Trump Is Now One With Countless Essential Workers

Joe Biden has redefined mask wearing. It is now the thinking man’s patriotism, what every “scientific” and “refined” mind naturally does.  

Biden, the media, and the progressive party all blame the now ill Trump for becoming infected. They accuse the president of becoming sick because he was selfish. You see, he was not always wearing a mask, or not always isolating in social-distancing fashion, or not always staying inside except for essential expeditionary trips.  

Upon reading these condemnations, one could be forgiven for thinking Trump was the mayor of Fresno, not the president of the most powerful and necessary nation in history. 

The subtext is that Trump is no Biden. Joe follows “science.” He “gets it.” He “listens” to “experts.” Like Trump his rival septuagenarian has health issues, but very much unlike Trump, Biden, until lately, seldom was seen or heard. For Biden, the way to run a presidency is the way he wishes to conduct the second debate—by Zoom. 

Who Is the Real “Patriot”? 

This Trump/Biden good-bad dichotomy is crazy. It reveals that Biden has no real idea of who is keeping this country in general, and his own household in particular, alive—much less how hard that task is at a time of plague and quarantine. 

Class differences, considerations, and interests are the real themes of this election. They are on the side of the president who took the same calculated risks that millions do to meet the requirements of their jobs that simply cannot be done from basements and safe zones or over computers and smartphones.  

Recently, Joe Biden, in his usual clumsy racialist fashion, at last confessed that his own half-year sequestration kept him safe only because, “some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf.”  

Aside from the reality that Biden usually stereotypes black people as either stock people, or clueless (“you ain’t black”), or defenseless (“put ‘y’all back in chains” ) or addicted to drugs ( “you taking cocaine or not? What do you think, huh? Are you a junkie?”), he accidently stumbled upon a truth here.  

Biden really doesn’t take risks, because he assumes that others less privileged will take them on his behalf. And in doing so, hundreds of thousands of Americans, with masks, with hand sanitizer on their palms, and with careful distancing whenever possible, have been infected, some severely and others mortally so. 

So COVID, the quarantine, and the president’s illness alike have now become class issues. On the one hand, are the elite and entitled “Karens.” They scream and rant when they see a slipped mask. They worship Lord Zoom and His Highness Skype. They brag about their near-perfect quarantine, and become insufferable when talking of “the science” and “Dr. Fauci.” In truth, the telecommunicating, distance-working and remote profiting classes are all part of the pyramidal capstone of American society, the tiny tip that does not totter or blow off because it rests on a vast, indomitable base below that has no such options.  

Who exactly makes or brings House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ’s (D-Calif.) designer ice cream to her palazzo? Who cooks the food delivered via DoorDash to the right zip codes? Who slaughters, cleans and packages the steak cooked by the quarantined class, or meets the sick at the ER door? Those of perfect weight, with correct vitamin D levels, who eat the proper vegetables, and keep their blood sugar and cholesterol low, and the fat off with a daily hour at the gym? Not always. 

Yes, they should and they do wear protective gear. But they are also busy, often exhausted, short of breath by their eighth hour on their feet, and so human rather than Karen-perfect. A mask is not a matter of an hour’s walk break from quarantine, or a trip to the grocery store, but of impairing breathing for 9-10 hours, day after day, to keep a grocery store open or cut the tree limbs back from sidewalks. 

Not long ago during the quarantine, four of our old appliances, like clockwork, failed. I ordered replacements from Home Depot. They were delivered by sweaty movers, who did 10-15 such deliveries a day. Most usually fit the weight, age, and ethnic categories of those at risk. As two scooted the refrigerator into the kitchen narrows, one had taken off his mask. He apologized with, “Sorry, but I can’t get enough air after about the 10th delivery.”  

I told him “We beggars can’t be choosers—and without you I would have no food.” It was not as if he slung his mask off to board his private jet, or roamed around the Hamptons while actively infected, as a prelude to lecture the nation on the sacred and deified mask.  

