Morning Greatness: Trump, Melania Have Coronavirus In Wildest October Surprise Ever

Good Friday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president hosts a phone call on COVID-19 support to vulnerable seniors


Here is the latest episode of Happy Hour with Julie and Liz

Trump, Melanie, Hope Hicks have the Chinese Virus

Let’s start with this:

Who expects anything less than this from the Washington Post? I certainly don’t.

On Thursday night it was announced that Trump, Melania and Hope Hicks have the coronavirus. I’m going to get off the internet as soon as I possibly can today because the social media propaganda outlets and the tabloid news slam books are going to be miserable.

The POTUS and Melania do not have symptoms right now while Hope Hicks is symptomatic. The president has cancelled his Friday rally but will hold a conference call today with vulnerable seniors. From the president’s physician:

“This evening I received confirmation that both President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for the SARS-coV-2- virus,” Conley said. “The President and First Lady are both well at this time, and they plan to remain at home within the White House during their convalescence.”

“The White House medical team and I will maintain a vigilant watch, and I appreciate the support provided by some of our country’s greatest medical professionals and institutions,” he continued.


Election news:

Biden campaign to begin in-person canvassing

Of course. Joy Behar says Biden should ‘stay away’ from more debates with Trump

Pelosi on if Biden should debate Trump again: ‘One and done’

Robocalls are suppressing the vote? Conservative operatives Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman charged in Michigan in connection with false robocalls

Here’s What Would Happen If Trump And Biden Tie In November

No. Trump blames low-income people, minorities for ‘ruining’ suburbia

Socially distant Chicago voters line up for first day of early voting

Trump slams ‘anti-Catholic’ Democrats at virtual Al Smith event

Right. 1,600 former Justice Department lawyers accuse Barr of using DOJ to help Trump in election

Texas Republican governor orders counties to close multiple ballot drop-off sites

Biden interrupted first. Chris Wallace: Trump ‘bears the primary responsibility for what happened’ at the debate

After Philadelphia sees voting machine controls stolen, reporter finds lax security at warehouse

Cities, states and businesses brace for election unrest in US

Is this problematic? Why don’t “officials” want people to watch the polls? State officials brace for conflict after Trump tells supporters to ‘go into the polls and watch’

EVERYTHING IS VOTER SUPPRESSION. Texas move on mail-in voting stirs new suppression fears


Protests/riots/Black Lives Matter/crime:

US Marshal won’t change deputation order; says Portland ‘sick’ of protests

Breonna Taylor grand juror wants the truth to come out. Why that wish may soon come true

After marches and more, Louisville protesters say ‘phase two’ will focus on voting, reforms


Coronavirus news:

House approves $2.2T COVID-19 relief bill as White House talks stall

New York City May Lose Half Of All Bars, Restaurants, Audit Shows

Of course. House Oversight expands probe of pandemic ad blitz

Coronavirus-ravaged Wisconsin sweats Trump rallies

Carnival cancels most 2020 US cruises as CDC extends ban


Other morsels:

L.A. Ordered to Pay NRA Six Figures After Losing First Amendment Case

Democrat Cunningham raises record $28.3M in third quarter for bid against Tillis

Manchin becomes first Democrat to meet with Trump’s Supreme Court pick

US Brings Back ‘Every American Supporter Of ISIS’ Held By Syrian Democratic Forces: DOJ

Magazine Publisher Rebecca Grossman Allegedly Crashes Car Into Two Young Boys, Killing Them In Front Of Their Parents

McConnell Pressing For Confirmation Before Election, But Says Would Confirm In Lame Duck If GOP Loses Senate

Combat vet soon to be reunited with beloved Syrian rescue dog

OK. Gun-toting bandit in chipmunk costume caught on camera in Louisiana

As I wrote yesterday. Comey ‘blatantly accused’ Trump of ‘horrible things’ without evidence: Sen. Mike Lee

James Van Der Beek reveals he and his family are moving from Los Angeles to Texas

Colorado governor issues pardon for 2,700 marijuana related convictions

Amazon said nearly 20,000 workers got coronavirus

Horrible someone would record her. Secretly recorded tapes show Melania Trump’s frustration at criticism for family separation policy and her bashing of Christmas decorations

Facebook, Twitter flounder in QAnon crackdown


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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11 responses to “Morning Greatness: Trump, Melania Have Coronavirus In Wildest October Surprise Ever”

  1. The Chinese Communist Party finally got their man. Vicious!

  2. What test, what tested positive, presumptive symptoms, antigens Ag, antibodies Ab, at what titer?

    We with skin-in-the-game want to know. The conspiracy of ignorance masquerades as common sense.

  3. Sooner or later, we all will be exposed to this virus. It isn’t going away, the lockdowns, masks, and distancing can do nothing but hinder its spread toward herd immunity, there is no vaccine and no reliable timing for one, and the damages wrought by the establishment’s brain-dead (or conspiratorial, if you’re given to that view) response to it have only served to prolong the misery.

    For more than one reason, I wish the Trumps a speedy recovery. One of those reasons is that this takes him off the campaign trail at a crucial moment in the runup to the election. Without his surging rallies it’s more difficult to get the turnout needed to reelect him. We need to keep that in mind, urge every eevul righty we know to be sure to vote, and push for the goal line.

  4. Good grief!
    Next, I guess we will be wondering if Don Jr or Melania will get the 39,000 if Trump dies on a ventilator.

    He is already taking HCQ 200mg bid and a Z-Pak plus Zinc and in about 6 days will test negative.
    It is a shame the rest of us can’t get the same treatment if needed, over the counter.
    Thank Big Pharma.

  5. Okay, I’ll bite. What have you brilliant folks at AG done to the comments section? Did Discus raise the price for using their service?
    I can understand eliminating the obvious ugly and persistent trolls; be gone and good riddance. If you intend to moderate every comment, as apparently is the case, you’d better add more resources. There are some outstanding comment contributors that respond to these essays, adding thoughtful dialog and filling in the occasional holes left by authors. From what I see right now, their comments are in moderator purgatory.

    • Count me in on that purgatory status thing. This is awful. Disqus may have had it’s tolls but they were easily blocked and the unreadable threads with nothing more than name calling could be blocked too.

    • Ben, you are exactly correct.
      Of course they probably won’t publish this comment just like my earlier one on this article.

  6. Actually, those of us who do support Trump (your hatred is showing), think the one debate that we saw was enjoyable for put down of a man who has spent forty-seven years in public life, a man who has throughout his political life, ripped off the American people and something of a nasty jackass to boot. Paul Ryan wasn’t enough for ‘good old’ Joe and for your edification. PDJT isn’t getting out of the debates but this provides Joe the unique opportunity of sliding out of them himself. Joe has provided the American people with a unique look at his own miserable life and what a grifter he is comparable to the WJC family in depth and scope. That his family in who together with him has dipped into the public trough numerous times and is a glimpse into perversity and a life lived with both graft and corruption.

  7. You’re a fool he has a 99.8% of survival like any other healthy person, no different than a bad flu season.. It amazes everyone one of you democrats are exactly what you accuse Trump of being , it’s pathetic.. You have no moral compass and are intellectually dishonest….

  8. As Rush has said several times this year, there are still a lot of things that will happen between now and the election. Boy did this prove that to be true.