Donald Trump, Counterrevolutionary

Until Donald Trump’s arrival, the globalist revolution was almost solidified and institutionalized—with the United States increasingly its greatest and most “woke” advocate. We know its bipartisan establishment contours.

China would inherit the world in 20 or 30 years. The self-appointed task of American elites—many of whom had already been enriched and compromised by Chinese partners and joint ventures—was to facilitate this all-in-the-family transition in the manner of the imperial British hand-off of hegemony to the United States in the late 1940s.

Our best and brightest like the Biden family, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg would enlighten us about the “real” China, so we yokels would not fall into Neanderthal bitterness as they managed our foreordained decline.

We would usher China into “the world community”—grimacing at, but overlooking the destruction it wrought on the global commercial order and the American interior.

We would politely forget about Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, and the Uyghurs. Hollywood would nod as it put out more lucrative comic-book and cartoonish films for the Chinese markets, albeit with mandated lighter-skinned actors.

The NBA would nod twice and trash a democratic United States, while praising genocidal China—becoming richer and more esteemed abroad to make up for becoming boring and poorer at home. The universities would nod three times, and see a crime not in Chinese espionage and security breaches, but in the reporting of them as crimes.

So our revolutionary role would be to play stuffy and snooty Athenian philosophers to the new muscular Roman legions of China.

Given our elites’ superior morality, genius, and sense of self, we would gently chide and cajole our Chinese masters into becoming enlightened world overseers and democrats—all the easier, the richer and more affluent Chinese became. 

For now, Trump has stopped that revolution.

Internal Counterrevolutions

Until Trump’s arrival, Big Tech was three-quarters home on the road to Nineteen Eighty-Four. Five or six companies monopolized most American—and indeed the world’s—access and use of the internet. In cynical fashion, Silicon Valley grandees patronized naïve conservatives that they were the supposed embodiment of Milton Friedman libertarianism and 19th century robber baron daring. Yet to their leftist kindred, the moguls of Menlo Park simultaneously whispered, “Don’t worry about such necessary disinformation: we will enrich only your candidates, only your agendas, only your foundations, only your universities—in exchange for your exemptions.”

Antitrust legislation was as much an anathema to good liberals as rigging searches, institutionalizing the cancel culture, and censoring thoughts and ideas were welcomed. For now Trump, almost alone, is battling that revolution.

Until Trump’s arrival, there was increasingly no border at all. Fifty-million foreign-born resided, both legally and illegally, in the United States. Nearly a million annually walked northward across the border with ease and without legal sanction or invitation. To object to illegal immigration and decry its deleterious effects on the entry-level wages of our working poor, on the social safety net of the American needy, and on the sanctity of the law was to be smeared as racist, xenophobic, and nativist.

More than a quarter of California’s current resident population were not born in the United States. That desirous “new demography” since 1988 had flipped California into a caring blue state. Open borders and the end of immigration law enforcement had pushed Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado into just Democratic societies, and was supposedly soon to transform Texas and Arizona into enlightened states. For now, Trump—with his soon-to-be 400-mile wall, his beefed up ICE, and his war on sanctuary nullification zones—has nearly stopped the revolution to end borders.

Until Trump, the American interior was loser country. In-between the two gilded coasts resided the deplorables, irredeemables, clingers, the smelly Walmart patrons decried in the Page-Strzok text echanges, those John McCain called “crazies,” and Joe Biden has variously called the “dregs,” the “chumps” and the “ugly folks.” They were written off as Morlocks, who were occasionally seen poking about the rotting, rusting skeletons of abandoned steel plants, and for some reason never had proper orthodontics as children.

Obama laughed about the “magic wand” needed to revive these unrevivable people. Larry Summers reportedly called such an idea a “fantasy.” He was said to have  praised the meritocracy that properly gives to such losers what they justly deserve. Very caring and very humane elites felt very little for supposedly very expendable riffraff.

Translated, that meant on the eve of the Chinese takeover, our clueless deplorables never learned to code, or to borrow $200,000 to get a woke-studies education, and so deserved the opioids they took and the trailers they crashed in.

Few apostates said, “Wait a minute! The United States has cheaper energy than anywhere on earth, a skilled workforce, a huge domestic market, and a still-viable infrastructure. There was a reason why Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania once led the world and why they can again.” Through tax reform, deregulation, trade rebooting, a new foreign policy, and loud jawboning, Trump for a while has stopped the revolution that was destroying our once greatest states.

Until Trump, the woke cultural wars were just about won by the elites. Seeking unity was dead; chest-pounding diversity, often the spark that had ignited history’s multiracial societies, was ascendent.

The melting pot that sought to make race incidental was deemed racist; the salad bowl that made our superficial appearances essential was celebrated. Quite affluent, self-appointed minority leaders, with their quite wealthy white liberal counterparts, established who is, and who “ain’t,” “really” black—the definition resting on whether one was loyally left-wing or disloyally independent-minded.

The success of civil rights was not to be calibrated by black unemployment figures, household income, family businesses, dignity in having leverage over employers, access to competitive parochial and charter schools, or descending abortion rates, but in electing more activists as progressive mayors, liberal city councilmembers, and leftist district attorneys to garner more redistributive state money to hire more careerists like themselves. 

Trump, branded a bigot and racist, for now has sought to end that revolution, and measure race relations not by how many minority elites have choice jobs and high incomes, but by how well the entire minority community reaches income and employment parity with the general population—an idea that will earn the “racist” Trump far greater minority support than was expressed for John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Can the Revolution Be Stopped?

We are in the midst of a cultural revolution, for the most part driven by angry middle-and upper-class white youth of Antifa and its sympathizers, wannabes, and enablers. Many are humiliated that they have college pedigrees, lots of multi thousand-dollar debt, plenty of woke-studies classes to their credit, but still have no real jobs, no real knowledge, and no real immediate chances of buying a house, marrying, and raising a family in their 20s.

Nothing in history is more dangerous than the underemployed wannabe intellectual or college graduate, whose cultivated sense of superiority is not matched by his income or standard of living, but who blames “them” for his own self-inflicted miseries and unappreciated genius.

The revolution toppled statues, renamed what it did not like, Trotskyized the past, photoshopped the present, and used language, government, and cultural intimidation to do its best to make America into Animal Farm.

Corporate CEOs in terror washed the feet of the woke. University presidents, fearful for their status and careers, wrote incomprehensible memos admitting their past sins and asking how best to do present penance. Hollywood studio owners promised race and gender quotas, with ample provisions that—in the manner of NBA and NFL owners—adjustments and exceptions could be worked out for themselves.

Somewhere, somehow graduations, dorms, and campus spaces, all segregated by race, became “liberal.” Intermarriage, integration, and assimilation were shamefully illiberal. Standing for the National Anthem was unpatriotic; sitting in disdain for it, cool. Donald Trump fought that revolution too. 

What tools did Donald Trump have to wage these many counterrevolutions?

The media? America’s Fortune 400? Academia? The great foundations? The nation’s think tanks? The bipartisan government establishment? The international community? The banks? Wall Street? Corporate CEOs? Silicon Valley? Professional sports? The entertainment industry? Hollywood? The intelligence community? The current and retired top military brass?

In fact, none of them. All had joined or enabled the revolution, on the theory either that their wealth and influence would shield them and their own from its excesses, or like naïve Kerenskyites their status would impress and win over even those who targeted them, or they were inner revolutionaries themselves all along, just waiting to be freed at last by BLM and Antifa.

Against all that money and clout, the counterrevolutionary Trump had only one asset, the proverbial people. He had solely the under-polled and the written-off. They came out to his rallies in the tens of thousands, deluded the pollsters, and told the media less than nothing, but voted and will vote in waves to save America from what it was becoming.

About Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He is an American military historian, columnist, a former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. He has been a visiting professor at Hillsdale College since 2004. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush. Hanson is also a farmer (growing raisin grapes on a family farm in Selma, California) and a critic of social trends related to farming and agrarianism. He is the author most recently of The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, The Case for Trump and the newly released The Dying Citizen.

Photo: Mark Makela/Getty Images

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330 responses to “Donald Trump, Counterrevolutionary”

  1. What a bunch of total nonsense, professor. Trump is not here to help anyone but himself. He is sexist. He is racist. He is xenophobic. He is corrupt through and through. He is a tax cheat and a money launderer. And the “best” you can do is come up with your fantastical lies and deceptions. Just stop it.
    Trump has for the time being wrecked our nation. He failed on COVID. He failed on the economy. He failed on race relations. He failed on foreign policy by kissing up to dictators and breaking off relations with our allies. If cold wars count, he is a traitor to our country. If they don’t, he is a liar, a cheat and a con. We have to escape his grasp and save ourselves.

      • Trump leads a revitalized American revolution reclaiming our uniqueness and sovereignty from the Globalist & Socialists who would cede all means of production and finance to the cultist CCP opponents of liberty who punish their apostates with imprisonment, politically correct reeducation, forced labor, organ transplants, and execution. The CCP undermines and shapes religion to their own ideological foundations and coerces religious leaders to comply with their wishes.
        As with the CCP’s ‘Four Olds’ campaign, various Marxist/Maoist groups and their allies would erase the American Revolution and rewrite the history of the United States as being a failure in implementing common rights for all their citizens. The United States and the American Revolution has instead exceeded expectations and bested all the World in promoting life, liberty, prosperity, innovation, and happiness for our citizens and so many internationally.
        The cult in Beijing mimicked our economic success, but subjugates their people to an imported ideological prison mentality.
        Those opposed to Trump who have turned their Democratic party run sanctuaries into zones of rioting, looting, vandalism, and rebellion do the CCP a favor as much as apparently the Biden clan did.
        Viva la Trump!
        Long live our President!
        Four more years!

      • Well articulated. I used to be a Dem supporter till the Party let tokenism become their governing principle, when they stopped standing for anything but were instead standing against everything, when they stopped others from thinking by aggressively quashing other views on campuses and in the media. They have become a wolf pack. America needs a lion. The “Anything But Trump” idea is empty, Dems need to introspect deeply about where their party is when they lose this election.

      • Come 11/4 we are going to come smoke you MAGA dipshits out of your fucking ratholes and flog you through the town squares.

        Then we’ll fucking deport your anti-American asses like you deserve.

        We’re COMING FOR YOU. MAGA one more day then it is all over for you assholes. Pack your bags now or else get thrown out.

    • CV-19 a wicked scam. Killed many elderly deliberately left unprotected by Demonic public officials. Ruined small, family owned businesses, public fearful to leave homes, elderly dying of loneliness and neglect in nursing homes- and for what? To drive a duly-elected President from office. Survival rate now close to 99.9%. Infection rate medically irrelevant. Lots of people walking around with other viruses asymptomatic: it’s called the immune system. So, CV-19 is simply not a rational basis for lockdowns or criticizing a President who correctly says that the cure for it cannot be worse than the disease. Can’t wait to see MSM shutdown 11/04 so this despicable lie is forever silenced. We win; you lose, boy.