We Don’t Deserve or Choose to Get COVID 

It is past time to remember that a hundred million Americans are out on the front lines doing their best to keep the country alive; and its whiny, sequestered elite fed, powered, supplied and safe—and thus ever more hyper-critical and hypocritical.  

If our supermarkets ran on the logic of Yale, or our hospitals on the hours of Stanford, or our assembly plants worked on the rationale of the grad seminar, then most of us would starve, die, or revert to a pre-civilizational existence. 

The track record of our elite policymakers, like many of our epidemiologists, and our modelers and our media, is not nearly as good as those who deliver refrigerators or slaughter steers.

There is a now mini-internet industry of exposing our hectoring political and media grandees—take Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), or CNN’s Chris Cuomo—shouting about the need to wear masks, while themselves stealthily not wearing them. And they do so often in the context of sneaking into upscale salons for beauty treatments, or scurrying around a private jet port, or inspecting an “East Hampton property under construction.” Their message is unambiguous: “I do exemptions so I can ensure you don’t.” 

Most Americans who don’t work from home try to wear masks. They use hand cleansers. They distance when they go out each day. But most also under no circumstance say anything to correct anyone pouring cement, changing tires, cooking food, or fighting fires if their protocols seem like they don’t meet Joe Biden’s standards. Not only do these people help to keep us alive another day, but we know those who set such standards for others have often failed them—and predictably in a landscape of privileged hypocrisy. 

In this context, Trump is not the reckless one. He no more deserved to get the virus than did the 210,000 who have died—died with and without masks, distancing and not so much, and meticulously clean and sometimes not.  

Trump is president. He’s not a professor, not a journalist, not a stockbroker, not an actor. The Left has it upside-down. It is narcissistic for a president to hibernate on the theory that he can’t be replaced, even as he does the nation psychological damage. It is leadership to go out and, with proper caution, to brave the contagion, on the theory Trump is indeed replaceable while cowering is inexcusable.

His job description is to be one with the people, and to take measured risks, when necessary. That’s what leaders must do. General George Patton certainly did not have to fly above his 3rd Army in a fragile Piper-Cub in foul weather and near enemy skies. But he did it to hone his knowledge of the battlespace, and to remind his men that like them, he was as expendable.  

Churchill had no business making 25 trips outside wartime Britain. Yet he had all the business in the world to do so if he was going to encourage men that not all was lost, and that the Wehrmacht was not so powerful. Teddy Roosevelt was not “reckless” when he finished a speech after being shot, with the bullet lodged near his heart. Rather he determined that his Stoicism reminded his audience that he was one with them, and stronger unarmed than the assassin armed.  

In our true sickness, we have come to equate COVID-19 infection with some sort of moral or patriotic failing, as though it is due to lack of prior exercise or weight control, or whatever writ is used to fault the infected. No doubt, there are beach boys and sorority girls who do dumb things in their drinking and kissing without masks, as they get and pass the virus to the vulnerable. But most of the sick and dead were not so reckless.  

Trump got infected because his duties entailed meeting guests, talking and jousting with the media, greeting foreign leaders, crisscrossing the country in times of fire, riot, recession, and crises abroad, hosting receptions, huddling nonstop with advisors, and yes, addressing thousands at rallies if need be. We are told this was foolhardy and exposed others. Perhaps, but more likely at 74, too heavy, and with the knowledge that he was vulnerable, Trump took hazards to conduct a normal presidency in times of abnormality.  

We are told he was rash, impulsive, poorly served, foolish—fill in blanks— in taking off-label and experimental drugs, or that the combination of his unproven medicines ensured side effects that will impair his work and endanger his own more sober and judicious citizens.  

But in reality, Trump was willing to risk his health again to get back to work. Yes, it is not especially a safe thing simultaneously to take off-label and experimental drugs like Regeneron’s REGN-COV2 and Remdesiver, whose side effects, interactions, and long term risks are not really yet known. The conservative regime, as media hounds bark nonstop, is not taking new medicines and combining them with the steroid dexamethasone at 74 and while being overweight. Again, perhaps. But it most certainly is necessary if you are president and were elected to guide the nation in times such as these.  

