25 Things President Trump Can Say to Drive the Left (Even More) Nuts

President Trump on Thursday will deliver his speech officially accepting the Republican nomination for president from the White House lawn. That fact alone has Democrats and the Left losing their collective mind.  

Trump’s speech is supposed to underscore America’s greatness, which is likely to trigger leftists from Portland to . . . er, Portland. But he could do so much more. Here are 25 ways the president could cause the Left to melt down even more—if that’s possible—on the final night of the Republican National Convention. 

25) “Vote-by-mail violates international norms. Also, voter ID is the norm across the world. I guess the Democrats do believe in American exceptionalism after all.”

24) “They say there will be long lines to vote. But we know one thing: they will be much shorter than the line to get a heart transplant or cancer treatment in Canada.”

23) “It’s wonderful that the child of immigrants from India and Jamaica can rise to become a vice-presidential candidate. It shows just how trivial racism is in our beautiful country today.” 

22) “You know, Abraham Lincoln, our first great Republican president, only won 40 percent of the popular vote.”

21) “America eradicated slavery over 150 years ago through a bloody civil war. The fact that there are 40 million slaves in the world today is a disgrace!”

20) “A thousand illegal immigrants a year is inevitable; 10,000 is a matter for the police; 100,000 a year for years on end is an invasion demanding a federal response.”

19) “Bernie Sanders was right . . . five years ago. Open borders really are a ‘Koch Brothers proposal.’ I only wish he hadn’t changed his mind to pander for votes.” 

18) “Oh, by the way: We’re going to finish the wall.”

17) “Antifa is nothing but a bunch of spoiled white children.” 

16) “My administration is less white than Antifa.”

15) “In my second term, I will instruct the Department of Education to investigate the NCAA for illegal discrimination. There are too few Asian players statistically.”

14) “When I’m re-elected I will have the Department of Justice investigate university and corporate diversity offices on the basis of disparate impact: their racial makeup is statistically impossible without discrimination.” 

13) “It’s unfair that a billionaire like Michael Bloomberg can hire bodyguards who carry guns but it’s almost impossible for poor black and Asian business owners in New York to have legal guns.”

12) “The government will only remain trustworthy as long as it does not have a monopoly on the ownership of guns.”

11) “The bureaucrats want there to be a federal license for teaching people how to wipe their behinds.”

10) “I propose that Joe Biden and I take a drug test before our debates so the American people know we’re both 100 percent clean, sober, and lucid.”

9) “Socialism has killed vastly more people than COVID-19.”

8) “The abortion industry all too often targets black babies. The Democratic Party perpetuates the legacy of Margaret Sanger’s infamous ‘Negro Project.’ You know, she once spoke at a KKK meeting.”

7) “Let’s pause for a minute to remember the 60 million babies—30 percent of them black babies—who never got to live because they were killed by abortionists.”

6) Speaking directly to black voters: “The Democrats want you to be jobless, poor, and angry so you vote for them. I want you to be employed, rich, and happy so you vote for me.”

5) “Have you noticed that the riots are taking place in cities run by Democrats?”

4) “China is a very racist country. And they are committing genocide against their Muslim minority.”

3) “Without Christopher Columbus, there would be no Hispanics.”

2) “Joe Biden plagiarized speeches from Neil Kinnock, Bobby Kennedy, and who knows who else. And his party has plagiarized its platform from Karl Marx.”

1) “Keep America Great!” 

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