      • And Beijing Biden knew about the Gook-Flu from the start.

      • Hollywood, try listening to Dr. John Ioannidis and STFU.

      • This is a reply to Rachelois. You seem to take comfort from Dr. Ioannidis. Why? he did a study of literature. No actual patient involvemnt on his part. What does he conclude on reviewing some prior studies? “The infection fatality rate of COVID-19 can vary substantially across
        different locations and this may reflect differences in population age structure and casemix of infected and deceased patients and other factors. The inferred infection fatality rates
        tended to be much lower than estimates made earlier in the pandemic.”
        Tell me how over 230,000 dead Americans and their survivors take comfort from this? Tell me how this supports Trump’s approach in any rational way? Tell me how this refutes Dr. Fauci? Tell me how this supports Dr. Atlas in any rational way?
        Just throwing out the name of an academic who has treated no patients is meaningless.

    • Wow. This crazy comment is the greatest example of insanity and leftist protection I have ever read. Congratulations.

      • Don’t mind him, probably grouchy after a long shift of Kristallnacht.

        And I’ll be listening only to 2016 Fauci who stated masks are useless except for getting schmutz on it, or early 2020 Fauci where he again made statements against the general public wearing masks.

        Otherwise he can get tossed right over our big, beautiful wall for all the damage he has done lying by omission about Vitamin C and D, HCQ, etc.

        Hollywood you are free to join him.

    • Keep calling him sexist and racist – It’s worked so well for you so far

      • No wonder all the movies are being made it British Columbia. Hollywood has gone crazy, hating White Americans and President Trump so much that they willingly would cut their own throat as long as they are cutting ours! Why would anybody seriously quote the New York Times as a source to support an Anti-Trump position and expect to be taken seriously?

    • Its OK son, Trump is going to win in a landslide, and the economy will be so strong that even people like you will have jobs

      • You are assuming he is both capable and willing to hold a job. It’s so much easier to smash store windows and steal stuff.

      • Nah, if hollywood were to put those comments on his resume, not even Hollywood would hire him.

      • Having voted in 14 consecutive presidential elections, I have seen many candidates come and go. Based on my experience, I strongly believe it is now time for Trump to go. It may not be pretty, but it’s over for him. And don’t call me “son.”

    • That’s a very succinct summary of both the CNN/MSDNC & the Never Trump screeds hollywood…. you’ve learned your lessons quite well & you can repeat those lessons when prompted. Trouble is whichever way this election goes you’ll be out in the cold.

      • And yet you read it and commented, at 2:06 AM. It must have meant something to you.

    • You say “our nation”, “our allies” and “our country”. For a nation to go on, for its allies to continue to have trust in it, it must have a strong border to maintain its sovereignty – to strengthen the integrity of nationhood. The Woke Left is out to wreck the idea of nationhood and sovereignty by its insisting upon having open borders. For example, what is the EU for if it has weak borders? It has increasingly, dramatically looked like the European Disunion.

      When you say “our country”, it is implied that you say “our way of life”. You do imply that Trump has pulled the rug from under that way of life, hence the traitor accusation. But the real threat to the American way is from the Woke Left who desire to unmake America, turn it upside-down.
      As you must suspect, this election is not really about Trump at all, but about unmaking America.

    • VDH describes you perfectly in this excellent commentary.

      Wailing and gnashing…oh my!

    • Care to provide any facts to back up your assertions about Pres. Trump? Probably not, since there aren’t any.

      Your little screed is pure projection of the political left’s actual deeds.

      • Part of the New! Improved! “comment” section is that you cannot rep;y to a reply. Confusion ensues…

    • VHD is a historian and brilliant. He sees quite clearly what’s been going on in this country. I do hope enough Americans see what VHD sees. If they do, Trump will be elected for another term and the Left will have to wait at least 4 more years to destroy our nation.

      • The social chaos alone, and the blithe – at best – way liberal, progressive, democratic – very small “d” – “leaders” have responded to it all is grounds alone for a conservative, country-loving, leader to restore order. IMO, the president was way too soft on this chaos, yet was stronger than the libs combined. You round up anyone who desecrates property and/or abuses/impedes people, and you send them to jail for a punishment-fits-the-crime duration. Anyway, this article made me feel good to be an American! Bravo! KAG!

      • You might try listening to other historians who see it differently. Heather Cox Richardson, also a history professor,
        summarizes the news daily from a fair but liberal perspective. It might temper the one sided demeaning nature of these comments. Give it a try. You might like it.

    • You should be careful what you wish for. This is the first revolution in history conducted from the top down, not the bottom up, and if you think you aren’t as dispensable as the most deplorable deplorable if they pull it off, you’re as gullible as Maximilien Robespierre, who went from being the architect of the French Revolution to a man with his neck on the guillotine.

      Every revolution needs its useful idiots–until they’re no longer useful.

      • Hollywood where superficial beauty triumphs over intellectual depth – you’ve certainly named yourself correctly.

      • Sorry, my comment was supposed to respond to Hollywood, but his new format didn’t put my comment were it was intended – apologies to you Mr. Ahlert – I agree 100% with your comments.

      • Huh? Not quite understanding what you are implying. Are you referring to the ANTIFA types as powerful? If so, I would differ. Pretty sure the 2nd amendment is still taken more seriously by the silent majority than ANTIFA; just consider that little town in Northern Idaho that I can never spell, when the local “militia” came out and said no to BLM, et al. This is what will happen all across the land if it gets much worse…and those “rednecks” target practice more than the inner-city toters.

      • Interesting comment about revolutions. However, the current so called revolution is not the first in history to be from the ‘top down’; Roman history had many of them and so was the 17th century Cromwellian revolution from the “top down” that resulted in England becoming a republic (ie no devine right king) for about a decade. The result of that switch …? a return to the monarchical set up which appeared then to be more stable, predictable and safer.
        So, back to the 21st century. The left – right unfolding ideological battle we are now witnessing fortunately for all of us, is unfolding within the domain of the US Constitution (and amendments etc) which with its strengths and weaknesses I believe, will see the USA through safely perhaps somewhat bruised.
        Lots to talk about hopefully in a civilized vein.

      • Absolutely!!! Really appreciate you and your articles, Mr. Ahlert!!! God bless.

    • Nothing more dangerous than a delusional underemployed grad, although he failed to mention those encumbered by loans. Sounds like you

    • Don’t argue with Hanson – as an enabler of one of the most evil, corrupt and degenerate and dangerous people in history, Hanson lacks even a moral conscience.

      God helps us – this nightmare may soon be over.

    • Always amused by the quoting of the epistle preached to the “woke again” flock of the religion of Secular Socialism, who worship the government as their deity. In short, bless government who will save us all.

    • Another “pajama boy” commie pervert SJW insults Victor.
      And then brings all the usual xenophobic-racist-corupt commie “talking points” we have heard for over 5 years. You need to up your game, hollyweird, if you going to comment on this author.

      I hope Victor reads this, it is good for a laugh.

    • Wow. Read or watch some other network than CNN. I do give you props for actually being able to memorize and type their talking points.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You, Hollywood, are so woke as to be naively blind to what has happened to this country! Thank god for Trump!

    • Yep, you’re right! Trump is damned near as unpopular as he was last election day! (My prediction for you: clinical depression beginning 11/4)

    • Headless in Hollywood,
      It’s remarkable how one can be so profoundly, diametrically wrong on everything but–congratulations!–you’ve “accomplished” it.

    • Speaking of kissing up to dictators, how’s your Mandarin?

    • Translation: Nothing substantial to contribute, no way to refute VDH’s succinct summary of the facts, Orange man baad.

    • Another sad victim of everyday news cycles. You are insane. Hollywood. Fitting.

      There is far more evidence of Biden’s epic failures over 47 yrs than anything positive to hold a candle to the success Trump has given black communities, policy for prison reform that racist Biden voted TO imprison minorities. Forget it, you’re blind. The virus situation?? failed? Biden would have destroyed far more lives. He indicated he would. Lock downs, mask mandates? IDIOT.

      You should be horse whipped for watching your damn tv. Slander and libel is a bias unforgiven. YOU are not an American. YOU are a cheat, liar, commie leftist. You like Chinese programming from a leftist perspective? GO live in China or Russia. You’re kind doesnt belong here in this nation. My family didnt die and bleed in WWII and Vietnam for your sorry existence.

    • The mainstream media has lied to you. I was a Democrat most of my life. I believed the coastal elite lie all my life. Not anymore. Unplug from social media and corporate media and I invite you to take a deep dive and research the bias being orchestrated against President Trump and the American people. Big Tech and Democrats want to continue to sell out to China. Research how much money China pours into big tech, Hollywood, and higher education. Not to invest but to further control America and the biggest foe? Christianity. I hope this helps. Remember to unplug and delete all your social media accounts. Social media is first of all a leftist echo chamber. You’re convincing no one. It’s almost all like minded individuals. Update the thread and let me know which accounts you deleted.

    • Professor Hanson,

      Once again, you have framed the issue exactly right. Trump is a brilliantly courageous counterrevolutionary who appealed to the better angels of the American people to throw off the chains of their fellow elites who were educated beyond their native intelligence.

      God Bless,
      Jim Gill

    • You are hopelessly clueless, a typical liberal who has to resort to disgusting name-calling in any disagreement with your expressed stupidity. You know nothing about President Trump and what you do know scares the hell out of you.

    • Trump is already a billionaire and is losing money by being president. He isn’t sexist. He isn’t racist, he dated a black woman for nearly two years and his daughter converted to Judaism. Some racist he is. He’s so xenophobic that he married a foreigner, twice. If he cheated on his taxes, why wasn’t he jailed by the IRS? Everything he did was legal. The economy was the best economy there has ever been before Covid. Trump even achieved peace in the middle east. Something Clinton, Bush and Obama tried but failed to do. Please escape by leaving the US because you won’t stand up for the flag and the national anthem for sure.

    • I could give you hundreds of examples of things that a sexist, racist, xenophobe or corrupt politician wouldn’t do. How come you can’t provide a single example of compelling evidence for a single one of your claims? All you can do is parrot the false narratives you have heard in the dishonest liberal media. You are in for a rude awakening the day you are forced to acknowledge reality.

    • Who would have thought that someone as rich and powerful and well-connected as Trump would care about how the middle class was being robbed, mocked and overtaxed just to secure more power for the elite of both parties? I remember not believing it; I remember thinking I supported Bush until all the evidnce of his lack of committment to defending my freedoms was obvious. It was Trump who revealed the complicity of the media, the wealth of the ‘public servants’, the extinction of any American sentiment in the ruling class. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. We’ve seen what they think of us and want for our future, and it’s the exact same future of all socialist states; we wil be ‘workers for the state’ and our lives will be held down and monitored to provide what the state wants. That future excludes any freedom of speech or religion and , indeed, promotes its own religion and high priests of the media and technology as ‘experts’ to tell us what to think. The elite will rule us, and their children will get the jobs, the medical advances, the influence; even like poor, sick Hunter did. That’s what democrats are fighting, lying and cheating for. Voting for evil makes you evil; it cannot redeem or inspire , just creates a lust for power, and that’s what we see in democrats today.