Only a lost generation such as our own could transform a president who is willing to take risks to his person to get back on the job, to run the country, and to try to restore a normal campaign in a horrific year into some kind of unpatriotic monster.  

Politically Correct and Incorrect “Science” 

Lastly, we come to the “science.”  

Americans have nothing but respect for public health officials. But the latter has been the most unscientific bunch we’ve seen in decades.  

The head of the World Health Organization is not a medical doctor. For weeks, he recycled trite Chinese communist lies about viral transmission, quarantines, and travel bans.  

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a Biden COVID advisor on a disease that targets septuagenarians, has previously written that life really is, and should be, over at 75. Emanuel’s timing on how to protect those vulnerable at 75 and over could not have been worse.  

Dr. Fauci may be a saint. But take any key issue of the last six months—from wearing masks, to quarantining, to taking cruises, to blind dating, to projecting viral loads and likely lethality—and he has not just been mistaken, but predictably self-contradictory.  

So herky-jerky are Fauci’s edicts that he finally was reduced to explaining that he had told a “noble” lie about the irrelevancies of mask-wearing to ensure supplies for medical professionals. Later, he was caught without a mask at a sporting event, while also in violation of his own commands about social distancing.  

The truth is that “science” is still ambiguous about long-term quarantines and the cost-benefit efficacy of non-stop wearing of masks. Science may well soon teach us that far more died from missed surgeries, tests, and examinations, or domestic violence, or drug and alcohol abuse, or billions of hours of lost schooling for an entire generation of youth.  

Facts and data may soon reveal far more Americans in our lose/lose year perished as a result of consequences stemming from the reaction to the virus than from the virus itself.  

Recently hundreds of medical professionals signed a declaration urging governments to reconsider the scientific costs of the continued quarantines and the damage they are doing to the nation, given that COVID-19 is a selectively chronological killer. 

By quarantining everyone, when the majority of age cohorts are as vulnerable to COVID-19 as to a bad flu—we are consuming limited resources that might well have been better focused on the sick, the vulnerable, and the aged. The reasoning of these professionals was scientific. What was not scientific were earlier petitions by other professionals saying that those who violated mask-wearing and social distancing to protest in the streets were not contravening any laws of lockdowns. Or, as they put it, it was more hazardous for your health not to protest than to violate a national quarantine. 

Throughout this long quarantine those who have screamed the loudest about science, about patriotism, and about fairness—according to their accustomed habit of projection—have been the least scientific. They are the most insensitive to class and the most ignorant about true patriotism. A patriot struggles to keep the world’s greatest nation fed, safe, and viable in a dangerous world that watches America hourly for signs of vulnerability, fear, and mass hysteria.  

So this election had always been about class. It has been about reminding minorities that they deserve good jobs and dignity rather than “you ain’t black” condescension, and that the rich who profit from China worry little about those who don’t. 

That’s why suddenly Joe Biden, after spending a lifetime as a globalist and a parasite who feeds on the ideas of others, is now scrambling to Xerox the Trump agenda with the zealotry of a late convert. He is suddenly blabbering about “buy American” and “hire Americans” and “stand up to China”—words never uttered in the past five decades of Biden’s so often self-referenced career. 

President. Trump has no reason to apologize for getting sick. He took risks to meet the obligations of his office. And he took more risks to be healthy enough to continue at it. 

In other words, Trump is now one with the millions who do the same thing, every day and thereby keep the country functioning—so often for others who haven’t got a clue about how or why they do so at all.

About Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He is an American military historian, columnist, a former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. He has been a visiting professor at Hillsdale College since 2004. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush. Hanson is also a farmer (growing raisin grapes on a family farm in Selma, California) and a critic of social trends related to farming and agrarianism. He is the author most recently of The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, The Case for Trump and the newly released The Dying Citizen.

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

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47 responses to “Trump Is Now One With Countless Essential Workers”

  1. Always on point.. landslide coming, not just electoral college, but popular vote.

  2. The democrat party represents the illegitimi and enemy within. It is very fair to assume that they executed a political operation to give COVID to the President and then convene a House committee to invoke the 25th amendment.

