Morning Greatness: Flynn Unmaskers Named and Shamed

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president tours Owens & Minor, Inc. Distribution Center in Allentown, PA
  • President Trump delivers remarks at Owens & Minor, Inc. Distribution Center

10amET “Whistleblower” to testify before unilateral Democrat House Energy and Commerce Committee echochamber

Flynn unmaskers NAMED AND SHAMED

Well, my goodness, a motley crew of 16 partisan scumbags make up the list of people who unmasked Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn between the time of the Trump victory and the time Trump was inaugurated. Some are of no surprise: Clapper, Brennan, Samantha Powers and Holy James Comey. But a whole lotta treasury officials, ambassadors, Obama’s Chief of Staff and one Joseph R. Biden are on the list too.

Why were all these people looking at Flynn? Ambassadors? Treasury officials? And, notably, sleepy Joe Biden.

The resistance will say that it is normal and routine to unmask American citizens in the course of foreign snooping but it is a felony to publicly reveal classified information and someone leaked Flynn’s identity to the Washington Post which ran an article on January 12, 2017 naming Flynn. The people who requested “unmasking” on or after Dec. 29, 2016, the date of the Kislyak call, include: Power, Clapper, Lew, McDonough, Dempsey, O’Sullivan, Biden, and an unnamed person. Biden requested the unmask on January 12, the date of the WaPo article, and McDonough, Obama’s Chief, requested an unmasking on the day of the “by the book” meeting. Developing.

Sen. Ron Johnson to Request Biden, Other Obama-Era Officials Testify on ‘Unmasking’
Gaetz says Flynn unmasking presents ‘political Chinese finger trap’ for Biden
Samantha Power appears on Flynn unmasking list seven times, despite testifying she had ‘no recollection’ of doing so
Grenell won’t testify despite Rand Paul request in wake of Flynn ‘unmasking’ revelations
Hemmer confronts DNC spokesperson over Flynn ‘unmasking’: ‘I was asking for collusion and I haven’t heard it’

So I guess we can just have third parties pop into a criminal cases and prosecute stuff the authorities won’t

The latest development in the Flynn case is absolutely mind-blowing. The nutty judge Emmet Sullivan, after the DoJ moved to drop the case, is not only allowing external briefs when he previously refused to do so, but he has invited a PARTISAN THIRD PARTY to play the role of prosecutor. The pretend prosecutor is retired federal judge John Gleeson who has openly criticized the Trump administration’s handling of the Flynn case.  Sullivan is also looking to introduce a new perjury charge to the mix. The move is kind of interesting because in a fake-leaked conference call with Obama, he mistakenly(?) claimed that Flynn had plead guilty to perjury.

What is going on here?

A retired federal judge has been tapped to challenge the Justice Department’s bid to abandon the prosecution of Michael Flynn and to address whether the former national security adviser committed perjury after claiming innocence from a crime he had earlier admitted.

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan on Wednesday appointed John Gleeson, a former federal judge in New York’s Eastern District in Brooklyn, to challenge the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss the case against Flynn.

Gleeson,who recently criticized the Justice Department’s handling of Flynn’s case, will also examine whether the parties should be forced to persuade Sullivan that the former adviser to President Donald Trump should not be held in contempt for perjury


Federal judge mulls contempt charge against Michael Flynn
Flynn Judge Taps Retired Clinton-Appointee To Rebut DOJ’s Call For Dismissal
Tucker shreds Obama officials as ‘amoral creeps’ who ‘destroyed Michael Flynn’s life’ and ‘should be punished’
LOLGF. House Judiciary chairman hints at subpoenaing Barr

Feds seize Senate Intelligence Chair Richard Burr’s cell phone

Burr is a bad hombre. The feds seized Burr’s cell phone as part of the investigation into some unusually prescient stock trades suggesting insider information about the coming Coronavirus pandemic.

According to ProPublica, “Burr sold between $628,000 and $1.72 million worth of stock from his portfolio on Feb. 13, shortly after he received a briefing about the threat posed by the coronavirus pandemic.” The Los Angeles Times has an anonymous source that revealed the feds also got access to his iCloud account.

“Sen. Burr participated in the stock market based on public information and he did not coordinate his decision to trade on Feb. 13 with Mr. Fauth,” attorney Alice Fisher said in a statement to ProPublica.

Of course.

Coronavirus news:
CREEPY. Diners at this reopening restaurant can get social with dressed up mannequins
Pandemic has spawned ‘record-breaking’ cybercriminal activity: Report
Covid-19 infects intestines, kidneys and other organs, studies find
Samaritan’s Purse field hospital sent to Central Park in coronavirus fight packs its bags
NY AG urges NYPD to reform social-distancing enforcement to ensure equal treatment for black, Hispanic people
Oh. China has arrested hundreds for speaking out about coronavirus, reports show
AMEN. Matthew McConaughey says coronavirus has been ‘hijacked’ by ‘partisan politics,’ calls for unity
Coronavirus could take up to 5 years to get under control, WHO chief scientist warns
Trump says Fauci wants to ‘play all sides’ after coronavirus reopening cautions
Today’s coronavirus update: Kawasaki-like condition found in NYC kids, new airline rules
White House to tap former pharmaceutical exec as ‘therapeutics czar’
Nice. REPORT: ‘I Don’t Give Two Rats’ Asses About Your Cops’: NYC Health Commissioner Blew Off Desperate Plea For Masks
‘Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Star Used $2 Million PPP Loan To Buy Diamond Jewelry And A Rolex, Feds Claim
Texas AG seeks to block election officials from allowing absentee voters to cite fear of COVID-1
New Mexico mandates masks in public, inside and outside, as state begins to reopen
Los Angeles residents must wear masks outside home, Garcetti says
Maryland to lift stay-at-home order starting Friday
Washington, D.C. extends coronavirus stay-at-home order through June 8
Terrible. U.S. Senate blocks bid to curb surveillance of Americans’ internet habits
Pentagon awards $134 million for medical supplies for U.S. nursing homes
GOP Rep. Pete King to buck party, vote for Democrats’ coronavirus relief bill
‘Please Don’t Misgender Me’: Reporter Apologizes After Calling Transgender PA Health Secretary ‘Sir’
Some Democrats concede $3T House coronavirus bill is DOA
Cats can infect other cats with coronavirus, researchers find
Washington state directs restaurants to log all eat-in customers in order to reopen

Other morsels:
Good luck with that. George Conway group launches campaign to gin up GOP and independent support for Biden
Undercover Journalist Sues Planned Parenthood, Kamala Harris For ‘Brazen’ Conspiracy
Right. Biden: ‘I don’t have any problem comparing my energy level to Donald Trump’
Fantastic! Justice Clarence Thomas name-drops Frodo Baggins during SCOTUS oral arguments
Remains of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife will be removed from a Memphis park

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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