    • You are either delusional and/or a tool of the Marxists, a useful idiot.

    • Hollywood is projecting onto Trump everything the ClintonObamaBidenHarris cabal has or is doing or proposing.

      This commenter is likely a CCP agent troll.

    • Speaking of kissing up to dictators, how’s your Mandarin?

    • That’s your argument? Name calling? You morons are so done.

    • Yeah, that’s you, “Hollywood”. And “Hollywood” is probably the element of American society that we deplorables despise the most.

      And, when the counterrevolution comes (as it soon will), if it knows what’s good for itself, “Hollywood” will have moved to more salubrious climes. Venezuela comes to mind.

      • Venezuela has the largest oil reserve in the world. So Liberia in sub Saharan Africa is a good place for the monkeys!!!!

    • VDH is correct, unfortunately. All facts, both on domestic and foreign issues, overwhelmingly point to DJT. It’s tough being an American – courage, self-reliance, risk, work. Conversely, it’s easy to be a weak, co-dependent woke white liberal, virtue signaling so as to be the last one eaten.
      The left / communists have only personal attacks, with the support of a media that lies.

      • Trump is a corrupt, incompetent, tax evading, money launderer who is on the precipice of financial ruin.

    • hollywood. all you do is speak in generalities and LIE. Are you real or just another Chinese “bot”?

      Address the REAL CRIMES of Biden. Until then – shut up you vicious hypocrite.

      Another thoughtful piece. Facts vs. The Leftist Mob


    • Hollywood, you bring your stupidity here again!!! “He is sexist. He is racist. He is xenophobic. He is corrupt through and through. He is a tax cheat and a money launderer.” PLEEEEEZE support your allegations with facts. If you wanna just troll, go to some liberal website and do that there. At this point, you should go to some safe place and prepare for the trouncing liberals will experience this week.

    • Excellent analysis by the Professor. It made me realize why, although I have Libertarian tendencies, I can not vote their candidates this time. We are in the midst of a counterrevolution and need to support those fronting this effort (I.e., our President).

    • Because his brand will be worth far more to the people who suddenly hate him when he became President, but used to be his collaborators and customers….

      Save yourself. Don’t wait on the Government.

    • Let’s look at the so called radical left….and plow through Hansen’s illusions…
      1. The advocacy of sme type of affordable health insurance for all Americans, something Hansen’s Trumpists have just come up with only meaningless soundbites.
      2. A barely minumum wage in the wealthiest nation in the world.
      3. A fair progressive taxation system that emphasizes the “we” along with the “I”.
      4. State college tutions that are accessible. Community colleges that are free.
      5. A rational climate agenda that ackonledges science, economic reality, and the need for a transformation over time.
      Hansen, can you stop with the Marxist, Leninist, Kerenskyite nonsense. This has nothing to do with nothing.

    • Why do democrats haven to lie about everything? Doesmit makemyou feel better?
      Have you even thought for a minute why your Democrat leaders gave you a candidate for president that could not win?? Even against Trump!? And why his campaign has given such a weak effort at campaigning?
      Things are never as they seem! You are clueless as to how it really works.
      The FL numbers tell the story… Your party allianated the dem moderates, many blacks and enough hispanics alone to lose. This election is over and your party will eat itself alive over the next 4 years trying to figure out what it stands for? And then in 2024 you will see Trumps oldest son or daughter (whichever he chooses), elected president.

    • Well, studying some poverty stats from 2016 to 2019. Both the midwest and south went down in poverty. I have changed my mind. Arkansas fell from 19 percent to 16.2 percent in 2019. The poorer southern and Appalachian states are developing under Trump that Obama didn’t accomplished. Mississippi and Louisiana have a lot of blacks but Obama did little for those states.

    • HAHAHAHA another delusional nut case pipes up. Glad to see the anger but ya might want to save a little for the next 4 years because our great President, now UNRESTRAINED, is going to make the successes of his 1st term look like NBD.

      So yeah, we’re living in you REgressives’ heads rent free.

      And lovin’ it.

      Hey how ’bout that Amy Barrett?

      • Yes you have clinical Trump Delusion Syndrome backed up by the Dunning-Krueger Effect.

    • I do not think you are right. These are just stereotype assertions for every Republican President and without evidence. Even if true it is fine for me to put this bomb, counterrevolution sic!, right into the middle of the Washington and Big tech oligarchs. The moron left dream of the Star Trek society, communism sic!, under Chinas lead must be stopped.

    • Exactly!! This opinion piece is totally unhinged BS. Who opened China? Nixon, a Republican. NAFTA is the fault of both parties. trump is the symptom of a much larger problem, not the cure. He has enriched himself & his family over all else. He’s responsible for 1000s of deaths. Upper middle class liberals are not fighting for THEMSELVES, they are fighting for their Black friends AGAINST White supremacist wanna be militias. This author is totally missing the point of what’s happening in America. And the women are not having it. Hopefully he will be proved wrong tomorrow.

    • This post is a classic example of a know nothing slave working without pay protecting the investments that their Masters in Big Tech have made in the Harris-Biden ticket. Notice the ad hominem rant fails to mention the policies being proposed to take “more control” over the vir(US)?

      Dr. Hanson hit the nail on the head. Preaident Trump is the only one standing between us and the Masters of the Global Surveillance Economy plans to crush our few remaining vestiges of personal privacy and public dignity.

      • Although never wore an American military uniform, he attended a military academy, and his

        experience there, turned him from a wealthy brat, into the man that he is today. As I have imparted

        many times in the past, Trump and General George Patton, would have become fast friends, because

        they both maintain the wherewithal to accomplish the misson, regardless of the whining of the

        opposition. Had Trump been POTUS during and after WW2, Patton would have taken care of

        the Russians, and MacArthur would have overwhelmed China during the Korea War. That is the

        problem with civilians designated as Commander-in-chief. One of the prerequisites to becoming

        POTUS, should have been that each candidate for POTUS, must have military experience, similar

        to how a superintendent of schools, should be a prior teacher. Military experience, should be a

        prerequisite for any senior, male and female, graduating from our high schools, forbidding them

        to accept a civilian employment position, nor to matriculate into a school of higher learning, until

        they have completed at least 4 years in any of our 5 military servces for which they qualify. Our

        military maintains the authority and the wherewithal, to demand that their young charges become

        steeped in patriotism, discipline, and nationalism. Notice too, the worst 3 citizens of the United

        States, are George “NAZI” Soros, Hillary Rotten Clinton, and Black 44. They are all 3, Communists/

        Democrats, and they have never worn an American military uniform, because they are not interested

        in the sovereignty and security of our country. What they are interested in, is bringing the United

        States to Her knees, getting rid of our Constitution, and replacing it with the policies of the “NEW

        WORLD ORDER,” ramrodded by George “NAZI” Soros. Trump 2020 and for life.

    • Your post perfectly illustrates and punctuates Mr. Hanson’s brilliant article. I hope we can bring your generation back into the American family. The only other alternative is their complete and utter destruction. Either way, the cancer will be excised.

    • You sound like a parrot. Every single item you hit on, is the exact reason that we’re going to win re-election. You have swallowed all the lies, all the propaganda, all the gaslighting from the mainstream media and the Democrat Party. You can’t think for yourself. You are exactly the reason why we’re going to win. I want you to give me concrete evidence of every accusation you have of this President. You know what, you can’t.

    • What a bunch of total nonsense your inane, trite, knee-jerk, goose stepping in lock step foolish falderol, in vain gambit at sounding erudite and right your BS is and what a fool you are for being so brain dead stupid as to believe your own lies with such obvious facility born of your anti-American hatred and brainwashed, leftist thinking.

      Tis not the erudite and brilliant Professor Victor Davis Hanson who is barking up the wrong tree; seeing things delusionally that aren’t there and will never be like thee.

      Hanson and Trump are dead on in terms of their assessments of reality, America and what constitutes honest, moral values you – you would sell your soul to the devil – and apparently by your comment – already have for a price.

    • We’re going to put every far leftist into the ground, you hear me, filth?

      You people are a cancer on this earth. I see folks who never used to even get angry over politics who are ready to revolt against the left, and put every single one of you rotten sacks of dog#### up against the wall.

      You wanted a revolution? Well, you’re going to get one, scumbag, right in your soy rictus loser faces. Good riddance to everyone of you dyscivilizational cretins.

    • Nonsense indeed. This is just another dissembling political screed from VDH. It is fact free and full of misrepresentations by VDH, who one would think would know better. He is providing red meat to the know-nothing- base. How very disgusting.

      • ‘know-nothing-base’? How do you ‘know’ that Nick?

    • What I find quite interesting is when clowns like you bemoan the passing of 200k elderly people, 90% of which were already on death’s door, but support policies that result in the killing of 600-800k children per year in the womb, and then consider yourselves to be the righteous ones. Hillarious.

    • And there you go. The typical lefty with their over inflated sense of self. Making all the accusations VDH has pointed out. That is all you have and it is based on lies. Your intellect is laughable and your condescension is to be pitied.

    • Hey, soy boy. Your arguments are just polemics. Literally every point is wrong. Hope you’ve filled your Valium prescription cuz there will be a run this week…

    • What? You are what this article is talking about.
      Decent? And the sex offender of Tara Reade who has actual witness and testimony, Biden, is decent? His whole family is a hot mess and in with China. Please, save your words for someone who will buy it, which is the Left. The whole world is listening to POTUS, that is why he has four Nobel peace prize nominations for his work in the middle east.

      You can’t appeal to us about “decency”. You are a losing ticket. Trump is a fighter and we need him to beat down commie marxists and bring actual decency back to the U.S. Everyone is tired of the degenerate freak show you parade around your “peaceful protests” of actual burn, loot, murder.

      Oh, and you comment on here because YOUR DNC media is too scared to allow comments anymore or they are censored.

    • Well. Speaking of Race Cards, hollywood:
      “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” – Joe Biden

    • Man – hollywood, your name says it all. On the site trolling and commenting your beliefs as if they are automatically correct with rebuttal after rebuttal. Perhaps, look in the mirror, and you will see what we are voting against. The intolerant “tolerant” left, the career politicians, and the coastal elite.

      Go get some Kleenex, you’ll probably be needing them for one reason or another this week. Hollywood, Ha!

    • Oh lookie here. We have a floater. Who forgot to flush again?

    • Everyone knows Hollywood is living in a hysteria bubble. This is the example I send to all of my sane friends.

    • How perfect that you go by the name “Hollywood”. You prove Dr. Hanson’s excellent points. MAGA.