  3. Bravo Dr. Hanson, bravo. I was considered an essential worker. I’m an industrial electrician. The company I work for builds food processing equipment. Our controls team has traveled to install and maintain this equipment all over the country. Not one of us has ever said no. Not one of us has gotten sick, thank God.
    The left loves it when you are afraid, you are easily controlled then.
    Be not afraid, it’s just a virus, and the facts are that 99 percent will survive it.

    • “Be not afraid, it’s just a virus, and the facts are that 99 percent will survive it.”

      Almost exactly correct. A quibble, but the real number is well above 99% and that number will go up for two reasons. First, every time there is a positive test result on anyone other than a corpse, the number of those infected (denominator of the fraction) goes up but the number of deaths (numerator) does not. It is the reason why the panic mongers report “deaths” and “cases” as pure numbers rather than rates: both “deaths” and “cases” are guaranteed to be greater with every passing day. The headline will never be “Death Rate Plummets!” It will only ever be “COVID Death Toll Continues to Climb!” Of course it does; be sure to let me know when the number of people dead today is lower than yesterday.
      The denominator is vastly understated already and will rise inexorably, eventually to total just about every human on the planet. It’s a virus after all, a novel virus by all accounts whether natural or man-made, and apparently transmitted through the air, so exposure can be postponed but not prevented forever. The number who had it and survived and/or have it and will survive all while remaining asymptomatic, is huge, impossible to measure precisely, and much larger than the reported number of “cases.” (By the way, does anyone know what the definition of a COVID “case” is? Did you know that there are three (possible/probable/confirmed) distinct kinds of cases, with distinct definitions? Do you think the little girl reading the news at your local TV station understands the differences?) So the denominator is understated, is very large, and will eventually get into the billions.
      Second, the numerator is overstated significantly. Most folks know about “comorbidities” like COPD and heart disease, and identifying with certainty those who were at death’s door before COVID may have pushed them over the threshold is often more art than science. But I submit that the fraction for which COVID was a “harvesting event” (look it up) and not a genuine, lockdown-worthy cause of death is a nontrivial number. Moreover, did you know the list of “comorbidities” also includes things like Stage 4 colon cancer, multiple impact injuries from motorcycle accidents, and gunshot wounds to the head? And no, I am not making any of them up. If you are dead and test postive for COVID, you are a “COVID death,” even if you drew your last breath just before you got hit by a train.

      • I recall seeing a headline that read “Two COVID deaths in meth lab explosion”.

    • Like a smoke-jumper, a firefighter, an EMT, a state trooper, a Marine or any other member of America’s armed forces, thank you for your service without which vital links in the vast economic engine that fills our bellies, warms our homes, lights the darkness and allows us the great luxury of sleeping soundly at night. From truck drivers to brain surgeons, many and priceless are the men and women who make this America. “E Pluribus Unum” — out of many, one!

    • Bravo to you Kirk. And be not afraid! in other words, be not watching Trump and Fox News. For they tell you to fear the Mexicans, no wait, fear the Socialists, no wait, fear the Muslims, no wait, feat the Chinese, no wait, fear the Protesters and Antifascists’, no wait, damn I haven’t watched Fox News in 2 days and I don’t know who to be afraid of this week.

  4. I would like Trump to “be one with countless non-essential workers who have lost everything as a direct result of this insane and unconstitutional government shutdown, initiated by President Trump”. I would like President Trump to stop advocating Social Distance Marxism, to stop praising mask wearing as “patriotic”, to stop saying we cannot restore our inalienable freedoms “until we have a vaccine”. I would like Trump to stop doing all that and instead become a powerful, compelling, articulate national leader standing for a return to freedom, free enterprise, individual responsibility for health decisions instead of government bureaucrats running our lives. That would be a reasonable expectation for a Republican candidate for President.

