Welcome to the Era of ‘Unintended Consequences’

As Democrats prepare to enact the most ultra-liberal agenda since the New Deal, we can predict two things with a fair degree of certainty. First, the results are likely to be disastrous. Second, those results (when reported at all) will be portrayed either as brilliant, runaway successes, or the necessary costs of doing business to obtain a just society. 

From the war on drugs to the Russian “reset,” Democrats have a special penchant for never anticipating the actual consequences of their actions. (Or so they would have us believe.) “Judge us by our intentions, not by our results,” is the standard mantra.

As an example, look no further than Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s beloved Green New Deal. As first introduced, the plan boasted a price tag that exceeded the combined GDP of every nation on earth. 

To most sane people, that would make it, at best, untenable. 

But when questioned about this—or about her assertions that apocalypse was a mere 12 years off if we didn’t act instantly on her ideas—the congresswoman from Queens blithely responded: “There’s [sic] a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.” (This, after confidently assuring us that until we have a better plan, she’s “the boss.”)

Reversing Progress

For the first time in the lifetimes of most people reading this, America is energy independent. What’s more, we’re a net exporter of oil. That was virtually unthinkable just a few short years ago. But the same crowd that bellowed “no blood for oil,” while demanding a cessation of endless wars in the Middle East, now says “We can’t have this! Think of mother Gaia! We’re destroying the planet by extracting these plentiful and natural resources!” 

Their logical next step? To criminalize oil. Or at least, any method of obtaining it. 

Who could have foreseen (they will say) that doing so would cripple an economy? How could they have known that 70 percent of all goods purchased in this country are transported by trucks, which require the very diesel they’ve made prohibitively expensive? How could they have predicted that food prices would skyrocket, resources would dwindle, and a nation that had never known want would now have to embrace it as the new normal?

Don’t blame us, they’ll say. We were thinking only of the greater good. (And if you don’t agree with us, don’t worry—we’re setting aside federal funds to have you reprogrammed.) 

The first of a new, soon-to-be unending stream of mass migration is underway at this moment. Anyone who thinks they’ll meet the slightest resistance at our borders under the new administration simply hasn’t been paying attention. Not only will the border doors be thrown open, all comers will doubtless have unfettered access to mail-in ballots for all upcoming elections, regardless of their citizenship status.

To the crowd that hysterically weeps while holding cardboard signs proclaiming “no human being is illegal,” I’ve always wanted to pose a simple test. Have them pick the morally superior country of their choosing—say, France or Sweden or even Mexico. Then simply walk across their borders, demand instant citizenship (regardless of whether you speak the language, or plan to abide by any of the nation’s customs) and fully expect that you’ll not only be cared for, but catered to by your newly adopted government. 

It simply doesn’t work that way in any civilized (or uncivilized) nation on earth. 

Who Could Have Seen This Coming?

But in an endless quest both for power and new governmental dependents (without whom their party would effectively cease to exist), the Democrats welcome these “huddled masses,” cynically knowing full well that the only reason they were doing so was to build a voting block. 

Who could have anticipated (they will say) the strain it would put on our schools . . . on our health care system . . . on our communities? We were thinking only of our moral obligation to our fellow man. If you disagree with our aims, then you’re a white supremacist who “has some work to do,” AOC is happy to tell you.

Who could have foreseen that defunding the police would lead to an increase in crime? We were only working to undo the generations of oppressive, systemic racism that have made this country such an unlivable nightmare and embarrassing blight on the world, they’ll say.  

Because to them, social justice is always more important than actual justice.  

We’ve already seen it to a degree with the Capitol riots. Who could have foreseen that by spending months normalizing—indeed, endorsing—violent protests from Portland to D.C., we would help create the impression that they’re to be tolerated? We were simply advocating for social justice. Anyone who doesn’t understand how that goal is served by burning cars and looting high-end jewelry stores needs to check their privilege at the door, thank you very much.

Who could have anticipated that encouraging adult, biological males to use women’s restrooms with impunity on campuses across the country could lead to a rise in harassment and potential violence? We were only looking out for the microscopic percentage of the population who actually identifies as transgendered. If you disagree with our policy, you’re a transphobe with no place in a cultured society. 

Who could have foreseen that recklessly labeling the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump as white supremacists would further erode race relations in this country? Or that banning all conservative expression on social media—while hypocritically calling for “unity”—would only spawn more divisiveness?

It’s the perfect Antifa model: “There’s no place for fascism in this country. So we will aggressively—and if need be, violently—suppress any speech with which we disagree.” 

The irony isn’t lost on them. They’re simply immune to any mention of it. 

There’s an analogy that fits today’s Democratic Party and I simply can’t get it out of my head. In Tim Burton’s film Mars Attacks, the aliens steadily insist that “We come in peace . . . We are your friends”—while simultaneously vaporizing people and property left and right.  

Much has been written about the Orwellian reality we’re currently facing. “We’re acting for the good of the country,” they say—while systematically destroying every aspect of its former greatness. The deliberately contradictory Newspeak of Nineteen Eighty-Four is alive and well in today’s news and social media. 

The smiling, jubilant faces beaming at us from our TV screens will continue to assure us that their only motivation is our happiness, our success, and an America of boundless opportunity and utter equality.  

Who can blame them when their every policy ensures the exact opposite?

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