facebook company spokesperson said in a statement. “We’re continuing to work with health experts to keep pace with the evolving nature of the pandemic and regularly update our policies as new facts and trends emerge.”

Back in February, Facebook announced it would remove “additional debunked” statements about Covid, including claims that Covid was”man-made or manufactured.” I guess now those statements have been “undebunked.”

The law treats Facebook as a neutral publishing platform but that doesn’t seem right to me. If the company has editorial guidelines, it’s not neutral and should be treated the same way as the New York Times (a trash tabloid propaganda outlet.)

Next up, the Biden Administration’s nominee for ATF director is a hateful gun grabber who wants to ban the AR-15. During his confirmation hearing, David Chipman, senior policy advisor for Gabby Gifford’s anti-gun violence advocacy group, said “With respect to the AR-15, I support a ban as has been presented in a Senate bill and supported by the president.”

Chipman, who is obviously an idiot told the Senate panel: “It’s a particularly lethal weapon, and regulating it, as other particularly lethal weapons, I have advocated for,” he said. “As ATF director, if I’m confirmed, I would simply enforce the laws on the books and right now, there is no such ban on those guns.”

It’s NOT a particularly lethal weapon. It’s not a “weapon of war” as the anti-gun propagandists like to say. There’s not a single standing army on the planet who carry the AR-15. But the anti-2A crew don’t know anything about firearms, they play on people’s emotions and the gun looks “scary” to wine moms.

Following workplace shooting in California (how on earth did someone in California get a gun??!?) Biden released a statement: “Enough. Once again, I urge Congress to take immediate action and heed the call of the American people, including the vast majority of gun owners, to help end this epidemic of gun violence in America.” If it can happen in the most restrictive gun environment in the country, maybe your gun grab schtick doesn’t work to stop violence? Assuming that your intent is to stop violence.

Finally, the weak and spineless Senator Susan Collins is fighting to “broker a bipartisan compromise on the independent Jan. 6 commission, even as Republican leaders rush to quash the panel.” I don’t know if Collins is evil or ignorant. This “commission” is not a good faith examination of what happened on January 6, in fact there are other congressional committees already doing that. The “commission” is an effort to keep this over-hyped, hysterical drama in the headlines so the media doesn’t focus on what President Applesauce brain is doing. And if the commission is approved, every stinking day until it “finishes,” every single GOP elected official will be asked for comment on the day’s testimony and if they do not spit out the proper anti-Trump position, they will be smeared in the corporate press. Only a dumbass would go along with this plan for a commission and hand over bullets to their enemies.  But the GOP is not nothing if not a party of dumb asses.

“I want to have a commission. The House bill needs to be improved. And one of the flaws of the House bill is that it has the chairman essentially appointing all of the staff,” Collins said. “For the commission to be successful it has to be nonpartisan and we know that if it’s stacked with partisan staff that it will get off to a bad start.”

The commission is not designed to be “successful” it’s designed to be “useful.” Collins said she plans this week to bust a filibuster on the bill. In addition to the usual traitors, Romney and Murkowski, Senators Portman and Cassidy support Collins’ “improvements.” If these GOP morons vote for any 1/6 commission they deserve what they get. A POX ON ALL OF YOU.

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And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!


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Photo: WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 06: Former ATF Special Agent David Chipman (2nd R) speaks during a press conference hosted by the Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence with (L-R) singer Tony Bennett, LCPGV Executive Director Robyn Thomas, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), actor Adam Scott, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and actor Chris Rock at the U.S. Capitol February 6, 2013 in Washington, DC. The artists, activists and politicians called for manditory background check on all gun purchases among other restrictions. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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