  5. I am considered “construction” and am lucky that I have been able to work throughout this scamdemic. I think my health is better because I have been able to go about my business daily. Furthermore, we live in GA and our governor was one of the first to open up. I know there are states that are still struggling along but if you have normal health and you’re working, chances are you will stay healthy.

    The media and Fauci are fully responsible for the fear that has been perpetrated on this nation. Statistically, kids are lowest on the totem pole to get the virus and yet our schools here are not fully open – unless of course they are parochial.

    The biggest concern is that so many willingly accept the media’s scare tactics. People wearing masks while on a walk, a jog or bike ride make me nuts. And friends that swear that won’t come out of hiding until the vaccine has hit.

    The biggest lesson here, is we must work on our education system. Between BLM, Antifa and the hate America crowd, we now have children that listen to idiots and wear masks when it makes zero sense.

  6. Excellent take, Dr. Hanson, that most of us perhaps hadn’t openly verbalized but nonetheless understood.
    Trump followed the prescriptions of the public health officials, but let it be known through unofficial comments and in his own behavior that he thought they were going overboard. It is increasingly becoming clear to most of us that much of the hyper-vigilance is selective and often for show.
    If one knows they have been exposed, has tested positive or has suspicious symptoms, then by all means they should do everything possible to prevent spread to others. Likewise, if one is going to be in an enclosed space with others that can’t necessarily be trusted to be personally responsible, wearing a mask is reasonable as well. However, wearing a mask in a safe situation just for show has come to be the distinguishing feature of a progressive Democrat.

  7. This op-ed by VDH is a great chronicle of our life and times. I too am considered an essential worker. I work retail at a big box. Every day of the pandemic before it became the law to wear the clown mask of fear and submission, I worked “in your face” close with the public. I still do, except now I am required to take a daily oath that I don’t have the carnovirus and that I will continue wearing the clown mask of fear and submission and social distance while at work.

    Our governors have turned work, earning a living, into daily humiliation. And I think that is by design. Thank God for President Trump who is showing America back to itself where work is a source pride.

  8. Another Brilliant Insight by VDH. The man is a national treasure!

    • This is another VDH hit job polemic . It is spurious at best at best, Trumpian propaganda at worst .

      • Note: two weeks later, chickensh*t De Luca hasn’t responded; typical Orwellian shill feces.

  9. Dear Dr. Hanson! Nailed it! As someone just wrote, you voiced what has long been understood by “regular” Americans. What is a word for work a day people in these times?
    I am listening to Dallas Willard. A brilliant philosopher and student of God. Though he left us many yrs ago, his words are particularly relevant today. Without a foundation in reality and truth, we are now dealing in a pool of slug. No truth. No understanding.
    Thank you for being a gifted truth teller. You words ring so true.

  10. VDH is the one writer in which I treasure every sentence. I am sad when his column ends. I wish he could channel his thoughts to President Trump in the next debate.

  11. Victor Hanson Hits the target again. He is a Master at what he does. Zeroed in and another bullseye. Thank you. And Thank You, President Donald J. Trump.

  12. Victor Davis Hanson is a truly great thinker and writer. Thank you for another great column about our under appreciated President. Some men hide in the corner and some men lead.If I ever make it to Selma CA,I’m going to the Walmart to see if I can run into Mr. Hanson. PS-if you haven’t seen his lectures on youtube on Western Civilization,they are very good.

  13. In the landmark television series of WW2, in the second episode of Thd World At War, there was a segment on the darkening Autumn of 1939 on English streets to do with the black-out, imposed by Chamberlain’s government to foil the German bombers. The “entertainments” and nightlife were halted. Overseers, air raid wardens perhaps, saw to it that people did not let any light from their homes spill into the exterior. But Laurence Olivier’s voiceover intoned the non-arrival of the enemy as the country held its breath. What I recall from that episode is the mention of people dying at night in their droves in road accidents. White lines had been erased, cars driven without their lights on. A bigger fear of stumbling in the dark had replaced the fear of bombs falling or gas attack. And so the entertainments came back. People went dancing again. The bright lights were switched on. In late 1939, in the run-up to Christmas, that was the right thing to do. The British needed to raise their morale. Perhaps at that first stage in their war, that unexpected tonic would be akin to a similar easing of lockdown rules now. Surely the threat of death has dissipated, but a nation should remain watchful, with its morale and self-belief elevated.

