Through The Gray Mirror: Talking With Curtis Yarvin

The man once known as Mencius Moldbug has a new project called The Gray Mirror. What is it? It starts with understanding the true nature of power; what it is, how to use it, how to recognize where it lies. And of course, what to do with it. But the question is where are we now and what comes next?

Books mentioned in this episode:
The Machiavellians – James Burnham –
Suicide of the West – James Burnham –
On Power – Bertrand de Jouvanl –

You can find out more about The Gray Mirror here.

Listen to “Through the Gray Mirror: Talking About The Future With Curtis Yarvin” on Spreaker.

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One response to “Through The Gray Mirror: Talking With Curtis Yarvin”

  1. Comment section is a desert now.

    Most likely demographic split – oldies consume the written word, youngins tune in. Oldies don’t come to these pages, youngins don’t come to this site.

    But perhaps topical – oldies malfunction and go into fits when confronted with anything beyond the scripts they’ve been taught and take pride in reciting. Youngins are still learning, there is no such thing as cognitive dissonance.

    Alternatively, moderation here with the new comment system could just be a real drag. Perhaps someone has listened to Buskirk and had voluminous reply that simply falls outside the permitted script.