Morning Greatness: Hell Yes There Was Bias

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • President Trump delivers remarks at the White House Summit on Child Care and Paid Leave: Supporting America’s Working Families
  • The President receives his intelligence briefing
  • President Trump and the First Lady attend the Congressional Ball

Horowitz appears before the Senate Judiciary

On Wednesday, DoJ Inspector General Horowitz testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Here are my thoughts and some things you need to know about yesterday’s hearing.

One of the obvious talking points of the left, clear from the manic media coverage and questions from Democrat Senators, is that Horowitz found no documentary evidence and heard no testimony that indicated the Trump campaign investigation started from anti-Trump bias. It is very important for the left jam into peoples’ brains that there was no anti-Trump animus driving the RUSSIA collusion hoax, mainly because the president has consistently claimed there was and they want to discredit him. (Also to hide their complicity in carrying out the hoax, to continue the discredited narrative that Trump has some relationship with RUSSIA, to push the narrative that Trump’s election was illegitimate, to prevent Trump from appearing like a victim and to hide the unsavory fact that one political party used the power of the government to punish their adversaries.) However, that’s not the same standard used when the Mueller Report was released, was it? The Democrats and their media accomplices insisted that just because Mueller found no evidence that the Trump campaign was involved in any of the RUSSIAN election shenanigans, doesn’t indicate that the campaign wasn’t involved, it only showed that Mueller hadn’t found that evidence…yet. Hence the congressional investigations. The left claims that Mueller did not exonerate Trump and that Trump was not deemed innocent. Why the different standard? Why aren’t we hearing that Horowitz did not disprove bias? Of course no one is going to send an email on an agency device saying “I hate Trump, let’s use the power of the intelligence apparatus to sabotage him.” Or admit in an interview, “I hate Trump and I ignored laws and regulations to stick it to the orange man.” That’s what Horowitz was looking for and its no surprise he didn’t find it.

There seemed to be some confusion from the Democrats about why Barr and Durham might disagree with some of Horowitz’s conclusions. Many didn’t understand that Durham is conducting a different investigation. They don’t seem to know that Durham and Barr have access to far more information than Horowitz and that Durham is investigating all the things related to the RUSSIA hoax, not just FISA process with the current employees of the FBI. Here is one example of how Horowitz was limited: Holy James Comey refused to be read into classified information so he could cooperate with Horowitz and there wasn’t anything Horowitz could do about that. Comey had long been fired so he doesn’t work for the FBI anymore and was not under Horowitz’s jurisdiction. Durham on the other hand, has subpoena power, he has a grand jury and he has the ability to prosecute, so the conditions under which he can solicit information from a punk like Comey is a little bit different. Sadly, none of the Republican Senators pushed Horowitz to articulate the difference between the two investigations.

The Trump campaign did not get a defensive briefing once the feds started “worrying” the campaign might be compromised by the RUSSIANS. Notably, when a Chinese spy was found to be employed for 20 years by former Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein, they rung her up and let her know. Why didn’t Trump get the same courtesy? Instead, the Trump campaign got a pretense meeting where an FBI agent surveilled the attendees and wrote up a report as evidence. The Clinton campaign did get a defensive briefing but one that did not involve collecting evidence against it. Horowitz said the FBI agents did not warn Trump because they had opened an investigation into former Director of National Intelligence Lt. Col. Mike Flynn, who they suspected might be a RUSSIAN asset. That’s laughable, of course, and was not remotely proven just like the many other pretenses for this investigation but that was their “reason.” Could they have spoken to former US Attorneys Chris Christie or  Jeff Sessions if they were serious about their concerns? Of course, but they didn’t.

The Democrats repeated the lie told by INTERAGENCY CONSENSUS queen Fiona Hill: that Republicans deny RUSSIAN election interference. They consistently  made the point that AG Bill Barr and Durham are acting out of a belief that RUSSIA did not interfere with the election. We heard that several times, that Barr was off traveling the world trying to prove that Ukraine and not RUSSIA interfered with the election. But who on earth is saying the RUSSIANS didn’t interfere with the election? Barr said only two days ago in his media appearances that the RUSSIANS interfered with the election. Again, just another myth the left is trying to shove into the brains of the American public. It’s actually possible, and almost certain, that more than one foreign country meddled in our election. Why isn’t anyone talking about China?

It was very important in the hearing to challenge the claim of SPYING on the Trump campaign and all these lawyer types were using word pretzels to describe the governments behavior so they didn’t have to say SPYING. There were so many straw men on this issue, I thought I was standing in a giant corn field. We heard from the left that Horowitz report proved that the FBI didn’t place a spy in the Trump campaign. Who has ever said this? I’ve followed this national travesty from the start and I have not seen any reputable person say the FBI put spies into the Trump campaign. (Now spies in the White House is another issue for another day.) The Democrats took a victory lap on this straw man victory. But Horowitz did confirm that human assets were wired up, recording and real-time monitoring conversations with Carter Page and PapaD unbeknownst to Page and PapaD. What exactly would you call that? What would you call vacuuming up all of Carter Page’s electronic communications, anyone he communicated with and anyone those people communicated with? What would you call sending an secret agent into a fake security briefing to write a report about the behavior of the participants?

An FBI lawyer altered an email from the CIA that was favorable toward Carter Page, namely that he was NOT a CIA source passing along information about the RUSSIANS to the Agency when in fact he was. It takes some real stones to forge a CIA email, I’ll say that. The alteration was done so they could continue FISA SPYING on Page and those in Page’s orbit. Who would do such a thing on their own? There had to be a climate where such chicanery was acceptable because that is a gutsy, dangerous move.

Finally, I am going to assert unequivocally, that there was bias against Trump in this investigation and the intention was to spy on the campaign and spy on the administration after Trump was elected. Here’s why. Let’s say you suspect your spouse of infidelity. Perhaps you notice in recent times they are on their cell phone and laptop all the time, they come home late from work and leave early. They seem distant and disinterested. One day you get access to your spouses laptop and cell phone. You find that your spouse is on an important new project at work with more responsibility, you find their work calendar is filled with evening project meetings and deadlines, you see they are writing reports and power point presentations and you don’t find any inappropriate communications. You see their phone location showing they are always at home or at work. What is your response? Are you relieved? Are you happy? I would think so. Well that wasn’t the FBI’s reaction when they kept getting exonerating information about possible Trump campaign espionage the longer their investigation proceeded. They were not relieved to learn a presidential campaign wasn’t engaged in treasonous collusion with RUSSIA when the exculpatory information was flowing in. Why? Because they wanted Trump to be a treasonist! They wanted to keep this belief alive so they could monitor the campaign and his associates. They wanted to keep digging to get something, anything to take him down and that’s not the work product of an disinterested, non partisan agency. So hell yes, they SPIED and they were biased.

Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk.

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