  14. I’ve been reading Professor Hanson for a few years now. Once in awhile, in earlier articles, he would be describing a current event but for some reason switch to past tense which I never understood. I don’t know if he realized he was doing it. He doesn’t do that as much lately but he gave himself away a long time ago. He’s an historian at heart and these are historic times. He’s writing the history right now. If you look over all of his commentaries these past few years he’s writing it all down. There are lies and “untruths” being written all over the place but he is writing what really happened in the later 20th and early 21st century. A modern day Thucydides. A thousand years from now, these commentaries are going to be in an old book on a dusty book shelf in a library somewhere, studied by scholars in the year 3000.

  15. Were there a list of the top 10 political commentators, the first five places would go to VDH . He,s just that good. I pray the Trump campaign people use his considerable talents.

  16. Having realized that the state of PA is doomed to what seems to be perpetual masking, I finally bought (and will relish wearing) a black mask with big, white block letters proclaiming “THIS MASK IS AS WORTHLESS AS OUR GOVERNOR”. I can’t wait for it to arrive.

    Finally a chance to be ‘compliant’ while simultaneously making a statement to Comrade Wolf.

  17. This was the most honest article I have read on a long time!

  18. The KowTow Cloth has become a symbol of political correctness. If you see someone wearing one while driving, or bicycling, you can safely say, “That’s a Biden voter.”

    The President should publicize the Great Barrington Declaration, and promise that when re-elected, he will urge the nation to “Take Off Your Masks and Get Back to Work!”

    Add your signature to the Declaration here:

    /L. E. Joiner (Walking Creek World)

  19. One of the problems is that the elites for the most part have never worked a job where they were in contact with the public. They have generally lead a coddled existence. I would suggest they spend a year or two as a waiter having deal with the inevitable “Karens”, or spend at lest one tour of duty in the military. In Roman times, one was required to have service in the army before you could run for office.

  20. I’m reminded of when Patton took command from Gen. Fredenhall after the disaster at Kasserine Pass. He inquired as to where Fredenhall was as the disaster unfolded and why nothing was done. The answer was that apparently Fredenhall spent the entire battle safely ensconced in a bunker well away from the front and had no idea how the battle was unfolding and with communications of the time was in no position to make the necessary tactical calls as it unfolded.

  21. A pandemic hamstringing the economy in an election year was a God send for Democrats who used their entrenched bureaucries and public health agencies to frighten and panic the nation. No matter what Trump did he couldn’t have satisfied all the voices. The more he complied, the more damage he helped inflict on the nation. If he resisted, he was irresponsible thereby putting us all at risk. No one could win this game for playing, for simply for being put in that position.

    I believe the Democrats leveraged this pandemic and from the very first for political purposes. I suspect most of the nation knows this much. Somehow, Trump managed to thread this needle. It is instructive to note how Democrats continue to leverage and exploit fear. There is no need to explain, belabor, or disprove anything. The people are not stupid although they are generally irresonsible, distracted and refuse to be tasked with political understandings.

    I no longer concern myself with their fate. If they have progressed to the point of no longer being able to distinguish their own best interests, even at this point after all that has passed then it is game over. Unfortunately, I am tied however to the fate of this nation and to these very people whose most basic understandings are about to be tallied on Nov. 3.

    One way, or the other; we will all go together. We will either walk away as free men in possession of out nation, this America, our beloved republic, or as individual units of labor and 21st/c serfs in a globalist, new world order with AI social socores and a virtual life style, with all the virtual rights our globalist masters see fit to bestow upon us, as should fit their convenience at any particular moment.

    • For all the education that the so-called “experts” have, which supposedly gives them so much credibility when they dictate how we must be kept “safe” from the virus, it is astonishing how little wisdom they have in developing public policy that really safeguards the well being of all citizens.

