Trump and Biden Are In a Statistical Dead Heat In Wisconsin

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are locked in a statistical tie in Wisconsin according to a new survey by Susquehanna Polling and Research for the Center for American Greatness.

The phone survey of 500 likely voters conducted September 23-26 showed Biden with 48 percent and Trump with 46 percent support, with a 4.3 percent margin of error. The poll also showed Trump with a slightly better favorability rating than Biden (43 percent-40 percent). Forty-night percent of those surveyed had an unfavorable view of Biden.

Among the poll’s other key findings: 60 percent of respondents said they believe the country is on the wrong track. The top-two issues for voters in the poll are jobs and the economy and the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Respondents split along party lines on both issues. Strengthening the economy and the jobs market is a top-two issue for 58 percent of Trump voters versus just 16 percent of Biden voters. The pandemic response is a top-two issue among 63 percent of Biden voters as opposed 14 percent of Trump voters.

View the toplines and the crosstabs.

Photo: VisionsofAmerica/Joe Sohm/Getty Images

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3 responses to “Trump and Biden Are In a Statistical Dead Heat In Wisconsin”

  1. what credibility can be offered for this pollster. all other polls indicate Biden has a comfortable lead of 8-9%. i doubt there is a statistical dead heat in wisconsin. this is likely meant to get trump supporters to the polls. it is a state that trump desperately needs, and up until mow the outlook was bleak. it is still bleak. the pollster, Center for American Greatness. Trump slogan, Make America Great Again. Kind of easy to see through this.

    • The Russians are at it again. Trying to help Trump. It will not work this time.