Morning Greatness: Someone Set Us Up Mike Flynn

Good Thursday morning.

Here is the president’s agenda for the day:

  • The president meets with the Governor of New Jersey
  • President Trump delivers remarks on protecting America’s seniors

Must read for the day: The NY Times Used to Correct Its Whoppers. But Not These Two. Here’s Why.

Someone set us up Mike Flynn

Well, well, well, what have we here? The derp state crew at the top of the FBI and their comrades look like they were setting up Mike Flynn. Flynn’s lawyer, the fabulous Sydney Powell has kicked some ass to force the government to comply with a legally mandated requirement to turn over exculpatory information to the defense.

Explains Sean Davis,

Handwritten notes from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that had been inappropriately withheld from Flynn’s defense team for years show that a key goal of the agents investigating Flynn was “to get him to lie so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”

In the handwritten FBI notes, the note-taker, whose identity was not made clear in the document production, wrote that an alternate goal is to “get [Flynn] to admit breaking the Logan Act,” a reference to a 1799 law restricting communications between private citizens and foreign governments. The law is widely viewed as unconstitutional and has never been used to successfully prosecute a single American citizen. The previously secret notes do not explain that Flynn was not a private citizen, but rather the incoming national security adviser at the time of his conversations with world leaders.

I believe it was Bill Priestap who was the note-taker. Did Mike Flynn even know what the Logan Act was? Where did the FBI rustle up the Logan Act since it’s a hundred years old obscure law? It’s undeniable the FBI/CIA/DoJ derp state axis was gunning for Flynn from the start. But why? And where are all the long pieces in the corporate media outlets bemoaning law enforcement’s railroading of Flynn? Will there be Netflix documentaries about this injustice? Where are the criminal justice crusaders?

Go read Deb Heine’s story for more details about this travesty.

Trump admin speed tracks vaccine creation

Operation warp speed. The new effort”involves the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), among other government agencies, according to one official.”

Bloomberg News first reported on the effort. The project will reportedly cost billions of dollars, most of which will be shouldered by taxpayers, with the goal of having 100 million doses ready by the end of 2020.

Health officials have repeatedly said the timetable for a vaccine is between 12 and 18 months, meaning a coronavirus vaccine would likely not be ready until early or mid-2021.

Meanwhile, the anti-viral drug Remdesivir is showing some promise. The media is thrilled it’s not hydroxychloroquine. Preliminary non-peer reviewed studies show the drug can shorten the course of the virus and future House Democrat witness, Dr. Anthony Fauci called it “good news.”

USA Today reports,

Early results released from the global study conducted by the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases found patients who received remdesivir had a 31% faster recoverytime than those who received a placebo.

While not a “knock out,” NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci said at an Oval Office meeting Wednesday the study results were “a very important proof of concept.”

President Donald Trump added, “But certainly … it’s a positive, it’s a very positive event.”

“The data indicate there may be some benefit in overall mortality, these are preliminary data, we need to wait for final data,” Dr. Aneesh Mehta said.

FDA may approve anti-viral drug on emergency basis to treat COVID-19
FDA official steps into vaccine vacuum after shakeup

Coronavirus news:
Mayor: LA 1st major US city offering all residents tests
HIV in the era of COVID-19: Why experts are concerned about an increase in cases
Trump says federal social distancing guidelines will be ‘fading out’
Public, private health labs may never be able to meet demand for coronavirus testing over supply chain shortages
DeSantis announces Florida will start opening businesses Monday with restrictions
Get back to work! Feinstein urges McConnell not to reconvene Senate: ‘No way to do this without increased risk’
Oh. WHO lauds lockdown-ignoring Sweden as a ‘model’ for countries going forward
New Jersey ships ventilators out of state as coronavirus hospitalizations fall
Illinois state lawmaker calls for US to not bail out his ‘corrupt’ state
Activists paint mural outside Bezos’s DC home demanding safety for Amazon workers
Nashville mayor proposes 32 percent property tax hike in response to pandemic
Brooklyn man arrested for stealing nine coronavirus stimulus checks
What could go wrong? Most Americans cannot or will not use COVID-19 contact tracing apps: poll
A scarf a day turns Dr. Birx into pop culture star at COVID-19 daily briefings
Democrat Biden faces calls to address sexual-assault allegation
Trump says China ‘will do anything they can’ to keep him from being reelected
‘This Is Not Freedom’: Elon Musk Blasts ‘Fascist’ Government Imposed Lockdowns
Lawmakers made hundreds of stock transactions during pandemic, watchdog finds
Court upholds Trump’s coronavirus immigration ban
Netflix to create anthology series about social distancing
Costco to require all customers to wear face masks, return to regular hours starting Monday
Up to 60 bodies found in U-Haul trucks outside NYC funeral home
New Jersey professor assigns blame for coronavirus outbreak: ‘F— each and every Trump supporter’
City tells family members to stop window visits at long-term care homes
Tampa Bay Times: Florida officials asked state’s medical examiners to withhold coronavirus death figures
But not other businesses? Black-owned businesses in Georgia struggle as the state reopens
De Blasio wants the police to round up the Jews? New York City Jewish leaders write to mayor saying they were hurt by his comments and request a meeting
Teachers’ Union Head to Members: Scream Bloody Murder if Schools Reopen Prematurely
Romney: ‘Understatement’ to Say America ‘Didn’t Look Real Strong’ with Trump’s Coronavirus Response

Other morsels:
House says it wants to keep investigating Trump for possible impeachable offenses
Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Biden Accuser Tara Reade And Her Sexual Assault Allegation, All In One Place
Trump’s name can be first on Florida ballot, court says
Trump announces trip to Arizona, ending White House confinement
Scientists discover fossil of massive rodent-like animal called ‘crazy beast’
Laurie Hernandez’s former coach, Maggie Haney, suspended by USA Gymnastics for eight years
Washington Post calls on Biden to address Tara Reade sex-assault allegations, ‘release relevant records’
Nearly a quarter of Sanders supporters not backing Biden yet, poll says
Oh. Police investigating case of Arizona man who died after ingesting fish tank cleaner
US Navy stages back-to-back challenges to Beijing’s South China Sea claims

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the distant mob!

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