    • My God , where do you live..if it’s Hollywood , I do believe that you people had Harvey Weinstein forever preying on all of you, and nobody did anything about it, All of you are sore losers since Hillary lost, you all just hate Republicans , grow a set of stones and get on with it, I did when your favorite Obama won, …he’s also the reason we got Trump…listen I hired him because of the last 5 Presidents who didn’t do what was right by the American people, Obama hated this country , so here comes a Donald down the escalator and promises to restore our country to the people .

    • Mindlessly repeating the “media mantra” does not make it true. Get off the Kool-Aid and start thinking for yourself. Signing your real name would be a good start to curtailing your drive-by, hit job mentality, and actually limiting your comments to something, anything you can back up with facts!
      Kevin Sharpe
      New Berlin, IL

    • You must get out of that basement, you’re fast becoming a morlock.

    • Hey Hollywood, what is the level of your education and imagination, and have you any of your fellow

      Hollywood turds, ever worn an American military uniform? If any of you Hollywood’s have have never

      worn an American, military Uniform, then the question of your loyalty is not doubted, and it is a known

      fact Hollywood runs with the likes of George “NAZI” Soros, Hillary, Rotten Clinton, Black 44, worthless

      Pelosi, worthless Schumer, Varrett, Nader, and Schiff for Brains, and any of the turds that claim that they

      are a Communist/Democrat/RINO. Once all of you treasonous turds have vanished, as if you have never

      existed, the visions of our Founding Fathers, will once more be perpetuated, and that is a “STAR


    • Bravo!!

      I don’t know if I have ever read anything, even from Prof. Hanson, that so perfectly channeled my thoughts. Thank you so much Prof. Hanson for articulating so perfectly this threat to America, and void that President Trump filled in challenging it.

    • The money launderer is Joe Biden’s son. Joe Biden is the liar who did threaten the Ukraine. And the texts and words of Tony Bobulinkski have been corroborated. As for the sexist, racist? That is Joe and the democrats using Kamala’s gender AND skin color to get the vote. The foreign policy has garnered peace accords between four middle east countries and Israel. And his Virus response was to let the state governors and their health directors do it. Dr. Birx even said if everything was done perfectly, we would have 220k deaths instead of millions. So far, so good, in spite of the lies people love to tell, including your beloved dems. Death rates are dropping. The traitor is Joe Biden as he is compromised as a result of what his son has done and he helped to foment. Any questions– or would you like to continue your willful ignorance?

    • Do you even REMEMBER when you lost contact with REALITY?

    • Everything you have said about Trump applies to Biden. As per usual, everything the Democrats do they assume everyone else is doing and blame them. There was no Russian collusion, but Russians and Ukraine filled Clinton’s Fake Foundation with money, Biden uses his son as the money launderer, he lied and plagiarized in a previous Presidential campaign, and got trotted out again as the best the Democrats had to offer.

    • You called Trump a xenophobe when he banned air traffic from China, Iran and Italy. Meanwhile Democrats were dancing in the streets of Chinatown in San Francisco, inviting people to party in New York an go to the cinema. As delusional as you want to be, Democrats are 100% responsible for all the chaos and death caused by covid-19 and no one else. Democratic Governors putting them in Old Folks homes, how fucking stupid do you have to be. Now get back in your Prius, put your mask on and go to the drugstore get some antidepressant, because the next four years will be hell for you commies. Payback is a bitch.

    • Wow, Hollywood, you regurgitated every single one of the legacy media’s lies and propaganda! You are so deeply marinated in their bath of propaganda that you couldn’t see the truth if it crushed you. You idiots keep claiming we are living in a cult, when in fact it is you and your types that are deeply deluded and cult like.

    • He kept you triggered for five straight years, Tinker Bell. MAGA

      • He kept you brainwashed for 5 years fool. Time to de-program.

    • And you, apparently: 1) have had way too much of the the Kool-aid; 2) not enough education or too much indoctrination (big difference); 3) your meds adjusted; or 4) all of the above. I will, however, defend your right to your opinion, since we both live in this exceptional country!

    • Silly soy boy. Here have a cookie and some milk and run along and play outside with all your little friends.


    • I guess name-calling is all you have left, isn’t it?
      Name one thing “Pops” Biden will do to improve the lives of all Americans?

      What was the Biden International Crime Syndicate selling when it Hoovered up all the multi-millions from the Chinese Communist Party?

      Wasn’t it the American people?

      Show me it wasn’t, please!

    • I hate to say it, but I actually feel sort of sorry for this person called “Hollywood”. What a deluded putz he/she must be.

    • There wasn’t ONE bit of truth in your trashy response. You are either a paid Democratic shill, or worse, you actually believe your own delusional vomit. Quit publicly lying for profit and making generalizations about a man when you clearly have no evidence to support it. You and your ilk disgust me.

    • Mr. Hollywood,

      your fantastical, ad hominem fallacy is wasted here. Rush over to those Netflix boys in Los Gatos at once to pitch your brand of nonsense and truculence. Another irredeemable “Cuties” or “13 Reasons Why” could be just around the corner for you. Hop to it!

    • I guess it is time to again buy some one way tickets to either China or Venezuela? Those are your best bets for the kind of country you are looking for. Good riddance!! It will come to blows before the real people of this great country give it to your kind!!

    • Comrade hollywood keep the torch blazing for that soon coming socialist dawn! Fear not these right wing running dogs … they will be disposed of in re-education camps or Gulags (as VDH foretells) … look forward only to that shining dawn of dawns that will usher in total equality … keep unloading the fetor that I’m sure fills your brain upon these mindless running dogs …. until the new dawn comrade!

    • Someday someone will do research on what causes so many otherwise intelligent people to react so irrationally to all things Trump.
      Seriously, little of what you said is based on reality. You need to believe it so you do. Trump has fought back and won on bad job killing trade deals and signed legislation that lowered the corporate profit tax, allowing American manufacturing to better compete globally. Both will save and create jobs for the little guy.
      Also, allowing drilling and fracking has lowered and stabilize energy prices, which helps the working poor and working/middle-class the most because it’s a larger percentage of their income than it is the wealthy’s. You’re not aware of any of this?
      Lastly, illegal immigration is killing us. It’s suppressed the wages of the working poor and has overwhelmed the social services our citizens depend on.
      You’re not aware of any of this?
      Stop reading Vox and watching MSNBC because you’re not being thoroughly informed.
      Trump is your president and has been for over 3 years. Time to get over it.

    • Failed on COVID? Are you sure? That fight is not over. We are still at half time. If project warp speed works he will have won that battle. As for the rest of your ‘He is sexist, blah blah blah’ – keep it up – and the next president will make Trump look like Jimmy Carter.

    • You’ve been given a woke enema by the media, academia and hollyweird. Hope that you are prepared for tomorrow night because if not you’re head will probably explode.

    • Anyone who supports the total criminal and aspiring tyrant trump is also not to be trusted or respected. That includes Dr. Victor Davis Hanson. His support for trump will not be forgotten and will further besmirch his reputation in the Classics community and in the USA in general.

    • Read Trump’s actual verbiage, not what the MSM interprets. Measure the effects of his actual policies – not what the MSM says he did. You will find a President that seems to actually care about this country.

      I shudder to think how close we were (and still are) to the globalist wet dream of a New World Order and One World Government – a pleasant look and flavor attempting to persuade us to swallow slavery.

    • Save yourself dude. And Don’tbe telling us anymore about what we aught to be doing.

      We are dangerously close to a hot war. And people just talk all this big talk like “traitor” etc.

      I can play that game to mate. I took an oath “against all enemies , both foreign and DOMESTIC.”

      That” DOMESTIC” part is people like you mate.

      Keep it up.

      • I’ve always been a good Clue player. Trump did it in the White House with the revolver.

    • For the first time in 47 years, OPEC does not have the world on a chain because of Donald Trump’s refusal to kowtow to your Climate Change Cult. OPEC knows that the chain is broken, and several of its members are starting to exhibit good-faith cooperation with Israel. Joe Biden would put that chain back on the world.

      Much like Reagan confronted the totalitarian expansionism of the USSR, Trump is confronting the totalitarian expansionism of China, via actual, no-apology-tours diplomacy and leveraging our economic strength while limiting China’s ability to exploit our free markets.

      Most states didn’t get the full panic-demic of Whitmer and Cuomo imposed upon them, because Donald Trump respected federalism … and their employment numbers today show it. You suggested we listen to Fauci? He contradicts himself so much half of what he says has to be wrong – the challenge is in figuring out which half.

      You are just another self-righteous busybody who thinks that they have a lock on the One and Only True Way All Good People Think; a traitor to the self-evident truths this nation was founded upon. You are everything you decry. In fact, if your faction was honest, they would be echoing the words of Otter in “Animal House” … “You f____d up. You trusted us.”


    • Ad hominem attacks are the core strategy of the Trump-hating left. Let’s see:

      -Sexist: turns out the general population is seeing feminism for the society-destroying lie that it is. Guess what, most of us understand, accept, and embrace that there are lots of differences between men and women. It’s not sexist to understand men are better at some things, and women are better some other things. So, we are all proud sexists.

      -Racist: Sigh. We get it, you think we’re all racists because we adhere to that simple concept that people should be judged by their actions, not their skin color. Critical race theory is a crock, and we all know that. So, fine, call everyone who disagrees with you a racist. The sting of that is gone. Give us a racist president that helps the black community over a woke president that hurts them while telling them all how to vote based on their skin color.

      -Tax cheat: evidence? Trump has had his finances, deals, and business scrutinized by the largest intelligence network on the plant for over 4 years now. I think it’s time to move on.

      -Money launderer: wtf are you even talking about?

      -Wrecked our nation: Yeah, best economy in decades. Lowest unemployment. Stock market setting highs. Manufacturing coming back. Yeah.

      -Covid: You are just parroting CNN/Biden election points now. Nobody believes Trump failed on Covid. In fact, we’re doing about 10000% better than people thought we would, whether you judge it based on deaths or our economy. Red states are back in business. And everyone is moving to those states.

      Race relations: seems like he is on track to be the most popular republican with blacks, hispanics, and every other race. Not quite the KKK wizard you want to paint him as.

      Foreign Policy: more peace deals in four years than in the last 40. Walked into north Korea without even taking a body guard. Has defused tensions there and elsewhere. Our allies finally are being supported, and our enemies are finally being challenged. If you think the has failed on foreign policy, I’m not sure what to say.

      I hope, when this is over, you start to understand that LA is not the country (I’m in LA too, and also in the entertainment industry). The middle class is the real USA, and they finally have a champion again. And he is loved and adored for that. More than any president in my lifetime.

    • Not just Trump but the entire Republican party is unmasked as anti-democratic. What we have been witnessing in the last few weeks is a stream of GOP attempts to suppress voter turnout and to invalidate votes that have already been cast. The GOP does not want you to vote at all unless they know you will vote Republican. They have gone to court in all of the swing states – including Texas – to try to get mail-in votes not counted, to limit when a person can vote, to limit where a person can vote, to cancel out 127,000 votes cast in Houston.

