Morning Greatness: Democrats Electrify Party With Showcase of Irrelevant Dinosaurs on Day Two of the DNC

Good Wednesday morning.

Here is what’s on the presidents agenda today:

  • The president receives his intelligence briefing

Democrats electrify party base with showcase of irrelevant dinosaurs

Did anyone watch day two of the DNC? John Kerry and former president Bill Clinton, credibly accused of sexual assault were headlining. Someone wake me up.

It really struck me how meaningful it was that Colin Powell and the holy ghost of John McCain were featured.  Other “Republicans” have appeared or are scheduled to appear: failed presidential candidate John Kasich,  former GOP New York Congressman Susan Molinari (also a former Google employee and current Atlantic Council member), former N.J. Governor Christine Todd Whitman and Silicon Valley denizen Meg Whitman.

Of course we know these “Republicans” would characterize themselves as “moderates” but the Democrats have taken a hard left turn: radical climate policies that would decimate the economy and put thousands and thousands of people out of jobs; they’ve moved from “safe, legal and rare” to keep the post-uterus fetus comfortable while a woman decides if she wants to let her baby survive; medicare for all including illegal aliens; open borders; a nuclear Iran; and empowered China and free college. What exactly is the overlap between a “moderate” Republican and the left-wing nutter policies of the 2020 Democrats?

There are none because this really is not about policy. It’s about ORANGE MAN BAD and the loss of influence and stature within the political machine. The political machine is not partisan, it’s an industry just like any other. Politics is first and foremost about who has power (elected officials, deep pocket corporate interests and their influencer flacks) and who doesn’t.  Since Trump is an outsider, the industry and it’s soldiers can’t cash a bank of IOUs they would normally have on a professional politician. It’s better for these fake Republicans and their auxiliaries to be in the minority of a status quo system. In fact it’s better for all the establishment Republicans to be the minority of a status quo system, they would much rather lose the White House and both chambers so they can be king of the losers. It’s easier for them, they don’t have to do anything, they have no responsibility and can always point to their helpless position as a minority as cover for their ineffectiveness.

But the nerve of these traitors, turning on the people who voted for them while pretending to represent their interests is astronomical. How many people who voted for John McCain (59,948,323 votes) also voted for Donald Trump (62,979,879)? I’m guessing a lot and those people probably thought McCain was going to advance mutually held political positions he pretended to have. Alas, it was always just s sham, these Republicans speaking at the DNC were never about conservative or classical liberal positions, they were only using a gimmick to get their power and that’s why the country delivered a throat punch to the political establishment named Donald J. Trump. At the same time it’s sickening to see but also refreshing that voters have an opportunity to see exactly how these politicians play which is for their own power grab, relevancy and the big bucks of their corporate patrons.

Can anyone tell me on what day of the DNC Mitt Romney is scheduled to appear?

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And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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