The Racist Left Feels Entitled to Riot

Events have compelled lifelong swamp denizen Joe “Joey Basement” Biden to scurry into the sunlight and read from a teleprompter. In a duplicitous performance worthy of Pravda, Biden blamed the leftist riots roiling Democratic “governed” cities on—spoiler alert—President Trump and his “right-wing” supporters.

Attempting to dispel any doubts about his newfound concern for the lives, limbs, and property of American citizens, Biden declared that rioters should be prosecuted.

This must have surprised his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), who previously helped to fund the rioters’ bail; and the Democratic prosecutors who largely have refused to prosecute the rioters. Apparently, Harris and Biden’s campaign staff have a soft spot for lawless MAGA supporters. 

Naturally, since the Left’s new narrative (read “lie”) is how Republicans’ hobnailed wingtips are on the throats of the law-abiding, Biden couldn’t bear to mention Black Lives Matter or Antifa, the latter of which the Left argues doesn’t exist, though a “100 percent Antifa” murder suspect (lately deceased) disagreed. 

Moreover, Biden, the Democratic Party, and their collusion media operatives spent months—including throughout the Democratic National Convention—gaslighting the public with the insistence that the riots were the figment of febrile right-wing ravings. 

So why the change of tune from Biden? Simple: his “stunning and brave” opposition to rioting and violence did not stem from an awakening of his somnambulant moral sensibilities. No, it was a more profane matter of elementary math: Biden’s polls were tanking.

To date, only the deluded blue collective has been fooled. But they wanted to be. After all, these are the regressive malcontents who lust to “fundamentally transform” the freest, most prosperous nation in human history into a social cesspool—at least until the foreign enemies with which they have happily “coexisted” stop economically milking us and start nuking us.  

Yet, while tempting, one cannot claim every leftist is one who refuses to identify and/or understand both the rioters and the sources of their rage. These are but the leftist lemmings. Other leftists know it; instill it; and incite it.

Deeds, Not Words

Though Biden is doddering around sputtering that he will “lower the temperature” and tone down the political rhetoric so as to unite Americans, he has already belied his own words. The violent riots wracking our cities are the product of years of the seditious and racist left-wing rhetoric. 

Given the murderous historical failure of their ideology, the Left necessarily eschewed rational discourse in favor of identity politics and the diversity cult. The result is that leftists deem any objection to their disastrous policies as “hateful”; and the objector as a “Nazi” who must be reeducated and/or eradicated.  

Consequently, in their twisted ideology, words—and even silence—are violence, unless of course they are in lock step with the Left.

For example, the racist Left’s monstrous lie that America is “systemically racist.” The Left claims white Americans are racists, with the only mitigating factor in their guilt being whether they know and admit it. 

For the Left, there is no debate and no redemption, just continuing therapy at the secular altar of self-hatred with some sacrificial tithings for reparations during a lifetime of blind balloting for Democrats. Unless one is a regressive masochist with low self-esteem, this is an abominable insult. Indeed, given the stakes of the cancel culture foisted upon America, this is also a direct threat to the livelihoods and, yes, lives of most Americans.

But here’s the worst part of the Left’s rigged systemic racism racket: the Left has you paying to destroy yourself. Your tax dollars subsidized the academics who expropriated “critical race theory” from Marxism; your tax dollars pay for the K-12 public schools where they start indoctrinating your children with this hateful ideology; your tax dollars subsidize universities where they put the finishing touches on this indoctrination; your tax dollars subsidize the government seminars on “implicit bias” training; your hard-earned money allows corporations and companies you patronize to do the same coerced exercises in self-loathing and racial division. This is despite—or is it because of—the uncontestable and bitterly ironic fact that the purpose of the systemic racism lie is to divide Americans along racial lines. 

Toxic Imbecility

The Left’s rhetoric is the very definition of hate speech. The rioting does not emanate from those who rightly oppose it. 

The rioting comes from those who embrace the rhetoric of the Left and move to act on it. Indoctrinated with the seditious, racist Left’s critical race theory with its “systemic racism” canard, the rioters believe their hatred and violence is justifiable “self-defense.” 

As history records, it is a tragically familiar story repeated whenever the violent pose as victims—as any looted, burned out family-owned business owner can tell you; or as the murdered would, if they could. 

Consequently, when Biden blames President Trump and his supporters for the riots, such toxic imbecility is in keeping with the hateful, violent Left’s incessant, risible claim that they are victims. It is akin to Biden allowing his dog to dump on Trump’s lawn. President Trump shouts, “Hey, Sleepy Joe, your dog dumped on my lawn!” and Biden points and screeches: “Trump’s lawn is full of dog sh-t!”

Right now, America could use a pooper scooper for Biden’s verbal manure. He has and will continue to call America systemically racist just as he will keep supporting his fellow leftists who are marching forward with their Marxist critical race theory lie while endorsing a cancel culture, taxpayer-subsidized Maoist struggle sessions, and “largely peaceful” riots.

Bluntly, as is continually evidenced by the hateful Left, it is impossible for Biden and his supporters to tone down the rhetoric dividing America—and, make no mistake, they have no intention of stopping. 

Until they silence you.

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About Thaddeus G. McCotter

An American Greatness contributor, the Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter (M.C., Ret.) represented Michigan’s 11th Congressional district from 2003 to 2012 and served as Chair of the Republican House Policy Committee. Not a lobbyist, he is a frequent public speaker and moderator for public policy seminars, and a Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show" among sundry media appearances.

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