      The GOP is authoritarian in nature. It is anti-democracy, and it has stood by while Trump has taken a wrecking ball to our democracy.

      This is the last hurrah for that party. The party dissidents will probably form a new party in January.

      • First off, we are NOT, nor have we ever been a democracy. The USA has been, from it’s inception, a Constitutional Republic and yes there is a difference. In fact, there are a lot of big differences. You would know this if you had bothered with those civics classes they offered in high school and freshman year of college. Our voting has always had specific dates and times and rules about mail in votes. It has been the Democrats wanting to extend the days and conditions at the last hours. This sort of thing should have been decided, by a vote, long before it was time for citizens to begin casting their ballots. It seems that the Democrats want to continue counting ballots as long as people want to keep wandering in.

    • Reading your comments, I’m surprised you can even spell words like “decent” or “civilized.” If “wrecked” means record low unemployment, reduced income gap, peace treaties in the Middle East, energy independence, and criminal reform, then you need to trade in your Orwellian dictionary for one of the English language.
      But I suspect you don’t care. You’re apparently filled with hate, like so many other liberals, and believe that conservatives must be possessed of the same venom that has stolen your soul. You’re pitiable, but your opinions aren’t worthy of consideration by any rational person, let alone an American.
      In the meantime, your Mom called: she’s wants to wash out your mouth – and your computer – with soap.

    • You are weapons grade stupid. Just how many years of indoctrination (AKA as college) did it take to make you this ignorant or have you always been this stupid?

    • You communist vermin have a neighbor who has your name on a list.

    • Hollywood? So aptly named! I am in awe of your arrogant, self-importance. Join Hunter Biden and the other woke leftists of integrity, as I know you will.

    • I read it in Beaker’s voice, from The Muppet Show. “Meep meep meep meep”. What a maroon.
      “He is sexist. He is racist. He is xenophobic.” Let’s assume that any of that is remotely true: so what? Seriously, so freaking what? You know who was a a bigtime rascist? President Wilson, an icon of the progressive movement. Most sexist president of all time? JFK without a doubt. I don’t care a out how presidents personally feel about others, I care about the policies they pursue.
      “He failed on COVID.” Really? The models that were used to justify killing the economy predicted 2.5 million American deaths, so maybe you should credit Trump for the 1.75 million Americans who didn’t die because of his actions.
      “He failed on the economy.” Now you’re just smoking crack. The rest of your post is similarly without truth or merit. Good luck with the brain transplant you obviously need so much.

    • Hey Hollywood- what do you think Biden will do about Covid? The whole world is suffering with this virus and NOBODY can control it. But yet you think Biden will get rid of it? He can’t even control his bladder or his own tongue. Are you that stupid? He’s got dementia and he’s hiding in his basement all the time! You’re actually voting for Kamala who wants more government control over the people. Beware- The politicians know how to talk and will promise you the world on a platter but will never deliver. Trump’s not a politician, and has made promises and has actually delivered. God bless Trump and Save America from the Demonrats.

      • Biden has appointed a panel of experts that will honor science and hit the ground running Monday.

    • My advice to you is go into your bathroom, take down your pants, and remove your head from your ass. You are a communist fool who will surely die when idiots like you start a new civil war.

    • You’re going to be doing a whole lot of crying tomorrow… and the next day…and the day after that…

    • Dear Mr. Hollywierd: There is none so blind as they that won’t see.

    • Aside from all other considerations, a Stanford study has just shown that trump has caused 30,000 infections at his rallies and 700 people have died because they attended trump rallies.

    • Puuuhhhhleeease, give it a rest. You rattle off President Trump’s shortcomings (as you see them) without offering one little bit of proof. You can accuse a man of anything. Proving it is quite another issue. Actually, it is the issue. You cannot prove any of what you say. So just an opinion and you know what they say about opinions.

    • You’re a communist. Although, you do sound like a fascist.

    • Having read your comments I am impressed with your intellect and charm, they are only exceeded by your hateful disposition. Peace Out Karen

    • Only one comment despite the MSM censorship:

    • Stated like a true brainwashed dolt! I will cheer as your leftist tears fall from your swollen crying eyes! Enjoy the next 4 years as America awakens again and becomes the great nation she deserves to be! In spite of know nothings like yourself. Locked and loaded, ready for the violence that will come from the left when they realize they’ve lost, have no life or anything to offer a great America, and we won’t miss you one iota!

      • Yeah, sure. I stand back and stand by. And ROTFLMFAO at you.

    • “Reeeeee!” There , I just condensed for you your crybaby tirade of regurgitated mainstream media propaganda . Before your CCP comrades unleashed the Wuhan virus upon the world, WORKING class people in the U.S. enjoyed the highest employment levels in over 4 decades -and that’s coming from Democrats who attempt to give the credit to Obama while avoiding any mention of his group identity activist/ divisive policies which worsened race relations long before Trump even announced he’d run for office.Trump was far from my first choice ,but since democrats turned American constitution hating and far left away from Liberal, he’s the lesser of 2 evils by a large margin.

    • Trump a “tax cheat?” Not so says the IRS or Donald would “be in jail.” Truly to blame are the least knowledgeable “accountants” working for Uncle Sam who write tax laws loosely, designed to be skirted. Trump hires those in every part of his businesses who were at the top of their class.

    • You should take an introductory writing class. Your punching up against Victor Davis Hanson with an extremely (to be nice) challenged intellect.

    • You voted in 14 straight POTUS elections? That’s 56 years, plus the four since the last on is 60 years plus the fact that you had to be at least 21 to vote that long ago makes you at least 81…sorry, not believing it.

    • You would be hard pressed to deliver factual examples of any one of your allegations – they simply melt under cross examination. Like many on the Left you project personal maladies upon those who disprove your thesis. I wish you well, but beliefs drive behavior as a compass sets a course – your only possible destination is failure and remorse.

    • You are one sick puppy! I bet you don’t even have a job because you are so “woke”. Is that your mommy calling you to come to dinner? Please help her clear the table and do the dishes afterward.

    • It is astonishing the ignorance of the progressive/left/democrat. Not only that, the latter ilk I surmise is genetically flawed, in that they cannot add 2+2 and get 4.

    • there will be no #46 until Jan 20th. 2025! Trump won, Biden cheated as usual for him and his party. Get over it and get used to it. We The People have spoken and made our voice heard loud and clear. Your kind will no longer be able to lie and cheat, the whole world is watching!

    • Wrong on so many counts pre Covid the economy was booming unemployment of all segments of the community was down, wages were up.
      America for the first time in years did not go to war in a foreign country and in fact withdrew from some of its endless conflicts. For the first time since Eisenhower a US president stood up to the industro/war complex and said no to more conflicts and death.
      You have no proof of tax cheat and money launder that is just an unsupported statement.
      Covid has changed the world with many democratic countries seemingly happy to give up long held democratic protections to be locked up and locked down. You should be glad this did not happen in the US where personal freedom still means something apparently.

    • ahh the old russia russia russia thing again? Thats a stylish albatross tie you are wearing today, hope you can take it off before it gets too stinky

      • C’mon, it really is Russia, Russia, Russia as well as Covid19 , Covid19, Covid19. The Trumpsters deflect because they know it is really Russia and Covid19.

    • The only reason you still get to comment here, hollywood, is that you are an ass. An ass who gets whipped. And that’s a very good thing. I very much like free comment. But always remember: I control the horizontal and I control the vertical.

      • Here’s the problem, Boychuk: Hollywood is an ass. He/she/it knows it’s an ass. You know he/she/it is an ass and <bwe know he/she it is an ass. Allowing this ass the privilege of free comment is one thing, but AG deprived the rest of us the “privilege” of blocking this ass when you eliminated Discus. Giving idiots like Hollywood free rein to demonstrate their deranged thinking in such an offensive manner does not enrich the comments section of this, or any other article on American Greatness.

    • It is fascinating that Boris and Natasha keep turning up in the denunciations of Trump. There must be a reason for this. A wise lady some time ago suggested that the domestic Left has never forgiven Russia for abandoning communism. Perhaps that is what chafed their little red-diapered butts.

      • Delusional nonsense. Are you really that ignorant !!!

      • Why don’t you go back to your censored commie news networks instead of American Greatness which has the truth? Just stick your head in the sand.

    • CNN is all lies. 99.95% lies. Disinformation at its worst. AT&T wants to get rid of CNN. Offload debt. CNN lost $120 million from poor ratings. Not because of covid. For example Tucker Carlson is crushing the ratings. He’s reaching a greater audience then ever before. CNN lies so much and most sensible people stopped tuning in.

    • Are you just a troll or were you living under a rock for the last four years with the Mueller investigation? And you’re telling me that you actually didn’t hear the recent Hunter Biden laptop with Joe talking about being quiet about his Shady transactions, in full audio? If you’re clueless about that please stay the hell away from any political debate

    • Putin is good for his people.
      Clinton was destructive to her own people.
      Putin saved America.

    • CNN (like all MSM, Fox included) is no more than a propaganda machine. They’re all controlled by big business interests, and selling US to China is good for business.

    • Dude we get it.

      You personally are the enemy.

      Keep sticking your head up oh smart one.

    • The irony is that Kasprov is… wait for it… a Russian! So, a Russian is telling you that Trump is a tool of Russia, and that you’ll believe.

      • He fled Russia and lives in New York. He has a Croatian passport.

    • Hollywood (an appropriately leftist trope )if “Trump is Putin II” then Biden is a Chinese Communist Party agent and is on record stating his support for that regime through most of his insipid political career.
      JFK was too much an anticommunist and Classic liberal ,which is why Dixiecrats killed him off and then re enslaved blacks using welfare bribes which has destroyed fatherhood for generations now and is THE root cause of lost young men creating so much crime and civil war with police, NOT “systemic racism”-a term pulled from a Marxist’s ass.

  2. As it is commonly said, from your pen to God’s ears. Let’s Roll!

  3. Wow. This crazy comment is the greatest example of insanity and leftist protection I have ever read. Congratulations.

  4. Great piece!
    And I think Americans have had enough of the anti-Christian creed of the Woke Left.
    They’ve seen enough to know that those who share their citizenship who go out of their way to find fault with America, yet go out of their way to not find fault with China, are mind-boggingly forgetful of, or disdainful towards, the Christian ethos that has underpinned the making of America.

    • Religion has no place in government or politics. If you believe otherwise you are anti-american and do not know what’s in the founding documents of this nation nor the desires of the founding fathers of this nation.

  5. In my view Trump is, rather than a counterrevolutionary, the voice almost by accident of the continuing American rebellion against the liberal establishment. The left’s blackshirts now marching, burning, looting and killing in the streets of the big blue cities are an arm of the establishment’s counterrevolution the purpose of which is to crush the rebellion and restore the progressive movement to its ordained place in total power.

  6. Two thoughts:
    “Nothing in history is more dangerous than the underemployed wannabe intellectual or college graduate, whose cultivated sense of superiority is not matched by his income or standard of living, but who blames “them” for his own self-inflicted miseries and unappreciated genius.”

