AOC Wears $14,000 Outfit in Vanity Fair to Curse About Trump

Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wore new silk suits from Aliette, Carolina Herrera and Loewe, as well as Christian Louboutin heels, and jewelry for her spread in Vanity Fair magazine’s December issue, while calling Donald Trump a “motherf***er” for allegedly paying just $750 in taxes, Fox News reports.

The progressive and often socialist leaning lawmaker from New York has in the past condemned politicians that she says are beholden to Wall Street.  The current season fashion pieces have a retail value of more than $14,000, and was gifted the $2,850 suit from Loewe, the media outlet reported. The magazine interview was the latest of AOC’s rants against Trump to play out in the media.

“These are the same people saying that we can’t have tuition-free public colleges because there’s no money,” she says, “when these motherf*****s are only paying $750 a year in taxes.”

Trump has hit back at the ongoing reports, claiming he “pre-paid millions” in tax dollars.

She also defended herself against right-wing attacks that have painted her as a socialist.

“It’s very dehumanizing in both ways, strangely, both the negative and the positive,” the congresswoman said. “It’s not an accident that, every cycle, the boogeyman of the Democrats is a woman,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “A couple of cycles ago, it was Pelosi. Then it was Hillary, and now it’s me.”

The white Aliétte suit was AOC’s choice as an homage to the women’s suffrage movement.

The magazine interview caused a backlash on Twitter, one tweet written by Sunanda Vashisht read:

“AOC on the cover of Vanity Fair. The clothes are estimated to cost $14,000,” Vashisht tweeted on Wednesday evening. “So happy that AOC is upholding the long established hypocritical tradition of Socialists who believe Socialism is for poor while they enjoy the fruits of Capitalism.”

“To the triggered, one last time,” Vashisht continued. “Here is the cost of AOC’s wardrobe. She is a politician not a professional model who cannot have a choice on clothes for a photo shoot. Why not wear clothes working class wears? Fun fact: $2850 Loewe suit was ‘gifted’ to her and she happily accepted.” Vashisht also included a picture of the prices for the outfits AOC wore, which included Christian Louboutin slingbacks and a $3,000 Carolina Herrera suit.

AOC also commented on her alleged working class background.

“It’s legitimately hard being a first-generation woman . . . and being working class, trying to navigate a professional environment,” she said in the interview. “It continues to take me so long to try to figure out how to look put-together without having a huge designer closet.”


About Catherine Smith

Catherine Smith is a newcomer to Washington D.C. She met and married an American journalist and moved to D.C. from the U.K. She graduated with a B.A. in Graphics, Media, and Communications and worked in design and retail in the U.K.

Photo: (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

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6 responses to “AOC Wears $14,000 Outfit in Vanity Fair to Curse About Trump”

  1. I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t say this but I can’t hold back any longer: the only thing I find interesting about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is her breasts.

  2. You can’t cover up this American trash. She is so ignorant and a total hypocrit. How do you think that lipstick and makeup is made AOC? From Petrochemicals. Get it AOC? Oil!

  3. AOC was quizzed by an info-babe in CNBC last week,,about her views of Roe vs Wade.
    AOC was heard to reply: “Roe vs Wade? Oh. I belief that iss the two mose common ways migrants get into California..”

    • This reminds me of a character in the old comic strip L’il Abner. Her name was Joanie Phonie. In one episode, she was riding in her limousine when she says, “Pull over, James. I want to write a song about poverty.”

  4. What is “a first-generation woman”? Did she not have a mother?