    • Excellent comment. Wanted to let you know ahead of time I am going to plagiarize your last three paragraphs lol

    • It is a test of the brand to see if you are fearful of the virus that kills almost nobody. So many of my Democrat friends, expecially those with science degrees, and locked up in their houses and many have not left in months. Literally. Meanwhile, I have been going to Home Depot daily it seems, and the grocery store. Here in TN it has always been allowed since day 1.

      The scientists cannot abide the science that clearly shows this virus is not very dangerous to the vast majority of the population. Though for some, it will be a death sentence. Much better to protect them by gaining herd immunity. The science tells me that there has never been a vaccine for a corona type virus. So I am not holding my breath.

  22. What an impressive job of defeating this straw man!

    Because, for example, no one (that I’ve heard or seen) has suggested that Trump should “hibernate,” merely that he wear a mask and maintain social distancing, AND that he require those whom he “invites” to his campaign rallies do the same! And if anyone has blamed him for contracting the coronavirus, it’s not because he was doing his job, but because of his complete disregard of the recommended protocols WHILE doing his job!

    And notwithstanding your fascinating personal anecdote, showing how “one” you are with the essential workers, nowhere do you cite anything to support your imaginary view of Biden’s contempt for them. Your attempted linkage of Trump to essential workers having to wear masks “impairing breathing, for 9-10 hours a day, day after day,” is simply ludicrous. And of course it’s terrible that those entitled and elite “Karen’s” scream at the sight of a slipped mask, but no problem for the esteemed Dr. Hanson to note Fauci’s shocking failure to wear a mask and maintain social distancing at a baseball game, eh?

    No, Dr. Hanson, the only one here who appears to be engaging in class warfare is you!

  23. Any president is vulnerable to assassination, but Trump more than most, given the widespread and venomous hatred directed at him by people whose economic interests and/or overweening pride he has damaged. Fact: Nobody can be completely shielded from an attack by a trained marksman from 1000 yards away.

    In short, Trump puts his life on the line every day while he strives to pass on the nation and its heritage undiminished to the next leaders.

  24. Truth, facts and clarity-I so enjoy this good man’s writing.

  25. I honestly think you are the most astute and precise commentator on the current American Condition than any other person in print, TV or radio. This piece is PERFECT. Let’s not forget that the Senate Dems are now yelping at the top of their lungs that they can’t do their job in considering the latest nominee to the Supreme Court because it is too dangerous and there are no strong COVID rules in place to protect them.
    With these complaints, they have certainly proved themselves to be as non-essential as Hollywood actors.

  26. How many essential workers with Covid get to be treated by being the only patient on a complete hospital floor? How many essential workers with Covid have a team of 10 or more doctors treating them? How many essential workers with Covid receive Regeneron (a drug developed using fetal tissue!)? How many essential workers with Covid get treated with Remdesivir? How many essential workers with Covid get treated with Dexamethasone?
    But Trump is “at one” with those workers? Do you think we are all losers and suckers, professor?

    • “Do you think we are all losers and suckers, professor?”
      He probably does not, but some of us truly believe that YOU are.
      Should “hollywood” disappear from the pages of this journal, none would feel loss.

      • Who asked you? Come back if you have something other than ad hominems.

  27. This is another VDH hit piece polemic. At best it is spurious, at its worst Trumpian propaganda.

  28. Wow, while reading I’m shedding tears of gratefulness, thank you VDH. Such wonderful words. Full of intelligence and common sense analysis. And Wisdom. Thanks again.

  29. It’s hard these days to find any glimmer of hope in what we are seeing, reading and listening to. As one commenter here said Victor Hanson is literally writing history. God bless Hanson. We need truth tellers like him to shed light in an ever-darkening world. Trump has risked everything to serve this country and kept his promises, all while being badgered, excoriated and lied about by the Media, Hollywood, Sports, Politicos, Academia, the Medical experts and I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting. It’s disgusting and infuriating and that is putting it mildly.

  30. Magnificent post as usual. I savor every word VDH writes.