    Karl. Marx. QED

    …what is “proverbial” about The People(tm)? We elected Mr Trump once and, barring unprecedented skulduggery, willl do so again. What is required to lose the adjective?

    • There is nothing more dangerous in history than idle soldiers with no war. FIFY

      Been 22 years of constant conflict. There are veterans with anger issues all over the friggin place in this country.

      Invest in popcorn.

      And ammo.

  7. Another brilliant article by Professor Hanson. Pray for peaceful day after the election. “Hollywood” and his coworkers will be out trying to decimate cities. Why? Because they can and because they hate us that much.

    • Yes, MJ … I keep up with most of Victor Hanson’s essays; I think he goes ‘all in’ here; very well done, well done.

    • ‘hollywood’ and his lot will find that, entering some parts of this country will be like entering the Hollywood Tower Hotel: You can check in, but you can’t check out.

      • I’ve driven past it. Your point is? If I’m not going to check out, I’d prefer the Mondrian.

  8. Dr. Hanson, great column and analysis. As always you get right to the main issue. This is war, let’s win at the ballot box, so we don’t have to win with bullets.

      • Another putz is DeLuca. Sorry that you are so lost in your delusional daydream. Must be that PhD from one of those useless universities we seem to have so many of these days.

      • Nick, if some faction tried to re-enslave American Blacks, do you think the Blacks might just be justified in using violence to stop them?

  9. If you guys love this column, I highly recommend Dr. Hanson’s books on military history. In them he pairs his wonderful prose with keen historical insight. If we indeed have to enter dark days ahead, spend some time reading about people who have risen against tyranny.

  10. VDH deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom. If it wasn’t for his erudite insights, my deplorable demons might overtake my index finger against the likes of hollywood.

  11. “Against all the money and clout of America’s revolutionary forces, the counterrevolutionary Trump had only one asset, the proverbial people.”

    Trump has never had the People.

    The People voted for Hillary over Trump by 2,900,000 votes in 2016, and the People ha e never—not for a single day in his entire presidency—given him positive approval, much less 50% approval.

    Hanson is, as usual, an incompetent historian and a hack.

  12. Dr. Hanson: what a breath of fresh air are your writings! Thanks for making things clear and giving this great Nation hope.

  13. This op-ed by VDH is a huge golden nugget that I believe will find itself referenced or repeated in a torrent of future works by historians chronicling Donald Trump’s life and times in the American presidency.

    What I found particularly interesting was how VDH calls Donald Trump a “counterrevolutionary” when it is he who is battling America’s political, cultural and academic establishment that was over a century in the making.

    VDH’s use of language would indicate that America’s Marxist establishment was engaged in a revolt aimed at destroying the American Founding which began in 1776. In just 4 years, President Trump’s people’s counterrevolution has brought America’s Marxist revolution to its knees.

    The irony that Marxists the world over are getting schooled in a people’s revolution by the American hoi polloi led by a billionaire businessman is mind boggling.

    • We have reached the crest of the wave of a political inversion between Democrats and Republicans where Democrats were always the outsiders battling the status quo and Republicans it’s defenders. Trump is catalyzing that transformation and remains the quintessential “outsider candidate” despite being the incumbent.
      Gone are the days of Democrats championing hard working Americans, railing against corrupt politicians peddling their influence, decrying the money billionaires contribute to elections, blasting dirty officials of the FBI and CIA, and standing up against powerful businesses and Wall Street. They don’t reject American interventionism and in fact have learned to love it. They don’t cry over lost American’s lives and livelihoods to globalism, but rather over the travails endured by those illegally coming here to take their jobs.
      The magnitude of this inversion is huge and it’s significance is truly historical.

    • It is a shoddy work of phony “scholarship” by a right-wing apologists .

      • Fear not Nicholas DeLuca Comrade, when our bright shining socialist dawn dawns VDH will get his just deserts and join the millions in re-education camps; yes the phony scholarship of knowing two ancient languages and literatures, of multiple research into histories, wars and humanity’s great pivot points – all phony, as you say, and all to be erased in that great shining socialist dawn that your brilliance so craves … heart, my comrade brother ….

      • ND- so go back to your echo chamber of mainstream media circle jerking and be the “useful fool” for those waging civil war against America and it’s constitution.

  14. I hope and pray that Trump somehow pulls out a win. White people who are scared into voting for Biden by fear of the Corona virus are committing racial and cultural suicide, and they are signing away their children’s future.

      • “White supremacy” is played out. Try something else to force your fascist policies down our throats.

      • There were barely a handful of white supremacists in this country- until your side started demonizing people solely because of their skin color. Rascist.

      • Cultural Supremacy, yes! We have built a civilization which is superior to all other human civilizations. The ‘White’ part is incidental. Or an ‘accident’ as Aquinas would have said. A civilization which all those ‘migrants’ want to enter.

  15. The President is holding massive gatherings (so called Rallies) with no sense protection or safety. Caring about families and loved ones is the same as caring about your Country. …and Donald J. Trump does not care.

  16. Great column! Spot on. If Trump wins, liberal elites will send their thugs to burn their own towns; pity, the folks of those towns voted for it. They’ll get what they voted for.

    If they enter into a conservative zone…it won’t last long, not long at all.

    Soros and his minions may be able to topple smaller and weaker governments…but Trump isn’t weak, nor is the American public.

    The words COME AND TAKE IT are very relevant!

    • The Greek “molon labe” is usually translated as “come and take”, but if you understand the Ancient Greek, it is FAR more ominous. “Molon” is actually a participle meaning “having come”. It is an invitation to imagine all of the things that would have happened in the process of “having come”. When Leonidas says it, he is implying: “Having come and lost the flower of your vaunted Immortals, because we will kill five or ten for every one we lose, having been so humiliated by a small band of free people who value their freedom more than life itself, having won virtually nothing because more like us are getting ready for you, THEN you may have our weapons.” Those two words, when understood, are bone-chilling. Even Xerxes would have been impressed.

  17. Thank you Dr. Hanson. May we save our Republic from the Marxists, or die trying.

    John 11.25

  18. You are hopelessly clueless, a typical liberal who has to resort to disgusting name-calling in any disagreement with your expressed stupidity. You know nothing about President Trump and what you do know scares the hell out of you.

  19. The Republican Party is truly the single most dangerous political entity on God’s green earth out side of the Chinese Communist Party. My only hope is that they get shunned internationally like the anti Democratic pariahs that they are. If Trump manages to steal this election my hope is that this illegitimate American government is denied recognition by the rest of NATO and by the rest of the countries that still respect democracy and freedom. Hang your head in shame you’ve soiled yourself in front of the entire globe with this madness.

  20. You might have noticed not one small ‘r’ republican or “conservative” intellectual has presented a viable vehicle for massive retaliation…so the God of Sinai has stepped into the fray by first empirically evidencing His existence and then commissioning the weak to confound the strong and the foolish to shame the wise.

    He Who Is, has no intention of remaining on the sidelines while a Constitution bearing His personal imprimatur is destroyed:

  21. Quick correction: Americans sold out the American interior. They sold it out by going to Walmart and demanding cheap consumer goods without bothering to think about its link to off-shoring and deindustrialization, by embracing the anti-protectionism and pro-financialization of Reaganomics in the name of ‘curbing inflation’, and by welcoming free trade as a way to break up the unions. They willingly elected the prophets of Reaganomics for decades and refused to elect its critics unless they adopted its main tenets.

    As for big tech, remember that you opened the door by proselytizing and implementing your Friedmanite ‘private companies should get to make their own decisions’ philosophy. You can’t take it back now because you don’t like the consequences:

    Conservatives/Republicans when some company doesn’t want to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple because it conflicts with their political/religious beliefs: “That’s their right! They’re a private company! You can’t regulate that!”

    Conservatives/Republicans when some company doesn’t want to let them post content on their digital platform because said company objects to their political beliefs: “Free speech violation! Regulate them NOW!”

  22. The American Eagle needs a left wing and right wing; plus an individual’s brain to soar above failed socialist governments.
    Trump, Trump, Trump, the people voted
    Make America Great Again they shout
    Grab your ballot, join the fight
    Be a guardian of our rights
    Drive the SOCIALISTS from our land
    Help freedom reign

  23. Donald Trump will spend the rest of his miserable life defending court actions from a wide spectrum of law enforcement, state attorneys general, and perhaps the intelligence community. His status as a money launderer, tax evader, bank fraudster, and Russian asset will be fully exposed during their proceedings, plea bargains, and convictions. Just as Trump supporters today vilify the Bush family and only reluctantly admit voting for George W. and Dick Cheney, within a few short years conservatives and the Republican Party will throw Trump under the bus. Personally, I greatly look forward to Donald and his family experiencing the swiftest, most brutal and humiliating comeuppance in American public life.

    • Because Mueller and his minions are so incompetent, there will be more. Next we will move on to Trumps supporters who have earned the same fate. Dude, you need to ease up on the hate. It is bad for your soul. Just sayin.

    • Dude you got it bad real bad see a doctor please..!!
      Things Stephen supports..!!
      1.) Little steve loves watching men beat women at sports after all if the male says he’s a female well he is in steve’s mind..🤣😂🤣😂
      2.) Steve loves higher taxes after all the government can spend his money better than him.. Oh but wait i bet micro brain stephen gets a check around the first of each month, that would explain that..
      3.) Stevey boy loves more regulation on businesses, but then again we all know steve has never started one as he’s lost in that conversation..
      4.) Steve loves crying about us being in a pandemic but at the same time will tell us with a straight face the borders should stay open..!!😂🤣😂🤣
      5.) Steve also wants to ban fracking so we have to start importing oil again and paying way more for it…
      6.) Oh and let’s not forget low information Steve also thinks there are what is it steve 40something genders now..??🤣😂🤣😂
      Stephen why do support these things.? Are you that dependent on big government..?

    • Comrade Stephen Bonser how good of you to drop by this comment section and unload the contents of your impermeable, uninformed mind; you give us great pleasure – like one of those glass bottomed boats that let us see the life of a nearby coral reef, we can see the swimming debris of brine-soaked litter floating about in the mind of an anti-Trumper – priceless!

    • First, under US law, the “intelligence agencies” can’t prosecute anybody. Second, dropping “Russia” into your screed exposes you as either stupid or dishonest- which is it?
      The rest of your nonsense is just that- nonsense.

  24. This is an amazing amount of drivel. This is a perfect example of the narrative that trump supporters paint this prez, hoping the reader has no knowledge of the past 4 years or the type of person he was prior to the presidency. Painting him as a superhero type after everything that has happened. The Russia stuff (say what you want but there were a shit ton of people brought up on charges linked to this) or the “i dont see why it would… wait I mean wouldn’t be russia” when it was found that Russia mettled in the election, the terrible tarrif plans which backfires spectacularly, pissing off allies and isolating the us from world affairs, dividing the country, the horrible, borderline criminal response to covid, etc. And yet still somehow he is on this pedestal with a large section of the US… just wow. Kinda funny how his supporters critics the msm for being biased then retreat to their little corner of the internet with their echo chamber that trump is god.

