Morning Briefing: Democrats Want to Shorten Impeachment Theater Timeline

Good Friday morning.

  • I’m still not getting daily updates on Biden’s schedule but hopefully they will have that functioning soon.


Harris-Biden Administration:
Many Democrats signal push for swift impeachment trial as short as ‘a matter of days’
House and Senate announce hearings over GameStop trading saga
Klain pushes back on criticism over Biden’s gush of executive actions
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Blocks Trump Appointees To Pentagon Advisory Boards
CHIP ROY: How Biden’s Immigration Plan Puts Americans Last
Psaki expects DHS nominee Mayorkas to head task force to reunite separated families
Senate Judiciary Chairman Says Gun Control Is ‘Top Priority’
Biden Repeals Ban on Taxpayer Funding for International Abortion Providers
Bowser says DC ‘will not accept’ permanent fencing around Capitol
Capitol Police Chief: U.S. Capitol Needs ‘Permanent’ Wall to Protect Congress
White House shifts from Middle East quagmires to a showdown with China

Civil unrest/race issues:
John Lewis memorial to replace Confederate monument in Georgia
Indianapolis teen charged with six counts of murder for allegedly shooting pregnant woman and his family members

Coronavirus news:
Number of NY nursing home residents lost to COVID-19 underreported by up to 50%, probe says
‘Long Covid’ still puzzles doctors but treatment is possible
California restaurants’ lawsuit over outdoor dining ban dismissed after stay-home order lifted
Mother of teen who committed suicide ‘because of COVID isolation’ sues Illinois governor
Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine shown to be nearly 90% effective in UK clinical trial, provided a range of immunity against new variants
Tampa issues mask order ahead of Super Bowl
Nine nuns in Michigan die of coronavirus at retirement home
White House releases ‘previously hidden’ state COVID-19 data
Las Vegas man charged with defrauding PPP for nearly $2M, allegedly buying Tesla, Bentley, and homes
Thailand arrests 89 foreign tourists for violating Covid-19 rules
U.S. Billionaires Boost Their Wealth by 40 Percent During Coronavirus Crisis

Other morsels:
Nuts. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reacts to Ted Cruz’s tweet on GameStop: ‘You almost had me murdered’
Russia targets Navalny supporters with arrests, searches ahead of new protests
With Colorado ‘at war’ with small businesses, agriculture, and oil and gas, Weld County group seeks secession to Wyoming
11 Fort Bliss soldiers injured, 2 critically, after ingesting unknown substance
Texas fifth-grader makes $3,200 off GameStop shares bought for $6 in 2019
Robinhood CEO: ‘We absolutely did not’ restrict GameStop trading at the direction of a hedge fund
Lawyer demands to know if FBI found $400M worth of Civil War gold
Hillsong Church hit with $20M in lawsuits for damages, ‘immoral’ acts
Jim Jordan rules out 2022 run for open Ohio Senate seat
LOL. Trump may poison the party, but Republicans have decided they need him
Trump wants to help GOP win in 2022, McCarthy says after Mar-a-Lago meeting
Trump targets Cheney as he unites with McCarthy
At Wyoming rally, Trump ally Gaetz blasts Cheney over impeachment
Ignoring calls to pull back, Gaetz slams Cheney in her home state
GOP senator stocks office with 13 former Trump staffers
‘We’re In Unprecedented Times’: Robinhood CEO Defends Freezing Stocks Amid Wall Street Frenzy
‘Idiots’ Think House Floor Is ‘Like The O.K. Corral’: Democratic Rep’s Message To Gun Carrying Members
LOL. Mitt Romney Has An 84% Approval Rating With Utah Democrats
‘Look At What You Did’: Reggie Jackson Says Curt Schilling’s Beliefs Kept Him Out Of Hall Of Fame
31 prison staff members suspended at New Jersey women’s prison
Inside the NRA’s Strategy to Escape Disaster
Parents at Elite NYC School Push Back Against Faculty’s Antiracist Demands
White House Punts on Condemning BDS Movement
Boebert clashes with Parkland survivor on Twitter: ‘Give your keyboard a rest, child’
PETA: Using Animal Names as Verbal Insults Is ‘Supremacist Language’

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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