  25. “To object to illegal immigration and decry its deleterious effects on the entry-level wages of our working poor, on the social safety net of the American needy, and on the sanctity of the law was to be smeared as racist, xenophobic, and nativist.”

    Another point that needs to be stressed is that the United States of the Founders is truly the last best hope for millions who either want to emigrate to a land that will allow them to pursue their dreams of a better live or want a strong supporter for the their own land to become like the U.S. Those people need a U.S. that is orderly and not one disordered and impoverished by being borderless. As Cuban-American Maximo Alvarez was told by his father, there really is no other place left to go. We need to keep it that way. We need to remain the place to go so we can help other places become destinations, too.

  26. Totally and utterly delusional. You’re in a LARP.

    By the way, the rust belt is still rusting. Trump didn’t do a damn thing for those people. Because he has NO CLUE how the world works. His concept of business, commerce, trade, and economics is barely high school level.

    Trump is someone who thinks baseball can be reduced to hitting the most homeruns, and that relationships with women are 100% about “scoring” with “hot babes”. His concept of economics is precisely as sophisticated.

    The result has been utter failure. We’re propping up the stock market with cheap credit. Sound familiar?

    Tomorrow is gonna shock you.

  27. Best paragraph in the piece; “The success of civil rights was not to be calibrated by black unemployment figures, household income, family businesses, dignity in having leverage over employers, access to competitive parochial and charter schools, or descending abortion rates, but in electing more activists as progressive mayors, liberal city councilmembers, and leftist district attorneys to garner more redistributive state money to hire more careerists like themselves.”

  28. In a republican democracy Counterrevolutionary = Fascist. Thank you so much, “Perfesser.”

  29. Excellent, spot-on, and very timely article. The People are indeed in a revolutionary mood against the so-called Deep State/elite class they have come to deeply distrust and loathe. These voters are very wary of their drive-thru, mail-in, and ballot harvesting schemes and understand that they have to be countered or their livelihoods will disappear and life as they know it will gradually come to an end. Almost reflexively and in self-defense, they have not been truthful to dem pollsters (or any pollster for that matter) with the intention of creating another 2016.

    Dems should take note that even if Trump only has a narrow win his supporters will fully stand behind his effort to prevent the election from being stolen in the weeks and months after Nov. 3rd, or however long it takes Democrats to manufacture the needed ballots. If Democrats want a real revolution (not the phony one of last summer) they will get it.

  30. Dear author

    This is one of the most interesting texts I have ever read.

    I am Swedish, and I was an exchange student in Missouri in 1982/1983. My perception of the people in Missouri was that they were (are) hard-working, honest and very friendly to a foreigner like me. I understand why Trump had over 80% of the votes in the 2016 in the area where I stayed. I assume that he will have more than 90% this time, with his proven track record for the past four years.

    United States is the political, economical and cultural role model for the entire world. I do hope it will stay this way. You have been the shield against communism spreading in Europe, and elsewhere in the world. Sometimes in European political debate, it is sad that the US sacrifices for freedom around the world is not appreciated.

    If I could vote on Tuesday, my vote would go “100%” for Trump!

  31. Many Asian Americans escaped socialism to come to the land of free. We will support Our president to protect the greatest America Institutions and the greatest constitution. As a college professor, I am worried the anti- American sentiment in all institutions . Only Trump can save our children.

  32. VDH is always excellent and nailed it again, great article.. Now we have to fix education and get the communist propaganda out of schools,that must happen..

  33. Mr. Hanson, thank you for capturing the details and spirit of the Trump revolution. It is an incredible “We The People” movement of real Americans who will fight and defend freedom at any cost. Brave journalists like you, who will not bow to the mob, are so important. Thank you for walking toward the fire, writing and speaking truth and articulating so well the history that is unfolding. You encourage the fight to save America and our vulnerable freedoms!

  34. Trump has never won a majority vote. He lost to Hillary by 4 million votes. He lost the House by ten million. The entire premise of this article is simple bull $hit

  35. Cheerleaders like Hanson trivialize Trump’s profound unfitness for the job as “rough edges” or “antics,” as if extorting a foreign leader for personal political benefit and demonizing press he doesn’t like as “enemies” of the people were just small effects of Trump being a “fighter.” How many presidents paid $27 million for a fraud university and a fraud charitable foundation, after being elected? Lied for decades about being “a self-made man”?

  36. When I first heard Trump speak I laughed. It was a laugh of sheer joy. I still do. For all the poor sogs out there that cannot process a President Trump…stuff a sock in it. Gently please. Don’t need that in the ER’s with all the post election tantrums that will take place.

    Mr. Hanson keep doing this. Get ‘er done Johnny Reb!

    • Howard Beale was far more entertaining and didn’t threaten our existence.

  37. If what we have now is your version of success, Mr. Hanson, I can’t imagine how bad failure would be. We have lost more than any country in the world to Covid-19 because of Trump’s inability to face the issue, we have spent ourselves into the stratosphere as a nation (A trillion dollars in the year BEFORE Covid), and we have lost ground on our standing in the world. Not only that, but Trump has decided to be the President of only those who support him.

    In the meantime, it has come to light that Trump has paid upwards of $200,000 in taxes to China. Wouldn’t that, by your accounting, make him accessory to the crime of helping China “Inherit the world?” The world will move on with or without the U.S..

    Trump has made our country worse in the short time he’s been at the helm. He inherited a thriving global economy and squandered it. It will be a relief to rid ourselves of his fake counterrevolutionary ways.

    But Trump supporters, by all means believe what you will contrary to the mess Trump has created and just keep grabbing them by the pu**y!

  38. “Corporate CEOs in terror washed the feet of the woke.”

    Far too many CEOs are now pretty woke themselves, thanks to our accelerating educational and cultural collapse. They imagine that the revolution won’t touch them, that their Chinese patrons will protect them or something.

  39. “Nothing in history is more dangerous than the underemployed wannabe intellectual or college graduate, whose cultivated sense of superiority is not matched by his income or standard of living, but who blames “them” for his own self-inflicted miseries and unappreciated genius.”

    Exactly right, Lord Hanson. Nothing pisses these folks off more than some kid who doesn’t graduate high school, but has other skills that allow him to prosper in the construction trade and will far outpace the aforementioned in pay and quality of life.

  40. Can you not find someone to lead your counterrevolution other than the spoiled, self-centered, silver-spooned man-child? Even true-believers in your geopolitical theories must cringe at many of the idiotic, provably false and often contradictory statements uttered and tweeted by your hero. If you believe that he knows more about medicine than “the doctors”, knows more about military discipline than “the generals”, more about Russian intelligence activities than CIA, FBI and State Department, more about the Constitution than Supreme Court Justices, then he is your man. (A man who hasn’t read a book or a multi-page briefing report in years). At least Rush and Tucker and Sean (and even Lindsey and Don Jr. and Ivanka) make millions promoting the snake oil. What’s in it for you, Professor Hanson?

  41. Although you personally will not survive your antique and pathetic hyper reactionary world view, it is necessary that the population segment you claim to speak for find its way forward. This will happen. Something will die but it will not be the life force of this layer which is being directed now in death cult like manner apropos the defense of indefensible and barely concealed thinking of the world as led by irrational irredentists stuck in a world that ceased to exist a long time ago. From such a dark present a bright future will come, whether you like it or not because this is a prime productive layer, just happens to be in a cultural cul de sac right now.

  42. I don’t know if this is Victor Davis Hanson’s best column ever, but it is definitely “near the top.” Despite my two “old school” college degrees, I have always been envious of Mr. Hanson’s ability to take a subject, any subject, and present a concise oral or written argument or history on it. I wish I would win the lottery so that I could give him the money to open a school to prepare the next generation of conservatives.

    • Dr. Hanson teaches at Hillsdale College each fall (using his vacation time from Hoover Institution). Hillsdale supports 24 Classical Charter Schools in 11 states, with more to come. Since Hillsdale is one of very few that do not take any of our tax dollars, I respectfully suggest you consider a contribution of any amount to Hillsdale toward their Barney Charter School Initiative.

    • The answer is “two are murderous socialists and the other a successful business man and two term President of the United States of America”.

  43. What an excellent analysis of the present situation. I truly hope and pray that a solid win for Trump will soon materialize. It will be most gratifying to see all the Trump haters and leftists in tears of defeat.

    MAGA Trump 2020!

  44. Man, you’re right about one thing, the neanderthal part. You think it’s a revolution to say: “grab ’em by…, they send us druggies and rapists?” And more and more. A real revolution for the working class would be cutting edge tech used to clean the water, clean the dirt, clean the air. Taxing rich folks and redistributing it to the way it was when America WAS great, so that all the “neanderthals'” kids will live past 65 and not need weird surgeries in their teens. You’re right, libs want a world where a cis gendered minority is the next cartoon character on a mainstream channel, and they pat themselves on the backs for making “progress.” But you’re party, the Bronze Age clan of superstitious, reactionaries, is not really helpful, honorable, respectful, or wanted by anyone other than fellow cave men. What a bunch of sophistry and inane thinking. Like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, you’re thinking is for idiots.

  45. “Somewhere, somehow graduations, dorms, and campus spaces, all segregated by race, became “liberal.” Intermarriage, integration, and assimilation were shamefully illiberal.”
    Having grown up in a black community, though white, I understood from all my friends that intermarriage, integration, and assimilation were the “I have a dream” of equal rights. Thus I pursued it successfully in my life circles all my life.

  46. What kind of Patriot denies people the right to vote? What kind of Patriot openly tries to weaken this Country’s election process for personal gain? What kind of Patriot hugs the American flag while denigrating those who’s coffins lay underneath the American flag? Trump is the furthest thing from a Patriot this Country has ever seen.

  47. Mr. Hanson, what ARE you smoking? What a load of deluded drivel.

  48. It seems that the venerable Victor Davis Hanson has begun to wax poetic as well as prophetic. Huzzah!

  49. The fact that your comments sections no longer allows for up and down arrows registering votes on opinions expressed has destroyed it for me. I will not be coming back.

  50. “Nothing in history is more dangerous than the underemployed wannabe intellectual or college graduate, whose cultivated sense of superiority is not matched by his income or standard of living, but who blames “them” for his own self-inflicted miseries and unappreciated genius.”

    Spot on, but in this case I think the use of female pronoun is far more justified.

  51. On the assumption that we are in fact in a revolutionary moment, I have tried to figure out if it is more like 1905, Feb 1917, or Oct 1917. (Or 1789 maybe…) If Trump is the counter-revolutionary, he is the tsar, and it is 1905. The key to 1905 is that the mobs were dispersed by Cossack bullets. The failure to suppress revolution in 1917 was that power lacked the will to resist. Kerensky makes a good Biden–hapless and without the will to destroy the revolutionary party. (He was a Social Democrat, i.e., a liberal.) All that spring and summer officers were being assassinated, shot from hiding places, with no response. It took a Lenin to arrive and systematize the Revolution. So far in 2020 the revolutionaries have lacked a Lenin. None seemed to have the character to truly lead. Now I can only think that if there is one, it will be Kamala Harris, who occupies a key position. We shall see.

  52. This election should be compared the one it most closely matches; 1932 Germany and it can happen here as is outlined at

  53. You’ve been given a woke enema by the media, academia and hollyweird. Hope that you are prepared for tomorrow night because if not you’re head will probably explode.

  54. Soon we will know. If Trump loses then then Republicans will retool and live to fight another day. No one is scared crazy right wingers will march in the street and burn and loot. But if Trump wins then left has a choice. Will they triple down on the hate? Or will they reflect on their message and abandon those policies that are not compatible with a society that wants liberty.

    • No, Cocaine Mitch and the GOP will continue their bogus rear guard action into obscurity.

  55. This is deeply confused.

    Trump is lucky when he gets the right end on the floor when he gets up. He has no capacity to implement any coherent policy.

  56. The time for talking to Democrats is over. I suppose I feel about Democrats the way a Republican felt about them in 1861. More than a war between north and south the Civil War was between Republican and Democrat, still the party of slavery. I for one very much look forward to a Sherman style march to the sea, utterly destroying every Democrat totalitarian idea and institution along the way. It begins today.

  57. So the Giuliani October surprise was a fraud. So the the Dunham/Barr October surprise was a nothing burger. All the right has left is messing with the election. It is not going to work. If by some one in a million shot, Trump prevails the resistance will eventually crush him and the GOP enablers. And if he loses, he’ll be whining for the rest of his dreary days (maybe you’ll be saavy enough to jump off the Trump train).

    • plenty of Democrats have been repulsed by the 4 whores of the Apocalypse, calls for outright socialism and attempts to deflect blame 2 centuries of Jim Crow Slavery on all Americans and away from their very own party . they are jumping off the Democrap train, leaving the anti liberal diehards and their corporatist big media sponsors . please save your snotty “intellectual” elitism for the next Golden Globe Awards.

  58. An excellent and very articulate piece, Professor Hansen. May you be blessed indeed.
    But let’s take a moment to educate our friends… hollywood, Nicholas DeLuca and Steve Bonser, who visit from afar to bend our ears with Leftist insouciance.

    Trump and his conservative base are actually fighting two battles. The first, is the fight against “the swamp”, an entrenched Washington egalitarian establishment that viscerally hates him. This fight includes exposing political operatives and their ropes of power through which many Leftist elites have achieved self-enrichment via cronyism, and political fraud. During recent administrations, particularly that of Mr Obama, these sins have spread far and wide over the Federal landscape.

    Now the second, is a fight against a radical Leftist insurgency that has taken the form of indoctrination by our educational system and its Leftist propaganda (Zinn, Chomsky, et al). That America is portrayed as wicked, corrupt and suppressive — a country that is rigged in a way to keep the unsuspecting 99% ignorant, while the 1%, enjoy the spoils.

    Not only is this not true, but we never hear that its the 20% on top that pay almost all of the taxes, and this 20% is constantly rotating so that we rarely see the same people in it from year to year.

    The strategy of the radical Leftist insurgency is to whip up as much loathing and hatred as possible for America and the ‘deplorable, fascist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, bigots’ who support Trump. How? By inciting riots, burning and looting cities, assassinating the police and destroying innocent citizens’ businesses… The Leftist low-lives are hoping to do enough damage to somehow “woke” the ‘sleeping masses’ who will then join them in transforming America into a Marxist state. You know the state I’m talking about…the one comrad Kamela suggests is merely awaiting her arrival. The Harris administration is of course what we’re speaking of, while Joe, even with years of setting up influence-peddling and money-laundering deals, is quite adequate to be the straw-man needed to launch a democrat Trojan Horse. This is so that comrade Kamela’s very own ‘fundamental transformation of America’ can begin. And by golly, wasn’t that gracious of her to make a cartoon for us showing how her radical changes can provide “outcome equality” for all. My goodness, a real visionary.

    Karl Marx himself succinctly sums it up for us, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” And in case you don’t know how miserable and cult-like and lethal to the masses that communism eventually becomes, consider that here is no difference between Marxism and communism. Marxism is the theory, communism is the action and outcome. Engels, coauthor of ‘The Communist Manifesto’, taught that socialism was the necessary first step to communism wherein all divisions of class would be erased. Sound familiar?

    There now… That’s more education, than you got in 4 years of watching CNN.

    • So various ad hominems, straw men (or women), conspiracy theories, red scares, and patent nonsense.

  59. So called revolutionaries disrespecting the counter revolutionaries. Nowhere else but the USA. All others would be imprisoned by now in China, Venezuela, most of Central America, parts of Europe and Russia and I’m sure a few others too numerous to list. Raise your glass and cheer the USA. No such forum exists elsewhere. A shame the brain dead vacuum that calls itself Hollywood will never get it. Self absorbed in their anointed appointment as supreme intellectuals because they learned to recite someone else’s screenplay on a stage or before a camera, and thus think themselves the creator of the idea they project, for pay. The ultimate “fake” representation of _______________.

  60. So various ad hominems, straw men (or women), conspiracy theories, red scares, and patent nonsense.

  61. At this point, Hanson has apparently retreated into his farmhouse, licking his wounds and counting his money for writing BS columns like the instant one. He is a seemingly waiting for futher vote counts and litigation before committing himself to an analysis of the election. I can’t fathom what strained analogy he will come up with. Some Greek or Roman battle? Who knows? Whatever it is it will be bogus and overwrought. We know he’s not going to say let’s rally around Biden and try to unite against the virus and to lift our economy. That would be asking far too much from the troglodyte he has become. Sad!

    • You’re celebrating? LOL! When your precious Dem elites didn’t take the Senate, and lost ground in the House? And they lost ground in the state legislatures and governorships? In spite of all the rich Dem elite money that got poured into all those races?
      Donny may be gone, but Sleepy Joey’s facing gridlock. Boo hoo!

  62. And you, sir/Madame Hollywood, are deliriously misinformed. Beyond the fact that you have not availed yourself of any thought beyond mass media propaganda, not backed up by facts (let me give you Mr. Adam Schiff as an exemplary example of how nothing is something if the drum is big enough) and warped by the never yielding trumpet of Cali education and politics. The fact is that the new proletariat are the minions located between SF and NYC, not those located within the boundaries of these city/states. My advice to the malignantly misinformed is be wary; seventy million disenfranchised citizens are clearly making a statement. You would do well tolisten.

  63. I remember long ago, when I attended community college in California (a once great state, but now a single-party-ruled entity (not unlike Venezuela, Cuba…and, yeah, China these last ten years or so), pictures of that Tienanmen Square event with the guy holding shopping bags in this hands facing down a Soviet-era designed main battle tank hanging in several professors’ offices. Wow, how far so called American liberalism has traveled (remember, Free Tibet bumper stickers were widely observed back then). Won’t be long ’till we start selling them steel and other materials to aid their (China’s) hegemonic wet dreams under future US administrations. As along as those leaving office can score Netflix and book advances on their way out, and provide us US media-enabled entertainment about how enchanting it is to be POTUS (URL:, we are SCREWED as non-elites making a living. My bookend of time is the end of the Cold War. Lastly, in case you active-minded freaks-of-nature have the unerring need to attempt to quash my anecdote with inane blabber quoting self-loathing idiots like Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky or Frank Marshal Davis, your parents are to blame for raising such imbeciles like yourself. 3, 2, 1……

  64. After thought: that means you have to go back to your parents, once you’ve seen the “light” of personal responsibility, and slap them in the face….as well as those your professors from college days; that is, once you can come out of your teenager-based mindset there (my feelings are SO important!), so-called adult. Good luck!

  65. After the Collapse of America: The Democratic Republic of America

    The citizens of America are irrevocably split between Democratic socialists, who desire a global socialist nation, and natural rights conservatives, who want nothing to do with socialism.

    There are no shared cultural values that bind the citizens into a common national mission.

    In the absence of shared cultural values, there is no force that compels voluntary obedience of citizens to the rule of law.

    Madison’s concept of the American Representative Republic collapsed, for the same reasons as the Roman and Greek republics.

  66. Another wonderful piece by VDH. And it seems that trolls have shown up to comment, which shows what a true thought leader he is. Since they have no counter argument, all they can do is beat drums and employ smoke and mirrors to distract from the insight offered. As I write this, Biden and minions (can someone be a minion of a minion?) are attempting to steal an election as the media gaslights us to believe he has won. But, in the end, this will amount to yet another hoax against America to try to remove Trump. It will fail and the America First agenda motors on with Trump at the helm. MAGA!

  67. A friendly but drastic amendment: that stop referring to what’s going on as a “revolution” – it is NOT, it’s the American Counterrevolution, nearly 250 years after the fact – a delayed reaction to the TRULY revolutionary nature of the American Revolution. It’s a faux- revolution, and its nature is precisely spelled out in Hermann Rauschning’s “The Revolution of Nihilism”. The former mayor of Danzig wrote it as his “Warning to the West” (its subtitle) in 1939, because he saw through the “Nazi revolution” after having originally been a supporter. THIS is the heart of what we’re facing now, and just as Nazism could be seen as a quite deliberate “opposite” of Judaism, with the Anti-Jew as the figure of greatest social approval, so today’s nihilism styles itself proudly as Anti-American (with Trump as the epitome of the hated European stereotype of the Ugly American). It’s obvious then, too, why its other symbolic target is Israel.

  68. Thank you for speaking out so eloquently. Please continue to show people the rise of China and the CCP and what that means for their future.. The CCP count on globalists to help them erase the true history of America and replace it with communist ideology and pop culture. Most Americans have no idea about the lack of respect for human and animal life or the environment in China. They do not know about the disappearances, the torture, the people who die in the streets as passersby just ignore them, the concentration camps, the organ harvesting, the extermination of wildlife, the rampant pollution.
    They don’t understand the bribing and corruption of their govt. officials by the CCP.
    They don’t realize that it is all coming here to North and South America very quickly. We must continue to show humanity what is coming with a Biden/Xi win and a CCP administration.

  69. Thank you for speaking out.
    Please continue to show people the rise of China and the CCP and what that means for their future.
    The CCP count on globalists to help them erase the true history of America and replace it with communist ideology and pop culture. Most Americans have no idea about the lack of respect for human and animal life or the environment in China. They do not know about the disappearances, the torture, the people who die in the streets as passersby just ignore them, the concentration camps, the organ harvesting, the extermination of wildlife, the rampant pollution.
    They don’t understand the bribing and corruption of their govt. officials by the CCP.
    They don’t realize that it is all coming here to North and South America very quickly. We must continue to show humanity what is coming with a Biden/Xi win and a CCP administration.